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					METHVEN’S COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER -“Powered by Wirelessweb”                                      Thursday, 1 September 2011 - ISSUE 32

Urban Design Project for Methven                                                                                            Julie Clements
We were visited in June by five CPIT students undertaking an              Although some aspects of the presentation seemed too farfetched
Urban Design paper for their Bachelor of Architectural Studies.           for our wee town, others raised questions and provoked much
Using Methven as a model of a small town rural community, they            discussion.
walked the streets, talked to officials and residents to get a feel for   The general idea was to enjoy a greater atmosphere in Methven,
its current disposition.                                                  bring our facilities closer together not just geographically but by
The students, Jade Hartman, Rachel Sheppard, Lauren Lee,                  creating connectivity between everything, improving access for
Jared Sim and Lucy Hayes-Stevenson returned to Methven today              pedestrians.
to present their project, showing their combined vision for the           Providing sustainable areas both commercial and residential for
future of our town. The students were understandably nervous, not         the inevitable growth of our town, but retaining Methven’s unique
used to presenting their ideas and work outside the lecture hall          character and attributes.
environment.                                                              Creating a central area where one could sit and chat and enjoy the
The attendees were made up of Methven Community Board                     views over a picnic lunch, would help bring better communication,
members, Ashburton District Councillors, residents and Mike               atmosphere and promote longer visitor stays.
Vincent from the NZ Historical Places Trust. We listened with great       All in all, I for one was impressed with the time and thought that
interest to their presentation, being referred to printed graphics, a     had gone into this project, it was relevant, realistic, balanced and
3D model and on screen slides, demonstrating their ideas.                 future proofed.
Their main focus was on making Methven more pedestrian friendly,          Presentation boards will be on display at Methven Heritage Centre,
slowing down traffic and providing eloquent walkways to the central       everyone is welcome to take a look.
area of town.                                                             Well done guys, if I was marking your paper, I’d give it a Pass with
Looking at creating a commercial hub, tourist hub and community           Distinction.
hub, they foresaw the need to create pedestrian only areas through
the Mall and along McMillan St. Ideally they would like to bring
the library closer to the central area, provide higher rise (1-2
floors) commercial, visitor and residential property to increase the
population density in town, creating a vibrant atmosphere.
Adding an indoor and outdoor swimming pool and hot pool complex,
(this raised a few comments!) and providing a bus depot closer to
the centre, which would service the local and further afield bus
routes and making it easier for visitors to find their accommodation
with heavy bags or ski’s etc.
One of the traffic concepts they would like to see introduced here is
called ‘Shared Space’. The premise of shared space is that people
pay more attention when they're not distracted by "highway clutter,"
if there are no signs or lines, then drivers have to slow down to
make conscious decisions about when it is safe to proceed. This
concept has worked wonders in Europe, reducing accidents at
some normally hazardous intersections to zero.

Methven Farmers' Market Coming Soon
The dates for the new season’s Farmers’ Markets have now been set, starting with two special evening
markets, the first on Sunday 18th September. From 4-7pm, Tony Smith the executive Chef of the Crowne Plaza
Christchurch, who was named Outstanding Chef of the Year 2003 at the Canterbury Hospitality Awards, will
here as part of the Outstanding in their Fields market. These special markets put together by Farmers' Markets
New Zealand, in conjunction with the REAL New Zealand Festival are being hosted by market towns all over
the country. Tony will be providing a FREE cooking demonstration using the very best of local Farmers' Market
The Spring Festival market will be held on Sunday 9 October, with regular fortnightly markets starting on
Sunday 7 November from 9:30am.
They are looking forward to their 4th season and will have a few new stallholders with lots of great products.
Keep checking Snowfed for more details. Check out our website or Methven
Farmers’ Market on facebook

     the                                 Come in and try our Movie Meal Deal in conjunction with
                                                             Cinema Paradiso
    last                                              2 course Set Menu $60.00pp
    post                                             Glass of Tap beer or House Wine
                                                                 Open 7 days from 5pm
    cafe                                        phone 03 3028259 or for bookings
                                                  To the Editors                                                 Service for Koji

                                           Dear Editor,                                                          Sadly and
                                           I would like to congratulate the U15 Rugby                            suddenly, Koji
                                           Team that played last week at the South                               who used to live
                                           Island Tournament at Alexandra. You may                               in Methven as
Director Susan Boland will lead            not have won the tournament but I was                                 a car mechanic
professional singers Tizane McEvoy,        impressed how you continued to play after                             passed away on
Catherine Reaburn, Jeffrey Chang and       so many TERRIBLE, refereeing decisions                                17th July 2011 in
one of the NZ Three Tenors Bonaventure     that went against you. You are a credit to                            Finland.
Allan-Moetaua in an exciting cabaret       your school and yourselves. Once again
styled extravaganza of choreographed       congratulations. Onlooker.
and costumed song and dance,                                                            We would like all of his friends to join the
accompanied by pianist John Mackay.                                                        Memorial to share our memory.
They will be bringing Music Theatre
                                           To The Editors
including Funny Girl, Chicago, A Chorus                                                   Saturday 3rd September 2011, 3PM
Line, My Fair Lady and Carousel to                                                           Memorial Hall, Board Room
                                           CLARIFICATION REQUIRED
Ashburton on September 8th at 11am at
                                           Congratulations to what appears to be
the Tinwald War Memorial Hall.                                                                  Tea and Coffee provided.
                                           another successful big air. However could
                                           someone please advise me as how people          A plate donation to share would be
Email with
                                           can get away with false advertising and                    appreciated.
the answer to the following question to
be in the draw to win two tickets to the   ridiculous use of so called booking fee?
                                           The snowfed advert stated early ticket       Please bring any photos of you with Koji
next show.
                                           sales were $15.00 adult $5.00 child,         and/or share any stories you may have
Q: Who played Funny Girl in the 1968
                                           and tickets could be purchased from the                    about Koji.
movie version with Omar Sharif?
                                           METHVEN I,SITE or Online from a ticket                 Or you can send to

         Whats On!!                        agency.
                                           This being the case my wife went to

1 September                                the Isite purchased an adult and child        We are going to put photos and stories/
                                           ticket to then be informed the price was      messages with translation together to
Methven Tennis Club Registrations                                                             send to his family in Japan.
                                           $26.00 she asked why and was told that
Methven Senior Netball Prizegiving         a booking fee of $3.00 per ticket was
Terrace Downs Barry Saunders               included. On reading the snowfed article
                                           closely it would have been less bother and
2 September                                cheaper to have paid on the night instead       METHVEN TENNIS CLUB AGM
Methven Hockey Club Break-up               of trying to help with queues and getting
                                           pre tickets.                                    To be held at the Domain Clubrooms
Party Under the Stars                      Why was it necessary to add a 60%                 Monday 12th September at 7pm
Seniornet                                  booking fee onto a Child’s ticket or even
                                           charge a booking fee when the tickets                    All Very Welcome
Methven vs Gorge Rugby Game
                                           were paid for in cash at the recommended
3 September                                location.
Memorial Service for Koji                  How many other Methven families were
                                           duped into the early ticket scam?
Dance and Social                           This is not a good look for the Big Air,     (Sponsored by Cairnbrae Seed Cleaning Ltd)
High Country Shindy                        I-SITE, or Methven.
                                           Martin Hickman.
4 September
Fathers Day
Methven Trotting Club Day
Feed                                             Methven Strategic Plan – Stakeholders Meeting
10 September
Methven Senior Rugby Club Awards Night
                                                   The Methven Community Strategic Plan was developed in 2009 and
Mt Olympus “Back to Reality Festival”
                                                provides the community with direction and focus for developing Methven
11 September                                    in the ways the community identified during a series of workshops held to
Methven Strategic Plan Meeting                                        develop the strategic plan.
12 September
Methven Tennis Club AGM                         The Methven Community Board would like to invite members of the
                                             community to a meeting to look at how the visions and ideas in the plan can be
                                                                          turned into reality.

                                                                   The meeting will be held as follows:
                                                                       Sunday 11 September 2011
  Office Hrs: Mon - Wed 9am -to 3pm                                   Methven Rugby Club Rooms
        Methven P.O.Box 58
         ( 302 8437 xtn 3                      Please RSVP to the chair of the Methven Community Board, Liz McMillan
    8                                on or on 302 8081                                                 by Friday 2 September.
Principal’s Column                                                         John Schreurs

The past few weeks have been a little disrupted at the College but even in this               Country by Design
disruption good learning still occurred. The College was closed for three days                    Cushions, Lampshades, Re-
last week because of the snow. On the second day, Tuesday, the Art Road                         upholstery, Furniture,Curtains,
Show bus arrived at the College. This bus was due to be at the College on the                      Blinds, Wallpaper, Lamps,
Thursday but set up a day earlier as they could not get to the other allocated school                Bedspreads, Bedware,
because of the snow. Those running the bus offered to open on Wednesday for the
community. We contacted the information centre and other businesses and a steady
stream of people were able to see the New Zealand Art on show.                                         Ideas and more....
This collection of Art was the brain child of Fiona Campbell who, after some big success             See Amanda and Joan

in business, wanted to put something back into New Zealand Education. The Real Art
Charitable Trust which she and her husband Mark set up, has purchased New Zealand                140 Forest Drive, Methven,
                                                                                                      Mon-Fri 10-4pm
art for the two bus collections. These collections travel around the country visiting                 Phone 302 8062
schools. They come with a series of different lessons for the students to explore and
learn about art.
Those presenting the art were
impressed with our students;
their friendly and courteous
behaviour. They went on to say
they were also impressed with
their “critical thinking.” This is one
of the key thinking skills identified                                                           c h u rc h d o n e d i f f e re n tl y
in the revised curriculum. In a
community such as ours the
students do take the time to
                                                                                                          Sundays, 6pm
listen, to analyse, to reflect and                                                             1 Chapman St | | 0210445658
to respond. Sometimes they do
not realise what useful skills they
have. It is great to hear these
                                                                                              REGULAR CHURCH SERVICES
comments about our students.
The bus will be back in two years                                                              & contacts in the Methven Area
time with the second collection.
Last week was Tournament week, with Senior Netball (in Nelson), Senior Football              9.00am     Holy Family
(Ashburton), Mixed Hockey (Greymouth), and Under 15 Rugby (Alexandra). It is a                          (Catholic)
great experience for our students to go to these tournaments to meet and compete with                   Julie Middleton     302 8375
students from around the South Island. Again I have received many comments about
the positive behaviour of our students. If it takes a community to raise a child then this
community is doing a great job.
                                                                                             10am       All Saints
                                                                                                        (Anglican)      302 8254
                                                                                                        Vicarage 1 Chapman St

