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Chamber Welcomes                                                                                 INSIDE…
Empire State Report Readers                                                                      Staying Healthy and Fit
    first met Steve Acunto,                           ber is an approved NYS Not-

I   publisher and editor of
    Empire State Report, in
1985, when we were consult-
                                                      for-Profit Regional Chamber,
                                                      recognized by the US Cham-
                                                      ber. It currently provides excep-
                                                                                                 It’s Our Money! Chamber PAC
                                                                                                 Reviews State Financial Plan
                                                                                                 with State Comptroller
ants to the Westchester                               tional services to over 10,000
County Chamber of Com-                                business and civic leaders. It             International Partnerships
merce and the Long Island                             maintains a charitable founda-             Strengthen Relations Here and Abroad
Association. Steve published                          tion approved by the IRS to
their magazines, Long Island                          assist local chambers, trade               Military Affairs
                                    Mark S. Jaffe                                                Celebrating 100 Years of Service
and Westchester Commerce, and          CEO.           organizations & civic groups;
I developed programs. Our         Greater New York    and a political action commit-
good work was recognized by           Chamber         tee to improve the entrepre-               MGM Opens at Foxwoods
the Brooklyn Chamber, the                             neurial business climate and
Bronx Chamber, the Rockland                           quality of living in the NY                Members in the News
Business Association, the                             Metro Area.
Northern NJ Commerce Association,                 As the Chamber approaches its
and the NYS Restaurant Association.           second decade of operation, it is quite
We were retained to help build their          significant to be able to increase our
revenue, improve their programing             stature and influence. By publishing                 TO SUBSCRIBE…
and publish their newspapers, maga-           the Chamber Report, we are now able
zines and economic development                to write about the best of business,
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guides. We raised substantial funding         politics and government to provide the               phone: 212.686.7220

                  The Chamber… currently provides                                               We encourage everyone to help us
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for all of our clients for over a decade.         Chamber's Program of Work to over             It helps to make our region a better
   In 1996, I became the executive                20,000 business & community leaders        place to live in, work in and visit!
director of the Greater NY Chamber.               who will read all about it in Empire          I encourage everyone to join the
Today, the Greater New York Cham-                 State Report.                              Chamber or attend a chamber event!

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G.N.Y.C.C. Hosts NYC Health and Busi-
ness Expo at Baruch College Newman
Conference Center
Story by Kim Fuller; Photos by Carl Goldfarb

         n June 5th the Greater New        Drive and inform-

O        York Chamber of Com-
         merce hosted a Health Expo
for N.Y.C. at Baruch College, the
                                           ative lectures such
                                           as: "Improving
                                           your Bottom Line,
jewel of the CUNY system, located          Alternatives to
at 151 East 25th St. The GNYCC             Consider When
has established itself over the last       Purchasing or
decade as having some of the most          Designing Health
successful and well attended business      Program.” Expert
expos in the greater New York area.        panelists included:
“We select exciting venues, such as        Carol Hunt, Assis-
New York City's Madison Square             tant Attorney
Garden, The Waldorf Astoria,               General for                                     Aetna CEO Ron Williams, (left) and Magic
Westchester County Center or the           Health Care, Mary O'Brian, repre-        Johnson of Magic Johnson Enterprises (right) form
new Empire City Race Track in              senting “Physicians for a National       a Partnership that will help health advocates Mark
                                                                                       Jaffe of the Chamber and Dorothy Harper of the
Yonkers,” states Chamber President,        Health Plan,” and Donna McMan-            American Diabetes Association keep their commu-
Mark S. Jaffe.                             mon from Swift MD, an on demand                                               nities healthier.
   President Jaffe was recently            health care service offering 24 hour
appointed to the position of Corpo-        access to doctors that know your
rate Chair of the American Diabetes        medical record.

