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AnnualReport2007 (PDF)


									Westchester Land Trust   Annual Report 2007
On the cover: The 575-acre Valeria conservation easement in Cortlandt, completed in 2007.
Celebrating Twenty Years

     of preserving

  Westchester’s lands

   and communities...
                              ”They always say time changes things,
                        but you actually have to change them yourself.”

Photo credits: Cover and other aerials, J. Henry Fair; Overleaf, Allan Stoll; Page 1, WLT staff; Page 2, Mark
Vigna/WhoTookThat; Page 5, William Kuebler, WLT staff; Page 8, WLT staff; Page 9, Carol Gracie; Page 12, WLT staff; Page
13, Carol Gracie; Page 16, WLT staff; Page 17, WLT staff; Page 20, Allan Stoll, William Kuebler; Page 21, William Kuebler,
Jack Goldberg; Page 24, Barbara Miller Schulz, Jason Tesauro; Page 25, Carol Gracie; Page 30, Matthias Hannemann.

Above quote by Andy Warhol.
Two Decades
of Land
                                             T            he first time I heard the words "land trust" was in 1988, when at a

                                                          friend's suggestion I called Louis McCagg, an old family

                                            acquaintance. Louis was farming a beautiful piece of property in Katonah,

Protection                                  which was subsequently preserved with the first WLT conservation easement.

                                            He was feeding the pigs and ducks, milking the cows and bringing in hay. I

                                            told him I was very concerned about increasing development in our town,

                                            Lewisboro, and wanted to do something to protect the woodlands and fields

                                            which define our community.

                                               Indeed, he said. He was forming an organization called Westchester Land

                                            Trust. Would I be interested in joining the Board of Directors?

                                               A lot has changed since then. Louis moved on after a decade. The Land

                                            Trust itself has moved - from Louis's farmhouse to a house on Main Street in
 Hikers at a WLT preserve; Susan Henry, a
                    charter Board member.   Bedford Hills to an office above a shop around the corner. In 2008, we’ll be        1
                                moving to new headquarters, at Sugar Hill Farm in Bedford Hills, thanks to the
    Mark and Lisa Schwartz,
                                generosity of Mark and Lisa Schwartz, and Frank and Carol Nickell, who
    left, and Carol and Frank
                                donated the property to us.
    Nickell overwhelmed us         In short, the Land Trust has succeeded far beyond what even I, a charter
    with their generosity in    member of the Board of Directors, could have hoped.

    2007 when they donated         From protecting a handful of acres in the early years, we've now exceed-

    Sugar Hill Farm, which      ed 5,000 acres and are aiming for 5,000 more over the next five years.

    will become WLT’s new          Through it all, we've been true to our mission: To protect land in partnership

    headquarters.               with private property owners, to help communities create new parks and pre-

                                serves, and to foster sound land use planning.

                                   In this 2007 Annual Report, we celebrate 20 years of protecting land. To

                                help illustrate our work, my neighbor, J. Henry Fair, flew over the county taking

                                photos. We think you'll agree the six we chose are breathtaking. They demon-

                                strate why we work to preserve the best of Westchester.
                                                            ~ Susan Henry . Board of Directors . 1988-present
Table of   Two Decades of Land Protection   1

           To Our Supporters                5
Contents   Conservation Easements           8

           Land Acquisition                 12

           Planning                         16

           Community Involvement            17

           Land and Easement Donors         20

           Revenue and Expenses             21

           Donors                           24

           Our Photographer                 30

Westchester Land Trust’s 2007 projects resulted in 896 acres
               protected in six communities.

  In 2007 Westchester Land Trust surpassed 5,000 acres
                in total land protected.

  As we move into 2008, our Twentieth Anniversary year,
  our goal is to protect an additional 5,000 acres over the
                       next five years.
To Our
                                                 T             his annual report comes out on the verge of Westchester Land

                                                               Trust's 20th anniversary, so on the ensuing pages we indulge in

                                               a small celebration of land preservation over those years.

                                                  But while we celebrate great achievements throughout Westchester

                                               County, we also want to tell you about Westchester Land Trust's vision.

                                                  We're here to protect land, using all the appropriate tools and working

                                               with all the right partners. And we want to protect it for the long term.

                                                  Westchester Land Trust's intention is to protect an average of a thousand

                                               acres a year over the next five years, and to enhance our stewardship pro-

                                               gram to make sure that when land is preserved, it stays preserved.

                                                  Our goals are ambitious but achievable. We thank you for all your generosity,

 From left, Sam Pryor, chairman emeritus;      and ask you to continue your support as we protect our next 5,000 acres.
                 George Bianco, chairman;
             Paul Gallay, executive director                                    ~ Sam Pryor, George Bianco, and Paul Gallay       5
                                 182 acres protected

                            Westchester Land Trust
                                works to protect and
              sustain our connection to nature,
                  and nature’s connection to us.

    Easements donated by Peter and Daun Hauspurg, William
       Louis-Dreyfus, Jim and Twink Wood, David and Sarah
           Kowitz, Scott and Christina Devine, and David and
6      Jennifer Madden help protect the Croton Lake Road area.
                                                       W               hen Louis McCagg founded Westchester Land Trust 20 years

                                                                       ago, one of the first things he did was to practice what he was

                                                       preaching by protecting 12.3 acres of his own farm with a conservation ease-

    ‘88 - ‘07                                          ment. That was our first. In 2007, we completed our 150th easement, and kept

                                                       going. Our most recent was our biggest - 575 acres at Valeria, in Cortlandt.

                                                          Conservation easements remain the foundation of Westchester Land Trust's

                                                       work. They are ideal for protecting important plant and animal habitats, the

                                                       lands near sensitive wetlands or public drinking water supplies, or the scenic

                                                       views that help make communities what they are.

                                                          Large conservation easements can be important pieces of landscape-

                                                       scale protection efforts. An 80-acre easement, donated by William Louis-
       An easement donated by Leonard Yablon, in
        Irvington, left, protects an important view-   Dreyfus, for example, is the centerpiece of 182 acres we've protected in the
       shed; William Louis-Dreyfus’s easement, in
8             Bedford, protects important habitats.    Croton Lake Road area of Bedford; a 64-acre easement donated by
Wilhelmine Waller is essential to the 306-acre assemblage we've put together
                                                                                     Of the 5,000-plus acres
on and near Guard Hill Road in Bedford.

   But as we worked over two decades to fulfill our mission, size wasn't essential
                                                                                     we’ve protected in our

and geographic diversity was a virtue. We hold a conservation easement on
                                                                                     20 years, well over half

one-quarter of an acre in Yonkers, 0.97 acres in Ossining, 1 acre in Rye and 1.2     are on conservation
acres in Mamaroneck. (We even hold an easement on 19 acres of Long Island            easements.
Sound waterfront in North Hempstead, on Long Island.)

