Classification of Living Things Table by keralaguest

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									                                          Classification of Living Things

Domain               Bacteria           Archaea                                          Eukarya

Kingdom             Eubacteria       Archaebacteria       Protista            Fungi                Plantae        Animalia

Cell Type           Prokaryote         Prokaryote        Eukaryote           Eukaryote             Eukaryote     Eukaryote

Cell Structures   Cell walls with      Cell walls      Cells walls of      Cell walls of       Cell walls of   No cell walls or
                  peptidoglycan         without       cellulose; some         chitin            cellulose;      chloroplasts
                                     peptidoglycan          have                               chloroplasts

                                                      Most unicellular;        Most
Number              Unicellular        Unicellular     some colonial;      multicellular;     Multicellular     Multicellular
of Cells                                                   some           some unicellular

Mode of            Autotroph or       Autotroph or      Autotroph or        Heterotroph            Autotroph    Heterotroph
Nutrition          Heterotroph        Heterotroph       Heterotroph

                   Streptococcus      Methanogens     Amoeba,               Mushrooms         Mosses, Ferns,     Sponges,
Examples                and               and         Paramecium,              and            and Flowering    Worms, Insects,
                  Escherichia coli     Halophiles     Giant Kelp              Yeast               Plants         Fish, and

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