                  The Bavarian Restaurant & Bar                                             10.30am St Johns
                The South Island’s only authentic Bavarian food & beers                              (Presbyterian)
                                                                                                     Jackson Street         302 8151
                                OPEN 7 DAYS
                                 FROM 5PM                                                    10.30am Mt Hutt Elim Church
                                                                                                     112 Main St    302 9698

               It’s time to dust off your Dirndl & start
                                                                                                   FROM THE
                    searching for your Lederhosen!                                              WEATHER STATION
                                                                                             Hi Weather Watchers.

                      Oktoberfest is coming soon…
                                                                                             The temperature dropped quickly on
                                                                                             Tuesday from a high of 17 degrees just 1
                                                                                             degree below the maximum for the week.
           It’s also time to start thinking about your Christmas parties. We                 Temperatures were well above average
                                                                                             for this time of the year. The minimum
               can customize a menu to most budgets and requirements.                        temperature was 2 degrees on Sunday
                                                                                             bringing the heaviest frost of 2.5 degrees.
                                     Huge Open Fire                                          The forecast is predicting snow on Friday
                                                                                             as I write this. Let us hope that it stays

                Families Welcome ♦ Kids Menu ♦ Kids Play Area                                away.

                                Bookings appreciated
                                         At Forest Lodge
                          140 Forest Drive, Methven,, Telephone 302-8116
                                                         Snowfed’s Gastronomic Review
                                                         Julie Clements

                                                         Thanks to Yuki at Aqua, Methven’s
                                                         Japanese Restaurant, the Snowfed
                                                         team were treated to a fantastic meal.
                                                         Bruce Dickson, Marama Mullany and I took off our shoes to enjoy our meal semi
                                                         Japanese style, tackling the chop sticks with some skill and plenty of determination.
                                                         Despite it being a quiet Tuesday evening, the restaurant was almost full and our
          Thursday Spice Nights                          neighbouring table hosted two gents that were in for their second night running.
                                                         We didn’t have to order as Yuki has chosen the dishes himself, so all we had to do was
      Every Thursday night in the                        sit and eat. We started with sushi, vegetable wraps, whole Japanese soy beans and
                                                         dumplings served over teriyaki sauce and with sweet and sour dipping sauce. The soy
     Avoca Fine Dining Restaurant,
                                                         beans were interesting, you had to eat them like peas from the pod, holding one end and
      we have a new Curry menu                           sliding them out with your teeth, tasty!
      to complement the existing                         This was followed by Salmon-Don, NZ smoked salmon served on rice with wasabi
          Fine Dining Menu.                              flavoured mayonnaise. Not being a fan of smoked salmon (or any fishy fish) I tried it with
                                                         a bit of trepidation and was totally surprised by the light and delicate flavour.
                                                         The next dish was a new one that Yuki wanted us to try and we were willing and eager
    Enjoy a selection of South Indian
                                                         guinea pigs. Teriyaki Chicken on Stir Fried Egg Noodles. It was absolutely delicious and
        and Sri Lankan Curries.                          the plates were licked clean.
                                                         At this point we wondered just how many dishes we were to expect and how we were
    Phone 03 318 6943 to book now.                       going to make it out the door!
                                                         Sure enough another plate arrived, this time with Aqua’s most popular dish the Teppan
                                                         Yaki. Sliced and marinated rib eye grilled with veggies and sweet honey soy sauce
                                                         served with fried rice. The first mouthful proved why this dish is so favoured as it was
                                                         incredibly tasty.
                                                         We were offered our choice of homemade ice-cream to finish, Green Tea, Sesame or
  TRAVEL INTELLIGENCE                                    Wasabi. Unable to choose as we had never had it before, we were brought all three. It
                                                         was a shame that Bruce had to leave before dessert but that meant more for Marama
      Professional Travel Broker                         and me!
           @ Methven Travel                              We agreed to disagree about which one was the best; I chose Sesame and Marama the
                                                         Green Tea. The wasabi was a surprise though, I expected it to be green and hot, it was
                                                         more like vanilla with a hint of wasabi flavour coming through, and it was lovely.
   For all your travel needs and                         Everything was wonderfully presented; it was a feast for the eyes, not just our taste buds.
      the latest travel deals!                           The biggest surprise of all though was that despite having scoffed a large amount of
                                                         gorgeous food, we did not feel bloated at all.
Call anytime 303 3151 or 021 0344 629                    Thanks Yuki and team for our wonderful treat, we will be back and next time will be
                                                         sampling the sake!

                                                                      Methven Netball Club - Old Girls Tournament 2011

                                                                                 Saturday 17th September
                                                                          We still have space for more teams so REGISTER NOW

                                                                           Evening Event to be held at Methven Rugby Clubrooms
Going out for a                                                                      Theme: We are the Champions!!
special occasion?                                                              Registrations to
Have your
makeup or                                                 STEAM OF LIFE
personal colours                                          A film by JOONAS BERGHALL & MIKA HOTAKAINEN. (Finland's entry for
done.                                                     the Academy Awards 2010 Best Foreign Film). Naked Finnish men in saunas
                                                          speak straight from the heart about love, death, birth and friendship; about                                    IDA AWARDS 2010
                                                                                                                                                                         DISTINGUISHED FEATURE NOMINEE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      FILM AWARDS 2010
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            PRIX ARTE NOMINEE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     directed and written by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Joonas berghäll & Mika hotakainen

So you look and feel great                                life. In the warmth of rusty stoves they cleanse themselves both physically and
                                                                                                                                                       SILVER DOVE AWARD               SPECIAL JURY AWARD              FIRST PRIZE              MILLENNIUM AWARD          OFFICIAL SELECTION      PRIX EUROPA 2010           AWARD NOMINEE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            AWARD OF INTERRELIGIOUS JURY
                                                                                                                                                           DOK LEIPZIG                     SILVERDOCS             INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION     PLANETE DOC REVIEW      IDA DOCUWEEKS 2010           AWARD NOMINEE         NORDIC COUNCIL FILM PRIZE 2010
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               VISIONS DU RÉEL
                                                                                                                                                          GERMANY 2010                  SILVER SPRING, USA 2010       DOCAVIV, ISRAEL 2010        WARSAW, POLAND 2010    NEW YORK & LOS ANGELES                                                               NYON, SWITZERLAND 2010

                                                          mentally in an exceptionally intimate and poetic film with a deeply emotional
                                                          and unforgettable finale.
                                                          The film travels through Finland joining men of all walks of life in many
Call Cheryl Fowler @ the Makeup Box                       different saunas to let us hear their touching stories about love, death, birth and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   written and directed by joonas berghäll and mika hotakainen
                                                                                                                                                                          cinematography heikki Färm F.s.c. jani kumpulainen F.s.c. edited by timo peltola music by jonas bohlin sound design by christian christensen
                                                                                                                                                                                                  production joonas berghäll / oktober oy co-production adel kjellström / röde orm Film ab

302 8704 or 0274612614                                    friendship and about life. In all its simplicity the camera records the raw and rare beauty of
                                                          landscapes, saunas and men in almost magical pictures.
                                                          The presence of the characters and the depth of their emotion reach a limit where it is almost
   Dip.M.A. (Makeup Artistry) Cert. Style & Line (CMB)
                                                          intolerable for the viewer to watch. STEAM OF LIFE reveals the men's naked souls in an
              Cert. Colour Analysis (CMB)                 exceptionally intimate and poetic way.

                                    Incendies (R16)                            Oranges & Sunshine
                                                                               (M)   Australian true story drama, UK
                                                                                                                             Last Paradise (E)
                                    French-Canadian drama, nominated Academy                                                 NZ story of extreme sport innovation filmed
                                                                               orphans Thurs 5.30,   Fri 6.00
                                    Awards 2011     Thurs 7.45, Fri 7.15                                                      over 45 years Thurs 7.30, Fri 8.00
                                                                               Sat 8.15,      Sun 1.30, 5.15
                                    Sat 2.00, 7.45, Sun 3.45, 7.15                                                             Sat 5.45, Sun 8.00, Mon 8.00
                                                                               Mon 6.00, Tues 8.00, Wed 5.30
                                    Mon 7.15, Tues 7.30, Wed 6.00                                                                  Tues 5.30, Wed 8.15
 Movies                             My Afternoons with
                                                                                     Rio (G) Kids, comedy
                                                                               Adults and Children only   $6!
                                                                                                                             The Big Picture (M)
Infoline 302 1957
                                                                                                                (RIO ONLY)
                                                                                                                             French crime-drama starring Romain Duris
                                                           (M) French              Saturday 4.00, Sunday 2.00                Sat 6.15, Sun 6.00, Wed 7.30
  Thursday 1 to                     gem! Thurs 6.00, Fri 5.30, Sat 4.30          Steam of Life (E)              Finland
 Wednesday 7th Sept                 Sun 3.30, Mon 5.30, Tues 6.00              Starts 8 Sept – Very Limited Season!
Our Lady of the Snows - Update
On Friday, the senior ski option pupils were having an amazing day up Mt
Hutt, in sunshine and on fresh snow. But down at school, Room 3 were
having an amazing Pirate day. Our shared book and poems were about
pirates and we found out there are still pirates today. Mrs Hooper told us about the               The Sunday Brunch
real ones and stories about imaginary pirates. We learnt lots of new words and our
                                                                                                  Terrace Downs Resort
Maths was awesome. We had to follow compass direction clues on the snowy field.
We must have got it right because at the end we found the gold bar treasure!! Soon we
                                                                                                 Now only $39 per person
are beginning a unit called “READY, STEADY, SURVIVE”. Pirates were really good at
surviving on the seven seas so we might learn how to get prepared from their stories.       Enjoy our new winter brunch menu
We got to be pirates of the snowy fields instead of pirates of the Caribbean.                in Avoca Fine Dining Restaurant
                                                                                                   with live Jazz music.