   Of the 5,000-plus acres we've protected in our 20 years, well over half are

on conservation easements.

   With 20 years behind us, we are working harder to find new easements.

Our goal of protecting an additional thousand acres a year over the next

five years is ambitious, and conservation easements will continue to be our

foundation.                                                                                                     9
                                  RESERVOIR NEAR THE
                    ANGLE FLY PRESERVE, SOMERS

                   Westchester Land Trust works to
                         protect our region’s drinking
                    water and the critical areas near
                         our reservoirs and wetlands.

                     The 654-acre Angle Fly Preserve helps protect
        the Croton Reservoir system. A partnership of the Town of
     Somers, New York City, New York State, Westchester County
     and Westchester Land Trust completed the acquisition, which
10          was the largest open space purchase ever in the county.
                                                              B             y the time Westchester Land Trust participated in its first land

                                                                            purchase, the organization had already been around for 15

                                                            years and had protected 2,000 acres. Buying land for preservation had been
     ‘88 - ‘07                                              on almost nobody's agenda throughout the 1990s, but when attitudes

                                                            changed - strengthened by the first round of open space ballot propositions,

                                                            in 2000 - we were eager to help.

                                                               The first purchase involved the Town of Lewisboro, Westchester County,

                                                            New York State and dozens of county residents who made contributions, and

                                                            resulted in the acquisition of the Old Field Preserve, a 110-acre sanctuary in


        The Guard Hill Preserve was donated by Brian           Since then, Westchester Land Trust has helped buy 11 other parks, covering
                    and Amy Pennington. Above, Amy
        Pennington, left, and WLT's Susan Carpenter         1,500 acres - Taxter Ridge in Greenburgh; Nepperan Park and Gracemere, in
             review plans for the preserve; the Eastwoods
12    Preserve, right, protects 48 acres in Pound Ridge.    Tarrytown; the Rye Nursery, in Rye; Glenwood Lake, in New Rochelle; Leon
Levy Preserve, in South Salem; Angle Fly Preserve, in Somers; Solomon’s Farm,
                                                                                   Westchester Land
in Yorktown; Purdys Ridge, in North Salem; Leatherman's Ridge, in Bedford Hills;
                                                                                   Trust has helped create
and the Eastwoods Preserve, in Pound Ridge.
                                                                                   12 public parks and
   Each was essential as we worked toward our first 5,000 acres of pro-

tected land.

   We worked with Pound Ridge in 2007 to buy the 48-acre Eastwoods

Preserve. The Town contributed $2.3 million toward the $2.9 million price, and

Westchester Land Trust helped negotiate the deal and contributed $600,000,

thanks to a generous gift from an anonymous donor.

   Working with others to buy land has become an important part of our

program, and we expect it to stay that way as we strive to protect our

next 5,000 acres.

                            306 acres protected

                       Westchester Land Trust
                           works to protect the
              character of our communities
                                  and landscapes.

     Thirteen easements and two preserves help protect the
     fields and farms of the Guard Hill area. Among the
     bigger donors are the late Wilhelmine Waller, Roger
14     Ravel, Kristen Carollo, and the Raymond Family.
     ‘88 - ‘07
                                                           A               t Westchester Land Trust, we've realized since our earliest

                                                                           days that land protection requires good land use planning.

                                                                In the early 1990s, we worked with towns along the Mianus River and

                                                         the Titicus River on joint watershed protection projects. Later we helped

                                                         organize a series of discussions and workshops, called Bedford 2000, that

                                                         engaged not just Bedford residents and officials but people from surrounding

                                                         towns too.

                                                            In this decade, we’ve worked with planning boards and developers to

                                                         help ensure that development is sustainable: 22 projects combine land pro-

                                                         tection with responsible development, resulting in 585 units of housing on 330

                                                         acres, and 1,100 acres of protected land.
         WLT hosted a planning session to talk about            Similar projects will help us reach our goal of protecting 5,000 more
            the Hudson Highlands, left; the Windsor
         Farms development-protection project protects
                                                         acres over the next five years.
16                              80 acres in Somers.
                                                           W                 estchester Land Trust, from the beginning, has been involved

                                                                             in the community on issues that go beyond the nuts and

                                                           bolts of conservation easements and land purchases.
   ‘88 - ‘07                                                  We've sponsored dozens of lectures, forums and conferences over the

                                                           years. In 1997, Kenneth Jackson, the Columbia University historian, spoke to a

                                                           packed room in Katonah, for example, and later, Andres Duany, the New

                                                           Urbanist and planner, spoke to a full house in Bedford Village. For years, WLT

                                                           sponsored a lecture series in partnership with Sarah Lawrence College.

                                                              In 2000, we helped form the Westchester Open Space Alliance, which led

                                                           to the passage of 14 ballot propositions, and harnessed a growing awareness

  Participants in the Step It Up ‘07 Rally to inspire      of the need for land preservation. In 2007, we brought together local advo-
 our leaders to fight global warming, left; honoring
  Assemblyman Bradley and State Senator Leibell            cates to work on the Community Preservation Act, and to help organize the
   for sponsoring the Community Preservation Act,
which is expected to provide funds for land acquisition.   first Step It Up rally to inspire our leaders to fight global climate change.    17
                                                     110 acres

                   Westchester Land Trust works to
                          protect rare and threatened
                            plant and wildlife habitats.

      Creating the Old Field Preserve required a partnership among
      the Town of Lewisboro, Westchester County, New York State,
     Westchester Land Trust and dozens of individual donors. The
18   preserve protects 110 acres of meadows and transitional fields.
                                                                 Town of Pound Ridge - acquisition of the 48-acre Eastwoods

                                                                 Jane Hartley and Ralph Schlosstein - 43-acre conservation

    2007 Land and                                                easement, North Salem.

    Easement Donors                                              Lori Ensinger and Bill Kuebler - 17-acre conservation ease-
                                                                 ment, Somers.

                                                                 Cynthia and Robert Proctor - 4-acre conservation easement,
    Our sincere thanks to those who generously preserved their
    land, or contributed time and funds to acquire land, with
    Westchester Land Trust:
                                                                 Lisa and Mark Schwartz, Carol and Frank Nickell - 4-acre

    The Valeria Homeowners Association, the Town of Cortlandt,   conservation easement, Bedford.

    AVR Homebuilders - 575-acre conservation easement, in
    Cortlandt, in conjunction with the Town Planning Board.      James Walker - 4-acre conservation easement, Pound Ridge.

