Why is the figs.....?
• Turkey is motherland of fig,
• Turkey is the leader of the fig production and
  export all around the world,
• 30.000 family make fig farming,
• 250.000 people are employed,
Why is the figs.....?
By consuming 100 grams of dried figs (4-6 figs) about
10 % of the energy requirement,
7 % of protein requirement
17 % of Calcium,
30 % of Iron,
30 % of Magnesium as Recommended Daily Allowances are met.
Regarding vitamins, 5.2 % of Vitamin B1 and 4.5 % of Vitamin B2,
Dried fig fruits are low in fat and very low in sodium.
They contain no saturated fat or cholesterol and are a good source of phenolic
and pectic substances and may lower blood cholesterol levels and reduce the
risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
Source:European Directive no: 90/496 for Nutrition Information of foodstuffs.

To analyze product and market facilities for figs

Descriptive statistics

TARİŞ,FAO-STAT, Ministry Of Agriculture,
Statistics Of Undersecretariat Of Foreign Trade.

*Production & Consumption
*External Trade
*General Outlook
          Production & Consumption

• Turkey is the second country with 65 000 ha fig
  plantation (15,53%) but covers the 28,78%
  (280 000 ha) of fig production of the whole world.
• The most suitable ecological environment for fig
   farming is Menderes rivers basins in Aegean
   Region. Especially İzmir and Aydın are the
   important production areas.
• 95% of the businesses which are dealing with fig
  farming locates in rural areas. These different sized
  businesses contain tree havings from different
  numbers from 50 to 5000. Only during the fig
  harvest, extra labor force is needed and this needed
  lobor force is supplied mostly by low-income family
• At least half of these families needs extra 2 workers
  during harvest periods. Thereby, during harvest
  periods 30 000 agriculture labor have opportunity for
years   fresh fig   dried fig
         (tones)     (tones)
1990    300,000     46,500

2000    240,000     48,675

2003    280,000     46,500

2004    280,000     55,631
• Dried fig  as appetizers in international markets
  and also is used in the production of cakes, sorts of
  food, sliced bread, tucks and fruit mixtures
• Low-quality figs  pectin
• Scrap figs  ethyl alcohol
• And the seeds remaining while the ethyl alcohol is
  produces  pigment, cosmetic and medicine industry
• There is an increasing demand for consumption of
  figs in the world market and also in Turkey. This
  increase is parallel to the increase in health-care
  products market
• During Christmas, there is an increase in demand for
  dried fig in international markets and similar case
  occurs in Turkey durind Ramadan
                  External Trade

• Dried fig is one of the main traditional export goods
  of Turkey.
• Until 1990s, Turkey’s dried fig export was below 50
  million $. Then fig export had an increasing trend and
  reached the level of 80 million $ in 1995. And in
  year 2005, Turkey’’s dried fig export is 105
  million $.
years   quantity (tones)   value (*1000$)

1995        42,738            79,994

1996        35,972            69,334

2000        36,759            59,802

2001        39,284            66,216

2004        49,073            85,596

2005        52,573            105,038
• Approximately 15-20% of the figs produced in
  Turkey is exported.
• More than 80% of Turkey’s export is to the EU
• In 2004&2005,
• France has the maximum levels of fig export with
  8,923,763 and 9,012,705 kgs.
• Germany is the second (7,335,954 and 8,073,253 kgs
• And Italy is the third.
                  General Outlook
• In Turkey fig consumption per capita is about 150-
  200 gr.
• Food industry should be encouraged to use more figs
  as input.
• Providing a good level of the standards and qualities
  of export, is very important to stabilize high levels of
  export. Production capacity should have enough
  elasticity to cover the rising demand for high-quality
One of the main troubles in exports of our country, is
 the aflatoxin level.

• Marketing
• The Supporting Policies
• Pricing
Table :The Purchasing Amount and Base Prices of Figs

                 Purchasing    Base
       Years     Amount(ton)   Price(TL/kg)
       1998/99   3,951         380.000
       1999/00   11,228        600.000
       2000/01   5,575         750.000
       2001/02   2,572         1.650.000
       2002/03   3,501         2.250.000

Policy Implications

Problems relative to…..
• Inventory
• Export
• Quality

• Turkey is the leader country in the production of dried and fresh
  figs.23, 6% of world production of fresh figs and 54, 3% of world
  production of dried figs is provided by Turkey. This product is very
  important for our country because it provides inputs of foreign
  currency and nutritious for human body.
• 83, 4% of the plant areas are highlands and slope areas, 30,000
  farmer families are to make a living in that sector and 250,000
  people are employed. Therefore figs production should be supported

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