Inhaled & Exhaled Air

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					Inhaled & Exhaled Air

                        D. Crowley, 2007
Inhaled & Exhaled Air
•   To know and understand the difference between inhaled and
    exhaled air
Breathing System
•   What is the breathing system used for?

•   The breathing system is used by the body to get the oxygen
    needed for respiration

•   It is also use to get rid of the waste product of respiration, the
    gas carbon dioxide
•   Movements of the ribs, rib muscles and diaphragm allow air into and
    out of the lungs: this is called breathing or ventilation

•   When we breathe in, we inhale
•   When we breathe out, we exhale

•   Air passes between the lungs and the
    outside of the body through the trachea
•   The trachea divides into two bronchi, with
    one bronchus for each lung
•   Each bronchus divides further in the lungs
    into smaller tubes called bronchioles
•   At the end of each bronchiole, there is a
    group of tiny air sacs called alveoli
    Inhaled & Exhaled
•   Breathing in is also known as inhalation - when you inhale you
    breathe in air, including oxygen, into your lungs

•   Breathing out is also known as exhalation - when you exhale you
    breathe out the contents of our lungs and getting rid of the waste
    gas carbon dioxide
Inhalation (breathing in)
Exhalation (breathing out)
•   What differences do you expect between inhaled and exhaled air?

•   How could you test for these differences?

•   Set up the following experiment: -
     • Get 1 boiling tube, and fill it 1/3 of the way up with limewater
     • Using a delivery tube, exhale down the tube into this limewater
       (limewater goes cloudy in the presence of CO2)

     • With a cold mirror breathe onto it (you will notice a liquid condenses
       on it) - using cobalt chloride paper test to see if this is water (cobalt
       chloride goes from blue to pink in the presence of water)
Differences Inhaled & Exhaled Air
inhaled air                      exhaled air

nitrogen (78%)                  nitrogen (78%)
oxygen (21%)                    oxygen (17%)
carbon dioxide (0.04%)          carbon dioxide (4%)
other                           other

  Exhaled air contains less O2, but much more CO2
   •   The reason we exhale less oxygen but much more carbon
       dioxide is because of aerobic respiration: -

glucose                        carbon                      energy
             oxygen            dioxide        water

  From          From            Waste          Waste       useful!
digestive     breathing        product        product
 system        system          exhaled        exhaled
•   Complete the breathing
    worksheet - stick this in your
    book (plus all other work)

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