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					                                              manner as a non-denominational church         of, as well as accessibility to, Sahaj Marg
                                              for the purposes of furthering the spread     teachings have been published. Some
                                              of, and education in, the field of            examples are: the Sahaj Marg literature
                                              spirituality. One of the purposes of this     Index, a thesaurus/glossary dealing with
                                              organization is to set up a spiritual         the published speeches and writings from
                                              research institute in the United States and   the three successive Masters of the Sahaj
                                              other parts of the world to further           Marg method of meditation,
                                              education in the field of spirituality
                                              worldwide, viz., Sahaj Marg Research          •   "Meditation", "Cleaning", ”Love”, and
                                              Training Institute or SMRTI in short.             "Transmission" books (published in
                                                                                                English   and    Hindi)   of   selected
         Sahaj Marg                           The Sahaj Marg Research and Training              quotations of the Masters, dealing with
                                              Institute (SMRTI) is a branch of Sahaj            the particular theme as referenced in
 Spirituality Foundation, Inc.                Marg Spirituality Foundation, dedicated to        the title
          A Texas non-profit corporation
                                              further the education, training and           •   the series Salient Features of Sahaj
                                              research of Sahaj Marg meditation. Its            Marg,                    activities are broadly classified into:       •   the series Transactions of Seminars of
                                                                                                the SRCM (in French)
In this troubled world, there is a need for   Resource Center - SMRTI conducts several
a fresh approach towards obtaining peace,     programs to help in the deepening of          Scholarships - Every year, the Sahaj Marg
maintaining harmony, feeling the security,    one’s understanding of the Natural Path       Spirituality Foundation offers to aspirants
having a sense of purpose and achieving       system of meditation and may help in the      practicing Sahaj Marg meditation an
that real goal of human life.       This is   speedy spiritual growth of beginners,         opportunity to visit the Babuji Memorial
possible only through a proper meditation     practicing aspirants and prefects in          ashram in Chennai, India. This program is
under the guidance of a capable Teacher.      several regions of the world. These           offered mainly for interested aspirants
Meditation is the ultimate tool for human     programs include introductory programs        from under developed and developing
integration. Sahaj Marg, or Natural path      such as Meditation Classes, Open houses,      nations.
system of meditation is practiced by          Work Shops, Study Groups and Youth
thousands world wide across all continents    Programs. This section contains the           Other Activities –
and by people in more than 70 nations         downloadable resources to conduct such
                                                                                                •   Participation    of    members    in
Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation was                                                              conferences        and      seminars
incorporated for the purpose of providing     Training    -   SMRTI   conducts    several           organized by associations other
a means, whereby all interested persons       training programs in several regions of the           than SMSF and
seeking spirituality in the Sahaj Marg        world. There are introductory training            •   Dealing with subjects related to
system of Raja Yoga can come together in      programs for beginners and advanced                   spirituality Preparation of "book
the name of the Sahaj Marg Spirituality       ones for practicing aspirants and prefects.           summaries" from the general
Foundation (SMSF) and its branches, for       Some of these courses are available online            literature on spirituality.
meditation, and educational and research      under this section.
                                              Publications - Under the auspices of
Consequently,   this   organization  is       SMRTI, several books and articles aimed
organized in and functions in the same        at facilitating the practical understanding

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