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									Reviews of the 5 Best Shopping Cart Software Programs

If you are creating an online store to sell your products, you will need to look for the best
shopping cart software to help you with it. There are dozens of shopping cart software
available, and you will need to research and compare to find the one that is perfect for
creating your online store.


BigCommerce is one of the best shopping cart software providers on the market. There
are over 7500 online stores utilizing BigCommerce shopping cart. BigCommerce has an
easy to use design wizard that helps guide you through customizing one of their 50
online store designs. BigCommerce has a drag and drop interface that will help you
create your online store. You can upload your logo and edit the template using HTML
and CSS. There are video tutorials to help you as well. You can offer your customer
coupon codes, gift certificates and other discounts with BigCommerce shopping cart
software. You can even offer free phone support, and live chat to your customers.

BigCommerce shopping cart software allows you to set up Google Analytics, manage
your inventory and get reports on your stock, letting you know when you are running low
on a particular item. BigCommerce is search engine optimized to help market your store
and help your customers find you.

BigCommerce pricing starts at $24.95 a month for the Bronze package up to $299.95
for the Diamond package. There is no set up fee. Package differences are based on the
amount of products you are selling, bandwidth, storage and AdWords. BigCommerce
offers a 15 day free trial. Read user reviews of BigCommerce.


Shopify offers 50 themed online store fronts to choose from. Shopify uses programming
language called Liquid that will help you completely customize your online store. If you
are fluent in HTML & CSS, you can design our online store from scratch. Easily upload
your logo’s to modify your store front. Video tutorials will help guide you if you run into
any problems. Offer your customers coupons, gift cards and special discounts to help
market your products. Shopify is search engine optimized.

Shopify offers reports of sales, inventory, traffic and help you manage your inventory.
Customer support is available via telephone, email, and live chat.

Pricing for Shopify begins at $29 a month for the Basic package and goes up to $179 a
month for the Unlimited package. There is no set up fee. All packages offer unlimited
bandwidth, free setup and $100 free AdWords credit. Package differences are for
storage, product amount and transaction fees. Shopify offers a 30 day free trial. Read
user reviews of Shopify.


Volusion ranks right up at the top as a shopping cart software provider. Over 30,000
online stores have been created with Volusion shopping cart software. They have over
120 templates to choose from, that are easily customized. Special features include
vZoom, which allows your customers to zoom in on the product they are viewing,
product compare tool so your customers can view multiple product details side by side,
and an integrated one-page checkout.

Offer your customers daily deals, and create coupons and discounts to help boost
customer sales. Volusion has a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
tool to help you stay in touch with your customers. Get inventory reports and real time
performance data. They offer 24/7 customer support via phone, email live chat.
Volusion is search engine optimized to help your customers locate you.

Volusion pricing begins at $19 a month for the Steel package and goes up to $149 a
month for the Platinum package. There are no set up fees or transaction fees on any of
the packages. Differences in packages are the number of products you can sell and the
amount of storage. Volusion also offers a free trial. Read user reviews of Volusion.


Shopping cart software from 3dcart offers complete storefront solutions that allow you to
easily build and maintain your online store. 3dcart offers a front-end quick edit tool bar
with drag and drop features to customize and manage your store front. There are over
50 professionally designed templates to choose from.

Special features include; SocialCommerce, which allows you to create a facebook store
& Like button, mCommerce, which provides you with mobile interface and 3dZoom to
display large versions of your product. Single page checkout is included which allows
your customers to easily checkout. Other features include website statistics and
reporting, Google checkout, PayPal and Amazon payments and over 1000 powerful
shopping cart tools and features. 3dcart is search engine optimized.

Customer support is available by live chat, email or telephone. Training videos and
tutorials are also available to you. Online store data is backed up daily. 3dcart offers a
free 15 day trial.

Pricing begins at $19.99 a month for the Mini package and runs up to $129.00 a month
for the Power plan. There are no set up fees. Read user reviews of 3dcart.

Prostore shopping cart software offers a complete eCommerce solution to help you
create and manage your online store.

Prostore is search engine optimized, some of the great features include the ability to
offer up-sell merchandise, in-store promotions, and easy checkout for your customers.
Everything you need to manage your online store is available with Prostore. You can
offer your customers e-gift cards, wish list and coupons.

Customer support is available through email and telephone. Video tutorials are also
available to help guide your throughout the process. Sales, inventory and traffic reports
are available to help you manage your online store.

Pricing begins at $29.95 a month for the Professional eCommerce package and runs up
to $99.95 a month for the Premium package. There is $100 set-up fee in addition to
your monthly fee. They do offer a free trial.

Some of the other shopping cart software that you should check into and that deserve
an honorable mention are; network solutions, Fortune3 and CoreCommerce. These
companies also provide most of the same features and are priced comparably. There
are many shopping cart software providers available, so do your research and choose
the one that best fits your needs.

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