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Enrollment Packet
                       CCLC Parent Student Covenant

Catherine Christian Learning Center (CCLC)desires to provide quality
spiritual and academic instruction to our students. Our goal greatly
depends on the partnership of all parents and students. Thus, CCLC,
covenants signifies that CCLC, parents and students will work together
to respect and abide by the school's governing policies and

   1. Speak directly with the classroom teacher regarding academic or
      behavioral progress concerns.
   2. If parents desire special consideration in a matter of urgency or
      have a grievance, place it in writing and provide a copy to the
      school's Director.
   3. Parents should ensure that their child (ren) complete all
   4. Abide by the school's uniform policy.
   5. When a parent-teacher conference is deemed necessary,
      immediate parent participation is expected.
   6. Abide by the school's financial agreement and disclaimer.
   7. If a student's behavior warrants parent intervention, parents
      availability is expected at the school's request.
   8. Refrain from using profanity and inappropriate
      language/behavior on the school's premises.
   9. Show respect to all CCLC employees. Parents or guardians who
      threaten, instigate, or disrespect any employee jeopardize the
      enrollment status of their child (ren).
   10.       Honor all of the school's policies and procedures.

I have read and understand the covenant. I agree to all of the terms

__________________________________                    __________
Parent/Guardian signature                              Date
                            All about Me

How does he/she relate to strangers ___________________________

Does he/she demand a lot of adult attention ____________________

What makes him/her angry or upset ___________________________

How does he/she show their feelings __________________________

How do you handle his/her anger _____________________________

Is he/she afraid of animals______ tall people______ storms _______
loud noises______ the dark______ rough children______

How do you handle his/her fears? _____________________________

Favorite toys _____________________________________________

Does he/she like to be read to? _______________________________

Listen to music? ______    indoor_______    outdoor______

Can he/she ride a tricycle? ________

Has he had experience with play dough _______ scissors _______
easel painting _______ finger painting ________ blocks ________
water play _________


How can we help your child this year?

___social development               ___potty training
___language development             ___walking
___Independence                     ___playing with other children
___Adjusting to adults

Others: Please list: ________________________________________
            Dress Guidelines and Necessary Items for the Fall

       Students are expected to dress in full uniform daily except on Fridays
       and summer break. Our school uniform consist of a Navy Blue polo
       shirt with or without/school logo, Khaki pants, dress, or skirt, and
       “black” shoes. If you are not able to purchase any of these items due
       to financial difficulties please notify the Director for some assistance.

       Please bring the following item on the first day:

             Toothbrush w/ toothbrush cover
                      Toothpaste
                        Wipes
                   Change of clothes
                      Extra shoes
 Extra undergarments (t-shirts, underwear, socks)
                    Lotion
      Small book bag (NO PLASTIC BAGS)
             Blanket and cot sheet

       Please make sure you dress your children in appropriate outer wear
       when the weather requires it, such as:

       Fall Session
1.   Sweaters
2.   Hats
3.   Gloves
4.   Scarves
5.   Coats

                  Policies and Procedures

Upon arriving at CCLC all Parents/Guardians are required to sign in
on the designated sheet every morning and sign out on the same
sheet during pick up. There is a 3 strike policy that our Center
observe and it goes as follows:

Strike 1 is given when a parent/guardian arrives to CCLC on or after
6:15pm. A teacher will notify you of this 1st strike.

Strike 2 is given the second time a parent/guardian arrives to CCLC
on or after 6:15pm. A teacher will notify you of this 2nd strike and
advise you accordingly.

Strike 3 is given the third time a parent/guardian arrives to CCLC
on or after 6:15pm. This is the last strike to be given,
 and an increase of $10.00 will automatically added to your weekly

Children Release and Authorization Policy:
Children will be released only to those persons identified on the
emergency form unless a written notice is given by the Parent for
someone else to pick up the child. Only written notification may
supersede the original authorization. A picture I.D will be required
for those persons on the emergency form unfamiliar to the
Teacher/Staff present. It is the parent’s responsibility to inform the
program Director of all changes of address and telephone numbers.