    Bedford Audubon - 200-acre conservation easement on the      Elias and Rita Kassas - 1-acre conservation easement,
20 James Ramsay Hunt Sanctuary, Bedford-Lewisboro.               Cortlandt, in conjunction with the Town Planning Board.
Revenue and Expenses
                                                       July 1, 2006 ~ June 30, 2007

Revenues                                                                                      Expenses
Individual donations                                                         $491,020         Program Services:
Foundation donations                                                         $180,000             New Preservation Projects                                        $ 712,009
Corporate & Government donations                                               $32, 814           Stewardship                                                       $117, 121
Events                                                                        $503,414            Education                                                         $155,934
Special Projects      1
                                                                             $1 63,709        Total Program Services:                                                  $985,064
Miscellaneous     2                                                           $91,700         Fundraising                                                                 $353,281
Total Operating Income:                                                   $1,462,657
                                                                                              Management/Admin                                                            $103,522
Donations to Purchase Land:                                                 $606,000
                                                                                              Total Operating Expenses:                                                  $1,441,867
Donated Services:                                                           $280,827
Capital Fund/Endowment Donations:                                         $1,166,824          Land Purchases & Other
Sugar Hill Farm 3                                                         $3,500,000          Capital Expenditures: 4                                                   $515, 199
Sugar Hll Farm Renovation Fund                                              $322,757          Net Assets 5 (June 30,2007):                                           $25,645,575

 1 Special Projects include Westchester Open Space Alliance, Lewisboro Land Trust, Greater
Irvington Land Trust, North Castle Land Trust, the Westchester Wilderness Walk, the Leon      4 Includes expenditures for the Leon Levy Preserve (Lewisboro), the Wang prop-
Levy Preserve, and Eagle River.                                                               erty (Pound Ridge), and Capital Fund Endowment expenses.
2 Includes interest on operating reserves and a transfer from capital funds to support land   5 WLT’s net assets include real property held for preservation, Sugar Hill Farm      21
acquisition projects like Wang (Pound Ridge), Angell (Cortlandt), Torment Hill (Cortlandt),   (see note 3), an operating reserve, an endowment for long-term stewardship
Wilson Park (Tarrytown), and the Oaks (New Rochelle).                                         expenses, and other restricted funds. Please visit our website or contact us for a
3 On May 31, 2007, WLT received a gift of real property and improvements in the Town of       copy of our audited financial statement for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2007.
Bedford, known as “Sugar Hill Farm,” which WLT intends to renovate and occupy as its
                                                      386 acres

                       Westchester Land Trust works
                       to provide new and enhanced
             opportunities for people to enjoy the
               out-of-doors and the natural world.