                                                                                              Introducing Kids eat for FREE.
                                                                                          Any child (0-12) with an accompanying
                                                                                          parent dining at the Brunch is entitled to
                                                                                          FREE Kids Club, including a meal from
                                                                                                    the children’s menu.
                                                                                           For casual visitors Kids Club is $30 per
                                                                                            child. Bookings for Kids Club & The
                                                                                                    Brunch are essential.

                                                                                           Phone 03 318 6943 to make a booking.

                                                                                                Point 4 of a kilometer from
                                                                                                “The Square” you will find

                                                                                                   51 Main St, Methven
                                                                                                       Ph 302 8724
Methven Primary School News
On August 25, 2011 Constable Chamberlain (Pup) and                                            Restaurant Open for dining
Constable Wiltshire came to MPS to the Junior Syndicate to                                    For booking phone 302 8724
teach us how to be safe in our environment as part of our Keeping Ourselves Safe Topic.
They asked, “Do you know your phone number, address, your Mum and your Dad’s
names, where you live and where do your Mum & Dad work?”
They showed us how to keep safe by drawing a diagram on the board. They also had a              Father’s Day Sunday
magnificent sense                                                                                   4th September
of humor because                                                                           Spoil Dad for the day and bring
they called people                                                                         him out for dinner, let him pay
Betty Sue, Jim,
Jimmy, John and                                                                            Free glass of wine, Beer or juice
Bert.                                                                                                  for Dad
Caitlyn liked it when
Pup was Funny
and Kimberley liked                                                                       Hot Pools available during daylight
Pup’s glasses.
Thank you                                                                                               hours
to Constable                                                                                       $5.00 per person
Chamberlain and
Constable Wiltshire
for coming to help                                                                           Christmas function, birthday
us with our learning.
                                                                                                     or wedding
By Courtney, Sophie                                                                            Phone us now 302 8724
and Harry (Whero

               Ski Time Restaurant & Bar
 Open 6 days a week from 4.30 pm (closed on Tuesdays)

      Extensive wine list, fantastic food and brilliant
  service. Our stylish cosy atmosphere and warm welcome
             will ensure you never want to leave!

      Ph 302 8398                            www
                                                                    stars Bio’s
                                                             with the

  Methven Lions are seeking families to            NAMES: Martin ‘Moose’ Hickman
    host four students as part of the              Jo Callaghan
      Annual Ruawai Exchange                       HAILED FROM: Moose: Midlands, UK
            Programme                              Jo: Staveley
  Hosts are required for four or five days         WORKPLACE: Moose: Electricity Ashburton
   during the upcoming october school              Jo: Home
                                                   HOBBIES: Moose: Golf, Jet Ski, 4WD, More Golf & shooting.
  The students are 14-15 years old (two            Jo: Spending time with family, friends, horses, animals, art and of course now
   boys and two girls) and host families           dancing.
  with students of similar age would be
               preferable.                         DANCE HISTORY: Moose: Primary School and with old ladies as a child.
                                                   Jo: Nil
  If you are interested in participating in
    this worthwhile and very successful            FAVOURITE MOVIE Moose: Green Mile, Schindler’s List
          exchange please contact                   Jo: Black Beauty
       Carl Shannon Ph 3030702 or                  LAST THING YOU PUT ON YOUR CREDIT CARD:
               0274361051                          Moose: House Insurance, Golf Clubs & Trip to Fiji.
                                                   Jo: Australian Outback Spectacular Tickets (Best show I have ever been to!)
 Methven Lions Club Youth Co-Ordinator
                                                   WHAT HAVE YOU ENJOYED MOST ABOUT THIS EXPERIENCE:
                                                   Moose: Laughing and losing yourself.
                                                   Jo: Ballroom dancing is something I’ve always wanted to learn. It’s lots of fun!
    Bella Bliss Day Spa Of Methven                 WHAT THINGS WOULD YOU SAVE IF YOUR HOUSE WAS ON FIRE:
                                                   Moose: Golf Clubs, Document Box, Animals and family.
 Create memories with Vouchers for all occasions   Jo: My Family

 They’ll Love you forever! – Birthday Voucher      MT OLYMPUS SKI FIELD ‘BACK TO REALITY’ FESTIVAL
   Just because you’re you! – Brownie Points       Part of the Real New Zealand Festival
                 forever Voucher!
                                                   MT OLYMPUS BACK TO REALITY FESTIVAL - ALPINE CURLING
  For all the Washing and Meals – Thanks Mum       10th September 2011
                     Voucher!                      Held on the Mt Olympus Skifield Tarn which is 1800 metres above sea level this will be a
                                                   sociable event set in a spectacular location. This is a free event including a BBQ lunch,
 Always the extra mile – Employee appreciation     open entry to any team. Access is via skifield rope tows or helicopter from the Bottom
                     Voucher!                      Hut ($50.00 return trip per person if pre register or $60.00 on the day, limited seats avail-
                                                   able per book your seat to ensure you don’t miss out). Visit or
                                                   phone 03 3185 840 for more details.
       Talk to us about packages available
                Open 11 am – 7pm                   MT OLYMPUS BACK TO REALITY FESTIVAL – BIG MOUTNAIN COMPEITION
                 By Appointment                    10th September 2011
                                                   The Mt Olympus Big Mountain competition will be on the 10th of September (postpone-
                  49 South Belt,                   ment day 11th September). The best skiers and snowboarders from all over the country
                     Methven                       will converge on Mt Olympus to out-do each other with feats of aerobatic display as they
                   ph 03 3028957                   ski or snowboard from cliffs and descend narrow chutes across the face of the mountain.
                                                   This event is open to all adventurous skiiers and snowbaorders, there is $1500.00 cash
                                                   prizes plus $4500.00 worth of and product prizes up for grabs. Enter at www.mtolympus.
                                                   MT OLYMPUS BACK TO REALITY FESTIVAL – ALPINE CONCERT
                                                   24TH September 2011
                                                   The hills will be alive with music on the 24th of September as Mt Olympus hosts a free
                                                   acoustic concert featuring Mel Parsons and the Rhythm Kings. This event will be held
                                                   at the top hut during the day, access is via the rope tow (skis or snowboard required) or
                                                   for those feeling
                                                   energetic you can
                                                   reach the hut via
               Open this Friday                    30 minute hike.
          Above Cinema Paradiso                    A free BBQ will
Thanks to K. Frewen for the donation of            be on offer and
                                                   is sure to be a
a trailer of firewood for our raffle. Thanks       relaxed event.
  to everyone for your support this term.

  Any queries call Nikita, 027 257 9070
       Check us out on facebook                                  More info at or phone 03 3185 840
Methven Friendship Club News                     NZ Alpine and Agriculture Encounter Opening                                   Julie Clements

