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					Anyone looking to spruce up his interior design scheme is well advised to consider artwork. While portraits
are nice and landscape paintings are quite popular, they may not offer the interest that a still life composition
can. A still life painting can add depth and interest to just about any space if it is well chosen.

There are a few reasons that I like the still life paintings for interior design which I’ll explain as we explore
the different types of this genre of art. This timeless practice that many artists adopt in their portfolios is one
that can yield magnificent results that can adorn a space like no other composition can.

The primary reason that I do like this art form is its timeless quality. You can invest in a quality print or
original still life painting on canvas. Either way, this is money well spent because you will have a piece of
art that will stand the test of time. The classic still life painting does not go out of style.

Variety is another important aspect to consider as well. You can find a still life painting that offers a
wonderful Classical Roman composition that will transform your space. However, you can also opt for an
Art Deco piece that offers geometric shapes and colorful forms that will add interest to the area.

One still life painting can have a significant impact on a room. You can change the whole mood of the space
by adding just the right piece. If you’re looking for tranquility, you might want to opt for an Expressionist
still life painting that offers soft colors and blurred lines.

Some of us prefer realism to the extreme. There is a plethora of stunning still life paintings that are so
realistic that you feel as if you can walk right up to them and grab an item right out of the composition.
These paintings come in a wide array of themes for you to consider.

My favorite still life painting theme is wine. I love the deep rich burgundy and purple shades as well as the
tempting fruit and rich fabrics often displayed in these compositions. Fruit, vases and other inanimate
objects make for common subjects in these pieces.

There are many other options to consider and each artistic composition is a valuable classic that will never
go out of style. The still life painting is art at its finest.

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