I understand these Policies and Procedures____________________
                       CCLC Instructions on Illnesses
Illness                                            Keep Your Child at home until

Diarrheal Diseases                                  Students no longer has diarrhea,
                                                    or physician or Health Dept.
(Salmonella, Shigella,                              says it is safe.
Giardia, Campylobacter)

Bacterial Meningitis                               The Health Dept. indicates it is
Chicken Pox                                        1 week after rash begins or has
Dephtheria                                         Physician tells you it is safe

Hepatitis A                                         1 week after the illness begins.

Impetigo                                            24 hours after treatment.

Impestation                                         24 hours after treatment.

Measles                                             5 days after the rash appears.

Rubella(German Measles)                             7days after rash disappears.

Mumps                                              swelling is gone or 9 days
                                                   after swelling.
Pertussis(Whooping cough)                          3 weeks after intense coughing
                                                   begins or 5 days after antibiotics.
Conjunctivitis(Pink eye)                           Examined by physician and 24
                                                   hours after treatment.
Hemophilus Influenzas Type B                       Until the physician tells you it is
(HIB, Pneumonia, Meningitis Empiglottitis,         safe. If due to H-flu, when the
Arthritis, Cellulitis)                              Health Dept. indicates.

Strep Throat                                        24 hours after antibiotic
Pinworm and Ringworm                                24 hours after treatment (area
                                                   should remain covered)
Note: Contagious diseases or illnesses will require a physician's note to return to

I understand and agree to the above.

______________________________                        _________________
Parent/Guardian Signature                                Date
Discipline Policy:

We understand that all situations are caused by different
things. If a child is misbehaving or disobedient the child
will be asked to stop that particular behavior and encouraged
to a different activity. If the child continues to be
disobedient they will be encouraged a second time and to
improve there behavior. After the third occurrence the child
will be directed to a time-out seat, the child will remain in
the time-out seat one minute per year of that child’s age.
Once that time-out is over the child will have an opportunity
to join in an activity on a positive note, however if the
behavior picks up again his or her time-out will start up
again. At this learning center Time-out will be used as a tool
to help teach children how to respect authority and the
instructions of the Teachers. The abuse of the time-out
procedure will not be tolerated from any staff member.

Operational Manger,
Kisha McGhie
Intoxication Policy:

I understand that if at any time I or anyone authorized for picking
up my Child arrives at Catherine Christian Learning Center
intoxicated or apparently under the influence of drugs I/They will
not be permitted to leave the Center with my Child, I/They will be
respectfully asked to call someone else to pick up my Child at that
time. I understand that if I/They insist on taking my child anyway,
I/They will not hold Catherine Christian Learning Center
responsible for any accidents or death that may occur due to
intoxication or being under the influence of drugs. I also understand
that Catherine Christian Learning Center will call the Police if
I/They choose to leave the center with the Child intoxicated or
under the influence of drugs. I will take no legal action against
Catherine Christian Learning Center or their Staff for they are only
caring about the safety of my Child.

Mother's Signature        date           Father's Signature      date

Thank You for being responsible and loving parents. We appreciate
                                  Financial Agreement & Disclaimer
On this ___________day of ________20___. I,______________________having been fully advised of the services
offered by Catherine Christian Learning Center or CCLC, fully understand that said services is available from 6am until
6pm, Monday thru Friday. Excluding holidays, Weather emergencies, and typical school closings. I do hereby enroll my
son/daughter__________________into CCLC. As compensation for CCLC services I agree to pay:

    1.        A registration fee of $180.00 which covers all of school supplies, curriculum books,
              field trips, and special events for the basic school year which is from September thru
              May. June thru August will require an activity payment of $180.00. I understand that I will also need to
              provide a deposit equivalent to my child's weekly tuition payment which is______________:(see payment info
              for your child's age group). This along with my child's first weeks tuition
                      will be due before my child can start enrollment.

    2.        I understand that I will be required to pay my child's tuition in the form of a money order, cash, or bank check
              for the first 4 weeks. Beginning with the 5th week I have the option of paying by personal check. Should one of
              my checks get returned as insufficient funds I understand that CCLC/ Catherine Christian Learning Center will
              require a $30.00 return check fee along with the tuition due at that time. All payments for tuition should be
              made out to Catherine Christian Learning Center or CCLC. These tuition payments should be placed in the
              payment box or given to the Director, Assistant Director, or The Head Teacher on duty. Tuition placed in
              cubbies, children's clothes or coats, in homework folders, etc the Center will not be responsible for.

