Advisory Council - Meeting Minutes 7-8-09 by panniuniu


									                               LANGUAGE ACCESS ADVISORY COUNCIL

                                        STATE OF HAWAII
                                      830 Punchbowl Street
                                     Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

                                      Wednesday, July 8, 2009
                                     DLIR Conference Room 320


   The meeting was called to order at 9:50 A.M. with quorum by Chairperson Dominic Inocelda.

   1.      Attendance

   − Dominic Inocelda                       Language Access Advisory Council, Chairperson
   − Gerald Ohta                            Language Access Advisory Council, Vice-Chair
   − Serafin “Jun” Colmenares               Executive Director, Office of Language Access, Ex-officio
   − Livia Wang for Bill Hoshijo            Executive Director, Civil Rights Commission, Ex-officio
   − Jennifer Dotson                        Language Access Advisory Council Member
   − Azi Turturici                          Language Access Advisory Council Member
   − Mary Santa Maria                       Language Access Advisory Council Member
   − Lito Asuncion                          Language Access Advisory Council Member
   − Betty Brow                             Language Access Advisory Council Member
   − Sr. Earnest Chung                      Language Access Advisory Council Member

   - Canisius Filibert                      Language Access Advisory Council Member
   - Dr. Suzanne Zeng                       Language Access Advisory Council Member
   - Francine Wai                           Executive Director, DCAB, Ex-officio
   - Dr. Tin Myaing Thein                   Language Access Advisory Council Member
   - Alohalani Boido                        Language Access Advisory Council Member
   - Nāmaka Rawlins                         Language Access Advisory Council Member

   Others Present:
   − Frances Lum                            Department of the Attorney General
   − Jeremy Low                             Research Analyst, Office of Language Access
   − Uilani Pauole de Sa                    Senior Legal Analyst, Office of Language Access
   − Kendall Zukeran                        Research Analyst, Office of Language Access

   2.      Welcome and Introductions
           − The newly confirmed LAAC members were welcomed.

   3.      Approval of minutes of April 8, 2009 meeting
           – Minutes approved unanimously. Motion carried.

Language Access Advisory Council Meeting Minutes 7/8/09
   4.      Executive Director’s Report – See attached

   5.      Update on Language Access Conference Planning
           - Jennifer Dotson, Conference Chairperson, advised that planning is going well and there
             have been some important changes:
                 1. The conference will be a one day event (September 28, 2009) rather than 2 days.
                 2. The location has changed to the State Capitol Auditorium.
                 3. There is no registration fee for attendees.
           - There will be one continuous track with three sessions ~ Hawaii Overview,
             Implementation, and Promising Practices.
           - Jennifer would like to involve LAAC members in the conference as much as possible.
           - Breakfast and lunch sponsors in the form of food or monetary donations are still being
             sought for the conference. Otherwise attendees will need to bring or buy their own lunch.
             The lunch break will be 1 hour and 30 minutes.
           - Betty Brow advised that BOH may be able sponsor part of the lunch but needs to work out
             the details.
           - The Office of Minority Health (San Francisco) will be the material sponsor. They will
             help the OLA with the print materials, brochures, etc.
           - Jun and Ui are checking with the Ethics Commission in regards to receiving sponsorships.
           - There was a suggestion that for future events, the OLA consider establishing a separate
             “agency fund.”
           - A recommendation was made to have the general registration and sponsorship forms on
             separate pages rather than together on the same page. Send these out ASAP because it
             takes time for sponsors to file the necessary paperwork, obtain the proper approvals, etc.

   6.      Legislative Matters
           - August has been designated as “Language Access Month” (Act 69/HB813 HD1 SD1 CD1)
              and the OLA is planning activities but would like to do more outreach to various LEP
              groups or communities. If council members have any specific groups or contacts that the
              OLA should consider working with, please let the office know by 7/15/09.
           - HR157 was passed by the House of Representatives requesting the establishment of a task
              force consisting of members of the Legislature, Hawaii Tourism Authority, Department of
              Transportation, OLA, and tourism-related private sector industries such as the hotels, car
              rental agencies, and restaurants.
           - A concurrent resolution (HCR13/HR17) requests the Executive Office of Aging and Center
              on Aging at UH Manoa, to continue their research and analyses and report on developing a
              cash and counseling model as well as apply for related grants.
           - Vice-Chair Gerald Ohta, shared regarding the passage of the “Complete Streets” law (Act
              54) during the past Legislative session. This act “requires the Department of
              Transportation and county transportation departments to seek to reasonably accommodate
              access and mobility for all users of public highways, including pedestrians, bicyclists,
              transit users, motorists, and persons of all abilities. Establishes a temporary task force to
              review certain highway design standards and guidelines.”
           - Gerald made a motion to have the OLA write a letter to the Department of Transportation
              Director, Brennon Morioka, indicating the office’s interest in having a representative on
              this task force. The motion was seconded by Betty Brow and all council members were
              unanimous in favor of this. The motion was carried.

Language Access Advisory Council Meeting Minutes 7/8/09
           - Chairman Dominic Inocelda asked council members for any ideas or proposals regarding
             possible bills and resolutions for the next legislative session in 2010. These can be
             forwarded to the Legislative Committee Chair, Sister Earnest Chung.
           - A recommendation was made that the office be more involved in legislation pertaining to
             crimes against tourist, emergency services, and others where language access is vital.
           - Dominic suggested possibly inviting someone from the Census Bureau to speak at the next
             LAAC meeting.

   7.      Nominations and election of LAAC Chair & Vice-Chair
           – LAAC Chair, Dominic Inocelda, opened the floor for new Chair & Vice-Chair
             nominations. No official nominations were made so Dominic shared that he and Vice-
             Chair, Gerald Ohta, were willing to serve 2 more years if no one else on the Council was
           – Mary Santa Maria moved to keep current LAAC Chair and Vice-Chair in place for the next
             2 years. Sister Earnest Chung seconded the motion.
           – Motion was unanimously approved.

   8.      Announcements
           – IAC meeting this month is scheduled for July 15th.
           – Next LAAC meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 12, 2009.

   9.      Adjournment
           - Meeting was adjourned at 10:40 AM.

Language Access Advisory Council Meeting Minutes 7/8/09

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