On Thursday August 11th Members of               At last, Stage II of the Heritage Centre build was ready to be opened to the public. There
the Methven Friendship club traveled             was an excited buzz as around 250 locals, visitors and VIP’s arrived at the Heritage
to Ashburton to attend the Operatunity           Centre to the warming glow of the Aoraki Balloon Co.’s dramatic blast of fire.
concert held at the Tinwald Hall.                The dress code was evening wear with an agricultural spin or ski wear, contemporary
The theme was ‘The Magnificence of               or retro. There were a few pairs of dressed up gummies beneath silk and satin, ear tags
Music Hall’ chaired by Mr. Geoffrey              worn as jewellery and I even saw a tie covered in tractors. The lady that took the best
Hughes, accompanied by Miss Alex                 dressed would have to be the one wearing a Friesian style wrap and matching purse.
Wiltshire and singers John Cameron,              Those who went with the snow sport look, showed off their retro gear but had to strip off
Tessa-May Brown, Lynette Martin and              to their base layers, as it was a very warm night.
Stuart Coates. The show was fast moving,         The evening started with a glass of wine and a wander through the art gallery to see
funny and very enjoyable. Many of the            Karen Smith’s solo exhibition. Karen’s experience and confidence is really showing in
tunes were well known old favourites with        her latest landscapes they were quite remarkable, also on show were smaller abstract
each artist putting their own personal           pieces focusing on the Christchurch earthquake.
interpretation into the music, actions and       There were a number of local businesses offering their best cuisine, Bavarian Goulash
costumes. Tessa’s ‘The Bird on Nellie’s          from The Bavarian Restaurant, Sushi from Aqua Japanese Restaurant, Pudding Hill
Hat’ and ‘Waiting at the Church’ was             Lodge provided a bowl of tasty delights, Methven Bakery’s best sausage rolls and
very popular as was Stu’s the ‘Laughing          savouries and the Blue Pub served up Prime Rib Beef on Mash.
The bracket of songs from the Mikado             Graham Robertson, Chairman of the Methven Heritage Association, began the formal
were all well received, especially Stu’s         part of the evening, speaking about how the Encounter came together, the difficulty in
modernized version of ‘I’ve got a Little List’   funding such a large project and the amount of financial and practical support received
and ‘Three Little Maids from School’ with        from many quarters not least the local community.
Tessa, Lynette and the lovely Stu.               Mr. Robertson then introduced Mayor, Angus McKay, local to Methven who described his
The recitation ‘The Green Eye of The Little      family’s involvement with the project from the get go. When he asked Board member,
Yellow God’ by Stu and wonderful hand            Philip Wareing, “Is it a Board or a Committee who are running it (the Heritage Centre)?”
movements by Geoff was very clever               Philip replied, “We’re just Methven. We make it happen.”
to watch. The audience had a chance
to participate with the singalongs and           Unfortunately John Key
everyone joined in with enjoyment.               and Jo Goodhew could
Geoff as master of ceremonies kept the           not attend the event and
show moving by wielding his gavel dishing        so Chertsey born Kate
out insults and telling some good and            Wilkinson, Minister of
some rather jokes! The talented musician         Conservation happily
Alex Wiltshire’s piano interludes ‘The           stood in their stead to
Moon’ and I’ and ‘The Bee Song’ were a           officially open the NZ
delight to listen to and the audience loved      Alpine and Agriculture
them.                                            Encounter. Technology
This company has achieved much in                on their side, Mrs
their 10 years of entertaining around the        Wilkinson pressed the
country and the announcement that they           button and we saw, on a
will not be coming to Ashburton next year        video screen positioned
was met with disappointment by everyone.         at the front of the hall, the
They still have three more concerts              door to the building open.
coming up this year and hopefully they will      The speeches were short, Kate Wilkinson and Cheryl Irwin enjoy learning about the process of
be well supported.                               to the point, sprinkled with turning grass to milk.
Members of the cast then put on their            amusing anecdotes and
aprons and served lunch of sandwiches            highly praising of the work and support put into the project.
and muffins and mingled with everyone for
a chat.                                          The Encounter itself was amazing, the first section describing the history of Mid
Our next meeting is at home on Thursday          Canterbury and the first European settlers here. There was much reading and listening
8th September where Joanne Taylor,               to do but it was very interesting and featured many local families. The full sized header
editor of the popular Latitude magazine          cabin and digger simulation was a big hit with the fellas, trying to operate the controls
will speak so members please bring a             of the bucket shown on a wall mounted screen in front of the seat. The cow display
plate for afternoon tea. A meal is available     showing the process of grass to milk was a big hit, provoking many comments. There
at The Lodge at 12pm so names to Dulcie          was a working hive which provided bees access to the outside world, so you could see it
by 5th Sept.                                     all happening through the glass front.
                                                 The graphics and displays were incredible, the shearers area able to operate so sheep
                                                 can be brought in and
  Mrs Alma Lochhead and Willi Huber              sheared right there.
                                                 My favourite though, was
                                                 seeing Willi Huber in the
                                                 reconstructed hut that
                                                 he lived in on Mt Hutt,
                                                 for 4 months, in 1972 to
                                                 research the snow and
                                                 weather for a feasibility
                                                 study for the ski field.
                                                 Believing it would not be
                                                 the same without them,
                                                 Willi donated two imitation
                                                 mountain mice, for which
                                                 he hunted high and low
                                                 to find. Willi, now a local
                                                 legend, made friends with
                                                 the mice and they kept
                                                 him company during his
Methven Pre-School News                        A Few Words from the Skullcandy Methven
Cat Dickson,                                   Big Air.
Our beloved preschool rabbit Dudley sadly      Another Big Air done and dusted. Phew!
passed away over two months ago. We            There is so much planning and organising that
would like to take this opportunity to thank   goes into an event like this and then in one night –
STEVE and his team at CANTRBURY                IF the weather cooperates, it’s all over so fast.
VETS for always being so obliging and          For the first time ever we had planned a weather contingency day (just in case) and as
accommodating whenever we have                 Murphy’s Law would dictate it wasn’t required. What a perfect night and what fantastic
needed to have Dudley’s nails clipped,         crowds. Thanks to all the locals who came out for the night to support the event.
vaccinations, general check-ups and            We have had some amazing positive feedback about how much you enjoyed the night
also in the early days, saving Dudley by       – thanks so much. Inevitably there will be some criticism and all I would say is that this
putting him under the heat lamp. We feel       is how we learn and improve. Every Big Air, we have made mistakes and we make a
very privileged to have your expert care       list of things to improve on for the following year. It’s the only way to get better. I would
and knowledge given so generously at           just ask that if you have a constructive idea, please contact me directly instead of going
no cost. To the delight and excitement of      straight to the media and other channels. Who knows, you could be on the wrong track
all our children, STEVE has now donated        or, you may have a valuable point for us to learn from for next time. Either way – just let
us another baby rabbit, a gorgeous white       us know.
ball of fluff with brown markings called       Now on the positive side – at the risk of sounding like an Oscar awards winner I definitely
Smudge.                                        have to thank the many people who volunteered their time (and lots of it). I really hope I
Thank you so much to Claudine, who is          don’t forget anyone because it’s such a team effort.
part of the team at CANTERBURY VETS            MY FAMILY – long suffering and super supportive.
and is also one of our pre-school parents,     Trev & Greg – not even remotely possible without you.
who put in a huge effort in organising,        The Big Air Team – Tony, Craig, Graeme & Debz.
coordinating and bringing Smudge to us.        Philip Wareing Ltd – Philip, Simon, Mark, Cab (Houston) & Colin – massive contribution
Smudge was aptly named by Claudine’s           from PWL.
son Wynter. Also thank you very much           Alanna, Glenda, Dale, Dave Wilson.
Claudine, Jay and Wynter for Smudge’s          The muscles who put up that massive marquee: Adam, Blair, Rob T, Dylan, Dane, Todd
new brush, hay wheel and vegetable             & Chard.
container, and to Sue, Mark and William        All those hard working snow diggers and shapers – Joe, Nick, Mason, Mitch, Mt Hutt TP
for always supplying the straw for             Crew - Ma, Matt, Mark, Andy, Mt Hutt Gates Crew, Billy & Lou, Ash, Pip, Hamish, Mike
Smudge’s bedding. You are all awesome.         and Danielle.
Having a pre-school pet to care for            Ski Time, Abisko Lodge, Breckenridge Lodge, Dom’s Pizza, Michelle Bungard, Methven
is assisting our children to develop           Lions, Andrew Jackson Contracting, Peter McCaw, Korey Middleton, Bruce & Becky
respect and a sense of responsibility of       Hood, Methven Maulers, Charles Whitehead, Burgee, Brinkley Resort, Mt Hutt Marketing
what Smudge the bunny needs to stay            Group.
healthy. Also under Cath’s expertise in        Thanks again to everyone.
the garden the children have planted           Karyn. (My contact details are on the website:
parsley, silverbeet and carrots which they
love to feed the rabbit. Once again a
huge thank you to STEVE and his team
at CANTERBURY VETS in both Methven
and Ashburton for giving us your time
and for giving us Smudge the rabbit.
We all think you guys rock and are so
appreciative of all you do.                                                   CREATIVE COMMUNITIES
                                                                               LOCAL ARTS FUNDING

                                                Applications are now invited for the Creative Communities New Zealand Ashburton
                                                District Scheme. Funding is available for eligible projects which have an arts
                                                or cultural focus, take place within the Ashburton District and benefit the local
                                                Projects or activities may involve any art forms or a mixture of art forms including
                                                theatre, visual, multi-media, dance, traditional arts, craft, music, literary arts and
                                                performing arts.

                                                Projects or activities must meet one or more of the following three funding criteria:
                                                * Create opportunities for the local communities to engage with and participate in arts
                                                * Support the diverse arts and cultural traditions of local communities, enriching and
                                                 promoting their uniqueness and cultural diversity;
                                                * Enable and encourage young people (under 18 years) to engage with and actively
                                                  participate in the arts.

                                                Applications will be accepted for specific, one off projects and programmes from
                                                community groups as well as individuals.

                                                Application forms and criteria are available from the Council’s website www.
     Letters to the Editors and
                                       and from the Council office:
         articles are free
  Please send us your stories to                Ashburton District Council
    share with the community                    P O Box 94
                                                ASHBURTON 7740
           for any enquiries or                For further information contact the Community Services Officer, Jo Naylor on 307-7700.

          phone 3028437 ext 3                      APPLICATIONS CLOSE AT 5.00 PM ON FRIDAY 30 SEPTEMBER 2011
Father’s Day Special

                                                          visit Brinkley’s for our
                                                          $60.00 special three
                                                          course menu or just pick
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Avocado Tartare, Tomato Salsa
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                                                          Wed – Sun 4:30pm – late
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Silverbeet Tartlet, Green Beans, Cumin Scented            enjoy our open fire, mountain
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                                                          pool bar.* bring your togs!!!

