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 VOLUME XVII, NUMBER 8SSP                                                                                         2000
                                        N E W S L E T T E R                                           SEPTEMBER T2005
 O n e S t a m fo rd L a n d i n g , 6 2 S o u t h f i e l d Av e nu e • S t a m fo rd , C o n n e c t i c u t • 0 6 9 0 2

          UP COMING EVENTS                                                    PRESIDENT’S NOTES
              SAVE THE DATES                                      Sitting in Connecticut during a fine stretch of weather, it’s
                                                                  hard to imagine what has happened in the Gulf. But the
                 September 2005                                   pictures show the complete devastation of the area, and
                                                                  the need for assistance is clear.
New York City Bar Legal Seminar & Luncheon
               Association of the Bar, NYC                        The maritime community was hard hit along with all of the
                 Thursday, September 22                           rest. As you will read elsewhere in this Newsletter, the
                See page 13 for more info
                                                                  CMA will try to identify a particular maritime related project
                                                                  or group in need of assistance, and we will coordinate the
                 Pre-Regatta Dinner
                                                                  giving of support by our members. We will post information
                 Thursday, September 29
              Sponsored by: Morgan Stanley                        on our website ( and send out
                          Polpo                                   notices in the weeks ahead. Please join us in this effort.
          554 Old Post Road, #3, Greenwich, CT
               6:30pm - 7:30pm Open Bar                           A different and less destructive hurricane off the coast of
                7:30pm Seating for Dinner                         Florida in 1994 set in motion a series of events involving
                                                                  the 40,000 ton tanker CHERRY VALLEY, which responded
       Speakers: Skip Strong & Ray Burke "In Peril"
          Members & Guests: $70 per person
                  Limited to 70 people
            See pages 7 and 8 for more info
        First Annual CMA Sailing Regatta
                                                                   President’s Notes                                     —page 2
                  Friday, September 30
                                                                   From the Editor                                       —page 4
              Presenting Sponsor: U.S.Trust
                                                                   Market Commentary                                     —page 4

           See page 7 & 8 for more info on the                     Factoids & Stuff                                      —page 5

          events taking place, venues and times                    Johnny Kulukundis Reports                             —page 6

                                                                   CMA First Annual Sailing Regatta                      —page 7
             Racing crew spots: SOLD-OUT                           “In Peril” – Launching CMA’s Book Club Event Series   —page 8
      Spectator Boat & Luncheon: $100 per person                   Membership Notes                                      —page 9
    Post-Racing Reception & Dinner: $150 per person                New Member Profile                                 —page 10

                                                                   Ballast Water                                      —page 11

                                                                   LNG Terminal Safety                                —page 12
For a full calendar of upcoming CMA Events and more infor-
                                                                   Thank You                                          —page 13
mation on all of the above, please go to the Events page at
                                                                   Examining Due Diligence in Shipping                —page 13
                                                                   October Event Schedule                             —page 14

                                                                   Job Mart                                           —page 14

                                                                          to the calls for assistance by a tug and tow in distress, and
    •   CMA INFORMATION                                      •            then claimed salvage. The compelling story is the subject
                                                                          of the book, In Peril, by Capt. Skip Strong and Twain
       PRESIDENT                  VICE PRESIDENT                          Thanks to Beth Jordan-Wilson, the CMA will hold its first
       Peter Drakos              Beth A. Wilson-Jordan                    “Book Club Dinner” on September 29 at Polpo restaurant in
    P: (203) 354-1362             P: (203) 609-0803                       Greenwich featuring “In Peril.” Capt. Strong will present his
    F: (203) 354-1363              F: (203) 609-0804                      book and discuss the decisions he took at the helm of the
  Email:       Email:       fully laden CHERRY VALLEY off the coast of Florida in
                                                                          November 1994, perilously close to the Bethel Shoal. We
       SECRETARY                     TREASURER                            will also have our long time member Ray Burke, Jr., speak
     Laura Mirabella                Bob Pascarella                        to discuss the largest salvage award in U.S. history. Ray
    P: (203) 602-6819              P: (203) 325-9771                      Burke and his partner Bill Dougherty were counsel during
   F: To be announced              F: (203) 323-6266                      the trial which was held in the United States District Court
Email:    Email:
                                                                          in New Orleans.

                                                                          As a personal aside, I first heard about the book this past
     MEMBERSHIP                  PLANNING & ADMIN                         February when I met up with Ray Burke and Bill Dougherty
       Evan Galanis                 Ramesh Bhat                           at the hotel bar in Panama after a pleasant night out fol-
    P: (203) 356-2000             P: (203) 938-3585                       lowing a shipping conference. During the course of con-
    F: (203) 356-2010             F: (203) 938-0385                       versation the subject of the CHERRY VALLEY incident
    Email:      Email:
                                                                          anonymously came up and Ray mentioned there is a book
                                                                          about it and that he happened to have a copy he would
         SOCIAL                   COMMUNICATION
                                                                          send to me. Given the late hour during which this discus-
    Johnny Kulukundis              Chris Aversano
                                                                          sion took place I naturally forgot all about it, but shortly
    P: (203) 550-1720             P: (203) 629-2300
                                                                          after returning to Connecticut a brand new copy of “In Peril”
    F: (203) 629-9103             F: (203) 629-9101
            Email:                         Email:
                                                                          arrived at my office. I quickly read the story and learned               that Ray was in the book and very much a part of the story.
                                                                          It was another example of how respect is earned in many
       EDUCATION                 CHANGE OF ADDRESS                        different ways.
       Nora Huvane                    Faith Marr
    P: (203) 406-0106             P: (860) 354-1182                       I also then learned that the copy he sent to me was one,
    F: (203) 406-0110             F: (860) 354-1666                       out of a box of presumably thousands, which were taking
            Email:                         Email:                         up room in a closet in his house. Although I was honored                to receive my copy, he was just dumping ballast, as it were.

      THE CMA HOME PAGE ADDRESS                          IS
                                                                          Hope to see you on September 29.

     LETTERS TO THE EDITOR & NEWSLETTER                                   Best regards,
                    Donald B. Frost                                       Peter G. Drakos
        P: (203) 406-0109 • F: (203) 406-0110

        JOB MART: Lorraine Parsons/Cari Kramer

                 WEB: Lorraine Parsons

            FROM         THE     EDITOR                                   MARKET COMMENTARY
Where did Summer go? The weather was certainly more                By Donald B. Frost
traditional than some summers, but somehow the rapid
unfolding of events and activities always foreshortens the         Last month I mentioned the shipping industry’s absence at
season                                                             the policy-making tables in Washington as well as every
                                                                   other capital. I find this all the more disconcerting as the
Planning for Shipping 2006 is progressing. Finding a theme         politicians remind us that our ports and our ships are the
that will tie together the many interest areas has been a          life lines of global commerce, that we depend on them for
challenge. Personally, I have been thinking of a “Miltonian        our livelihoods and quality of life and that they are vulnera-
theme” but I cannot decide whether it is John Milton (author       ble to terrorist actions.
of “Paradise Lost” and the title’s relationship to a lower
freight market) or Milton Berle.                                   You may rightly ask, “Where does CMA fit into this discus-
                                                                   sion?” The answer is both flattering as well as disquieting.
As we have done each year, we are reaching out to indus-           The fact is that we (all of us) are gradually being seen as
try players and observers from the many aspects of this            an influential force. I know that may surprise you as it would
global industry. Your thoughts and suggestions are also            many of our founding members who saw the shipping
solicited. The best way to convey your ideas is to send            industry as a global brotherhood of commercial types with
them to me directly or via our events director, Lorraine           no interest in politics.
Parsons, via e-mail. Keep in mind that while every aspect
of the industry is important, some are more interesting than       Well guess what? Politicians make policy and that is far
others and we do have the responsibility to you and our            more important to the shipping industry today than 20 odd
guests to “put fannies in the seats” (a quote from Bill            years ago, when CMA’s first by-laws and constitution were
Crawford, the father of our Conference and Trade Show).            drawn up. As you all have seen, we have moved from an
We also have the challenge to make each year’s                     almost totally unregulated industry to one that is increas-
Conference fresh and intellectually stimulating, so infomer-       ingly regulated and/or administrated. The most recent man-
cials for a specific product or service has a very limited         ifestation of this is the European Commission’s moves to
audience.                                                          take away the anti-competition protections offered to the
                                                                   liner/container business by the Conference System, and
                                                                   they threaten the same mischief with the tramp business.
P.S. –                                                             (Haven’t heard abut this? Just wait!)
To our international members and friends we offer our
heartfelt thanks for your prayers and aid to the victims of        So why has CMA garnered so much attention? I would like
hurricane KATRINA. Your help has not received a lot of             to offer a theory.
media attention so far but it is recognized and greatly
appreciated by all of us. Thank you.                               The 17th Century French philosopher and mathematician,
                                                                   Rene’ Descartes (often called “The Father of modern phi-
                                                                   losophy”), authored the celebrated dictum, “Cognito ergo
                                                                   sum” – Latin for “I think therefore I am”. May I suggest that
                                                                   because we (CMA and several other associations of mar-
                                                                   itime professionals) have become more visible and more
                                                                   willing to express opinions, we have earned the right to

