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Democrat vs.
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Conservative                                                                     A Toast to Taverns
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                                 is        Maureen
                       Ernie Davck Kid”   “The Com Walker
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                                                                                 Occupying Albany

              The Fight Continues                                                         Page 18

                       By Sam Zherka, Page 24                                     When a Union is
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Page 2   The WesTchesTer GuardIaN   ThursdaY, OcTOBer 20, 2011
                                        The WesTchesTer GuardIaN                                           ThursdaY, OcTOBer 20, 2011                                                                          Page 3

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Page 4                                              The WesTchesTer GuardIaN                                             ThursdaY, OcTOBer 20, 2011


The Retired (Try To) Strike Back Chapter 24—Kenny’s List
                                                                                                                                                                          “You had said steven had an expression,”
                                                                                                                                                                     roz tries.
                                                                                                                                                                          “saP, some social work phrase: It
                     By ALLAN LUKS                                                                                                                                   stands for surprise, adventure, and passion.
                                                                                                                                                                     according to steven, seniors, underneath
                       Their recently finished             and had researched and found that Kenny               definitely dropping out of the santa Fe talk.       their weathered skin, have this sweet, exciting
                  one-hour film, created to                had a lot of amateur acting experience.               No way I can concentrate on it.”                    feeling that can make them feel great. We
                  serve as a guide for retired                  The agent told Kenny to make sure the                  “The group needs you to speak and             just need to take actions that can tap into it.”
                  seniors who are dating,                  santa Fe organizations made a video of his            then teach them which parts of the film                  “You’ll tap into it in santa Fe. You have
                  has attracted some media                 talk and to bring this disc with him when             they should emphasize when they do their            this saP, Kenny.”
attention. The film also encourages seniors                they met after his return. Yes, she was inter-        marketing talks,” argues roz. “and maybe                 silence in the small kitchen, their eyes
to use their desire to find last big opportu-              ested in possibly representing him.                   your liver won’t weaken quickly.”                   staring and not seeing.
nities and get them right as motivation to                      a smiling Kenny told his wife, roz,                    “Kenny, you talk about wanting to get              Kenny finally says, “I realize, to give up
enter politics. Now, the four couples that                 about the call. “I’m like a kid, excited, but of      more seniors to run for office, who won’t be        this opportunity for the group. and my
made the film are taking the first step in their           course nothing’s sure,” as they talked in the         beholden to anyone, who can help break the          chance to get an agent.”
marketing strategy.                                        kitchen of their small apartment.                     political polarization harming this country.             Kenny stops—
     They’ve chosen one of their group,                         “Over all these years,” said roz. “I always      You said you’d even consider running your-               “If I go to santa Fe, I have to do it right.
Kenny, an amateur actor and former history                 knew you’d get a professional opportunity.            self. Oh, Kenny, you can’t stop now. at our         My honesty has to come across in the video.
teacher, to do the first speaking engagement.              Whenever I read a novel, you know, I saw              ages, when we have a big opportunity—“              But if while I’m talking, I don’t feel saP
Kenny has accepted an invitation from a                    you playing one of the characters.”                         “But our film talks about the need of         rising but the seniors’ fear in the back of
coalition of organizations in santa Fe dealing                  Then today, a week before going to santa         seniors to get a last opportunity right. Maybe      their minds about everything disappearing
with either health or public policy. More than             Fe, Kenny receives a call from his liver doctor,      we don’t say enough that seniors shouldn’t          tomorrow. I’m talking honestly. Yes, seniors
a thousand people next week are expected to                saying the latest blood tests show his liver          forget big opportunities might come with            can have big opportunities. Like we say in the
hear Kenny in a large open-air theater in the              problem worsening. “What I told you when              little time to do them.”                            film. But, yes, to act on them.”
desert outside the city.                                   we met last week. The tests confirm what we                 “When you first told the others about              allan Luks is a nationally recognized
     Kenny, at age seventy, is tall and good-              discussed. We’ll have to keep watching you            your liver issue, I remember you met with           social works leader and advocate for volun-
looking, charming, and with thick gray hair.               closely.”                                             steven and you felt more relaxed.”                  teerism. he is the former head of Big
     Then last week, he received a call from                    Kenny and roz sit silently in their small              “steven eats and breathes social work,        Brothers, Big sisters of New York and is
an entertainment agent, saying she saw a                   kitchen.                                              even if he’s retired from it. he told me we         currently a visiting professor at Fordham
video of the film that the group had sent out                   “I’m not that shocked,” Kenny finally            all have strengths to call on. What strength        university, where he teaches several courses
to TV stations. she liked the attention the                says. “The doctor first mentioned this possi-         should I call on to prevent a transplant? Is        in nonprofit leadership. You can learn more
film was getting and Kenny’s performance,                  bility six months ago, you know that. But I’m         luck a strength?”                                   about allan Luks at

No Guarantees: One Man’s Road through the Darkness of Depression—
                                                                                                                                                                     that. I was however, not very much in touch
                                                                                                                                                                     with what anything before that time might
                                                                                                                                                                     have meant in regard to what was then going

Chapter Eight – Something is Terribly Wrong                                                                                                                          on inside me.
                                                                                                                                                                           I had a lot on my mind. I suspected that
                                                                                                                                                                     my wife was pregnant…we were married
                 By BOB MARRONE                                                                                                                                      barely a year… and I was not happy about it.
                                                                                                                                                                     The trials and economic woes of starting out on
                 Authors Note:                             adulthood with readers of this series, the next two   to further illuminate the orange, yellow, brown     a life together were weighing on me, and I was
                         As the book progresses, there     chapters will flash forward twenty years to the       and silver wallpaper, and earth-toned furniture     having doubts about the marriage in general. I
                  are many decisions that remain to        mindset and events leading up to the single most      so common in the mid 1970’s. To this day,           had just started a job as a corporate trainer that
                  be made, such as whether to flash        transformative weekend of my life.                    when I see those colors or styles on television     I worked very hard to get and was only a day
                  forward or backward, depending                                                                 or in an old house, I think back to that period     away from making my first real road trip; this
                                                                I am surprised at the sadness that comes
on the best way to communicate the experience of                                                                 in my life, and most especially, that day. and      was to be to Flint Michigan, to teach stock-
                                                           over me as I write this. even though I have
                                                                                                                 only recently have I been able to shake what        brokers how to use a computer terminal. These
depression and its evolution during my life. The           waited thirty five years to set down these
                                                                                                                 shrinks call an anniversary reaction when the       were my most immediate concerns; all heavy
story is easiest to tell in chronological order, letting   thoughts and despite the fulfilling life that I
                                                                                                                 weather changes and rains come in early april.      stuff to be sure, but nothing that any bread-
the story unfold, as it were. On the other hand, the       now have, in part as a result of these experi-
                                                                                                                      something was terribly wrong. as I sat on      winner hasn’t had to deal with for centuries.
nature of the illness, indeed even one of its causes,      ences, to think about these events had for
                                                                                                                 the couch in that uncomfortably sunlit room,              some of the more lingering events of
is the denial of feelings and the proclivity to shut       many years represented the end of my life as
                                                                                                                 my body, my mind, my soul if there is one, was      that time involved my turning my back on
out or repress past experiences. As such, many of          I knew it, is like thinking back to a death in
                                                                                                                 dead. I felt nothing. I cared about nothing. I      women who had been the love of my life in
the early signs and, later, more severe symptoms,          the family.
                                                                                                                 was devoid of all feeling except the intellectual   favor of keeping the commitment to marry
come as a surprise and, worse still, arrive as acute            It was saturday, april 6th, 1975. The
                                                                                                                 notion that this was not normal, and a growing      my long time on again, off again, girl friend.
and horrible catastrophes that further separate            late afternoon sunlight came in through the
                                                                                                                 sense of dread that something terrible was          This fact was exacerbating my doubts about
the person from his internal self. With this later         windows of our living room at an odd angle
                                                                                                                 going to happen. This state of being arrived at     my marriage, to be sure, but I had committed
reality in mind and, specifically, in the attempt          most common to early spring and fall. It was
                                                                                                                 the end of a string of life changes and setbacks
                                                           as if someone was shining a giant yellow light                                                                                        Continued on page 5
to share the experiences of symptoms in early                                                                    in the previous two years, and of course, before
                                             The WesTchesTer GuardIaN                                         ThursdaY, OcTOBer 20, 2011                                                           Page 5

No Guarantees: One Man’s Road through the Darkness of Depression—Chapter Eight – Something is Terribly Wrong
Continued from page 4                               taught that fighting was wrong. however, I         inability to be honest with the women in my         later chapters, but one incident in particular
myself to making the union work. and while          was encouraged to skate at a very young age,       life about my feelings. and, I was also dealing     left me certain that I had done some damage
it might seem trite to non-athletes, I had          a lucky coincidence that allowed me to soar        with a hybrid and nasty form of hypochondria        to my brain(of course I didn’t, but hypochon-
evolved, almost overnight, from one of the          ahead of most of my friends when we started        that focused on my mental health.                   driacs everywhere will know what I mean).
best amateur hockey players in our area, to a       playing hockey. soft and sweet robert was                since I was a toddler my health, or lack           One Friday night my friends and I got
very ordinary...if good skater…anybody. This        finally one of the boys, and one of the elite      thereof, was overemphasized by my parents.          together and decided to smoke a bit, as was
was devastating for a host of reasons. First, I     ones at that.                                      I was born with severe double hernias that          the custom in those days. I never smoked
had a great deal of my sense of self worth and           But, as my skills started to erode, my        required I wear a large truss, and that drove my    much and was not familiar with the effects of
masculine identity wrapped up in my hockey          fragile sense of self and manhood began            parents…both mothers…to stress the need to          the drug when using a water pipe, as opposed
life. I was playing in what was the then best       eroding with them. as my doubts grew, so           be careful not to make them worse. The effect       to a joint. The water pipe makes the smoke go
roller hockey league anywhere and during a          did my sense that I was a cowardly soft touch      on me was to be constantly worried about            down easier and you naturally take in more of
time when almost no one in the tri-state area       and would be seen as such by my friends and        hurting myself or getting sick, a dynamic that      the active chemical, and more quickly, than you
played ice hockey. The league was an institu-       teammates. In the part of Brooklyn where I         grew into severe hypochondria. as the book          would with a joint. The effects are also delayed,
tion so unique, so famous for its quality, and so   grew up in this second phase of my young life,     continues you, as I learned later on, may grasp     so your tendency is to take more “hits,” as well.
notorious for its violence, that it became the      it was simply not acceptable to be less than       the even wider significance of this disorder in     as the high built up I began to change from
subject of a feature story in National Geographic   tough, or worse, sensitive and bookish. I was      broader context of depression.                      feeling good to feeling nervous. It then gradu-
magazine. It was a big deal to play there, and I    skirting two worlds never really understanding           In april of 1975, I had been obsessed         ated from nervousness to fear, than from fear to
was a big deal for being good at it.                that I could be both.                              with a spate of mild and severe anxiety attacks     terror, and on to full grown panic. everything
      as a kid and young adult with an inferi-           One good fortune of that time was my          that I had experienced over the past two            I had ever read or heard about psychedelic
ority complex the size of Westchester, who was      performance at work. I was a supervisor on         years. so troubling were they that worrying         drugs making people jump out of windows, go
mediocre at other sports and more given to          Wall street at the age of twenty-one, and was      about them triggered still more. The problem        crazy or damage their brains drove me to near
the arts and literature than rough and tumble       now moving into the better position in the         compounded itself by my hypochondria                hysteria. My mind raced, every muscle in my
stuff, hockey more than leveled the playing         training department. But the truth was that my     driven obsessions that focused on possible          body cramped, my voice was cracking and I
field for me among the newer, aggressive and        work was suffering because of events outside       brain damage, or worse, some kind of mental         begged my friends to help me.
more sports oriented pre-teens and teenagers        the office. If I played a bad hockey game I was    illness I thought I might be developing. My              It was another time and the laws were
I was now involved with on 24th street. Prior       useless for two days. how could I care about       fears were further fueled by my brief but terri-    such then that there was no going to the
to my 24th street years, I had been brought up      work when I was a worthless wimp? I also           fying reactions to Marijuana a couple of years      hospital
to put safety ahead of achievement and was          kept obsessing about my relationships and my       before. I will get into this in greater detail in                              Continued on page 6

                                                                                                Thursday, October 27th
            SPEAKER                                                                             10:00am to 11:00am

            SERIES                                                                              “Reducing Your Cancer Risk – Breast Health 101”
                                                                                                 Helen Pass, MD, FACS
                                                                                                 Join us for an informative talk on how to maintain your breast health
                                                                                                 by nationally recognized breast surgeon, Helen Pass, MD, FACS.
                                                                                                 Dr. Pass will also discuss 2011 trends in cancer care for women,
                                                                                                 detection and treatment.

                                                      Lawrence’s Palmer Hall, 3rd Floor Conference Room
                                                      Free parking and light refreshments.

                                                      For more information call 914-787-5004
                                                      Lawrence Hospital Center, 55 Palmer Ave., Bronxville, NY                                               

                                                      L A W R E N C E                          H O S P I T A L                        C E N T E R
                                                      Know us before you need us.
Page 6                                         The WesTchesTer GuardIaN                                          ThursdaY, OcTOBer 20, 2011

No Guarantees: One Man’s Road through the Darkness of Depression—Chapter Eight – Something is Terribly Wrong
Continued from page 5                                that did not engage my interest. I was empty.       look people directly in the eye. I was as if there    retrieved the chairs. The room was dark, wood
     to get a simple sedative that I later learned        My wife saw that I was not myself and          was an invisible shield or wall that caused my        paneled and peaceful in a way that contrasted
would have stopped such a horrible reaction.         suggested we go to a night at the races event       stomach to become queasy and my gaze to               with my growing dread. I felt like I was going
Instead my friends talked me through it over         at a local church. she thought it might make        avert when I tried to say, “hello,” to someone.       to die or something worse. My eyes caught
the course of a long night. The effects were         me feel better. I did not want to go but agreed     This was just so strange and frightening; the         a small bay of holy water under a crucifix,
such that I never touched grass again, but the       to anyway. The lack of internal life in my body     tension grew all the more worse. Next, my             attached to the woodwork of the doorframe.
experience left me with an even worse case of        and mind seemed to be creating a strange            upstairs neighbor who was an official at the          By now I was trembling. I stuck my right hand
hypochondria, and more problematic, seemed           tension that made my hands shake ever so            event asked me to go next store to the convent        in the water and blessed myself. as I did so, I
to make my nervous system still more prone           slightly and my insides expand and harden           and pick up some chairs. I was grateful for           said out loud,” God, help me.”
to panic attacks.                                    like the tight strands of a golf ball. These lone   the break and departed for the convent to             Listen to Bob Marrone every weekday from 6:00-
     so there I was, sitting on the couch, dead      feelings were beginning to terrify me. I agreed     complete the chore.                                   8:30 am on the Good Morning Westchester with
inside; so dead that I could not read; so dead       to go to the church event in the hopes that it          as I walked into the building my whole            Bob Marrone on WVOX-1460 aM radio.
that I felt no love; so dead that I knew no          would help me stop obsessing.                       body began ever so slightly to quake, as if I
sensuality to the extent that even sex-libido             When we arrived I noticed something I          had too much coffee. a sister came to the door
seemed more like only an intellectual concept        had never experienced before. I was unable to       and asked me to wait in the foyer while she


Mt. Kisco Professionals Offer Speech and Communication Services Throughout Westchester
              By RICH MONETTI
                Take a walk through any              towards something that we all eventually end        a child does not smile in recognition of your         of the ongoing therapy. “That’s what makes
            daycare, and scattered among             up achieving anyway.                                face, that’s an early indicator of a communi-         it work because the parents are actually doing
            the kids, it’s highly likely that            “That’s a big idea out there,” says             cation problem. additionally, if a crying baby        speech therapy with the child,” she says.
            you’ll find a speech therapist           Lois cook of speech & communication                 can’t recognize the sound of their parent’s               certainly, the efforts parents make on
or two on hand. Walk through life and just           Professionals in Mt. Kisco. In response, this       voice, it may signify the same or mean a              their own are on the house but so too is all
about everyone you meet can speak and                columbia educated speech pathologist will           hearing problem.                                      the service that scP offers. Government
form a sentence. so it might follow to ask           point out that children who develop speech               as a result of the latter, they’ll slip behind   funded, a program called “early Intervention”
why such tremendous expense is allocated             and language later than two years old are at a      in the ability to imitate sounds. If they can’t       picks up the tab, as does an age three to five
                                                     higher risk of having learning problems later.      chu-chu like a train or woof-woof as a dog,           program called “related services,” which is
                                                         seeing emotional problems in the same           it may delay the formation of their first             primarily funded through school districts,
                                                     children probably isn’t a coincidence either.       words. down the road, impaired hearing will           she says.
   Coins & Currency,                                 Being limited in the ability to verbally express    hinder a child from honing in on the sounds               Of course, when it comes to commu-
                                                     emotions, she says, “results in a lot of frustra-   they need to know for reading.                        nication problems no gender gap separates
  Gold & Silver Wanted                               tion.” Over time, the problem escalates and              catching and treating audio prob-                boys from girls, but unfortunately, from her
                                                     behavioral issues follow down the line from         lems can get them back on track. Typically,           experience, one does stand out in terms of
  Experienced collector and part-                    the original cause.                                 effective treatments range from cochlear              which parent is more open to the idea of a
   time dealer will identify your                        What to look for varies with every child        implants, medicating for ear infection or             problem. “Typically, fathers will deny that
                                                     but parents should take note of some general        inserting small tubes to drain fluid that may         there’s a problem and they don’t want the
   holdings, explain how to de-                      guidelines, she says from 32 years as the           be blocking sounds. Otherwise, in worse               child to be evaluated,” she says.
  termine value, and make you a                      director of the center. By three months old, if     cases, signing can begin even in early infancy.           Once again, she offers science supporting
   strong offer or sell for you on                                                                                 Back on the speech end, between             the idea of early intervention. early on,
           consignment.                                                                                       four and six months, children should be          research shows the brain to be highly
       References available.                                                                                  making gurgling sounds like ba ba ba             malleable - meaning, she says, “You can
                                                                                                              ba. Within the next few months, they             change the brain cells and make it easier for
                                                                                                              should be stringing the sounds together          people to learn.”
                                                                                                              and using them to get your attention. By             everything else follows from that.
                                                                                                              age one, words like ma ma and bye bye            “If you want your child to function at the
                                                                                                              should be fixed into the vocabulary.             highest capacity, speech and language
                                                                                                                   Later on, parents may see their kids        effects intelligence, it effects emotions and it
                                                                                                              held up on language issues. short on             effects relationships with other people,” she
                                                                                                              vocabulary, she says, they don’t under-          concludes.
                                                                                                              stand clearly, can’t follow directions or            In order to begin services, either contact
                                                                                                              mix up their grammar.                            the Westchester department of health or
                                                                                                                   speech or language delays, speech           speech & communication Professionals.
                                                                                                              and communication Professionals                  scP also offers full bilingual services.
                                                                                                              handle all manner of impediments and                 For more info 914-241-2727.
              914-649-3317                                                                                    turn over their expertise to parents. Birth                                                                                       to five, therapists come right to the home,
                                                                                                              and teaching parents what to do, is part
                                        The WesTchesTer GuardIaN                                   ThursdaY, OcTOBer 20, 2011                              Page 7


Junior League Hosts Second Annual “Shop. Local.                                                     When was the last time
Fall Fashion Show” Supports Local Merchants                                                             you dealt with
                                                                                                 Lexington Capital Associates?

