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									Appendix I


Guide to Foreign Statistical Abstracts
This bibliography presents recent statistical abstracts for Mexico, Russia, and member nations of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. All sources contain statistical tables on a variety of subjects for the individual countries. Many of the following publications provide text in English as well as in the national language(s). For further information on these publications, contact the named statistical agency which is responsible for editing the publication.

Austria Osterreichisches Statistisches Zentralamt, P.O. Box 9000, A-1033 Vienna Statistisches Jahrbuch for die Republik Osterreich. Annual. 1995 522 pp. (In German.) Australia Australian Bureau of Statistics, Canberra Yearbook Australia. Annual. 1996 729 pp. (In English.) Belgium Institut National de Statistique, 44 rue de Louvain, 1000 Brussels Annuaire statistique de la Belgique. Annual. 1994 822 pp. (In French and Dutch.) Canada Statistics Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, KIA OT6 Canada Yearbook: A review of economic, social and political developments in Canada. 1994 707 pp. Irregular. (In English and French.) Croatia Republika Hrvatska, Republicki Zavod Za Statistiku Statisticki Ijetopis 1995 644 pp. (In English and Serbo-Croatian.) Czech Republic Czech Statistical Office, Sokolovska 142, 186 04 Praha 8 Statisticka Rocenka Ceske Rpubliky 1995 626 pp. (In English and Czech.) Denmark Danmarks Statistik, Postboks 2550 Sejrogade 11, DK 2100, Copenhagen Statistical Yearbook. 1995. Annual. 559 pp. (In Danish with English translations of table headings.) Finland Central Statistical Office of Finland, Box 504 SF-00101 Helsinki Statistical Yearbook of Finland. Annual. 1995 454 pp. (In English, Finnish, and Swedish.) France Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques, Paris 18, Bld. Adolphe Pinard, 75675 Paris (Cedex 14) Annuaire Statistique de la France. Annual. 1996 925 pp. (In French.)

Greece National Statistical Office, 14-16 Lycourgou St., 101-66 Athens

Concise Statistical Yearbook 1994 254 pp. (In English.) Statistical Yearbook of Greece. Annual. 1990-1991 567 pp. (plus 7 pages of diagrams). (In English and Greek.) Iceland Hagstofa Islands/Statistical Bureau, Hverfisgata 8-10, Reykjavik. Statistical Abstract of Iceland. 1994. Irregular. 303 pp. (In English and Icelandic.) Ireland Central Statistics Office, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2 Statistical Abstract. Annual. 1995 440 pp. (In English.) Italy ISTAT (Istituto Centrale di Statistica), Via Cesare Balbo 16, 00100 Rome Annuario Statistico Italiano. Annual. 1995 567 pp. (In Italian.) Japan Statistics Bureau, Management & Coordination Agency, 19-1 Wakamatsucho, Shinjuku Tokyo 162 Japan Statistical Yearbook. Annual. 1996 914 pp. (In English and Japanese.) Luxembourg STATEC (Service Central de la Statistique et des Etudes), P.O. Box 304, L-2013, Luxembourg Annuaire Statistique. Annual. 1995. (In French.) Mexico Instituto Nacional de Estadistica Geografia e Informatica, Avda. Insurgentes Sur No. 795-PH Col. Napoles, Del. Benito Juarez 03810 Mexico, D.F. Anuario estadistico de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos. Annual. 1993 610 pp. Also on disc. (In Spanish.) Netherlands Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek. 428 Prinses Beatrixlaan P.O. Box 959, 2270 AZ Voorburg Statistisch Yearbook 1995. 580 pp. (In Dutch.)


Appendix I
Sweden Statistics Sweden, S-11581 Stockholm

New Zealand Department of Statistics, Wellington New Zealand Official Yearbook. Annual. 1995 632 pp. (In English.) Norway Central Bureau of Statistics, Skippergate 15, P.B. 8131 Dep. N-Oslo 1 Statistical Yearbook. Annual. 1995 493 pp. (In English and Norwegian.) Portugal INE (Instituto Nacional de Estatistica), Avenida Antonio Jose de Almeida, P-1078 Lisbon Codex Anuario Estatistico: de Portugal. 1994 337 pp. (In Portugese.) Russia State Committee of Statistics of Russia, Moscow Russian Federation in the Year 1993. Statistical Yearbook. 1993 383 pp. (In Russian.) Slovakia Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic, Mileticova 3, 824 67 Bratislava Statisticka Rocenka Slovensak 1991. 514 pp. (In English and Slovak) Slovenia Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, Vozarski Pot 12, 61000 Ljubljana Statisticni Letopis Republike Slovenije 1992. 530 pp. (In Slovenian.) Spain INE (Instituto Nacional de Estadistica), Paseo de la Castellana, 183, Madrid 16 Anuario Estadistico de Espana. Annual. 1994 890 pp. (In Spanish.) Anuario Estadistico. 1988. (Edicion Manual.) 976 pp.

Statistical Yearbook of Sweden. Annual. 1996 569 pp. (In English and Swedish.)
Switzerland Bundesamt fur Statistik, Hallwylstrasse 15, CH-3003, Bern

Statistisches Jahrbuch der Schweiz. Annual. 1996 464 pp. (In French and German.)
Turkey State Institute of Statistics, Prime Ministry, 114 Necatibey Caddesi, Bakanliklar, Yenisehir, Ankara

Statistical Yearbook of Turkey. Published on odd numbered years. 1993 716 pp. (In English and Turkish.) Statistical Pocketbook of Turkey. Published on even numbered years. 1990 312 pp. (In English and Turkish.)
United Kingdom Central Statistical Office, Great George Street, London SW1P 3AQ Annual Abstract of Statistics. Annual. 1991 349 pp. (In English.) West Germany Statistische Bundesamt, Postfach 5528, 6200 Wiesbaden

Statistisches Jahrbuch fur die Bundesrepublic Deutschland. Annual. 1995 771 pp. (In German.) Statistisches Jahrbuch fur das Ausland. 1995. 399 pp.

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