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                         Bruce Underwood - President                 Tom Atkins-Vice President
                         Steve Byrum-Secretary Treasurer             Mickey Walker-Past President
                         Jeff Hannah-Appointed Member                Jim Ivey-Chairman Special Projects
                         Ed Hartley-Web Site—Newsletter Editor       Frank Stewart-Appointed Member
                         Ron Reed—Past President                             Volume 11 Number 2
              WEB SITE-                     March-April 2001

                Senior Pattern Association - Simply Better
                                                           Dr. Charles G. Gray SPA # 156 says details are
                        March and April.....               forthcoming on the initial SPA contest in Terre
                        tradition among modelists          Haute, Indiana.
                        that this is the season for
                        completing the winter pro-         It is so comforting to see Pattern RC enthusiasts in
                        jects just in time to have         other parts of the country actively stirring SPA in-
                        them ready for "trimming"          terest in their locales. We, in the Association front
                        when the weather breaks.           office will do whatever we can to assist.... just let
                                                           us know.
                         Ironically, we in North
Alabama had a beautiful week-end the last one in           Steve has printed numerous "Info-packets" which
February and thanks to the "top-off" charge feature        were passed out to visitors to the SPA booth at the
on the accu-cycle.....we were ready with hot nicads        SE Trade Show in Perry, GA, (more on this from
to take advantage of the nice couple of days...hope        other authors)...and these are available for
you were also.                                             downloading from the SPA website....or if you
                                                           don't use computers, just write Steve and ask for
Steve, Jim, Mickey, Frank and myself visited one           them...we'll be glad to accommodate. The new
week-end in late January with Troy Emmett and              GUIDELINES and RULES manuals are a good
several members of the Floyd County, GA RC Fly-            deal larger and will be available at the initial con-
ers at their nice facility, Rose Memorial Field in         test. It is hoped that competitors will pick them up
Cave Springs. As a result of our fellowship with           in person because the size, weight and expense of
those nice folks, they were kind enough to invite          mailing them is almost prohibitive...however, if
Tom, Malcolm and Scotty to their February club             you request them....we'll be glad to oblige by return
meeting in Rome and plans are being finalized as           mail.
you read this for us to hold an organized SPA con-
test hosted by the Rome club. Jim Ivey, CSP, says          I am aware that only a small percentage of our
it will probably be prior to the Masters, perhaps in       membership uses computers as do all our Board
August. I'm sure Tom will cover the meeting in de-         members consequently do not have access to the
tail in his column. We welcome Floyd County, GA            patterns for this season. For that reason, copies of
to our growing list of organized contest activity.         the patterns are included in this issue of the news-
                                                           letter. More and more availability of plans, kits and
Ed Kirtley up in Bowling Green, KY says we'll              short kits of SPA eligible airplanes are being un-
more than likely be visiting his club there and con-       covered, some advertised in this newsletter, other
testing this season.                                       info can be had from the SPA website at:
                                                         From The Chairman Of The Board
CD' advised that Ed (our webmaster) has even
made available score sheets for downloading from                                       Boy, as I write this I am
the website. If you have access to the website and                                     just beginning to get a
have the printer and facilities for printing these and                                 slow down from the
aware of our members who don't use computers....                                       computer. Since the ar-
would you be kind enough to print them a few cop-                                      ticle by Eric Henderson
ies and get them to them. That would be a genu-                                        in Model Aviation
inely nice gesture on your part.                                                       Magazine. I have been
                                                                                       on the computer every
TALL TALE stories continue to "trickle-in".… I                                         night replying to email
look forward to sharing them with you!                                                 request about the SPA.
                                                         This has really given us a shot in the arm. People
Just think, the next issue will contain results from     from all over the country have responded.
the seasons' initial contest in Cullman. Let's go                 The thing I find interesting is old pattern
practice.                                                flyers are out there just like they are here, they just
                                                         need some one to get them together in their area. It
See ya' on the circuit.                                  should be easy enough even if a given area has only
                                                         six or eight to start with. They could have a fun fly
Bruce Underwood SPA 15 Pres.                             using SPA legal models until they have enough in-
1412 Patterson St.                                       terest to have a contest. But it seems hard to find
Guntersville, AL 35976                                   that one person to get it started.
(256) 582-3742                                                    Well we only have a few weeks until our                                      season opener at Cullman, I sure hope I can get out
                                                         and do some flying soon. Due to surgery the
                                                         weather and every thing else I find I have not flown
            Top Notch Trophies                           since the masters. I have not even tried the new ma-
            Awards and Engraving                         neuvers.