     For years neighbors hiked there, but now that it’s public land,
      the Leon Levy Preserve is open to all. The preserve was created
          in partnership with the Town of Lewisboro and New York
               City, and through the generosity of the Jerome Levy
22    Foundation and the Dextra Baldwin McGonagle Foundation.
                                                                                                                 Thank You
     Support for Annual Operations                          Elizabeth and John Kilgallon                           Melinda Papp Durham and                                Bob and Beth Mancini                                   Stephanie and John DiChristina
     July 1, 2006 to August 31, 2007                        The Louis and Anne Abrons                                Clark Halstead                                       Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc.                   Natasha and Dirk Ziff
                                                              Foundation                                           Jane and Richard Pearl                                 NYS Legislative Grant - Hudson River                   Jean Douglas
     Founders' Circle*                                      Worthington Mayo-Smith                                 Cynthia and Robert Proctor                               Estuary Program                                      Nancy and Edmund Dunst
     $25,000 or more                                        MBIA Inc.                                              Deborah Reich                                          Kate and Mike Paletta                                  Amy and Keith Ferguson
     Ameya Preserve                                         Benjamin and Kathy Needell                             Nelson A. Rockefeller Jr.                              Samuel S. Polk                                         Marci and Donald Flaks
     Barbara and Donald Bady                                Nancy Garvey and Stanley O'Neal                        Barbara and Steven Rockefeller                         Bonnie Gordon Robins/Gordon                            Evon and John Fox
     Mary and David Boies                                   Samuel F. and Sally Pryor                              Marian Rose                                              Charitable Foundation                                Joel and Naomi Freedman
     Dextra Baldwin McGonagle                               Mackin and Christy Pulsifer                            Nancy and Paul Ross                                    Laurie and Paul Sturz                                  Isabelle and Paul Friedland
       Foundation, Inc.                                     The Rice Family Foundation                             Melissa Vail and Norman Selby                          Saundra and Paul Wallace                               Tracey Jordan and Paul Gallay
     Lori J. Ensinger and William Kuebler                   Adam R. Rose and Peter R. McQuillan                    Frank Selvaggi                                         Elizabeth and Harry White                              Judie and Howard Ganek
     Jerome R. and Dorothy Goldstein                        Ralph Schlosstein and Jane Hartley                     Lisa Smith and Daniel Selmonosky                                                                              Marilyn and John Gizzi
     Peter Hauspurg and Daun Paris                          Elizabeth and Wallace Schwartz                         Kimberly and Douglas Speegle                           Protector                                              Jill Brooke and Gary Goldstein
     Nancy Karch                                            Lucy R. Waletzky                                       Susan and Michael Stillman                             $1,000 to $2,499                                       Gabrielle and Michael Goodman
     Starpoint Charitable Trust                             Deborah and James Walker                               Alan and Giselle Weissman                              Worthington Adams                                      Susan and Peter Gottsegen
     Peter and Gretchen Menzies                             Shelby White                                                                                                  Mimi and Barry Alperin                                 Linda and Brian Gracie
     Donna and Marvin Schwartz                              Paul Zofnass and Renee Ring                            Heritage Circle*                                       Anonymous (4)                                          Sascha and Evan Greenberg
     The Westchester Community                                                                                     $2,500 to $4,999                                       John and Maija Arbolino                                Mr. and Mrs. Kamran Hakim
       Foundation, Kraft Family Fund                        Directors' Circle*                                     Jon and Nancy Bauer                                    Leslie Hibbard and Benjamin Arnow                      Susan and James Henry
                                                            $5,000 to $9,999                                       Colleen and Anthony Birbilis                           Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Atkins                          Lisina and Frank Hoch
     Chairman's Circle*                                     Jane Amsterdam                                         Amanda Byrne                                           Leslie Williams and James Attwood                      Gerry Hodes
     $10,000 to $24,999                                     Anita and John Bae                                     Cappelli Enterprises                                   Axel and Katherine Bang                                Jennifer and Todd Johnson
     The Ann Pinkerton Trust                                Kathryn Briger                                         Heidi Lange and John Chaffee                           Marilyn and John Beck                                  Maryann and Walter Kann
     Anonymous (2)                                          Alyssa and Andrew Cohen                                Mary and Sloan Cooper                                  Nancy and David Berkowitz                              Patricia Keesee
     George and Shirley Bianco                              Mr. and Mrs. Charles DellaPenna                        Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Cutroneo                          Janice and Robert Billingsley                          Cassie and Frank Kernan
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       Foundation                                           Ashley Garrett and Alan Jones                          Sharon DeChiara and                                    The Box of Rain Foundation                             Kimberly Larson and Gary Knell
     Lisa and Thomas Cohn                                   The Jerome Levy Foundation                               Michael Buchicchio                                   Kathy Boyle                                            Diana and Loring Knoblauch
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       Mickey Newman                                        Maryan and Howard Newman                               Karen and William Lauder                                 Christopher J. DiAngelo                              Cindy and Donald Marcotte
     *Donors who contribute $2,500 and above become members of Westchester Land Trust's exclusive Terra Fina Society. For more information on membership and benefits, please contact the Development Office at 914-241-6346 ext. 28, or email at
Kathleen and Bryan Marsal                             Teresa and William Waterman                            Matthew and Kristine Gaier                             Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Sheppard                        Richard and Joanne Daniel
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Some of the gifts included in this report have been specifically earmarked for chapters of Westchester land Trust, at the request of the donor, including: Cortlandt Land Trust, Greater Irvington Land Trust, Lewisboro Land Trust, North Castle Land Trust.
     Richard H. Lawrence                    Mr. and Mrs. Roger B. Vincent         Carol Cole                            Anne and David Hardy                  Lynn and Harding Mason
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     Loretta and Robert Lifton                Foundation                          Susan and Andrew Cott                 Susan and Elliott Hershman            Lawrence Mayers
     Vivien G. Malloy                       Jane Weiser and Daniel Kleinman       Frederick and Christina Cowles        Maren Hexter                          Louis McCagg
     MasterCard Worldwide                   Teed and Earlene Welch                Patrick Daigle                        Barbara and Paul deF Hicks            Anne and Charles McDuffie
     Robert and Carol McBride               Linda Wilson                          JoAnn Langham and Harvey Dann         Elizabeth Hiden                       Carol Zerbe Hurford and
     Frank McCullough                                                             Mary and Ted Dardani                  Elizabeth Hill and Ethan Kende          Thomas McEnerney
     Deborah and Carl Mehne                 Supporter                             Maureen and Albert Debiccari          Judith and Michael Hollander          Tove McKeon
     Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Michaels         $100 to $249                          Donald Derr                           N. George Host                        The Janis & Alan Menken Foundation
     Jan Montgomery                         Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Albert            Elinor and Jerome Deutsch             Terri and Douglas Hoy                 Betsy Mercede
     Mr. and Mrs. Todd Monti                All Promotions Plus                   Liane and David Douglas               Mr. Howard G. Hudson                  M.J. and Peter Mercurio
     Joan Murray                            Leslie Allen                          Muffin and James Dowdle               Mr. and Mrs. Ira Hyams                Deborah and Paul Meyer
     Sandra Navidi                          Carole and Stuart Allyn               Selby and Peter Ehrlich               Linda Poon and Kelly Imamura          Elisa and Jay Milkes
     Leslie and John Needham                Susan and Stewart Alpert              Mimi and Arthur Einstein              Jane and Samuel Ingram                Alfred Milo
     Frank and Hannah Neubauer              Janet Andersen                        Marjorie Erf                          Jane Love and Ed Isler                Diane and Ron Mineo
     Peggy and James Nordgren               Anonymous (13)                        Vivian and Peter Falco                Gail and Jonathan Jankus              Chuck and Fiona Mitchell
