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									Skills for Life
Support Programme
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HO8           Handout             Childcare Scheme of Work – extract from a scheme of work
                                  provided by Brooklands College who participated in SfLIP 2007/08.
Programme/Course Title and Code                                                           Qualification Aim and Awarding        Unit/Module
Skills for Life Level 1 ESOL with Childcare                                               Body
Note: In order to complete this course successfully and to be ready for onward
progression to the designated vocational course CACHE L2), target Ls should               Level 1 Skills for Life Speaking /
have mid-level 1 Speaking/Listening, mid-Level Reading (literacy) and low level           Listening Test (Cambridge ESOL)
Writing Skills or above. The grammar score should be a minimum of 30. The
materials have been chosen/designed to cater for Ls with this profile. Extension          Brooklands College Level 1
activities in speaking, reading, vocabulary and grammar areas may have to be              Certificate of Achievement in
provided by the course tutor once the actual profile of the class is known.               ESOL with Childcare

Lecturer:                                     Curriculum Manager                          No. Of Weeks: 15                      Academic Year: 2008-2009
Module/Unit Aims:                                                                         Intended Learning Outcomes:
General aims                                                                              Students will:
to prepare students to join Level 2 CACHE course; to develop knowledge of a               1. be prepared to join a Level 2 CACHE course
career in Childcare; to develop speaking and listening skills; to prepare students             be introduced to key childcare topics; have opportunities for discussion
to take the Cambridge ESOL Speaking and Listening certificate at Level 1                          in pairs, small groups and as a whole class; receive reading and writing
Specific aims                                                                                     tasks connected to unit topics; receive initial, diagnostic and formative
      to introduce and focus on key childcare topics and to develop students’                    assessment tasks; receive regular spoken and written feedback and
         subject knowledge of childcare(concepts, terminology)                                    reviews from tutor;
      to develop knowledge of requirements for a career in childcare (legal                   write an assignment of 500-700 words on an autobiographical topic and
         and professional responsibilities)                                                       identify and practise stages of writing process including planning,
      to focus on language skills (lexis, grammar knowledge and language                         drafting, proof reading and editing
         functions) required in order to speak, read and write about topics covered       2. be prepared to take the Cambridge ESOL Skills for Life Speaking and
         in course                                                                        Listening L1 exam
      to focus on, and develop in particular, speaking and listening skills that              practise speaking and listening skills (speak to communicate & engage
         will enable students to participate successfully in a CACHE level 2 course               in discussion); pronunciation, stress & intonation; appropriate register in
         or employment                                                                            formal and informal situations; turn taking, conversation and politeness
         to focus on a range of topics (outside of childcare) that candidates are                 conventions asking for and giving personal and factual information;
         required to talk about for the Cambridge ESOL speaking and listening                     asking for and giving instructions & advice;
         exam to familiarise students with format of, and provide practise for,                presentation skills and techniques: verbal and non-verbal commu-
         Cambridge ESOL speaking and listening exam at L1                                         nication, formal register, structure and organisation of presentation

The Skills for Life Support Programme is delivered on              CfBT Education Trust                     T: 0118 902 1920
behalf of the Learning and Skills Improvement Service by           60 Queens Road                           F: 0845 838 1207
CfBT Education Trust and partners                                  Reading                                  E:
                                                                   RG1 4BS                                  W:
Skills for Life Support Programme
Scheme of work COLOUR CODING KEY

Black bold = childcare topics and lesson content
Blue =embedded grammar
Orange=speaking assessment activities (5 minute presentations)
Pink= written assignment activities
Lilac = Employment skills for childcare
Lime green = ILP work including learning styles questionnaire, tutorial, ILP reviews, portfolio checks
Red=Formative/summative assessment activities
Green=speaking and listening exam practice activities
Pre course initial and diagnostic activities
Contact and Initial assessment will take place at a specified enrolment and Advice and Guidance session
Ss will
    be interviewed by ESOL A & G tutor
    do a grammar gap-fill assessment (written or online)
    do a short written task to gauge literacy levels