        Trophies, Plaques & Plastic Signs                         I told our editor what a good job he is doing
                                                         on the news Letter. I was really impressed with the
We have been supplying the South with the best in        first one.
plaques and Trophies for the last 8 years....Tired of             I just returned from the Perry Ga. Swap
paying to much $$$$$......???? That's what we are        meet and was very impressed with the SPA booth. I
here for. On the average, An SPA meet uses 21            did not get to spend as much time there as I would
plaques....WOW!!!!!.. Lot of money you say??...          have liked, but there were a lot of our members
Not if you call TNT....We can use your club logo         there and Steve was doing his usual good job.
on the plaque or the SPA logo....PRICE, you say....               I am sorry I did not get to help man the
how about $250.00 on average.....PLUS, I'll throw        booth but I had to make the rounds of all the other
in a 4th & 5th place plaque for Novice. FREE!!......     things I am involved in.
You read it right....FREE!!!!!                                    That's the price you pay for being involved
                                                         in so many different Parts of this great sport. As
No matter what the event may be, WE PROVIDE              most know the show has booths for the society of
THE BEST FOR ANY EVENT... That's why we                  Antique Modelers, Model Engine Collectors Assn.,
are TOP NOTCH..... Cass Underwood                        Thermal Thumbers Free flight club, all of which I
                                                         am a member, and I have a life time of friends with
               Top Notch Trophies                        all of them.
              Guntersville, AL 35976
                 (256)582-0606                               Boy ain't this a wonderful sport!
                                                         tell until you do it. I would suggest go with your
         WHEEL PANTS OR NOT!                             heart and whatever you fancy, then dial in some
                                                         mixing to account for any configuration shortcom-
About strut and wheel pant aerodynamics. A wire          ings.
has much more drag than a faired strut and wheel                  Just thought some of you might be inter-
pants produce less drag than a wheel hanging out in      ested in this little tid bit. The above is by no means
the breeze. This is just basic aerodynamics. Back        a comprehensive analysis.
when I was a young whipper snapper starting my           Ken Blackwell-SPA 98
career as an aerodynamicist, there was a book that
we referred to, by a guy named Hoerner. The book
shows drag for just about every practical shape pos-      Aztec Airplane Factory-SPA Legal Kits
sible, airplanes, cars and components thereof. It                  Tanglefoot $195 plus shipping
was from the late 1950's. I looked it up on the inter-           New Orlenian $190 plus shipping
net at a used book place "" and was             Jim Kirkland's A-6 Intruder $210 plus shipping
shocked to find a $220 sticker. I wish that I had               The Equalizer $195.00 plus shipping
held on to my old book. Any way it was a standard
reference back then and confirms all that we have        Available soon - the original T2A by Tom Atkins
said about DRAG. Read on there's more.                   We have four (soon to be five) different kits. The
         There are other aerodynamic factors to con-     kits are fiberglass, carbon fiber reinforced fuselages
sider. The gear contributes to STABILITY / IN-           with foam wings. Deluxe kits are also available
STABILITY & TRIM on all three axes, pitch, roll          which include sheeted wings and stabs and precut
and yaw, pant or pant less. Anything that you stick      bulkheads for an additional $130.00.
out in the air stream affects the overall aerody-
namic package. For starters, anything that is placed        George Truett-PO Box 1699-Chiefland, FL
forward of the c.g. is destabilizing in pitch and yaw                        32644
and anything aft of the c.g. is stabilizing. Roll sta-          (352)
bility and trim are not likely to be significantly af-
         The gear part of overall aerodynamics is                     Contest Calendar
generally much smaller than major components             Sanctioned SPA Events Per Lamar Blair
such as the wing, horizontal stab, vertical stab, and
the overall fuselage. Generally, the gear effect may     4/28/01 - 4/29/01 - Cullman, AL, 5th Annual SPA
crop up in the yaw/roll coupling of the airplane re-     Championships, SPA
quiring some mixing to get nice knife-edge flight.       Steve Byrum - 256-734-3114(D) 256-737--9828
In fact for older aircraft such as the DR this may be    (N)
required, regardless of what gear configuration that     1326 3rd St. S.E., Cullman, AL 35055
you use.
