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					Diaper Rash

Many babies will develop a rash in their diaper area from time to time. Most of the time,
a diaper rash is due to the exposure of a wet diaper touching the baby’s skin, no matter
how often you change the diaper. Certainly changing the diaper, whenever it is dirty or
wet, will help to prevent diaper rash.

What you can do to help your child with diaper rash:
  1. If the area is sensitive, you can clean by immersing the baby’s bottom in some
      lukewarm bath water to avoid rubbing with wipes.
  2. Keeping a thick barrier of diaper cream or Vaseline on the baby’s bottom will
      help the skin heal, and prevent a further rash.
  3. If the rash looks like tiny pimples, it is probably a yeast rash. Especially if the
      rash is between the creases of your baby’s legs. Use Clotrimazole cream
      (Lotrimin) (available over the counter, in the athlete’s foot section of your
      pharmacy) on the rash at least four times a day.
  4. If diaper cream alone doesn’t work, try this: first put a little bit of Clotrimazole
      on the diaper area, followed by a thin layer of Hydrocortisone 1% (available over
      the counter), followed by a very thick layer of whatever regular diaper cream you
      have. Do this each time you change the diaper.

When to call the doctor during regular office hours:
  1. If the diaper rash does not start to improve after two days of the above treatment,
  2. If the rash develops open sores, boils, or otherwise looks infected
  3. If your child develops a fever with the rash
  4. If the rash is very painful
  5. For any concerns that you have!

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