Facebook is a platform for connecting with family and friends, not that alone, why can't you share in millions of dollars made on Facebook, this document will teach you on how to make money from Facebook

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Making money as I always said is not get rich overnight affairs, it involves a lot of
seriousness and determinations with perseverance in the presence of obstacles. Internet
marketing is for those that can hold on when the tide is rough; you won’t succeed in the
business if you can’t hold on.

Facebook has come to stay, there is no gainsaying about that, believe me, it is one of the
biggest social media and networking platform, currently, Facebook has close to 80million
users worldwide and the good part of it is that, it is bilingual, which breaks the barrier of
non-English speakers from using it, it is well used by both individual and corporate
organizations for various purposes.

Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study
and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, family and in the
business sense, Facebook connects you to your customers and prospective buyers.

Now, enough of all those introduction about Facebook, today I will start by analyzing
different form of ways you can use Facebook to make money without breaking any rule;

Goals of Using Facebook

   1.   You can use Facebook to Advertise your brand
   2.   Get found by people who are searching for you or your product
   3.   You can use Facebook to promote your Company
   4.   You can use Facebook to sell you own products
   5.   You use Facebook to create a community around your business
   6.   You can use Facebook to promote an affiliate product, among others

Social media and inbound network marketing are very effective tools to directly market
your services or product to potential buyer on the web, but the good part of it and even
the secret of effective usage of Facebook for Business lies in your Profile, you should be
able to differentiate from a Personal account and a Business account, make your profile
business-like which gives you edge to fully engage and begin to share information.

Mind you, do not create a personal profile for your business, when I said make it business
like, am not referring to 100% business profile, let it have a reflection of who you are,
rather a Facebook page will do the work, remember this, pages are for business while
profile are for people, never mix the two together, or might be on the wrong end.
Facebook is full of potentials and opportunity that can be used for your advantage as a
business person, what you only need is the right perception, the intricacies and the will
power, why do you open a Facebook account, are in for the fun of it or you just join
Facebook because your friend are there, I am less concern about the reason, what I am
particularly concern about is, that little time you spend on Facebook can be effectively
used for fun and profit as well.

If you really want to make use of Facebook to your advantage, I plead you to stay tuned
to this post, as I will be taken you into series on how to make use of Facebook effectively
for fun and profit. This is just the beginning.

NB: Do not spend on Facebook, get your own share of the millions of dollars that is
being made on Facebook monthly, get your own spot and explore the potentials. You too
can make it.

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