Adventure Holidays Website Sees Steady Growth by puretravel


									Adventure Holidays Website Sees Steady Growth Following the launch of their new website earlier this year, PureTravel has been actively seeking tour operators across the world to feature their tours on the website. PureTravel is delighted to announce that their 2009 target has already been surpassed with a record number of tour operators joining this exciting new website development. This represents hundreds of individual adventure holidays and tours available across the world for travelers. PureTravel covers all of the famous and most visited places in the world such as a <a href="">holiday Vietnam</a>, where you can have the best adventure of your life, such as the Mount Everest in Nepal and the Wildlife Safari in Kenya. Usually, planning a holiday trip takes a lot of time, especially the transportation and hotel bookings. However, there are simple and accessible ways to make your holidays remarkable ones; if you wish to visit the Everest Base Camp for trekking, you can contact and book a trip directly with the Sherpa in Nepal. And if you dream of joining a wildlife safari adventure, you can book directly with the Masai warriors in Kenya. Through direct booking, you are able to help the local community of your destination by giving them the means to boost their economy and at the same time can learn about the place from information provided by the locals. Each local tour operating company that is involved in running an adventure tour has been thoroughly assessed by PureTravel to make sure that they conform to the high standards set by PureTravel in relation to environmental awareness and responsible tourism. The company believes in the saying, “Go direct, save money, and give more back”. By arranging a directly booked adventure and holiday tour, travellers will get their chance to make the most of their budget for the best value, as well as prepare their holiday with full flexibility. They will be given full information regarding the tour’s duration, route, and complete trip details. The new website offers exciting distinctive holiday tours all over the world. It includes different activities to suit the interest of all travellers, like sport adventures with climbing, trekking, and water sports and historical and cultural tours. Travellers in search of the best adventures are provided with an option to explore other interesting destinations, even those not covered by typical holiday brochures. It also features some famous destinations that are perfect for the whole family but a bit different from common sightseeing tours. PureTravel has been in the travel business for 10 years, and in that decade of service they have grown and strengthened their business in the industry. The continuous increase in affordable airlines and the worldwide spread of Internet connectivity makes the idea of direct booking a sensible option. PureTravel is a company that was established by Real World Travel, an ATOL-bonded tour operator in the UK, and Mindcom Internet, a publishing company that operates online. They also operate various consulting travel sites, including South Africa Holidays and Real Africa. PureTravel is committed to provide responsible tourism guidelines. They only work with local travel operators who are willing to provide long-term benefits to the local communities while constantly lending support to the environment. PureTravel wishes to provide all adventure travellers with a variety of choices when booking their next holiday to exotic locations such as <a href="">holidays Vietnam</a> and the opportunity to discover the other side of the world and to experience real adventure. The site also features a Special Offer section, a newsletter, and a blog containing updated travel news, insider travel forecasts, tips, and pictures.

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