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									                        The Green Zone
Security checkpoint in
the Green Zone.
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                                             Keegan Schaub
                                                 April 6
       What is the Green Zone?
• The Green Zone is a
  government outpost within
  Baghdad, Iraq.

• It is where the United
  States, and other
  countries have gathered
  for their military.

                              The boundaries of the Green Zone
• It is also where the CPA
  or Coalition Provisional    Beware of Gringos finding ‘gifts’

  Authority is.
                     (coalition provisional authority)
•   Was formed in 2003 to overpower
    Saddam Hussein’s government

•   It’s the transitional government set
    up after the Iraq invasion by the US,
    UN, and other countries

•   It included the legislative, judicial,
    and executive branches. Much like
    our government

•   Was canceled out in 2004 to make
    a government for the people of Iraq,
    but the Green Zone is still in use for
    their government                         Official CPA coin of Bagdad, Iraq
                                             Challenge coins, military collectibles, and more!
                                             Embassy and agency
• The Green Zone has been
  attacked numerously by terrorists
  trying to disrupt the new
  government placed.

• Hundreds of citizens and military
  personnel have been killed or
  injured there.
                                       Aftermath of a Green Zone attack
• Is known to have a lot of fighting
  and protesting                       Aftermath of the green zone attack. Source:
                                       now public photo archives
                    What’s in it?
• The International Zone A.K.A
  the Green Zone includes the
  main palaces of Saddam

• The convention center is where
  the US has set up quarters and
  is also home to the coalition
  press office
                                   The international green zone
                                   Hotel / luxuo luxury blog- part 3-
• The Green Zone is defended with
  coils of razor wire, chain-link
  fences, earthen berms and armed

•    The area is defended by M1
    Abrams tanks, Bradley fighting
    vehicles and humvees with .50
    caliber machine guns on top.

• US officials are rarely visible
  outside it, and rules for British    Fortified green zone in Baghdad
  personnel bar them from leaving it

  unless accompanied by four           BBC news / in pictures / in pictures: Bush visits Bagdad

  bodyguards and an armored
• The US and other
  countries are trying
  hard to make Iraq a
  democracy for the
  people but there is
  some roadblocks
                         Iraqi men training to get in the military
                         Calvary ;trains defenders of the green zone’ defendamerica news article
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