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					                         Sabrina Albezzano


   Ca’ Foscari University, Department of East Asian Studies, Venice (Italy)
   Degree in Chinese Language and Literature, 105/110, 2001.


   Free-lance job, Shanghai (China) - Milan (Italy)
   Free-lancer, September 2002 – Present
   Technical and commercial translation and interpretation from Italian/English to
   Chinese and vice versa for Italian and Chinese companies and agencies (Cofit
   International S.r.l., Parlamondo S.n.c., Piccadilly, Moda Italia Cina, Hexin
   Tianjin International Trade Co., etc.), and during exhibitions in Shanghai
   (Luxury China 2002, Wire Asia & Tubetec 2002, etc.) and business tours in
   China of foreign companies. Market researches in China for Italian jewelry and
   silversmiths companies (Pegorotto S.p.A. and Mazzucato S.r.l.).

   Monte Bianco (Shanghai) Food Co., Ltd, Shanghai (China)
   Translator and Assistant, July – August 2002
   Assisted President and Director in their daily activities. Translation and
   interpretation from Italian to Chinese and vice versa.

   Italian Chinese Institute, Milan (Italy)
   Assistant, November 2001 – June 2002
   Performed filing and mailing services; managed Institute’s daily activities and
   special events (Chinese language courses, Traditional Chinese Medicine Course,
   international conferences, etc.);organized periodicals and official documents for
   Institute’s library; taught Italian language to Chinese high school students.

   Italian Chinese Commercial Chamber, Milan (Italy)
   Internship, September – November 2001
   Arranged visits in Italy for Chinese diplomatic delegations; taught Italian
   language to Chinese high school students.

   Chinese (Mandarin) free-lance Translation (Italy)
   Translator, September 1997 – June 2001
   Technical and commercial translation/interpretation on free-lance basis for
   various Italian companies and agencies. Chinese/Italian/English consecutive
   interpretation during exhibitions and tours in Italy and France. Chinese/Italian
   consecutive interpretation of interviews between attorneys and their clients and
   interrogatories between policemen and smugglers.

   Hitex s.r.l., Lonate Pozzolo (Italy)
   Sales Director’s Assistant, February 1998 – August 1999
   Handled clerical task, prepared new contracts, assisted and contacted
   customers, agents and retailers, from East Asia/Asian-Pacific Area (China,
   Japan, Thailand, etc.). Organized customer’s visits and assisted customers
   during international exhibitions (ITMA’99, Paris; IMEC’98, Hong Kong).
   Ranco Italia Controls, Lomazzo (Italy)
   Translator, October 1997 – December 1997
   Chinese/Italian consecutive interpretation during a three monthly training for
   six Chinese technicians.

   Available to travel and/or relocate


   I.S.A.O., Milan (Italy)
   Business Chinese Course, November 2001 – April 2002

   Fòrema, Padova (Italy)
   ESF course, June - September 2001

   Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing (China)
   Chinese Language Course, Scholarship, September 1996 - September 1997

   Ca’ Foscari University, Venice (Italy)
   Japanese Language Course, November 1995 – February 1996

   Hebei Teacher University, Shijiazhuang, Hebei (China)
   Chinese Language short-term course, March - June 1995

   Westminster University, London (United Kingdom)
   English Language Summer Course, June- July 1993


   Italian, Chinese, English


   Windows 95/98

   MS Office 97/00 (Word, Excel, Access and Power Point)

   Adobe Acrobat 4.0

   Chinese Software: NJStar, Twin Bridge, Chinese 2001


   Travelling, cooking, reading, family and friends gatherings.

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