(L-R): JLWOS President Christa Lauri, New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson, Mamaroneck Mayor
Norm Rosenblum, Larchmont Mayor Josh Mandell, Westchester County Legislator Judy Myers, Port
      Chester Mayor Dennis Pilla, Shop Local Fashion Show Event Chair Melissa Donahue.

     LarchMONT, NY -- The Junior                     Local clothing stores outfitting the
League of Westchester on the sound               runway included stephanie’s Kloset, clutch,
(JLWOs) hosted their very popular shop.          Outerluxe, Twinkle Toes, Mancino Tailors,
Local. Fall Fashion show on October 13th         Love by Bella Fiora, eB Barrett, designer
at the Larchmont shore club. The second          One, siren, sportech, The Look, and the
annual Fashion show raised money to help         Golden shoestring.
fund various JLWOs outreach projects,                after the show, attendees were invited to
scholarships and grants.                         shop local from display tables including Pink
     Performing for a packed house, New          on Palmer, centre stage Boutique, Lisa K.
rochelle high school Varsity cheerleaders        design, Wendy Gee, rhythm in rye Too,
opened the show with an upbeat dance             Pam Older designs, chakarr Jewelry, and
routine. Over 70 local residents, including      designers corner.
Westchester county Legislator Judy Myers             Pink on Palmer and salon Firefly
and Junior League members modeled the            provided complimentary make-up and
latest looks. sound shore town Mayors,           hairstyling to models prior to the event and
including Mayor of Larchmont Joshua              Massimo, owner of salon Firefly, walked the
Mandell, Mayor of New rochelle Noam              runway.                                          With over 50 years experience, Lexington Capital Associates
Bramson, Mayor of Mamaroneck Norman                  “We are thrilled that our second annual
rosenblum, and Mayor of Port chester             shop Local Fashion show has been such a          provides loans from $1m-$150m at some of the lowest
dennis Pilla also walked the runway.             huge success! We have had so much enthu-         interest rates available in the marketplace.
     Models wore their hair in ponytails         siasm around the event from our local shops,
wrapped in pink string in honor of Breast        including new storefronts, which show our          • For cash flowing loans- NO PERSONAL GUARANTEE
cancer awareness Month.                                                    Continued on page 8      • 30 year payouts
                                                                                                    • Int. only loans available

                                                                                                  Lexington Capital Associates, LLC.
                                                                                                                   240 North Avenue
                                                                                                                New Rochelle, NY 10801
 New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson and the            New Rochelle HS Varsity Cheerleaders                Phone (914) 632-1230 fax (914) 633-0806
New Rochelle High School Varsity Cheerleaders.                 performance.
Page 8                                      The WesTchesTer GuardIaN                                        ThursdaY, OcTOBer 20, 2011

Junior League Hosts Second Annual “Shop. Local. Fall Fashion Show” Supports Local Merchants
Continued from page 7                             and we can all take pride in the rebirth of our   goody bag of the season, filled with treats and    mentoring girls in partnership with the Boys
efforts to shop locally are paying off,” said     local downtown.”                                  coupons.                                           & Girls club; sound shore Medical center
Melissa donahue, JLWOs member and                      ParticiPating local stores were very              “Just as our local businesses are bouncing    health Initiative, and other community
chair of the event.                               enthusiastic to be a part of the event.           back, vibrant as ever, our League is growing       Outreach projects.
     “I would like to thank our sponsors, My           “I think this was the event of the year!”    and our membership is expanding to include              The Junior League of Westchester on
Gym of Larchmont, and equinox, without            said Mary ann Mancino, of Mancino Tailors         more residents from harrison, Port chester,        the sound (JLWOs) is an organization of
whom this event would not be possible,”           in Larchmont. “We love it. For an organiza-       rye and rye Brook. This allows us to reach         women committed to promoting volun-
continued donahue.                                tion like JLWOs to host such a fantastic          more women and children in our service             tarism, developing the potential of women
     Local businesses, storeowners, town          shop Local campaign is wonderful, and we          area,” said christa Lauri, President of the        and improving the sound shore commu-
Mayors, and even a high school have               really appreciate it. It’s a fabulous community   Junior League of Westchester on the sound.         nities through the effective action and
banded together to make a difference for our      effort and the exposure for us is terrific!”      “I am so proud of our membership. Their            leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose
community.                                             approximately 250 people were on-hand        passion, along with the support of our sound       is exclusively educational and charitable.
     “On behalf of the Village of Larchmont,      to enjoy the highly anticipated fashion show      shore community, makes it possible for our         Founded in 1950, JLWOs is celebrating
I would like to thank the Junior League of        featuring some of the season’s hottest looks      League to truly make a difference.”                its 61 years of service to the sound shore
Westchester on the sound for all of the good      and runway trends from Palmer avenue,                  all proceeds raised by the shop. Local.       community. JLWOs is comprised of women
work that they do. The second annual shop         Mamaroneck avenue and Purchase street.            Fall Fashion show will be used to assist           from harrison, Larchmont, Mamaroneck,
Local Fashion show has been a tremen-                  Guests enjoyed an evening of cocktails       JLWOs-supported community proj-                    New rochelle, Port chester, rye and rye
dous success and a great show, “ said Joshua      and appetizers while shopping for accessories     ects. 2011-2012 projects include career            Brook. If you are interested in joining or
Mandell, Mayor of Larchmont. “Most of the         and the latest must-haves from local stores       connections, assisting women seeking help          learning more information, visit www.jlwos.
storefront vacancies that existed a year ago      offering an exclusive night of one-stop shop-     with professional transition; Little Leaguers,     org.
have been filled by new merchants, and the        ping. Locals of all ages were “wowed” by the      teaching kids the value of giving back; Project    Photos by and courtesy of Jillian McAlley
streets are buzzing with activity. Together,      clothes and merchandise displayed by local        Madres, a workshop program to empower
we have come a long way over the last year,       merchants and all attendees received the “It”     immigrant women; sMarT Girls,


News & Notes from Northern Westchester
                                                                                                    The next day there will be a family scarecrow      becomes the new acting president of the
                                                                                                    design event from 10am to 1pm, and no I will       Bedford hills historical Museum. Telega
                                                                                                    not be modeling for your scarecrow design.         is taking over for elin sullivan, who ran the
                                                                                                         Our friends over at John Jay homestead        museum for the last five years and did a great
                   By MARK JEFFERS                                                                  will be holding the Jay Ladies Luncheon on         job.
                       Northern Westchester       community college in Valhalla. For details        Wednesday, November 2nd. This year, the                 Looking for a good read…then check out
                   certainly has some fine        call 914-606-6600.                                event will celebrate the opening of the newly      the annual book sale for the Katonah Village
                   dining      establishments,         here’s something you don’t want to miss,     refurbished summer Kitchen discovery               Library being held October 21st through the
                   and we try to visit them       the Katonah Museum of art’s latest exhibit        center on the ground floor of “Bedford             29th. For more information give the library a
                   often, maybe too often…        entitled “New York, New York! The 20th            house.” The event includes a chance to             call at 914-232-3508.
lately we are seeing more and more take-out       century,” featuring paintings, photographs        explore this new hands-on exhibit, followed             With cold weather right around the
happening at these restaurants, so go grab        and sculptures that celebrate New York’s          by a luncheon and lecture in the Ballroom          corner, now is the time to tune up your home
a yummy meal, take it home, sit back and          wonderful urban landscape.                        featuring cinder stanton, the shannon              to reduce energy wasted through the cracks
devour this week’s delectable “News and                We have carved our jack-o-lantern all        senior historian at Monticello, and allan          that raise your energy bills and cause cold and
Notes…”                                           ready, because we just love to eat roasted        Weinreb, curator of John Jay homestead             drafty rooms, sure sounds like our house. The
     I can’t even draw a straight line, but for   pumpkin seeds, but if you are looking for some    state historic site. attendees will also be able   Town of Bedford is sponsoring a program
those with interest an exhibition of drawing      carving tips on October 28th for grades 4 to 7,   to visit the homestead’s Back Parlor exhibit,      that helps you get a free comprehensive
will be presented by the sumi Ink club            the town of Bedford will be offering pumpkin      slaves, slavery and the Jay Family.                home energy assessment so you can stop
through November 19th at the Westchester          carving at the Bedford hills Memorial Park.            Good luck to stanley Telega as he             wasting energy. right now you can qualify
                                                                                                                                                       for up to $4000 in New York state incen-
                                                                                                                                                       tives when you tune up your home. energize
                                                                                                                                                       Bedford has helped more than 100 of
                                                                                                                                                       your friends and neighbors; take action to
                                                                                                                                                       save money and reduce energy waste. The
                                                                                                                                                       comprehensive home energy assessment
                                                                                                                                                       takes 3-4 hours and most upgrades take just
                                                                                                                                                       3-5 days to complete. For more information
                                                                                                                                                            Be brave and get your flu vaccinations at
                                                                                                                                                       the Katonah Memorial house on October 27th.
                                                                                                                                                            congratulations to robert shuster of
                                                                                                                                                       Bedford for winning the 20th annual James
                                                                                                                                                       Jones First Novel Fellowship award for his
                                                                                                                                                       novel “To Zenzi.”
                                                                                                                                                                                   Continued on page 9
                                             The WesTchesTer GuardIaN                                             ThursdaY, OcTOBer 20, 2011                                                                      Page 9

News & Notes from Northern Westchester                                                                     North salem by the final score of 5 to 0.
                                                                                                                as many of us know, the folks in
                                                                                                                                                                   the world a better place. see you next week…
                                                                                                                                                                   Mark Jeffers successfully spearheaded the launch
Continued from page 8                                 dinner and dancing.                                  Westchester county are very generous with               in 2008 of MAR$AR Sports & Entertainment
    Grab your dancing shoes and head out to                Turning to sports:                              their time and money, but sometimes it seems            LLC. As president he has seen rapid growth of the
Glen arbor Golf club in Bedford hills for                  On the girls’ high school volleyball court,     that everywhere we turn, someone is asking              company with the signing of numerous clients. He
the Bedford Village chowder & Marching                it was Byram hills in a close battle beating         for a donation…and money can be tight, but I            currently resides in Bedford Hills with his wife
Band annual fall dinner dance to be held              Greeley 3 to 2. On the soccer turf, in boys’         believe that there is truly an intangible benefit       Sarah and three girls, Kate, Amanda and Claire.
on saturday October 22nd. The event will              action, Yorktown defeated hen hud 5 to               in giving. Giving back to the community
feature a live and silent auction, cocktails,         1, and on the girls’ side, it was somers over        gives you a warm feeling of connectedness
                                                                                                           and the satisfaction of at least trying to make


Ridge Hill Shopping Complex to Celebrate Debut
                                                                                                                                                                                  Lux – a 12-screen
                                                                                                                                                                                  movie theater featuring
                                                                                                                                                                                  a restaurant, bar and
     YONKers, NY -- Westchester’s ridge                    at dusk on Thursday, Oct. 20, Yonkers’          area and we are eagerly                                                children’s playroom – as
hill, the New York metropolitan area’s largest        Mayor Philip a. amicone will greet                   anticipating celebrating                                               well as reI and dick’s
mixed-use outdoor shopping center, will               the crowd alongside Forest city ratner               this occasion with                                                     sporting Goods.
celebrate the first in a series of “brand” open-      companies’ (Fcrc) chairman and chief                 the vibrant Yonkers                                                         In         addition,
ings next week,                                                                     executive officer      community,” said Bruce                                                  WesTMed Medical
unveiling brands                                                                    Bruce c. ratner,       ratner, chairman and                                                    Group recently opened
never        before                                                                 James a. ratner,       chief executive officer     The 1.3-million-square-foot 81.4-acre       an      84,000-square-
seen in the area,                                                                   chairman and           of Fcrc. “We have           Westchester’s Ridge Hill – the New York     foot medical facility
coupled with an                                                                     chief executive        great brands on board metropolitan area’s largest mixed-use outdoor providing primary and
unrivaled shop-                                                                     officer of Forest      and our retailers are shopping center. Photo courtesy of Z&M, LLC. specialty care services,
ping experience.                                                                    city commercial        thrilled to be associated                                               radiology and phle-
     Located                                                                        Group and andy         with the dynamic ridge hill project.”                                   botomy, as well as an
in         Yonkers,                                                                 silberfein, execu-          earlier this year, ridge hill opened         urgent care center. WesTMed’s lobby also
New           York,                                                                 tive vice president    National amusements, Inc.’s cinema de             hosts ridge hill’s customer service location
Westchester’s                                                                       and director of                                                                                   Continued on page 10
ridge hill, which A state-of-the-art fountain by acclaimed designer WET retail and finance
spans more than Design and featuring choreographed sheets of fire and for Fcrc. Other
81.4 acres and will water, will be unveiled at Ridge Hill’s “brand” opening attendees               will
include 1.3 million             weekend. Photo courtesy of WET Design.            include city and                                                    IAA gave me a road map on getting into a
square feet at full                                                               county       officials
build-out, will change the shopping habits            as well as the project’s architects, who have                                                      nursing school and nishing my degree
of tens of thousands of New Yorkers. Best             worked for years to bring ridge hill to                                                           successfully.   ey helped me realize my
of all, this exceptional destination is conve-        fruition.
niently situated just off the New York state               One of the highlights of the celebra-                                                          dream to become a Registered Nurse.
Thruway I-87 at exit 6a, and the sprain               tion will be the premier of a state-of-the-art                                                                                                  - Rebecca B
Brook Parkway Tuckahoe road West exit,                fountain designed by acclaimed designer
making it easily accessible to New Yorkers            WeT design. This one-of-a-kind fountain
and tourists alike.                                   show, featuring choreographed sheets of fire             Become a
                                                                                                                      REGISTERED NURSE
     To commemorate the opening of many               and water, will take place at 6 p.m. Thursday,
exciting restaurants and retailers, ridge hill        Friday and saturday. also, Flambeaux Fire,
will host a four-day celebration, complete            from America’s Got Talent, will be performing
with live music, street performances and              a theatrical fire show at sundown on Friday
interactive characters. The festivities are           and saturday evenings.
scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 20 through                    Muppet-themed promotions such as
sunday, Oct. 23.
     ridge hill will soon boast delectable
                                                      trivia games, activities and giveaways will also
                                                      be creating a splash. Bring your cameras! all
                                                                                                               IAA has helped over 1,500 STUDENTS
                                                                                                               FAST TRACK their R.N. education                                        Infosession
food options such as a 50,000-square-foot             the fun is in anticipation of disney’s “The                                                                                      Thursday 11/10
Whole Foods Market; New York state’s first            Muppets” – in theatres on Nov. 23.                     • Daemen College General          • Application admission
                                                                                                                                                                                       Visit us anytime
Yard house, with its award winning selec-                  Visitors will have the opportunity to take          Education courses that            assistance to NO WAITLIST
                                                                                                                                                                                       from 9am to 7pm.
tion of over 150 beers on tap and american            home reusable ridge hill shopping bags                   transfer to a nursing school      nursing schools
                                                                                                                                                                                       Please RSVP @
cuisine; and The cheesecake Factory, with             and climb aboard Westchester’s ridge hill              • Day, evening, or weekend        • TEAS/NLN Nursing School
seating for 295 guests. The complex will also         express, a vintage-inspired trolley offering             classes for working students      Entrance Test Prep
welcome popular national retailers L.L.Bean,          complimentary rides with great views of
h&M, Old Navy, sephora, Orvis, Gap and                the complex. ridge hill will provide trolley
desigual — all slated to open their doors this        transportation throughout the year.                                                                                              Call 888.465.2500
month, with more new store openings to                     “This is an exciting opportunity for not                                               1032 6th Ave. (bw 38th & 39th St.) 4th Fl, NYC |
follow in November and december.                      only Westchester but the entire tri-state
Page 10                                             The WesTchesTer GuardIaN                                                          ThursdaY, OcTOBer 20, 2011

Ridge Hill Shopping Complex to Celebrate Debut                                                                              town square, and a children’s play area with
                                                                                                                            a slide designed by famed sculptor Tom
                                                                                                                                                                                        president and director of retail and finance
                                                                                                                                                                                        for Fcrc. “We are proud to have partnered
Continued from page 9                                         an 80,000-square-foot location to anchor                      Otterness. additionally, it provides parking                with Yonkers Workforce development to
where ridge hill gift cards are sold, and                     Westchester’s ridge hill – making it the first                space for up to 4,700 vehicles while The                    connect people with retailers and jobs and to
wheelchairs, information and other services                   new, full-line Lord & Taylor since its land-                  cheesecake Factory, WesTMed Medical                         promote hiring from the local workforce.”
are provided.                                                 mark mall store opened in alexandria, Va. in                  Group and Lord & Taylor will offer valet                        Thursday’s festivities will begin at 5:30
     developed by Fcrc, this family- and                      2001.                                                         parking.                                                    p.m. with a Yard house ribbon cutting by
pet-friendly outdoor center will continue                          Popular health club La Fitness,                              ridge hill is also expected to provide                  Mayor amicone; the restaurant will host a
taking Yonkers by storm with the antici-                      Brazilian-style steakhouse Texas de Brazil,                   a major boon to the local economy, adding                   private party later that night. The entertain-
pated opening of sur la Table and charming                    Italian restaurant Brio Tuscan Grille, and                    an anticipated 4,000 full-time jobs, 5,500                  ment starts at 2 p.m. on Friday and 11 a.m.
charlie in early November. republic of                        cuban eatery havana central – the first                       construction jobs once fully built and gener-               on saturday and sunday.
couture and Guitar center are under                           outside Manhattan – are also expected to be                   ating estimated annual sales tax revenue of                 Westchester’s ridge hill’s regular hours are:
construction and will open in the near future.                rolled out in early 2012. stay tuned for more                 $24.2 million.                                                  Monday – saturday: 10 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.
     In addition to the openings this year,                   exciting tenant announcements!                                    “This project will serve to invigorate the                  sunday: 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.
the excitement continues after the New                             ridge hill features a dynamic atmo-                      greater Westchester area bringing local jobs                    restaurant and theatre hours vary
Year. In March 2012, renowned fashion                         sphere, distinctive architectural design,                     and tax revenue at a time when they are greatly                 For more information, visit http://www.
retailer Lord & Taylor is expected to open                    pedestrian-friendly street planning, a lush                   needed,” said andy silberfein, executive vice     


