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					                              UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
                             DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION
                                OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY
                                  WASHINGTON, D.C.

                                                                     Served: March 24, 2005


                            U.S.-Hong Kong Fifth-Freedom Frequencies

Under the 2002 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the United States and the
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (Hong Kong),
there are no limitations on the number of U.S. all-cargo carriers that may provide fifth-
freedom services; however, U.S. all-cargo carriers are limited to a total of 64 weekly fifth-
freedom frequencies. As of October 2004, the United States had allocated 60 of the 64

By letter dated March 11, 2005, UPS returned its two Bangkok-Hong Kong frequencies.
Consequently, there are now six frequencies available for U.S. all-cargo carriers to operate
fifth-freedom Hong Kong services.

We invite carriers interested to file exemption applications and frequency applications for use
of any of these six frequencies. Except for the procedural dates, exemption/frequency
applications should conform to Part 302, Subpart C of our regulations (14 CFR Part 302).
All applications and other related requests should be filed with the Department of
Transportation (Room PL-401, 400 Seventh Street SW, Washington DC 20590), and should
include at a minimum and as applicable, proposed startup date(s); routings from origin to
destination of all proposed flights; days scheduled; frequencies requested per market; and the
duration of service in each market, if not provided on a year-round basis; route integration
authority, if desired; equipment types; and existing authority held to conduct the operations.2
  Carriers may also present any additional information which they feel will facilitate a
decision in this matter.
  The sixty allocated frequencies are as follows: FedEx (21 frequencies): 12 Subic Bay, 6 Paris (via Almaty
Kazakhstan and Mumbai), and 3 Seoul;. UPS (21 frequencies): 12 Macapagal, Philippines (with 5 of these
frequencies via Singapore, see UPS letter dated November 4, 2004 in Docket OST-2004-17279 amending its
frequencies via Singapore) and 6 Cologne (via Mumbai and Dubai with UPS being authorized to exercise fifth-
freedom rights for Dubai on five of its six frequencies), 2 Bangkok, and 1 Singapore; Northwest (5 frequencies):
4 Manila and 1 Seoul; Polar (9 frequencies): 6 Seoul and 3 Jakarta (previously Delhi and Penang see NOAT
3/12/04, Docket 2002-14049), Kalitta (4 frequencies): 2 Seoul and 2 Dubai (via Kuala Lumpur).
  Carriers should not file applications for these frequencies in the previous proceeding dockets for fifth-freedom
frequencies. Each carrier application should receive a new docket number.
  Applicants are reminded that the MOU has city-pair caps as well as overall frequency limitations, and
applications should conform to those limits. (See the Attachment to the Department’s Notice dated 10/29/2002

Applications should be filed no later than 14 calendar days from the date of service of this
notice; answers should be filed 7 calendar days thereafter. Should comparative selection
among the applicants be necessary, we will establish further proceedings to handle the

We will authorize service of documents by facsimile and by electronic email. Carriers that
are interested in such service, however, should state if they want service by email or fax and
should provide interested parties with their fax number and/or email address.

Therefore, acting under authority assigned in 14 CFR 385.3, we invite the applications as
described above to be filed no later than 14 calendar days from the service date of this Notice.

We will serve this notice on all U.S. certificated carriers operating large aircraft; the U.S.
Department of State (Office of Aviation Negotiations); and the Federal Aviation


                                                       PAUL L. GRETCH
                                                       Director, Office of International Aviation


Dated: March 24, 2005

                   An electronic version of this notice is available on the World Wide Web at

re 2002/2003 U.S.-Hong Kong Service Opportunities for the specifications and limitations for All-Cargo Air
  It will not be necessary for applicants to file separate motions to consolidate to assure that the Department
considers mutually exclusive applications contemporaneously; the Department will consolidate all mutually
exclusive applications filed in response to this Notice on its own initiative for contemporaneous consideration.
                                   SERVICE LIST

ABX Air Inc.
Robert Silverberg                             email:
Silverberg Goldman & Bikoff                   fax #: 202 944-3306
1101 30th Street NW
Washington DC 20007