                                                                   Through the centuries many philosophers have debated
                                                                   and discussed the meaning of “being”. However, in the

case of CMA, our visibility and credibility may have more in         • The California Assembly and Senate of the State of
common with the late 20th Century thinker and comedian,                California issued a joint resolution August 18th that would
Woody Allen, who restated Descartes as “Half of success                urge Congress to ratify Annex VI of MARPOL 73/78 that
in life is just showing up”.                                           would allow the US to designate areas in the US as Sulfur
                                                                       Emission Control Areas or SECA. Although California
I present this topic to you because the CMA Board of                   and local governments in that state are seeking to reduce
Governors is once again trying to answer some of life’s                  exhaust emissions from ships, once an area is designat-
eternal questions – Who are we (CMA members), What is                    ed a SECA by the US, a specified cap on sulfur levels in
CMA and what do we want CMA to be? I do not think any                    marine fuels for sale and combustion can also be stipu-
one of us can articulate simple answers with out saying “It              lated for the SECA.
depends” at least a few times. Since this is an issue in
which every member should have a say, may I ask you to               • The United Nation Convention on the Law of the Sea
please share your opinions, questions and probably mis-                  (UNCLOS) was adopted by the General Assembly
givings about the whole idea to me addressed to edi-                     December 1982 but only entered into force in 1994. On                                                      the first day on which it was opened for signature, 119
                                                                         countries signed the convention. There are now 148 rati-
As for 21st Century philosophers, I think I met a distant                fications and now the EU as a Community covering 24 or
descendent of Rene’ Descartes in the French Quarter of                   their 25 member states deposited its instrument of ratifi-
New Orleans last year. Bubba Descartes, a coonass soul                   cation of UNCLOS April 1, 1998. The US Congress is still
food chef, expressed his philosophy of life as “Cognito ergo             considering it.
tuber” – “I think therefore I yam.”
                                                                     •    On    September      12,   2005   US   DOT’s    Maritime
                                                                         Administration (MARAD) announced a public meeting of
                                                                         the Marine Transportation System (MTS) National

            FACTOIDS & STUFF                                             Advisory Council in Memphis, TN on September 28,
                                                                         2005. The cynic in me wonders at the timing of this meet-
                                                                         ing so close after KATRINA in so far as MTS deals with
By Don Frost                                                             “maritime infrastructure.” Maybe KATRINA can do for
                                                                         MTS what common sense and real need for money has
• In July Military Sealift Command (MSC) announced they                  not been able to do.
  were transferring the USNS SIRIUS (combat stores ship
  built for the Royal Navy and transferred to MSC January            • The September 5 issue of CIO Magazine has a piece by
  1981) to the Texas Maritime Academy as its new training              Nicholas Hoover and Eric Chabrow on Homeland
  ship as of July 1, 2005. There are two sister ships that are         Security. I quote from the article a statement by the for-
 still under MARAD control. Will the next one go to New                mer director of the Institute for Homeland Security retired
 York?                                                                 US Air Force Lt. Colonel Randy Larsen. “Today, cus-
                                                                         tomers (US Government) don’t know what they want, and
• A section of the 2005 Transportation Act called “roadabil-             that’s the biggest problem in homeland security.” This has
  ity” will make container-shipping lines responsible for                resulted in government funding projects that don’t afford
  inspection and maintenance of trailer chassis that carry               the homeland much security. Larsen questions whether
  containers provided by equipment owners under leases.                  investments in technology to secure US ports is money
                                                                         well spent. Terrorists, capable of building a nuclear bomb,
• The Maritime Administration Enhancement Act of 2005                    will be smart enough to by pass such systems.
  was reported out of Committee July 25, 2005. Among
  other things, subject to appropriations, it increases the          • To put the biz news into perspective I noticed a piece in
  payments to State and Regional Maritime Academies to                 the Aug 8th Biz Week that reported aggressive price-cut-
  $500,000 by fiscal year 2008.                                        ting by major beer brewers. I’ll drink to that.

                                                                     Secondly, has anyone thought about how exactly we are
                                                                     supposed to get 60 people onto five pre-assigned yachts
                                                                     out on moorings using one launch? While at the same time
                                                                     getting 12 race committee people onto three race boats,
                                                                     while at a totally different location marshalling 150 guests
Johnny M. Kulukundis                                                 and a string quartet onto yet another yacht? Then provide
C/O The YMCA Greenwich                                               lunch for all two hundred and twenty six people out on Long
Greenwich, CT 06830                                                  Island Sound. Oh and then have the three race boats mark
                                                                     and organize a race course for the five yachts to then race
For the Attention of: Don Frost,                                     around, while keeping not only the spectator yacht, but all
Editor-in-Chief, CMA Newsletter.                                     the other CMA members who are attending on their private
                                                                     yachts, out of the way. Then there’s the press and media
My Dearest Donald:                                                   launch boat to organize, which will be captained by Joe
                                                                     Gross with CMA Board Member, Chris Aversano, as Chief
I trust this letter finds you well. Thank you for a wonderful        Mate. We need to get the camera crew and photographers
dinner the other night. Who knew that boiled beef tongue             onto that and hope they don’t hit anything as they speed
made for such a palatable main course? Also, thank you so            around in search of the perfect shot.
much for sharing your extensive collection of vintage steam
engine postcards and ephemera with my date and I. Don’t              Then, while the race is underway, attempt a ship-to-ship
worry about the whole Polaroid incident, I guess they just           transfer of the camera crew, interviewer and photographers
got mixed up with the postcards. My date was quite                   from the launch to the spectator boat, mid-Long Island
impressed with your tattoos though; it’s all she could talk          Sound in order to get some interviews and candid party
about in the car on the way home. Personally, I’m not sure           shots. Then, of course, there’s the issue that the spectator
I have the self-confidence to have those areas tattooed in           yacht is coming back to Cos Cob, while the racing yachts
the first place, nor do I think I’m limber enough to get into        and a number of private watercraft will be heading directly
the requisite positions for the tattooist. That yoga is really       for the Indian Harbor Yacht Club in Greenwich, where the
working out for you. Anyway, I digress, I have some                  cocktail reception for over 200 commences at 5:30pm.
thoughts on the upcoming sailing I need to share with you.
                                                                     After the racing we shall need to ensure that all the yacht
I’m not quite sure whose idea it was to have a regatta, but          crews and guests are at the correct tables for the dinner
whomever is responsible should be severely reprimanded,              and trophy presentations. That would be 48 engraved tro-
perhaps a plank walking is in order after the sailing! The           phies we need by the way, Drake Sparkman is organizing
intricacies involved in this beano make the Liberty Ship             and donating the 49th one. The 300 regatta hats with indi-
reception in New London look like a visit to Stop and Shop,          vidually custom embroidered patches need to get here on
or “Arrête et Acheter” as we like to call it in Greenwich .          time from China; the 71 custom embroidered and silk
What was the Board thinking in sanctioning this event?               screened sponsor jackets in four colors and various sizes
They must be off their trolley!                                      have to ship from Massachusetts and the 14 Outer Banks
                                                                     embroidered race committee shirts in both women’s and
Firstly, who thought it would be a good idea to invite 70            men’s multiple sizes need to get here from NYC on time.
CMA members and their guests to cocktails and dinner the             Then there’s the 250 custom printed ASBA Tanker Broker
night before the event, not to mention inviting a published          Panel dark and stormy cups to get to the Yacht Club, plus
author to speak, plus the head of the regatta race commit-           the six 30”x 46” custom appliqué sponsor burgees to get
tee, schedule allowing, and set up full audio-visual for the         out to the yachts prior to the race, provided they arrive from
event?                                                               New Jersey in time.