                                                                                    helping to educate its members to
                                                                                    stay healthy. In addition to the
“Now we want to allocate our resources                                              informative lectures, dozens of health
                                                                                    field exhibitors, as well as other busi-
towards helping the health care industry                                            ness exhibitors, were on hand includ-
by focusing on food and fitness.”                                                   ing:
                                                                                       A & T Healthcare, the American
                                                                                    Diabetes Association, Baruch Stu-
                                                                                    dent Life, Boro Medical, center care/
Association, as well as the Steering           A second panel entitled "Smart       Fidelis, Crohn's & Colitis, Harvey
Committee for the NYC Food and             Choices" focused on Why Staying          Perlow DDS, Health Charities of
Fitness Partnership. He also serves as     Healthy & Fit is Important. It fea-      NY, Health Corps, Health First,
an advisory board member for               tured: Dr. Judith Strauss of Corp rate   Health Plus, HIP, GHI, Manhattan's
Health Corps, an agency that gets          Wellness, Lisa Cohen of Park             Physician Group, Manhattan Water,
recent college graduates interested in     Avenue Nutrition and Danielle Koch       Mobile Health, NYS Attorney Gen-
health-related fields to teach stu-        of St. Vincent's Medical Center. It      eral’s Health Division, NY Blood
dents to live healthier lifestyles by      was at the Smart Choices panel that      Center, NY Cardiovascular, NYC
practicing good food & fitness.            Mr. Adrian Jones - representing Aet-     Dept of Health, Park Avenue Nutri-
   This year’s Health Fair consisted       na’s NYC Community Plan - made           tion, Pax Europa, St. Vincent's Med-
of a NY Blood Center Donation              it clear that Aetna has an interest in   ical Center, Swift MD, US Food and

“We at the Chamber want to improve productivity and
reduce health care costs by making it easier to stay healthy.
That is the message that has been continually highlighted
by the Chamber’s very comprehensive health fair agenda.”
                                                     WADO 1290, Staples, USPS, US
                                                     Small Business Administration and
                                                     WWRL Radio 1600. One of the
                                                     highlights of the event was the NYC
                                                     Food & Fitness Partnership Lunch-
                                                     eon. The luncheon (Sponsored by
                                                     the Manhattan's Physician Group)
                                                     featured special presentations that
                                                     were given by the following groups
                                                     and individuals:
                                                        1) The American Diabetes Asso-
                                                           ciation - Mary Reed, Director;
                                                        2) NYC Food Policy Coordinator
                                                           - Ben Thomases;
The Chamber Health Luncheon sponsored by the
Manhattan's Physician Group helped to raise
                                                        3) Health Corps Advisory Board
money for the American Diabetes Association & the          Members - Dr. Alan Gass, of        October 12th White Plains
NYC Food & Fitness Partnership                             the Westchester Medical Cen-       October 26th South Street
                                                           ter;                                        Sea Port
                                                        4) Duane Reade Diabetes Educa-
                                                           tional Center Director - Kaliroi
                                                        Contributions were made by the
                                                     Chamber Fund to The American
                                                     Diabetes Association and Health
                                                     Corps. Attendees were encouraged to
                                                     join and support the upcoming Dia-
                                                     betes Association’s Health Walks
                                                     that are scheduled for the dates of
                                                     October 12th (White Plains) and
                                                     October 26th (South Street Seaport,

Leaders of the NYC Food Partnership:                  FOR ADVERTISING INFO:                    “Madison Avenue
Ben Thomases, Mark Jaffe, and Dr. Karen Lee, dis-
cussing promotional efforts with Ms. Deni Davis,      Contact chamber offices at                Advertising at
C.E.O. of Pier 41 Advertising; a community partner    212.686.7220, or
of the Greater NY Chamber.                            e-mail:               Brooklyn Prices”

Drug Administration and Village                                                                 718.254.PIER
Care of NY. Other participants
included: Con Ed, Crystal Rock,
CUNY, DTM Media Group,                                                               
F.I.V.A., Field Center for Entrepre-
neurship, iConomy (A Feature of
DTM Media Group), MetLife, NY
                                                                                                499 Van Brunt Street
State Comptroller’s Office for                                                                  Brooklyn, NY 11231
Unclaimed Funds, Prudential, Radio

