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Payroll and Deductions Checklist


									Payroll and Deductions Checklist

How to Read a Paycheck
___ checkstub.htm This site breakes down the different parts of a paystub.
___ - paycheck activity
___ readapaycheck.pdf - This site points out and explains what each part of the paycheck is and what it means.
___ Paycheck Sample.mht - This is an interactive site that allows you to click sections on the paycheck
       to read more.

Mandatory Deductions
___ Information on MD this website has general information about mandatory deductions
___ Federal Deductions-this site tells you about the federal deductions you need to know for when you
       file taxes
___ FICA Deductions-this site tells you all about FICA and what is stands for
___ State Deductions - this site is for deductions in the state of Pennsylvania
___ Local Deductions- this site is for deductions for Salisbury Township Residents
___ Activity: Mandatory Deductions Quiz- Please print out a copy of the quiz, circle your answers, and
       hand it in.

Voluntary Deductions
___ History of Vol. Deductions
___ What are some Voluntary Deductions? - voluntary deductions.doc
___ Activities for Voluntary Deductions: Payroll paycheck.doc
____ Voluntary Deductions Word Search

Gross Pay/Net Pay
___ A First Look at Gross/Net pay
___ What is Gross and Net Pay
___ gross/net pay battleship
___ Calculator Directions.doc
___ Calculator

___ Information about your tax deductables: Tax Exemptions
___ Common tax exemptions:Tax Deductables
___ A tax deductable word search:
___ How well do you know your tax exemptions?:

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