Luckily our Vice President has volunteered to represent the
CMA aboard the spectator yacht, while our erstwhile                          CMA FIRST ANNUAL
President shows off his sailing prowess aboard the Charles                    SAILING REGATTA
Weber sponsored “Weatherly” and goes head to head
                                                                           Featuring Five America’s Cup
against his brother on VOC / Intrepid sponsored “Intrepid”.
                                                                                Classic 12 Meters
Buck Miller has very graciously volunteered to MC the               “This yachting event will have to go down as probably the
après yachting dinner, which will relieve you of your usual         most memorable event in shipping at least in my recollec-
responsibilities.                                                   tion in the USA. You guys keep out-doing yourselves on
                                                                    each and every event, but I don't know how you can top
That leaves Lorraine and I to handle the rest. But I guess if
                                                                                                         —Gerard T. Desmond
we didn’t enjoy it we wouldn’t volunteer. Anyway, in light of
                                                                                                     Louis-Dreyfus Corporation
all of the above, unfortunately I shall be unable to pen my
usual page six article for you this month. Hopefully next           PRESENTING SPONSOR:
month things might have calmed down a little. But then we           U.S. Trust Company of New York
have to start writing the questions for the 2nd Annual CMA
Maritime Trivia Quiz Night. Hey Ho……                                EVENT SPONSORS: Armada Group, ASBA Tanker Broker
                                                                    Panel, Charles R. Weber Company, Eagle Ocean Transport,
                                                                    Fjord Catering & Charters, Float-Tech, General Maritime
Thank you again for dinner and sharing your postcards.
                                                                    Corporation, Genco Shipping & Trading, Healy & Baillie,
Again, don’t worry about the mishap with the Polaroids, it          Intrepid Shipping, Leeds & Leeds Company, Marine Oil
could happen to anyone, and you really couldn’t see that            Transportation Consultants, Merlin Petroleum Company,
much in most of them.                                               Morgan Stanley, Odin Marine, OMI Corporation, PetroMar
                                                                    International, Short Sea Shipping Cooperative Program
See you on the Sound!                                               (SCOOP), VOC Bulk Shipping USA, World Fuel Services

                                                                                    SCHEDULE OF EVENTS
Best Wishes
Johnny                                                              On Thursday, September 29th, 2005, Morgan Stanley will
                                                                    sponsor a pre-Regatta dinner.
                                                                    We will be treated to a fantastic speech by the co-author of

            Single source vendor:
                                                                    “In Peril: A Daring Decision, A Captain's Resolve, and the
                                                                    Salvage that Made History”, Skip Strong and longtime

          Spare Parts + Equipment
                                                                    CMA supporter Ray Burke of Burke & Parsons, launching

           for foreign built ships

                                                                    the CMA Book Club event series.
                                                                    Schedule allowing, the head of our race committee and,
                                                                    according to Don Bresnan, “the best Race Committee
                                                                    Manager on the East Coast”, John Mendez, will say a few
                                                                    words about the following day’s events.

         FAX: (1) - 450 - 671 - 3898
         TEL: (1) - 450 - 465 - 6556
                                                                    For this special event we have secured space at one of the
                                                                    most lauded restaurants on the East Coast – Polpo, 554

                                                                    Old Post Road, #3, Greenwich, CT. For more information

               1 - 877 - 228 - 9879
                                                                    on Polpo and directions, visit their website at

                                                           There will be a one-hour

                  Web Site:
                                                                    open bar cocktail reception from 6:30 pm and seating for

                                                                    dinner at 7:30 pm. This event is sure to sell-out fast and is
                                                                    strictly limited to 70 people, so reservations and pre-pay-
                                                                    ments are required. The cost for this fabulous evening’s

entertainment is $70 per person for members and non-
members. Call Lorraine to reserve and pre-pay by sending
a check or giving credit card information.
                                                                                   “IN PERIL”
On Friday, September 30th, 2005 the Connecticut                       Launching the CMA Book Club
Maritime Association will hold its first ever Annual Regatta.                 Event Series
The CMA has chartered five America’s Cup Twelve Meter
Yachts for the 2005 Regatta. Weatherly built 1958,                            Thursday, September 29
Columbia built 1958, Nefertiti built 1962, American Eagle                             Polpo
built 1964 and Intrepid built 1967.                                                 554 Old Post Road, #3
                                                                                     Greenwich, CT 06830
Crew spaces on the yachts have been filled, but there is            Visit: for Directions
still limited space aboard the 117’ luxury spectator yacht                         Open Bar 6:30 pm-7:30pm
“Cayah Michele”, where a smorgasbord lunch and cocktails                         Seating for Dinner at 7:30 pm
will be served as a string quartet serenades guests. The                        Members & Non-Members: $70
spectator yacht will be departing from Fjord Catering &                              Limited to 70 people
Charters, 143 River Road, Cos Cob promptly at 12 Noon                      Reservations and Pre-payment required
and will return around 4:00 pm. There is plenty of parking               Call Lorraine at +1.203.406.0109 Ext 3717
at “Port Fjord” and nautical dress is encouraged (blue blaz-
ers, white slacks, binoculars and nautical hats for the men,    Hero is a word which is used all too frequently these days,
hats for the ladies!). Otherwise, smart casual will be fine!    but the CMA is fortunate to be able to present a real one at
Visit for directions.              the pre-Regatta dinner on September 29. Captain Prentice
                                                                “Skip” Strong will speak about the events covered in his
Tickets for this event are $100 per person and almost sold-     page-turner of a book, “In Peril.”
out, so please call Lorraine to reserve and arrange payment.
                                                                The inside of the jacket cover describes the events:
Immediately following the racing, the Captains’ Cocktails       When Skip Strong, the thirty-two-year-old captain of the
and Dinner will commence at the Indian Harbor Yacht Club,       688-foot oil tanker Cherry Valley received the call, all he
710 Steamboat Road,Greenwich, CT. Cocktails will be fol-        knew was that an oceangoing tug with five men aboard
lowed by a seated dinner and the trophy presentations.          was in distress off Florida’s east coast. Caught in an
Cocktails commence at 5:30 pm. Tickets for this event are       unusually powerful storm, the tug’s engines failed, and as
$150 per person and again, space is limited and selling         the winds gusted to more than 60 miles an hour and the
fast, so please call Lorraine to reserve.                       sea whipped into a frenzy, the tug and the barge it was
Dress code is smart casual.                                     pulling were in danger of being swept ashore.
Visit for directions.
                                                                Strong also knew without a doubt that he would follow the
We look forward to seeing you at one or all of the events       thousands-year-old tradition of the sea and come to the aid
and wish the five yacht crews the best of luck. Call today      of the crew, the tug, and its cargo, despite the fact that he
to secure your space, as these events will all be sold-out      would have to maneuver his ship, laden with ten million gal-
very soon!                                                      lons of oil, in extremely hazardous conditions. One mistake
                                                                and Strong would be responsible for an ecological disaster
For Reservations for all three events and to arrange pre-       on Florida’s beaches that would surpass that of the Exxon
payment by check, American Express, Visa or                     Valdez.
MasterCard, please contact:
                                                                What Strong didn’t know as he began his nerve-wracking
Lorraine Parsons                                                rescue was that the tug was carrying a 150-foot external
CMA Event Director                                              fuel tank for the space shuttle worth upwards of fifty million
Email:                               dollars. And that in the instant he decided to rescue the tug
Tel: +1.203.406.0109 Ext 3717                                   and its crew he was opening the door on a dramatic and
                                                                tense legal struggle that would pit him against the U.S. gov-
Thank you for your support!                                     ernment for salvage rights

The Cherry Valley legal team was directed by long-time
CMA supporter, Ray Burke of Burke & Parsons, and he                                      MEMBER NOTES
will speak to us as well.