Diagnostic assessment will take place in the week prior to commencement of the course
Ss will
    do a VAK Learning Styles questionnaire
    do L1 OCR sample test
Results obtained from initial and diagnostic tests will be recorded by tutor and used to inform ILP long term, medium and SMART targets
Students will be required to provide files, dividers, A4 lined paper and pens. They will be informed at Diagnostic assessment sessions to
purchase and bring these to lesson 1.
Skills for Life Support Programme
 Week       Topic/Subject             Main Learning                 Teaching                Planned            Resources       SFL-Basic             Notes/
              Element              Objectives/Outcomes              /Learning            Assessment/                           Skills/Key     Things to remember
                                                                     Methods               Evaluation                           Skills ref       Differentiation
                                                               (including use of       (including use of
                                                                        ILT)                  ILT)
UNIT 1   Introductions            Get to know each other       group work             tutor monitoring      Course overview    Sc/L1 2b;     Ls complete ILPs with
                                                               pair work speaking                           handouts           3a; 3c;       individual data
                                  Become familiar with all     activities             targeted Q & A                           Sd/L1. 1a,;   information gathered
1a       course introduction:     aspects of course and                                                                        1c; 2a; 3a    from Learning Styles
         overview of: course      note key elements            whole group            Tutor monitoring of   white              Lr/L1 2b;     questionnaire. Ls
         content &                                             discussion and         individual            board/OHTS/Pow     3a; 4a; 5a    complete long aims and
         topics/materials/asses                                feedback               responses and         er point slides                  identify personal
         sment/qualification                                                          production                                             medium terms aims
         aims / opportunities                                                                                                                (duration of course).
         for progression                                       Individual                                   files, dividers
         Introduction to          Become familiar with         response leading
         portfolio content &      portfolio content &          ton small group
         organisation             organisation & set up        discussion                                   ILP forms
                                  personal portfolios                                 Tutor monitoring      Aims in Life       WS/L1 2a
                                                               pair work and          and checking          questionnaire
         Setting long term &      Identify personal long       one-to-one             individuals           asking for
         medium term ILP          and medium term goals        discussion with                              personal
         targets                                               tutor                                        information
                                                                                                            interview forms

UNIT 1   Health & Safety (1)      Read information from        pair work/small        Tutor monitoring of   pp 141-142 Early   Wt/L1. 5.     Tutor support for
                                  table and enter              group work             tasks                 Years                            individuals
         Children and Health      information into a table;    discussion leading
1b       and Safety               be aware of potential        to whole group         Successful                                             targeted Q & A
                                  childhood accidents;         feedback               completion of tasks
                                  consider ways of                                                                                           graded tasks
         Review of modal          introducing health and
         verbs :                  safety issues to children;   pair work activities                                            Sc/L1 3d;     extension w/s
         must/mustn’t;            review use of modal verbs    to check/review                              Grammar            Sd/L1 2b
         should/shouldn’t;        of obligation and            target grammar                               practice w/s
         may/might                necessity;

         Set up speaking          Give information on          Teacher
         assessment (giving       speaking assessment          presentation
         5 minute                 activity & check student     followed by Q &
         presentation) for        understanding of task        A & small group                                                 Sd/L1 2a;
Skills for Life Support Programme
 Week       Topic/Subject            Main Learning                   Teaching              Planned             Resources       SFL-Basic             Notes/
              Element             Objectives/Outcomes                /Learning          Assessment/                            Skills/Key     Things to remember
                                                                      Methods            Evaluation                             Skills ref       Differentiation
                                                                 (including use of    (including use of
                                                                        ILT)                 ILT)
         week 4a / 4b            requirements; small            discussion &                                                   2c
                                 group discussion to            whole class
                                 compare ideas for              feedback
UNIT 1   Health & Safety (2)     Review and extend              pair work             Tutor monitoring of   Health words       Sc/L1 1a;     tutor monitoring and
                                 knowledge or parts of                                tasks                 crossword          1b; 3a. 3e    support of individuals;
2a       Childhood Illnesses &   body, common childhood                                                                                      graded vocabulary w/s
         accidents               illnesses – symptoms &                               Successful            Body parts
                                 treatment; identify                                  completion of tasks   vocabulary
         Review of body          common causes of                                                           sheet/visual
         parts/childhood         childhood accident &           small group
         illnesses vocabulary    discuss situations             discussion
         Set written                                            teacher                                     Roald Dahl: A
         assignment: an          Ss will be familiarised        presentation                                visit to the
         autobiographical        with written assignment        followed by                                 doctor. Text,
         text                    objectives                     group discussion                            discussion
                                                                &Q&A                                        points &
UNIT 1   Health & Safety (3)     Discuss and record                                   Tutor monitoring of    model phone       Sc/L1 1a;     Tutor monitoring of tasks
                                 emergency procedure in         small group           tasks and taking      script             1b; 1c; 3b;   and taking note of
2b       Dealing with            the UK ; role play phone       discussion            note of individual    conversation       3c;           individual production
         emergencies             conversations asking for                             production                                             (use of tenses,
                                 emergency services and         pair work role play                                                          imperative & zero
         Contacting emergency    describing situations; will                                                                                 conditional). Ss who
         services                practise giving instructions                                                                                require further support &
         Use of past & perfect   in context of emergency                                                    w/s Review of                    input will be given
         tenses to describe      situation and review use                                                   past tense                       focused homework tasks
         situations: past        of zero conditional to         pair work leading                           forms. Recycling                 on target structures
         simple, past            describe facts.                to whole group f/b                          your English.
         continuous, present                                                                                Clare West.
         perfect                                                                                            Georgian Press

