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SEO Revealed: The Basics
Everyday I see sites owned by successful companies that do not practice even the most basic search engine optimization (SEO) concepts. Sure these companies are generating revenue, but they are missing out on important visitors that could lead to sales. They are spending thousands of dollars on SEO consultants and in-house employees to increase their search engine rankings, yet their sites do not have the most basic SEO elements integrated. You no longer have to pay an SEO consultant $20,000 to optimize your website. Instead, you can optimize your site in phases, adding one piece at a time, starting with the basics. The basics are easy to implement and cost you very little compared to the typical SEO services out there.


Four Basics

Identifying key phrases will be the most important aspect of your entire SEO strategy. Key phrases are crucial to the development of your site’s content and search engine rankings. In fact, you will spend most of your time researching and identifying key phrases that match what your prospects are using in the search engines to find your products and services. Use well defined key phrases instead of one or two broad keywords, unless your keyword(s) have very little competition. Typically people use multiple keywords when searching for a product or service. For example, instead of using “conversion rates” you would use “increase website conversion rates” as your key phrase.

Identifying Key Phrases

There are four SEO basics every company can do to help push their rankings to the top. Identify Key Phrases Proper HTML Tags Insert Optimized Content Links Implement A Sitemap

Once you have identified your key phrases, implement them properly in your HTML tags. There are only four areas you need to address: Title Tag Meta Tags H1 Tag Footer Tag

Proper SEO HTML Tags


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These tags are easy to modify. In the next section, I provide you with examples of each tag so you can copy and paste them in the html code of your website.

Insert Optimized Content Links

Defining SEO HTML Tags

Title Tag – Use your key phrase, never put your company name first. You can include the name, but put it last with a dash like “Increase Website Conversion Rates – Company Z” <title>Increase Website Conversion Rates – Company Z</title> Meta Tags – Not all search engines utilize Meta tags. However, you should still implement Meta tags to get the most out of your SEO campaign. The three basic Meta tags are description, keywords, and robots. Try to use a variation of your key phrase in your description and keywords tags. Always use the robots tag so spiders will crawl all pages linked to your optimized page.

Search engines rank sites based on the quality of their content. Quality content means your site contains information that will educate your visitors. The more information you give your visitors, the more they will stay on your site or will continue to revisit your site. Visitors, like search engines, will view your site as an “authority” on your particular subject matter. But to become an authority site, your content needs to contain optimized links that link to information across your website. Use a variation of your key phrase and link your content links to related pages. For example, if you have a page optimized for “increase website conversion rates,” you could link to a page explaining conversion rates. <a href=“conversion_rates.htm”>conversion rates</a> If you already have content links integrated, make sure you do not saturate your content, otherwise

implemented the tag elements described earlier, your site will achieve higher search engine rankings. Keep in mind it will take anywhere from a few days to several weeks for your site to appear higher in search engines. And that depends on how often the spiders crawl your site.

Hiring An SEO Consultant

If you decide to hire an SEO consultant to help you with your SEO campaign, make sure they can show you examples of their success. Be cautious if someone gives you the typical $20,000 fee, especially if they do not give you solid examples of things you can do to improve your site. And that includes the four SEO basics. Every site will have unique requirements for a successful SEO campaign. Your SEO consultant should be able to review your site and quickly identify key elements missing from your site. Even the slightest changes can help you increase your rankings significantly. Not every site will experience higher rankings initially. Your SEO consultant

You will be amazed at how the simplest changes can effect your overall site traffic and revenue.
<meta name=”description” content=”Increase website conversion rates with proper website content analysis.” /> <meta name=”keywords” content=”increase website conversion rates, site conversion rates” /> <meta name=”robots” content=”INDEX, FOLLOW” /> H1 Tag – Make sure you have an H1 Tag on every page you want to optimize. The H1 tag must use the bold tag and your key phrase should be listed first, just like your Title tag. <h1><b>Higher Conversion Rates</b></h1> Footer Tag – The same key phrase you used in your Title and H1 tags should be displayed last on your page. you could be penalized. If a search engine penalizes your site, your rankings will fall. You should also optimize your filenames. In the content link above, I used “conversion_rates.htm” as the filename. The more you can implement variations of your key phrases across multiple pages or relevant information, spiders will crawl those sites and consider your site an authority. should tell you if your site needs more than just the basics in order to achieve higher rankings.

Take It To The Next Level

Implement A Sitemap

Every site, regardless of size, should have a sitemap. The link to your sitemap should be easily identifiable to your visitors. A sitemap will help your visitors get to information quickly. Even if your site’s navigation ranks among the best, you should still use a sitemap. Beyond just another way for visitors to find information on your site, search engines, especially Google, will spider your sitemap, its links, and follow the corresponding pages. Assuming you have developed the right key phrases and

There are advanced SEO techniques that you can implement such as inbound links, search engine submissions, sitemap submissions, article distributions, and optimized press release distribution. Taking your SEO campaign to the next level will help you generate traffic and increase revenue. All of these changes can be done on one page or on all pages of your website. Try implementing the four SEO basics on at least one or two of your site’s pages and see how high your rankings climb. You will be amazed at how the simplest changes can effect your overall site traffic and revenue. P!
Writer’s Bio: Dave Young is a professional writer and founder of Young Copy, a leading promotional and technical writing services firm. He can be reached at


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