If his schedule allows, our CMA Regatta Race Committee                     I like to write these monthly welcomes. I am impressed with
Chairman, John Mendez, will also be present and will say                   the diversity of our members employment alone, but added
a few words about our inaugural sailing event the follow-                  to the widely spread geographic locations of our members
ing day.                                                                   reminds me of Coast Guard Commandant Admiral James
                                                                           Loy’s (USCG-ret) compliment at Shipping 2000 when he
If you have a copy of “In Peril”, bring it along and the                   referred to us as the Global or Galactic Maritime
author will be pleased to sign it. There will also be oppor-               Association.
tunity to purchase signed copies of the book at the dinner.
                                                                           We are pleased to welcome:
It will be a night not to miss and we hope you will join us.
                                                                           John Baker, Kirby Corporation, Houston, TX
                                                                           Alan Blume, US Coast Guard, Sector Long Island Sound,
                                                                                   New Haven, CT
                                                                           Christine Civitano, Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz,
                                                                                   Edelman & Dicke, Attorneys, NY, NY
                                                                           David Clark, Boston Towing & Transportation,
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  2 vessels per company.

                                                                Tell us a little about your background and the services
       NEW MEMBER PROFILE                                       of U.S.Trust?

                                                                I was born and raised in Athens, Greece. I got my B.Sc. in
Constantinos G. Grigoriadis                                     Finance from The American College of Greece and my
Senior Vice President                                           MBA in International Finance from the American University
U.S. Trust Company                                              in Washington DC. My first job was with the International
                                                                Finance Corporation (IFC), the private sector arm of The
Member Since March 2005                                         World Bank. After seven years with The World Bank and as
                                                                a Greek risk-taker, I accepted the offer to move to New York
How did you hear about the CMA?                                 to establish the brokerage and the investment banking arm
                                                                of Alpha Bank. Five years later I joined U.S.Trust Co. as
As President of the Alpha Finance USA Corp, the broker-         Senior Vice President.
age and investment management arm of Alpha Bank (one
of the largest banking institutions in Southeastern Europe)     For more than 150 years, U.S. Trust has cultivated the
I had the chance to be a global co-book runner in two           knowledge and resources to successfully help manage the
NYSE listings of major Greek shipping families. In addition,    wealth of affluent individuals and their families. We offer
friends in the shipping industry strongly recommended the       comprehensive, personalized wealth management servic-
Connecticut Maritime Association (CMA) to me.                   es, including investments, trusts, planning, and banking
                                                                capabilities. Our use of advanced planning techniques,
Why did you decide to join the CMA and what are your            matched with flawless execution capabilities, serves to
first impressions?                                              structure and implement dynamic strategies to enable our
                                                                clients to realize their goals.
A number of my shipping friends and families, US or
Greece-based, were already members, so it was not a dif-        As Presenting Sponsor of the CMA Regatta what are
ficult decision for me. I believe CMA is an excellent and       your hopes for the day?
powerful open forum of successful business people who
constantly exchange ideas and information supporting the        On Friday, September 30th, 2005 the Connecticut Maritime
development of the shipping industry. My first impressions      Association will hold their first ever Annual Sailing Regatta.
about CMA? Well, just attend its Annual Conference and          U.S.Trust is the Presenting Sponsor of this unique event. I
other events and you’ll get my answer: simply…the best.         don’t have any doubts about the success of this Regatta.
                                                                The CMA has chartered five America's Cup twelve meter
                                                                yachts three of which, Weatherly, Intrepid and Columbia
                                                                actually won the America's Cup. All my best wishes to our
                                                                five teams.

                                                                Constantinos G. Grigoriadis
                                                                Senior Vice President
                                                                U.S. Trust Company
                                                                114 West 47th Street
                                                                New York, NY 10036
                                                                Tel: 212-852-3924
                                                                Fax: 212-852-3925

                                                                       would be unsafe to get underway. The propeller and rudder
               BALLAST WATER                                           would not be submerged enough to provide sufficient
                                                                       propulsion and steerage. The stresses on the hull would be
                                                                       such that the vessel could break in half. There is no alter-
          Rules, Courts and Reality                                    native to ballasting an empty vessel.

By Donald Frost                                                        Jamian continues:
                                                                       “MARAD’s programmatic concerns with the District Court’s
On March 30, 2005, the US District for Northern California             decision go to the decision’s impact on the safe and effi-
issued a decision in a suit between the Northwest                      cient operation of commercial vessels in U.S. waters.”
Environmental Associates versus the EPA. It granted the
plaintiffs’ motion for summary judgment and orders the                 He explains further:
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to “repeal” its thir-            “… a problem arises if the permitting scheme is based on
ty-two year old regulation excluding “any…discharge inci-              numeric effluent standards because ballast water tech-
dental to the normal operation of a vessel” from the Clean             nologies that could meet such permit requirements are still
Water Act’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination                   being developed and the Coast Guard has not issued per-
System (NPDES) permitting requirements (normal opera-                  formance standards for such treatment technologies.
tion exclusion). All vessel discharges in U.S. waters, includ-         (emphasis added by your editor)
ing ballast water discharges, are covered by this exclusion.
Ballast water discharges are the focus of the plaintiffs’              “The second problem relates to the fact that most NPDES
objections to the exclusion because of the potential of such           permitting programs are administered by the states. Under
discharges to introduce non-indigenous aquatic nuisance                this approach, each state that administers such a program
species (invasive species) into U.S. waters.                           may set its own permitting standards that may be different
                                                                       from or more stringent than, federal standards.”
Acting Maritime Administrator, John Jamian, wrote a letter
to the EPA August 10, 2005 listing MARAD’s concerns with               “The third problem relates to actual implementation … “
this ruling. To my mind the mere fact that someone in gov-             Implementation would be so massive an undertaking as to
ernment has actually spoken out against a poorly thought               raise serious questions as to whether such a regime could,
out legal decision involving shipping is astounding. Here              in fact be implemented in a manner that would not signifi-
are a few excerpts from that letter.                                   cantly hamper commerce … .” (once-again, emphasis
                                                                       added by your editor)
“… MARAD strongly believes, as a matter of law and poli-
cy, that this goal (ed: controlling invasive species in ballast        This well written letter, its explanations perhaps a little
water) should not be achieved through the NPDES permit-                tedious to shipping people, makes a great effort to explain
ting process. As explained below, imposing NPDES per-                  why the NPDES scheme has not been thought out by the
mitting requirements in the manner ordered by the District             District Court for its wide ramifications. This is another case
Court will prevent vessels from operating safely in US                 of the shipping industry possibly being saddled with rules
waters and will have a significant adverse impact on the US            that are out right stupid because as an industry we are
economy. (emphasis added by your editor)                               invisible. I repeat something that I wrote last year – in gov-
                                                                       ernment “If you are not at the (negotiating) table you are on
James Weakley, President of the Lake Carriers Association              the menu.”
explained how ships work in his affidavit filed in support of
the industry’s motion to intervene in this case and made               Well done Mr. John Jamian! I hope you come to visit us
part of Jamian’s letter reads as follows:                              again in March 2006.