                                                                                                GREATERNYCHAMBER REPORT   3

NY Chamber Political
Action Committee Review
NYC Financial Plan with
State Comptroller DiNapoli                                                                             NYC Councilman David Weprin and Mark Jaffe
                                                                                                       with attorneys Chad Friedman and Jessica Mara

                                                                                                       make the tough choices and be realis-
                                                                                                       tic in budgeting. We must start to
                                                                                                       spend money like it was ours! The
                                                                                                       PAC made it clear that it will fight
                                                                                                       hard to elect officials that will mini-
                                                                                                       mize waste and excessive spending.
                                                                                                           For more information on the NY
                                                                                                       Chamber Political Action Committee
                                                                                                       contact Mark S. Jaffe, Treasurer, at
                                                                                                       212.686.7220 or

Chamber Community partners, Aziz Ahmad, Tom Acosta and Mark Jaffe at briefing with State Comptroller               Business Class fro
                                                                                                                   Time Warner Cabl
DiNapoli in Chamber Building on May 12th

          n May 12th, NYS Comptroller                costs for current municipal employees

O         Thomas DiNapoli and NYC
          Council Finance Chair David
Weprin came to the historic NY Chamber
                                                     and retirees alone are expected to
                                                     increase by almost 2 billion in 2009.
                                                     At the same time, unanticipated
                                                                                                                 For 25 years, Time Warner Ca
                                                                                                                 Business Class has delivered
                                                                                                                 following services to busines
                                                                                                                 in New York and New Jersey
building to brief business and community             increases in energy costs will cause bil-
leaders on the Financial Plan of the City of         lions in additional spending. It is                            • High-Speed Internet
New York. Concerns over what appears to              important to know the true costs of all
                                                                                                                    • Cable TV
be a significant economic slowdown led to            these services and how to pay for them
the important briefing.                              without overburdening our taxpayers.                           • Business Class Phone
    The good news was that compared                     It was pointed out that in addition                         • Video & Music Services
with prior recessions, this downturn is              to education and health, other public                          • Private Networks
expected to be mild. Although unem-                  investments must also be funded.
ployment is expected to go up, the                   Growth in the Metro Area will con-                           Find out what Time Warner C
current movements to support small                   tinue to overburden our public trans-                             can offer your business.
businesses and entrepreneurs will help               portation system (as higher gas prices
reduce the overall loss of jobs.                     force people from their cars) and we                            Call (212) 598-1750 o
   During Q&A DiNapoli was cau-                      will need to invest to keep our city                         visit
tioned to watch over the real cost of                mass transit on track. We must also be                             Refer to code GNYCC0708
unfunded mandates like the Cam-                      concerned about providing affordable
paign For Fiscal Equity (which we                    housing for our working people.
must pay for even during hard times).                   The NY Chamber PAC will look
It was noted that health insurance                   for leadership in Government that will

Chamber Applauds Millenium                                                               and many other supporters including:
                                                                                         City Councilman Thomas White, NY
Challenge Corporation: Investing                                                         Daily News, Western Union, Carib
                                                                                         World News &
in Peace Through Jobs                                                                      Shanie Persuade, 1st Vice Presi-

