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                         Carrium: 5th_Day_29th_Year!
                  Xmeah ShaEla'ReEl: The Lord's Messenger
                       Children of Christ of America
                             1912 Hazel Ave.
                         Beaumont, Texas 77701

                     5th Day of The 1st month (Abib)
                5 Day of the week, which is called Thursday!

Blessed are You, O Lord Michael, the Arch Angel of War, Whom the Lord has
             assigned to us to protect us! Arise, and fight! Amen!
O Lord Gabriel, give us the Reports! Give us skills; and, cause us to understand
                 in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Amen!
  O Lord God of our Peace, be still; and, be Thou multiplied unto all! Amen!
             "America: The Land of The Violent and Fearful!"
I heard; and, I understood what the Lord is saying! He said, "Son of man, when
   the land sins against Me, by trespassing greatly: then, will I stretch out My
  Hand upon it, and will break the staff of the bread of that land, and will send
famine upon it, and will cut off man and beast from it!" (Ezekiel 14:13) Amen!
 I understood in the Word of the Lord that the staff of the bread of that land is

 that which they use as solutions to solve their problems: and, that if the Lord
should send a famine upon that staff of bread, there is no way that the problems
  can be solved by using any of those methods which are being used! Amen!
  Thus saith the Lord God, "Repent, and turn yourselves from your idols;
         and, turn away your faces from all your abominations!"
  And, it has come to pass in these days that the Word of the Lord, which He
spoke by Ezekiel, has come upon this land! (Ezekiel 14) The evidence testifies
 against the land, that this land has transgressed greatly against the Lord! The
Ways of the Lord are not practiced: and, neither is His Counsel sought after, as
 the solution to solving the problems! But, everyone comes up with what they
think will solve the problems: and, all of their solutions require more money to
   develop this program, or that program! Money has been poured into many
     projects: and, none of the problems have been solved! But, they keep on
   seeking other projects: and, they keep on telling the people, We need more
 money for this, and for that! By their words, they are saying that Money is the
 God; and, the Money is the answer to the problem! How much more do they
 need? Have they not come to the point where Daniel spoke about the days of
    taxation upon taxation? Who has seen this? They say, "The children need
 somewhere to go after school: so, we need more money to build recreational
  facilities for them!" Let the children go home to their mothers: but, first, the
  mothers must go home! And, let the fathers return to the head of the house!
     And, let the Church come to repentance; and, return to the Lord! Amen!
  And, the Lord has proclaimed that these ways are as a famine: and, none of
     them will benefit you! But, none of these idols (big name people) are
  addressing the real issues! "What Caused The Problem In The First Place?"
      They cannot address the issues, because they are also blinded by the
 First of all: I look at the tremendous number of denominations that call itself
 the Church in America! Right off the bat, I can see division and strife! I don't
see agreement; and, I don't see one accord: so, there is no power to pray! I see
   pride, which is the first thing that the Lord said He hates! I see Church and
State mixed; and, not separated as it is supposed to be! Get the government out
  of the business of the Church; and, return the people to true worship of God;
       and, let the parents train up their children in the ways of the Lord as

    commanded them by the Lord! Forsake your doctors, who are the true
    sorcerers; and, solidify yourselves in the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ!
                     Therefore, the foundation is polluted!
                      "O Lord, Awaken The Remnant!"
   I see wives not abiding at home! And, I don't see any desires to operate the
 houses by the Laws of God! The evidence is clearly set before their faces: but,
 they will not acknowledge the problem! The children have no guides at home:
  and, the mothers have run off seeking after careers, and fame! They have left
off looking after their first duty; and, have turned their children over to ungodly
   day care centers: and, the problems with the children are waxing worse and
  worse! And, the babies are crying for the breast of the mothers as prophesied
by Isaiah! (Isaiah 32) But, the mothers will not give suck to their own children,
 because they have found other things more important! Yes, destruction looms
  over the horizon: and, the people have not awakened! They are becoming as
those wild violent beasts which are spoken about! I see conflict in the homes! I
 don't see man and woman working to become one in the Lord! I see too many
Jesuses! And, I don't see any confidence in the Power of God to protect, and to
   provide! I hear excuses for lack of faith! I hear justifications for using evil,
       because there is no trust in God! Open your eyes, and be horrified!
Even the number of hospitals and prisons that are built, will bear witness to the
     truth about the gross transgressions of the land! And, you have church
    buildings without number: but, yet the problem is not made better! This
  declares that God has no Power to help! If I shall say that all of these people
 are serving God; then, I must declare that the Ways of God are ineffective in
 solving the problems of the land! Or else, I must declare that these people are
not serving God! But, their numbers are tremendous! This land should be filled
  with peace, and not violence and fear, if it were the case of all these people
                                  serving God!
I seek unto You, O Lord, to awaken the people out of their sleep! I have spoken
   as You have commanded me to speak, calling them to awaken out of their
                                sleep! Amen!
  I ask for deliverance of those whom You know to be Yours! And, I ask that
      You would prevent the wicked from coming unto me to occupy me!