Nuclear Poison in the Land                                                                                                          Jersey’s salem, hope creek and Oyster
                                                                                                                                    creek plants, and about 60 others around
                                                                                                                                    the country were granted waivers of up to 18
                                                                                                                                                                                        refused to state if they concurred with
                                                                                                                                                                                        entergy’s apparent need for heavier weap-
                                                                                                                                                                                        onry or the prospect of a federal override of
                      A Farm Family from Fukushima Loses it All                                                                     months so they did not have to incur imme-          state weapons laws.
                                                                                                                                    diate expenses implementing the changes.                 The Nrc has not rushed to grant
                      By ROGER WITHERSPOON                                                                                               The new request for heavier weapons            entergy’s request. Instead, the regulatory
                           entergy Nuclear has                            campaign with advertisements depicting                    was submitted to the Nrc april 27, and              agency sent a formal “request for additional
                      asked federal regulators                            a heavily armed, paramilitary protective                  asks for federal “Preemption authority” to          Information” to the company. according to
                      to override New York                                force; and a lobbying campaign to dissuade                overrule state gun laws. Nrc spokesman              screnci, “The september 28th letter simply
                      state’s weapons law to                              the Nuclear regulatory commission from                    Neil sheehan explained that “New York               informs entergy that we need more infor-
allow Indian Point guards to carry heavier                                requiring the companies to have significantly             state law prohibits the possession and use          mation to complete our review, specifically,
weaponry on the nuclear site than standard                                more protection than the average commer-                  of handguns, rifles, shotguns, short-barreled       it asks entergy to ‘describe the impact on
commercial security guards.                                               cial guard forces.                                        shotguns, short-barreled rifles, machine            Indian Point’s current physical protection
      The request comes ten years after terror-                                  In that latter effort, the industry has been       guns, semi-automatic assault weapons and            program and capabilities, including response
ists flew a hijacked plane directly over the twin                         partly successful. While the exact armaments              large-capacity magazines, the possession and        capabilities, if the Nrc were to elect not to
containment domes on the hudson river en                                  used by guards at particular nuclear power                use of which have been determined to be             grant stand-alone pre-emption authority to
route to a suicidal dive into the World Trade                             plants vary and are not made public, federal              necessary at Indian Point for the protection        Indian Point’.”
center 25 miles to the south. In the interim,                             regulators do not require operators to have               of radioactive material or other property.               The physical security of nuclear power
entergy and the nuclear industry have waged                               a paramilitary force capable of defending                      “Therefore, entergy is seeking stand-          plants has been an ongoing issue since the
a two pronged effort: a public relations                                  against an armed assault using rocket                     alone pre-emption authority to allow                2001 attacks. Within hours of the collapse
                                                                                            propelled grenades and other            Indian Point security personnel to continue         of the World Trade center towers the Nrc
                                                                                            heavy weaponry.                         to possess and use the standard weapons,            was steering reporters to a video the nuclear
                                                                                                  But the Nrc issued a              devices, ammunition and/or other firearms           industry was circulating a doctored video of
                                                                                            series of orders in 2003 dealing        at the facility.”                                   a test at the sandia National Laboratories (
                                                                                            with a host of security related              Nrc spokeswoman diane screnci         ) in which an a-4
                                                                                            items, These were turned into           said “this is the first time Indian Point has       fighter jet strapped to a rocket sled was
                                                                                            rules and expanded in 2009,             applied, and there is no requirement to apply       rammed into a one million pound, 12-foot
                                                                                            though Indian Point, New                again if the request is granted.”                   concrete cube at 350 miles an hour. The craft
                                                       Professional Dominican                                                                           entergy declined to discuss     virtually disintegrated with little impression
                                          Hairstylists & Nail Technicians                                                                          whether they are currently in        in the concrete.
                                          Hair Cuts • Styling • Wash & Set • Perming
                      Pedicure • Acrylic Nails • Fill Ins • Silk Wraps • Nail Art Designs
                     Highights • Coloring • Extensions • Manicure • Eyebrow Waxing
                                                                                                                                                   compliance with New York’s                The industry claimed it was a test of the

    Yudi’s Salon 610 Main St, New Rochelle, NY 10801 914.633.7600
                                                                                                   gun laws and have little more
                                                                                                                                                   firepower than the average
                                                                                                                                                                                        ability of the nuclear reactors’ containment
                                                                                                                                                                                        buildings to withstand the crash of a 767,
                                                                                                   shopping mall or chemical                        and the Nrc stated that the current fleet of
   Before speaking to the police... call                                                                        plant, or if they are currently in   power plants was designed to withstand the
                                                                                                                                                   violation of the law.                crash of a 747. In fact, the video showed the
     George Weinbaum                                                                             
                                                                                                                                                        according to screnci, “it       test of crash reconstruction software devel-
              ATTORNEY AT LAW
                                                                                                               is our understanding that the        oped by the Japanese defense department
       FREE CONSULTATION:                                                                                                                         state of New York is aware of        for use in the simulated crash of a jet into a
        Criminal, Medicaid, Medicare                                                                                    the request.”                        mountainside.
        Fraud, White-Collar Crime &                                                            
        Health Care Prosecutions.                               T. 914.948.0044                                                                         But spokesmen for Gov.               Within a day of the attacks the Nrc was
                                                                F. 914.686.4873                
                                                                                                                                                  andrew cuomo and attorney            forced to admit that when the current fleet of
       175 MAIN ST., SUITE 711-7 • WHITE PLAINS, NY 10601                                                                                          General eric schneiderman                                      Continued on page 11
                                            The WesTchesTer GuardIaN                                      ThursdaY, OcTOBer 20, 2011                                                         Page 11

 ENERGY MATTERS                                                                                      HISTORY
Nuclear Poison in the Land
Continued from page 10                             against a reasonably armed team of about five
                                                                                                   Those Were the Days, 4: A Toast to Taverns
104 reactors were designed in the 1950s and        intruders – not 20.
early 1960s, there were no 747s and studies             In light of this 10-year position by the
                                                                                                                   By ROBERT SCOTT
conducted by the corps of engineers for            industry and the regulators, the new call for                         Taverns played a little-
the agency and the department of energy            permission to use heavier weaponry at Indian                     known but vital role as a
found the containment buildings were not           Point stands out. The news that entergy is                       center of community life in
invulnerable to the impacts of wide-bodied         only now seeking authority to carry heavy                        colonial america. By defi-
commercial jets at speeds over 466 miles per       weapons was criticized by Gary shaw of the      nition, they offered food, alcoholic drink, and
hour ( ).                     Indian Point safe energy coalition, which       often overnight accommodations for a price,
     entergy executives continued showing          is seeking to close the twin reactors. “I had   serving both the local citizenry and travelers.
the video frequently to elected officials in       no idea they would need permission to carry          early settlers were mostly British, and
New York city and the surrounding coun-            heavy weapons,” shaw said. “entergy had         the public house was one of the many long-              Fraunces Tavern in New York City
ties, repeating the false claims of its purpose.   always given the impression that they had       standing traditions directly imported to the
     ultimately, the Nrc agreed with the           all the firepower they would need to protect    colonies from the mother country. Following        stagecoaches stopped at taverns, linking back-
industry that protecting plants from aerial        the plant, and that proves to be another        British custom, they were originally called        woods settlements with the outside world.
assaults was the job of the government,            falsehood.                                      “ordinarys.”                                       residents learned the latest news from letters
through increased screening of the air                  “Once again, the ugly reality at Indian         The name was adopted because, in the          and newspapers delivered at taverns.
industry and the rapid deployment capabili-        Point is that their assurances of safety and    parlance of the time, a dinner there was an             as well as being the community’s
ties of the air Force. It rejected calls from      preparedness for emergency situations prove     “ordinary”--a prepared meal open to the            drinking place, the tavern was its hotel and
civic groups for anti-aircraft batteries around    to be unsubstantiated. every day that plant     public offered at a set time for an established    restaurant. It was also the town hall, assembly
nuclear installations.                             runs is another day of risk.”                   price. The public quality of the ordinary meal     room and courtroom. Itinerant actors used its
     But concerns lingered about the ability                                                       declined with time. By the end of the 17th         public rooms as a theater. Its bulletin boards
                                                   Roger Witherspoon writes Energy Matters at
of the guards at these plants to withstand                                                         century, “tavern” had replaced “ordinary” as the   posted lists of jurors, announcements of
a ground assault from concerted terrorists.                                                        name for a public house.                           public auctions and legal notices, plus offers of
The Nrc ruled that on 9/11/2001 there                                                                   Not merely a place where food and drink       rewards for runaway slaves or bond servants,
were four separate attacks, rather than one                                                        were dispensed and lodging was provided, the       and lost animals or other property.
concerted, coordinated assault and, as a                                                           early american tavern filled many needs, even-          One fact overlooked by historians is that
result, plants needed to be able to defend                                                         tually becoming the hub of the community.                                    Continued on page 12

                            THE ROMA BUILDING
           2022 Saw Mill River Rd., Yorktown Heights, NY
                         Office & Store Space for Rent
                          Prime Yorktown Location
                       Office Space 965 sq ft.: Rent $ 1650/mo.
                      Store Karl Ehmers: 1100 sq ft- $3100/mo.
                         Store in back: 1300 sq ft. $2650/mo.
Page 12                                       The WesTchesTer GuardIaN                                          ThursdaY, OcTOBer 20, 2011

Those Were the Days, 4: A Toast to Taverns                                                              to guest at each table.
                                                                                                            Wine, imported from spain and
                                                                                                                                                           generally excluded from tavern life with the
                                                                                                                                                           exception of such occasions as dances and
Continued from page 11                              tavern fare.                                        Germany, was also served in taverns but it         other public entertainments.
taverns were the seedbeds of the american                Food at Thomas allen’s tavern in New           was not widely available outside of cities. Like        Games were brought to early america
revolution, places where British tyranny was        London included locally available farm prod-        punch, consumption of wine was limited to          by english and dutch settlers. cards, back-
condemned, militias organized and indepen-          ucts and seafood—lobsters, salmon, eels and         the affluent. Brandy was usually imported,         gammon, passage (a game played with three
dence plotted. Patriots regarded public houses      oysters--from Long Island sound. his cellar         but local varieties were also sold, made from      dice), chess, checkers, and ninepins were
in front of which liberty poles were erected as     bulged with stores of ham or bacon, smoked          peaches, apples or cherries.                       popular tavern recreations. colonial laws in
the nurseries of freedom. The British called        and pickled tongue, salt pork, crackers, butter,        Toddy, a mixture of wine or beer sweet-        New england regulating taverns prohibited
them public nuisances and hotbeds of sedition.      coffee, apples                                                                     ened         with   game playing and gaming. Gambling and
     after the revolution, a large part of the      and sugar.                                                                         sugar         and   drunkenness were condemned by civil and
american population was on the move--in                                                                                                flavored with       religious leaders.
stagecoaches and conestoga wagons, on               Drink                                                                              nutmeg, was              When the dutch briefly recaptured New
horseback, and even on foot. Taverns became              In the 18th                                                                   also dispensed      amsterdam in 1673 from the British, they
the hostelries for travelers and boarders, even     and 19th centu-                                                                    by the bowl.        forbade gaming, card playing, and ball playing,
though the bedding was not changed regularly        ries, drinking                                                                     Flip, served in     and rolling nine pins on the sabbath. a
and strangers might have to double up in the        was the most                                                                       a mug, pitcher      century later, the New York assembly passed
same bed.                                           popular          of                                                                or glass, was       laws to “restrain disorderly and unlawful
     The first post offices were in taverns,        tavern recre-                                                                      strong beer with    gaming houses and prohibited billiard tables,
with the tavern keeper serving as the commu-        ations. annual                                                                     rum and sugar       shuffleboards and games of chance.”
nity’s postmaster. delivery of mail to a tavern     per         capita                                                                 or      molasses         Other forces also brought about changes
was informal. hugh Finlay, surveyor of the          consumption                                                                        added. cheaper      in taverns. One was the separation of the bar
Post roads, who developed colonial postal           of        distilled                                                                fermented           from the tavern, thus altering its character
services in New england, complained in              spirits reached                                                                    beverages made      completely. From the time of the earliest colo-
1773, “Letters are thrown down on a table in a      3.7 gallons by                                                                     locally were also   nial regulations, the two had been inseparable,
Tavern or coffee house for every man to pick        the time of                                                                        available. apple    and no one could sell liquor at retail without
out his own.”                                       the american Old Salem Tavern – A favorite experience in Winston-Salem cider was sold                  making provision for travelers.
     When no newspapers were included in            revolution. By                                                                     by the jug, pint,        By the 1830s, some states permitted
a mail delivery, letters filled with gossip, news   1830, thanks to the wide availability of cheap      pot or pitcher. Beer was either imported from      taverns to operate without lodging facilities.
and information inevitably became objects of        whiskey, consumption climbed to 5.2 gallons-        england or locally brewed.                         another change was the disappearance of
extreme curiosity. The law and common prac-         -nearly triple today’s figure.                                                                         the common dining table with its standard-
                                                         Local courts established prices for alco-      Lodging                                            ized menu and fixed eating hours. With
tice (“Touch not, nor look upon the Books or
                                                    holic beverages, with legally required price            Tavern accommodations were not only            the barroom and restaurant severed from
Writings of anyone . . .”) stipulated that mail
                                                    schedules posted in each licensed tavern.           communal but uncomfortable. sleeping was           the tavern, its character became completely
was private. But when letters, a relative rarity,
                                                    standardized measures were also a require-          not the intimate and private act it is today. It   different.
lay on a tavern side table for days, some patrons
                                                    ment for each tavern keeper, a practice             was common to put beds in every room of                 a network of post roads once linked
simply could not resist unfolding them and
                                                    observed in england. The size of each metal         a house, and this practice carried over to the     distant parts of the country, making it possible
reading them aloud to listeners eager for news.
                                                    measure was stamped on the handle and               public rooms of taverns. rural taverns were        for widely separated friends and relatives
     Taverns often served as churches for reli-
                                                    ranged from a gallon down to a nip.                 usually small residences converted into inns in    to correspond regularly. swift stagecoaches
gious services. even after a church had been
                                                         rum was the most popular distilled             which the barroom and public rooms included        offered the means of moving mail and passen-
erected, worshipers could be found in the
                                                    liquor, widely served in taverns and sold in        beds.                                              gers from place to place. and taverns provided
tavern thawing out after long sunday services
                                                    an assortment of measures. The most expen-              even after bedrooms for travelers separate     centers of hospitality, friendliness, news,
in unheated churches or meeting houses.
                                                    sive rum varieties were imported from the           from the public rooms were added, it was the       laughter, and entertainment. For post roads,
     “entertainment” was the byword of
                                                    West Indies. Jamaican rum was especially            usual practice for paying guests in taverns to     stagecoaches and taverns, it was a symbi-
tavern keeping. Public house proprietors
                                                    prized. rum was also fermented and distilled        share sleeping quarters, sometimes the same        otic relationship of mutual dependence and
were licensed “to keep an ordinary for the
                                                    locally from molasses imported from the same        bed. In winter, two or more in the bed was not     benefit.
entertainment of travelers and strangers,” and
                                                    source. In 1770, the colonies imported four         only practical but generated warmth. regular            In the 19th century, railroads supplanted
their signs were embellished with that word.
                                                    million gallons of rum and distilled another        bathing was not a common habit, and sheets         post roads, inevitably causing the demise of
Today we associate the word entertainment
                                                    five million gallons.                               were not changed frequently and laundered.         roadside taverns. The workaday post roads are
with amusement, but its meaning in the 17th
                                                         Plain rum, drunk straight, was the drink of    Toilet facilities were primitive. Most taverns     barely discernible now. Their speeding stage-
and 18th centuries was maintenance or provi-
                                                    the working classes. Grog--rum and water—           kept chamber pots in the bedrooms or had           coaches have long since vanished. and today’s
sioning, and pertained exclusively to eating,
                                                    was originally the daily ration of British sailors, outside privies.                                   hotels and motels are pale imitations of the
drinking and lodging.
                                                    and grog shops became synonymous with the           Amusements                                         warm, convivial taverns of two hundred years
Food                                                lowliest of taverns. rum was also the main                                                             ago when a welcome was extended to all.
                                                                                                            although dancing was forbidden in strict
     Food at taverns was frequently mediocre.       ingredient of punch, described by one writer                                                                To these shadowy reflections of simpler
                                                                                                        New england, country dances derived from
choices were limited, and prices were unpre-        as “a very good, pleasant and healthful drink.”                                                        days when this country was young and full of
                                                                                                        folk traditions brought to the New World
dictable. Breakfast at eight was substantial and         a popular beverage routinely served at                                                            hope, I hereby propose an extravagantly senti-
                                                                                                        by early settlers were popular. Formal dances
usually included ham or salt fish accompanied       tavern events ranging from political gather-                                                           mental toast--and a fond farewell.
                                                                                                        requiring skill and training soon became part
by coffee or tea and slices of toasted bread        ings to men’s club meetings, punch was made
                                                                                                        of colonial life. Taverns, which were larger       Robert Scott is a semi-retired book publisher and
spread with butter.                                 using rather pricey ingredients: the rinds and
                                                                                                        than most domestic structures, were the            local historian.
     The main meal of the day was dinner,           juice of imported lemons, limes and oranges,
                                                                                                        ideal sites for such dances. dancing masters,
served between one and three. supper, usually       mixed with rum and white or brown sugar.
                                                                                                        often French immigrants, conducted classes
cold, was a light meal at nine. Meat, heavily       Punch was served warm and sold in taverns by
                                                                                                        and arranged balls in taverns. Women were
salted for preservation, was the mainstay of        the bowl, which was passed around from guest
                                           The WesTchesTer GuardIaN                                         ThursdaY, OcTOBer 20, 2011                                                     Page 13


