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					                                            Jasmine Hernandez
                                                      Period 5
                                            December 12, 2005

    Today in Computer Technology Lab we are doing a final. We
have to have to 10 to 15 slides done by Wednesday. It is very
hard because we have to have all of this done by a certain day
and time, which is at the end of the class period. Don’t you
think that’s hard I sure do?
   We have a choice between 2 subjects that we can do and
they are both very complicated. I’m doing the shopping spree
one that’s ok for me. It’s been pretty easy lately and I’m
almost done with it. I’ve been working really hard on all of
these slides very hard, so I can get them done. Some of this
project is due today, the rest is all due Wednesday.
    In the shopping spree one that I’m doing is almost done.
Then I have to make 13 more slides and make sure its done by
Wednesday. So far I just have to make the prices on the things
I’m giving to family and friends and maybe change some gifts
too. Then after I’m going to make other slides saying things
about my family and how nice they are to me and my friends
who have been there for my lately. Then I’ll be even closer to
    The presents that I’m getting my family and friends I know
they’ll like them very much. I think they’ll like them more then
I probably think they will. Especially my mom and dad they get
surprised very easily. All of this will really show them how
much I love them, and then they’ll stop asking me how much I
love them. Then I would be asking them how much they love
me, and they’ll have to prove it to me to believe them.
    I know that they’ll be able to show me how much they love
me. All of this is because they love me more than I have ever
thought that they did. My parents are very good parents they
take care of me feed me and other big things. These is why love
my parents so much. I would never want to run away from my
own lovely home.
    The only bad thing about my mom and dad is that both of
them are divorced. So then I can only see my dad on weekends,
and sometimes during the week. That’s when I have to get
something from him or we have breaks off of school. Other
than that I’m ok with my two families that I have with my step
mom and my dad, and of course my mom’s side of the family.
Both of those families are very cool families. Both of them are
funny fun kids they have and they’re my aunts and uncles.
     This is why I’m doing the shopping spree slide. That’s
because I can have all of them in it I know what I would want
to get them when I can. I am very glad that we had chooses do
pick out of. All of this is a very interesting project that we’re
doing. I am very glad that you’re making it easy on us this
     I would say that all of our finals should be like that. When
they’re easy for us we have more time to do them and to get
them in on time. I think I made a good chooses of choosing CTL
as an elective. All of this is very easy for me and hopefully
everyone else. All of our projects you should always make like
this, when there very easy for everyone to deal with.
     We have a lot of slides that we have to do I might think that
it is a lot of slides that we have to do. Plus when we were
absent we should at least have one more day to do all of this. I
think that you’re pushing us too much and to fast for us to get
all of this done at the end of class Wednesday. I mean if its to
hard for me to get it done on that day then what might it be
possible for the rest of the class to get it done. Like other
people we would like for it to be perfect and I know that’s how
you might want it to.
      For us to get it perfect because that’s how YOU want it.
Then your just going to have to give us a little more time to do
all of it. It’s the way you want it and in the same order, don’t
you think that’s a little too much for us to do. I know that it’s
the semester finals but look at the rest of the teachers. Do you
see them giving us so much work to do like you do NO?
       I mean what I trying to say is that when you give us a lot
of work to do and to turn it in on a certain day. Don’t you think
that would be too much for us to do? To me its kind of easy the
way you explained it but then its not when you say that it has
15 slides. Other than that it’s easy for me at least. To other
people it’s hard to get all of it done on Wednesday. I’m just
saying that you should cut us a little slack.
     When you probably do that every one would start to turn it
in on time. I just want you to try it and see. If it works than
you should do it all the time cause it worked. Then every one
would be a nice person and wouldn’t have any bad grades.
Except if you wouldn’t like to do any of the work that you
     When that's all done with we’ll have a happy life in here.
This class would probably be your best class. We’ll probably
like you a little more. If you just listened to what I said. Just do
what it said and every one would turn them in on time.

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