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					RS just Cs   Ima simi English
b                         b
             s.(zoo)(esp) ird
bbnsn                     p
             s.(bot)(amz) owder puff || kind of jungle shrub used for halluzinogen
bch          s.(amz)      belly || stomach
bch                       i
             s.(zoo)(esp)nsect || small animal
bchsp        s.(p.amz) pot-bellied
bh                        b
             s.(zoo)(esp) ee
bh           adj.(esp) old
bh           adj.(esp) old (woman)
bhchych      s.(p.esp) gigolo
bhn          s.(esp)      purple skinned potato
bhnt         s.(tex)(esp)shawl
bhy          v.dic.       to bellow || to moo
bhy go down || to descend
bk           s.(esp)      ship || boat
bknchy                    to vaccinate
bkr                       c
             s.(zoo)(esp) atfish || kinds of fish (naked catfish | or long-whiskered catfish family)
bkrksp       s.(bot)      kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
bkt          s.(esp)      lawyer
bky          s.(zoo)(amz) amazon river dolphin || kind of dolphin
bmbk         adj.(reg) clumsy || inept || walking swayingly
bmbn                      k
             s.(zoo)(esp) ind of pidgeon
bmby         adj.(esp) of rounded shape
bn           s.(agr)(esp)fertilizer (from Spanish abono || which actually derives from Quechua wanu)
bnk          s.(esp)      bank
bnk          s.(esp)      bench
bnkt         s.(esp)      person who serves for fear to wizards and witches
bnky         v.intr.(esp) to bathe || to wash oneself || to swim
bnrry        v.intr.(esp) to resound || to roar || to boom
bnsky        v.intr.(esp) to be defeated || to be tired
bnsy         v.intr.(esp) to advance
bnsy to defeat || to win
bnt          s.(esp)      band
bnt          s.(esp)      wind
bntr         s.(esp)      flag
bntrpry to sell
bntsy to bless
bntsyn       s.(esp)      blessing
bnty to peel something
bnty to sell
brbsk        s.(bot)(esp)barbasco || kind of plant of the jungle (main use: fishing)
brh          s.(esp)      sorcerer
brhyy        v.           to witch || to do magic
brk          s.(esp)      boat
brnky jump
brns                      F
             s.(pun)(esp) riday
brr                       d
             s.(zoo)(esp) onkey
brrh                      whooping cough
brrkymp      s.(p.esp) type of wild honey
brrntk       s.(p.esp) idiot || fool || cretin
brrnyy       v.impers. to thunder
brrtn        s.(p.esp) donkey thief
brt       s.           cap
brt       adj.(esp) cheap
brt                    green
brt       s.(esp)      rough (person) || rude
brty      s.(top)      old name of Betanzos
bry       s.(mes)(esp) April
bry       s.(esp)      tar || resin
bry       s.(bot)(esp)tree whose wounds a tar-like substance is won from
bs        s.(bot)(esp)broad bean
bs        s.(esp)      cup || mug || glass (for drinking) || beaker || jar
bshk      s.(p.esp) flour of broad beans
bskt      s.(p.esp) flour of broad beans
bskyt     s.(esp)      bicycle
bsm                    red-and-green macaw || kind of bird
bsn       s.(esp)      neighbour
bsptktn   s.(p.esp) bean flower || fabric that resembles bean flowers
bst       s.(esp)      enough
bsty                   h
          s.(zoo)(esp) orse
bsty to visit
bsy       adj.(esp) empty
bsy to rape || to violate (sexual violence)
bt                     a
          s.(bot)(amz) buta || velvet leaf || kind of medicinal plant | main uses: fever | diabetes | malaria | menstural cramps |
bt        s.(med)(esp) altitude disease
bt        s.(esp)      life
btk       s.(esp)      pharmacy
btn       s.(esp)      button
btnry                  k
          s.(zoo)(esp) ind of freshwater ray of the Amazon
bts       s.(esp)      boot
bttysk                 kind
          s.(bot)(p.amz) of hemiepiphytic plant of the jungle (main use: ropes)
by        s.(esp)(d2) ball
by        s.(esp)      candle
by        s.(esp)      cold meal || provisions || advance on wages
by        s.(esp)(d1) coward
bychn     s.(bot)      kind of nettle || kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
byh       postpos. time
byk       s.(zoo)(amz) caterpillar with silky hairs causing swellings on one's skin
bykksp                 kind
          s.(bot)(p.esp) of medicinal plant of the jungle
bykn      s.(esp)      balcony
byksnk                 giant
          s.(zoo)(p.esp) ant with spines causing painful swellings on the skin
byky      s.(med)      stammerer || person who expresses badly
byky fall
byky      v.intr.(esp) to wake || to be awake || to watch over || to guard
bykyy     v.intr.(reg) to rear
byn       s.(esp)      sheepskin
byn       s.(esp)      trousers
bynchy    s.(reg)      ball made out of paste of mistol fruits | covered with flour of toasted maize
byr       s.(esp)      value
byrchky   s.(esp)      effort || labour
byry      s.(esp)      funeral wake
bys       s.(esp)      bag
bys                    o
          s.(zoo)(esp) x
bysk      s.(bot)      plant used to dye marr¢n ros ceo cuyo color no es firme
bysk     s.(esp)       small bag || small sack
byskt    s.(p.esp) pickpocket
bysmkr   s.(bot)(p.esp)balsam bark (lit.) || kind of medicinal plant of the jungle used for skin sores | as a febrifuge | antiparasitic
