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					                          MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING
                                       IN SUPPORT OF

Whereas various U.S. and international bodies have decided to collaborate in a
Consortium, creating an organization to facilitate, coordinate, support and manage
research and development as a first step toward human interstellar flight capability.
The organization created by the Consortium will be known as the International
Starship Organization or the ISO;
Whereas the ISO, an independent agency headquartered in Colorado has, pursuant to
agreements among the participating organizations, agreed to serve as the agency that will
create and maintain information and coordination responsibilities to support human
interstellar flight development and the Consortium;

Whereas [INSERT name of the Applicant Organization] , located at [INSERT location], is
[INSERT type of organization] that engages in [INSERT operational description] and is
interested in supporting the goals of human interstellar flight development by voluntarily
providing Applicant Organization technical and administrative records to ISO in support of
human interstellar flight development ;

Now, therefore, the Parties agree as follows:

  1.    In order to facilitate the purpose of the Consortium, Applicant Organization
         agrees to provide data, as described in Attachment 1 and as specified below:

        a. ISO, acting on behalf of the human interstellar flight development
           Consortium, will provide Applicant Organization with a search query
           code. This code will facilitate the retrieval of the administrative data
           elements identified in Attachment 1 from its administrative records.
        b. Applicant Organization will provide only de-identified administrative
           data. Specifically, Applicant Organization will provide the data fields
           enumerated in Attachment 1, including coded employee data, and no
           additional fields that would enable direct or indirect identification of any
           individual in the data.
        c. Applicant Organization will take appropriate measures to ensure the
           accuracy of data provided to ISO.
        d. Data will be delivered on a quarterly base to ISO.
        e. Data will be submitted to ISO by a Secure Email/File Transfer (SEFT)
           Service over an SSL/encrypted connection which is fully compliant with
           the Federal Information and Security Management Act (FISMA).
2.    Neither ISO nor the other participants in the human interstellar flight
      development Consortium will hold the code to permit the re-identification of
      any individuals in the dataset submitted by Applicant Organization. Further,
      neither ISO nor the other participants in the human interstellar flight
      development Consortium will seek re-identification of individuals who are
      included in human datasets.

3.    ISO will store the data in a database following all the applicable security
      requirements for the storage of data.

4.    ISO will provide Applicant Organization with annual reports with a summary of
      statistics as analyzed by the ISO in collaboration with the Consortium based on the
      data provided by the Applicant Organization.

5.    It is understood and agreed by Applicant Organization that ISO is collecting the data
      on behalf of the human interstellar flight development and that any summary data
      received by Applicant Organization from ISO will be available to the other agencies
      participating in the Consortium.

6.    It is understood and agreed by Applicant Organization that any data, information, or
      communications submitted to the ISO and the other agencies participating in the
      human interstellar flight development may be subject to public disclosure, including
      via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 5 U.S.C. § 552, which, subject to
      certain exceptions, provides individuals with access to government records.

7.    This agreement becomes effective on the date of the last signature and shall remain
      in full force and effect for one year, unless modified or terminated.

8.    This agreement can be modified only by a written amendment signed by both
      Parties. Either Party may terminate this agreement by providing 60 days written
      notice to the other Party. It is understood that data provided prior to termination will
      remain with the ISO.

9.    This agreement in no way restricts the ISO or Applicant Organization from
      participating in similar activities or arrangements with other public or private
      agencies, universities, organizations, or individuals.

10.   Nothing in this agreement should be interpreted to imply that members of the human
      interstellar flight development Consortium endorse Applicant Organization or its
      products or services. Applicant Organization will not take any action or make any
      statement that suggests or implies such an endorsement.

11.   The construction, validity, performance and effect of this agreement will be
      governed by U.S. Federal law, as applied by the Federal courts in the 10 District.
12.   Applicant Organization represents that the signatory below has the authority to
      deliver the data and bind the Applicant Organization to the terms herein.


  For the ISO and Consortium:

  Signature: /s/______________________          Date:________________________

  Michael O’Neill,
  Steering Committee Chair
  International Starship Organization

  For the Applicant Organization:

  Signature: /s/______________________          Date:_________________________

  Title: ____________________________

  Address: __________________________________
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