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Using Ipads and Ipods in the Classroom


									Using Ipads and Ipods in the Classroom - Notes from Meeting – April 6, 2011

Outline –

   - Purpose
     How does it look in the classroom?
     Goal? For the individual student? For the class

   - Logistics
     Purchasing Apps – cost – voucher system – password protected

   - Settings

   - App Advice

   - App Categories (Description Assignments)
     Apps for Communication – (Maripat)

            Verbally                         My Choice
            Proloque2Go                      Dragon Dictation
            Speak it                         Tap to Talk
            Tap Speak and Tap Sequence       iCommunicate
            Locabulary                       Sign for Me
            ARtikPix                         Pic a word
            Speak it
Apps for Functional– (Joan)

  ABA Flash Cards
  Functional Skills – total of 4 apps
   Word Slapps (Language arts – subcategory vocabulary?)
   Choice Maker (Lang. arts – subcategory)
   Model Me Kids            Web Reader
  Dictionary                Dragon Search

Apps for Organization - (Joan)

 Picture Scheduler               Notes Plus
 First Then                      ITalk
 Timer                           Quick Voice
 Sundry Notes
 Idea Sketch
 Sound Note
 Talking Flash Cards (?) - Quizlets
 Quick PDF

Apps for Academics – (Mary Ann)

 Language Arts –( Mary Ann)
   VBookz                 Little Speller
   Web Reader(Functional) Hidden Curriculum (? In this sub category)
   Spell Blocks           Read the Web               Wikipanion
   Sight Words             Word Prediction           abc pocket phonics

 Storymaking and Writing – (Joan (description)and Maripat(?) both present?)
    Story Kit        Sonic Pic
    Strip Designer    PhotoCard
          Social Studies and Science – (Mary Ann)
             Constitution         U.S. Presidents          NASA
              States              Eyewitness              Google Earth
             My Congress          CNN                     Learning Sharks
              This Day            USA                     3D Medical
              Brain POP

          Math – (Mary Ann)
           Math Symbols                123 Animals counting
           Math Drills Lite            Math Magic
           Coins and Coins and Bills     Money – Learn to Count

      Apps for Productivity – (Mary Ann)
         Feeddler RSS
         RFBD Audio

      Apps for Sensory - (Joan)
         Glow Coloring      Bubble Wrap
         Classical          Doodle Buddy
         Sounds             Talking Tom

Web Page Links – Mary Ann

Accessories –
       Camera – Connection Kit
       Cases and Stands
       Connection Projection Display
Grid for apps – (may want to re-arrange)
Title and Icon      Link                    Description                     iPad
Cost and                                                                    version
                      - Drop tested                iPad 1
                                               - carrying strap
                                               - no screen cover


                    http://www.modulrca   - customize with             iPad 1
                           components                 iPad 2
                                               o screen cover
                                               o strap
                                               o stand (separate,
Modulr Case
                                                 not built in)
                - drop proof                 iPad 1
                                          - built in stand             iPad 2
                                          - no strap

$80.95 (on sale!)

                - can work with or with      iPad 1
                                            out case                   iPad2
                                          - padded hand strap
                                          - adjustable elastic strap
                                            (can strap to leg,
                                            wheelchair, back of
                                          - adjustable lanyard
                                          - screen cover (soft)
Otterbox Utility                          - can be combined with
Series Latch                                Defender case
                    http://www.handehol   - provides 360 rotation      iPad 1
                        - can be strapped to leg,    iPad 2
                                            headrest, wheelchair
                                          - can be used with or
Hand-e-Holder                               without case
Leg Strap Kit
                     http://www.laseredpic           - keyguards for a variety        iPad 1
                           of communication apps          iPad 2
                     Adaptive-                             o P2G
                     Technologies-                         o TapSpeak
                     Supplies/Categories                   o TouchChat
iPad Keyguards                                             o SpeakIt
$19.95                                                     o Tap to Talk

Other things to add – In our Power Point….Screen shots..

Please feel free to add or edit any of the above…thanks…

Next meeting – set for April 25th – Monday @ 8:30

Web Links – –

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