                                                          Call: 03 302 8885
Macadamia Ice Cream, Nut Brittle, Ghana         
Chocolate Fondant                               

Brinkley Resort is excited to have secured the services
of Executive Chef Phillip Nordt for the winter season.
*spa pool bar is for diners & in house guests only
Mt Hutt’s Perfect Conditions for Super G

The Winter Games 2011 came to a close
on Saturday with the Super G races in
near perfect skiing conditions up on Mt
It was a truly international affair attract-
ing competitors from Australia, Ireland,
Great Britain, Norway, Japan, Korea, New
Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland and the
USA. Whilst the NZ women dominated
their race, the Swedes took the first three
places in the Men’s.
Women’s Super G
Taylor Rapley, NZ, 1.02.77
Lucie Tait-Jamieson, NZ, 1.02.95.
Rikke Gasmann-Brott, Norway, 1.03.08
                                                Mens Super G - Adaptive skiing sitting       Womens super G - Visually Impaired
Men’s Super G
Daniel Ericsson, Sweden, 58.3
Calle Lindh, Sweden, 58.48
Doglas Hedin, Sweden, 58.52

Queenstown-born Rapley, a New Zealand
team member, said that she was excited
to win after poor performances earlier in
the season. Whilst Ericsson said, "I didn't
know what to expect from the race but I'm
very happy. There was just one tenth of a
second between Daniel and I, but it is fun
to be on the podium."

Adapted Results:
Women Super-G Visually Impaired
Melissa Perrine, Australia with Guide:
Andrew Bor, 1:15.15
Kelly Gallagher, Great Britain with Guide:
Charlotte Evans, 1:15.51
Jae Rim Yang, Korea with Guide: Ko                     Mens Super G Able Bodied
Woon Chung, 1:29.65                                                                             Womens Super G Able Bodied
Men Super-G Standing
Cameron Rahles-Rahbula, Australia,
Hiraku Misawa, Japan, 1:06.48
Ralph Green, USA, 1:08.89
Men Super-G Sitting
Heath Calhoun, USA, 1:04.30
Jong Seork Park, Korea, 1:06.55
Mark Soyer, Australia, 1:09.70

Congratulations to all competitors
and to everyone who participated
 in bringing the Winter Games to
     Great Weekend Everyone!!!                                                                                         Abbie Macey

On the Verandha with The Black Seeds
We got to talk with Jabin Ward during the day on the balcony of the Blue Pub.
Although this was the first visit for the Black Seeds to Methven, Jabin had
been here before in 29004 with reggae band, Cornerstone Roots.
Jabin has been with the band since 2005 and they have pretty much been
travelling overseas since then. Although he lives in Ireland now with his partner
Emma and their 19 month old son, Otis, he comes back to Wellington as often
as he can. “It is hard being away from them, this time for 2 months, but I shall
be home in a couple of weeks. Thank God for Skype!”
Huge in NZ and Australia, when they first toured Europe it was tough, “It
is like starting from scratch again and with at least 10 people’s travel and
expenses to pay for...” he said. “we have only just starting reaping the rewards
of our music. Every time we go back though we are playing larger venues                                             Jarbin & Barnaby
to bigger audiences so we have developed a great fan base there. Going to America was different, despite some
preconceptions of it being a negative place, we received a warm welcome and it looks very promising. We will definitely be going back.”
The new album on its way, it doesn’t have a title yet but you can expect more of the band’s unique bass heavy, danceable songs, which
comes from their strong foundation in reggae and something different contributed by each band member.
We certainly look forward to its release.
Methven Big Air Series 2011                                             At 10pm the music was cranked, and about 2000 people moved
                                                                        to the huge marquee set up behind the Blue Pub. First up was
After the prize giving for the Winter Games Super G races on            Left or Right from Dunedin and they certainly hit the right note
Saturday afternoon, SkullCandy’s Big Air Methven 2011 kicked off        with the crowd with their mix of metal and reggae, members
with the freestyle competition.                                         Callum Hampton, Metua Marama and Stephen Marshall were
The skiers and snowboarders from NZ, Japan and USA did their            awesome.
best to impress the judges and out trick each other. There were         Then on stage came The Black Seeds, the eight member
some awesome moves from our local boys but it was Nick Brown            internationally renowned band from Wellington. Led by
from Wanaka who took out the men’s snowboarding and the                 Barnaby Weir – vocals & guitar and Daniel Weetman – vocals
overall title with a cab 9 narrowly beating Milu Multhaup-Appleton,     & percussion, the Black Seeds have their own distinctive sound
who also threw a back 9 tail grab. Luke Sinclair from Auckland          which Mike Fabulous, on guitar & percussion, Nigel Patterson
was third with a corked cab 5. The ski competition was won by           on Keyboard, Jarney T Murphy on Drums, Tim Jaray on Bass,
David Wise from the USA pulling a solid misty with a grab. Matt         Jabin Ward on Saxophone and Andrew Christiansen on Trumpet
Soundy from Queenstown followed up in 2nd with his switch 9             brought to Methven with a vengeance.
grab and Lucas Evans also from the USA came in 3rd pulling off a        The Nomad brought his own brand of music to the stage keeping
double front flip.                                                      everyone happy with some awesome dance tunes.
In the women’s division Methven snowboarder Femke Hilbink               Despite the cold night and a long day for many, travelling from all
rewarded her many local supporters with 1st place and a frontside       over the South Island, the whole place was a mass of singing and
3 indy.                                                                 dancing people aged from 18 to….. well, you are only as old as
                                                                        you feel!
The kids at Big Air, from 5 to 95, were all impatiently waiting         When the last song finished, the bar closed and marching orders
for the FMX Big Air Action riders to wow them and they                  given, there was a real sense of disappointment as no one
were not disappointed. Between rounds of the Big Air snow               wanted the night to end.
sport competition, the Hardcore FMX riders, Kain Saul, Joe
McNaughton and Blake O’Connor flew more than 75ft over the              Event organiser Karyn Heald Robertson was thrilled with the
snow ramp to a portable landing, pulling some amazing tricks            turnout and support shown for the Skullcandy Big Air Methven.
of their own with holy grabs, rock solids and off the side heart        “Strong support from sponsors, local businesses and the huge
attacks. Kain Saul, 26, from the Gold Coast treated the crowd to        numbers of crew has been the key to getting the event off the
his signature trick, a no handed back flip, ‘The Kiss of Death’.        ground again. Seeing so many people having such a great night
                                                                        makes all the hard work worthwhile” she said.
At around 8pm the fireworks were lit and there were oooh’s and
aaah’s from the crowd, the event then closed with the grand finale      Congratulations to all the competitors, a truly inspiring exhibition
of Pro skiers and riders crossing the air with the FMX riders.          of skill and talent was on show all day. Thank you and well done
It was now time for all the under 18’s and those without their          to the Karyn Heald Robertson and all the organisers on a great
dancing shoes on to retire in front of the fire whilst the rest of us   event, thanks to everyone involved in helping bring it all together.
geared up for the After Party.
                                                                        Methven Big Air Rocks!
        Photo courtesy Heathermack Photography                                            Photo courtesy Ashburton Online

Riding High with FMX Rider Kain Saul
Kain Saul has been at the top level of freestyle motocross for a few years. At
only 17, as he was the youngest rider to land a back flip on dirt and has been
impressing audiences ever since, especially with ‘The Kiss of Death’.
Kain said, “Like most of us, I started out racing and doing the tricks to have fun. I
may have been able to turn my hobby into a lucrative career but I have to practice
every day and keep up with new tricks to stay on top.”
Kain said that young kids were their main fan base and they really enjoyed doing
the shows for them.
Kain rides a Showtime sponsored Kawasaki KX 250 F 4 stroke motocross bike,
“Apart from major work, we all look after our own bikes and personalise them to our
individual needs, from how far we cut down the seats to where we place our flip
levers and foot hooks.”
Kain is booked every weekend from here to Christmas travelling across Australia
and even overseas. He didn’t get much time in Methven but did say that he
thoroughly enjoyed his massage at Methven Sports Massage.
Photo courtesy HeatherMack Photography - Kain Saul                                          Photo courtesy Heathermack Photography
                          Could you be Methven’s Biggest Loser?

                                             H: 03 3021 787 M: 027 427 0014
 To celebrate the opening of my new studio and to publicise the results my clients achieve, I am offering two people
          from the Methven District the opportunity to undertake a FREE 12 week weight loss challenge.
                                            (Just in time for summer!)

The Breakdown;
• 12 week weight loss challenge for two people
• FREE training sessions with experienced fitness professional
• Unlimited FREE access to the ShapeUp studio
• Start date: Monday the 12th of September 2011
• Final weigh in: 28th of November 2011
• Results to be published in the Snowfed fortnightly

Email your name and phone number to by Friday the 8th of September and let me know why you should
be picked. (Winners to be notified by Friday 9th)


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                                                     BROWN UPDATE
                                                     What an awesome weekend. Mother Nature even came to the show with a smiling
                                                     face on. Never mind that she owed us one. A great big thank you to the Methven
            GIG GUIDE                                Maulers for lending so many helping hands and to this awesome wee community we
         EEEEEE EEEEEEEEE EEE                        live in for once again pulling together and supporting another fantastic event.
        Alizarin Lizard & Brown
       Mad as a March Hare Tour                      Jam Night Tuesday
        rEEE rEE rErE rrrrEE                         If you feel like entertaining or being entertained come on down and join Chris,
                                                     Fraser, & Robbie. Starts 9pm - without a doubt - worth a look.
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         Special Surprise Show
           rEEE rEE rErE wEE                         is Sunday - Methven Races
www ErrE rEwrrEEEE wrwEw EEwwEw EEE ErEE             First race @ 12. Come see us in the bar for all your betting needs. You might even
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Check out: guide
for more info on all upcoming gigs & events          Web                          Phone (03) 302 8045

                            Annual St John Gorge Game Rugby Match
                                    Senior B vs Gorge Selection
                                  Friday September 2nd @ 7pm
                       Speeches and Supper will be provided in clubrooms
                                          after the match
                         St John collection will be taken during and after
                                                                                                      Methven Rugby Club
                                            the match                                                 Senior Awards Night
                                 All proceeds to Methven St John
                                                                                                   September 10th @ 5.30 pm Clubrooms
                                                                                                            Dinner and Band