     Silvia and Stephen H. Ohler            Keiko and Kozo Aoyama                 Olivia and John Farr                  Lauretta Jones and Donald Gambino     Richard and Barbara Moggio
     Alison Overseth and                    Joseph Apicella                       Marilyn Feinberg                      Francesca and Trent Jones             Judy and J. Webb Moniz
       Alan George Bozian                   Hillary and Neil Baker                Senia Feiner                          Samuel and Nancy Ann Stern Karetsky   Katherine and Richard Moreau
     Mr. and Mrs. David Pakman              Harriet and Robert Baker              Thomas Ferrara                        Sue and Edward Kelly                  The Morowitz Family
     Marlene Paltrow                        Jane Condon and Kenneth Bartels       Mittie and James Figura               Emerson Kempler                       Mary and Lloyd Morrisett
     Vi and Mark Patek                      Ann-Margaret and Dennis Baum          Beth and Stuart Finkelstein           Heather Thomas and Charles Kerr       Sherry Wolf and Nicholas Moy
     Patricia and Jonathan Pedersen         Bedford Garden Club                   Sally and David Firestein             Angela and Richard Kessel             Gerard E. Mulligan
     David, Faith and Alison Pedowitz       The Beitzel Family                    Sarah Flanagan                        Julie and Wilmot Kidd                 Jan W. Muntz
     Sondra R. Peterson                     Susan and Robert Benjamin             Judith Freedman and Bruce Fleischer   Bob and Florence Kirkwood             Evelyn Nagel and Christopher Meyers
     Roslyn and Michael Pollock             Alan Berk                             Lenore Freudenheim                    Wendy Dixon Breitner and              Joan and Richard Nardi
     Mr. and Mrs. Whitelaw Reid             Kimberly and Ian Bickley              Martha and Anthony Futia                Kenneth Kirshenbaum                 New Rochelle High School/
     Kevin Reiner and Melissa Greenspon     Lucienne and Claude Bloch             Suzanne and Stefano Galli             Tasos Kokoris                           Fresh Air Club
     Julia Rellou                           Catherine Bobenhausen                 Susan and Michael Garber              Inna and Walter Konon                 R. Elizabeth Olszewski
     Ira M. Resnick                         Paula and Stephen Bobolia             Garden Club of Irvington              Ann and Burton Korelitz               Anne and John Ostrowski
     Betsy von Furstenberg Reynolds         Andrew Boden                          Virginia J. Getz                      Barbara and Michael Kornfield         Charlene and Peter Paden
     Geraldine and Robert Ripp              Patricia U. Bonomi                    GFP K- Services Inc.                  Janice and David Kravette             Stephanie and Hervey Parke
     Robert Romano and Laurie Bilik         Elisabeth Cole Botzow                 Mr. and Mrs. S. Parker Gilbert Jr.    Patricia and Craig Kravitz            Kathryn and Christopher Perry
     Mr. Robert C. Ruckh                    Hope Davis and Robert Braddick        Geraldine and Patrick Gilmartin       Laura ad Lewis Kruger                 Mr. and Mrs. R. Adams Perry, III
     Karen and Bruce Sabath                 Doreen and Joseph Branca              Jeanne and Danny Gold                 Phyllis and Edward Lashins            Laura and Bart Peterson
     Josephine Scorrano                     Natalie Brody                         Trudy Wood and Jacob Goldberg         Liselotte and Richard Laster          Mr. and Mrs. David Petzal
     Ann and Constantine Sidamon-Eristoff   Matthew and Lisa Brotmann             June and Myron Goldfinger             Paul and Mary LeGrand                 Eileen Piker
     Jean and Frederick Siefke              Skip Brown                            Eric Goldstein                        Christine Lehner                      Linda and Joseph Pinto
     Stephan and Rachel Skinner             Jack and Charlotte Bruning            Wendy and Peter Goldstein             Abe and Pat Levy                      Dana and Douglas Ramos
     Greg and Priscilla Sorensen            Kathy and Mark Burgeson               Doris Peter and William Gomes         Judi Butler and David Levy            Stephen B. Real and Nancy L. Bloom
     Gloria and Joshua Stein                Emily and Stephen Calascione          Scott Gonge                           Marsha and Peter Liebowitz            Monique Regard and Rick Duffy
     Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Stuart         Zoe Caldwell                          Judy and Steve Goodhue                Sabrina and Mark Lipton               Gina Reid
     Louise and Had Talbot                  Susan Carpenter                       Jeff Gordinier                        Mr. and Mrs. George Luckow            Mary Louise and Ogden Reid
     Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Taylor              Veronica and Donato Caruso            Jo Anne and Laurence Gordon           Petra and Helmut Ludl                 Mr. and Mrs. John Roach
     Muriel and Richard Ten Dyke            Allison Chernow and Lloyd Trufelman   Cecily and Gordon Grant               Marci and Stephen Macaluso            George Roberts
26   Elizabeth Bracken and                  Mr. and Mrs. Roderick G. Christie     Kathleen and Richard Gros             Maureen Maguire and Michael Hess      Lee and Ken Roberts
       Geoffrey Thompson                    Sharon Churcher and Michael Taylor    William Gross                         Mario A. Buzzeo                       Saccardi & Schiff, Inc.
     Mr. and Mrs. William J. Tingue         Fifi Clark                            June B. Gumbel                          Construction Company                Pamela and Paul Salvatore
     Betty and Peter Treyz                  Frank and Jill Cohen                  Nick Gutfreund and Mary Duncan        Marshall Oil Company                  Mrs. John C. Saunders
     Alan R. Viani                          Coldwell Banker                       Kimberly and Adam Hade                Janis and Max Marx                    Bette Savitt
Janet Schloat                        Mrs. Joseph Wilberding                 $10,000 to $24,999                       Belinda and Luther Terry              Dyllan McGee and Mark Weigel
Howard Schmuck                       Walter Winans                          George and Shirley Bianco                Mr. and Mrs. William J. Tingue        Joanne Witty and Eugene Keilin
Polly and Gordon Schnell             Robert F. Wise, Jr.                    Mary and David Boies                     Kerry and Dan Tomson                  Catherine and Bill Ziegler
Kathleen and Michael Schoen          Gladys Wolkof                          Jerome R. and Dorothy Goldstein          Saundra and Paul Wallace
Ellen and Eric Schrier               Susan and Marc Wollin                  Peter and Jackie Kamenstein              Karina and Stuart Warshaw             The Campaign for
Gerhard Schwalbe                     Cathy and Vincent Young                Nancy Karch                              Paul Zofnass and Renee Ring           Westchester Land Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Allen K. Schwartz       Zarin & Steinmetz                      Nancy and Paul Ross                                                                To be sure we'll stand the test of time,
Martha and David Schwartz            Gail and Tom Zierk                     Alan and Giselle Weissman                Gifts Under $999                      Westchester Land Trust needs to secure
Beverly and George Scott                                                                                             Carin Andresen                        enough funds to consistently monitor and
Philip C. and Carolynn R. Sears                                             $5,000 to $9,999                         Anonymous                             maintain the land we protect. We also
John Settembrino                                                            John and Maija Arbolino                  Barbara Aronson                       need to raise working capital, today, to
Norman Sheer                                                                Jane and William Balter                  Pamela and Kim Baptiste               support the increasing number of new
Lynn and Robert Siegel                                                      Jack and DeDe Burke                      Thelma Barlow                         land acquisition projects being proposed
Joan Silbersher                                                             Lisa and Thomas Cohn                     Deborah and Marty Bernstein           throughout Westchester. So, in June 2005,
Nancy Simpkins                                                              Mr. and Mrs. S. Parker Gilbert Jr.       Kathy Boyle                           we began the first phase of our
Marion S. Sinek                                                             Benjamin and Kathy Needell               Kristin Carollo                       Capital/Endowment Drive- the $8 million
Ruth Slater                               In 2007, Mark and Lisa            Open Society Institute                   Leslie Cecil and Creighton Michael    dollar Campaign for Westchester Land
Barbara S. Smith                       Schwartz, and Frank and              Samuel F. and Sally Pryor                Catherine Censor                      Trust. Included in this campaign is a $3
Talma Nir and Ross Smotrich            Carol Nickell, donated Sugar         Mr. and Mrs. Camillo M. Santomero, III   Lauren and Gary Cohen                 million dollar Preservation Fund for
Marie and Carmine Sobera               Hill Farm in Bedford Hills to        Ronald Stanton                           Linda and Peter Cooper                acquisition projects.
Anne-Marie Stewart                     Westchester Land Trust. We've        David Swope                              Catherine Crier                           We are pleased to say we have
Elise Wagner and Robin Stout           undertaken a major renova-           Susan and Martin Wayne                   Maureen and Albert Debiccari          received over $5 million dollars in gifts
June Arias and Martin Surks            tion to convert the 19th-centu-      Wilder Balter Partners                   Dianna and Enrique Dura               to date. The following donors have made
Edna and Alex Sussman                  ry farmhouse into our new                                                     Annie Farrell                         a commitment, not only to our cam-
Bryna and Michael Sweedler             headquarters.                        $1,000 to $4,999                         Terry and Jerry Feldman               paign, but to creating a legacy of con-
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Tedaldi            We thank the Schwartzes and       Samantha and Chris Boege                 Virginia J. Getz                      servation in Westchester County. As we
Barbara and Lewis Terman               the Nickells for their generosity,   Alyssa and Andrew Cohen                  Catherine Gillette and William Papp   move further into the next phase of the
