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									Favourite Web Sites


   This is a fantastic site where numerous stories are read by members of the Screen
    Actors Guild. Simply click on a story and sit back and enjoy! It requires a plug-in


   Excellent site for Kindergarten and Grade 1. It provides very simple stories that kids
    can read and listen to, as well as phonics based games.


   This site contains different stories kids can read. The stories are at different ability
    levels (young children, older children and young adult).


   A source of many fables that students can read. Students can listen to a few of
    them read aloud with the necessary plug-in download.


   Information on lots of subject areas, quizzes and games. Great for that non-fiction


   Full of book reviews on great literature selections. It would serve as a great model
    for students to write their own book reviews. It requires a plug-in download.


   A great site for current event reading on a kid level.


   Poems to read by Kenn Nesbitt


   Games to develop skills in math, grammar, etc. It has different age levels and levels
    of difficulty.


   A fantastic music site. It provides information and pictures on all the family of
    instruments. Kids can listen to the sounds of each instrument, play music and
    compose their own music. It also defines musical terms (rhythm, pitch, etc.).

   A math site best suited to Grades 1 to 4. It’s filled with math challenges and
    thinking games.

Author Sites


   In this site students can listen to Robert Munsch read aloud various


   If you go to the “read aloud” section, students can listen to Mem read three
    of her books.


   In this site, students can listen to “Hedgie” read aloud his book Hedgie Loves
    to Read. There are also various activity pages and games to play.

        SUBJECT                    SOFTWARE TITLE                ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Language               A to Zap                                 Provided by OSAPAC
                       ABCircus                                 (Ministry of Ontario)
                       Bailey’s Book House
                       Clicker 5
                       Grolier Online
                       Hyperstudio 4.5
                       KidPix Deluxe 4
                       My First Incredible Amazing Dictionary
                       PB Bear’s Birthday
                       Reader Rabbit 1
                       Reader Rabbit 2
                       Reader Rabbit 3
                       Smart Ideas

Mathematics            ABCircus                                 Provided by OSAPAC
                       Graphers                                 (Ministry of Ontario)
                       KidPix Deluxe 4.0
                       Math Circus, Act I, 2, 4 and 5
                       Math Team Pro
                       Math Trek 4, 5, 6
                       Mathville Jungleway
                       Mathville Kidway
                       Mathville Speedway
                       Millie’s Math House
                       Plumo at the Zoo
                       Plumo on the Farm

Science & Technology   Sammy’s Science House                    Provided by OSAPAC
                                                                (Ministry of Ontario)

Social Studies         Pioneers: Time Travel 18th               Provided by OSAPAC
                       Social Studies Multi Media Resource      (Ministry of Ontario)
                       Grade 3

Visual Arts            Appleworks / Clarisworks                 Provided by OSAPAC
                       Hyperstudio                              (Ministry of Ontario)
                       Storybook Weaver

        SUBJECT                        SOFTWARE TITLE              ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Utility (WP, SS, DB)       Star Office 8                           Provided by OSAPAC
                           Storybook Weaver                        (Ministry of Ontario)

Multimedia                 Hyperstudio 4.5                         Provided by OSAPAC
                           KidPix Deluxe 4.0                       (Ministry of Ontario)

French (available to all   ABCirque                                Provided by OSAPAC
French Immersion           Comment Ca Marche                       (Ministry of Ontario)
schools)                   Createur Junior Kid Pix Studio Deluxe
                           Hachette Encyclopedia
                           Hop! Ecrive
                           Hyperstudio 4.5
                           L’Anniversaire de la petit ours
                           Lapin Malin Maternelle 2
                           Lapin Malin Maternelle 3
                           Lapin Malin Voyage au Pays de la
                           Les pirates des Maths
                           Le Sac a Mots
                           Mathville en Fete; Mathville (Fr)
                           Millie la Maison des Math
                           Moi Je Sais Lire
                           Mon Premier Dictionnaire Super Genial
                           Plumo a la ferme
                           Plumo au Zoo
                           Sammy la Maison des Science
                           Voyage au Fond des Maths

Other Resources            LKDSB Social Studies CD                 Provided by OSAPAC
                           LKDSB Science and Technology CD         (Ministry of Ontario)
                           LKDSB Math CD
                           Student Link 2 (Web Catalogue)
CDs AVAILABLE THROUGH MEDIANET                 Early Years and Primary

       SUBJECT                SOFTWARE TITLE                FORMAT & MEDIANET #

Language          Just Grandma and Me                      CD-ROM (101984)
                  Storybook Weaver                         CD (101981)
                  The Cat Came Back                        (102170)

Mathematics       Anno’s Games                             Windows CD (101982)

Science and       Birds                                    CD (101991)
Technology        Butterflies                              CD (102169)
                  Forever Growing Garden                   CD (101983)
                  Insects: Library of Atmospheres for      CD (109567)
                  Theatre, Dance and Teaching
                  Magic School Bus Explores the Ocean      CD (101989)
                  Spiders                                  CD (102168)

Arts              States of the Soul: Library of           CD (109564)
                  Atmospheres for Theatre, Dance and
                  Teaching                                 CD (109565)
                  Sensations: Library of Atmospheres for
                  Theatre, Dance and Teaching              CD (109566)
                  Colours: Library of Atmospheres for
                  Theatre, Dance and Teaching              CD (109567)
                  Insects: Library of Atmospheres for
                  Theatre, Dance and Teaching              CD (109568)
                  Epochs: Library of Atmospheres for
                  Theatre, Dance and Teaching              CD (109569)
                  Elements: Library of Atmospheres for
                  Theatre, Dance and Teaching

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