What Your Doctor Won’t (or Can’t) Tell You
                                                                                                         to locking many into chronic poverty.        care, but I think dentists should not be
                                                                                                         at my institution I find heart surgeons      immune to being pushed to provide health-
                                                                                                         doing careful dental exams because they      care, just like most doctors do, at Medicare
                  Why Are Dentists Immune? I’m Not Smiling.                                              are concerned that patients have smol-
                                                                                                         dering gum and tooth infections and
                                                                                                                                                      dictated prices. It’s time we have affordable
                                                                                                                                                      dental care for all.
                  By DR. EVAN LEVINE                                                                     these infections could spread to and             I’ve noticed that every member of
                                                                                                         cause a life threatening infection of the    congress has a perfect smile and I suspect
                       recently politicians in         recently, a medical resident asked me if          newly inserted valve. In the end, many       we’re paying for that too.
                   Washington, d.c., agreed       he should continue his training in cardiology.     patients having heart surgery are first having
                   to cut my reimbursements       I told him, if he were smart he would instead                                                       Dr Evan Levine is the author of “What Your
                                                                                                     a number of infected teeth urgently removed.     Doctor Won’t (or Can’t) Tell You” and a prac-
                   for Medicare by as much as     go to dental school. Faced with as much as              While the elderly complain to me that
36% on some of my procedures. With many           $300,000 in debt for their training, doctors                                                        ticing cardiologist in Westchester and The
                                                                                                     they have a co-pay of $20 dollars for a visit    Bronx. He is a Clinical Assistant Professor of
physicians forced to accept lower insurance       are being paid relatively little when they         I wonder what the heck they do when they
payments I want to know how come dentists         finish their residency. a starting salary for                                                       Medicine at Montefiore Medical Center. Dr.
                                                                                                     get a bill from their dentist. The answer is     Levine can be reached at 914-237-1332 or
are immune to having big brother dictate          an attending pediatrician, in many univer-         that many forego seeing a dentist because
what they can charge? Why is it that my           sity centers is now $75,000 and I was just                                                
                                                                                                     they just cannot afford to. Once again
uncle just shelled out $2,700 dollars for a       told that a specialist in infectious disease was   those running this
root canal and crown (someone else just told      offered $90,000 as a salary. One root canal a      country have really
me they paid a whopping $6,000 for a dental       week would be enough to pay the salary for         screwed up. We
extraction and implant) when a heart surgeon      just about both these docs.                        all deserve afford-
is paid only $1,800 for a two-vessel coronary          Look, I’m not saying that I wish dentists     able health care and
artery bypass? and why does Medicare feel         did not make what they deserve but I               every dentist will
it has to cover for medicine, and podiatry,       think that patients should have the ability        tell you that dental
and even chiropractor care, and not cover         to get dental coverage just like they have         care is an important
for dental care? how can the elderly afford       medical insurance and Medicare coverage.           and integral part of
to pay to care for their teeth and their gums,    I see patients with rotting teeth, with infec-     healthcare. I don’t
and why isn’t there any insurance for them?       tious endocarditis caused by poor dentition,       agree with much of
and why can dentists charge whatever they         and people in chronic pain from old caries.        Obamacare, which
feel they can get when every other physi-         When one considers how commonplace                 does not provide for
cian - save for cosmetic docs- are stuck to a     these conditions are, one can understand           affordable      dental
Medicare fee schedule?                            how chronically poor dental care contributes

                                                               rufus Thomas
                  THE SOUNDS                                   “do the Funky
                  OFBLUE                                       chicken” stax
                  By BOB PUTIGNANO                             remasters series
      This “do the Funky chicken”disc (by the
self-proclaimed “the world’s youngest teen-
ager”) continues the stax remasters series
in fine fashion, the eleven original recording
tracks are all here plus there are eight bonus
tracks that were culled from various sessions.
as you would expect, many of the stax great
session players are on board, and what strikes
me most is the fact that most of the tunes
still sound remarkably fresh and somewhat
contemporary, a fascinating achievement
considering that the original tunes were
recorded over forty years ago in 1969.
      From the original album who can forget      back to the horns and funk on “rufus rastus
the chicken screams that start the title track    Johnson Brown,” that also incorporates a little
that evolve into one hell of catchy and funky     gospel. The bluesy “soul Food” is hilarious,
grove, then Wayne Jackson’s and andrew            talks about all kinds of soul food and other
Love’s horns kick-in and it’s an instant party!   ramblings from rufus’ mind, where James
There’s no funkier version of “Let the Good       alexander bass work is solid. closing out
Times roll.” Things go off the rails with         this segment of the album is “The Preacher
“Old Mcdonald had a Farm Parts One, and           and the Bear” another humorous romp about
Two” which is odd, and can only be attrib-        a clergyman’s encounter with a bear.
uted to the way rufus created fun music. It’s                             Continued on page 14
Page 14                                    The WesTchesTer GuardIaN                                            ThursdaY, OcTOBer 20, 2011

The Sounds of Blue—Rufus Thomas “Do the Funky Chicken” Stax Remasters Series
Continued from page 13                           Parts One, and Two” are from a later 1972                   as with all of these new stax remasters      but there’s no doubt Taylor still ruled the
     Bonus tracks are noteworthy due the         date and that adds skip Pitts (now with the            series Joe Tarantino’s twenty-four bit            roost as one hardy partier. Put this cd on
solid backing of Booker T. & the MG’s.           Bo-Keys) on guitar, both versions are similar          re-mastering is of high sonic quality. Plus       for when friends visit your home, and watch
eddie Floyd’s “Funky Mississippi” is hip         and a lot of fun. The final two tracks are also        there are heartfelt liners by rob Bowman          everyone get their groove on with rufus
especially when the horns roll and when          offered in parts one, and two, “Boogie ain’t           who recollects rufus’ career at stax, making      Thomas- who is in top form throughout!
rufus calls out for steve cropper’s guitar.      Nuttin’ (But Gettin’ down,)” and were taken            this disc another quality reissue. Last but not   Bob Putignano
Isaac hayes joins in on organ on “Funky          from rufus’ final stax recording sessions              least; it’s remarkable that rufus was already
Way” which is as such. “Itch and scratch         from 1974.                                             in his early fifties when this album debuted,


Drunken Moose Stuck in Apple Tree in Sweden, Entertains Crowds
                                                                                                                                                          out and enjoying myself in a big old tree.”
                                                                                                                                                               When the moose was finally rescued and
                                                                                                                                                          freed from the tree, he immediately headed
                By GAIL FARRELLY                                                                                                                          for the woods. his gait was unsteady and he
                                                                                                                                                          refused to stop and talk to a book agent who
                     It was the fermented        jokes (a moose, a priest, and a rabbi came into        murmured in disgust about his drunken state,      wanted to sign him up to write a bestseller
                 apples that did it, the moose   a bar and .........) as well as a selection of tunes   he answered back: “What’s all the fuss? It’s      about his unique adventure.
                 claimed, but some suspected     sung in a deep baritone. his rendition of “I’ll        not as if I’m driving or anything.”                    Word from the woods is that the moose
                 that he had been sipping the    Be with You in apple Blossom Time” rivaled                 he continued, “Next they’ll be wanting        spent the next day gulping down aspirins and
bubbly for quite some time and was simply        that of Barry Manilow. and the crowd                   me to join aa. Why don’t they mind their          telling everyone in sight to beware of those
on a bender.                                     seemed to delight in joining him as he belted          own business?” after a short break for a few      fermented apples.
     anyway, as he awaited rescue from the       out the drinking song, “a hundred Bottles of           hiccoughs, the moose grumbled, “They’d            Learn more about The Farrelly Sisters - Authors
tree, the moose cheerfully entertained one       Beer on the Wall.”                                     rather see my head hanging over their fire-       online.
and all with a running commentary of moose           When a few onlookers in the crowd                  place than see me (aLL of me) just hanging


Actors in Command
                                                      so what do we                                                            does not quite make it     his heterosexual son as a young gay lover,
                                                 have now, with Frank                                                          in a play whose main       whom he is willing to share with herries.
                                                 Langella playing that                                                         plot elements do not       a third is Gregor’s peculiar relationship
                By JOHN SIMON                    bravura role? The char-                                                       smoothly mesh. One         with his current wife, Florence (Francesca
                                                 acter, loosely modeled                                                        is the love-hate for his   Faridany), whom he has lovelessly turned
                      The gifted British         on the notorious                                                              father by Basil (adam      into a fake countess. Fourth are Gregor’s rela-
                 dramatist Terence rattigan,     swedish millionaire                                                           driver), who escaped       tions with his chief henchman, sven Johnson
                 author of several memorable     swindler Ivar Kreuger,                                                        home five years ago        (Michael siberry), a tough enforcer, loyal
                 plays, thought that “Man        was imagined by                                                               and was given out for      almost, though not quite, to the end.
and Boy” (1963) would be his magnum opus,        rattigan as the very                                                          dead by his parent.            It may also be problematic that none
to be remembered even fifty years later. he      “devil.” Now the devil,                                                       another is Gregor’s        of these characters, not even Basil, reluc-
was partly right. The current revival comes      or diabolic charac-                                                           desperately needing a      tantly willing to collude in his father’s rotten
48 years later, but the play was forgotten for   ters, can work handily                                                        merger with a homo-        scheme, is ultimately sympathetic. The chief
47 since its poor showing in London and          onstage—think Iago or                                                         sexual       american      burden for empathy falls on Gregor, whom
outright flop in New York. This despite the      Goethe’s and Gounod’s                                                         tycoon, Mark herries       Langella makes interesting, but not quite
                                                 Mephistopheles,         Frank Langella as Gregor Antonescu in Man             (Zach         Grenier),    lovable even in villainy, as he should be.
lead, the shady romanian magnate Gregor
                                                 among others.               and Boy. Photo credit: Joan Marcus.              toward which he                 Langella is a fascinating actor as long as
antonescu, being played by one of the great
stage and screen charmers, charles Boyer.             Gregor,    though,                                                      endeavors to palm off                                  Continued on page 15

Frank Langella as Gregor Antonescu and Adam      Virginia Kull as Carol Penn, Frank Langella     Adam Driver as Basil Anthony, Frank Langella Frank Langella as Gregor Antonescu and Adam
Driver as Basil Anthony in Man and Boy. Photo   as Gregor Antonescu and Adam Driver as Basil      as Gregor Antonescu, Michael Siberry as Sven Driver as Basil Anthony in Man and Boy. Photo
             credit: Joan Marcus.             Anthony in Man and Boy. Photo credit: Joan Marcus. Johnson, and Zach Grenier as Mark Herries in               credit: Joan Marcus.
                                                                                                    Man and Boy. Photo credit: Joan Marcus.
                                           The WesTchesTer GuardIaN                                          ThursdaY, OcTOBer 20, 2011                                                        Page 15

Actors in Command                                 have constituted the dramatic climax. King
                                                  now paces about the room, twice reading out
Continued from page 14                            loud the opening of his next oration: “Why
he plays Langella, which he generally does.       america is going to hell.” after the second
This was just fine when he was playing, say,      time, he ducks into the invisible bathroom,
richard Nixon, but somewhat less so when          where, as the text stipulates and the produc-
he was st. Thomas More. he comes across           tion delivers, “We hear him urinate.”
much the same as More and antonescu:                   Now I ask you: how good can a play be
we get the same grander than life gestures,       that begins with a loud and clear urination?
the same orotund rhetoric, and the same           such, I would say, that we wouldn’t even need
mid-atlantic accent, hardly romanian—all
of which function well enough other things
being equal. here they do not: we get a
                                                  to bother with those allegedly amazing final
                                                       I have scant space left for “Motherhood
                                                                                                           Mary Ann Esposito,
magnificent ham, but a ham still.                 Out Loud,” consisting of 19 sketches about              host of the popular PBS show
     Maria aitken has decently directed a         sundry aspects of maternity by 13 play-                    Ciao Italia, welcomes you
highly competent cast, all of them, however,      wrights. some of these are very well known,
suffering from not enough to work with.                                                                     into her family and shares
                                                  like Beth henley and Theresa rebeck; none
What comes off best is derek McLane’s bril-       of them are tyros. There is even a good skit                more than two hundred
liant design of a Greenwich Village basement      about two male homosexuals adopting a                     of her most treasured and
pad in 1934. But this not being a musical, you    baby by a surrogate mother.
can’t exit humming the scenery.                        Preponderantly well written by all 13,
                                                                                                          time-honored recipes in this
     “The Mountaintop,” by Katori hall, a         and tidily directed by Lisa Peterson, this                 gorgeous and beautifully
black woman playwright, is her imagining          makes for 90 minutes of solid and diverse
of Martin Luther King’s last night of life at
                                                                                                                designed cookbook.
                                                  entertainment. Three of the actors—Mary
the Lorraine Motel in Memphis. samuel L.          Bacon, saidah arrika ekulona and James                           • 200 RECIPES
JaJackson as King, and pretty angela Bassett      Lecesne—are very fine indeed; the fourth,                 • FULL-COLOR THROUGHOUT
as a motel maid who brings him his last           randy Graff, is sublime.
supper and stays on for chitchat, give their
usual polished performances, but have even        John Simon has written for over 50 years on
                                                  theatre, film, literature, music and fine arts for the               For more information and to preorder your copy today visit
less to sustain them than the cast of “Man
and Boy.”                                         Hudson Review, New Leader, New Criterion,
     The producers and press agent urgently       National Review,New York Magazine, Opera
request reviewers not to give away the final      News, Weekly Standard, and
                                                  Bloomberg News. He reviews books for the New

                                                                                                             Yorktown Jewelers
twists. They are pretty shoddy, preposterous
twists, too costly even gratis. so instead of     York Times Book Review and Washington                ciaoItalia_ad.indd 1                                                                   9/29/11   10:11

discussing the ending, which, phony as it is,     Post. He has written profiles for Vogue, Town
is still the only thing of interest here (other   and Country, Departures and Connoisseur and
than, perhaps, the revelation that God is         produced 17 books of collected writings. Mr.                                    WHERE QUALITY AND HONESTY COUNTS
female), let me focus on the beginning.           Simon holds a PhD from Harvard University
     It consists of King coming into his motel    in Comparative Literature and has taught at
room on a blustery night, and yelling from        MIT, Harvard University, Bard College and
the threshold to the invisible abernathy          Marymount Manhattan College.
to bring him some Pall Malls. That regret-        To learn more, visit the JohnSimon-
tably never happens, even though it would website.


Atlantic City—Always Turned On!
                By BARABRA BARTON SLOANE
                      Known for fun, atlantic
                  city is a relative bargain
                  get-away at this challenging
                  financial time. Of course,                                                                    Estate & Antique Jewelry • Engagement & Wedding Rings
visitors still come primarily to gamble, but
                                                                                                              Special Orders Design • Jewelry & Watch Repairs • Appraisals
today atlantic city offers a growing number
of options for a get-away, whether it’s relax-                                                                               We Buy Gold and High End Watches
ation you seek, great dining, or shopping its                                                                                  HOURS: Monday-Saturday 8:30AM-6:30PM
sprawling retail outlets.
                                                                                                               914.245.1023 • YORKTOWNJEWELERS@YAHOO.COM
                         Continued on page 16                                                                 2008 CROMPOUND RD. ROMA BLDG. YORKTOWN HEIGHTS
Page 16                                                       The WesTchesTer GuardIaN                                                                 ThursdaY, OcTOBer 20, 2011

Atlantic City—Always Turned On!                                                                                                                and the décor are authentic and inspired.
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Putting on a Show
                                                                                                                                                                                                      The Borgata hotel (www.theborgata.
Continued from page 15                                                    Roman Splendor                                                       Sybaritic Pleasures                                com) presents Frank sinatra Jr. on October
Miss America Is Long Gone But So                                              The Qua spa, which opened a few years                                                                               29, steven Wright on November 4 and Jerry
                                                                                                                                                    The next day I wandered over to the
What?                                                                     ago and is modeled after the famous Qua                                                                                 seinfeld on November 5. caesars atlantic
                                                                                                                                               Water club at the Borgata hotel. This is the
                                                                          spa in Las Vegas, offers an alluring and artful                                                                         city ( is offering
    calling itself “The city that’s always                                                                                                     city’s first boutique/lifestyle hotel and offers
                                                                          oasis guided by the healing and calming                                                                                 John Fogerty on November 20 and Olivia

                                                                          powers of water. here I found lavish roman                                                                              Newton John on december 9. To put you
turned on,” atlantic city definitely lives up                                                                                                  a distinctive cosmopolitan setting while just
                                                                          Baths, beautifully appointed rooms and a                                                                                in a holiday mood, the Tropicana (www.
to this claim. From New Jersey’s tallest light-                                                                                                steps away from entertainment, nightlife,
                                                                          beguiling treatment called Dieci Mani, which
                                                                                                                                               gambling and dining at the Borgata hotel  has their annual “spirit of
house to deep sea fishing and everything in
                                                                          means “ten hands” and features the touch                                                                                christmas” production starting November
between, this place is full of fun things to                                                                                                   casino & spa. checking out the Immersion
                                                                          of five therapists. Opting for something                                                                                14. atlantic city – turn on the fun!
do. On a recent visit, I chose to spend my                                                                                                     spa, grand at 36,000 square feet, I was
                                                                          slightly more intimate, I went for the chakra
weekend quietly relaxing at two of the city’s                                                                                                  welcomed into a soothing world as I passed         Travel Editor Barbara Barton Sloane is
                                                                          Balancing treatment. everyone needs their
premier spas, The Water Club at the Borgata                                                                                                    through a river rock archway with cascading        constantly globe-hopping to share her unique
                                                                          chakras balanced sooner or later, right?
Hotel and the Qua Baths and Spa at Caesars                                                                                                     water, lush indoor greenery and an inte-           experiences with our readers; from the exotic to
                                                                          That evening I enjoyed asian Fusion at the
Atlantic City.                                                                                                                                 rior of slate, green marble, stone and glass.      the sublime. As Beauty/Fashion Editor she keeps
                                                                          Buddakan restaurant where both the food
                                                                                                                                               I took a plunge in it 80 foot long, two lane       us informed on the capricious and engaging
                                                                                                                                               infinity-edge lap pool and then rested on a        fashion and beauty scene.
                                                                                                                                               lounge by floor-to-42 foot ceiling windows.
                                                                                                                                               For romantic interludes, Immersion offers a
                                                                                                                                               Japanese-style room with hanoki soaking
                                                                                                                                               tubs and couples’ massages. I tried the funky-      Editor’s Correction
                                                                                                                                               sounding soft-pack floatation device table               In last week’s travel article written
  Fly Direct to Harrah’s Casino Atlantic City Airport.                                                                                         and my body treatment on this watery plat-          by Lee daniels. entitled Nepali Masala,
  45 mins. Junket from Westchester County Airport.                                                                                             form was enhanced by a feeling of literally         the following correction should be noted:
                                                                                                                                               floating away. That evening I had dinner at         The Kasthamandap temple mentioned is
  DETAILS: 1-866-777-9283                                                                                                                      Bobby Flay steak, a restaurant at the Borgata.      a structure built around the 12th century,
  WEEKEND: Fri. Nov. 25 --> Sun. Nov. 27                                                                                                       I had the surf & Turf skewers (lobster and          not as initially noted, in the 16th century.
  (Flight,Room,Taxes,Shuttle) *Qualified Players FREE!                                                                                          steak), sweet potato soup with smoked chilies       The structure as noted, is built without
  Which PLAYERS CARD do you have? Call us to let us know.                                                                                      and baked alaska for dessert. Friends, haute        iron nails or supports, and legend has it
                                                                                                                                               cuisine had come to atlantic city! (www.            that the two-story pagoda was constructed
  *All offers based on play and availability. Mngm’nt reserves the right to change any offer anytime. (Guests must fly with *Qualified Player)
  Must be 21 years or older.See tour participation agreement. 30 seater turboprop plane. Gambling Problem ? Call 1-800-Gambler.
                                                                                                                                                              from a single tree.
                                           The WesTchesTer GuardIaN                                         ThursdaY, OcTOBer 20, 2011                                                           Page 17

