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					Dr Chan Sui Kau, GBS, JP
Dr Chan Sui Kau is a prominent industrialist and philanthropist, he is
founder of the Yangtzekiang Garment Ltd. and the YGM Group.

He has a long record of distinguished public service, offering his counsel on
various Government boards. He is Honorary Chairman of Textile Council of
Hong Kong and Life Honorary President of The Federation of Hong Kong
Garment Association. He was also Chairman of The Clothing Industry
Training Authority (1986 – 1997), member of the 8th & 9th The People’s
Political Consultative Committee of The People’s Republic of China (1993 –
2003) and member of Hong Kong Trade Department’s Textile Advisory Board
(1971- 1977 & 1978 – 1987).

Dr Chan is also a great supporter of education. He has helped found the
China Synergy Programme for Outstanding Youth in 1999, now in its 8th year
the Programme enables ethnic Chinese students of renowned overseas
universities in visit HK, Macau and the Mainland to learn first-hand the latest
development of China.

Mr Paul Chow Man Yiu, SBS, JP
Mr Paul Chow Man Yiu is the Chief Executive of Hong Kong Exchanges and
Clearing Limited (HKEx) and an ex-officio member of the Board of HKEx.

He is also a member of the Digital 21 Strategy Advisory Committee of the
Hong Kong Government, the Standing Committee on Company Law Reform,
a director of the Board of World Federation of Exchanges and Chairman of its
Working Committee. Mr Chow has over 30 years of business experience, in
information technology, securities, banking and fund management. Before
joining HKEx, Mr. Chow was Chief Executive of Asia Pacific ex-Japan Region,
of HSBC Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited (April 1997 to April 2003).

Mr Chow graduated from HKU studying Mechanical Engineering and
subsequently obtained an MBA degree. He has made significant
contributions to his alma mater, especially as a member of the University’s
Council and Court. He is a fellow of the Hong Kong Management
Association, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the Hong Kong Institute
of Chartered Secretaries, and a Distinguished Fellow of the Hong Kong
Computer Society.

Mr Gallant Ho Yiu Tai
Mr Gallant Ho Yiu Tai is founder of Gallant Y T Ho & Co, a major local law
firm which is one of the pioneers in China practice, and he was also engaged
in real estate businesses in Australia and Canada.

Enjoying a successful career, Mr Ho is a great believer in public service. At
the age of 29 he became one of the youngest Chairman of Po Leung
Kuk. Subsequently he served as Chairman of the Consumer Council, and in
various committees, including the Standing Commission on Civil Service
salaries and Conditions of Service, Air Transport Licensing Authority and
Energy Policy Committee. He was Deputy to the PRC National People’s
Congress from 1988 to 1998. He has also served as a Justice of the Peace in
Hong Kong for 22 years when he retired from that position in 1998.

His commitment to education is widely recognized. Besides endowing
numerous scholarships to schools locally and internationally, he made
significant contributions to the establishment of two primary schools by the
Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui (the Anglican Church), which are named after
his late father Mr Ho Chak Wan. Mr Ho was also a member of the Board of
Trustees of the United College, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, a
member of the Council of the then Hong Kong Polytechnic and the President
of HKU’s Alumni Association.

Professor Norman Ko Wah Man
Professor Norman Ko Wah Man is an expert in fluid dynamics and acoustics,
and was a pioneer in noise pollution control in Hong Kong.

His expertise on engineering, environment, safety and hearing impaired
education has taken him to provide consultancy to major projects in various
Government departments and organizations, including Highways
Department, Marine Department, Kowloon Canton Railway Corporation,
Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Beijing Polytechnic University and China
Light and Power Ltd. Professor Ko’s professional knowledge is well
recognized in his public service, as past members of numerous government
environmental committees, and past Member of the Water and Noise
Pollution Control Appeal Boards, the past Council Chairman and supervisor
of the Hong Kong School for the Deaf and the Victoria Park School for the
Deaf. Now he is the Council Chairman and supervisor of Chun Tok School.

Professor Ko is HKU alumnus, was a chair professor in Mechanical
Engineering until he retired from HKU in 2000. He has published
extensively in international journals and conference proceedings, with more
than 240 papers. He is currently Emeritus and Honorary Professor of HKU
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Honorary Fellow of the Open
University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Institute of Acoustics.