Mr. and Mrs. Jacques Theriot           and we also thank those listed       Melanie Shorin and Gregg Feldman         Virginia and Martin Gold              Campaign during the coming year, we
Ann and George Thom                    below, who have given to the         Betsy and Jesse Fink                     Ann Gambling and Edwin Hoffman        hope this list of supporters will continue
Virginia and Glenn Ticehurst           Sugar Hill Farm Fund. Money          Christina and Richard French             Laura Foster and Sanford Horwitz      to increase.
Elizabeth Martin and Stephen Tilly                                          Molly and Simon Garner                   Cynthia Jaffe
                                       Donated to the Sugar Hill Farm
Sharon and Stephen Tomback                                                  Linda and Brian Gracie                   Maryann and Walter Kann               $500,000 or more
                                       Fund is matched, dollar for
Charles Trippe                                                              Janet and Peter Harckham                 Kent Karlsson                         Anonymous
                                       dollar by Donna and Marvin
Mary Tucker                                                                 Peter Hauspurg and Daun Paris            Helena and Surendra Kaushik           Estate of Parker W. Silzer, Jr.
                                       Schwartz. In other words, every
Edith and Roger Tuckerman                                                   Valerie Hughes and Stephen D. Hays       Annamaria and John Kettner            Zofnass Family Fund for the
                                       dollar that is given to help us
Norman and Phyllis Tunnell                                                  Jennifer and Todd Johnson                Tom and Ursula LaMotte                  Preservation of Pound Ridge
                                       fix up our new headquarters
Wendy and Jeffrey Tweedy                                                    Patricia Keesee                          Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Michaels
                                       means that Donna and Marvin
Nell and Alexander Twining                                                  Anthony G. and Heather Langham           Vickie and Stephen Morris             $250,000 to $499,999
                                       Schwartz will give us a dollar
Linda and Vincent Vaccaro                                                   Anita and James Lanzilotti               Bill O'Neill                          Mary and David Boies
                                       to protect more land.
Carol Ann and Jean Paul Valles                                              Bonnie and Piers MacDonald               Lee and Ken Roberts                   Jeanne Fisher
Sabina and Peter Van Ness Philip                                            Alison Overseth and                      Colleen and Steve Roth                Rebecca and Sacha Lainovic
Wachovia Foundation                                                           Alan George Bozian                     Susan and David Rubin                 Worthington Mayo-Smith
Beth and Brian Wallach               Sugar Hill Farm                        Mr. and Mrs. David Pakman                Karen and Bruce Sabath                Donna and Marvin Schwartz
Maryellen Walsh                                                             Michael Richter                          Sandra Saiger and Roger Goldman       Lisa and Mark Schwartz
                                     $75,000 or more
Elizabeth Wattles                                                           Maria and George Roach                   Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Schwartz         Starpoint Charitable Trust
                                     NY State Senate, The Honorable
Dana and Mark Wegman                                                        Bonnie Gordon Robins/Gordon              Barbara and Fred Sternau
                                      Vincent Leibell
Susan Weil                                                                    Charitable Foundation                  Laurie and Paul Sturz                 $100,000 to $249,999
Frances and Michael Weiss            $50,000 to $74,999                     Pamela and Paul Salvatore                Eve and Richard Syms                  Anonymous
Susan Westlake                       Seema Boesky                           Donna and Marvin Schwartz                Muriel and Richard Ten Dyke           Patricia and Stephen Beckwith
Harriet Goldberg and Robert Wetter                                          Elizabeth and Wallace Schwartz           Anna and Jim Terleph                  George and Shirley Bianco
Aimee and Harold Whitman             $25,000 to $49,999                     Pam and David Small                      Gail and Joseph Tirinato              Seema Boesky
Lisa and Edmund Wickersham           Lori and Laurence Fink                                                          Susan Tomassi
     Dextra Baldwin McGonagle                 $5,000 to $9,999                       Gifts/Services In-Kind                   Environmental Irrigation Systems   Organic Connection Fresh Food Market
       Foundation, Inc.                       Barbara and Donald Bady                ABC Television                           Olivia and John Farr               Oscar Blandi Hair Salon
     Marti and Robert Dinerstein              Nan and John Breglio                   Abranowicz-Raisfeld Family               Annie Farrell                      The Paint Box
     The Durst Family Foundation              Janet and Peter Harckham               Adam Broderick Salon & Spa               Fashion Nails and Spa              Kate and Mike Paletta
     Lori J. Ensinger and William Kuebler     Valerie Hughes and Stephen D. Hays     Albano Appliance & Service, LLC          Terry and Jerry Feldman            Vi and Mark Patek
     Jerome R. and Dorothy Goldstein          Kristine and Christopher Kay           American Gymnastics                      Amy and Keith Ferguson             Patricia Reilly and Mark Pennington
     Charles and Carolee Jones                Kimberley and Greg Manocherian         Ameya Preserve                           Christine and Rick Ferrarone       Picture History LLC
     Nancy Karch                              Samuel S. Polk                         Andy Keir, Film Editor                   Fountainhead Wines                 Pilates Center of Westchester
     Elisabeth Lewyt                          Bonnie Gordon Robins/Gordon            Antiques & Tools                         Fred's Hair Salon                  Pinsky Studio
     Benjamin and Kathy Needell                 Charitable Foundation                Apple Antiques                           Mimi and Peter Freund    
     The Peter Jay Sharp Foundation           Susan and Michael Stillman             William Baldwin                          Kate and Daniel Ginnel             ProBody Personal Training
     Samuel F. and Sally Pryor                Linda and John Viertel                 Barbara Sternau Interior Design          Happiness Is                       Samuel F. and Sally Pryor
     Mackin and Christy Pulsifer              Jim Zappi                              Beach Bum Tanning                        Christian Harder                   Mackin and Christy Pulsifer
     Adam R. Rose and Peter R. McQuillan                                             Bedford Center Tree and Lanscaping       Peter Hauspurg and Daun Paris      Raffles Resort Canouan Island
                                              $1,000 to $4,999                       Bedford Riding Lanes Association, Inc.   Deborah Healy                      Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Robards
     $50,000 to $99,999                       William Brody                          The Be Line                              Elizabeth Heminway/Vermont         Poppy and John Robards
     Peter and Jackie Kamenstein              Lois Conway                            Marcela and Michael Berland                Dog Sledding                     Robert Siegel Architects
     Vivien G. Malloy                         Tracey Jordan and Paul Gallay          Susan and Neil Berman                    Susan and James Henry              Bonnie Gordon Robins/Gordon
     Melissa Vail and Norman Selby            Susan and James Henry                  Deborah and Marty Bernstein              Hermes                               Charitable Foundation
     Tina and Robert Theurkauf                Christine and Scott Hill               Beval's Saddlery                         The Horse Connection               Sav-a-Tree
                                              Theresa and James Kilman               George and Shirley Bianco                House of Beaufort                  Rudy Saviano, RSI Auctions
     $25,000 to $49,999                       Roger Kline                            Blue Hill at Stone Barns                 Intentional Living Inc.            Saw Mill Club
     Alfred B. and Dee DelBello               Mr. and Mrs. Stanislav Kotyza          Body Fit Personal Training               James                              Anson Schloat
     Kate and Daniel Ginnel                   Patricia and Gary Kriss                Samantha and Chris Boege                 Jems Jewlery                       Sheraton New York
     Gottsegen Family Foundation              Alicia Lazaro                          Seema Boesky                             Heidi and David Johnston           Silvermine Guild Arts Center
     Peter Hauspurg and Daun Paris            Lee and Lara LeBrun                    Pam Boker                                Journey to Health                  Susan and Leslie Simon
     Angela and Jon Kamen                     Nadine and Peter Levy                  Breathing Green                          Peter and Jackie Kamenstein        Renee Simon, MS,CNS
     Elizabeth and John Kilgallon             Kerri Kazak and Andrew Lowe            Brewster Ice Arena                       Katonah Art Center                 Simone Brothers Auto Body Inc.
     Sandy and James Kilts                    Marian Rose                            Buxton Farm                              Kelloggs & Lawrence                Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher &
     Lostand Foundation, Inc.                 Lisa Smith and Daniel Selmonosky       Buzz Buzzanco Tree Service &             Elizabeth and John Kilgallon         Flom LLP
     Jennifer and David Madden                Margaret Stevens                         Landscaping                            Kimberly Larson and Gary Knell     Skip Barber Racing School
     Mr. and Mrs. Camillo M. Santomero, III   Mr. and Mrs. John L. Warden            Andrea Candee, MH, MSC                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Koch        Stephan and Rachel Skinner
     Lucy R. Waletzky                         Petra and Peter Wiederhorn             The Canine Bar                           Jonathan Kruk, Storyteller         William Sofield
