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Our policy is to comply with any local or state ordinances - anywhere in the country.
Barb Gohr

Baxter International is developing a comprehensive employee health and wellness program. One of the
elements of this plan will be a no smoking component. We hope to make our Illinois campuses smoke
free in 2008. This hasn't been formally approved yet so it hasn't been announced to our employees.

Steve Bergfeld
I havent read the legislation, so I am not sure if this pertains to the same issue. The insides of the BP
buildings in Chicagoland are smoke free. However, there are cigarettes ash and butt receptacles placed
outdoors of the buildings for smokers.

Paul Markwald
We do not allow smoking in our buildings already. This new law appears to be for folks that allow
smoking in buildings.

Thanks, Jim S
Keith, each of our facilities on the North Shore became smoke-free this past February due to a Cook
County passed ordinance. We installed "smoking enclosures", in strategic locations around the
facilities, neither of which is closer than 15 feet to any entrance per ordinance. We also posted signs
indicating smoking was not allowed in the facility and included the Cook County ordinance number
governing this legislation.

Sears has only allowed smoking in designated areas for some time. Three years ago we eliminated the
enclosed smoking rooms which where inside our parking garages. The remaining areas (4) where
smoking is allowed are all exterior and greater than 15 feet from an entrance. As a result we already
comply with the legislation and have no plans to further restrict smoking
For the 3100 Golf Road that is now shut down, we would have continued to have folks go outside to
smoke. Not sure if we would have gone so far
as building them a shelter.

For downtown, we are already a non-smoking space, and non-smoking building.
Below is the latest change to our smoke-free campus policy.

In the spirit of the Smoke Free Illinois Act signed by Governor Blagojevich on July 23, 2007 and because
of complaints from our residential and commercial neighbors, smoking on the sidewalks in front of the
Wilmot building property and just south of the 100 buildings between the Hyatt and Ft. James property
will no longer be allowed.

Effective, Tuesday, September 4, 2007, smoking will only be permitted in the following areas and within
personal vehicles on the Walgreen campus. Ash urns will be provided. Please use them and refrain
from littering on Walgreen property:

200/300 Wilmot Buildings
On the sidewalk at the far west end of the berm between the 200 and 300 Wilmot buildings, (west of the
300 building and north of the 200 building). This area will be marked in blue.

100 Wilmot Buildings
On the designated sidewalk just north of the 100 Wilmot “plant”. The “plant” is the brown building west
of the 102 Wilmot building. This area will be marked in blue.

1400 Lake Cook Road Buildings
At the west end of the driveway between the 1417 and 1419 Lake Cook Road buildings, and

At the west end of the driveway between the 1411 and 1415 Lake Cook Road buildings. These areas
will be marked in blue.

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