Night pre-reading activity by vymIR8ke


									Night pre-reading activity

1.        Finish research of Judaism and concentration camps.

     2.      Go to the following website and read Oprah‟s interview with Elie Weisel.
             Then answer the questions below. Also view all the other information about
             Night and Weisel provided on her page.

          1.     How old was Weisel when he was deported?

          2.     How many Jews were killed?

          3.     Why did Weisel remain silent about his experience for a decade?

          4.     Why does he say he decided not to “hate” his oppressors?

          5.     What profound statement does he make about hate and haters?

          6.     Why does he share his experience with others?

          7.     How does he feel about God?

3.      Research to see if you can find out what the title of his memoir symbolizes?

4.        Free write/type about ½ page each on the following topics:

“When something terrible happens, the idea that „it is meant to be‟”………….

“Loyalty becomes fanaticism when……..”

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