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									An Abraham Lincoln Timeline
 Early Political Career, 1832-1848
In March of 1832, Lincoln began his
political career at age 23 with an
unsuccessful campaign for the
Illinois General Assembly, as a
member of the Whig Party. His
campaign centered on making
navigational improvements on the
Sangamon River. He believed that
this would attract steamboat traffic,
which would allow the sparsely
populated, poorer areas along the
river to flourish.
When the Black Hawk War broke out in April,
Lincoln enlisted and was elected captain of an
Illinois militia company drawn from New
Salem. He served for three months, but did
not fight in a battle. He later wrote that he
had not had "any such success in life which
gave him so much satisfaction.”

                                                 Chief Black Hawk,
                                                    Sauk leader
In 1834, he won election to
the state legislature, and,
after coming across the
Commentaries on the
Laws of England, began to
teach himself law.

                                     Commentaries on the Laws of England
Lincoln was admitted to the bar
in 1837 He moved to
Springfield, Illinois, that same
year and began to practice law
with John T. Stuart. With a
reputation as a formidable
adversary during cross-
examinations and in his closing
arguments, Lincoln became an
able and successful lawyer.

                                          Old State Capital, Springfield, Illinois
He served four successive
terms in the Illinois House
of Representatives as a
representative from
Sangamon County, and
became a leader of the
Illinois Whig party. In 1837,
he made his first protest
against slavery in the
Illinois House, stating that
the institution was
"founded on both injustice
and bad policy."
                                Desk believed to have been used by Lincoln in
                                             Representative Hall
Lincoln traveled through
nine counties in central
and eastern Illinois as a
lawyer on the 8th Judicial
Circuit. On December 3, he
was admitted to practice in
United States Circuit
Court. He met 21 year old
Mary Todd at a dance.
Lincoln did not seek re-
election to the legislature. In
September, he accepted a
challenge to a duel by
Democratic state auditor
James Shields over published
letters making fun of Shields.
The duel with swords was
avoided by an explanation of
letters. On November 4, 1842
                                   James Shields
Lincoln married Mary Todd,
daughter of a prominent
slave-owning family from
Kentucky.                                          Mary Todd Lincoln

Lincoln is unsuccessful in a try
for the Whig party nomination
for U.S. Congress. His first
child, Robert Todd Lincoln, was
born on August 1.
Lincoln purchased a home
at 8th and Jackson streets
in Springfield for $1,200.
It was the only home he
ever owned.
Lincoln was elected as a Whig to one term in
the U.S. House of Representatives in 1846.
Lincoln’s son, Edward Baker was born,

            United States Capitol, 1846          First known photograph of Lincoln
As a new House member, he was
not a particularly powerful or
influential figure. However, he
spoke out against the Mexican-
American War, which he attributed
to President Polk's desire for
"military glory" and challenged the
President's claims regarding the
Texas boundary and offered Spot
Resolutions, demanding to know on
what "spot" on US soil that blood
was first spilt.

                                      President James K. Polk

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