         Gear affects aerodynamics as follows: For a     6/02/01-6/3/01– Knoxville TN, Senior Pattern
tail dragger the main gear is forward of the c.g. and    Association, Event SPA
therefore is destabilizing in yaw in that it counters    Dennis Hunt –865-482-6188(D) 865-482-6188(N)
the stabilizing moment of the vertical fin. It also      700 W. Vanderbilt Dr, Oak Ridge, TN 37830
provides a rolling moment opposite to that of the
vertical fin. In case of tricycle gear you have to       7/28/01 - 7/29/01 - Dallas, GA, Hotlanta SPA
look at all three "thingees" hanging down in the         Contest, SPA
breeze. The nose gear is very forward of the c.g.        Mickey Walker - 770-435-8158(D) Same(N)
while the mains are aft of the c.g. but all three un-    311 North View Pl., Smyrna, GA 30080
balance the aircraft roll-wise in knife edge flight.
         So, depending on the vertical stab/rudder       9/15/01-9/16/01– Montgomery, AL, 2001 SPA
design, it could be better or worse off with what-       Masters. Event (SPA)
ever gear configuration that you choose. You can't       Mike Hare-334-272-2537(D) 334-546-2699(N)
                                            Plans for SPA-eligible Designs
This is a list of designs eligible for SPA that are available as magazine-size photocopies of the plans and, in most
cases, the article as well.
                       Many of them are not on the SPA approved list, but the necessary documentation is here.
I have put this together from my collection of old magazines, and was amazed at how many there were, even though I
don't have several that are listed by SPA.
                       The copies are a good way of checking out what designs look like. You can also enlarge the plans
so they are fully usable, by the usual photo-enlargement or scanning.
                       I can send copies by airmail at a price of US$5 for every two designs ordered . Please send cur-
rency (bills) only, because checks are too expensive to clear from New Zealand.

Address: Wayne Cartwright                                     Email:
 PO Box 946-Pukeko-Auckland New Zealand

Note that the Blue Angel is available only as a full size plan. The price of this is US$20 including airmail.
I would also like to obtain copies of designs that I don't have, on a swap basis.

1965 Thru 1975
Model                Designer             Country          Magazine    Comments
 Atlas               Matt                 Leichtenstein      RCM&E      World Champion 1975
 Banshee             Martin               USA                FM         Full size plans available from FM
Blue Angel           Yoshioka/Kato        Japan               ---       World Champ 1973; full size plans
 Cajun Queen         Penrod               USA                AAM
 Configurator        Buso                 USA                AAM         Developed from Intruder
 Crusader            Brooke               USA                MAN         Full size plans available from MAN
 Cutlass             Coleman              USA                MAN         Full size plans available from MAN
 Cutlass Supreme     Coleman              USA                kit
 Daddy Rabbit I      Whitley              USA                MAN
Dirty Birdy          Bridi                USA                RCM         Full size plans available from RCM
and kit from Bridi
El Tigre             Donohue              USA                 AAM
Eyeball II           Schroeder            USA                 MAN        Full size plans available from MAN
Intruder             Kirkland             USA                 MAN        Influential design
 Kaos                Bridi                USA                 RCM        Full size plans available from RCM
 King Altair         Husak                USA                 RCM        Full size plans available from RCM
Kwik Fli II          Kraft                USA                 RCM        Full size plans available from RCM
 Kwik Fli III        Kraft                USA                 MAN        World Champion 1967. Full size
                                                                             plans from MAN
Mach I               Page                 USA                 MAN        Full size plans available from MAN
Miss Norway          Totland              Norway              RCM        Full size plans available from RCM
Mr. Ed IV            Brothers             USA                 RCM        Full size plans available from RCM
Panzer D20           Brand                South Africa        MAN        Full size plans from MAN, kit from
Pegasus              Wilmot               USA                 RCM        Full size plans available from RCM
Phantom 1            Klineyoung           USA                 RCM        Full size plans available from RCM
Phoenix I            Lowe                 USA                 RCM        Full size plans available from RCM
Phoenix 5            Lowe                 USA                 AAM
Slik Fli             Kraft                USA                 RCM&E      Successor to Kwik Fli
Striker              Russell              England             RCM&E
Sun Fli 3            Bridi                USA                 RCM        Full size plans available from RCM