Mr Lam Sum Chee
Mr Lam Sum Chee is an investment guru and one of the first generation of
financial analysts in Hong Kong.

He has substantial experience in investment finance for about 25
years. Before he retired in mid 1990s, he was an Executive Director at
Wardley Investment Services Ltd, Vice President of Merrill Lynch and the
Union Bank of Switzerland. In 2002, when the Hong Kong Government was
in dire financial straits, he pioneered the idea of issuing government debt to
the public. Some of his proposals were subsequently implemented by the

As an Arts graduate of HKU Mr Lam is a strong believer of quality tertiary
education. He has established a private trust in 1986 which has since
donated scholarships and bursaries every year to undergraduate arts
students. He also pledged to donate his entire private trust in 2060 to HKU
as an endowment for scholarships and bursaries for the Faculty of Arts.

Professor Francis Lau Shiu Kwan, BBS
Professor Francis Lau Shiu Kwan is one of the leading figures in the real
estate and construction profession in Hong Kong.

His contributions to the real estate and construction profession and education
are far-reaching. He established the first full-time RICS Higher Diploma
Course in 1967 at the then Hong Kong Technical College (now the Polytechnic
University of Hong Kong), and assisted in the establishment of the
Department of Surveying at HKU in 1984. He donated generously to HKU
and to the Zhong Hua Real Estate and Construction Research and
Development Foundation which funded various research projects and
seminars. He is now Honorary Professor in the Department of Real Estate
and Construction in the University and President of the Hong Kong
Association for the Advancement of Real Estate and Construction

Professor Lau is dedicated to public service in Hong Kong and the
Mainland. He was the advisors to various Municipal Governments, the
Ministry of Construction and the State Land Administration Bureau on land
policy and practices in Mainland China and served in a number of
government advisory committees and the Hong Kong Housing Society in
Hong Kong.

Dr Jennie Yee Ching Lee
Dr Jennie Yee Ching Lee is a prominent Hong Kong philanthropist and
visionary educator.

After graduating from the University of Hong Kong with an honours degree
in English Literature, Jennie Lee taught in schools in Hong Kong and the

United States. Her tireless devotion to education led her, together with her
husband Dr Lee Shiu, to establish the "Lee Shiu Socio-Economic Study
Project" at HKU in 1998, as well as similar innovative inter-cultural learning
programmes at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Lingnan University.
Every year, these programmes bring together outstanding university students
from Hong Kong, China, Singapore and the US with the purpose of
cultivating international leaders with a broad understanding of China and
world cultures. Besides implementing these programmes each year, Dr Jennie
Lee also devotes much effort to improving the English communications
ability of school and university students in Hong Kong and China.

Dr Jennie Lee has also made sustained and significant contributions to
charitable and public services. She has served as a director of the Hong Kong
YWCA (1975-2003), where she made significant contributions chairing and
co-chairing numerous committees. She also served as a member of the
Scholarship Committee of the American Women's Association. As the
only local member of the Building Committee, she helped set up the first
Ronald McDonald House to provide temporary lodging for young cancer
patients and their families in Hong Kong - the first such charitable project in
the Far East by McDonald's Corporation (USA).

Jennie Lee was conferred the Doctor of Social Sciences degree, honoris causa,
by the Lingnan University in 2007.

Professor Walton Li Wai Tat
Professor Walton Li is Medical Superintendent and Head of Department of
Ophthalmology of the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, and Honorary
Professor in the Eye Institute of HKU.

He has made profound contributions to the medical profession. After
graduating from the School of Medicine of the University of California at Los
Angeles, Professor Li continued his specialty training in Ophthalmology there
along with a Fellowship in Corneal and External Eye Diseases. He became a
Diplomate of the American Board of Ophthalmology. Professor Li
returned to Hong Kong and established the Department of Ophthalmology in
the Hospital in 1980. Since then he has been Head of the Department and
Deputy Medical Superintendent of the Hospital. In 2005, he was elected
Chairman of Li Shu Fan Medical Foundation.

Professor Li’s achievements are well recognized. He became Fellow of the
Hong Kong Academy of Medicine (Ophthalmology) in 1993, was elected a
Council Member of the College of Ophthalmologists of Hong Kong in 1995,
and Vice President (General Affairs) of the College of Ophthalmologists of
Hong Kong in 2005. In 1997, he was appointed Honorary Associate Professor
of the Faculty of Medicine at HKU, and admitted FRCP Glasgow in 2007.