When empty of cargo, the lost weight must be replaced
with ballast water … or the ship would ride so high that it

                                                                       terminal. When in doubt, a continuation of the status quo
       LNG TERMINAL SAFETY                                             represents a known and comfortable lifestyle option.

                                                                       Unless the LNG terminal operators can put forward a rea-
  Respecting Community Perceptions                                     sonable and understandable case to meet these questions
                                                                       then it can only be expected that communities will shy away
By Gordon Milne, Head of Risk Assessment Services,                     from the change. The onus is on LNG companies to deal
Lloyd’s Register EMEA, and Ed Waryas, Vice President                   with these fears, not for the local communities to be dis-
Marine Business, Lloyd’s Register North America, Inc.                  missed as being irrational and standing in the way of
                                                                       progress. LNG companies recognise this and are trying to
In recent years the US has seen a significant upsurge in               involve communities in the decision-making process, but
the demand for clean, low-cost energy. Imported liquefied              evidence in recent years show that they are facing a lot of
natural gas (LNG) meets these criteria, and subsequently               antagonism.
there has been a significant rise in the demand for LNG as
an energy source. There are currently four import terminals            Much of this reflects how the industry is perceived. Since
on the US mainland, with a further import system in place              September 11th there have been a number of competing
offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. However, there are current-            reports each discussing whether LNG was safe for local
ly proposals for a further 50 onshore and offshore termi-              communities or not. Individual companies, consultants and
nals, each at varying stages of the approval process                   lobbyists have all come forward with opinions arguing both
required by the regulatory authorities. It is expected that of         sides. However, to the public this very discussion has made
the 50 proposed, just over 10 will actually be built, which            it appear that the industry is fractured and that it does not
means that a number of communities around the US are                   actually know the consequences of a major accident. This
currently faced with the potential prospect of a major ener-           is not necessarily true. There has been an ongoing analy-
gy facility being built in their area.                                 sis of LNG incidents for the last 40 years, and most of the
                                                                       reports produced are re-releases of existing knowledge.
Local communities are reacting to the proposed terminals
in a variety of ways. While in some locations the prospect             A significant part of the problem is that LNG operators have
of a new source of jobs has been welcomed, in others the               to play by the rules. They cannot make accusations or be
reaction has been predominantly negative. Those commu-                 sensational in their arguments lest they lose their credibili-
nities protesting about LNG terminals are often dismissed              ty and get labelled as big business trying to steamroller its
as suffering from an irrational ‘not in my back yard’ attitude,        way through by any means, fair or foul. This is not the same
an implication that they wish for the benefits of LNG, but             for those arguing against the project. Those lobbyists
are not prepared to sacrifice the quality of their lives to            against the siting of LNG terminals are free to make a
achieve it. However, such opinions are valid and have                  range of claims without the commercial incentive to be
developed for a reason. It is important to understand these            accurate, realistic or credible. Yet to a member of the pub-
reasons so that they can be duly considered and respect-               lic this lack of commercial incentive makes these lobbyists
ed for what they are.                                                  appear unbiased and their arguments untainted by the
                                                                       desire for personal gain. As such, lobbyist’s views are seen
Complex Answers to Questions                                           as credible, not by their scientific rigour or accuracy, but by
The prospect of an LNG terminal raises a number of ques-               their position as champions for a local community unable to
tions for local communities to consider. Will the terminal be          meet powerful industry on its own terms.
safe? Will the environment be protected? Will the local
neighborhood be changed into an industrial site, with the              To date, the scientific arguments put forward by the LNG
prospect of further development in addition to the LNG ter-            industry have been poorly made with an over-reliance on
minal? The answers to such questions are often complex                 cold numbers and facts. Even if numbers demonstrate that
and difficult to relate to for those with no experience of             an accident is unlikely or the consequences negligible, if a
heavy industry or shipping. These unknowns and what it                 link between LNG and a major accident can be imagined,
will mean for the community’s future are the main reasons              then often this belief can carry a lot more weight than the
why many people object so strongly to the presence of a                scientific ‘facts’. For the general public, plausibility usually

beats absence of scientific evidence. This is even more rel-
evant when those providing the facts are generally not                                THANK YOU
trusted, even to the extent that if too good an argument is
made there is a suspicion that this is being done to cover
                                                                     The CMA would like to graciously acknowledge the gener-
up the truth.
                                                                     ous support provided to our education program over the
                                                                     last month by Patrick Adamson of MTI Network, Jens Alers
Much of the problem lies in that the local community’s
                                                                     of Atlantic Marine Limited Partnership, Joel Constantino of
exposure to change is involuntary, the benefits of the new
                                                                     New England Steamship Agents, Per Tetzlaff of Odin
terminal are perceived as being mainly to the good of the
                                                                     Marine, and Brian Bittner and Verner Unger, both of
LNG industry, not the community, and that should anything
                                                                     Fairfield Bulk Carriers.
go wrong with safety, the environment, or an increasingly
industrialised neighborhood, then the local community has            Your support is vital as we continue to expand our scholar-
little ability to escape or change things for the better.            ship program and see a record number of summer interns
                                                                     back off to school this September. Thank you!
Both sides need to work together to communicate the risks
and fears rather than just analyze them. Overall, the con-
cerns a community has for their way of life needs to be
respected and met, rather than immediately dismissed as
irrational “not in my back yard” opinions.                              EXAMINING DUE DILIGENCE
                                                                              IN SHIPPING
                                                                     With the recent spate of IPO’s in the shipping industry, the
Gordon Milne is the Head of Risk Assessment Services                 NY legal community is presenting a timely conference fea-
for Lloyd’s Register EMEA’s Consultancy Services Group               turing the importance of due diligence and its relationship
and has dedicated the majority of his career to the LNG              to current shipping issues. Sponsored by the New York City
industry. His work covers all aspects of risk evaluation and         Bar’s Admiralty Committee, the conference, entitled “Due
management as applied to LNG ships and terminals, and                Diligence in Shipping: Hot issues for the Savvy Investor”,
most recently has involved the detailed assessments of               will be held on September 22nd at the Bar Building at 42
LNG facilities being subject to attack from third parties. In        West 44th Street starting at 0900, concluding with a lunch-
2001, Gordon headed the project supporting the success-              eon.
ful entrance of the LNG ship Matthew into Boston following
a ban on entry due to terrorist concerns. He has since man-          The conference features an industry discussion of Freight
aged numerous cutting-edge studies on the risks associat-            Forwarding Agreements, changes in US taxation of ship-
ed with LNG import to North America, and continues to                ping income, an overview of the exploding US capital mar-
provide worldwide risk-based support to all segments and             ket for shipping IPO’s, environmental compliance factors,
stakeholders in the marine industry.                                 and Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) issues. The
                                                                     luncheon keynote speaker will be Charles L. Fabrikant,
Ed Waryas is Vice President, Marine Business for Lloyd's             Esq., CEO of Seacor who will address structuring a US
Register North America, Inc. He has over 35 years of                 marine finance transaction.
experience in the marine industry and is project co-ordina-
tion leader in the field of risk and consequence analysis            Other faculty members include Antonios C. Backos of
within the US. His projects have involved LNG importation            Healy & Baillie; Matt McCleery of Marine Money
into the Gulf of Mexico and the US west and east coasts,             International; Donald Kennedy of Carter, Ledyard &
specifically addressing the subject of a terrorist attack. Ed        Milburn; Gilbert Landy of Pasternak, Baum Co., Inc; Derrick
was also project leader in a joint LNG training course that          Betts and Gary Wolfe of Seward & Kissel; Richard Udell of
Lloyd's Register conducted with the US Coast Guard in the            the US Department of Justice; John Greenwood of
port of Boston.                                                      Heidenreich Marine; FFA broker Timothy Daly of ICAP
                                                                     Energy LLC and Joseph Raia of the New York Mercantile