         3.      I understand that my account will be charged a $7.00 late fee if my child's tuition is not paid on Monday
                before the end of the business day. $7.00 a day will be charged until my child's tuition is paid. If my child's
                tuition is not paid by the Wednesday morning of that week my child will not be able to attend CCLC until the
                account is caught up and paid. I understand that CCLC reserves the right to increase the tuition at anytime
                giving Parents/Guardians a written notice. I also understand that I will not receive any credit or refunds due
                to holidays, sick days, weather emergencies, and typical school closings.
                I have read and understand that CCLC opens at 6am and close at 6pm during the week. I
                ______________________have read and agree with the 3 strike policy( see policy & procedure page).
         4.     I understand that after my child has been enrolled at CCLC for 90 business days I can begin to take advantage
                of my free vacation leave provided to me and my child by CCLC. This leave is available only to our full time
                students & B/A. Vacation leaves are limited to 2 weeks per calendar year January 1 st thru December 31st . I
                understand and agree that I will be required to provide CCLC's Director with a written 2 weeks notice. I
                understand and agree that my account will not be charged any fees while my child is on the vacation leave.
                The vacation leave will not roll over to the following year if not used in the current year. All vacation leave
                must begin on a Monday. Vacation leave in excess of 2 weeks will be:
                A. Paid and my child's slot secured.
                B. Unpaid and my child's slot will be made available to the next child on CCLC's waiting list.

         5.     I do hereby release CCLC and it's Staff from any and all liabilities to me or my child as a result of any injury
                (physical or emotional) while enrolled at CCLC whether at the location of the school or away on a field trip
                with CCLC. Should I elect to take any legal action against CCLC or its Staff I understand that I will be
                financially responsible for CCLC's legal fees and court cost. Should an accident occur I request that CCLC
                contact me at work or home. If CCLC deems it necessary, CCLC has my permission to take my child to the
                nearest emergency room by ambulance or staff vehicle. I release CCLC from any liability connected with
                medical treatments. I will be financially responsible for any and all medical bills incurred for my child.
         6.     I understand that CCLC reserves the right to dismiss my child from this preschool for any reason with a
                written or verbal notice. Should I decide to withdraw my child from CCLC I am required to give The
                Director of CCLC a written 2 weeks notice, with the week beginning on Monday. Once the 2 weeks notice
                has been submitted I understand that my one week deposit will be credited to my child's last week. If No 2
                weeks notice is given I will automatically forfeit my deposit. Should my account become 2 weeks past due
                my services with CCLC will be suspended immediately and my deposit will be applied to the past due
                balance owed and the rest of the balance owed will be paid by me(Parent/Guradian). If not paid CCLC will
                turn my account over to a collection agency for any late fees or other charges due from me. I agree to pay all
                back tuition and a 50% collection fee of the total.

 ___________________________________                                 ___________________________________
 Mother/ Guardian Signature     date                                  Father Signature               date

 ________________________________                                    ___________________________________
 Drivers Lic#          SSN#                                             Drivers Lic#               SSN#
 Notary Public
          Catherine Christian Learning Center
                 School Closings 2011

Jan. 17                                                  Martin Luther King Day
Feb. 21                                                  Presidents Day
Apr. 25                                                  Easter Monday
May 30                                                   Memorial Day
June 10                                                  Summer prepartion day
July 4                                                   Independence Day (obs)
Aug. 12                                                  School preparation
Sept.5                                                    Labor Day
Oct. 10                                                  Columbus Day
Nov. 11                                                  Veterans Day
Nov. 23-25                                                Thanksgiving
Dec. 26- 27                                              Christmas

I understand that on snow or weather emergencies, CCLC will often close in accordance with Prince
Georges County Public Schools. Should the County close early or open late due to a weather
emergency CCLC will open on time and stay open until 6pm as long as the weather conditions permit.
If the emergency is extreme (snow, rain, ice) CCLC reserves the right to close early or open 2 hours
late. If the weather condition is severe enough in the Director's opinion only at that time will Parents
receive a phone call from the school to drop off late or pick up early. We offer no discounts for snow
days, sick days, federal holidays, school holidays, late drop offs or early pick ups. Your discount for
vacations will require a written two weeks notice.

I have read and understand the above:

Parent/Guardian Signature:                                                          date:

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