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					Briana Paige
Internet Assignment

Answer the following questions. You may use the Internet to find information and Word or other Office
program to type your answers. If you choose to draw, you may use markers and construction paper. If
you find information from a website, be sure to include that site at the bottom at LIST OF SITES VISITED.

    1. Describe in a short paragraph how the Internet plays a part in your daily life. OR Draw a picture
       of how you use the Internet daily.

    2. Imagine that you have just met someone that has never used the Internet before. How would
       you explain it?

        A whole new world, where everything you ever needed is at the tip of your fingers. It is on a
        computer and you can access online shopping, communication with people all over the world,
        answers to any question you could imagine, ideas of all kinds to help you do different things,
        online jobs, and a whole lot more.

    3. What does a person need to connect with the Internet? List all possible ways!

        You can connect to the internet from a laptop using wireless internet or wired internet, you can
        also use a desktop computer to connect both of those ways as well, you can access the internet
        from your phone, or other electronic device, such as PDA’s, some iPods, ect. If using wireless
        you will need a wireless internet box, or if using wired internet you will need a wired internet
        box. It is also possible to get a Broadband Access card.
4. What was the beginning of the Internet?
   The Internet was formed when packet-switching networks came into operation in the 1960s.

5. Someone wants to find information of Windows Vista. How would you tell them to find it? How
   can you determine if the information is valid?

   I would tell them to go to and type in Windows Vista and let it search. I would tell
   them to click on site that looks pertinent to the questions they have about it. To determine if
   the information is valid I would recommend them go to a page on the official windows website.

6. How many people in the US have an Internet connection at home? How many people in the
   WORLD have an Internet connection at home?

   57% of the people in the U.S. have internet connections at home.
   43% of the people in the world have internet connections at home.

7. What types of Internet connects are there? What is used at school? What is used at your home
   if you have an Internet connection? OR you may draw answers to this!

   T1 Line
   28.8 modem
   Business DSL
   T1 or Fractional T1 or NxT1
   T3 or DS3

   School-T1 Line

8. Why should people be concerned about the information they put on the Internet?

   Anyone can see that information, and you never know who it may be that is looking at your

9. Name three types of Instant Messaging programs. Which one would/do you use? Why?

   AOL, MSN, Windows Messenger

   I use MSN. I like the way it is very easy to navigate from one task to the next, and I like how
   colorful it is.
10. Name three Internet browsers. Which one is your favorite? Why? OR you may draw the logo
    of three Internet browsers and graphically display which one you like best!

11. Name at least 5 search engines and give the benefits of each.

    -simple to use
    -kinda like a search engine for dummies
    -gives you top results from other search engines
    -can do more than just search for answers
    -tell you news and many other things on its homepage and other links

    What is Web 2.0? List and describe 5 things that are a part of this “new age” Internet.

    Web 2.0 is a term describing changing trends in the use of World Wide Web technology and web
    design that aims to enhance creativity, information sharing, and collaboration among users.

    Cascading Style Sheets
    Micro formats
    Rich Internet application
    Weblog-publishing tools
    wiki or forum software
    Internet privacy

12. Imagine you want to find an image of Mickey Mouse. Describe the process to find and save that
    to your computer?

    Go to the internet, go to Google, type in Mickey mouse, click on images, click search, choose an
    image, click on the image to open the page, right click the image, and choose “save picture as”,
    then click save.
13. If you could only choose 5 websites (not search engines!) to visit for the rest of your life, what
    would they be? Why?
    -way to connect with everyone you know
    -fun place to find out about all kinds of gossip going on in different towns
    -find out almost anything you want to know about anything
    -buy pretty much anything imaginable
    -listen to music and watch other random videos


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