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									                                       CHAPTER III

                                  RESEARCH METHOD

     This chapter is present about the description of research method. The

description is important because the research can not be done without method.

The research method is important to determine the researcher’s step or plan.

Therefore, the following section is elaborate the meaning of research method, the

strategy of the study, the subject of the study, the data and the source of data, the

technique of collecting the data, and the technique of analyzing the data.

A. The meaning of Research Method

         According to Hadi (1990: 4), research is an effort to find, develop, and

   evaluate the truth of the science which is done by using scientific method.

   Research is an activity of answering the problem through scientific approach

   in order to find the continued answer. Method plays a very important role in

   all research because it will influence the research process. Hornby (1995: 734)

   states that method is the way of doing something.

          Research methodology is the study talking about scientific method for

   research Hadi (1989: 4). Arikunto (2002: 136) states that research

   methodology is procedure in carrying out the research to collect the data in

   research. From the definition above, the writer concludes that research method

   is a main way used by researcher to find, to develop, and to evaluate the truth


   of science which is studied. It includes activities from collecting the data till

   analyzing the data

B. The Strategy of the Study

         The strategy of the research which is used in this study is qualitative. In

    qualitative research, where qualitative data have been collected by

    procedures such as unstructured observations, open interviews, examining

    records, diaries, and other document, the data are usually in the form of

    words in oral or written modes (Seliger and Shohamy, 1989: 204).

    Qualitative research is a useful approach wherever an investigator is

    concerned with discovering or describing second language acquisition in its

    natural state or context and where there are no assumptions about what that

    activity consists of or what its role is in acquisition (Seliger and Shohamy,

    1989: 124).

C. The Subject of the Study

         In this research, the writer takes the seventh year students of SMP Maria

    Assumpta Klaten and the teacher who teaches English in that class as the

    subject of the study.

D. The Data and The Source of Data

      1. The Data

              Data is the researcher notes, both the fact and value (Arikunto

      2002: 96). In this study, the data are the information of activities and

infrastructures involved in teaching English vocabulary by using

multimedia in the seventh year students of SMP Maria Assumpta Klaten in

2011. In this study the activities of using multimedia are to show the

material by using power point and learn new vocabulary and then


2. The Source of Data

       The source of data is the subject where the data can be taken

(Arikunto, 2002: 107). In this study, the sources of data are:

a. Informants

       The informants are English teacher, and the seventh year students

of. SMP Maria Assumpta Klaten in 2011

        From the informants the researcher can take some information as


1) The English teacher

       The English teacher is the main component of the process of

teaching English especially teaching vocabulary by multimedia. From the

English teacher, the writer can take some data about the technique of

teaching vocabulary in the classroom, the way to create the academic

atmosphere in the process of English, and how the teacher solves the

problem or barriers in teaching English vocabulary. The English teacher

who is the informant in this study is Miss Bianca.

2) The Students

          The students are the main factor in the process of teaching English.

The writer take some information from the students because they are the

object of the study who give some data as follows: a) The students’

response about the way of teacher explaining the material, b) their

understanding about vocabulary, c) the result of the understanding the

material. The 7 Grade of Maria Assumpta Senior High School’s students

are the informants.

b.   Event

          In this study the writer observes the process of teaching English

Vocabulary by multimedia in Junior High School. The events are all

activities related to the process of teaching English Vocabulary by

applying multimedia as the media. From this event, the writer gets some

information, about the difficulties of learning vocabulary by applying

power point as the media and how the teacher solves them, and the

teacher’s technique to make the process of teaching become successful.

          In this study the writer found some event happened in classroom as


             1) Warming up

             2) Main activities

             3) Closing.

      c.   The Document

             The documents here are the students’ worksheet, curriculum, and

      all document related to English material in Junior High School. The

      students’ worksheet is needed to measure of the students’ understanding

      on the material. And curriculum is needed to know about the material

      which should be taught in Junior High School. The source of the material

      is English On Sky.

E. The Technique of Data Collection.

      In this study, the writer uses classroom observation, interview, and the

   document. They are:

       1. Classroom observation

             One of the way that the writer tries to collect the data is classroom

      observation. Observation means everything what one see, hear, smell, and

      feel by using five sense without any intervention. They relate what they

      see and hear or feel, smell or touch (Bungin, 2007: 115). Here, the

      researcher can collect the data by seeing the activities that happen in the

      classroom done by the teacher and the students.

             This study is qualitative research. Qualitative research studies

      individual behavior in natural setting. Therefore the writer chooses

      observation for obtaining the valid data. Bogdan and Taylor (1975: 5) in

      Moleong (2010: 4) define qualitative methodology as the research

      procedures that produce descriptive data in the form of words written or

      spoken of the people and behaviors that can be observed. According to

them, this approach is directed at the individual's background and holistic

(whole). So, in this case should not isolate the individual or organization

into a variable or hypothesis, but it should be looked at as part of a


        In this research, the writer did observe on the process of teaching

and learning vocabulary on Friday 8 April 2011 at 7.00. a.m. until 08.20

a.m, on Saturday, April 9, 2011 at 07.00 a.m. until 08.20 a.m. and on

Monday April 12, 2011 09.00 a.m. until 09.40 a.m. in the seventh year of

SMP Maria Assumpta.

2.   Interview

        According to Moleong (2010: 186) interview is discourse with

 certain purpose, which is done by two sides. They are interviewer who

 gives questions and a interviewee who gives answer
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