 MAYOR MARVIN’S COLUMN                             GOVERNMENT

Developing a Capital Improvement Plan for the Coming Year                                                                                                    In addition, since our Governor and state
                                                                                                                                                        Legislature did not have the political courage
                                                                                                                                                        to act on any of the substantive unfunded
                By MARY C. MARVIN                                                                                                                       mandates that drive our local tax bill, we have
                                                                                                                                                        recently been advised that our pension costs
                      This month, the Trustees    cycle of usage. since we have no provision for     is no longer sanctioned by New York state.         will increase by 12% for civil service employees
                  and I spent a lion’s share of   indoor storage, we do not get the optimal life          The Police department will also be            and 16% for uniformed employees in the next
                  our time developing a capital   out of our vehicles as the elements really take    purchasing another license plate reader which      budget cycle. health care premiums will rise
                  Improvement Plan for the        their toll.                                        has proven invaluable in recovering lost vehi-     6%.
coming year. We met with all of the depart-            We will also be repairing the front steps     cles and for the detection of criminals wanted          simply put, our state government cannot
ment heads to develop a comprehensive but         leading to Village hall. The “faux” bricks have    in all jurisdictions.                              continue to send bills to local governments
prudent blueprint for the future. We then         not stood the test of time, creating a poten-           The Trustees have also allocated              that equate to 8 times the allowable tax cap for
added an extra public meeting to further refine   tially hazardous condition. The same is true       $500,000 to conduct a complete inven-              the over 200 unfunded state mandates they
the list in a public forum. We believe this to    for some “composite” floors in the library         tory of the Village’s sewer and sanitary lines.    are unwilling to challenge.
be an opportune time to borrow money given        which need to be upgraded to real wood due         The funds will be used to plot, photograph,             To that point, I will be writing to the
the low interest rates and we sought to take      to buckling from the constant foot traffic.        clean and repair pipes where necessary. Our        Governor this week encouraging him to lead
advantage of one of the few positive effects of   having now to deal with the above reminds          engineering consultants have advised us that       by example and commit to capping our New
the economic downturn.                            me of my grandmother’s old adage that often        before embarking on any major flood mitiga-        York state taxes at his desired 2%. conversely,
     Predictably, the greatest expenditures       the more expensive choice is truly the bargain.    tion projects, we need to have comprehensive       I think it only fair that local municipalities also
will be in Public Works. due to the need               In the Building department, money             records of the size, capacity, age and condition   cap their donations to the unfunded mandate
throughout the Village for road repair,           was requested to upgrade record keeping,           of our drainage infrastructure throughout the      programs of the state at 2% as well.
$500,000 was allotted for street and curb         converting the paper property information          Village. Our work will begin first in the flood         Facing all of the above mandated pres-
restoration with $450,000 designated for          into digitized form. Not only will this afford     prone neighborhoods.                               sures, coupled with a desire to preserve and
similar repairs in budget year 2012-2013.         homeowners, realtors and contractors easier             a capital Plan was needed to preserve         protect their community, the bi-partisan Town
     as an interesting aside, we have concluded   access to information, it will eliminate the       and upgrade the Village’s aging assets so as to    Board of Bedford, the Governor’s hometown,
that the “composite” road resurfacing material    need for copious amounts of storage space.         maintain the quality and beauty of Bronxville.     unanimously repealed the tax cap just this
(a mixture of new blacktop with old recycled           Our Police department also required                unfortunately, the costs of being good        week. I believe they are just the first of many
pavement) that all communities have been          some frankly overdue upgrades. Police vehicles     stewards of one’s community and preserving         to follow.
purchasing, in an effort to be eco-friendly       that we eked out another year of use now need      and repairing municipal infrastructure is          Mary C. Marvin is the mayor of the Village of
as well as frugal, does not have the expected     to be replaced. We will be computerizing our       not an exempt expense from the Governor’s          Bronxville, New York. If you have suggestions or
lifespan of pure blacktop. as a consequence,      violations/traffic ticket system as our paper      2% tax cap. This is completely counterintui-       comments, consider directing your perspective by
we will be researching options for a more         method is truly a thing of the past. In that       tive as aging New York communities should          email to
durable product. a dump truck and a pick-up       same vein, we will be acquiring an electronic      be incentivized and not penalized for main-
truck also need to be replaced in the normal      fingerprint scanner as the old ink pad method      taining bridges, roads and sewer systems.


Assemblymen Castelli and Dr. Katz Support Dr. Murphy for WCBoL
                                                                                                                                                        the aisle to clean up corruption and the infa-
                                                                                                                                                        mous dysfunction in albany. This year was a
                                                                                                                                                        landmark session, which saw adoption of the
                                                                                                                                                        first on time budget in twenty years that cut
                      This November, state        forth his independent vision to create jobs.       college professor, is the owner of a small
                                                                                                                                                        spending and balanced the budget with no
                  assemblymen robert J.           as the owner of two small businesses, he is in     security consulting business. dr. Katz is the
                                                                                                                                                        new taxes or borrowing, a historic property
                  castelli, and dr. stephen       the business of creating jobs. I know we can       owner of the largest veterinary hospital in the
                                                                                                                                                        tax cap, and tough new ethics reform.
                  Katz are supporting dr.         count on Terrence to get the job done on the       Bronx.
                                                                                                                                                             “True leaders like Bob castelli and steve
                  Terrence Murphy (r, I, c        Board of Legislators.”                                  dr. Murphy owns Murphy’s family
                                                                                                                                                        Katz are those willing to disregard party
                  -Yorktown) for Westchester           “dr. Murphy is a citizen legislator we call   restaurant in Yorktown, as well as the
                                                                                                                                                        politics in order to succeed for the good of
                  county Legislator because,      can be proud of,” said assemblyman Katz,           Yorktown health and Wellness center.
                                                                                                                                                        the people,” Murphy said. “That is what
they say, he knows our county government          who represents somers and Yorktown. “he            “Bob, steve and I will work together to
                                                                                                                                                        I will emulate as your county Legislator.
needs a new direction and has the knowl-          is involved for no other reason than to help       support the middle class families of New
                                                                                                                                                        We know that in order for our state and
edge, experience, and integrity to direct us      make our lives better here in Westchester          castle, somers and Yorktown by making our
                                                                                                                                                        county to succeed we need individuals who
back onto the road toward prosperity.             county. I strongly support Terrence and            state and county more business friendly and
                                                                                                                                                        are committed to the public trust above all
     “In just two years, dr. Murphy has           know he will work hard to make Westchester         cutting the red tape which has strangled us
                                                                                                                                                        else. This is the greatest principle we operate
achieved an impressive record as a public         county more affordable for us to live, work,       for years,” he said.
                                                                                                                                                        under, and with your support this November
servant,” said assemblyman castelli, who          and raise a family today as well as provide a           Like dr. Murphy, neither Katz or
                                                                                                                                                        we will continue restore honesty and integ-
represents New castle. “Working coop-             future we can all be proud of.” as small busi-     castelli are career politicians. Both are
                                                                                                                                                        rity to our government.”
eratively across the aisle to spur economic       ness owners themselves, dr. Murphy, and            newly-elected state lawmakers coming from
development, reduce taxes, cut spending,          assemblymen castelli and Katz say small            successful careers in the private sector, who
and preserve our environment and quality of       businesses are the lifeblood of our commu-         have quickly established reputations for
life here in Northern Westchester, he has set     nities. castelli, a former state trooper and       being quietly effective by reaching across
Page 18                                     The WesTchesTer GuardIaN                                       ThursdaY, OcTOBer 20, 2011


Occupying Albany—State Capitol Braces for Onset of Demonstrators
                                                                                                                                                     time hanging out with the girls, cruising with
                                                                                                                                                     the Governor on his harley and doing her
                                                                                                                                                     cooking and decorating in their Westchester
              By CARLOS GONZALEZ                                                                                                                     home. Last christmas, Lee said she outfitted
                                                                                                                                                     their family room with three trees “to create a
                    aLBaNY,         NY      --    fence up to make sure that anybody who is         sparked the interest of students attending       christmas-scape.”
                Workers for the state Office      there is safe.”                                   regional universities.                                Ms. Lee said she’s happy not being New
                of General services (OGs)              simultaneously, NYsuT, representing              Though The Westchester Guardian can’t        York’s official First Lady and keeping her
                were out setting up barricades    over 600,000 people who work in, or are           find a single leader (nor can we figure out      relationship with Governor cuomo relatively
blocking access to a portion of east capitol      retired from, New York’s schools, colleges,       what’s the exact message) of the Occupy          private.
Park late Friday, a move a spokeswoman            and healthcare facilities received word that      Wall street demonstrations, Tim Branfalt, a           “I have a partner who feels the exact same
said is being undertaken to keep protesters       their executive Vice President andy Pallotta      local resident who posted an Occupy albany       way as I do about protecting our personal
a safe distance away from a construction site     will join NYsuT members and other                 Facebook page is credited with the albany        relationship.”
and a massive crane set up near the capitol’s     demonstrators at the state capitol saturday.      gathering, mostly peaceful, but certainly             When it comes to marriage, Ms. Lee
northeast corner.                                      We immediately called NYsuT for              engaging in acts of civil disobedience.          also feels no need to make things official.
     a host of liberal-leaning groups are         more information.                                     What’s evident is that the group is               “I like being independent. I don’t think
hosting an Occupy Wall street-inspired                 “education has been slashed by more          growing.                                         that marriage means you’re not independent,
“sit-in for solidarity” at the capitol on         than $3 billion over the last three years,            There was no comment regarding the           but right now I’m very comfortable, and I’m
saturday, October 15, 2011, and the metal,        thousands have been laid off, class sizes have    saturday planned protest from city of            probably the happiest I’ve ever been. I feel
bike-rack-like barricades are being placed        increased, all while the top one percent of       albany’s Mayor, Gerald Jennings, nor are the     solid. I feel safe. … I was already planted in a
around the capitol.                               america’s most wealthy have received tax          state Police commenting on the scheduled         world that I’ve flourished in and had my own
     The Westchester Guardian was on the          cuts and gain to receive over $5 billion in new   demonstrations.                                  career in,” Ms. Lee said.
scene inquiring about the barricades.             tax breaks at the end of this year,” said carl        regardless, we’ll be on the scene.                The Food Network star also said that
     There was a little confusion about the       Korn, spokesperson for NYsuT.                                                                      she and “andrew will be together forever,
fencing that was originally set up around the          “What we want is a more progressive
                                                                                                    HEY CUOMO, THAT CAKE NEEDS
                                                                                                    MORE TIME TO BAKE                                whether we decide to be the next Goldie
entirety of east capitol Park, a move OGs         tax system that enables the middle class                                                           hawn and Kurt russell or not.”
spokeswoman heather Groll said was done           to grow,” continued Korn. “That’s why we              Governor andrew cuomo’s girlfriend,
                                                                                                    Food Network chef sandra Lee, caused                  We wish the happy couple well.
in error. Workers started disassembling the       stand in solidarity with and stand in support                                                      however, having a first lady is an issue the
barricades after reporters inquired about         of the ongoing efforts of the activists occu-     an uproar when she gave an interview in
                                                                                                    the November issue of Harper’s Bazaar in         2016 president-elect needs to put behind
them, and Groll said they were being moved        pying Wall street. This is about improving                                                         him.
closer to the construction.                       the economy and creating good jobs for the        which she discussed her relationship with the
     “We understand that there are going          benefit of all americans.”                        Governor and why she’s glad not to be New        Carlos Gonzalez, The Albany Correspondent,
to be exercising their First amendment                 From california to the capital region,       York’s First Lady.                               traverses the august halls of the New York State
rights tomorrow afternoon, and part of the        in what was a mere protest at Wall street             along with telling harper’s about her        Legislature for The Westchester Guardian and
(capitol) roof acceleration project involves      by a dozen college students has sprouted          personal life with Governor cuomo and his        the Yonkers Tribune.
them working on saturday and using the            into the streets of albany. The Occupy Wall       three girls from his disastrous first marriage
crane,” Groll said. “We’re just putting the       street movement against corporate greed has       who Ms. Lee refers to as “my semi-home-
                                                                                                    made daughters,” Lee said she spends lots of


Converting Old Tappan Zee Bridge Into a Suburban Highline
                                                                                                                                                     20 private property owners.
                                                                                                                                                         In NYc a Friends of the high Line has
                                                                                                                                                     been formed to build and maintain an extraor-
                 By PAUL FEINER                                                                                                                      dinary public park on the high Line. They
                                                                                                                                                     seek to preserve the entire historic structure,
                       earlier last week          hundreds of millions of dollars since the         they can enjoy the high line experience.         transforming an essential piece of New York’s
                  President Obama approved        state will not have to demolish the old bridge        The NYc high line is a public park built     industrial past. They provide over 70 percent
                  Governor cuomo’s request        once the new bridge is built. The proposal to     on a a 1.45-mile-long elevated rail structure    of the high Line’s annual operating budget
                  to expedite the construc-       turn the bridge into a highline will make the     running from Gansevoort street to West           and are responsible for maintenance of the
                  tion of a new Tappan Zee        bridge construction more exciting for envi-       34th street on Manhattan’s West side.            park, pursuant to a license agreement with
bridge to replace the aging existing bridge.      ronmentalists. The proposed new bridge does           The high Line was a freight rail line,       the New York city department of Parks &
I am planning to form a committee to press        not include any initiative to promote public      in operation from 1934 to 1980. It carried       recreation. Through stewardship, innovative
NY state officials NOT TO demolish                transportation (rail or rapid bus transporta-     meat to the meatpacking district, agricultural   design and programming, and excellence in
the old bridge when the new bridge is             tion-as was originally suggested). The old        goods to the factories and warehouses of the     operations, they cultivate a vibrant commu-
constructed and to turn the old Tappan Zee        bridge will be used by pedestrians, cyclists,     industrial West side, and mail to the Post       nity around the high Line. I anticipate that
Bridge into a suburban version of the NYc         and tourists. This concept will connect           Office. The high Line, south of West 30th        a Tappan Zee high line will receive most
high line. If you are interested in joining the   Westchester and rockland together like it         street, is owned by the city of New York and     of their funding, once established, from a
committee that is being formed to turn the        never has been connected—it will be more          is under the jurisdiction of the department      similar Friends group.
old TZ Bridge into a high line please e-mail      convenient for residents of both counties         of Parks & recreation. It was donated to the         The high Line is a monument to the
me at Our               to walk or cycle across the bridge—to shop        city by csX Transportation, Inc., which still    industrial history of New York’s West side. It
first meeting will be held on Wednesday,          in local stores that they would never have        owns the northernmost section (West 30th         offers an opportunity to create an innovative
November 16th at Greenburgh Town hall in          patronized. The proposal to create a high         street - West 34th street). The land beneath     new public space, raised above the city
the cafeteria (177 hillside ave) at 8 PM.         line will encourage more tourism in our area.     the high Line is owned in parcels by New                                  Continued on page 19
     This proposal will save NYs many             Tourists will take the train to Westchester so    York state, New York city, and more than
                                            The WesTchesTer GuardIaN                                     ThursdaY, OcTOBer 20, 2011                                                      Page 19

Converting Old Tappan Zee Bridge Into a Suburban Highline                                                      allows them to be used as trails.
                                                                                                                   The public space blends
                                                                                                                                                   be used for performances, art exhibitions and
                                                                                                                                                   educational programs.
Continued from page 18                             Joshua david and robert hammond, when                       plant life (reminiscent of the           I am very excited about this initiative. It
streets, with views of the hudson river and        the high Line was under threat of demoli-      quiet contemplative nature of the self-seeded    will make living in Greenburgh, Westchester
the city skyline. It also offers a hopeful model   tion. Friends of the high Line successfully    landscape and wild plantings that once grew      more fun! and a fun county is good for prop-
for industrial reuse for other cities around the   worked with the administration of Mayor        on the unused high Line) with long, narrow       erty values because quality of life factors into
world.                                             Bloomberg and the New York city council        “planks,” forming a smooth, linear, virtually    decisions—where to buy homes or open up
     How was the High Line saved from              to reverse a city policy favoring demoli-      seamless walking surface. The public envi-       businesses.
demolition?                                        tion. The high Line is preserved through       ronment on the high Line contain special
     Friends of the high Line was founded                                                                                                          Paul Feiner is Greenburgh Town Supervisor.
                                                   a Federal mechanism called rail-banking in     features, including a water feature, viewing
in 1999 by two neighborhood residents,             which preserves transportation corridors and   platforms, a sundeck, and gathering areas to

