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   Belleville Public Library
Internet for Beginners

Course objectives:
  • Become more familiar with the computer.
  • Learn some terms and vocabulary regarding the Internet.
  • Practice using the Internet.

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   4.   Click on “Internet for Beginners”

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The Internet
The Internet, also known as “the net”, is a worldwide network of computers
connected together which are able to share information.
The internet is used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. For many
Internet users, emailing on the internet has replaced the Post Office for short
To have access to the internet through your computer at home you need an
Internet Service Provider such as Sympatico, Cogeco or Kingston Online.
Remember that you can have FREE computer and internet access here at
the Belleville Public Library with your library card.

The World Wide Web
The World Wide Web refers to internet sites that include words, images,
sounds, and video organised into web sites.
You can view information on your computer with software called a web browser
such as Internet Explorer.

A URL is the address (location) of an internet site. Each website has a unique
address which has to be typed accurately. Our URL here at the library is:

A Hyperlink
A hyperlink – also called a link - is a word, phrase, or image that you can click
on to jump to a new document or a new web site.
Hyperlinks are found in nearly all Web pages, allowing users to click their way
from page to page.
Text hyperlinks are often blue and underlined, but don't have to be. When you
move the cursor over a hyperlink, whether it is text or image, the arrow will
change to a small hand pointing at the link. Clicking on the link will take you to
the intended page.

The cursor will take on different shapes:

Things you can do on the WWW
Here are some ideas:
      - check to see if we have your favourite book at the library
      - use social networking sites such as Facebook and Skype to stay in
         touch with family and friends
      - find a recipe
      - shop and post classified ads at Kijiji
      - get a map and directions for a journey from Google maps
      - go online shopping
      - pay bills and do your banking
      - research your family history
      - find information on any subject you can imagine!

Getting on to the Internet

To access the internet you need a browser. A browser is a software program
that enables your computer to connect to Internet sites. Here at the library we
use Internet Explorer.
You can double click the icon and this will take you to the Internet. In Windows
7, the icon for your browser is found on the task bar, beside the Start Button. In
our computer lab, you will find a shortcut
icon for Internet Explorer on the desktop.

Searching for information on the Internet

There are 2 basic ways to get to the information you want:
  1. If you know the URL you can type it into the address box at the top of
     the page and then press the enter key on your keyboard.
         Try typing into the address box at the top of the page.
           Remember all lower case and no spaces.

  2. When you don’t know the exact address you need to use a Search
     Engine, such as Google, to help you find the website you want:

Using a Search Engine

To use a Search Engine like Google, you just need to type a keyword into the
search box and click on the Google Search button or press Enter on your
keyboard. A keyword is a word or phrase that describes the topic you want to
find information on.

When you enter your keyword(s), Google will send you a list of websites which
correspond with your word(s). The more specific your keyword, the better
results you will get.
Broad keywords like “flowers” will return an extremely large number of hits
(that is the list of websites that are found containing your keyword). If you
want links related to rose gardening, instead of “flowers” try “roses” or more
specifically “rose gardening”.
The more words you use as keywords, the closer Google will get to finding the
website you are looking for.

Navigation toolbars you should know

              This button takes you back to the web page you were on
              previously. When you keep pressing this, you will keep going

              This button takes you forward a page – to a page you have
              already opened.

              This button will take you back to the starting point, which is your
              home page.

  Creating a Homepage:

  When you initially open up your web browser, the very first page that you will
  see is called the "home" page. The home page is your jumping off point to
  the rest of the Web. You can specify absolutely any page on the Web as your
  browser homepage.

  To create a homepage on your own computer:

  1. Visit the page that you have chosen as your homepage.
  2. Look for the icon that resembles a house. Click on the down arrow next to

  3. Click Add or Change Home Page.
  4. Select from the menu to use this website as your only home page.

Creating a list of my Favorite websites

When you find a website that you know you will reference again – or one that
you find especially useful: you can create your own favorites list.

                                 While you have the web page
                                 open, click on Favorites found
                                 on the menu bar and select Add
                                 to Favorites.

                                               You can change the name of
                                               the website or leave it as the
                                               website title. Then simply click

                                               Once you have added the
                                               website to “Favorites”, you can
                                               simply click on Favorites and
                                               find that site on the list.

                                               You can also organize these
                                               favorites by creating folders
                                               by subject matter.

Let’s practise using the Internet!

  1.    Go online to check the weather forecast for tomorrow.
  2.    Go online to find a recipe for tomato soup.
  3.    Google your own name.
  4.    Go to Google Maps and find a street map of your own address.
  5.    Go to the library website and see if we have any books by your
        favourite writer.

       Try to save some of these websites to your favorites list.


Using the Internet can seem daunting at first, but if you use it a lot you will
come to a point where you cannot imagine your life without it!
With some practice and confidence you can have access to the immense wealth
of information that is on the Internet.
Remember again that the computer is there as a tool to make your life easier. It
may not seem that way in the beginning but you may soon find the Internet an
invaluable resource!

Remember:          Not everything is on the internet
                   Not everything on the internet is true
                   Not everything on the internet is free

Books & DVD’s Available @ your Library

      •   The Internet for Dummies 004.67 Lev
      •   Internet and E-mail for Seniors with Windows XP : for Everyone who Wants to
          Learn to Use the Internet at a Later Age 004.678 Stu
      •   Internet and E-mail for Seniors with Vista : for Everyone who Wants to Learn to
          Use the Internet at a Later Age 004.678 Stu
      •   Internet and E-mail for Seniors with Windows 7 : for Everyone who Wants to Learn
          to Use the Internet at a Later Age 004.678 Stu
      •   The Senior’s Guide to the Internet : Surfing, Shopping, E-mail and Security
          004.678 Col
      •   Using the Internet for the Over 50s 004.678 Hol
      •   The Senior’s Guide to the Internet 004.678 Col
      •   Using the Internet Safely for Seniors for Dummies 004.678 Cri
      •   Interesting Online Applications for Seniors 004.678 Int
      •   Internet for Seniors : a Step-by-Step Guide for the Computer Shy DVD Movie
          004.678 Int

   Don’t forget to visit the Library website to try our
                        useful websites and online databases.


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