Super Kaos           Bridi                USA                 RCM        Full size plans available from RCM
Superstar II         Matt                 Leichtenstein       RCM&E      World Champion 1971
Tiger Panzer         Bland                South Africa        RCM        Full size plans available from RCM
Tiger Tail           Chidgey              USA                 RCM&E

Thru 1965 (Antique)
Astro Hog            Dunn                USA                 RCM&E
Candy                Weirick             USA                 RCM         Full size plans available from RCM
Citation             Roth                USA                 FM
Flattop Stormer      Spreng              USA                 AAM         US Nats winner 1961
Interceptor          deBolt              USA                 MAN         One of first to use retracts
Kingcobra            Hester              USA                 MAN
Kwik Fli I           Kraft               USA                 RCM        Full size plans available from RCM
Orion                Kazmirski           USA                 MAN        World Champion 1960
Pegasus              Nelson              USA                 AAM
Perigee              Brett               USA                 AAM        World Champion 1962
Qualifier            Nelson              USA                 RCM&E      Full size plans available from John
                                                                        Pond Plans
Sabre Hawk IV      Izzo              USA                RCM      Full size plans available from
Smog Hog           Bonner            USA                RCM&E
Stormer            Spreng            USA                AAM
Sultan             Nelson            USA                AAM      Qualified for 1963 World Champs
Taurus             Kazmirski         USA                MAN
Voltswagen         Hartranft         USA                RCM&E    Full size plans available from John Pond Plans
Whistler           Brooke            USA                AAM      Qualified for World Champs

         IDAHO RC PILOT DISCOVERS                        that with a 12 Oz. one with 4 Oz. "hopper". Most
             SPA FELLOWSHIP                              mounted the OS sideways to assist fuel-draw, I will
                                                         do same. The prop recommended was an APC 12
I'm Mike Riggs, SPA number 178, I live in Boise,         1/2 x 10. Since my engine is non-pumped I'll use a
Idaho and I'd like to do a bit of "sharing".             standard Dave Brown FS 90 Mount.
         I stumbled across the SPA Website several                I'll use 2 1/2 or 2 3/4" wheels as mains with
months ago and being a sport kind of RC pilot, it        maybe 1/4' smaller on the nose as it's gonna be trike
really caught my interest. I posted a ques-              gear. I like tricycle since it ground handles better in
tion..."Where do I find Daddy-Rabbit pictures on         the Idaho wind. I got a lot of help with the gear as-
the web"?                                                sembly as the block-embedding method was new to
        That one query was all it took....I had a        me. I found the use of polyurethane glues ideal for
flurry of replies, the first came from Ken Blackwell     this...careful to clamp pieces preventing the forma-
in Enterprise, AL. Not only a photo but loads of         tion of tiny bubbles consistent with this type adhe-
general information. A night or two later, Bruce         sive.
Underwood E-Mailed me suggesting I become an                      I really got the response when I asked about
SPA member and join the fun even though I am             finishing. Consensus is Monokote...however I love
long-distance from the hub of competition activity.      silk span and Dope and will use that as it rekindles
He convinced me to ship 20 bucks and application         memories of its' past use.
which yielded my membership card, etc. in just a                  Final assembly of the Zimpro DR short kit
few days. He "slick-tongued" me into voting for          is a breeze...the wings & stab were pre-sheeted...I
him rather than "write-in" for President.                just built fin & fuselage from the provided plans.
        After studying results I decided on starting     Excellent quality.
with a Zimpro DR short dad used to                       A note to less experienced builders...should
say..."blaze new trails only after you have walked       you encounter any difficulty assembling SPA eligi-
ones well traveled". Excellent decision considering      ble airplanes......just post HELP on the SPA mail
I had only built sport planes prior, no pattern ones.'ll get plenty. SPA, as an organization, pro-
        As I progressed with the assembly, I would       vided me with more help than I ever imagined.
post questions on the SPA mail list...and "bang"         Mike Riggs SPA178 Boise, ID
there would come how to input right back. Not only
did I receive useful info, I got a few "witty" sen-
                                                                 From Our Fearless Treasurer
tences (usually from you-know-who) that turned
my frustration into a smile...or at least a giggle.