                                                                                                                                                   meeting, Lorraine Pierce asked, “,Why is

Can a Task Force Report Help Develop New Rochelle’s Davids Island?                                                                                 it always at election time that the issue of
                                                                                                                                                   davids Island is brought up by the Mayor
                                                                                                                                                   while in reality there is no federal, state,
                 By PEGGY GODFREY                                                                                                                  county or local money available for it.”
                                                                                                                                                   Bob Petrucci added, “None of the ideas
                      In september 2010 a          (8) high density residential and row           want it.” councilman Tarantino felt the          mentioned are new, they’ve been around
                 Task Force was chosen to          houses; and (9) high density residential.      report was a wonderful starting point            for about l0 years or longer. My question
                 prepare a report on poten-        There is also a discussion about which         about what residents want to do with the         in the light of all the similar energy project
                 tial uses of davids Island.       plans would need a bridge, which would         Island. councilman Lou Trangucci liked           failures, what successful solar energy plant
                 residents       remember          carry a price tag of over $200 million. a      the value scale for the scenarios listed         would be used to copy at davids Island?
when Fort slocum, a military base, was             ferry was recommended for the smaller          and felt they made it easier to evaluate         This would include how much would it
closed in l966. This was followed by a             smaller scale developments. The Mayor          proposals. councilman Barry Fertel               cost, how much would it make, and what
series of proposals listed in the report for       and councilman al Tarantino served on          said he moved to New rochelle during             are the funding sources?
the Island, all of which were abandoned.           the 19-member committee with doug              the Xanadu controversy and this report
Notable among these was the purchase of            hocking as chair.                              allows everyone to look at the Island more Peggy Godfrey is a freelance writer and a
the Island by con edison for a nuclear                 Problems inhibiting development            objectively.                               former educator.
plant and the company’s subsequent plan            were described such as the probable need           although the david’s Island Task
                                                                                                   Calvi Qtr. page-West. Guardian 10-4-11:Layout 1 10/5/11 5:08 PM Page
to build this plant only a mile or so from         to replace contaminated soil with clean        Force was formed last year, after the

residential areas. among the reasons why           soil if housing units are to be built. The
it was rejected were the atomic energy
                                                   larger question was asked: does the Island
commission regulations, which required             benefit New rochelle as a whole or just
plants to be 50 miles from a populated             a group of people? The first scenario of
area.                                              keeping the Island as open parkland
     Then proposals by Xanadu in l980              would only require getting people to the
and Trump in l995 envisioning high-                Island, but a “trigger” here is that if more
rise buildings were also defeated because          than two people came to the Island, a
of residents’ and nearby communities’              bathroom would be needed.
opposition. Following this was a plan for              This plan would have no economic
hotel columbia in 1977 and Westchester             benefit. The wind turbines were not
county’s commitment to acquire the                 considered “feasible.” as the other options
Island during the period l990 to 2010.
     The city council of New rochelle
                                                   were discussed, only covering the Island
                                                   with solar panels and a hotel and confer-
                                                                                                                             MAYOR OF YONKERS
voted to allow the federal government to           ence center, research and development
tear down all the buildings on the Island          facility were consider somewhat viable. It
to remediate areas contaminated by the             was suggested there was a need to amend             The Best Qualified and Most Experienced Candidate
military. But even after that, the 180             the city’s “comprehensive plan” to desig-           • Civil Engineer, NYS Professional Engineer • Attorney at Law
acre island, 40 acres of which are cited as        nate potential uses.                                • Former Asst Professor Civil Engineering • Successful Business
under water, still has 52 acres of potential           council members had concerns.                     Entrepreneur • Dedicated Family Man - 30 years married
contamination.                                     council member Marianne sussman                     • 4 grown successful children • Life-longYonkers resident
     Mayor Noam Bramson in his intro-              questioned the need for emergency
                                                                                                                                                    Who would you have to be your mayor?
ductory remarks in the report said                 services and parking. councilman
the committee did not try to reach a               richard st. Paul wanted to know why the
consensus. Instead nine scenarios are              possibility o selling it was not included.
listed as choices: (1) open parkland; (2)
photovoltaic cells (solar panels); (3) wind
                                                   doug hocking, chair of committee,
                                                   said the Island is an asset, either we can                                      Vote for Carlo Calvi
turbines; (4) greenhouse; (5) hotel and
conference, research and development;
                                                   do nothing and land bank it for the future
                                                   or hold it until it increases in value.                                                    NOVEMBER 8, 2011
(6) low density residential (1/2 acre lots)            st. Paul answered that whenever                                                      
(7) low and medium density residential;            a plan comes “to the table, people don’t
Page 20                                     The WesTchesTer GuardIaN                                        ThursdaY, OcTOBer 20, 2011


Governor Cuomo Requests Expedited Federal Approval of Tappan Zee Bridge Project
     Governor andrew M. cuomo on                                                                                                                        accident rate double the rest of the New York
Monday, October 10, 2011, announced that                                                                                                                Thruway system. The bridge also has serious
he has asked the federal government to expe-                                                                                                            vulnerabilities to extreme events such as
dite the review and approval process to allow                                                                                                           severe storms, ship collision and earthquakes.
work to begin on the Tappan Zee Bridge                                                                                                                  The loss of the Tappan Zee, or reduction in
project. The Tappan Zee project represents                                                                                                              lanes or load limits, would over-tax alternate
a multi-billion dollar investment that will                                                                                                             routes and have a catastrophic economic
create tens of thousands of jobs and restore a                                                                                                          impact on the region.
critical part of the Northeast’s transportation                                                                                                              The Tappan Zee project has the
infrastructure.                                                                                                                                         potential to generate more jobs than any
     President Barack Obama launched a                                                                                                                  other infrastructure project in the nation.
competition where states could submit their                                                                                                             according to the Federal highway
high priority, job-creating projects in order                                                                                                           administration (FhWa), transportation
to win expedited federal approvals, and New                                                                                                             infrastructure accounts for 11 percent of the
York submitted the Tappan Zee project in to                                                                                                             nation’s economic activity. For every dollar
the competition.                                                                                                                                        invested in highway construction, the overall
     With an expedited federal review of the      and restore safety to heavily traveled bridges         Built in the 1950s, the Tappan Zee Bridge      economy receives $4.87 in economic benefits
environmental Impact statement (eIs) and          and other arteries. I commend Governor            is a critical link in the regional transportation   – nearly five times the return on investment.
the processing of certain permits, the Tappan     cuomo and senator Fuschillo, the chairman         network carrying Interstate routes I-87/I-          highway construction also supports thou-
Zee project could begin as early as next year,    of the senate’s Transportation committee,         287 across the hudson river, connecting             sands of jobs. FhWa estimates that every
potentially creating more jobs than any other     for their leadership on this critical project.”   rockland and Westchester counties in                $1 billion in highway construction supports
infrastructure project in the country.                 assembly speaker sheldon silver said,        southeastern New York, approximately 15             over 30,000 employment opportunities. The
     “The Tappan Zee Bridge is a vital part       “With support from the federal government,        miles north of midtown Manhattan. This              associated General contractors of america
of our state and region’s infrastructure,”        New York state will be able to begin work on      bridge connects I-287 in New Jersey to I-95         estimates that $1 billion invested in non-
Governor cuomo said. “The Tappan Zee              the Tappan Zee Bridge, ensuring this critical     in connecticut for access to the Northeast,         residential construction will create or sustain
Bridge project improves a key component of        part of the Northeast’s infrastructure remains    New Jersey and Pennsylvania and carries a           28,500 jobs: one third of those jobs will be
our state and nation’s infrastructure, and at     safe and reliable. Investments of this size       high percentage of trucks. approximately            on-site construction jobs, one sixth will be
the same time puts tens of thousands of New       have the potential to transform the region’s      135,000 vehicles cross the bridge daily with        indirect jobs from suppliers of construction
Yorkers back to work.”                            economy, create jobs, and renew confi-            upwards of 160,000 vehicles on some week-           materials and services and about half of the
     senate Majority Leader dean skelos           dence in our state’s economic revitalization.     ends, with a total of approximately 45 million      jobs would be created when construction
said, “I urge the federal government to expe-     Governor cuomo has shown true leadership          vehicles in 2010.                                   and supplier workers and owners spend their
dite approval for this important project which    in rebuilding New York’s economy and I look            Over the last twenty years, the Tappan         additional incomes.
will create tens of thousands of jobs. Major      forward to continuing to work together on         Zee has shown significant deterioration.
investments in infrastructure are exactly what    critical infrastructure projects and creating     Further, with seven narrow lanes and no
New York needs to jumpstart our economy           jobs in our state.”                               safety shoulders, the Tappan Zee has an


Assemblyman Latimer Receives Top Environmental Score in New York
                                                                                                                                                            “I’m extremely thankful that the envi-
                                                                                                                                                        ronmental community has advocates in
                                                                                                                                                        albany who have been holding lawmakers
                Annual Report Reaffirms Latimer’s Commitment to Protecting the Environment                                                              accountable for their actions for over 40
                                                                                                                                                        years,” Latimer stated. “as a member of the
                    aLBaNY, NY –                  in and representing a community that              the only scorecard that grades New York             environmental conservation committee, I
                On October 12, the                borders the Long Island sound continues to        state Lawmakers according to votes on               worked very closely with the environmental
                environmental advocates           remind me, every day, how important it is to      various legislative priorities. Legislators earn    advocates to pass 80% of “super-bills” in
                of New York released their        protect our natural environment. The sound        between one and three points respectively           the assembly – bills that protected open
annual Voters’ Guide summarizing the              shore communities I represent in the 91st         for votes in support of bills that received         space, clean water, proper disposal of wastes,
recently concluded portion of the legislative     assembly district, and much of Westchester        one, two or three trees. Tree-rated bills are       avoiding risky measures that could pollute
session. The session was a critical period for    was damaged by flooding in 2007 and               those deemed beneficial to the environment.         our state. I was pleased as well as to have
the environmental community throughout            recently again by hurricane Irene. Our lives      Likewise, legislators earn between one and          co-sponsored 4 of them and I voted “yes” on
New York, and in 2011, assemblyman                are deeply affected by the environment.”          three points for voting against bills that were     these common priorities. We still have some
George Latimer (d-rye) was rated with             a number of Latimer’s colleagues in the           given a rating of one, two or three smoke-          significant environmental issues to address
a perfect score of 105 points, joining a          Westchester delegation, both democrats            stacks. smokestack-rated bills are those            in albany and certainly we will do so in
small handful of New York state legislators       and republicans, also scored above 100 in         deemed detrimental to the environment.              conjunction with the grassroots residents of
cited as most energetic in protecting the         this report.                                      Votes on priority “super-bills” are given extra     Westchester and groups like environmental
environment.                                           The environmental advocates report,          weight in the ratings. The full report is avail-    advocates of New York”, concluded
     assemblyman Latimer said, “residing          which was issued on October 12th, 2011 is         able online at               assemblyman Latimer.
                            The 10/6/11 1:37 PM GuardIaN
MPCS_WESTCHESTER_9.324X10_Layout 1WesTchesTer Page 1                                                                                                            ThursdaY, OcTOBer 20, 2011                                                                                                      Page 21

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Page 22                                      The WesTchesTer GuardIaN                                       ThursdaY, OcTOBer 20, 2011


Village Manager’s Autumn Message
                                                                                                     prior to a weather event for the presence of      contact 1-800-752-6633 so that a work
                                                                                                     obstructions to the catch basin or streams we     order will be issued. do not assume that your
                                                                                                     ask that if the catch basin near your home        neighbor will report the outage or that the
                 by FRANCIS A. FROBEL                                                                appears to be obstructed by leaves or debris      Village is necessarily aware you are without
                                                                                                     and you are able, please rake them away from      service.
                      I wish to take this          county at a cost of $25.35 per ton. By maxi-      the drainage grate. This will allow the water          In closing, I wish to remind you that
                 opportunity to thank you          mizing the recycling program, we can reduce       to move unimpeded. Many of these catch            public safety is everyone’s business. hastings-
                 for your cooperation with         the cost for all taxpayers. as a reminder,        basins are very shallow, and it does not take a   on-hudson Police will continue their
                 the Village-wide curbside         18-gallon blue recycling bins are available to    great deal of debris to cause them to be filled   enforcement of the prohibition of a driver’s
                 recycling transition. The         purchase at a cost of $10 each at the James       and, consequently, ineffective. If you believe    use of cell phones and text messaging. special
changeover went smoothly, and I hope the           harmon community center.                          the catch basin near your home needs to           effort continues to ensure that motorists
experience thus far has only caused minimum            These past several weeks have put             be cleaned out, please contact the dPW at         yield to pedestrians in the crosswalks and
inconvenience. any questions regarding trash       unusual stress on the Village’s ability to        478-3400, ext. 613.                               that all traffic safety measures are obeyed.
pickup or recycling should be addressed by         handle storm water. The infrastructure is              On the topic of severe weather, please be    Failure to obey posted speed limits is strictly
contacting the department of Public Works          limited, and the heavy rain experienced           advised that you should contact conedison         enforced. If you believe selective enforcement
(dPW) at 478-3400, ext. 613. We believe            from the tropical storm and the greater than      if at any time you experience a power outage.     is warranted in your neighborhood, please
this change should increase the percentage         normal rainwater received over the summer         The company must hear from you directly. If       contact the Police department at 478-2344.
of trash recycled. There is a strong financial     months has caused drainage problems in            you call the police station during a weather
incentive to recycle to the maximum possible       areas which normally do not experience diffi-                                                       Francis A. Frobel is the Village Manager of
                                                                                                     event to inform them that you are without         Hastings-on-Hudson.
level; recyclables are disposed of at no cost to   culty in handling storm water. While dPW          power, there will be a delay in having the
the Village while trash is processed by the        crews have a list of locations that are checked   power restored. homeowners are urged to


Help Me Protect Your Job
                                                                     Because of this betrayal, I     incentives should sign an agreement with                    incentives agree to full transpar-
                                                                 fought to launch an investiga-      New York state that includes the following                  ency in the reporting of worldwide
                                                                 tion into IBM’s off shoring         provisions:                                                 employee population.
                 By GREG BALL                                    practices. recently, Governor           •    companies accepting taxpayer                  I ask that you join me in requesting
                                                                 cuomo announced a plan to                    incentives agree to make jobs            that our Governor publicly acknowledge
                       In december 2008,                         give $400 million in taxpayer                permanent (5 year minimum).              when and if an agreement on these points is
                  IBM accepted $140 million        incentives to a host of corporate giants with         •    companies accepting taxpayer             reached. having full faith in the Governor’s
                  in state grants, promising to    a track-record of outsourcing american jobs,               incentives agree to not contempo-        leadership, I am certain that he took these
                  invest $1.5 billion to create    and I have written a letter to the Governor.               raneously offshore New York jobs.        points into consideration as he negotiated
                  1,000 new jobs in nanotech-           Let me be clear, any jobs news is good           •    companies accepting taxpayer             this $400 million deal.
nology. The agreement included $45 million         news these days, but let us learn from our                 incentives agree to real, New York            If he has not done so, it must be done
in provisions specifically designed to help        history. all I am asking is that we absolutely             state based employment; physi-           immediately.
IBM retain jobs at its east Fishkill facility.     ensure that these projected jobs are real, they            cally locate jobs in New York,           New York State Senator Greg Ball represents the
In March of 2009, IBM laid off more than           are permanent, and they are not undercut                   instead of overseas or out-of-state      40th Senate District.
3,000 employees nationwide, including 274          by larger off-shoring efforts currently afoot.             telecommuting.
in east Fishkill.                                  any company receiving taxpayer dollars or             •    companies accepting taxpayer


When a Union is Defeated
                                                                                                     Guardian under the condition of anonymity)        Massachusetts and the district of columbia.
                                                                                                     were seeing other long time employees             They represent nurses all the way down to
                                                                                                     receiving poor evaluations, and were hearing      medical facilities workers.
                 By NANCY KING                                                                       that management had employees spying on                according to a spokesperson from 1199,
                                                                                                     one another. It seemed that management was        once the employees of NYh began to orga-
                     In the final installment      and morphed, NYh now employs over one             attempting to terminate those workers who         nize, intimidation was brought to a whole
                 highlighting the role of some     thousand individuals. doctors and nurses are      were in higher paid, and then to replace them     new level. employees were brought in to
                 unions here in Westchester        still that backbone of this hospital but there    with lower paid workers. Typical workplace        have one on one meeting with members of
                 county, we end the series         are countless, psychologists, social workers,     bullying that divides the staff and breeds        management. In these meetings they were
                 with a union that was unable      psychiatric technicians and support staff that    a feeling of mistrust among colleagues.           told that their union dues would end up going
to organize. This occurred this past spring        runs the gamut from housekeeping to facili-       however, in a fragile economy, workers have       into the pocket of union management. They
at the world renowned psychiatric hospital,        ties. Most of them fall into the “lower pay”      a tendency to suck it up while being eternally    were also told that they were caught lobbying
New York hospital-cornell division                 category with salaries that range from nine       grateful for a job.                               or discussing the union anywhere on campus
which happens to be an arm the New York            dollars an hour to around sixteen dollars an           This sort of worker intimidation is being    that they would be immediately terminated.
Presbyterian hospital. Long an institution         hour.                                             played out all over the country. Those who        even in a common area such as a cafeteria,
that treated only the very rich and privileged,          In late 2010, several long time hospital    finally find their voices usually attempt to      workers were so frightened that their conver-
in the last several decades, the hospital has      employees, concerned with working condi-          organize a union and that was the case of         sations were being monitored, that they
segued from a “rest home” to a hospital that       tions that were becoming increasingly             NYh. Local 1199 seIu is the largest local         stopped supporting the union. Management
provides cutting edge treatment in psychiatry.     unpleasant, began to explore the possibility      in the world. Primarily designed for health-      likened themselves as the employees’ family
It serves young children and the elderly alike.    of organizing employees to join local 1199.       care workers, it largest numbers are found in     stating that you would never turn against
Like all other businesses that have grown          These employees (who spoke with The               New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Florida,                                   Continued on page 24
The WesTchesTer GuardIaN   ThursdaY, OcTOBer 20, 2011   Page 23
Page 24                                     The WesTchesTer GuardIaN                                          ThursdaY, OcTOBer 20, 2011