Air Transport International
Gary B Garofalo                               email:
Garofalo Goerlich Hainbach                    fax#: 202 776-3975
1200 New Hampshire Ave NW #800
Washington DC 20036-6802

Amerijet International
John L Richardson                             email:
John L Richardson PLLC                        fax#: 202 828-0158
555 13th Street, Suite 420 West
Washington DC 20004

Arrow Air, Inc.
Larry D Wasko                                 email:
Law Office                                    fax#: 202 331-0599
1150 Connecticut Ave NW #900
Washington DC 20036

ASTAR Air Cargo
Stephen Lachter                               email:
1150 Connecticut Ave NW #900                  fax#: 202 835-3219
Washington DC 20036

Atlas Air Inc
Russell E Pommer                              email:
Atlas Worldwide Holdings Inc                  fax#: 202 822-9152
1747 Pennsylvania Ave NW # 875
Washington DC 20006

Custom Air Transport
Mark W Atwood                                 email:
Sher & Blackwell                              fax#: 202 463-4950
1850 M Street NW #900
Washington DC 20036

Evergreen International Airlines
Tom Lydon                              email:
1401 New York Ave NW Suite 530         fax#: 202 638-4593
Washington DC 20005-2147
Express.Net Airlines LLC
Lorraine B Halloway                email:
Crowell & Moring                   fax#: 202 628-5116
1001 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington DC 20004-2595

Federal Express Corporation
David Short                        email:
3620 Hacks Cross Road              fax#: 901 434-8283
Bldg B Third Floor
Memphis TN 38125

Federal Express Corporation
Nancy Sparks                       email:
1101 Pennsylvania Avenue NW #600   fax#: 202 756-7540
Washington DC 20004

Federal Express Corporation
G. Bailey Leopard, Jr.             email:
Regulatory and Industry Affairs    fax#: 901-434-8283
3620 Hacks Cross Road
Memphis TN 38125

Florida West International
Marshall S Sinick                  email:
Squire Sanders & Dempsey           fax#: 202 626-6780
1201 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington DC 20004

Gemini Air Cargo
Moffett B Roller                   email:
Roller & Bauer                     fax#: 202 331-3322
1020 19th Street NW
Washington DC 20036

Kalitta Air LLC
Mark W Atwood                      email:
Sher & Blackwell                   fax#: 202 463-4950
1850 M Street NW #900
Washington DC 20036

Kitty Hawk International
Robert P Silverberg                email:
Silverberg Goldman& Bikoff LLP     fax#: 202 944-3306
1101 30th Street NW
Washington DC 20007
Lynden Air Cargo
Pierre Murphy                         email:
Law Offices of Pierre Murphy          fax#: 202 776-3975
1200 New Hampshire Ave NW #800
Washington DC 20036-6802

Northern Air Cargo
Steve Alterman                        email:
Meyers & Alterman                     fax#: 202 293-4377
1220 Nineteenth Street NW #400
Washington DC 20036-2438

Northwest Airlines Inc
Megan Rae Rosia                       email:
901 15th Street NW                    fax#: 202 289-6834
Washington DC 20005

Polar Air Cargo
Kevin Montgomery                      email:
Atlas Worldwide Holdings Inc          fax#: 202 828-1003
1747 Pennsylvania Ave NW #875
Washington DC 20006

Polar Air Cargo
Jeffrey Manley                        email:
Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale & Dorr           fax#: 772-6670
2445 M Street NW
Washington DC 20037-1420

Southern Air Inc
R Bruce Keiner Jr                     email:
Crowell & Moring                      fax#: 202 628-5116
1001 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington DC 20004

United Parcel Service
David E Vaughan                       email:
Kelley Drye & Warren                  fax#: 202 955-9792
1200 19th Street NW #500
Washington DC 20036

World Airways Inc
Mark McMillin                         email:
HLH Building, 101 World Drive         fax#: 770-632-8048
Peachtree City, Georgia 30269
U.S. Department of State          email:
Office of Aviation Negotiations
2201 C Street NW
Washington DC 20520

Matthew Schack AFS-200            email:
Federal Aviation Administration
800 Independence Avenue SW
Washington DC 20591

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