         he Millennium Challenge Corpo-

T        ration, "MCC" is an innovative,
         independent US Government
agency designed to work with some of the
                                                               The Chamber has been a long time
                                                                     advocate for the boosting of
poorest countries in the world. It believes                      developing nations’ economies…
that aid is most effective when it reinforces
good governance, economic freedom and
investments in people. As a government             We are pleased to note that MCC's
corporation, MCC is managed by a Chief          program of providing large scale
Executive Officer who sits on a nine mem-       grants to developing countries has
ber board that includes the US Secretary of     been able to help several of the Cham-
State, the US Secretary of the Treasury and     ber's International Community part-
the US Trade Representative.                    ners including: Benin, Burkina Faso,
                                                Ghana, Madagascar, Mali, Namibia,
                                                Rwanda, Senegal, Uganda, Zambia
                                                and Guyana.
                                                   The Chamber has been a long time      The Chamber's City Hall Ceremony
                                                advocate for the boosting of develop-    honoring developing Countries with Bill MCreary,
                                                ing nations’ economies and has held      Kim Fuller and Councilman Thomas White
                                                induction ceremonies for over 60
                                                nations, including those from the        dent, announced the organizations
                                                European Union, Latin America,           goal “to help Guyanese business
                                                Caricom, Asia and Africa. We want to     owners and professionals access the
                                                show the world that Free & Fair          American Markets”. With the sup-
GNYCC Board Member Howard Teich, MCC’s
CEO Ambassador John Danilovich & Chamber        Enterprise can help improve the          port of the Greater NY Chamber,
CEO Mark Jaffe at General Electric Boardroom    Global Economy.                          the three hundred people in atten-
in NYC.                                                                                  dance and other strategic partners
                                                                                         (including the Queens Chamber of
                                                                                         Commerce and the Queens Eco-
   The MCC's CEO was in NYC on
April 2nd, 2008 at the Headquarters
                                                Chamber Helps                            nomic Development Corporation), it
                                                                                         appears that the Guyanese American
of the General Election Corporation
to pledge its continued support to help
                                                Launch Guyanese                          Business and Professional Council is
reduce global poverty through the pro-          American Business                        off to a great start!
motion of sustainable growth. This
concept of development and growth               and Professional
grew out of the 2002 Monterrey Sum-
mit in Financing for Development
                                                   The Chamber helped to launch the
where President Bush called for a new
                                                Guyanese American Business and
compact for global development that
                                                Professional Council. The new organi-
linked greater contributions from
                                                zation held their first Dinner and
developed nations to greater responsi-          Awards Banquet at the opulent
bility from developing nations. These           Crown Plaza LaGuardia on June 6th.
greater responsibilities were to include        Many Business Leaders & Dignitaries
good government that would root out             were in attendance. The Gala featured
corruption, respect human rights and            Queens Borough President - Ms.           Mark S. Jaffe and Shanie Persuade, 1st VP at
adhere to the rule of law.                      Helen Marshall (a Guyanese Native)       Crown Plaza LaGuardia

                                                                                               GREATERNYCHAMBER REPORT                  5

100th Anniversary Celebration                                                                Thank You For Serving!
                                                               Cemetery. That evening,
                                                               more than 1,000 VIP’s cel-
                                                               ebrated at the Marriott
                                                               with the Secretary of the
                                                               Army, Pete Green, as the
                                                               honorable keynote speaker.
                                                                  The awe-inspiring day
                                                               left no doubts about the
                                                               importance and rich history
                                                               of the Army Reserve. Since
                                                               1908, Army Reserve Sol-
                                                               diers have served in two
                                                               World Wars, the Korean,
                                                               Vietnam and Persian Gulf
Command Sergeant Major Leon Caffie,
Congressman John Shimkus, Lieutenant General       Wars, the Global war on Terror and
Jack C. Stultz, Mark Jaffe, and Eleazar Kauderer   numerous other contingencies. Today’s
seen here at Arlington National Cemetery at the    Reserve is a skill rich, community        Patrick Qualtieri of the United War
Tree Planting Ceremony.                            based, operational and expeditionary      Veterans, Roger Newman of the May-
                                                   force that is an integral part of the     or’s Office of Veteran’s Affairs as well
                                                   world’s greatest Army.                    as City Councilman Hiram Monser-
                                                                                             ate to make this event a great success.
         he Chamber celebrated the 100th

