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									                                         CHAPTER I


A. The Background of the Study

              English is very important because English is an international language.

   Therefore, many countries use it to communicate each other. In addition, many English

   writings are used in the guidance of food product, electronic product, airport, and

   traffic sign. It is so important for human to master English in order that he can walk

   inline with developing period.

              Many countries of South East Asian develope their education system, by

   adding English lesson in the school, to improve the quality of human sources.

              It is known that learning English is not easy, so it must be taught from the

   lower level, it is Elementary School students because childhood is the best period to

   learn language. In childhood, the children’s speech is still curved, so it can be easier to

   learn the second language.

              According to Stern (1983: 361) that young children seem to learn a second

   language ‘more easily’ than adults. They like listening and speaking. By being given

   the great motivation, children can learn the second language. Then, Stern states that

   instead of searching for the optimum age in general, it should be sufficient to show

   that the primary years are good period for beginning a second language, offering

   certain special advantage.

              Actually, children can learn and master two languages or more when they

   are being childhood without any difficulties. For example, children in Java can use two

   languages in their school, both Indonesian and Javanese. So, it’s not difficult for the


children to learn one or more languages, especially foreign language. Besides that,

learning English is interesting, so it makes the children interested to learn it.

           It is known that learning cannot be separated from teaching. Teaching and

learning always happen in one process named a teaching-learning process. Teaching

English in Indonesia started on time after the period of Indonesian Independence.

Various curriculum and methods have been developed to enhance students’ ability in

mastering English. Nevertheless, the result is still not felt the maximum in making

students be able to communicate well through foreign language.

           One way the government takes in improving students’ skills in English

language is to introduce English earlier, starting from elementary school. The program

was implemented based on the 1994 curriculum for elementary schools. Officially, the

policy on entering the English language lessons in primary school is in accordance

with Decree of the Ministry of Education and Culture policy number 0487/1992,

Chapter VIII, which states that elementary schools can increase the subjects in the

curriculum, provided that lesson is not contrary to the national education goals. Then,

the policy is followed by the regulation made by Ministry of Education and Culture

Number 060/U/1993 dated February 25, 1993 about the possibility of English

language programs as a local content subject, so the elementary school can begin in

4th grade stated by Suyanto (2007: 2). Schools have the authority on language

subjects. English is included as one local content being taught in primary schools

based on the considerations and the needs of the situation and conditions from both

parents and society itself. This policy brought a positive impact both for society and

the school who organized the program.

           Since learning of English at elementary school is relatively new, there must

be shortcoming and weakness of English teaching and learning process. The problems

come from students, teachers, curriculum and teaching method. The writer wants to

   describe the teaching and learning English process at Elementary Grade Students,

   especially at the fifth year students of SD N 3 Klaten in order to find the problem

   which occurs, and to give the solutions to improve the quality of the teacher, students,

   and the school especially.

B. The Reason for Choosing the Topic

              The reasons for choosing the topic are as follows:

    1. Teaching and Learning English is so interesting for the Elementary Grade

      Students, especially to the fifth year students of SD N 3 Klaten, because many

      types of methods are applied by teachers to teach English lessons as local content

      in elementary school.

    2. The Elementary students are as the young English learners who study English for

      the first time in elementary school.

C. The Problem Of The Study

              The problem that is discussed in this study is “How is the process of

   teaching and learning English to the fifth year students of SD N 3 Klaten in 2011?”

D. The Limitation Of The Study

              Here, the writer wants to limit the study. The limitation of the study is as


   1. This study is limited to the fifth year students of SD N 3 Klaten in 2011.

   2. This study focuses on English teaching learning process.

   3. The data which will be analyzed are limited to those taken from the observation

      and from the interview with the teacher and interview with the pupils about

      English material.

E. The Aim Of The Study

               The writer’s aim of writing this research is to describe the process

   of teaching and learning English of the fifth year students of SD N 3 Klaten

    in 2011.

F. The Use Of The Study

               The uses of this study can be stated as follows::

    1. For the writer, the result of the study can improve his knowledge about teaching

      English in Elementary School.

    2. For the English teacher at SD N 3 Klaten, the result of the study can improve her

      method in teaching English in Elementary School.

G. The Clarification Of The Key Term

               Teaching and learning English to the fifth year students of SDN 3 Klaten in

   2011 is the title of this thesis. In order to make the title easy to understand, the writer

   clarifies the terms of the study as follows:

   1. Teaching and Learning English

        Teaching cannot be separated from learning. Teaching and learning always

   happen in one process named a teaching-learning process. Teaching is done by a

   teacher. Teacher will help students to learn something. This is inline with what is

   stated by Brown (2000: 7) who defines teaching as showing or helping someone to

   learn how to do something, giving instruction, guiding in the study of something,

   providing with knowledge, and causing to know or understand. Learning is acquiring

   or getting of a subject or a skill by study, experience, or instruction. This is

   in line with what is stated by Hornby (1995: 671), the learning is knowledge obtained

   by study. In other words, learning can only be done through study. English is regarded

   as the foreign language to be taught at elementary school as a local content, at

   secondary schools as a compulsary subject, and at the universities as an additional

   subject (Fauziati 2008: 181). English is important to study because English as

   international language, and it is widely used by many countries. So teaching learning

   English in this study means the process of showing, helping, giving instruction, or

   guiding the students in acquiring or getting knowledge in the study of English as the

   local content subject.

   2. SD Negeri 3 Klaten.

      SD Negeri 3 Klaten is one of elementary school in central Klaten, which is located

    on Dewi Sartika street no. 27. The population of SD N 3 Klaten is 435 students, and

    It has parallel class. In this study, the writer describes the process of teaching learning

    English to the fifth year students of SD Negeri 3 klaten in academic year of 2010-


H. The Organization Of The Study

              It is important to present the organization of the thesis in order to be easily

    understood. The organization of the study of this thesis is divided into five chapters

    as follows:

              Chapter I is introduction. It consists of the background of the study, the

    reason for choosing the topic, the problem of the study, the limitation of the study,

    the aim of the study, the use of the study, the clarification of the key term, and the

    organization of the study.

              Chapter II is review of related literature. It consists of case study, teaching

    learning to the elementary school students, and English curriculum in elementary


          Chapter III is the method of the study. It consists of the meaning of

research method, the strategy of the study, the data and source of the data, the

technique of collecting the data, and the technique of analyzing the data.

          Chapter IV is the result of the study. It consists of the analysis of data and

the discussion of the research findings.

          Chapter V is about conclusion and suggestion. It consists of conclusion and


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