CAUL SURVEY student internet access from library PCs – who pays by panniuniu


									CAUL SURVEY: student internet access from library PCs – who pays?

             Who pays for                How is the cost    What is          Do you limit          Do you block        How many PCs          Do you have a         Is the
             student internet            determined         the monthly      student internet      access to any       do you provide        replacement           replacement cycle
             access (including                              charge on        usage in any way      sites/URLS          for student use       cycle for student     library funded or
             wireless) from                                 average per      eg speed limiting                                               PCs                   funded by another
             Library -based PCs                             machine                                                                                                area (please provide
             or laptops at your                                                                                                                                    detail if "another")
ACU          University pays for         The cost is not    The cost is      No                    University ITS      350                   They are leased       It is funded by the
             student internet            calculated         not calculated                         dept blocks                               on a three year       University centrally
             access                                                                                selected                                  cycle
Bond         Centrally –                 Traffic is not     NA               Speed limiting        No                  Libraries – 109       Yes – 3yr lease       Centrally through
             through                     costed or                           of 256kbs                                 General labs -                              Technology
             Technology                  charged per                         No quota                                  112                                         Services
             Services                    machine                             system
CDU          Students are allocated      Students           N/A              No speed limiting,    ITMS blocks         100                   Not really. We        Library funded after
             an internet quota of        allowed to                          but if quota          selected URLs                             apply to replace      initial install. Usually
             1.5Gb by ITMS at the        download                            exceeded, no          university wide                           every three years     leased.
             beginning of each           100Mb/day                           further downloads                                               but often do not
             year and are                                                    until students has                                              receive the funding
             individually required to                                        paid for extra. $10                                             to do so.
             pay if they go over this                                        will buy 455Mb

CSU          Student pays for            Traffic charges    Cannot give      No: students set      University Policy   1020 Pc‟s and         Yes – normally        Replacement included
             internet access             per machine –      an average       their own access      blocks selected     laptops across the    warranty period       in DIT‟s capital funding
                                         University has a   figure,          which depends on      sites/URLs          university approx
             Library pays for            charge per         information is   the amount they                           200 of these are in
             access to electronic        international or   not available    wish to spend                             the library
             library resources           domestic
             accessed over the           megabyte           EzyProxy                                                   70% of our
             internet – controlled                          average                                                    c.40,000 students
             by login through                               charges apply                                              are enrolled in DE
             EzyProxy, but this is                          to ALL                                                     mode and are
             not limited to in-library                      access, not                                                never on-campus
             machines                                       just to access

10/12/2011                                                                                                                                                                                    1/6
                                                          from in-library
Curtin       Charges are tracked       There is an        The charging      Access is „throttled‟   There is some         280                   Yes – three year   Replacement is funded
             for each student and      agreed             relates to the    once the limit is       filtering but not                           cycle              out of Library budget
             charges go back to        university         person logged     reached, reducing       blocking. The
             the students schools      charge per Mb      in and not the    the student‟s traffic   student has to
             cost centre. The          which includes     machine. The      to dialup speeds.       click that the site
             library doesn‟t pay nor   on-costs.          „allowance‟                               which has
             does the student.                            per student is                            triggered the
                                                          250Mb per                                 filter is for study
                                                          month.                                    purposes and
                                                                                                    can then
DU           University pays for set   University         Not Known.        No.                     University            228 PC provided       Every 3 years      Funded by ITSD.
             amount after which        (ITSD) gets sets                                             (ITSD) is setting     by ITSD across 5      under a leasing
             student pays.             charge.                              Charging structure      in place a            campus libraries.     scheme.
                                                                            is meant to control     mechanism for
             EZProxy access from                                            usage.                  this.                 There are also 19
             Library workstations                                                                                         laptops for loan in
             paid for by Library.                                                                                         the library at the
                                                                                                                          Burwood Campus.