        As a believer that "Wings" make airplanes                           January and February have been
fly, I was pleased that designer Jim Whitley incor-                         really busy for the SPA. Since
porated a big wing on the DR. He is a guy after my                          Eric Henderson featured us in his
own heart....big wings. (Ed note: Whitley's hands                           Model Aviation column, Mickey
and feet are too)..                                                         and I have handled a steady
        I opted for a one-piece wing which I                                stream of inquiries. Averaging
mounted using a single 5/16th dowel in front and                            about a half dozen each week, we
two 1/4- 20 nylon bolts in the rear. I intend to use                        have sent SPA information pack-
an OS-91 4S for power. Found one from a friend           ets all over the country, and to several foreign
for $180.00. I will use a 16 oz. DuBro tank unless a     countries. It would seem that Mickey touched a
problem with draw develops and I will then solve         bigger nerve than ever imagined when he founded
                                                         SPA ten years ago. There is much overseas interest
in non-turnaround pattern. As recently as this week,                  SPA EXPERT
we've sent information to New Zealand. We've              1. TAKEOFF (U)
gained about a dozen new members since the first of         (DOWNWIND TRIM PASS)
the year. Hannu Riihela of Lahti, Finland is our first    2. SQUARE VERTICAL EIGHT (U)
foreign member. Pamela Sappington, Clinton, IN is         3 THREE HORIZONTAL ROLLS (D)
our first female member. As nearly as I can tell, John    4. THREE INSIDE LOOPS(U)
Gausby, Glen Allen, VA, Dave Willis, Sevierville,         5. FOUR POINT ROLL (D)
TN, Harvey Barnett, Port Orange, FL, Jeff Tarlton,        6. 3 REVERSE OUTSIDE LOOPS (U)
Malvern, AR, Edward Csanady, Brighton, MI, and            7. 8 POINT ROLL (D)
Richard Forbes, Miss. State, MS all found SPA as a        8. TOP HAT (U)
result of the Henderson article.                          9. SLOW ROLL (D)
         This was my first experience with the Perry,     10. DOUBLE IMMELMAN (U)
GA swap meet. I was very pleased with the efforts of      11. REVERSE CUBAN EIGHT (D)
our members. There were almost two dozen SPA              12. INVERTED 3 TURN SPIN (U)
members present. Nearly all took their turn manning         (FLY BY FOR LANDING)
the table. I shared the table with new member Har-        13. LANDING PERFECTION (U)
vey Barnett for most of the first two hours. After
that, guys just showed up and stayed a while. No                       SPA SPORTSMAN
one had to stay too long, but everyone did his share.     1. TAKEOFF (U)
We had planes from Jim Ivey, John Baxter and Ron            (DOWNWIND TRIM PASS)
Reed. Aztec Airplane Factory, owned by George             2. DOUBLE STALL TURN (U)
Truett of Chiefland, FL donated a brand new Jim           3. 3 HORIZONTAL ROLLS (D)
Kirkland Intruder kit for a raffle on which SPA net-      4. 3 INSIDE LOOPS (U)
ted $110. During the afternoon, Tom Atkins and I          5. SLOW ROLL (D)
cornered AMA District Vice-president Jim McNeil.          6. IMMELMAN TURN (U)
Jim is proud that he was able to help SPA gain its        7. CUBAN EIGHT (U)
Special Interest Group status. If his camera survives,    8. HORIZONTAL EIGHT (D)
you may even see Tom and I in an upcoming issue of        9. 1 REVERSE OUTSIDE LOOP (U)
Model Aviation.                                           10. SHORT INVERTED FLIGHT (D)
         I am in the early stages of organizing an SPA    11. 3 TURN SPIN (U)
library. Included will be copies of as many plane           (TURN AND) FLY BY FOR LANDING)
plans as I can get copies of. I am very concerned         12. LANDING PERFECTION (U)
that the various plans services may discontinue offer-
ing older style planes, and may dispose of plans they                    SPA NOVICE
feel they no longer have a market for. I'll publish a     1. TAKEOFF (U)
list of the plans I already have, or have access to.        (DOWNWIND TRIM PASS)
Mickey and Frank have both given me lists of what         2. STRAIGHT FLIGHT OUT (U)
they have. Sid Austin is going to allow me access to      3. PROCEDURE TURN (U)
both his and Dick's plans, also. The majority of the      4. STRAIGHT RETURN FLIGHT (D)
plans I have now were forwarded to me by Dennis           5. 3 INSIDE LOOPS(U)
Hunt out of Jim Jones' estate. As plans are requested,    6. ONE HORIZONTAL ROLL (D)
I'll have copies made and mailed at whatever the ac-      7. IMMELMAN TURN (U)
tual cost is. The few I've sent out so far have cost      8. STALL TURN (U)
$8-12 including postage. After posting the list, please   9. TRAFFIC PATTERN APPROACH (U)
let me know what other plans you may have which           10. LANDING PERFECTION (U)
are currently approved. Also, any documentation on
planes of our era, which is not on the approved list,     Note: No Fly-Bys Allowed. Maneuvers
would be appreciated.
                                                          flown out of sequence shall be scored zero
Steve Byrum                                               (0).
