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Page 1 of 2                  Bill of Indictment                    00-B-3421
Grand Jury Witness(es):         State of Placid
Det. A. Able                    County of Gannett
                                March Term

                                      State of Placid
                                      Christine Kline
                                      Count 1: Murder in the First Degree

                                      True Bill

                                      This the ___ day of ________, 20__.

                                      Steven Burke
                                      Grand Jury Foreperson
                                      Received in open court from the sworn
                                      Grand Jury bailiff and filed in office.

                                      This the ___ day of ________, 20__.
                                      Deputy Clerk, Gannett Superior Court
                                      Sean Turlow, District Attorney
                                      Gannett Judicial Circuit.
                                      Special presentment
We the jury find the defendant:       The defendant herein waives a copy of
_____________________________         the indictment, list of witnesses, formal
_____________________________         arraignment and pleads ____ guilty.
_____________________________         This the ___ day of ________, 20__.
Foreperson                            _____________________________
This the ___ day of ________, 20__.   _____________________________
                                      Attorney for the Defendant
                                      Assistant District Attorney
Page 1 of 2                      Bill of Indictment                    00-B-3421

Count 1 of 1

The GRAND JURORS selected, chosen and sworn for the County of Gannett, to

   1. Steve Burke, Grand Jury                 13. Anne Walker
       foreperson                             14. Alec Pruitt
   2. Bonnie Landrew                          15. Ben Redman
   3. Christy Wallace                         16. Molly Rice
   4. Betsy Burris                            17. Greg Anthony
   5. Jack Davis                              18. Lissa Glass
   6. Rocky Bono                              19. Lucy Bevans
   7. Belle Bevans                            20. Dave O’Deere
   8. Megan Darcy                             21. Rebecca Banks
   9. Bo Ball                                 22. John Darelle
   10. Ralph Bellamy                          23. Kathleen Nurseen
   11. Ralph Daniels
   12. Neal Pruett

In the name and behalf of the citizens of Placid, charge and accuse Christine
Kline with the offense of Murder in that the said accused, in the State of Placid
and County of Gannett, on the 3rd day of October, did then and there unlawfully
and with malice aforethought murder Douglas Clark, a human being, by
smothering him to death with duct tape, contrary to the laws of said State, the
peace, good order and dignity thereof.

Sean Turlow, District Attorney
Special presentment

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