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Understand The Variety Of Ways To
    Successful Astral Travel
During astral travel, while you are sleeping you may experience a sensation much like flying. The feeling of flying
is a sensation you feel while your astral body is moving around on the astral plane. You can do this simply by
thinking where you want to go and what you want to do before you fall asleep. While you are asleep, your
subconscious mind and your astral body work together to take care of those things that you desire the most.

Many times people will confuse astral travel with actual dreaming, however do not misunderstand that this means
each dream you have is an experience of astral travel. Keep in mind that when you first fall asleep and begin to
dream that your mind is working through the problems of your daily life. This is how the mind works to settle the
stressful matters of your consciousness that help you keep your sanity. These types of dreams are not all that
often remembered, with the exception of small dream fragments after you awake.

But those dreams which you awake from being able to recall each and every detail as it were still happening ?
these are astral travel experiences. It is a good idea to keep a dream journal by your bed so that you can write
down everything you remember of these experiences as soon as you awake. While it not all make sense at first,
keep your journal ? it will all make more sense later on.

All the tension and stress of your daily life is relieved while you are dreaming, this helps your mind to be stable
and healthy. You and your healthy wellbeing are increased by astral travel, which is a wonderful benefit. It is very
important that you take the time to record the dreams that you do remember in your dream journal. Because we
are all unique, our individual experiences with astral travel will be different. Each of us can find something special
and beneficial when we practice astral travel.

You can gain a deeper understanding when you take the time to record your astral travel experiences. Doing so
will inspire your sense of inner being as well as increasing your sense of spirituality and inner serenity. You may
find that your memory is much better and that you have a higher surge of creativity as these are also beneficial
signs of astral travel. This type of brain activity is stimulated during astral travel; however, it is not stimulated while
you are conscious.

Another essential benefit of astral travel involves stimulating your natural psychic abilities. Many individuals who
regularly practice astral projection offer detailed statements concerning the enhancement of such abilities as
telepathy, precognition and a heightened sense of experiencing episodes that involve spiritual beings.

When you astral travel, you use untapped psychic energies and cause your psychic abilities to bloom.

Even people who are thoroughly skeptical about the practice of astral travel and other psychic and spiritual
abilities have found that after astral travel, they can actually read people?s auras!

This can also be a thrilling, fun experience which can give you a new found sense of empowerment. When you
astral travel, you have the ability to go anywhere you want and do things far beyond the limitations imposed by
your physical body.

You may wonder why if there are so many benefits of astral travel, why more individuals are not practicing this
experience. The answer lies in and uneducated assumption that only those who are truly gifted are able to astral
travel. However, that everyone does have the ability to astral project is fact.

Since this is an absolute natural ability, it is possible that you may have already experienced astral travel and did
not realize that you had done so. Remember at the beginning we asked you if you remembered the sensation of
flying while you lay sleeping. It is this very sensation of flying while you are sleeping that is the experience of
astral travel.

The way to gain all of the benefits of astral travel is to do it consciously; you have to know that you are astral
traveling, since this will grant you full control of the experience.

Luckily, there are many talented people have written books or made videos that are very resourceful for you, while
you learn how to astral project. Remember, this is a natural capability everyone can do it. However, many people
                                   have forgotten how to do this. You simply need to remind yourself and fine-tune your natural astral travel

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