                                              Jamie and Michael Wolff                Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts   Le Chateau                         Spectrum Creative Solutions
     $10,000 to $24,999                                                              Kristin Carollo                          Le Chateau Feodal                  Starpoint Charitable Trust
     Anonymous (2)                            Matching Gift Companies                Chapin Hill Advisors, Inc.               Lefteris Gyro II                   Richard Stauber DDS
     Cappelli Enterprises                     Becton Dickinson                       Jayni and Chevy Chase                    Let's Dish!                        Maarten and Fran Steenman/
     Susanna and L. F. Boker Doyle            Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation      Lisa and Tom Cohn                        Lewis and Emily Liebert/             LaTulipe Desserts
     The Gage Fund                            The Gillette Company                   Mary and Michael Colhoun                   Performace Flight                Donna Steinhorn, Life and
     Laurel Genovese                          IBM Corporation                        Tisa and Sylvain Cótè                    Maureen and Paul Lindell             Executive Coach
     Grant Gregory                            JP Morgan Chase Foundation             Crabtree's Kittle House                  Liz Claiborne, Inc.                Laurie and Paul Sturz
     Anthony and Heather Langham              MBIA Foundation Inc.                   D'Agostino Supermarket                   Marcia's Landscaping               Susan Lawrence Caterers
     Geraldine and Joseph LaMotta             Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc.   Dana Buchman                             Matthews Fence                     U.S. Town Car, Inc.
     William Louis-Dreyfus                    Mobil Foundation                       The David Collection                     Christine and Wensley McKenney     Linda and John Viertel
     MBIA Inc.                                Open Society Institute                 Chris DeFilippis                         Peter and Gretchen Menzies         Vintage!
     Nancy Garvey and Stanley O'Neal          Pepsico Foundation                     Lynn and Arthur Del Savio                Shari B. Michael Interior Design   Terry Voltaggio
     Nelson A. Rockefeller Jr.                UBS Matching Gift Program              Alfred B. and Dee DelBello               Mt. Kisco Wines & Spirts           Rebecca and Steven Walkley
28   Nancy and Paul Ross                      The Verizon Foundation                 Marti and Robert Dinerstein              Benjamin and Kathy Needell         Alan and Giselle Weissman
     Twin Lakes Realty LLC                    Wachovia Foundation                    Eamonn's Grill                           Nina McLemore                      Westchester Chamber Orchestra
     Mr. and Mrs. Roger B. Vincent                                                   Michelle and Eric Eichhorn               Peggy and James Nordgren           Kara and Damien Whelan
     Alan and Giselle Weissman                                                       Lori J. Ensinger and William Kuebler     North Star Restaurant              Who Took That Photography
                                                                                                                              On the One                         Wilder Balter Partners                      Jane Pearl                          Annamaria Kettner                   Agricultural and Farmland           North Castle Coalition
Wolf Conservation Center            Helen Peeples                       Maureen Maguire                       Protection Board                  North Castle Land Trust
Women for Fitness                   Mary Ann Petrilena                  MJ Mercurio                         Beaver Dam Alliance                 Town of North Salem
Y?                                  Suzanne Potter-Ironbiter            Steve Morowitz                      Beaver Dam Sanctuary                North Salem Open Land
Yellow Monkey Village               Bonnie Robins                       Anne-Marie Nordgren                 Town of Bedford                       Foundation
Antiques                            Jennifer Schwartz                   Mark Patek                          Bedford Audubon Society             Open Space Institute
Cornelia Zell, Pampered Chef        Liz Schwartz                        Vi Patek                            Bedford Coalition                   Town of Ossining
Paul Zofnass and Renee Ring         Lynn Siegel                         Mary Ann Petrilena                  Bedford Riding Lanes                Village of Ossining
                                    Susan and Les Simon                 Dana Ramos                            Association                       Town of Pound Ridge
Volunteers                          Betsy Sinnott                       Jim Terleph                         Village of Briarcliff Manor         Pound Ridge Land Conservancy
William Abranowicz                  Pam Small                           Kara Hartigan Whalen                Community Land Trust of             Putnam County Land Trust
Rebecca Bent                        Anne-Marie Stewart                                                        New Castle                        Putnam County Open Space
Diane Berman                        Laurie Sturz                        New Castle Land Trust               Concerned Citizens for Open           Alliance
Susan and Neil Berman               Evelyn and Jim Rosenthal            Kenneth Novenstern, Chair             Space (White Plains)              Regional Plan Association
Cynthia Brennan                     Muriel Ten Dyke                     David Kemler                        Town of Cortlandt                   Riverkeeper
Lisa Brotmann                       Anna and Jim Terleph                Robert Kirkwood Jr.                 Cortlandt Land Trust                City of Rye
Rebecca Cavenagh                    Lesa Vogliano                       Edward Klagsbrun                    Croton Community Land               Village of Rye Brook
Virginia Clark                      Katie Walter                        Andrew Klauber                        Conservancy                       Saw Mill River Audubon
Barbara J. Cohn                     Aimee Whitman                       Richard Laster                      Village of Dobbs Ferry                Society
Anne Marie Della Penna              Twink and Jim Wood                  Edward Melvin                       Environmental Advocates             Scenic Hudson
Lara DiCorpo                                                            Marion Sinek                        Environmental Defense               Soil and Water Conservation
Gina Federico                       Chapters                            Robin Stout                         Federated Conservationists of         District
Terry Feldman                       Cortlandt Land Trust                Henriette Suhr                        Westchester County                Village of Tarrytown
Amy Ferguson                        Lisa Moir, Chair                                                        Town of Greenburgh                  Town of Somers
Mimi Freund                         Phyllis Harrison                    North Castle Land Trust             Glenwood Lake Association           Somers Land Trust
Barbara Gatfield                    Stephanie Johnson                   Hal Silverman, Co-Chair             Greater Irvington Land Trust        Teatown Lake Reservation
Laurel Genovese                     Dick Nelson                         Rhoda Silverman, Co-Chair           Groundwork Yonkers                  Trust for Public Land
Phyllis Harrison                    Michelle O'Neil                     Howard Arden                        Hudson Highlands Land Trust         Waccabuc Land Owners Council
Jim Henry                           Damon Oscarson                      Mary Boies                          Hudsonia                            Watershed Agricultural Council
Leslie Henshaw                      Bernis Shapiro                      Jeff Brown                          Village of Irvington                County of Westchester
Miriam Hyams                        Kathleen Sutherland                 Rod Christie                        Town of Lewisboro                   Westchester Community
Diane Jacobson                                                          Lisa Deutsch                        Lewisboro Land Trust                  Foundation
Mary Ann Kann                       Greater Irvington Land Trust        John Fava                           Metropolitan Conservation           Westchester County Global
Diana Knoblauch                     Herb Camp, Co-chair                 Bob Greer                             Alliance of the Wildlife            Warming Task Force
Laura Kramer                        Richard Goldman, Co-chair           Meg Gregg                             Conservation Society              City of White Plains
Kristy Lavinsky                     Jan Blaire                          Gary Jacobson                       Mianus River Gorge Preserve         Wolf Conservation Center
Dick Lemon                          Jon Elwyn                           Kerri Kazak                         Town of Mount Kisco                 Town of Yorktown
Nadine Levy                         Stephen Filler                      Naomi Matusow                       Village of Mount Kisco              Yorktown Land Trust
Kim Maloof                          Carolyn Gill                        Anthony Marano                      Town of Mount Pleasant
Dyllan McGee                        Kenneth G. Haley                    Richard Nardi                       Natural Resources Defense
Gretchen Menzies                    Caroline Niemczyk                   Susan Olivo                           Council
M.J. Mercurio                       Connie Porter                       Chris Roosevelt                     The Nature Conservancy
Sharie Michael                      Barrett Seaman                      Brett Summers                       City of New York
Ron Mineo                           Reina Sinni                         Bridget Thorne                      State of New York
Lisa Moir                           Doug Wilson                         Harry White                         New York League of
Kathy Needell                                                           Doris Finch Watson                    Conservation Voters
Peggy Nordgren                      Lewisboro Land Trust                Ed Woodyard                         Town of New Castle
Rachel Ocken                        Susan Henry, Chair                                                      New Castle Land Trust
Amy Oringel                         Laurel Genovese                                                         City of New Rochelle
Vi and Mark Patek                   Francesca Jones                     Preservation Partners               Town of North Castle

