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					Interactive Read Aloud
2nd Nine Weeks - 1st Row

5-1.1 Analyze literary texts to draw conclusions and make inferences.
5-2.2 Analyze informational texts to draw conclusions and make inferences.

5-3.1 Explain how the Industrial Revolution was furthered by new inventions and technologies, including new
methods of mass production and transportation and the invention of the light bulb, the telegraph, and the
5-3.2 Identify prominent inventors and scientists of the period and summarize their inventions or
discoveries, including Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, the Wright Brothers, and Albert

Book: Thomas Edison by: Michael Dooling

Book Introduction: The biography that we will read today will help us learn about the early life of America’s
most famous inventors Thomas Edison.
Day 1 Questions:
Interactive Read Aloud Questions       Correlation to Standard           Testing as a Genre Item
As I read the first four pages think   5-2.2 Analyze informational texts        Edison experiences
about Edison’s strengths and           to draw conclusions and make             technical difficulties with
challenges. Will any of these help     inferences.                              several of his inventions, a
him in his career as an inventor?                                               likely reason for this
Read “Thomas Alva Edison…” to
the end of “From then on Al’s                                                 a. Sound devices were new
mother…”                                                                         and not fully developed.
(Ex. He has a curious mind.)                                                  b. The electricity went off
Al was close to your age when he       5-2.2 Analyze informational texts         often and damaged the
got his first job.                     to draw conclusions and make              machines.
Listen to the next four pages to       inferences.                            c. Machines were often not
determine if you would have                                                      purchased by the public.
enjoyed this life.                                                            d. Thomas got tires of the
                                                                                 inventions and didn’t finish
Read “At age twelve…” to the end                                                 them.
of “Al usually carried a book…”
Turn and talk                                                            Test Strategy: Select the answer
We know Al wants to be a               5-2.2 Analyze informational texts that is most accurate. The choice
successful inventor.                   to draw conclusions and make      may involve choosing necessary
                                       inferences.                       details.
Listen as I read the next four pages
to see what you would encourage                                            5-2.2 Analyze informational texts
him to keep doing and what you                                             to draw conclusions and make
would give him advice about                                                inferences.
changing to assist him in
becoming successful.

Read page “After the Civil War…”
to the end of “One of Al’s
Turn and Talk
Read “For the next five years…”      5-2.1 Summarize the central idea
to the end of “In 1876 Thomas        and supporting evidence of a given
moved…”                              informational text.

In this section we learned how,
what we thought to be a big
challenge, being deaf, turned out
to be very helpful to Thomas.
Turn and talk about what this says
to us as we meet challenges in our
Read the last two pages containing   5-2.6 Use graphic features
the diagrams and explanations of     (including illustrations, graphs,
Edison’s inventions.                 charts, maps, diagrams, and
                                     graphic organizers) as sources of
Do you think this was a good way     information.
for us to learn about Edison’s
inventions? What made this
effective or non-effective for you?
Turn and Talk
Can you think of a time in our own
writing life to use this technique?
Teacher rereads first page and      5-1.5 Interpret the effect of the
rereads the last sentence on the    author’s craft o the meaning of
page a second time.                 texts.

Can we now tell why the writer
used these examples in the last
Turn and Talk

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