  Pride keeps people back from confessing their sins! Therefore, you are not
  loved by God, because you abide in a condition which He has declared He
 hates! I see people abiding in a lying belief about God's joy and delight with
what is going on in this land! If you have complained about certain things, how
          can you be declaring that God is pleased with what He sees?
Now remember Psalm 125! The rod of the wicked shall not rest upon the lot of
the righteous; except the righteous put forth their hands unto iniquity! The evil
   shall not rule over us, except we turn to the ways of wickedness! Amen!
 O Lord, there is a serious need for trust in You to be created in us! The land is
full of fear, because of the wild beasts that are in the land! You have shown me
 that these people walk without consideration for the feelings of others! Their
   consciences are seriously dead! This is what makes them to be the violent
beasts which You spoke about in Ezekiel 14. I hear the people speaking much:
but, they are never able to come up with a solution to the problem! They speak,
 and they speak: but, no one has any wisdom from God, that they can say, The
 problem is solved by turning back with your whole hearts to the Ways of the
                   Lord; and, putting your trust in Him! Amen!
The people fear the police; and, the police fear the people! There is fear of one
                                another! Amen!
The land is full of violence and sicknesses! You read reports of police violence
against the citizens; and, you read about citizens' violence against one another!
   A person cannot travel through this land in peace: there is always that fear
  factor! The wild beasts are in the land as the Lord has spoken in Ezekiel 14.
 The wild beasts are the people who run in packs, and commit violence against
other people! They are of many kinds! The reports of these things have caused
great fear in the midst of the people! A land that is full of fear cannot be termed
 as a land of the free! And, neither is this the home of the brave! But, this land
 has become a land full of vipers and scorpions! It is a land of predators, where
all prey on one another! But, the key to deliverance from these violent beasts is
   your righteousness! And, you cannot half-step with righteousness! Amen!
The Lord has said that He would cause these conditions to be in a land that has
  transgressed against Him greatly! The transgressions of a land must reach a
certain level before these conditions will come upon a land! He said they would
  seek many solutions to the problems: but, every solution that they come up

               with, will only make the problem worse! Amen!
 There is fear of things lurking in the darkness! The people are watching one
 another, and watching the policemen! And, the policemen are watching the
                      people! Where is the peace? Amen!
You cannot stop a thing from being, that people desire in their hearts! The key
 is to speak unto them about turning from their wicked desires! As long as the
 desires are for wickedness, the destruction will be produced in the land, until
 that land is destroyed! That is the Word of the Lord! The land cannot be kept
 by the military; and, no policeman, nor any number of policemen can keep a
    city, as long as the desires of the hearts of the people are for wickedness
continually! The efforts of the policemen are in vain, because the Law of God
states, that a man shall receive according to the desires of his heart! Therefore,
  the job is given to the preachers to preach repentance, and turning from the
                         wickedness of their imaginations!
                    "I Will Acknowledge Thee, O Lord!"
                         O Lord Michael, fight! Amen!
O Lord Gabriel, give us the Reports! Give us skills; and, cause us to understand
                 in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Amen!
          O Peace, be still: and, be Thou multiplied unto all! Amen!
  You are the Beginning, O Alpha! You are the Instructor; and, You are the
 Power to control the thoughts to keep them from straying into the future, and
                            into the past! Amen!
  Lord, You said for us to rebuke those who sin with all Authority! I ask that
   You would give unto me that Authority that You have ordained for us to
rebuke with; and, cause that Authority to abide in me; and with me; and, cause
                    me to abide in that Authority! Amen!
      I thank You for giving me what to ask for; and, I thank You for the
remembrance of Psalm 29, which speaks about the Power and the Authority of
  the Voice of God! Give me that Voice, O Lord! Give me Your Voice! And,
 cause Your Voice to remain with me; and, in me! And, cause my speaking to
                      abide only in Your Voice! Amen!