When a Union is Defeated                          management, the vote was taken and sure
                                                  enough, 1199’s attempt to form a union at
                                                                                                      they use the bathroom frequently. One of the
                                                                                                      most disturbing trends to come out of NYh
                                                                                                                                                           intend to reorganize and try again in 2012.
                                                                                                                                                           unions and their membership continue to
Continued from page 22                            New York hospital was defeated. and while           recently is that more than one individual has        be under fire all over the united states. To
a family member. In essence, many of the          the union has been defeated, management’s           shared with this reporter that management            be sure, I have had plenty of raised eyebrows
workers, especially those with lower level jobs   intimidation tactics against the workforce          is asking the patients to keep an eye on the         cast in my direction upon writing this series.
and sadly enough those with lower educa-          has ratcheted up a notch. since the defeat,         staff that is supposed to be keeping an eye on       supporting workers and the vanishing
tional credentials. That’s right, management      employees are being told that management            them . This sort of Orwellian Big Brother            middle class worker doesn’t make me any
sunk as low as they could to intimidate those     knows whether or not you voted for the              type of behavior can only be described as            less of a patriot or any less of an american.
who really didn’t understand that the union       union and if you did there will be serious          absurd. When you think about it, does it             It is sad that some people feel this way. But
could ultimately protect them from this sort      ramifications. again speaking under the             make sense to ask a patient who is hospital-         until there is equality on a job site for all
of intimidation. It is sort of ironic that one    veil of anonymity, workers have shared with         ized for a psychiatric illness to “spy” on the       americans, I will continue to support unions.
of america’s premier psychiatric facilities       this reporter, that many workers are being          very individuals who are caring for them?
engaged in psychological warfare with its                                                                                                                  Nancy King is a resident of Greenburgh, New
                                                  written up for infractions that range from               despite the deplorable working condi-           York.
employees.                                        not informing a manager when they return            tions that have escalated in the face defeat,
    after numerous postponements by               from a designated break to being told that          those employees who reached out to 1199

WCBoL Democrat Leaders Assert: “We Will Not Sue the City of Rye”
    WhITe PLaINs, NY -- The                       of our municipalities to court where the only       issue without bringing it into the legal arena,”
democratic leaders of the Westchester             prospect is to simply create even more conflict     said Williams.
county Board of Legislators (WcBoL) last          and discord,” said WcBoL chairman Ken                    The heart of the matter may be ensuring
week announced they will not push forward         Jenkins (d-Yonkers). “a resolution to this tax      that contracts with vendors operating within
any lawsuits against the city of rye in the       question is already at hand: The contract with      county parks and other properties clearly
municipality’s quest to garner property taxes     the tiki bar plainly states that they are respon-   support park activities and define that any tax
from the Pier restaurant and Tiki Bar,            sible for any taxes that may be charged.”           liabilities are the responsibility of the vendor.
a privately owned and operated business                The BOL Budget & appropriations                     Legislator and WcBoL Majority Whip
within Playland.                                  committee         moved        the      astorino    Judy Myers (d-Larchmont) said: “It’s hard
    The city of rye is trying to collect          administration’s request for authorization of       to believe that the county executive and his
nearly $30,000 in assessed property taxes         a lawsuit against the city of rye for consider-     staff seem eager about going to get into court
from the tiki bar’s owners. The astorino          ation by the full Board at its regular meeting      on this issue. I’d call that political hypocrisy.”
administration, after arguing for a waiver        next Monday night (October 17), but the                  “We will not sue the city of rye,” said
on the tax bill since the tiki bar operates on    request will not be approved and moved              Legislator and BOL Majority Leader Peter
county property, has asked for authoriza-         forward, insisted Legislator and WcBoL              harckham (d-Katonah). “The county
tion from the WcBoL to take legal action to       Vice chair Lyndon Williams (d-Mount                 should positively engage our municipal part-
prevent the taxes from being collected.           Vernon).                                            ners at the negotiation table, not in court.”        Westchester County Board Chairman Kenneth
    “We have no intention of bringing any              “We can find an amicable solution to this                                                                             Kenkins


Democrat vs Conservative—The Fight Continues                                                                                                               and unfounded allegations of corruption
                                                                                                                                                           against former Mayor ernest davis which
                                                                                                                                                           caused the fall of the man Mount Vernon
                 By SAM ZHERKA                                                                                                                             residents called “The People’s Mayor.”
                    MOuNT VerNON,                                                                                                                              davis, the 73-year-old practicing
                NY -- Former three term                                                                                                                    architect told The Westchester Guardian,
                Mayor ernest davis,                                                                                                                        “I was unfairly targeted by the FBI.
                who has been dubbed                                                                                                                        Politicians with connections to the FBI
                “The comeback Kid” for                                                                                                                     who were not happy with me tried to
                his amazing democrat                                                                                                                       destroy my life,” said davis “ I was scared,
Primary victory over three younger candi-                                                                                                                  but knew I had never done any thing
dates is being challenged by conservative                                                                                                                  wrong,” said davis.
Party candidate Maureen Walker in                                                                                                                              In a city where democrats outnumber
the November 8th General election.                                                                                                                         republicans by a margin of 8 to 1, and
davis is running on the democrat and                                                                                                                       outnumber conservatives by 110 to 1,
Independence Party lines.                                                                                                                                  political Insiders have told The Westchester
    davis won the democrat Primary                                                                                                                         Guardian that Maureen Walker has a slim
                                                  Mount      Vernon in decades.                       city comptroller.                                    chance in winning as a conservative.
election beating out Maureen Walker by                since 1993, Maureen Walker, an                     Four years ago, the Mt Vernon
99 votes in what has been characterized as        immigrant from Guyana, was elected to               mayoral election was overcome with                                           Continued on page 25
the most contentious primary election in          five consecutive terms as Mount Vernon              FBI investigations, raids on city hall,
                                          The WesTchesTer GuardIaN                                     ThursdaY, OcTOBer 20, 2011                                                     Page 25

Democrat vs Conservative—The Fight Continues                                                     Iona college during the day, while simul-
                                                                                                 taneously receiving a full time salary of
                                                                                                                                               compassionate human being who is very
                                                                                                                                               cheap, yet very giving,” said apuzzo. “he
Continued from page 24                            email surfaced where Paladino, sent a video    $128,000 as Mount Vernon comptroller.         knows what poverty does to people and a
    Others in political circles told The          depicting a plane crashing into a group of     Over the past four years, under Maureen       community. When he was mayor, I saw
Westchester Guardian that Walker’s desire         africans with the title “run Niggers run.”     Walker’s watch, Mount Vernon has under-       him take money out of his pocket and
to be mayor may have clouded her decision         Other pictures attached in that email          written and approved $21 million in bonds     give it to the homeless. he always did,”
to run as a conservative in a democrat            showed President Obama dressed as a            for several projects in the city of Mount     concluded apuzzo.
leaning city. Those pundits who espouse           pimp and First Lady Michelle Obama as          Vernon. Most bonds have circumvented               The Westchester Independence Party
Walker’s defeat do not acknowledge                a prostitute.                                  the mandatory referendum requirement          who has supported Maureen Walker in
the possibility of voters crossing over               Lafayette who advised knowing davis        mandated under the Mount Vernon city          three prior elections for comptroller has
from their party registration in search           for 35 years, told The Westchester Guardian,   charter which would have given the public     abandoned her this time and endorsed
of Walker’s name on the ballot albeit on          “davis has proven himself to be a man of       the final say. Bonds underwritten under the   davis for Mayor of Mount Vernon.
the conservative Party line. One insider,         good character. he’s a honorable guy who       $750,000 threshold do not require public      chairman dr. Guilio cavallo, told The
who shared his/her perspective on the             withstood FBI investigations and a ton of      input / vote, despite the public responsi-    Westchester Guardian that Maureen Walker
basis of anonymity, suggested Walker has          scrutiny by federal authorities and walked     bility for the debt repayment.                was their pick for comptroller but not for
committed political suicide for main-             away unscathed,” continued Lafayette.               damien Barrett, one of Maureen           mayor. “ernie davis has the wisdom to
taining her campaign effort.                      When the democrat Party boss was asked         Walker’s campaign managers told The           bring the city together. he is a true archi-
    In a telephone interview, Westchester         for whom he will vote, Lafayette said,         Westchester Guardian that although he         tect. a man who knows how to build
county democrat Party chairman                    “ernie davis of course!”                       is working for Maureen Walker, he is          during trying times,” concluded cavallo.
reginald Lafayette said, “I am urging all                                                        personally voting for ernie davis and              davis promises to bring revitalize the
                                                      Pat Welsh, chairman of the                 not his candidate under the conservative      spirit of the city. he will crack down on
democrats to support ernie davis. as              Westchester Working Families Party, told
democrats, we should all vote for the                                                            Party line. “I’m a democrat,” emphasized      illegal guns and will work with youth to
                                                  The Westchester Guardian he does not           Barrett.                                      stop the violence. davis pledged to donate
winner of the democrat Primary.”                  agree with the conservative Party but they
    Maureen Walker’s alignment with the                                                               according to Maureen Walker’s            10% or more of his salary.
                                                  stay true to their cause. “I hope Maureen      website, Walker has been the recipient of          One-third will be directed to the
conservative Party and their philosophy,          Walker has not embraced the values of the
replete with anti Obama rhetoric has the                                                         many accolades and awards from different      senior room at the dole center, one-
                                                  conservative Party,” said Welsh. When          community groups and organizations. One       third to the Mount Vernon soup Kitchen,
Westcheser county democratic Party                asked what Welsh thought of ernest
chairman concerned. “The conservatives                                                           such award was a community service award      and one-third for the benefit of a summer
                                                  davis, Pat Welsh replied, “I have no prob-     from a Mount Vernon soup Kitchen.             jobs program for youth.
are the “anti Obama Party,” said Lafayette.       lems with ernie davis.”                        roberta appuzzo, who has run Mount                 davis also pledged to address the city’s
     The conservative Party has been                   Westchester county republican             Vernon’s largest soup Kitchen program         excessive real estate tax burden and work
known for their pro death penalty and anti        chairman doug colety told The                  for 18 years told The Westchester Guardian,   with seniors. at 73, ernest davis said at
abortion perspectives which are at odds           Westchester Guardian the republican            “I have never seen Maureen Walker step        this point in his life, its all about people. “ I
with the philosophy of the democrat Party.        Party did not endorse Maureen Walker           foot inside the soup Kitchen. We never        want to help people,” said davis.
     One of the conservative Party’s most         for mayor. “I personally like ernie davis,”    gave Maureen Walker any award,” advised       Sam Zherka is publisher of The Westchester
controversial candidates in recent years          said colety, “however, the Westchester         apuzzo.                                       Guardian.
was carl Paladino, who ran for Governor           republican committee has taken no offi-             On the other hand, “ernie davis came
of the state of New York against andrew           cial position in the race.”                    to the soup Kitchen every Thanksgiving,
cuomo in 2010. Paladino was embroiled                  Maureen Walker has of late been           christmas, and New Year, and on every
in allegations of racism after a controversial    criticized for working as a professor at       other holiday,” said apuzzo. “he’s a

                      THIS IS THE
                      FACE OF
                      A PERSON
                      AFFECTED BY                                                                                                             Whether the stroke is your own
                                                                                                                                           or that of a friend, parent, child,
                      STROKE.                                                                                                              spouse or loved one, your life is
                                                                                                                                           affected. So learn the warning signs
                                                                                                                                           and call 9-1-1 immediately if you
                                                                                                                                           or someone else experiences them.

                                                 Call 1-800-4STROKE or visit
Page 26                                     The WesTchesTer GuardIaN                                ThursdaY, OcTOBer 20, 2011

New York’s Shrinking Workforce
                                                                                                                                             expired, unless there was a new agreement.
                                                                                                                                             Further, in an era when all employees are
                                                                                                                                             being asked to contribute more to their
                                                                                                                                             own health insurance, Triborough provides
                  By FRANK V. VERNUCCIO, JR.                                                                                                 an avenue for public employees to reject
                       as      the     “Great     affecting albany’s payroll is                                                              the state government’s attempts to ask
                  recession” continues to         the continued existence of the                                                             public employees to do the same. Governor
                  affect Westchester, it is       Triborough amendment. In                                                                   cuomo’s mandate relief study team,
                  becoming        increasingly    1967, the “Public employees                                                                (including deputy Westchester county
                  apparent that the county        Fair employment act,”                                                                      executive Larry schwartz) is reviewing
                  will soon have to face          known popularly as the                                                                     the Triborough amendment. Westchester
life with a potentially much smaller state        Taylor Law, was enacted. It                                                                assemblyman robert castelli introduced
workforce.                                        required albany to negotiate                                                               a bill to repeal this provision during the
     The issue is particularly prominent          with unions, and prohib-                                                                   recent legislative session.
this year, as negotiations with the Public        ited public employees from                                                                      In practice, Triborough contains a
employees Federation (PeF) dominated              striking, imposing severe                                                                  serious flaw. during times of downturns,
Governor cuomo’s attention. during the            penalties for doing so. It was                                                             such as in today’s harsh economic climate,
hard bargaining, (inspired in no small part       one of the first statutes in                                                               the state lacks the funds to offer new
by the state’s $10 billion dollar budget gap)     america to comprehensively                                                                 contracts with more attractive terms to
3,496 positions were identified as being          address the rights and obliga-                                                             unions, and may even be forced to request
vulnerable to elimination, a result of PeF’s      tions of state employees.                                                                  give-backs. under the provisions of the
member rejection of the proposed five year             The strong penalties                                                                  Triborough amendment, unions have no
contract. While the result may not be that        mandated for illegal strikes                                                               incentive to replace an expired but still
severe, the hard fact is that sooner, rather      were rarely enforced. at                                                                   effective agreement with one that is less
than later, the number of individuals in          various times, corrections                                                                 attractive.
state government service will begin to            officers, transit workers and                                                                   The end result is that albany has few
decrease. certainly, it is unlikely that all of   others engaged in strikes                                                                  options, other than reducing its work-
the record-setting 30,772 state employees         and job actions. an attempt                which prohibited the state Government           force by layoffs or by not replacing retiring
who retired last year will be replaced.           at labor peace was made in 1982 with the   from changing any provision of expired          employees. New Yorkers will have to
     One of the most tenacious issues             passage of the Triborough amendment,       contracts until a replacement was agreed        endure reduced service while this dilemma
                                                                                             to. The concept seemed, at first, reason-       continues to produce acrimony between
                                                                                             able. While unions still lacked the legal       the state government and those who staff
                                                                                             right to strike, they did have the security     its agencies.
                                                                                             of being protected by the provisions of an           Frank Vernuccio serves as president of
                                                                                             agreement that was fairly recently accept-      COMACT; direct inquiry for further infor-
                                                                                             able. It provided automatic pay increases       mation by email at nycommunityaction@
                                                                                             for salary or longevity step schedule hikes,
                                                                                             even after contracts establishing them had

                                                                                             THE CONSER VATIVE TORCH

                                                                                             The Purpose of the Mission
                                                                                                             By CARMINE J. TORCHETTI, JR.
                                                                                                                   For the past calendar     the radio program and of this column is the
                                                                                                              year, I sought to provide      “conservative” torch, it is clear that my views
                                                                                                              the best quality broadcast     are “right-leaning.” however, as I have stated
                                                                                                              program that would provide     on-air in the past, my views are often refuted
                                                                                             my listeners courage, justice, and tenacity.    and supported. refutation of my opinion has
                                                                                             Now, I am seeking to provide the same with      become a common occurrence here in New
                                                                                             this self titled weekly column. That is the     York, yet this just fuels my ambition even
                                                                                             first and foremost mission of this column.      further. common sense, real solutions such
                                                                                             current climates within the political, socio-   as a limited national government, strong
                                                                                             logical, and economical realm have given        national defense, being pro-life, being against
                                                                                             political enthusiasts, such as me, much mate-   gun control, and the prospect of individual
                                                                                             rial to discuss. The more material present,     responsibility and freedom, are just some of
                                                                                             the more opinion present; since the name of                               Continued on page 27
                                          The WesTchesTer GuardIaN                                          ThursdaY, OcTOBer 20, 2011                                                           Page 27

The Purpose of the Mission                       current president of our great nation, Barack
                                                 Obama, ran his 2008 election campaign on
                                                                                                     straight, concise answer without reading it
                                                                                                     off a teleprompter? The nation did receive
                                                                                                                                                         house. This problem solver must want and
                                                                                                                                                         have the responsibility and the desire to fight
Continued from page 26                           a platform of moderation and compromise.            change, as promised by then-candidate               for smaller government, personal freedom,
the stands that I will take to any argument,     Why? Because it is well known that regis-           Obama. however, the change was a dramatic           less intrusion into personal lives, and fewer
with anyone engaged in that debate.              tered Independent voters play a crucial role        increase of our nation’s unemployment rate          taxes. Who is this problem-solver? Who can
     When I was just growing into my             in determining the outcome of elections. To         to over 9%. The change was a skyrocketing           right this ship we all love and know as the
political beliefs and realizing my principles    please various political groups, such as the        increase in our national debt to well over 1        united states of america? That, my fellow
and convictions, I was told to be careful and    un-decided, the moderates, and the indepen-         trillion dollars. The change was a sweeping         patriots, is for next week. Be safe and Be
I was “forewarned” that I was to be in the       dents, one must seem willing to compromise.         health care reform bill that wasn’t widely          Well.
minority in New York. To go even further,        Politically, he is a very intelligent man; he       accepted by a majority of the american              Carmine J. Torchetti, Jr. is the host of The
those who sought to change my approach to        knows how to campaign and he knows how              people.                                             Conservative Torch Radio Program on WGRN,
“common sense” solutions attempted to use        to gain prominence, gain votes, and gain                  Why did our president of “hope” pursue        the Westchester Guardian Radio Network.
this statement as a means of determent from      support. however, as with many politicians,         a large scale health care bill for his first year   Although very successful thus far, Carmine seeks
my chosen views. I rejected their demand         it is all for popularity and followings. When it    in office when the number one issue facing          to take his conservative message national in the
knowing that just because something is           came time to discuss actual issues such as the      americans was unemployment? Wouldn’t                future, in the hopes of aiding the cause of imple-
popular, doesn’t make it right. Popularity has   economy, the War on Terror, or legislations,        the smart thing to do be to attempt a solution      menting common sense, “right” solutions to solve
often plagued the law makers of not only         he had two three word phrases programmed            that would get those people who voted for           the problems of the nation. Currently, Carmine
Washington d.c., but of albany, Tallahassee,     as almost an automated response, “Yes We            you back to work expeditiously? after three         is a senior at Iona College in New Rochelle,
Boston, Trenton, dover, sacramento, and          can” and “hope and change.” Yet, what is            major attempts of Barack Obama and his              N.Y. and is a Mass Communications major. For
other state capital cities. Far too often,       the thing we can do? Vote in a man who had          jobs-created proposals, the unemployment            more information on the radio program and on
politicians both local and national have put     just around three years experience as a junior      rate is still over 9% after almost three years      Carmine, please visit www.theconserva-
many resources and much energy into their        senator from Illinois? Vote in a man whose          in office. The bottom line is this: our nation
re-election bid and much less effort into        pre-public record consisted of community            will not begin to mirror what it once was
solving the issues at hand. For example, the     organizing? Vote in a man who can’t give a          unless we have a problem solver in the White