T        Anniversary of the US Army
         Reserve in Washington DC this
past April 23rd.The celebration started
                                                                                                On May 20th at HBO Headquar-
                                                                                             ters in NYC, a heartfelt video tribute
                                                                                             that will be sent to all active troops
                                                                                             through-out the world was previewed.
with a re-enlistment ceremony on the               Across America                            For more info how to pay your
South Lawn of the Capitol.Today, with                 is a nonprofit initiative that helps   respects to our armed forces and veter-
more than 20,000 Army Reserve soldiers             veterans and disabled veterans com-       ans, contact our offices.
forward deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan and          pete for quality employment. It was
18 other countries, plus 7,000 mobilized           founded six years ago by Dr. Ray
and serving here in the US, it is important        Healey and Wes Poriotis, a champion
that we support our reservists.                    for veteran’s employment. Wes is the
    As the force enters its 100th year             chairman of the Center for Military            SAVE THE DATES…
and celebrates its proud history, the              and Private Sector Initiatives.
Army Reserve is asking more from its                  In April 2009, The Center will host
                                                                                                   November 8, 2008
soldiers and the Chamber wants                     a veteran’s employment and confer-             USS Intrepid Returns
employers to realize how important it              ence in NYC that will bring together                    •
is to have these warrior citizens ready            companies and unemployed veterans.
for duty. We are currently working on              The goal will be to ensure that each           November 11, 2008
a request from the Pentagon to help                one of the Veterans that attends the             NYC Veterans Day
get the word out to business leaders               conference will have access to a good
that their understanding of how the                job and/or help starting their own             Parade 11am - 3pm,
Army Reserve trains its own is critical            business.
to the current war on terrorism. After                The plan for the conference grew            VIP COCKTAIL
the re-enlistment ceremony, members                out of a year long congressionally            Reception to follow!
of the Chamber’s Military Affairs                  mandated and Dept of VA sponsored
Committee were asked to attend a                   study of Veteran’s employment that                Guests $50
wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb                 the Chamber took part in. We will be
of the Unknowns and a tree planting                working with members of our military
ceremony at Arlington National                     affairs committee including                      start at $500
MGM Grand Opens at Foxwoods
        he $700 million MGM Grand at

T       Foxwoods, located adjacent to
        Foxwoods Resort Casino, North
America’s largest resort casino, opened to
the public on May 17 following a star-
studded gala celebration filled with one-
of-a-kind entertainment and excitement.
   The celebration kicked-off with an
exclusive cocktail reception and dine-
around highlighting celebrity chefs
Michael Schlow of Alta Strada, Tom
Colicchio of Craftsteak and Alan
Rosen of Junior’s, to name a few. The                     Alicia Keys during her performance in
excitement continued with red carpets                   the MGM Grand Theater on May 17th
featuring a wealth of famed celebrities
and a private David Foster production        the existing property. Guests can
by world renowned entertainers Josh          delight in the hotel’s 825 luxurious
Groban, John Mayer and Grammy                guest rooms and suites, featuring top-
Award-winning artist Alicia Keys. At         notch technology in a comfortable                    Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas on the
the stroke of midnight, Sean “Diddy”         and modern atmosphere. For further                   Red Carpet
Combs (a member of the Chamber),             relaxation and enjoyment, the new
hosted the ultra-xclusive late night         resort casino offers two 18-hole
“Diddy’s Den” and DJ AM spun at the          championship golf courses, the G-
opening of Shrine, an Asian-inspired         Spa, operated by Boston-based entre-
kitchen, lounge and nightclub.               preneur Gretchen Monahan, and the
   “We are thrilled to have commemo-         4,000-seat MGM Grand Theater
rated the highly anticipated opening of      featuring the world’s hottest perform-
MGM Grand at Foxwoods with spe-              ances (including Gloria Estefan’s pre-
cial guests of the casino, including         mier three-day engagement over

        “With the opening, MGM Grand at
   Foxwoods has catapulted New England to
       incredible new heights in the world of
     luxury hospitality and entertainment…”
close friends, family and renowned           Memorial Day weekend). The hotel
celebrities,” said Gillian Murphy, Sen-      also offers a variety of gaming
ior V.P. and General Manager of              options, including 1,400 slot
MGM Grand at Foxwoods. “With the             machines and 53 table games offering
opening, MGM Grand at Foxwoods               everything from blackjack and
has catapulted New England to                roulette to craps, Spanish 21 and 3-
incredible new heights in the world of       Card Poker. The property also pro-
luxury hospitality and entertainment,”       vides guests with fresh outlets for
Murphy added.                                retail therapy, with shops including
   Connected to Foxwoods Resort              Bally, Dunhill, MGM Grand Effects
Casino by a covered moving walkway,          and MAC Appeal, an authorized
MGM Grand at Foxwoods adds an                reseller of all things Apple.
additional two million square feet to