      Lord, hear my voice: let Your ears be attentive to the voice of my
                            supplications. Amen!
                           "O Wives, Take Heed!"
The Lord speaks unto the wives, saying, "Surely you believe you are doing the
   Work of the Lord, even though you are not seeing to your duties as a wife
should do for her husband! You are not going to do any work for Me until You
learn to obey Me! You have left your first love, which is the first duty, which I
        gave unto the women! You have not obeyed My Voice!" Amen!
  Let the woman hold the office of wife with honor and dignity, giving all
respect to that office! If any woman desires the office of a wife, she desires a
good thing! For the Lord has said about the man that finds a wife, that he has
found a good thing! Let the women ask that they would be given the desire to
              marry, bare children, and guide the house! Amen!
  You kept my vision, Lord! You showed me how the Hand of God did the
 writing in the time of Moses! You showed me my two hands; and, You gave
 me to pray, asking that my two hands would be made as one hand: and, then
  make the one hand to be the Hand of God, so that You can write what You
         want written, as You showed us in the time of Moses! Amen!
    I heard about the Voice of Authority: and, I was given to think about the
   writing Hand of Authority! I remembered on yesterday, You caused me to
focus on washing my hands! Two of the requirements for standing in the Holy
 Place of the Lord, are clean hands and a pure heart: and, these two, You have
 given me to focus on recently! Standing in Your Place is given to us to know,
to mean, in the offices which You have ordained! You are perfecting us so that
                    we may do the Work of the Lord! Amen!
   O Lord, I ask that You would deliver the people from the lying belief that
   cigarette smoking causes cancer, and that it is a sin, because it defiles the
  temple! I ask that You would remove all lying spirits from off their heads!
  You have given us the Power to see things with reasoning! You gave me to
look at Moses; and, how he tried to reason with the two Hebrews, who fought
against one another! That was a vain effort, because the power that made them
 fight against one another was still there! That was also the message that You

  gave to Cherry by way of her dream! Why speak to people about solving the
problems in their marriage, if they don't have the proper foundation established
   in themselves? And, how can they hold onto the Wisdom of Jesus without
  Jesus, and the Holy Ghost in them? What do they have to keep the Words in
 them? How can you remember Jesus (The Word) if you don't have anything to
remember Him by? All that we say to them is being sown by the way side! The
  evil spirits will make them forget everything that we said to them! The hearts
must be properly prepared to receive the Word of God, so that It can be kept by
the Holy Ghost: and, He will bring It to their remembrance whenever they need
                           It in a given situation! Amen!
I thank You for giving me to be able to pray that the Words which I speak unto
         them might remain with them, until they have chosen! Amen!
                     "Your Confessions Are Necessary!"
 Unto the readers, I say: permit me to speak plainly to you in terms that you are
 familiar with! "Endure unto the end!" Confessions! Consider how hard it is for
  you to confess! Your difficulty in confessing is like unto constipation in your
  bowels! Will not constipation cause you problems? Don't you desire for that
dung to get out of you! It is so close to the end; but, it just won't come out; and,
  you be looking for ways to get it out! What do we need to get rid of the dung
  that is in us? I saw "difficulty in confessing" as a stubborn spirit, fighting, to
    keep himself from being kicked out of the house! I saw him pawing and
   scratching, and trying to find anything that he could to grab a hold onto, to
keep himself from being kicked out! Every evil needs a confession before it can
   come out! I even saw confession chasing an evil around and around a room
trying to catch up with him, so that confession could be attached to him; so that
                     the evil can go out by confessions! Amen!
 O Lord, give Power to the confessions! I know this is being given to me in a
 humorous way: but, it teaches us the truth! O Lord, open Thou my lips; and,
  cause these confessions to come out: even as I desired that my bowels be
                         purged of the dung! Amen!
I asked, "What is hindering the dung from coming out?" Grant me that which I
need in the body so that my bowels can be purged freely! This is given to me to
    understand the need that we have for something from God to cause the