Registration for the conference is limited, and available to
both members and non-members of the NYCB. For more
information, go to and click on CLE
                                                                                           JOB MART
Calendar (the course is worth 4 CLE credits). To register,
call +212 382 6663 or +212 869 4451 or through the web-              The CMA Job Mart is designed to match qualified candi-
site.                                                                 dates with good positions. Over the years, this service
                                                                     has proven to be extremely valuable to both job seekers
                                                                     and potential employers. Ads seeking to fill positions will
                                                                               run for two months at a rate of $100.
         UP COMING EVENTS                                                  Candidates seeking employment must be a
                                                                            CMA member at a rate of $50 per year or
                                                                                     $25 per year for students.
                   October 2005                                              To become part of the Job Mart please call
                                                                                          (203) 406-0109 or
              CMA Monthly Luncheon
                                                                           The latest Job Mart is always accessible on the
   Speaker: Bob Kunkel, VP - Operations, Apex Marine                        CMA website at:
      "A Connecticut Yankee in Tiananmen Square -
                                                                                                 SITUATIONS WANTED
                   Drydocking in China"
                 Giovanni's II, Darien, CT                          Candidate 1: Uniquely-qualified maritime specialist with over 20 years’
                                                                    experience in the marine industry searching for position in shipping compa-
                  Thursday, October 20
                                                                    ny’s technical/operations department.      Operated and maintained SafeNet
                     Noon - Cash Bar                                and ShipNet, supporting individual program requirements while ensuring
              1:00 pm Seating for luncheon                          that interface protocols functioned properly; oversaw maintenance, outfitting
                                                                    and cost control for vessel navigation, communication and information sys-
               Members:     $35 per person
                                                                    tems; set up and maintained office network.         Port engineer for company
              Non-Members: $40 per person                           operating commercial tankers and government-owned vessels under con-
                                                                    tract; responsible for all aspects of vessel maintenance and regulatory
                                                                    requirements; managed company’s network and website.           Plan-review for
                                                                    construction of 35,000 and 60,000 DWT bulk carriers to be built in Japan.
           NY Bunker Convention 2005                                Field surveyor for a ship classification society.

                  Supported by the CMA                              Resume furnished on request.
                                                                    Telephone: 212-706-2554, Cell: 646-675-0015
      Training Courses, Conference & Gala Dinner
                                                                    eMail:                                               (S5-4)
        Monday, October 24-Thursday, October 27                     ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

                                                                    Candidiate 2: LAWYER / FLEET MANAGER AVAILABLE
                                                                    Licensed attorney with experience operating a fleet of tankers for three
                                                                    years seeks position with ship owner or related company. Any location
                                                                    considered, though Stamford/NY area preferred. Focussed on Maritime
 For a full calendar of upcoming CMA Events and more                law, ship casualties, oil polution mitigation. Master in Marine Affairs with
                                                                    environmental focus. Fleet operations officer for 9 tankers in Singapore,
 information on all of the above, please go to the Events
                                                                    responsible for charter parties, following claims including demurrage,
                          page at                                   tracking 21 vessels daily worldwide, appointing agents, arranging
                                 bunkers, etc. USCG-licensed Master, 100 ton, since 1995. 75,000 nauti-
                                                                    cal miles sea-going experience. Citizen of US and Sweden/EU. Good
                                                                    team worker. Strong verbal Spanish, basic Scandinavian, fluent typist.
                                                                    Excellent references. Available to interview and work immediately.
                                                                    Contact: Eric T. Wiberg, Tel (617) 242 6477, Cell (401) 338 6957
                                                                    email:                                            (S5-9)

Candidate 6: Captain for 30 years, twenty four with Greenpeace, and last                                          HELP WANTED
four (as mate) with MM&P. Excellent team player. Experienced with proj-
ect management in an international setting. Returning to Norwalk as a               NOTE: two months of running your ad in this newsletter costs companies
single parent. Interested in any marine oriented situation. Available in            only $100 - and it has proven to be THE place to be seen and answered.
August. Email: Cell 203 919 1800.
Messages: 203 838 5706                                             (S5-4)
––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––                          Position A: Accounts Payable person to join financial department team
                                                                                    of 3 in a professional Ship Management Agency located in Stamford, CT.
Candidate 7: Vessel operator, Chartering broker, Port Agent with over 6             Minimum 2 years related experience required. Experience in a multiple
years experience is looking for a vacancy in a maritime company.                    company environment a plus. Functions center on AP and general ledger
So far I have been focused on:                                                      input with PC based accounting systems. Must be proficient in Excel and
• Handling the operations of the Owners fleet (5200 mt DWCC heavy-lift,             generally capable with other popular PC office applications. Numerical
  4200 mt DWCC bulk carrier, 3200 mt DWCC general cargo lady)                       typing skills and a natural inclination for thoroughness and accuracy is
  responsible for the most aspects of day to day ship operations, giving            essential. Good opportunity for exposure to a broad range of financial
  orders to the Master according to the Owners instructions, ordering               department functions. Congenial atmosphere. Competitive compensation

  bunker, appointing, keeping in touch with and controlling the agents in           includes excellent benefits. Email your resume and salary requirements
                                                                                    to:, or fax to 203-358-2375 Attn
  the relevant ports on the Owners behalf , as well as controlling all costs
                                                                                    Treasurer. EOE                                                  (HW08-05)
  associated with vessels calls
• Voyage estimation, laytime calculations
• Responsible for the connection between the Owners and the State                   Position C: POSITION: Port Engineers CLS - PR/CB

  Administration of the St. Vincent & The Grenadines / The Commissioner             LOCATIONS: Jacksonville – Talleyrand AND Baltimore, MD
                                                                                    DUTIES: Management position responsible for the repair, maintenance
  of Maritime Affairs, Geneva, Switzerland and Monaco offices as well as
                                                                                    and modifications of vessels and equipment or facilities assigned to a spe-
  the authorities of Cyprus and the Slovak Republic, establishing maritime
                                                                                    cific region or operating company which may be allocated in support of a
  offshore companies.
                                                                                    specific project. Responsible for the oversight of large land or vessel
• Offering, negotiating and concluding chartering fixtures, preparing ship-
                                                                                    based construction / repair projects. This includes the development of
  ping market analysis, writing market reports, special focused on project
                                                                                    budgets and schedules, contractor selection, contract management, inter-
  & dry cargo chartering, broker of Hyundai Heavy Industries, Bulgaria.             facing with regulatory agencies. Assists in the development and adher-
• Rendering agency services (for more than 100 vessels).                            ence of the maintenance and repair budgets, as well as controls expendi-
• Preparing freight invoices, pro-forma and final disbursement accounts             tures within limitations of a designated project's budget. May prepare and
• Concluding the S&P deals for the companys fleet                                   present status reports to customer, project team and management.
• Office based duties - invoicing, secretarial, database and accounting             Supervises the timely and cost-effective maintenance, repair, modifica-
  work                                                                              tion, and refurbishment projects of the existing fleet or facilities. Develops
I have great trading experience with the biggest companies in the fertiliz-         specifications and vendor bid packages and evaluates bid packages.