We wish to apologize for any mistakes or omissions we may have made in recognizing the generosity of our donors. Please let us know of any corrections.
     J. Henry Fair
                                                        B              orn in Charleston, SC, J. Henry Fair adopted the camera as

                                                                       his medium at a very early age. He began taking pictures

                                                     at 14, concentrating on the subjects that still capture his attention to this day:

                                                     the old, young, destitute and forgotten; icons of society in decay: rusting

                                                     machines, ancient ruins and petrochemical paraphernalia; and the beauty of

                                                     the natural world.

                                                        J. Henry Fair is co-founder and director of the Wolf Conservation Center

                                                     (WCC) in South Salem, NY. WCC is an environmental organization that hous-

                                                     es, protects and propagates wolves, and educates the public about the

                                                     world's many endangered wolf species. He is also involved with numerous
       J. Henry Fair on assignment, left; with his
                wolves, right; and a sample of his   organizations that support environmental and social change.
30                    environmental photography
                       George Bianco, Chair                              Susan S. Lyall
and Staff              Peter Hauspurg, Vice-Chair
                       Nancy Karch, Vice-Chair
                                                                         Worthington Mayo-Smith
                                                                         Peter Menzies
                       Susan S. Henry, Secretary                         Benjamin F. Needell
                       Jerome R. Goldstein, Treasurer                    Samuel S. Polk
                       Seema Boesky                                      Samuel F. Pryor III, Chairman Emeritus
                       Mary Boies                                        S. Mackintosh Pulsifer
  Board of Directors   Alfred B. DelBello                                Linda Viertel
                       Martha L. Dinerstein                              Alan Weissman
                       Lori J. Ensinger                                  Jonathan L. Wiesner
                       Charles S. Jones                                  Paul J. Zofnass
                       Peter Kamenstein                                  Honorary Directors:
                       Elizabeth Kilgallon                               Jean W. Douglas
                       Anthony G. Langham                                Louis McCagg

                       Carin M. Andresen                                 Michael Klemens
                       Joseph V. Apicella                                Peter A. Levy
                       Elyse Arnow                                       Rick Magder
                       William G. Balter                                 Erin Malloy
                       Kathy Boyle                                       Jeffrey Morris
                       John B. Burke                                     Jerry Mulligan
    Advisory Board     Anthony P. Cutugno                                John R. Nolon
                       James DeLalla                                     James F. Nordgren
                       Richard Ferrarone                                 Jane Pearl
                       Frank Fish                                        James Renwick
                       Barbara Gerrard                                   David Swope
                       Daniel Ginnel                                     Muriel Ten Dyke
                       Russell Hernandez                                 Harry White
                                                                         Michael Yellin

                       Executive Director: Paul Gallay                       Land Preservation Coordinator: Damon Oscarson
                       Director of Land Preservation and                     Development & Outreach Associate: Grace Buck
                       Legal Counsel: Susan E. Carpenter                     Consultant: Gail Tirinato
               Staff   Director of Communications &                          Office Manager: Betty Sue Hanson
                       Special Projects: Tom Andersen                        Land Preservation & Outreach Administrative
                       Director of Conservation Outreach: Eileen Goren       Assistant: Thérèse Kramer
                       Development Director: Keeva Young-Wright              GIS Specialist: Erica Curran
                       Director of Art & Events: Bobbe Stultz                Assistant Land Steward: William Kuebler
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