Onward, Christian Soldiers
                                                                                                     preacher: We are going to stand account-            church and state,” ask them to point you to
                                                                                                     able before God if we do not stand up and           exactly where in the constitution that inces-
                                                                                                     be counted.”                                        santly repeated and highly abused phrase can
                                                                                                          Falwell’s words ring no less true today.       be found. They can’t. It’s not there.
                  By MATT BARBER                                                                          Of course you can set your watch to                 Pastors, as this election cycle heats up,
                       Liberals are nervous.     Iowa, backed by astute organizers and big           the liberal response. recognizing the threat        expect to receive threatening letters from
                  They should be. as the         donors, are mobilizing congregations for the        to their own secular-socialist designs for          anti-christian paper tigers like americans
                  2012 election grows            election.”                                          america posed by a christian socio-polit-           united for separation of church and state
                  closer a soft rumble builds         “religious leaders have long been              ical revival - “progressive” conspirators have      and the american civil Liberties union
                  throughout        thousands    active in political causes,” the newspaper          broken out the saul alinsky-crafted long            warning you that if you discuss politics
of evangelical christian churches across         notes. “dr. Martin Luther King Jr. used his         knives.                                             from your pulpit, you stand to lose your tax-
america. Pastors and churchgoers alike are       Baptist pulpit to agitate for civil rights, and          They’re painting those who call for a          exempt status.
waking up to the disturbing reality that we      fiery televangelists Pat robertson and Jerry        return to moral principle in public policy               Know this: They’re lying to you. That’s
as a nation have strayed drastically from our    Falwell awakened the religious right in the         “dominionist” bogeymen who seek to “take            what they do. That’s all they have. This
historical Judeo-christian moorings.             1970s and 1980s with calls to fight what they       over government” and impose an american,            is merely a desperate attempt to muzzle
     Though many may try, none can honestly      saw as america’s moral decay.                       Taliban-like theocracy.                             christians generally and pastors specifically.
deny that the results have been devastating to        “But the current awakening is different,”           This, of course, is propagandist                    In fact, guess how many churches have
our culture.                                     the piece continues. “It springs from the grass     nonsense-- a silly ploy intended to frighten        lost tax-exempt status for involvement in
     Once the political tectonic plates shift,   roots - small and independent churches - and        into action both the “progressive” base and         elective politics?
there is bipartisan agreement that we can        is fueled by emails and YouTube videos. and         fence-sitting Independents.                              exactly zero. ever.
expect an earthshaking groundswell of grass-     it is driven less by personality than by the             still, this much they have right: christians        rest assured, there are no signs that the
roots advocacy and action to rival - if not      biblical teaching to be the ‘salt’ and ‘light’ of   and constitutionalists alike do intend to win       Internal revenue service plans to completely
surpass - the 2010 Tea Party effect.             society - in other words, to have a beneficial      the ongoing war for our culture. We do              trample the constitution by targeting
     along with their ideological Tea Party      influence on the world.”                            intend to “take over government” insofar as         churches anytime soon. even federal bureau-
cousins - many of whom are one and the                Indeed, the Moral Majority, led by             this means ensuring that true, traditionalist       crats understand that bothersome little thing
same - tens of millions of potential Bible-      Falwell and other venerable christian               statesmen are elected to office.                    called the First amendment.
believing voters are being encouraged - to       leaders, was central to placing ronald reagan            You’ve heard it said, “You can’t legislate          John adams, our second president, once
the extent they need encouragement - to vote     in the White house in 1980. remarkably,             morality.” Baloney.                                 said, “Our constitution was made only for a
their values in 2012. The catalyst? President    the movement’s contemporary counter-                     That’s exactly what legislation is. The        moral and religious people. It is wholly inad-
Obama’s discredited secular-socialist push to    part promises to play a key role in President       question is: Whose morality are we going to         equate to the government of any other.”
“fundamentally transform america.”               Obama’s eviction from that same residence           legislate? “Progressive” secular-socialists like         Yes, liberals are nervous. They should be.
     This burgeoning christian movement          some 32 years later.                                President Obama insist it’s their own, post-        Moral and religious people are taking our
has not gone unnoticed by the left. For               at the time, Falwell gave a rousing call to    modern brand of moral relativism.                   government back.
instance, in a piece headlined: “evangelical     arms: “What is wrong in america today?” he               christians, in fast-growing numbers, are
pastors heed a political calling for 2012,”      asked. “We preachers - and there are 340,000                                                            Matt Barber is an attorney concentrating in
                                                                                                     beginning to say, “Not on our watch.”               constitutional law. He serves as Vice President of
the Los angeles Times recently reported,         of us who pastor churches - we hold the                  You’ve been lied to. The next time you
“Formerly apolitical preachers in states like    nation in our hand. and I say this to every                                                             Liberty Counsel Action.
                                                                                                     hear someone appeal to the “separation of
Page 28                                      The WesTchesTer GuardIaN                                        ThursdaY, OcTOBer 20, 2011


If This Be Class Warfare, So Be It
                                                                                                     have suffered a defeat comparable to that we         those culprits been allowed to buy their way
                                                                                                     sustained in Vietnam.                                out by paying civil fines, in effect, simply
                                                                                                          To those who say we have to stay to             adding to the cost of doing business? I hope
                                                                                                     prevent the return to power of the Taliban           the civic-minded participants of Occupy
                By ED KOCH                                                                           that will ultimately govern afghanistan              Wall street are not infiltrated by anarchists
                      On October 8th, The          of their horrendous wounds. We are willing        (because the people there prefer it to a             and radicals who have a different agenda.
                 New York Times ran an article     to spend $2 billion a week on continuing this,    more liberal – in terms of social mores, and              The New York Times reported on
                 on the 10th anniversary of        the longest war in our country’s history: a war   a corrupt government) and which will once            Monday, October 11, 2011, on the decline
                 the war in afghanistan. The       we cannot win, because the afghan people          again provide sanctuary to al-Qaeda and              in america’s household income since the
                 report described a battle near    refuse to fight their fellow afghans who          allow a repeat of 9/11, I say hooey.                 onset of the Great recession and the two
the border of Pakistan. “soon insurgents           continue to support the Taliban.                       al-Qaeda and comparable Islamic terror          years following its end in June 2009 to be
near the border were firing on four afghan              It surely is similar to the war we waged     organizations exist in more than 60 countries,       a “full 9.8 percent drop in income from the
american out posts simultaneously – a coor-        in Vietnam on the side of a corrupt south         according to the cIa. Not long ago, the cIa          start of the recession to this June.” In addi-
dinated barrage and assault that included          Vietnamese government against a totali-           publicly stated that al-Qaeda cells exist in 62      tion to the decline in income, americans
dozens of 107 millimeter rockets, and at one       tarian communist government in North              countries and that in afghanistan, there were        have suffered countless billions in losses to
post, a suicide truck bomber, american mili-       Vietnam, which was cruel but not corrupt.         only 50 to 100 al-Qaeda operatives – the             the value of their homes and other finan-
tary officers said.”                               We lost that one, and we are losing this one.     fighting being done by the Taliban.                  cial assets. In that same period, I have no
     The Times went on, “ Most of the high              I am amazed that, unlike the Vietnam              We will be fighting a war against Islamic       doubt the Wall street financial institutions
explosive rockets striking the outposts            War when marches in the streets of every          terrorists for many years to come. That war          and the banks have grown far richer than
were fired from just inside afghanistan,           major city against that war ultimately caused     should be fought by special forces who go            before the recession and stride this nation
suggesting that the attack had been prepared       us to end that war, there are no such marches     in and come out immediately after, hope-             like colossi using the congress to protect
and launched from Pakistan and the rocket          today. Those marches culminated in our            fully, successfully completing their goal, e.g.,     them. Not one ceO of a major financial
crews withdrew to sanctuaries there as the         making an unceremonious, hasty exit using         killing bin Laden in Pakistan. We should use         institution or bank has, so far as I know, been
americans fired back. and the relative weak-       helicopters to fly our personnel from the         drones to kill individual terrorist leaders, e.g.,   indicted, tried and convicted for criminal acts
ness of afghan soldiers and police officers        american embassy in saigon to the u.s.            al-awlaki in Yemen. No longer should we be           committed causing the Great recession and
living and working in the american bases           naval ships offshore as the communist troops      putting land armies into asia or elsewhere.          the beggaring of america. Those institutions
was equally clear…raising once more the            swarmed into saigon. God forbid that we           That was the advice of the recently retired          and the people who control them and have
familiar questions about how afghan forces         should suffer such an ignominious exit again.     secretary of defense robert Gates.                   enriched themselves consider it to be class
underwritten at tremendous expense will fare            We are told by our government that a              I hope “Occupy Wall street ,” the               warfare to hold them responsible. They are
when the united states pulls back.”                substantial number of troops will be coming       current street marchers, add to their litany         no longer too big to fail, they are apparently
     Then came this description of our             home this year, and all of them home by the       of grievances: demanding our getting out of          too big to jail. If this be class warfare, so be it.
afghan military allies: “While the american        end of 2014. however, our government is           Iraq and afghanistan this year. Why aren’t
soldiers organized and coordinated their part      negotiating with the Karzai government to                                                              The Honorable Edward Irving Koch served
                                                                                                     the republican candidates for President              New York City as its105th Mayor from 1978
of the battle on the outpost here, the afghan      stay past the latter date, in an open-ended       discussing the issue? I’m for Occupy Wall
soldiers did not participate. some simply sat      commitment. You can bet the Karzai govern-                                                             to 1989.
                                                                                                     street’s expressed demand to hold criminally
and watched.”                                      ment, notwithstanding anything they say           responsible Wall streeters and bankers who
     here we are, having trained afghan            to the contrary seeking to make them look         committed criminal acts contributing to the
soldiers for 10 years and they remain incom-       to be masters in their own house and even         causes for the Great recession. Why have
petent or deliberately unwilling to fight,         more important for them, exact more mone-
while afghans who are part of the Taliban          tary concessions, will jump at the chance
are capable soldiers contesting with the u.s.      of keeping uncle sam and our billions in           LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
army in a professional manner. What should         expenditures in afghanistan so that corrupt
                                                                                                                                                          this tumultuous time in our nation’s life,
that tell us? clearly, those who are part of the   government can continue to rip us off stealing
                                                                                                                                                          we don’t need politicians who fill our over-
Karzai government don’t have their heart           millions for the insiders, that we make avail-
                                                                                                                                                          loaded minds with self-serving noise. We
in this war. They want, need and accept the        able to rebuild that country’s infrastructure.
                                                                                                                                                          need leaders who can and will act deci-
salaries paid by the american government,               No army going back to alexander
                                                                                                                                                          sively, innovatively, and compassionately
which undoubtedly are far greater than paid        the Great, the British empire and the
                                                                                                                                                          on behalf of the people. I have lived in
by the Taliban to Taliban soldiers. Is there       soviet colossus has ever prevailed over the
                                                                                                                                                          Westchester for 18 years, because they it is
any question as to who will prevail when           indigenous afghan people. Today, a huge
                                                                                                                                                          rich with beauty, culture, opportunity and
we leave, if in fact we do leave? Our govern-      population explosion in afghanistan is
ment does not want to ever leave. We want          providing an endless supply of young men            Support for Catherine                              some of the smartest people anywhere.
                                                                                                                                                          We are presently living in a time when
to stay there forever and are willing to spend     for the Taliban. I doubt there are many
the lives of our young men and women and           today in our own government who believe
                                                                                                       Borgia                                             our way of life at risk. To weather the
                                                                                                            This letter is written in support of          storm, we need solid experienced leaders.
accept continuing casualties with terrible         we will prevail. They simply, in my opinion,
                                                                                                       catherine Borgia for county Legislature.           catherine Borgia, the supervisor of the
consequences for those who survive because         do not want to admit that we can’t win and
                                                                                                       she is a proven leader who deserves our            Town of Ossining and a candidate for the
                                                                                                       votes on November 8th.                             Westchester county Board of Legislators,
                     LETTERS TO THE EDITOR                                                                  For some time, I have been following          is that kind of leader.
                     Please submit your Letter to the Editor electronically, that is by directing      the three ring circus of national politics.             Ms. Borgia has proven her mettle
                     email to Please confine your writing to between              sarah Palin announced that she is a non-           many times over. On her watch as Town
                     350 and 500 words. Your name, address, and telephone contact is                   candidate for president. a few days ago            supervisor, the police department was
                     requested for verification purpose only. A Letter to the Editor will be           the governor of New Jersey said that he            absorbed by the Westchester county
                     accepted at the editor’s discretion when space permits.                           isn’t running either. really, who cares? at                                Continued on page 29
                     A maximum of one submission per month may be accepted.
                                                The WesTchesTer GuardIaN                                 ThursdaY, OcTOBer 20, 2011   Page 29

Letters to the Editor                                  started and saunders Trade and Technical
                                                       school in Yonkers has closed down the
Continued from page 28                                 metal shop. The excuse is that there is no
Police. The Town and Village of Ossining               student interest, but I was a shop teacher
have just completed an unprecedented                   there, and it just is not true. I polled my 9th
merger of their courts. Both bold moves                grade students when I was there, and there
that reduced Town expenses by 18.5% while              were more than enough students interested
maintaining high levels of service. In a time          in metal shop as a major to populate the
when other governments struggle with crip-             program. Besides depriving the students of
pling deficits, the Town of Ossining has               an important program, closing the metal
held its own and has reduced taxes. To set a           shop marks the end of the very successful
personal example of fiscally responsible lead-         robotics team that has done very well in
ership, supervisor Borgia cut her own salary!          the international First robotics competition.
    While all around us, politicians point             Without mentors and a shop to build in the
fingers and play the blame game, supervisor            robotics club has nowhere to go. We need
Borgia has, along with the Ossining Town               more parents to pay attention; and where is
and Village Boards, used courage and imagi-            the school board? Most importantly, where
nation to implement effective solutions.               is the vision and guidance for your students
elect Borgia to the county Legislature!                Mr. Pierorazio, Mr. Mazzola, Ms. Nola, Mr.
    rika Levin reisman                                 sanz, Ms Tolbert, and Ms. Malek? This will
    Ossining, NY 10562                                 probably end any chance that I would be
                                                       rehired, if there was any, but bringing this
                                                       issue up is more important.
The Concern of Industry                                     Thomas hurd
     It has been the subject of many news                   ardsley New York 10502
stories lately that it is a problem for industry
in this country to find machinists with even
rudimentary skills to work in our manufac-
turing facilities. Well the school year has


Signs, Signs Everywhere Signs
                 By IVY REEVES
                       Yes indeed ladies and           (literally), but certainly most educated voters
                   gentlemen it is election time       will research the candidate and or if possible,
                   again. Knocking on doors and        have the opportunity to speak with him or her
                   asking for signatures on peti-      and make a decision based on the candidate’s
                   tions as well as talking with       portfolio, character and sincerity and not a
and listening to constituents. handing out             sign.
flyers palm cards and business cards are also               after the primary on Tuesday september
popular ways to get people to remember you.            13th it will be necessary to have some signs
But what is going on with all the signs this           removed. While many signs will come down,
year?                                                  others like me who will be in the general elec-
      Let’s face it! some of the signs this election   tion on Tuesday November 8, 2011 on the
year look like frames for a small 2 bedroom            Working Families Party line will replace the
house. I have seen what looks like a crew of           signs of the candidates who did not survive
men putting these signs up. signs that are so          the primary. Putting up and taking down
large they practically cover the entire store or       signs down will give a few people an oppor-
business where they stand. I was so amazed at          tunity to make little money, but the leaders
one candidate’s sign which is so big that when         elected must understand the importance of
I came to a traffic light I stopped at the green       doing much more for the unemployed and
light and rolled slowly through the red.               under employed. The bottom line is that all
      Bigger does not always mean better,              the placement and removal of these large signs
however, extra large signs are good for drivers        have helped employ a few of our Yonkers resi-
like myself who are near sighted; you will defi-       dents, even if only for a short period of time
antly have no problem seeing them from a               and well… that is a good thing.
block away. It would be great if these signs are       Ivy Reeves is a candidate for 1st Yonkers City
environmentally friendly, recyclable or better         Council District under the Working Family Party
still bio-degradable.                                  designation.
      signs are a great way to get name exposure
Page 30                                              The WesTchesTer GuardIaN                                                            ThursdaY, OcTOBer 20, 2011

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                                                                                                                                                                                                  1100 Sq. Ft. Store $3100; 1266 Sq.
 United States Corporation Agents, Inc. 7014     served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to      SSNY shall mail copy of process The LLC                                                          Ft. store $2800 and 450 Sq. Ft.
 13th Ave. Ste. 202 Brooklyn, NY 11228. Pur-     The LLC 10 Union Ave, Ste 5 Lynbrook, NY        57 Worthington Rd. White Plains, NY 10607.                                                       Store $1200.
 pose: Any lawful activity. Registered Agent:    11563. Purpose: Any lawful activity.            Purpose: Any lawful activity
 United States Corporation Agents, Inc. 7014                                                                                                                                                      Suitable for any type of business.
 13th Ave. Ste. 202 Brooklyn, NY 11228                                                                                                                                                            Contact Jaime: 914.632.1230
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Page 32                 The WesTchesTer GuardIaN         ThursdaY, OcTOBer 20, 2011

                                                             The Number 1 Rated
                                                              Puerto Rican Restaurant
                                                                   in Manhattan
                                                                    has opened
                                                                   White Plains!
                                                               “The Best Puerto Rican Food”
                                                                   NY Post Nov. 8, 2006

                  Dinner • Bar
               Lounge • Catering
            Private Party Room Available

              Monday -Thursday 4PM-11PM
              Friday and Saturday 4PM-4AM
                    Sunday 4PM-11PM

            Reserve Now for Holiday Parties!

             175 Main St. , White Plains, NY. • Tel: 914-428-5500 •
          400 East 57th Street New York, NY 10022-3019 • Tel: 212. 754.5999 •
                 SAZON • 105 Reade St., NY, NY • Tel: 212.406.1900 •


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