                                                                                                        GREATERNYCHAMBER REPORT                     7
Successful NY                                                                             CALENDAR OF EVENTS
Entrepreneur Shares                                                                      September 4 – BBQ Networking,
Her Secrets                                                                                Yonkers, 5-8:30pm. Sponsored
            s. Louise Weadock, the                                                         by Yonkers Hispanic Federation

M           President and Founder of
            Access Nursing Services
claims the secret to her success is the
                                                                                           & Allstate Insurance at 641
                                                                                           Yonkers Ave. $25 Guest Contri-
                                                                                           bution... Members FREE!
five P’s - Passion, Partnership, Perse-
verance, Patience and Prayer. After
starting her company in 1985 with a                                                      September 7 – Vintage Bar &
second mortage, this registered nurse                                                      Restaurant, White Plains, 5:30-
with a masters in public health has                                                        7:30pm. Network & Support
grown Access Nursing to a company                                                          the American Diabetes Associa-
generating FORTY MILLION dol-                 Equal Opportunity                            tion. $20 minimum contribu-
lars annually.
    With over 3,000 employees, Access         a Must for Everyone!                         tion includes dinner & drinks.
                                                       he Chamber is proud to part-        $100 includes ADA Sponsor
Nursing is helping to provide much
needed additional staffing of Medical
Centers and home care with profes-
sionally trained and certified nurses
                                              T        ner with the US Equal
                                                       Employment Opportunity
                                              Commission. The EEOC helps to
                                                                                           Walk Shirt & Verbal Recogni-

fully capable of providing care for the       enforce federal laws prohibiting job
                                              discrimination including: Title VII of     September 12 – NY Athletic Club
disabled and the elderly. The firm has
established itself as a corporate giant       the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which          Luncheon (59th & 7th Ave)
in NYC’s very diverse business com-           prohibits employment discrimination          noon till 2pm. $50...Meet
munity.                                       based on race, color, religion, sex, or      Deputy Secretary of Defense
                                              national origin, and the Equal Pay Act
                                                                                           Gordon England & learn about
                                              of 1963 (EPA), which protects men
                                              and women who perform substantially          the USS New York.
                                              equal work in the same establishment
                                              from sex-based wage discrimination.        September 19 – Chamber Open
                                                 In order to further ensure equity for     House, 5-7pm. Come meet
                                              everyone, the EEOC is currently look-        chamber staff & network with
                                              ing at discrimination in the public
                                                                                           top leaders inside our historic
                                              schools to help protect our students.
                                              We applaud their efforts and look for-       building. $15 guest fee includes
Access Nursing Booth at Madison Square        ward to our continued partnership            drinks & refreshments. Mem-
Garden Business Fair!                         with them. If any worker or employer         bers FREE.
                                              has any questions or concerns with
   As a guest speaker at the Cham-            regard to possible discrimination, the
                                                                                         September 21 – Film, Stage and
ber’s luncheon held at Madison                local office for the EEOC is located at
                                              33 Whitehall Street in NYC and is            Showbiz Expo, 10am-6pm,
Square Garden Business Expo, Ms.
Weadock stated: “… I only wish I had          run by Director Spencer H. Lewis, Jr.        Hilton NYC at 1336 6th Ave.
joined the Chamber earlier in my career,      (Phone: 1-800-669-4000 or visit their        Members FREE.
it would have saved me a lot of time and      web site                      Must RSVP: 212.404.2345.
914-747-9696.                                                                            October 17 – Save the Date…
                                              TO POST YOUR EVENT:                          EMPIRE BUSINESS FAIR
                                              Contact                   at Yonkers Raceway.
                                                                                           Luncheon, Exhibits,
                                              e-mail:                   Seminars and Reception
                                           or call our offices 212-686-7220

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