                                                                                                                          All buildings have
                                                                                                                          wireless enabled
                                                                                                                          and students can
                                                                                                                          bring their own
FU           Centrallly funded                                              Yes A daily quota       No                    450                   Yes – 4 years      Central funding
                                                                            and over quota                                                      (warranty plus 1
                                                                            speed limiting is to                                                year)
                                                                            be activated soon.
                                                                            Wireless network
                                                                            currently has
                                                                            128Mb daily quota
                                                                            and speed limiting
                                                                            for over quota
Monash       The faculties pay         Traffic            Do not have       No                      No                    Over 550              Yes – every 3-4    Replacement
             for student internet      charges are        a cost per                                                      machines              years              included in the
             access                    based on           machine                                                                                                  Library budget

10/12/2011                                                                                                                                                                            2/6
MQ           Central IT Services        Usage               N/A              No                     No          284                  Yes – three years    167 PCs funded by
                                                                                                                                                          Library; 117 PCs funded
                                                                                                                                                          by central IT Services
MU           As for VU                  As for VU           Average $200     Some library           As for VU   186                  Yes, 3 year          A proportion of library
                                                            pm per PC.       machines require                   Soon to be           replacement cycle,   pcs are funded by the
                                                            Will be          students to use                    upgraded with new    occasionally         library; added pcs as
                                                            implementing     their unit-based                   learning common      slipping out to 4    part of the current
                                                            new login        quota, except for                                                            Learning Common
                                                            regime to curb   resources                                                                    development will be
                                                            excessive        available via the                                                            funded centrally
                                                            expenditure      local network
                                                                             including proxy
Newcastle    IT Services Corporate      No internal cost    NA               No                     No          602                  Yes – 3 year lease   IT Services Corporate
             Overheads (Central         recovery –                                                                                                        Overheads (Central
             funds)                     funded off the                                                                                                    funds)
QGU          User “pays” via the        Internet usage is   Not applicable   Yes: students are      No          372                  Yes – 4 years        Replacement included
             University‟s Internet      based on the        to the           allocated a quota                                                            in the University‟s
             accounting system          amount of data      University‟s     based on the                                                                 Electronic Infrastructure
             (Netcheck -                that is             charging         number of courses                                                            Capital Plan (EICP)
      downloaded,         model            they are enrolled in
             au/ins/netcheck/)          and is charged                       per semester.
             In the case of students    back at the rate
             this means using the       the University is
             quota provided by the      billed by
             University and only        AARNET.
             paying for over-quota
             use. For staff, costs
             are paid by school or
             administrative unit.
QUT          TILS Division (this        Traffic charges     -                Yes by speed           No          90 thin clients      Yes – three year     Replacement funded
             includes the Library)      are per user –                       limiting.                          (provided by         cycle                centrally by University
             pays for most Library      QUT is charged                                                          library)                                  (i.e. Asset Management
             database access (incl.     per megabyte                                                            Approx 500 PCs                            Plan (IT) budget)
             access from non-           for domestic off-                                                       (in computer labs
             library machines).         net traffic and                                                         and training rooms
             Students use their         for international                                                       located in library

10/12/2011                                                                                                                                                                      3/6
             allocated free Internet   on-net and off-                                                                buildings but
             access quota for          net traffic.                                                                   managed centrally
             accessing Internet                                                                                       by University)
             sites outside QUT
             from Library
             machines. Students
             can purchase
             additional quota at
SCU          University pays           No charge per      n/a             Yes: 60Mb per         no                    90                    Yes normally        Library funded
                                       machine                            month                                                             warranty period
SWIN         University pays           The cost is not    NA              No                    University ITS        Approximately 450     Yes – three years   Replacement funded as
             through ITS recurrent     separately                                               dept blocks           desktop PCs plus                          a university-wide cost
             budget.                   attributed. Most                                         selected              about 80 laptops                          through the ITS budget
                                       Swinburne open                                           sites/URLs            for loan
                                       access student
                                       PCs are located
                                       in the library.
UB           Students receive a        Off net traffic    N/A             Monthly quota, but    UB is                 110 in the library.   3 year rollover     Centrally Funded
             monthly quota – once      charged at 4.5                     students can then     investigating         There are more
             used students are         cents per MB.                      purchase              content filters for   computers in the
             able to purchase                                             additional quota.     under 18 year         computer labs
             additional quota.                                                                  olds.                 around campus
U            University IT fund        N/A                N/A             Students have         University ITS        115 (in Library)      3 years             Library funded
Canberra     (cost not devolved)                                          annual „internet      blocks selected
                                                                          allowance‟            URLS
                                                                          (generous) and
                                                                          pay by the MB
                                                                          when that is
UNE          Each UNE student is       Traffic charges    N/A (refer      No apart from 3       University ITD        80 in Dixson          Yes – usually       Normally, the
             allocated a 3 Gb          are based on       previous box)   Gb/month free         blocks selected       Library; 10 in Law    every 3 years       replacement costs are
             /month quota (4 Gb        the University‟s                   allocated limit for   sites/URLs            Library                                   funded through the
             /month for College        cost per                           students. No                                Ie Total: 90                              Library‟s Budget.
             students) and charged     international or                   speed limiting or                           NB: only 25% of                           Special purpose Capital
             $7/Gb for any use         domestic                           shaping                                     students are on                           Development funds may
             above quota.              megabyte.                                                                      campus                                    occasionally
             Student access is                                                                                                                                  supplement this.
             funded centrally and
             monitored by ID.