                                                                                                  Dinner @ 7pm, followed by prize giving.
                   New Visitor Attraction                                                                  Tickets $50 per person
                                                                                                   Tickets can be purchased from PGG or

       Ask about our
   ʻLocalʼs Season Passʼ

       NZ Alpine & Agriculture Encounter
                                   Open daily                                                               "WHAT I SEE"
         Adults $17.50, Children $10, Senior Citizens & Students $14.00
                                              Also                                                       An exhibition by
                                                                                                         KAREN SMITH
                    Methven Heritage Art Gallery                                                      @ The Heritage Centre
              Exhibition by Karen Smith - free entry                                                       Art Gallery
                                                                                                          Main St Methven,
                  For information contact Methven Heritage Centre                                      Open daily 10am - 5pm
 160 Main Street, Methven. P: (03) 302-9666 E:             
         METHVEN TC

Sunday 4th September
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  First Race 12.00 Midday


             Ad sponsored by Cairnbrae Seeds Ltd
Host Families Needed for Ruawai                              A Humbling Experience While in the Small Village Of Yumura, Shinonsin
Exchange.                                                    Distict in Japan.
Methven Lions Club is currently looking                      Eight students and two teachers from Mount Hutt College Methven were on the stage
for host families for the annual youth                       at their farewell assembly at sister school, Yumageoka Junior High School. The hall
exchange with Ruawai in Northland.                           was large, the temperatures were in the high 30s and the Japanese students were all
This successful exchange programme                           standing to attention while we were the guests on stage.
has been running now for 28 years and
involves Ruawai students visiting Methven                    Many speeches and best wishes were addressed to us. Our visit is important to this
in September with a return visit being                       small Japanese district and we were treated with amazing kindness. We were wished a
made by Methven students in the January                      safe trip back to New Zealand and at the end of this the principal, Mr. Osada, presented
summer holidays.                                             Mrs. Currie with a cheque for Yen 30,500 (NZ$457.00). This money had been raised
The students are aged 14 - 15 years and                      by the students and adults in their small district and they wished it to be donated
families with young people of a similar                      to a building in Methven which had been damaged in the September and February
age will be preferred. With the return                       earthquakes. We were very humbled to receive this from a country, who in March, had
visit coming up in January, families who                     experienced their own awful earthquake.
are involved in hosting now will have
the inside running when those to go to                       Fortunately, the Shinonsen district was too far away to be damaged by the earthquake
Ruawai are selected later.                                   that hit the City of Sendai on the eastern side of Japan.The village is small with little
The programme of activities is organised                     large industry apart from people coming into the town to enjoy their hot springs. It is a
by Methven Lions and will include skiing,                    little similar to Hanmer Springs in New Zealand. What a thoughtful and generous thing to
jet boating and other activities associated                  do in this very small town.
with winter sports and mountains. The
return leg, arranged by Ruawai Lions, will                   When the Japanese exchange group visited us in August, we discussed where these
involve sea and beach activities such as                     funds could go. The Methven library rebuild was the place decided on and Mrs. Currie
dune buggies and surfing.                                    will be handing a cheque for the $457.00 over to the powers that be, who will see that
Youth Activities Officer for Methven Lions,                  this humbling donation goes towards the rebuild of this wonderful historic building in
Carl Shannon said that the exchange                          Methven.
was great opportunity to offer a winter
experience, including the ski field,                         On behalf of the district of Methven, we thanked the people of Yumura, for their support,
to Ruawai visitors who had probably                          donation and caring manner towards our district which is half a world away.
never seen snow, while Methven young
people had the chance to enjoy the sub
tropical north in summer. "Everyone
who has been involved in past years,
the students and their host families,
are stoked by the experience" he said.
“This exchange programme is one of the
most worthwhile projects in Lions and a
fantastic opportunity for young people
to broaden their horizons.” Methven
families are required for a four or five
day period between October 10th and
20th. Interested families should contact
Carl. See advertisement in this week's


                5 September
                 Sam Ree 9
                7 September
            Kadeym Halkett 14
             Dawn Lightfoot 46
                8 September
              Kan Miyamoto 5
               10 September
              Jordan Philp 12
               11 September
            Shona Thompson 51
      25 August Georgina Hemsley 14
        31 August Angel Moffatt 11

            Kan Miyamoto
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* Good sized open plan living                   (master with ensuite). Great sized                  * Good sized open plan living
* Underfloor heating                            separate lounge with new log burner and             * Heat pump and wood burner
* Easy care section                             2 heat pumps. Well maintained grounds.              * Low maintenance section
* Close to town centre                          $359,000                                            * Well fenced
$195,000                                                                                            * $310,000

            Security and Safety                             Quiet Cul-de Sac                                 Hidden Secret

If you want security and safety in your          This three bedroom home has an open           This four bedroom home is on a very quiet
home this place is for you. Built to a           plan modern kitchen, dining and living        rear section. Open plan living with a very
standard rarely seen, this home was              area with access to a sunny deck.             modern kitchen. Double internal access
designed and built by an engineer.               Attached double garage with internal          garage, master bedroom has ensuite. Easy
Three bedrooms, double glazing and               access. Well fenced, easy care section        care section with a spa pool. Viewing a
tiles. Modern kitchen, en-suite, separate        on 760m2 in a sought after cul-de-sac         must!
bathroom and toilet and double garage.           $325,000                                      $385,000
You couldn’t build better!!

     List and sell your property with Ray White
                                                                                                                 L      d
     Ashburton or Methven and enter the draw
     for a $1,000 travel voucher.                                                                             SO
     Two $1,000 travel vouchers
     to be won.

     Also, every listing in the draw
     receives a free turkey
                                                                                                                    L     d
     (delivered December 2011).

     Promotion runs from 18 July 2011 to
     2 December 2011. Conditions apply

             Margaret Feiss                                  Shirley Fitzgerald                            Kylie Fitzgerald
             A/Hrs 302 9009                                  A/Hrs 302 8347                                303 3032
             Mobile 021 751009                               Mobile 027 2201528                  
                                                OFFICE 303 3032
     Burdett Real Estate Licensed REAA 2008
                                                               Methven Community
                                                                     First Aid
  Now operating a 22 Tonne Digger                     Monday 19th September@ Methven Resort
       With ripper, root rake,
   Power clamp, wide tilt bucket                          Workplace First Aid - (NZQA - 6400, 6401 &6402)
                 FOR                                                1x day-8xhrs @ $165.00*
   Hedge removal, stump removal
 Tree removal, tree branch clean up,                                     First Aid Refresher
         General earthworks
                                                             (All other provider certificates revalidated)
                PLUS                                                  ½ a day-4xhrs @ $90.00*
     Farm track and lane making
        (can do complete job)                                  Basic First Aid - (NZQA - 6401 & 6402)
Available to hire: heavy duty tip trailer                            ½ a day-4xhrs @ $90.00*

        FOR A QUALITY JOB AT                                 CPR & Basic Life Support - (NZQA - 6402)
                                                                        2xhrs @ $55.00*
        Contact DAVID HOOD
          PH 0272540407                                *Prices as per each –GST inclusive, all courses include:
                                                                   First Aid Manuals & Certificates
                                                                         Bookings essential:
      Do you need a helping
           hand with:                                              (03) 684-9179 or (027) 740-0825
                                                             Book online:
                         Business                    “Meditrain SCis proud to support the Methven Community”
                        Day to Day
                       Reception or
                       Reports and

                                                                  Nick Kermode
                     Phoenix Solutions
                       is here to help                                        CONTRACTING
                       on a regular or
                      occasional basis
                                                                             027 242 0292
                                                                    “for all your contracting needs”
         Phone 021 0261 0764 or
   email        Now operating press with plough if required for great rates please contact me

                                                Mobile Accounting Service
                                                    SPECIALISING IN ON SITE ACCOUNTING SERVICES
                                                                   AT YOUR OFFICE!
  Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning,             •   Do you require help with your present accounting system?
 Specialist Stain Treatment, Flood          •   Would you like your year end accounts prepared at your office?
            Restoration                     •   Do you want your final accounts within 6 weeks of balance date?
     TELEPHONE 308 3676                     •   Do you want to know your taxation liability well before year end?
                                            •   Do you want regular contact and support from your accountant,

                                                without it costing you an arm and a leg?

                                                        Know how your business is doing NOW, not months after the
 Clean, Dry Containers                                                        end of the year.
     $22 per week                                       A friendly personalised service, from a competent, qualified

 Also sheds for storage or business                                    and experienced accountant.