ers branch: Transammonia, Ameropa, Indagro, Unifert, Common Market                  Monitors the contractors and /or shipyards during projects. Conducts on-
                                                                                    site surveys to determine maintenance and repair needs. Ensures all ves-
Fertilizers, Evertrade, Mekatrade. I am a reliable team player, self-starter
                                                                                    sel engineers are properly trained, qualified and comply with regulatory
and loyal. Languages: English, Russian, Bulgarian. Excellent computer
                                                                                    training and / or certification requirements.
skills in Windows, Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Photoshop.
                                                                                    EDUCATION: Bachelors degree in engineering or at least 10 years in an
web: (resume available here)
                                                                                    engineering related field. MBA and /or APICS / PMP certification prefer-
                                                                                    able. Licensed engineer.
cell. +1 347 217 8343                                             (S5-05)           WORK EXPERIENCE: Minimum 5 years experience in marine engineer-
–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––                                 ing, with sailing as a chief engineer in the tug and barge industry pre-
                                                                                    ferred. Minimum 3 years project management experience required.
Candidate 8: Experienced and proven professional in the maritime indus-
try with a set of core competencies that include analytical problem solv-
                                                                                    CONTACT US: Human Resources, Email:
ing, logistical coordination, leadership, client relations and negotiation
                                                                                    Crowley is an Equal Opportunity Employer. For details please go to
skills supplemented with a state-of-the-art MBA in finance. Experienced
in vessel management and operations, chartering and sales, financial
modeling, risk assessment, project management, team leadership and                  ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
executive-level presentation. Seeking to leverage prior experience into             Position E: Sales Manager
new challenges and opportunities in project/structured finance and busi-            JOB QUALIFICATIONS
ness development.       Resume and references will be furnished upon                We are looking for a talented and experienced sales manager who will
request. Phone: 203-536-4425, Email: (S5-2)                   assist us in growing our business in the US market. The sales manager
––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––                          should be self motivated, have strong interpersonal skills and ability to

articulate features & benefits of products. Most importantly be passionate     Position K: Marine Surveyor/Consultant - New Orleans, LA
about prospecting and developing new business. Experience in                   Technical Maritime Associates, Inc., a top marine survey/consultancy firm
Telecommunication or the Marine industry is preferred but not required.        in New Orleans since 1984, has an immediate position open for a marine
JOB DESCRIPTION                                                                surveyor.
• Market & sell World-Link Communications services to Ship owners, man-        Job duties and functions include, but are not limited to the following:
  agers & operators in your designated territory.                              Cargo damage surveys.
• Prospect & develop new business                                              Hull/machinery damage surveys.
• Maintain a relationship with our current and potential customers.            Draft/Deadweight surveys.
• Provide our customers with support as needed.                                On-Hire/Off-Hire surveys.
• Advice World-Link Communications management on new opportunities             Bunker surveys.
  in the market/demand for new services.                                       Cargo loading surveys.
• Marketing intelligence: competitors rates, competitors service, new serv-    Cargo discharge surveys.
  ices in the market, new market entrants.                                     Container damage surveys.
On the web at To apply send resume and salary histo-            Vessel pre-purchase surveys.
ry/requirement to                            (HW08-05)         P&I Club condition surveys.
––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––                     Expert witness testimony.
                                                                               The successful candidate should have 2 to 5 years experience in the
Position G: Department Head Ship Registry, Virginia
                                                                               marine surveying/shipping field and/or related experience on board
The world's second largest ship registry, with over 2100 ships (and grow-
                                                                               oceangoing vessels. A Bachelors degree from a recognized maritime
ing) is presently seeking a Department Head for their Seafarers
                                                                               academy and/or nautical school and a 2nd Mate/2nd Engineer (or higher)
Certification and Documentation department.
                                                                               merchant mariner license is preferred.
This is an excellent opportunity to join a major international organisation
                                                                               Competitive salary, with attractive benefits package, including health
with great career potential.
                                                                               insurance, dental insurance, car allowance, mileage allowance and 401K.
Your key objectives will be to guide the planning, implementation and
                                                                               Candidate must live in and/or be willing to relocate to the New Orleans,
direction of the department. This will include budgetary responsibilities,
                                                                               Louisiana area. Applicants must be either US Citizens or green card hold-
evaluation of seafarers applications, management of a team of up to 20
                                                                               er. All applications will be treated with strict confidence.
staff and identifying opportunities for new products and services to the
                                                                               Contact particulars:
maritime industry.
                                                                               Captain Bobby Surendra, Technical Maritime Associates
You will be a Master Mariner or Chief Engineer, educated to degree level
                                                                               2908 Hessmer Avenue, Suite 1, Metairie, LA 70002
with management experience and education or experience in business
                                                                               Tel: (504) 454 2323, Fax: (504) 454 2544
administration. You must have excellent organisation, planning, process
                                                                               E.Mail:                                    (HW08-05)
management skills and a high standard of IT skills.
Please forward your resume with a covering letter stating your salary
requirements and notice period, quoting reference CMA13961, to atrav-          Position M: TECHNICAL COORDINATOR                                                          Growing International dry cargo carier based in Westchester, NY seeking-
All applicants must have existing entitlement to work in the USA. No agen-     Graduate of marine engineering with strong computer skills. Position
cies or direct applications please. All enquiries will be forwarded to         involves assisting, coordinating & contributing to technical/operations
Spinnaker Consulting Ltd.                                    (HW08-05)
                                                                               tasks   w/full    potential   of   personal   development      &    promotion.
                                                                               Maintaining/monitoring records of surveys, repairs and maintenance of
Position H: Tanker Operations Assistant, Connecticut                           the ships.       Ordering services and maintaining Job Order system.
The Connecticut office of a well respected foreign based ship-owner            Complete the implementation then administer the company and vessels’
seeks a tanker marine operations assistant.
                                                                               AMOS for windows (M&P) maintenance and purchasing software and
Duties will include all aspects of T/C and V/C tanker operations including
                                                                               AMOS Mail systems. Monitor ship’s performance. Performing special
pre/post fixture and freight and laytime calculations The successful can-
                                                                               technical projects as assigned. Maintaining plans, drawings, and instruc-
didate will work closely with the tanker manager in addition to the marine
                                                                               tion manuals of all vessels. Please send resume to
and engineering managers.
                                                                               or fax to (914) 961-6425.          Please include the heading TECHNICAL
Some experience aboard tankers is a plus, but not a requirement.
Candidates must possess a current USCG unlimited tonnage ocean                 COORDINATOR on all transmissions.                                  (HW08-05)

third mate or third engineers license and have a bachelors degree in           ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

either nautical science, engineering or marine logistics.                      Position N: VESSEL MAINTENANCE COORDINATOR
To apply please send a resume together with a covering letter to:              JOB DESCRIPTION: Growing international dry cargo carrier based in                                   (HW08-05)
                                                                               Westchester, NY, seeking recent graduate in marine engineering or
                                                                               marine transportation with strong computer and organizational skills.
                                                                               Position     involves   the    management      of    the   fleetÅfs     AMOS
                                                                               maintenance/purchasing and mail systems.            Ideal candidate must be

computer literate and will have strong knowledge and experience with                 Positions R & S: New York based dry bulk operator is looking for a
AMOS or similar software systems or is willing to be trained. Looking for            Purchasing Manager and Quality Assurance/ISM Coordinator.
highly motivated, self-starting candidates. Send salary requirements with            Purchasing Manager: must have 5+ years in marine purchasing.

resume to or fax (914) 961-6425.           (HW08-05)             Required competencies:

––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––                           • Experience with foreign vendors & in negotiation of supply contracts
                                                                                     • Understand ships requirements and usage, logistics and freight planning
Position O: PORT ENGINEER                                                            • MS Outlook, Word, Excel, ABS Safenet and ShipNet
Growing International dry cargo carrier based in Westchester, NY seek-               Quality Assurance/ISM Coordinator: entry-level position for the mainte-
ing 2-3 experienced marine engineers for Port Engineer position.                     nance of Safety Management System, Vessel Operating Database and
Responsible for vessel performance supervision worldwide, including                  general admin duties.
drydocking & repairs. Must be willing to travel extensively. Qualified               Qualifications/experience:
candidate must possess hands-on experience & at least 5 years as Port                • 2+ years in shipping industry or entry level from a Maritime Academy
Engineer. Please send resume to or fax to (914)                  • Fluent in oral and written English

961-6425. Please include the heading PORT ENGINEER on all trans-                     • Strong computer literacy in ShipNet, SafeNet, MS Office
                                                                                     Competitive salary and benefits offered to applicants meeting these qual-
missions.                                                      (HW08-05)
                                                                                     ifications. Please send resume and cover letter to Apex Marine Ship
                                                                                     Management Company, LLC, attention of Bob Kunkel - via email to alack-
Position P: Operations Assistant                                            or fax to 212 966-9574
Heidenreich Marine Inc. has an opening in its Darien, CT headquarters for                                                                           (HW08-05)
a web site operations assistant. Candidate must be a maritime graduate               ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
with BS in Marine Business or Marine Transportation and/or 2+ years
                                                                                     Position T: Bunker Broker/trader.
experience either at sea or shore side. Strong knowledge of Microsoft
Office products and Internet Explorer is necessary.                                  Merlin Petroleum is a small but growing bunker broker and trader based