10/12/2011                                                                                                                                                                          4/6
UOW          Students authenticate       Traffic charges     n/a                Yes: University        Library does not    approx 200.   Yes – all             Replacement cycle is
             to a proxy server for       per machine per                        applies a              block access to                   computers have a      library funded.
             all internet traffic. The   Faculty/unit–                          download quota         external sites.                   3 year lease cycle.
             cost of the network         University has a                       per session or         Not aware that
             traffic is assigned to      charge per                             semester. This         University ITS
             the student's faculty.      international or                       can be extended        dept blocks any
             EZproxy access to           domestic                               with sufficient        sites/URLs
             eresources is               megabyte                               reason by the
             absorbed by the                                                    student's Faculty.
UQ           All data traffic from       Traffic is          The average        Traffic from fixed     Library proxy       1448          Yes – 3-4 year        Currently funded as a
             fixed (connected)           aggregated at       cost across        (connected)            servers block                     rolling replacement   capital expenditure by
             Library computers is        the Library         the entire fleet   computers is not       access to known                   plan                  the Library. Leasing is
             paid for by the Library.    proxies and         is $40-$50 per     currently subject to   sites with                                              under consideration for
             Traffic from wireless       counted against     machine per        a quota. The           security issues.                                        future cycles.
             access points within        an annual           month              University centrally   University
             Library branches is         allocation of on-                      provides students      proxies also
             counted against the         net/off-net                            with a pre-            block some
             central student             traffic. Excess                        determined             sites. Some
             download quota.             usage is                               allocation of on-      streaming
                                         charged to the                         net/off-net traffic    protocols are not
                                         Library at a per                       which is topped up     currently
                                         megabyte rate.                         monthly.               supported on
                                                                                                       Library proxies
USC          IT Services                 n/a not charged     n/a not            Yes: 50MB              No                  116           3 years               Funded by IT Services
                                         back                charged back       Cumulates @ 5
UTAS         Internet use is funded      N/A                 N/A                ITR use proxy          No                  Approx. 180   Yes - replaced on     All student PCs in the
             centrally through ITR,                                             servers for internet                                     a three year cycle    UTAS libraries are
             the Library does not                                               access by staff                                                                centrally funded
             pay for student                                                    and students, so
             internet access                                                    they can monitor
                                                                                excessive uses. If
                                                                                there is excessive
                                                                                use the student or
                                                                                staff member is
                                                                                contacted with a
                                                                                warning on use of
                                                                                IT facilities;

10/12/2011                                                                                                                                                                              5/6
                                                                           otherwise no
UTS          University pays via        University has a   n/a             no                  Some filtering in    500   Yes – mostly        Library via ITD capital
             ITD                        charge per                                             selected labs –            leased              funding
                                        international or                                       not in the Library
UWS          Internet access            n/a                n/a             No limits           University ITS       407   Yes – all student   All equipment library
             currently met from                                                                dept. blocks               PCs leased over 3   funded.
             University wide „off the                                                          selected sites –           year period.
             top‟ allocation. This                                                             e.g.
             may change soon.                                                                  pornographic,
                                                                                               some video
                                                                                               download sites
VU           Library pays for           Traffic charges    $30 – $90 per   Yes: 80MB           University ITS       670   Yes – normally      Replacement included
             student internet           per machine –      machine per     monthly quota and   dept blocks                warranty period     in ITS capital funding
             access                     University has a   month           speed limiting      selected
                                        charge per                                             sites/URLs
                                        international or

10/12/2011                                                                                                                                                            6/6

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