 High profile 9 Line Rd – rent neg.                  Ron Birch (M Com) • (021) 334 315
    Ph 0274 766835 anytime                           Ron Birch Limited • (03) 351 7043
     127 Main Street Methven ph 303 3093
                                                                                                   Licensed Real Estate Agent

    METHVEN’S RURAL WATERFRONT PROPERTY                                                                   YOU’LL LOVE THIS ONE
Adjacent to the RDR/ edge of town+country. 5.3284 ha/                               This appealing family home set on sort after Lochhead Crescent
13.1 acres. Unique location. Stunning Mt Hutt and Taylor                            provides 3 double bedrooms plus study. Open plan living/dining
range views. Many features; 1 bedroom cottage, fully                                area has been designed for the entertainer opening out to a
insulated transportable, heat pump, versatile double garage/                        sunny north facing deck. Large freestanding wood burner for
workshop. Services are supplied and ready to build the dream                        the cooler months. Private landscaped grounds on a 736sqm
house. Pudding Hill Road location, 1km to town. View by                             section. Don’t kick yourself, come and have a look today.
appointment. Deadline Private Treaty 2nd September 11.
$$$ + GST if any (or sold prior)                                                                                                                   $395,000
               2               1               2                                                      3               1           2

                                              10082                                                   130222                                                10023
                                                                    R S

  TOP QUALITY ON SPAXTON ST                               AFFORDABLE COUNTRY LIVING                                        ALPINE CHALET
                                                                                                               * Beautifully presented house on 1/2 acre
1 year new. High standard of finish       2           * Good size 857m2 section                 2                                                        4
                                                                                                               * Country and mountain views
throughout. $295,000 or 34a = under       1           * Ideal for first time buyer, rental      1              O/H Sunday 4th September 12-1pm, 2
construction. You choose your colour                    investment or holiday bach
                                          2                                                     1              9 Sycamore Ave                            0
scheme                                                * Open plan lounge kitchen
                                                                                       $160,000                                              $379,000
                                              10048                                                   10053                                                  10066

   BE IMPRESSED - STEP INSIDE                         LIFESTYLE BLOCK Mt Somers – 4 ha                         PROPOSED INDUSTRIAL SECTIONS
* Solid two storey home                    3          * Matures trees for shelter,            2                Subdivision on Line Road. Own your business
* Private rear yard                                   * Mountain views Mt Somers to Mt Hutt                    location. B5 land sections Size from 600m2.
                                           2                                                  1
* Renovated to high standard                          * Good firewood business base. Estimate                  Subject to council approval.
                                          1             3,000 trees.                          1
                               $389,000                                    $335,000 incl GST                                       from $55,000 + GST
                                           10079                                                      10022                                                 10092

     WHEN LOCATION COUNTS                                       ROOM FOR EVERYONE                                    LONGACRE MT HUTT VIEWS
* Beautifully set on 1/2 acre on sought 3             * Well maintained home                                               HIGHBANK
  after Dolma Street.                                 * Sited on 903m2 fully fenced section                    1 acre section in the quiet hamlet of Highbank
                                        2                                                             2        10 kms from the tourist hub of Methven Mt
* Character home offering                             * Heat pump & logburner
* Viewing a must!                       2                                                             1        Hutt Village, 15m2 garage already built on site.
                               $499,000                                                    $299,950            POA

         Selwyn Allred                 Mark & Rachel Allred                     OJ-Martin Dodson                 Rosa Harper                      Amanda Pannett
         Principal                     Property Consultants                     Rural Property                   Property                         Office
         0274 388 493                  0274 909 991 Mark                        Consultant                       Manager                          Administrator
                                       0272 429 799 Rachel                      080012 1919                      0274655387                       303 3093

 Bookkeeping – Administration:
                                            How much are you being charged
                                             for exceeding your data limit?
  Would you like to someone to take
  the worry of your bookkeeping or
       administration away?
                                             Financially you could be better off with one of
          I can do that for you                     our broaband packages below:
Call me for a no obligation consultation                2gb $45, 5gb $65, 10gb $95
         to discuss your needs
               03 308 1929

                                                       Rural Broadband
                   &                                   0800 438-932 or
     PLUMBING SERVICES                     
                                                               for coverage details
  C ON asley
       He    phone 03 302 8730                30 days 100% Money Back guaRantee
  John      mobile 027 457 9878
               fax 03 302 8737

                                                  How to Save Time & Fuel Costs
                                           A Representative from PGG Wrightson Aon will be available for all
                                                   Insurance Requirements on a weekly basis in the
                                                             Methven PGG Wrightson Store
                                                       Located at Rakaia Gorge Road, Methven
                                                         Tuesday each week 10 am to 1 pm
       All glass repairs                            We are available to discuss all your Insurance needs
    We are in your area on
        Wednesdays                                       Farm, Commercial, Domestic, Heath & Life
                                              For a no obligation quote or simply to discuss your policy contact
    32 Robinson St, Ashburton
                                                         Keiran Adcock 03 307 6796 or 0274 471 956
           PHONE 308 2966
            24 HOUR GLASS

                                           MIKE PULLEY ELECTRICAL
      Nassella Grubbing,
   Broom & Gorse Spraying

All work GPS tracked quality
                                                      Domestic and Commercial Wiring
 Contact Scott 027 460 8820
                                                         No job too big or small
                                                             No mileage charge in local area
                                              EWRB LICENSED & REGISTERED • OVER 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE
   Letters to the Editors and
       articles are free
Please send us your stories to
                                                            • STORAGE •
  share with the community
                                                         Containers from as little as $20 per week
        for any enquiries
                                                   All types of storage available for your requirements
         contact Snowfed or
        phone 3028437 ext 3                Ph: 302 9207 • 021 352 922

             FOR SALE
              • Silage
  • Straw – various types and sizes
   Maize growers and buyers
           All areas
 STOCKFUEL is our combined feed
 trading brand, offering clients feed
   sales and procurement services
 Contact us today on 03 303 0872 or
    Kate Moorhead 027 5533085

     Mt Hutt                              Philip
   Motorhomes                           Wareing Ltd
                                        Line Road, Methven • Phone 302 8616
                                                     Fax 302 9657
                                                 Lime & Super Spreading • Precision Nitrogen Sowing
                                             Bulk Grain Storage • Container Cartage • Firewood Supplies
                                                Hay & Straw Cartage • Silo Storage • Cool Storage •
                                                 Agricultural Spraying Stock Cartage • Log Cartage •
   4 berth campervan                                Shingle Supplies • Swinglifting •Grain Cartage
        to rent                                         Methven - Chch Daily Freight Supplies
   Shower and toilet                           Methven - Ashburton Daily Freight Supplies ISO Accredited
                                         • Philip Wareing 302 8546, 0274 334897 Gary Sheridan 302 9116, 027 672 3995
 Phone Methven Travel                   • Mark Wareing 302 8877, 027 334 539 •Simon Wareing 302 8816, 027 228 9448
 302 8106 or 302 8624                         Graeme Duff 027 414 2886 •Colin Clemens 027 433 4541, 308 5620
                                                        • Murray Lumsden 302 8207, 0274 334538

  All your freighting needs
   covered, call us today!
       5 Days a Week

0800 800 755 or 027 691 5040
   15 Line Rd, P O Box 17
            NOTICES                                              For Sale
AQUA Japanese Restaurant and                        3 pairs Rossignol skis with bindings
Takeaways open 5:00pm. Closed on               (2x 175cm, 1x 155cm) all in good condition.
Wednesday. Love noodles? New stir fried
noodles available now. Check out today’s       Acer Aspire One Computer with windows 7,
special!! Ph 302-9010 for bookings.
                                                10.1” screen, 1GBmemory, 160GB HDD,
Mt Hutt LOdGE - Rakaia Gorge NOW               CPU: intel atom processor, N450 (1.66GHz,
OPEN FROM 12 NOON Lunches, Drinks,
Snacks, Dinner. Closed Tuesdays. www.                         512K B cache) 03 3186898                   not even 1 year old, looks great and great for
Stone chip & crack repairs, insurance                           travelling.
work. Methven Panel & Paint Phone 303                       Ph 021 0294 4276
3148.                                                                                                  STAFF REQUIRED
Free removal of car bodies. Methven
Panel and Paint Phone 3033148.
Sushi catering and wholesale available
on 302-9010 AQUA SUSHI
                                                     PC Faulty?
                                                      No fix, No fee
                                                                                                     Methven House requires
                                                                                                    a motivated NIGHT CARER
                                                                                                      for two nights a week.
For hire, car transport trailer, box trailer
and motorbike trailer, contact Methven         All your PC problems solved at your                   for Job Description and
Panel and Paint ph 3033148                                                                          information please phone
Erewhon Station “Home of the Working
                                               location. Upgrades and training also                    302 8528 - Elisabeth
Horse”. High Country Accommodation &              available, all work guaranteed.                       (Monday - Friday)
Clydesdale Rides www.erewhonhorsestud. (03) 303 9739                                Call Paul on 027 860 0741
A Whare Iti Boarding Cattery Mt                           or 302 9400
Somers offers modern spacious rooms.               Back by popular demand!
Competitive charges. A great facility for
all cats. Inspection welcome. Ph Andrea
303 9191/021 892 939
                                                                       METHVEN HOUSE - Office Administrator
           FOR SALE                                                     Part time (approx 10 hours per week)
RK Firewood for dry, shed stored
firewood. Old man pine and macrocarpa.                        Methven Aged Person Welfare Assoc. is a registered charity
027 451 7300                                                  which operates Methven House and the adjoining flats for
New Tyres and 2nd hand batteries                               the benefit of the community of Methven and surrounds.
available. Contact Methven panel and
Paint 3033148                                   This new position has been created to undertake day to day accounting and other
Subaru Outback, 2004, 85,000km,                    administration duties assisting the Secretary/Treasurer and Nurse Manager.
metallic blue, 5 door station wagon,                                           Duties will include:
2500cc, tiptronic gear box, all wheel                          Wages administration, Accounts receivable/payable
drive, Reg exp Oct ‘11, WOF exp Dec
‘11, ABS brakes, Alloy wheels, Central                              Bank reconciliations, GST administration
locking, Airbags, Power steering, Towbar,                                 Budget review and reporting
Imported 2007 - we are only NZ owners,                                  Policy review and administration
Tinted rear windows, Grey/Black cloth                                        General correspondence
interior, Remote locking, Climate control,
Electric mirrors and windows. Slight scuff
to front right bumper where somebody            Good general computer skills including touch typing and confidence with Microsoft
has scraped into car when it was parked.        Office for Windows is required. Familiarity with Xero (online accounting) and Ace
Has been kept fully serviced and we have               Payroll would be an advantage. Position commences early Oct 2011.
records regarding this. Asking $15,500.
Ph Beth Jolly/McKendry on 03-3021712 or                For more information please contact Cathie Connew on 03 302 9661
mobile 021-1534510 from 5pm.                                               or
One Black Faced Boarder Romney
Lamb/Hogget approx 80Kg fit & healthy                                   Applications close 12 September 2011
already breed Can view PH 3028822 -
Crosstrainers as new $65 Ph 3024676
Methven Panel & Paint currently have
2nd hand parts available for: Toyota             A New Purpose built Early
Estima, Corona ST170, Sceptor, Previa,
Corolla, Corolla S/Wagon GL. Mitsubishi        Childhood centre for Methven
Mirage, Lancer. Holden VR Commodore,
Commodore executive, Commodore                    township’s ever growing
Executive S/Wagon, Opel. Nissan Pulsar                  community
GT, Lucino, Terrano. Suzuki Vitara, Swift.
Mazda Lantis, Titan. Daewoo Leganza.
Landrover Discovery. Honda Accord.                       IS NOW OPEN !!!
      EMPLOYMENT                                  • Educational programmes, led by
                                                  qualified and experienced teachers.
HANdYMAN wanted for odd jobs in
our rental houses when required. Phone
Brenda for more info at McGregor Real          • Smaller groups providing higher quality
Estate 3033178                                    learning experiences for all children.
Relief milker wanted for 700 cow farm
with 54 bale rotary shed with ACR’s. 2kms
from Methven. Phone Mark, 302 8069             • A very friendly and approachable team.
Work Wanted for Lincoln University
Student, Dairying (milking for practical        Come on down to receive an enrolment
work), - November 2011 - January 2012.
Phone Sophie Lilley (mobile 0223028542)        pack, meet our amazing team and have a

