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									Mobile Apps
For iPhone ™ & Android ™ Mobile Devices

       Exclusively for Hotels...

      An                   Product
Your Guests Are Mobile. Are You?

                   Open Hotel Booking Engine is
                   now offering affordable iPhone ™ and Android ™
                   Apps for hotel websites. Guests can check
                   rates, book rooms, view hotel photos and see
                   hotel location info. With the growing use of
                   mobile devices replacing traditional computer
                   based web searches, your hotel will be ahead
                   of the curve with an easy to use mobile app for
                   your property.

                   Due to the substantial demand, these new apps
                   are being offered to a limited number of hotels
                   each month and are available on a first come
                   first serve basis. The apps work directly with
                   the Open Hotel Booking Engine and pulls
                   room descriptions, room pictures, and content
                   directly from your website.

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                What's Included in Your Mobile App
         Mobile apps will include five pre-designed pages that will be branded for your hotel:

                                         Welcome Page
                                         When users first select your app, your splash page (fig. 1)
                                         will show as the app loads.

                                         Your welcome page will then load. This is your hotel's
                                         general welcome text and logo and is the default display
                                         page when the app is loaded (fig. 2). The Welcome Page
                                         tells people about your hotel and has your branding. This
                                         can pull info from your Open Hotel website home page.

             Fig. 1

Welcome Page Can Display:

   Intro paragraph about your hotel

   Button to visit your website

   Hotel Reviews (from Open Hotel Websites)

                                                                 Fig. 2

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Booking Engine
The Booking Engine page integrates
directly with the Open Hotel to allow users
to quickly search for rates and availability.
Reservations placed via mobile apps are
trackable through Open Hotel.

                                                Show Off Your Rooms
                                                Guests want to see pictures and detailed
                                                descriptions of the rooms they are booking.
                                                The Rooms page displays pictures of each
                                                room and descriptions (pulled from your
                                                booking engine), so that guests can see
                                                which type of room they would like to book.

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Media Page
Don’t just tell guests about your hotel. Show them.
It’s a proven fact people respond better to pictures
than words, so show them the pictures that are
worth a thousand words on your media page. This
can display your choice of one of the following types
of media:

   Live Camera Stream - for beach cams or other
    live video feeds showing your property

   Video - perfect for your property video tour

   Photo gallery - show a photo gallery of your
    best hotel pictures

                                                   Keep in Touch
                                                   The contact page will display your hotel
                                                   contact and location info. This is the
                                                   perfect place to add detailed driving
                                                   instructions so guests traveling from the
                                                   airport can find your hotel easily. This info
                                                   can automatically pull from your Open
                                                   Hotel website’s contact page.

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                                                  Mobile Apps
                                                For iPhone ™ & Android ™ Mobile Phones

                      Who Uses Mobile Apps?                               More than 31% of mobile users have

smartphones, which means that 73.3 million people in the United States are using their phones to
browse websites online. Mobile apps are not just for teenagers and young people, the age group
most likely to download a mobile app is actually people between the age of 35 and 44, followed
by the 18 to 24 age group. This may surprise you, as most people assume it is just the teenie
boppers who are into using apps on their phones. Another fact to consider is that 25% of the US
are "mobile only" web users, meaning that they do not have a desktop computer or laptop, and
rely on their mobile device for Internet browsing.

People who travel use their mobile devices to quickly search for hotels and compare rates online.
Ask any flight attendant on a plane and they will tell you the importance of being able to quickly
search for hotel rooms and book a room using a mobile phone, especially when a flight gets
delayed or canceled. The easier you can make booking a hotel room the better, and with the new
mobile apps from Alternate Image, we couldn't make mobile booking any easier for guests.

Pricing and Details
Due to high demand, Open Hotel will be producing a limited number of apps each month, and is
offering the apps to current clients first for a lower price until May 31st, 2011. Clients wanting an
app can sign up on a first come first serve basis by calling (386) 310 - 2001 to speak with one of
our friendly sales representatives.

Current Pricing: For $500 Alternate Image will develop an app for the iPhone or Android phone.
Add an additional app for only $150. This is a one time setup fee. The typical turnaround time is
2-4 weeks, Apple’s approval process may extend this timeframe but is not usually an issue.

After May 31st, mobile app pricing will be $750 for one app or $1,000 for both.

* iPhone is a registered trademark by Apple Inc. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

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