 confessions to come out! O Lord, give us strengthening in our hearts to cause
    the confessions to come out! Remove far from us fear and shame about
                             confessing! Amen!
                 "Obey The Word By Praying For Others!"
 And, fill us with the Spirit to be instant in prayer when people are confessing
 their faults before us! We are commanded to pray for one another! (James 5)
This is not being done as it ought to be: but, I ask that You would not let that be
                         found with me, O Lord! Amen!
Teach us how to see their problems as our own problems: even as You, O Lord
Jesus, took our sins as Your Own sins! Thank You for giving me to understand
         this! "Let the strong bare the infirmities of the weak!" Amen!
All things that You give me to ask of You, Lord, are good! You only give us to
           ask for right things; and, for that which is priority! Amen!
               Wisdom and Peace, be multiplied unto all! Amen!
     O Heavenly Father, thank You for all the wisdom, knowledge, and
 understanding that You have given to us! I ask that none of it would be lost!
 Cause all of it to abide with us, and in us; and, cause us to abide in it! Amen!
      Truly, You have made it so simple! You tell us what we need; and, we
      acknowledge that You are right; and, ask You to give us that which we
 believed! Blessed are You, O Holy Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ! Blessed
is the Word Who art in Heaven; and, blessed is the Word that is in us! Blessed
   is the Holy Ghost, The Spirit of Truth! Blessed are You, O Lord God, who
perfects us in all things! Thank You for perfecting me in writing for You; and,
for perfecting me in the joy of writing for You; and, for perfecting the skills of
    writing in me! Thank You for arranging everything so orderly in us! You
  arrange order in our hearts; and, we do set things in order in our lives, and in
our houses! You set Your House in order, first! Your Will be done in earth as it
   is in Heaven! You sat the Heavens in order; and, You set Your Temples on
                    earth in order in the same fashion! Amen!
                           "The Power To Endure!"
   O Lord, cause Your Peace to abide with us; and, be in us; and, cause us to
 abide in Your Peace! And, let endurance be with all things that You give unto

                  us, that it might endure unto the end! Amen!
Blessed are they that know the Joyful Sound! Give us understanding of this, O
Lord! And, cause us to abide in the way of the understanding; and, let the way
           of the understanding abide in us; and be with us! Amen!
 To be joyful is a commandment! And, so that our joy will remain; I ask that
 You would give us what we need, O Lord our Creator and Provider! You are
   sending forth healing unto us! Our souls are becoming more and more
                             healthier! Amen!
O Lord, give me what I need to be strengthened; and, also that which I need to
 give to my household, so that it might be strengthened! Give us this day our
                            daily bread! Amen!
  O Lord, keep back the people from being nervous when You send me unto
them! You are supposed to be with them; so, my coming should not cause them
                           to be nervous! Amen!
                   "The Lord Commanded Us To Teach!"
 Thus saith the Lord, "Teach them how to watch for themselves as well as for
  others! Teach them to watch for others as well as for themselves! Amen!"
  But, teach all of us to watch well! And, let all of us be "Well Wishers!" As
  John said, "I wish above all, my brethren, that you prosper, and be in good
health, even as your soul prospers!" Let us also be "Well Wishers!" And, cause
 this way of being, to be in us, and we in the way; and, cause the way to abide
                                  with us! Amen!
    You are preparing us to be sent! Let us abide until we are sent! Amen!
                "Encourage One Another In Righteousness!"
   You gave me the Spirit of exhortation and edification: but, I ask that You
 would stir up the spirit in the people so that they can be exhorted and edified!
 You have called us a House of Prayer; and, I am seeing this made manifest in
us! We are becoming what You have ordered us to be! You throw out of us, all
things that offend! But, You throw it into the frozen sea, so that no one else can
be affected by it! Thank You, Lord, for giving us to understand what to do with
that garbage that is thrown out of our houses! I speak of our temples, which are

                            Your Temples! Amen!
               "Focus On The Way To Deliver The People!"
 Thank You for giving me to understand Moses! I say this, not that You don't
     know it: but, that I might relate the messages to the people! Amen!
The Lord showed me how Moses went into Egypt the first time, and found his
Hebrew brethren, fighting with one another! This is what I am seeing going on
 with those that call themselves Christians in these days! Moses went forth to
try to make peace between the brethren; but, he got attacked by them, because
             of what they had seen him do to an Egyptian! Amen!
On the previous day, Moses had killed an Egyptian for striking an Hebrew! We
have been responsible for the spiritual deaths of many that were already in sin,
 while we were in sin! You cannot save a people by killing other people! You
     cannot use a sinful way to bring forth people into the Light! Amen!
            "Not By Power; Nor By Might: But, By My Spirit!"
What was Moses doing? Was he trying to draw the people unto himself by this
act? Was he trying to gain recognition by this act, so that the people could look
to him for deliverance; and, say that he was there to champion their cause? We
 are given to remember that Moses was a famous man in Egypt before he was
 cast out! This is like famous athletes who are no longer in the spot light: but,
   they use their fame of the past to gain the support of the people, so that the
  people will listen to them, and vote for them! This was not God's Way! You
   cannot use an evil method to deliver the people! Killing that one Egyptian
            would not solve the problem that the people had! Amen!
   The way to deliver the people is ordained by God! And, we cannot use
 anything that we learned in darkness to bring forth any fruit for God! Amen!
               "All Were Born In Egypt (Sin): Even Moses!"
 All are born in sin! All of us that are saved, had to come out of sin! Even the
preachers, whom God will use to bring forth the people, had to come out of sin!
As Moses was the first that was shown to come forth out of Egypt: even so, the
                    preachers must be delivered first! Amen!
Those that see us after our conversion, will remember what we use to be! This