Mrs Anne Marden, BBS, JP
Mrs Anne Marden is dedicated to community service and committed to
supporting education in Hong Kong.

In the 1950s she served on the Executive Committee of the Family Welfare
Society. In 1960 she was appointed Director of the HK Red Cross. To
promote the well being of people with special needs, she became a member of
the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation in 1965, established the Rehabaid
Centre and has since remained as a Governing Committee member and a
member of the Rehabaid Society. She is also a founding member of
Federation of Handicapped Youth, of TREATS and of Playright Children's
Play Association. She now serves as a patron to Comfort Care Concern, Aids
Concern, Kelly Support Group, Springboard and the Association of Women
with Disabilities in Hong Kong.

Mrs Marden has demonstrated unfailing support to education throughout the
years. She led Hong Kong Red Cross to establish the Princess Alexandra Red
Cross Residential School in the 1960s; worked closely with Caritas and the
Education Department to set up three Marden Foundation Schools in the
1970s; and funded Visiting Fellowship at HKU's Faculty of Education across
the 1990s into this decade. Mrs Marden graudated from Bristol University
with an Honours Degree in English and Philosophy in 1946.

Mr Shum Choi Sang, SBS, JP
Mr Shum Choi Sang is a prominent figure in Hong Kong journalism and
committed to the development and welfare of society.

Mr Shum is Honorary President of the Newspaper Society of Hong Kong and
Adviser of the Chinese-Language Press Institute. He was publisher of the
newspaper Wah Kiu Yat Po, Chairman of the Newspaper Society of Hong
Kong and Chairman of the Chinese-language Press Institute and Council
Member. A Reading Room at HKU’s Journalism and Media Centre was
named after his father Mr Shum Wai Yau in recognition of the family’s
support to journalism education.

Among various public duties, he is Chairman of Board of Trustees of United
College at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Vice-Patron of the
Community Chest of Hong Kong, Advisory Committee Member of Hong
Kong Red Cross, Honorary President of Hong Kong Sze Yap Commercial &
Industrial Association and Vice-Chairman of Hong Kong Jockey Club
Scholarship Fund. He was also Member of Urban Council and Chairman of
Hong Kong Eastern District Board. Mr Shum is currently Chairman of
Overseas Chinese Enterprises Group Ltd. and of Real Connection Ltd. He
graduated from New York University with a master’s degree in economics.

Dr Vivian Taam Wong
Dr Vivian Taam Wong is Advisor of Integrative Medicine in the Hospital

Being College Fellow for three disciplines: Obstetrics & Gynecology, Internal
Medicine and Public Health, she is dedicated to medical education, research
and improving public health. After graduation, she taught for 15 years in
HKU and was reader in Obstetrics & Gynaecology before being recruited as
Public Health Specialist by the World Bank for planning, policy and research.

She has made important contributions to the development of health care
services, as Hospital Chief Executive of Queen Mary Hospital and Director of
Hospital Authority divisions. Her commitment to public and social services
over three decades covering those on women, children, environment,
education, health and Chinese Medicine included leadership roles in Hong
Kong, the Mainland China and internationally.

Mr Yeung Pak Sing
Mr Yeung Pak Sing is an entrepreneur in the power supply industry and an
engineer by profession.

In the early 1990s, he started his own business to invest in power stations in
his hometown Fujian and Jiangsu Provinces in the Mainland. His
contribution to the mainland economy was recognized in his being awarded
Honourable Citizen in Long-yan city of Fujian in 2002. Prior to becoming an
entrepreneur, he occupied senior positions with major corporations and was
involved in various power projects, such as Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station
Projects and the Castle Peak Power Station in Hong Kong.

Mr Yeung graduated from HKU, helped to found the Hong Kong University
Graduates Association (HKUGA) and was President in late 1990s. In 2001, he
helped found the charitable HKUGA Education Foundation to promote
quality education. The Foundation has established one primary and one
secondary direct subsidy schools, which adopted new pedagogy and learning
concepts in the education reform. In the last few years, he was member of
the Convocation Standing Committee, the Court and Council of the
University, and also served on the Kwun Tong District Council.


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