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New Car Sales Manager Job description (DOC)


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									Stephen James Group

                                JOB DESCRIPTION


Job Title:           BMW New Car Sales Manager

Salary:              £40,000 per annum, plus bonus package. Company Car
                     and Business Mileage

Base:                Ruxley

Full time:           Monday to Friday 8.00am – 6.00pm, with one hour for
                     lunch, and Saturdays 9am-5pm (rota day off in the week
                     to compensate).   Commensurate with position, hours may
                     be worked as necessary to achieve results.

Accountable To:      Dealer Principal – Ruxley

Responsible For:           BMW New Sales Executives


To assist in the development of sales plans and budgets, accessories,
overheads and all related items, to achieve marketing, sales and financial
targets for BMW.

To ensure the Sales Department is managed in a professional, profitable
manner, observing Stephen James Core Values and adhering to BMW UK
contractual standards.

To live and breathe the culture and values of Stephen James Group LLP on
a daily basis and to ensure our values and work style are upheld by every
colleague, at all times.


18.10.2010 Issue 1
       To organise, direct and control the activities of BMW sales staff and
        administrative            support    to   achieve    plans   and    budgets,   ensuring
        optimum use of all material, financial and personnel resources.

       To be responsible for the enquiry management system and ensure
        systems and procedures are strictly adhered to and monitored as
              o    Enquiry management, follow up and lost sales
              o    Sales administration and vehicle ordering
              o    PDC, 24hr follow up and sales satisfaction
              o    Department standards
              o    BMW sales operational guidelines
              o    CSP and Brand Values

       To agree motivation and commission plans for sales staff to ensure
        achievement of sales targets.

       Provide guidance and training to salespeople to improve their job
        performance on prospecting, sales presentation and closing, product
        knowledge, and all related items.

       To oversee the effective and efficient organisation and staffing of the
        New Car Sales Department, to include staff welfare & discipline, staff
        holidays, return to work interviews and recruitment.

       To complete allocated staff’s monthly 121s in a timely manner.

       To use sales procedures designed to achieve maximum results from
        available         sales     opportunities.          Including:     customer    greeting;
        qualifying;        product      presentation        in   Showroom,     demonstrations;
        closing, handover, collection and delivery.

       To achieve customer CSP scores through the above. To ensure effective
        delivery and handover of vehicles in accordance with set procedures.

       To ensure the proper presentation and display of all new vehicles at
        all       times   including         daily   cleaning     and     valeting,   price   and
        specification notices, vehicles ready for demonstration.

18.10.2010 Issue 1
       To provide reports and adhoc reports as required on all sales activities
        including follow-up, prospecting, new clients, etc., to ensure accurate
        sales forecasts.

       To ensure the creation and upkeep of sales performance charts at all
        times displaying individual salesmen’s previous and current sales
        performance and targets.

       To hold a daily meeting with sales staff to ensure motivation,
        performance improvement and accurate sales forecasts.

       To ensure that accurate appraisals are carried out on all vehicles
        presented for part-exchange, using an Appraisal Form, documenting
        all features and mileage exactly.         To agree part exchange valuations
        with     the   Sales   Executives   and   Used   Car   Manager   to   complete
        satisfactory negotiations with potential customers to maximise sales.

       To monitor and ensure that the completion of all sale and financial
        paperwork is completed accurately.

       Handle customer queries and complaints and ensure they are resolved
        to meet customer and company requirements.              Advise Management
        where necessary and ensure appropriate action is taken.

       Develop and maintain a full knowledge of all products, accessories
        and prices in our BMW range.

       To ensure that customers are not kept waiting and to promote, at all
        times, the professional image of the dealership and ensure that
        customer satisfaction standards are maintained.

       To ensure the maintenance of all demonstrators supplied for personal
        use are in clean and tidy condition at all times, suitable for their use
        as Customer Demonstration cars.

       To achieve BMW set targets for customer satisfaction.

       To ensure all sales enquiry data is entered correctly on to the
        computer system.