Main responsibilities will be the preparing questionnaires for use on                in Westport, CT. Due to the rapid expansion of our business we are look- used by over 230 ship owners and assist in help desk sup-                ing for a dynamic person to join our team as a bunker broker and trader.

port. An ideal candidate must be detail oriented, have good communica-               Prior oil industry experience will be a plus but all applicants with charter-

tion skills and can function in a group as well as independently. Must be            ing, agency or broking experience, together with a solid academic back-

eligible to work in US.                                                              ground, are invited to apply.   Email resume to
                                                                                     or fax to 203-227-3910                                         (HW08-05)
Competitive salary and benefits offered to applicants meeting these qual-
ifications. No relocation is being offered with this opportunity.    Please          ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

send resume along with cover letter and salary expectations to hr@heid-              Position U: International shipping company has an opening in its NY Visit our websites at and                      headquarters for an assistant analyst to join its chartering team.
                                                               (HW09-05)             Candidate must be a maritime graduate with BS in Marine Business or
––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––                           Marine Transportation. One to two years experience either at sea or shore

Position Q: Operations Assistant                                                     side is a plus. Strong maritime background and basic knowledge of

Shoreside tug operations opportunity.                                                Microsoft Office products is necessary. Main responsibilities will be the

Operations department for local tug company is seeking an individual to              preparing of statistical reports and presentations. We are particularly

assist with daily vessel operations and administration. Responsibilities will        looking for someone who has an aptitude for figures and is comfortable

include; recruiting and interviewing vessel personnel, scheduling vessel             working with large quantities of numerical data. An ideal candidate must

crews, ensuring payroll accuracy and processing payroll, relief tug dis-             be detail oriented, have good communication skills, work well with tight

patching, and vessel safety management compliance and record keeping.                deadlines and can function in a group as well as independently.

A successful applicant will have strong verbal and written communications            Company: OSG Ship Management, Inc.

skills and strong analytical skills. The ability to handle multiple tasks and        Address: Midtown Manhattan, Fax: 212-578-1960

prioritize workload is required. Knowledge of tug operations and previous            E-Mail:

vessel experience a plus.                                                            Notes: Please include salary range                             (HW08-05)

Qualifications                                                                       ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Bachelor degree in Marine Transportation, Maritime Administration or sim-            Position V: Claims/Insurance Manager wanted for dry bulk shipping firm
ilar field preferred. Applicable vessel operations experience or prior shore-        located in lower Westchester County, NY. Candidate should have experi-
side administration experience will be considered in lieu of degree.                 ence in H&M, P&I, cargo, logistics, agency insurance and hands-on han-
Experienced yeoman applicants will be considered.                                    dling of all types of ship/cargo/crew claims. We are looking for a candi-
Send resumes to;                                                                     date who is well organized, computer literate and preferably with Spanish
Moran Towing of Virginia                                                             speaking capacity. Please send resume and salary requirements via
1901 Brown Ave, Norfolk, VA 23504                                                    email to or via fax to (914) 961-6425 please refer-
Or email;                                   (HW08-05)             ence Claims Manager on all correspondence.                     (HW08-05)
––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––                           ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Position W: Position Title: Chartering Manager                                      Ship in Operation surveyors conduct periodic surveys of ships to assess
Reports to: VP Chartering                                                           the vessel structure and soundness and to recommend repairs or main-
Location/Dept: New York - Manhattan                                                 tenance required to ensure the safety of life and property.
Completed By: Arianna Long                                                          Ship Newbuilding surveyors attend ships under construction to observe
General Position Summary: Negotiates and executes charter parties and               and supervise the building to verify that approved plans are followed,
contracts of affreightment. Handles post fixture work in collaboration with         approved material and components are properly installed, good work-
SSI’s Traffic Department                                                            manship practices and compliance with DNV Rules and other require-
Essential Functions:                                                                ments.
1. Charter vessels for the export cargoes from the Baltic of 15,000 metric          Ship in Operation or Newbuilding surveyors may be required to attend
   tons and larger, which number about 30 – 35 cargoes per year.                    manufacturing plants to witness testing of materials and components and
2. Communicate voyage instructions to the masters of the above vessels,             determine compliance with specifications and DNV Rules.
   as well as the agents at ports of loading and discharge.                         Minimum five years experience and a Bachelor’s Degree in marine engi-
3. Oversee the chartering activity of the Cologne office’s chartering of            neering or naval architecture required. A Chief Engineer or First Assistant
   about 90 cargoes per year, ranging in quantities between 3,000 to                Engineer license is highly desired. Must be willing to travel and relocation
   15,000 metric tons.                                                              within the United States may be required.
4. Oversee the settlement of laytime on all cargoes from the Baltic.                If interested in advancing your career with a leading ship classification
Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Maritime Transportation or Business            society, please submit your full CV and cover letter, in confidence, to:
Administration; 2 -5 years experience in dry bulk chartering and/or opera-          Ms. Carol Stampfel, Human Resources Administrator
tions, preferably in handy and/or handymax sizes; knowledge of laytime              Det Norske Veritas, Crossroads Corporate Center, One International
and demurrage and despatch.                                                         Blvd., Suite 1200, Mahwah, NJ 07495 or
Strong analytical and verbal communication skills; ability to handle multi-                                                                         (HW09-05)
ple tasks and prioritize workload. Must be able to understand, speak and            ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
write English; solid computer competency including Microsoft Office.
                                                                                    Position Y: Marine Engineer Surveyor – Eastern United States of
If you are interested in the above listed position, please apply one of the
following ways:
                                                                                    BMT Salvage Limited (The SA) has an immediate vacancy for a Marine
• Call (503) 299-2251 to receive application materials
                                                                                    Engineer Surveyor.
• Apply in person at 3200 N.W. Yeon in Portland
                                                                                    The successful candidate should have previous experience in marine sur-
• E-Mail resume to
                                                                                    veying and the operation of various types of marine machinery.              A
• Fax resume to (503) 471-4429
                                                                                    Merchant Marine Chief Engineer’s Licence will be minimum and addition-
Equal Opportunity Employer                                    (HW09-05)
                                                                                    al qualifications as preferred.
                                                                                    The attractive salary and employment package will take account of previ-
Position X: DNV, a premier ship classification society with the objective           ous experience and qualifications. The candidate must live and/or be will-
of safeguarding life, property, and the environment and a leading interna-          ing to relocate into a convenient location in the corridor extending from
tional provider of services for managing risk was established in 1864.              Virginia to New York.
DNV employs about 6,400 people in about 300 offices in more than 100                All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence.
different countries. Our prime assets are the creativity, knowledge, and            Interested candidates should send their resume to William Palmer,
expertise of our highly qualified engineers, surveyors, technical and man-          Principle Surveyor – American Operations, BMT Salvage Limited, 40
agerial staff. DNV currently classes more than 5,100 ships totaling more            Fulton Street, 8th Floor, New York, NY10038.                    (HW09-05)
than 104 million grt, or more than 17% of the world’s fleet in tonnage
DNV is now looking for qualified and experienced ship classification sur-
veyors, primarily for ships in operation and, secondarily, for ship new-
building projects.
Ship Classification entails verification against a set of requirements, such
as DNV Rules and statutory requirements, during the design, construction
and operation of ships. DNV Rules are based on the accumulated expe-
rience from DNV’s large classed fleet, research and development and
more than 140 years of experience.
Main functional responsibilities include the survey of ships and prepara-
tion of reports based upon compliance with DNV Rules and other require-
ments, such as statutory conventions for Safety of Life at Sea, Loadline,
Cargo Gear and Pollution Prevention certificates.


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