            WANTED                                look at our fabulous environment
                                                      or Phone on 03 3028991
Wanted orphan lambs, will pick up Ph
3028822 – 0275117422
   SPORTS • NEWS • RESULTS                                                                                 Proudly Sponsored by PGG Wrightson Aon

                                                                                                                  Phone 307 6795

                                                       Ladies Golf Results 24/08/11
                                                                                              Methven Cricket Club
       Methven Golf Results 27/8/11
                                                                                              Election of Officers 2011
1st Round Match Play Club                       LGU 2nd Qualifying                            Patron Brian Callaghan
Championships, Blue Tees.                       Silver
5th Round Green Jacket                                                                        President Mark Wareing
                                                Jen Weidel 85, Angela Mowbray 87,             Senior Vice President Hamish Redfern
                                                Jenny Senior 89, Sara Gallagher 91,
Senior: Phil Johnson 82-12-70                   Pam Watson 94, Gayle O,Duffy 96,              Junior Vice President Jeremy Johnson
Intermediate: Bernie Walsh 84-16-68             Michelle Kelly 97, Denise Dixey 99            Secretary/Publicity Lizzie Redfern
Junior A: Athol McAlpine 89-19-70                Bronze A
Junior B: Dan McLaughlin 92-24-68 BL                                                          Treasurer Matt Gorman / Kim Balloch
                                                Lyn Schott 96, Sharryn Bree 97,               Club Captain Ben Payne
Allan Lock                                      Lynn Worsfold 100, Barbara Duffy 100,
                                                Mary Stone 101, Heather Santy 101,            Methven United Delegate Murray
Other good scores: 68 Allan Lock, 69            Ruth Smith 102, Tania Wilson 103              Holmes,James Callaghan,Mark Wareing
Dave Marsh, 70 Jack Gorman, Mike Gray,          Robyn Maw 103, Bev Isherwood 104,
71 Craig J Middleton, Stu Wilson, Simon                                                       Senior Club Delegate Ben Payne
                                                Nola Hydes 106, Erna Smith 110                Junior Club Delegate Hamish Redfern,
Wareing, 72 Gary Schott, Peter Brown,           Bronze B
Dave Gorman, Geoff Kelk, Dave Puckett,          Heather Middleton 106, Shirley Lucas 107      Murray Holmes
73 Dayle Lucas, Phil Elliot, Rodger             Dorothy Gray 108, Fay Redfern 108             Junior Dev Officer Hamish Redfern
Callaghan, Gavin Lill, Mark Scrivenor,          Sally Jones 109, Dennise Hood 110
Gavin Santy, Bob Collins, Warren Jowett,                                                      Domain Board Rep Murray Holmes
                                                Wendy Wareing 111, Ellen Kemp 111,            Mt Hutt College Rep Chris Todd
74 Graham Gunn, Gary Eddington, 75              Gwen Goodwin 112, Raiona Isherwood
Doug Sheldon, Alister Maxwell, Ben              114, Gail Limbrick 115 Margaret Kelk 121      Groundsman Ian Sawers, Mike Gray
Rutter, John Eddington, Les Linton, Ian         LGU                                           Committee Gary Eddington
Lucas, 76 Allan Smith, KJ McCloy, Micky         Silver Sara Gallagher 91-18-73
Marr, Eric Meaclem.                                                                           The MCC would like to thank Murray
                                                Bronze A Angela Mowbray 87-19-68              Holmes. Murray is a Life Member of the
                                                Bronze B Barbara Duffy 100-28-72
Twos: Bernie Walsh, Barry Wackwitz,             Blue Pub Best Nett                            Club and outgoing President. Thanks
Brett McMillan, Geoff Kelk, Craig J             Angela Mowbray 68                             Scruff your huge contribution to the Club
Middleton.                                      Arabica 2nd Nett                              is much appreciated.
                                                Barbara Duffy 100-28-72                       Another big thank-you must go to Bill Irwin
Nearest the Pins                                Nearest Pins
Arabica No 4 Dayle Lucas                        Silver No17 Methven Resort                    who has stepped down as Treasurer. Bill
Terrace Downs No 6 Bernie Walsh                 Michelle Kelly                                has contributed a lot behind the scenes
Ski Time No 13 Les Linton                       Bronze A No 4 Canterbury Hotel
Hunters Wine No 17 Stu Wilson                                                                 over the years.
                                                Not struck                                          Upcoming Events and dates
                                                Bronze B 2nd shot No6 Methven
Methven Four Square Supermarket Best            Pharmacy Margaret Kelk                           Next Meeting - All Wecome Monday
Nett: Dan McLaughlin 68                         Open No 13 Methven Supervalue                  26th September 7.30pm @ United Club
LT’s Second Best Nett: Allan Lock BL            Ruth Smith
Bernie Walsh 68                                                                                Club Registration All Grades Thursday
                                                Sat No 4 Topnotch, Robyn Maw                               29th September
LT’s Best Gross: Gary Schott 78                 Two &Nett Eagles
                                                D.Gray M.Kelk J.Senior S.Lucas.                     3.00 – 4.30pm @ United Club
This week – 2nd Round Match Play                E.Kemp. L.Schott. Jen Weidel Eagle on                   Methven Bridge Results
Club Championships, Blue Tees. Tee              No 5
#1 11.45am - Senior, 12pm – Junior                                                             Methven Bridge Duplicate
B, 12.15pm – Junior A, 12.30pm –                        Methven 9 Hole Golf 26/8/11            N/S
Intermediate. All players in the flights will                                                  Mary Mason/Alan Mason, 53.33%
                                                3 Clubs and a Putter                           Val Dickson/Barbara Gawn, 51.67%
be starting on Tee #10 at the same time as      Hiromi Ikehata, 48-12-36
those playing in the Club Championships                                                        John Barwell/Heather Santy, 49.17%
                                                Annette Maw, 60-21-39                          E/W
eg 11.45am – Senior..                           Sheila Shearer, 67-28-39                       Jim Hare/Margaret Restall, 60.83%
                                                BNZ 2nd shot Bridget Thompson                  Marjorie Holmes/Jennifer Wadworth,
House Duty – S Wareing, S Moorhead.
Men’s Open Tournament on Thursday 1st                                                          Nan Hyland/Margaret McLeod, 43.33%
September. $25 per person, 11.30am
South Pacific Seeds Ambrose Tournament          Junior Netball Club Break-Up
Tuesday 13 September. Teams of 3, $25           The Methven Junior Netball Club has just recently finished another successful season of
per person.                                     netball for girls up to Year 8. The Club had seven teams entered in weekly competitions
                                                this year from way back in February with registrations and trials.
                                                The season ended with a break-up at Samuels Bar on Thursday night.
                                                The following team trophies were presented:
  METHVEN TENNIS CLUB                           Midget Trophy - Friday
                                                Fun Ferns
     REGISTRATIONS                              Most Improved Team -
3.15p.m – 4.30pm THURSDAY                       Bronze Team
                                                dedication Shield - Silver
    1st SEPTEMBER 2011                          Team
                                                Methven Police Team
                                                Spirit Trophy - Methven
        Tennis Pavilion,                        White
       Methven Domain                           Junior Committee Trophy
                                                - Methven Black
     No Late Registrations                      Topnotch Fairplay Trophy
Subs to be paid at registration                 - Methven B
                                                Excellence in
 Under 12 years ($50) 12-18                     Sportsmanship - Methven
  years ($65) Adults ($80)                      A
                                                Most Improved Year 8
  If unable to attend, ph Deb                   player 2011 - Rose Faulks
   Hood 3028548, or Jacqui
                                                The Club would like to thank all team coaches, managers and parents for their commit-
      Anderson 3028420                          ment and support to all the girls throughout the season and a thank you to our first year
This ad is kindly sponsored by Cairnbrae        umpires from Year 8, (Ella McDonald, Laura Muckle, Isabella Roberts and Rose Faulks).
            Seed Cleaning Ltd
Party Under the Stars part of the Best of Mid Canterbury Festival 2 - 11 September

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