       Any other reasonable duties as required by the Management.

18.10.2010 Issue 1
   Stephen James Group

  New Car Sales Manager


  The person specification should set out the qualifications, experience, skills, knowledge,
  personal attributes, interests, and other requirements, which the post holder requires to
  perform the job to a satisfactory level.

Job Title:    New Car Sales Manager

                         ESSENTIAL                    DESIRABLE                   METHOD OF
                        The qualities without which   Extra qualities which can   T
                        a post holder could not be    be used to choose between
                        appointed                     candidates who meet all
                                                      the essential criteria

   18.10.2010 Issue 1
    QUALIFICATION                                         NVQ 4 or A Level          Form/ CV /
S                                                         equivalent                certificates

                           Experience of leading a team   3 years experience in a   Application
    EXPERIENCE             of 8 or more members           similar management role   Form / CV
                           Knowledge and experience of    BMW background
                           working in a premium brand
                           motortrade environment.        Former successful Sales
                                                          Manager with excellent
                           Franchised motor trade         performance record
                           experience with excellent
                           performance record

                           Operating a Kerridge system
                           and Daily Operating Controls

      18.10.2010 Issue 1
                       Good interpersonal skills            Interview
SKILLS                    Analytical and problem
                           solving skills, always able
                           to offer strategic suggestions
                          Decision making skills
                          Effective verbal and
                          Communications skills
                          Attention to detail and
                           high level of accuracy
                          Very effective
                           organizational skills
                          Ability to communicate at
                           all levels
                          Clear and unambiguous
                           verbal communication,
                           both over the telephone and
                           face to face
                          Ability to work cross-
                           functionally and to
                           communicate with non-
                           sales staff at all levels
                          Computer skills including
                           the ability to operate and
                           manage computerised DOCs,
                           dealer specific information
                           systems, spreadsheet and
                           word processing programs,
                           and email at a highly
                           proficient level
                          Polite and pleasant
                           telephone manner
                          Team building skills

                          Understanding interactive
                           processes – questioning and
                          Developing rapport and

                          Clear and unambiguous
                           written communication
                           skills including excellent
                          Able to follow procedural
                           guidance with high levels
  18.10.2010 Issue 1       of accuracy
SKILLS                 Organisational skills and the                                  Application
Cont’d                 ability to manage time                                         Form / CV
                       effectively including:                                         Interview

                          Managing self
                          Assertiveness
                                                                                      Form / CV
                          Information handling                                       Interview
                          Planning
                          Problem solving
                          Strong and assertive in
                           implementing procedures
                           and controls
                          Possess prior experience as
                           a Sales Manager and have a
                           minimum of 5 years work
                           experience with strong
                           exposure in
                           ordering/specing cars, deal
                           stacking, stock management,
                           controlling and
                           administrate duties.
                          Prioritising tasks and
                           effective time management
                          Flexibility of tasks
                          Proficient in the use of
                           Microsoft packages
                           including Word, Outlook,
                           Excel and PowerPoint
                          Proficient in Kerridge Sales
                       Thorough understanding of          Use of reporting systems,   Form
KNOWLEDGE              the demands of Departmental        stacking deals and F&I      Interview
                       Management and working
                       within a premium brand.

  18.10.2010 Issue 1
                       Attributes                                                  Interview
OTHER                  Self managing, self starting,
                       and the ability to work
                       unsupervised                                                Application
                       Self awareness. Tact and                                    Interview

                       Personally receptive to change

                       Enjoy working as part of a
                       team and take actions to
                       promote positive team working

                       Professional and
                       approachable -personable

                       Completely confidential

                       Honest and trustworthy

Date Prepared:         18th November 2010               Prepared By:         HR Manager
Agreed by:                                              Agreed By: Manager   DC
Employee                                                                     Dealer Principal
Date Agreed:                                            Date Agreed:         18.11.2010
Date Reviewed:                                          Reviewed by:         HR Manager BS

  18.10.2010 Issue 1

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