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030311 March 3


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									March 3, 2011

In attendance: Marisa Vanasse, James Lightfoot, Kate Kane, Aurora Kushner, Janelle Clarke, Jesse
Lederman, Tia Schabot, Diedre Cuffee-Gray, Verba Fanolis, Herb Holland, Mary Irizarry, Stephen

Review and sign off of minutes - Minutes reviewed and approved.

Professional Development Proposal - Freeman reviewed the plans for summer and 2011/2012
professional development. A detailed list was distributed.

Principal’s Report - Curriculum maps, assessment plans, syllabus, expedition’s plans, and lesson plans,
in binder learning targets (Wrap up by end of year). Start in September with clear plans for class year.
No changes in September.
-New teacher expedition slice have expertise now.
-Renaissance teachers will be starting 1 week before the rest of Springfield if WEA passes it.
-Middle School math initiative: the students are being tested weekly.
-Sweating the small Stuff: the staff is tired and have lost focus, working on reinvigorating the focus.
Administration is not following through with sweating the small stuff. Team leaders are committed to
tightening up again. Attendance and discipline rates are better than last year. -College bound goal, all but
2 have completed at least one application.
-It is a struggle getting families here for financial aid and college nights.
-SAT prep program “let’s get ready” bump average scores 120 pts.
-PSAT participation sets bar for city.
-There is not a large participation with the On-line SAT prep course for juniors.
-We have been recognized by the Magnet Schools of America as a Merit School of Excellence.
-Tomorrow the Commission of Public Secondary Schools is coming to visit (NEASC).

C. Innovation schools – Meetings to start next Wednesday. The proposal will be built based on the pilot
plan. By end of April we will have the plan prepared. The plan will go to the School Committee for 30

D. Work Election Agreement - WEA was voted down on Tuesday, 20 to 25. Marisa asked for staff to
share reasons with a governing board member. Piece in question is the every other week professional
development for 2 hours. Concerns include child care and length of day. It was the fact that many child
care programs end at 5 pm. What would those 2 hours look like? One hour tends not to be effective in
getting things done. Teachers don’t want 40 min of fluff when they could be home with their family. A
compromise might work, 1.5 hours 3 times per month was suggested. No deadline to be approved by
faculty. Governing Board members in the bu8ilding to solicit feedback from 6 people and get feedback
to Deidre by Monday at 3 p.m. Motion to solicite feedback to change weekly PD to 3 Tuesday 1.5 hours
was accepted.

E. Openings on board – Governing Board year is up in March and new members are on the board in
April as voting members.
There is 1 parent opening. An e-mail was received from Marsha Clark; she is interested in being on the
board. Marilyn Diaz (Reina’s mom) is also interested. A motion to solicit candidates with Connect Ed
3/11 was accepted. Interested parties should submit why they want to be on the Governing Board. This
will also be posted on the school website.

Steve feels strongly that we need to be looking for more community board members now. The bi-laws
were amended to 5 community board members, we currently have 2. Marilyn said we need to have
something available for interested parties to look at. To see what we are all about. Some of the names
that have been suggested are; Carlos Gonzales, Jose Tosado, Kate Stebbins, Rev Willard Cofield
(currently on the Innovation Planning Team), John Westover, Mary D’Angelo, and Susan Roach. It
would be helpful to have certain skill sets available when selecting community representatives; attorney,
accountant, etc. A person work works in higher education since we are college bound. Someone from a
local college was suggested.
Community members should not be parents of students at the school. They can be parent representatives.
Have interested people on list contact Steve; they can visit school, and by the next meeting we should
have a short list to interview.

Governing Board Retreat - Members need to submit Saturdays they are available for strategic meeting
to Marisa by tomorrow (3/4) and she will pick a day.

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