         Use of imperative:
         giving instructions
         in context of first
Skills for Life Support Programme
 Week       Topic/Subject           Main Learning                 Teaching                 Planned           Resources        SFL-Basic            Notes/
              Element            Objectives/Outcomes              /Learning             Assessment/                           Skills/Key    Things to remember
                                                                   Methods               Evaluation                            Skills ref      Differentiation
                                                              (including use of       (including use of
                                                                     ILT)                    ILT)
         aid: ABC of                                                                                      ABC of
         Resuscitation                                                                                    Resuscitation:
         review of zero                                                                                   text & w/s
UNIT 1   Health & Safety (4)    ss will read and              small group/pair        Successful task                         Rw/L1.2;
                                understand the language       work discussion to      completion          pp 107-109 Early    Rs/L1.1.2;
3a                              of policies & procedures;     talk about                                  Years               Rt/L2,1,3
                                recognise & use the           advantages &
         Policy & Procedures    organisational structure to   disadvantages of                            Tasks 1 & 2
                                aid understanding; use        having policies &
                                different strategies to       procedures in
                                locate & understand           place & following                                               Sc/L1 3e;
                                information                   them in their jobs;                         policy documents    2a; 3a
         Check progress of                                    look at ‘real’ policy
         written assignment     Ss will: produce drafts       documents &
         and deal with          in progress to show           discuss.
         questions              tutor                         whole class
                                                                                                          plans & drafts of
UNIT 1   Health & Safety (5)
         Policy & Procedures
         Check progress of                                    Q & A. tutor
         speaking                                             monitoring of
         assessment                                           individuals to
         preparation                                          check
         procedure for week 4                                 understanding of
Skills for Life Support Programme
 Week      Topic/Subject          Main Learning               Teaching              Planned          Resources     SFL-Basic             Notes/
             Element           Objectives/Outcomes            /Learning          Assessment/                       Skills/Key     Things to remember
                                                               Methods            Evaluation                        Skills ref       Differentiation
                                                          (including use of    (including use of
                                                                 ILT)                 ILT)
        Speaking diagnostic   Give 5 minute               Tutor               Teacher              Assessor        Sc/L1 1a;     Ss will give 5 minute
        assessment            presentation on topic of    assessment          assessment &         feedback form   1b; 1c; 3a;   presentations on topics
4a                            own choice related to                           feedback                             3c; 3e; 4a    of personal choice
        Giving 5 minute       career in childcare or      Peer feedback
        ‘presentations’       child development,                              peer feedback
        Security (1)          answer questions from
                              classmates on topic – 4-
        The CRB               5 minutes

        Speaking diagnostic   as above                    Tutor               Teacher              Assessor        Sc/L1 1a;     Set homework for
4b      assessment                                        assessment          assessment &         feedback form   1b; 1c; 3a;   Reading Week
                                                                              feedback                             3c; 3e; 4a
        Security (2)                                      Peer feedback
                                                                              peer feedback
        Reading week          Ss will consider ILP
                              SMART targets &
        Homework              identify 3 personal goals

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