                                                                    know. This is a time consuming effort, and it will not happen
           From The Vice President                                  overnight, but I will do them as quickly as possible.
                                                                              Marty Barry and I have been doing some research on
Hello SPAers,
                                                                    2-cycle engines and mufflers. For those of you who still like
As a charter member of the SPA, I have wondered what the
                                                                    the 2-strokers there is reason for some excitement. We have
future holds for us for some time now. There have been times
                                                                    tested various readily available mufflers and found that the
when growth seemed very slow to nonexistent. This was a
                                                                    Performance Specialties units will give you the same RPM as
curiosity to me, but nothing that I worried about very much. I
                                                                    an open exhaust and do a decent job of muffling in the proc-
have always believed that our event would catch on and show
                                                                    ess. On our YS side exhaust engines we are getting 11,300
explosive growth, but if it didn't and things stayed as they
                                                                    RPM with an APC 12x10 prop. I believe that this combina-
have been for the past three or four years, it was still the best
                                                                    tion will be UNBELIEVEABLE on my 7 lb. T-2-A.
thing going.
                                                                              The OS 91 4-strokers have had a decided torque ad-
           I am convinced by recent events that SPA is reaching
                                                                    vantage over their 2-stroke 61 brothers, and I believe that a
the explosive growth stage of development. The publishers of
                                                                    combination similar to this will help close the gap. I also be-
the magazines are beginning to pay some attention to us, the
                                                                    lieve that more choices will be good for the event. It will be
folks I meet at various functions know who we are, and are
                                                                    interesting to see how these things develop during the next
enthusiastic, and Mickey (Super Hacker) Walker tells me that
                                                                    year or so.
e-mail from interested parties is at an all-time high. I see
                                                                              I look forward to seeing everyone at the contests this
nothing but positive development for the future.
                                                                    season. There is no greater group on the planet. This will un-
Scotty Barland, Malcolm Rutledge and I visited the Floyd
                                                                    doubtedly be the best season yet.
County club during one of their meetings to discuss the possi-
bility of their holding an SPA contest. I fully expected that a     Tom Atkins
decision would be made at some time in the future.
These guys are my kind of people! They voted to have
the SPA contest the same night! Way to go Floyd
           The three of us who were there for the meet-
ing have agreed to fly with the Floyd County flyers to
help them get ready for the contest. I am looking for-
ward to the experience. If others could do the same, I
am sure that the effort would be appreciated.
           My airplane for this year's campaign is com-
ing along pretty well, but never fast enough. By the
end of this weekend I hope to have it primed. Things
never seem to go as quickly as I would like, but the
thought of my being in a hurry is too horrible to con-
           I have talked to Mickey about plans for SPA
legal airplanes recently. I realize that there are still
quite a few plans available, but if someone has a set of
                                                                     Malcolm reviews patterns at FCRC meeting
plans that are not now available, I will draw them in
AutoCAD so we will have them for the future. Let me

                       Senior Pattern Association
                        Membership Application
Name____________________________ Date of Birth ________
Address___________________________ Phone _____________
City-State-Zip _________________________________________
Current Club Affiliation _________________________________
AMA Number ______________________
   Membership Dues $20.00 Make checks payable to Senior Pattern Association
Mail to:                    Steve Byrum
                            1326 3RD St. SE                                                Jim Ivey and Frank Stewart are
                            Cullman, Alabama 35055                                          obviously up to no good! (Ed.)
               Editor’s Corner                       I spoke with Dave Brown the other day and he is
                                                     going to make every effort to attend the KCRC
              Daddy Rabbits Abound!                  contest. I look forward to seeing Dave and Sally
503 is Mickey Walker’s new Rabbit complete with      again. I hope to see many of you at Cullman. They
OS-91 and JR equipment. Several of Knoxville’s       always have a good show.
KCRC are building new ones. The next news letter     Hold back pressure in the turns!
will be generated                                    Ed Hartley
after the Cullman
contest. I plan on
having lots of pics
                                                         “Proud To Sponsor The SPA”
and the latest HOT
SPA information

                                    Ed Hartley &
                                    Dennis Hunt’s        We Stock most of your hobby needs and
                                   New Rabbits for           The SPA Legal A-6 Intruder!
                                                         CALL TOLL FREE 877-435-9866
                                                            FREE SHIPPING FOR
                                                               SPA MEMBERS!

                                                        208 3rd Ave. S.E.-Cullman, AL 35055

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