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The Constitution The Constitution What is


									    The Constitution
What is this document all about?
    The Constitution is Divided into 4 Parts….
           Part One = The Preamble
           1. Form a more Perfect Union

        2. Establish Justice

3. Insure Domestic Tranquility
               4. Promote General Welfare

5. Provide for the Common Defense

                6. Secure the Blessings of Liberty
            Part II = The Seven Articles
Part III = The Bill of Rights: 1st Ten Amendments
1. Freedom of speech, religion,
   protest & assembly, the press

2. Right to bear arms (own weapons)
3. No housing of soldiers
   (during peaceful times)
            Part III = The Bill of Rights
4. No illegal searches & seizures
   w/out probable cause

5. No self-incrimination, No double jeopardy

6. Right to speedy trial and an attorney

7. Right to trial by jury in civil cases more than $20
           Part III: The Bill of Rights

8. No Cruel or Unusual punishment

9. No individual right can be taken
  away simply b/c it’s not protected in the

10. Laws not written by the federal gov’t can be
  written by individual states or the people
      Part IV = Amendments 11-27
13. No Slavery or Involuntary Servitude

           14. People Born Here are Citizens

15. African American Suffrage

             19. Women’s Suffrage

                  26. Voting age = 18

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