Thanksgiving Poem by K0bk2tdp


									                          Thanksgiving Poem
The topic of this poem will be about something you are thankful for (this can
be one thing or numerous things) or about Thanksgiving Day (the holiday
itself, how it originated, how we celebrate it, etc.).

You may write the poem in any style you choose, but there are very specific
guidelines for this poem. You will have to include specific examples of
figurative language and sound devices. Be sure to follow the guidelines

    The poem you write must be a minimum of 15 lines.
    It must have at least one example of alliteration and at least three
     examples of onomatopoeias.
    It must have at least one simile, one metaphor, one example of
     personification, and a hyperbole.
    Finally, you must also use imagery in your poem.
    You must label each one of these out to the side of where you use it
     within the poem. (refer to example)
    You must have a rough draft written on notebook paper and a final
     copy either hand written in ink or typed on computer paper.
    An illustration (drawing) to go with the poem is optional.
    Place your heading on the back of your final copy. (Name, Class
     Period, Date)
    Be sure to give your poem a title.
    Once again, be sure to follow ALL of the guidelines given for this
     poem. The finished poem is due Friday, November 19, 2010.

                                    My Students
             You are the sunshine that brightens my day. –METAPHOR
      Sometimes you are the dark cloud that looms in my sky. –METAPHOR
                      You are like a breath of fresh air. –SIMILE
   You are the bitter taste of spoiled cuisine. –METAPHOR & IMAGERY (Taste)
   You are the light scent of a rose in bloom. –METAPHOR & IMAGERY (Smell)
    You are like the screech of nails on a chalkboard to my ears. –Simile/Imagery

                           You are the reason I do what I do.
 You are the reason my sanity dances on the verge of insanity. –PERSONIFICATION
           You are the reason I sometimes GROWL. –ONOMATOPOEIA
              You are the reason I giggle with glee. –ONOMATOPOEIA
 You are the reason my emotions are a never-ending roller coaster of ups and downs. –

                             You make things unpredictable.
                  You make my life worth living. –ALLITERATION
                  I think of you a million times a day. –HYPERBOLE
             I plan my every move around bettering you. –HYPERBOLE

                      And, even though you have your faults,
            You also have the potential to reach the stars. –HYPERBOLE
                       And that is why I strive to do my best,
                            So that you can be a success.

                                 I am thankful for you.
                  If it wasn’t for the uniqueness of each one of you,
                       Life would be boring and less meaningful.

                         So thank you for your imperfections.
                        Thank you for your hopes and dreams.
                           Thank you for your troubled past.
                        Thank you for what your future holds.
   And thank you for letting me be a part of your present and who you will become.

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