  is how those who call themselves Christians are remembering the things that
 they saw us doing; and, then throw it back in our faces, as those two Hebrews
 did to Moses! This was as if to be saying, "How can you tell me what to do? I
                      saw you doing this or that!" Amen!
  Moses ran from them! This is showing the fear of doing what you need to do
  because you are afraid of what might be brought up about your past! But, the
 preachers will be made to stand fast: and, the answers of our tongues are given
to us by the Lord, so that we can answer those who challenge us about our past!
The Lord said that this fear of our past being exposed has been a problem to us:
            and, I agree with Him: for He is always right! Amen!
That is true, O Lord! Remove this fear far from me; and, let this thing be found
 with me no more forever! You know it is true; and, I know it is true! Amen!
Then the Lord showed me how Moses went out unto the Lord God, again; and,
 the Lord developed his focus on the true work; and, where the true problem
 was! When the Lord sent Moses back into Egypt this time; he was armed and
dangerous, because he had the Power of the Almighty God backing him in the
work that the Lord had given him to do! Moses had his priorities straightened
out; and, he knew precisely how God wanted to work this plan of deliverance!
And, the Lord is doing the same for us in these days, because we asked Him to
 do so! The second time Moses went into Egypt, he went straight to the source
   of the problem: he went directly at Pharaoh of Egypt! This is what I see as
going on with people in these days: they are not looking at the real reasons for
all of the problems that exist! And, they surely are not thinking about the right
  solutions to the problems! They are fighting among themselves as those two
Hebrews were! And, the Lord has said that a house or a kingdom that is divided
                      against itself, shall not stand! Amen!
   Pharaoh is the symbol of Satan! He is the cause of the people being in the
condition that they are in! And, the Lord has shown me that there is no sense in
trying to talk with the people as long as the cause of the problem is still bearing
 rule over their minds! So, the Lord is causing us to gain our focus, even as He
                              did for Moses! Amen!

  I lived in the style of this righteous man; and, I am not ashamed to say that I
 was out of focus, also! I saw one greater than I, out of focus! Yes, Satan was
offering me the opportunity to be the first black President of the United States,
just like Moses was in line for the throne of Egypt! Was it not in Satan's power
     to do this? All of the people are under his authority: and, they would do
whatsoever he commanded them to do! They would have voted for me, if Satan
had ordered them to do so: but, that was not in God's plans for me! Remember
how he also made that offer to the Lord Jesus Christ in the wilderness? Amen!
Moses tried to reason with the Hebrews; and, I have tried to reason with these
 people, as well! Just like Moses left the people alone; and, had his attention
turned to Pharaoh; so, is the Lord causing me to leave the people alone, and
  focus my attention on the spiritual wickedness in high places, and the evil
          spirits that control the people! (Ephesians 6:10-11) Amen!
     If we are to work for God; we must be tempered so that we can work
effectively! The Lord is focusing our thoughts towards the spirits of darkness;
 and, He has been taking our minds off the people! The Lord is bringing forth
 deliverance to us! We did think we knew how to fight; but, now the Lord has
   sent His Angels to teach us how to fight; and, to get our weapons of our
warfare in perfect working condition! Blessed be the Name of the Lord! Amen!
                       "The Dividing of The Red Sea!"
 When I looked back in the time of Moses, I saw only two: Moses and Aaron!
  Lord, teach us how to stretch out the rod over the Red Sea! And, now I hear
   You speaking about bringing forth the plagues upon Pharaoh! Cause us to
 understand this; and, cause us to do this to Pharaoh, whom you have shown as
  a symbol of wicked powers that rule over the people! Cause me to write the
 precise understanding that You are giving unto me; and, destroy out of me any
 other understanding! Establish Your True Understanding in us; and cause it to
abide; and cause us to abide in Your True Understanding; and, cause Your True
                    Understanding to abide with us! Amen!
You are preparing to bring Your people forth out of Egypt! You are preparing
                 deliverance from the power of sin! Amen!

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