TUTORIALS by dandanhuanghuang


									                           SIMPLE              TUTORIALS:

[Tutorial] Installing & Using SA-MP 0.3a Client
[Tutorial] Want to get your server in the Official/Hosted list?
[TUTORIAL] How to download, Install, and use hamachi for your server
Tutorial -> Convert 0.2x script to 0.3a
[Tutorial] Creating a sa-mp server + getting it online.
[Video Tutorial] How to install GTAU-MP
[TUTORIAL] Installing SAMP-MySQL v0.13 on 64bit Debian Linux
Tutorial: How to make a Windows server

Scripting knownledge:
[Tutorial]How disable skin chooser for RP modes.
Tutorial -> Creating a new NPC
[Tutorial]Creating the dialog.
[Tutorial]Making Gangs or Teams!
Tutorial -> How to make a dialog
[Tutorial] How to make a simple command[Updated v2.0]
[TUTORIAL] Adding onto a message - *EX. /list
[TUTORIAL] Simple Arrays
[Tutorial] How To Make Pickup Icons and Use Them
[Tutorial] Basic plugin setup with PAWN functions! (Download Package!!)
[TUTORIAL] Correct MAX_PLAYERS: gMaxPlayers. Reduced timeouts.
[Tutorial]> Tutorial Einsten's Objects Streamer
Re: How To Make Jobs (A Tutorial On How To Make 1)
Tutorial: Script with Notepad++ !
[Tutorial] Register/Login System Using DJson *Includes DUDB Conversion!
[TUTORIAL]How to use xObjects V1.2
[Tutorial] Moving Gates, Elevators Etc.
[TUTORIAL] Reading SA-MP Server packets in PHP.
[Tutorial] How to script a moving Gate
[Tutorial][En] The pickup, type command and show menu script
How to make simple gunshop [tutorial]
[Tutorial] Random Server Adverts
[Tutorial] Dcmd Usage! Are You Sick Of Strcmp?
How to make /enter [tutorial]
[Tutorial #1]Made Easy(Gates)
Draco's DCMD tutorial appears to be gone. Here is a quick rundown on using DCMD
[HowTo] Activate Variable W/ PassWord.
[HowTo] Using dudb 2.4 to save money/stats/whatever (0.2#Ready)
[HowTo] Create a simple registration system using dini!
[HOWTO] Money Pickups On Death
[HowTo]Create Properties
[HowTo] Set gang skins
[HowTo]Use Timer!
[HOWTO]Textdraw and not "/" command !
[HowTo] Creating TOP lists.
[HowTo] Solve chat bug with non-english letters [+console fix!]
[HowTo]Solve console bug with russian letters.
[HowTo] File Functions Explained!
The Streamer List - List of all streamers here

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