byst     adj.(esp) noisy || loud
byt      s.(phymed)galls on plants caused by insects or mites
byt      s.(esp)       widow
byt      s.(esp)       widower
byts     s.(cri)(esp) baptism
bytsky                 to be
         v.intr.(cri)(esp) baptized
bytsm    adj.(cri)(esp)baptised
bytsy    s.(cri)(esp) baptism
bytsy                  to baptize
byttyy   v.intr.(esp) to bubble
byty                   t
byy      s.(esp)       basket
byy to be worth || to cost
byy to equip || to give someone the necessary for a voyage
byychy to return || to give back
byyky    v.intr.(esp) to return || to come back
byys     s.(esp)       marbles || small balls
byytr    s.(ast)(esp)shooting stars (lit. lasso with three balls at the end | thief - provenience: Misminay)
byyy     v.intr.(esp) to dance
byyy        to fly
byyy     s.(bot)(p.esp)yellow mombin || kind of medicinal plant | main uses: emetic | hemorrhoids | stomach | eye/throat inflam
ch       fon.(d2)      (consonant phoneme of the Quechua language | /ch/ with the tongue folded back | preserved only in the
ch       fon.(d1)      (consonant phoneme of the Quechua language | /ts/ in Ankash)
ch       fon.          (consonant phoneme of the quechua language)
ch       [causative] || to make someone do something || to allow || to let
ch       [decisive question] || [negation]
ch       [forecast] || [prediction] || [putative] || possibly || probably
ch       [putative] || possibly || probably
ch       [putative] || possibly || probably
ch       s.(zoo)       armadillo
ch       conj.(d1) but
ch       adv.afirm. certainly (in answers) || surely (in answers) || possibly (in answers)
ch       adv.afirm. certainly || surely
ch       s.(bot)       kind of red pepper or paprika || chili || chili spice || hot pepper || chile || chili pepper
ch       s.(bot)       kind of rush || reed
ch       conj.(d2) or
ch       adv.m.        perhaps || maybe || possibly || probably
ch       s.(ast)       Pleiades (constellation)
ch       small || little || [diminutive]
ch       s.            straw || chips || splinter || small firewood
ch       to make
ch       adv.afirm. yes
chb      s.(zoo)       white-bellied spider monkey
chch     s.(ana)       breast || nipple
chch     s.(d2)        centre || center
chch     s.(zoo)       chicken
chch     s.(esp)       corn liquor
chch     adj.          curly
chch     s.            dirt || dregs || sediment || little spots || little grains
chch        adj.        dirty
chch        s.(mik)     food ground up for small children
chch        s.(zoo)     fox
chch        s.(d1)      goblin || sprite || ghost
chch        s.(d2)      grandmother || old woman
chch        s.(esp)     grandmother || old woman
chch        s.(met)     hail
chch        adj.        hard || dried out
chch        s.(tex)     heading cord
chch        s.(ast)     heavenly body || star
chch        adv.l.      in front
chch        s.(bot)     kind of tree of the Sapindaceae familiy with black | round fruits with thick | soft skin | grows on the coast
chch        s.(d1)      mother's milk
chch        adj.        old (male or female)
chch        s.(aym)     old man
chch        s.(tex)     pallay motif in weaving (Bolivia | meaning unclear)
chch        adv.m.      perhaps || maybe
chch        s.(d2)      pregnancy
chch        adj.        pregnant || pregnant (animals)
chch        s.(d1)      pregnant woman || pregnant animal
chch        s.(zoo)     red grasshopper
chch        s.(geo)     sand
chch        s.          vulva
chch        s.          yard || court || patio
chchchh     adj.        hoarse
chchchnky   v.recip.    to heat up || to warm up
chchchnky   v.recip.    to knock down each other
chchchy       to heat || to warm || to heat up || to warm up
chchchy       to imprison
chchchy       to knock down
chchchy       to make a woman nurse
chchchy       to make dirty
chchchy       to make pregnant
chchchy       to suckle || to nurse || to give milk
chchchy       to suckle || to nurse || to give milk
chchk       s.(mik)     half-roasted corn cob dried in the sun || soup with corn | cabbage | beans | potatoes etc.
chchk       s.          hangover
chchk       adj.        hot
chchk       adj.        tiny
chchkm      s.(bot)     kind of tree whose wood is used for furniture | healing plant
chchkm      s.(bot)     tsotsocma || sosocma (creeping plant with small | black | sweet fruits and whose root is used as abortive
chchkt      s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
chchky      v.intr.     to be pregnant
chchky                  to
            v.pron.(enfat.)feal heat || to be hot
chchkyyr    s.(ast)     Celestial Woman (constellation)
chchm       s.(top)     community on the R¡mac river (Mama Mayu) | in the province of Huarochiri (Department of Lima | Peru)
chchn       s.          captivity
chchn       s.(tex)     heading cord
chchn       interj.     How horrifying! || How frightening!
chchn       expr.       she is already pregnant
chchn       s.(mit)     witch
chchnyy     v.intr.     to be ready to fall
chchpch   s.          gestation || pregnancy
chchpky   s.          ground pacay
chchpky       to contend || to struggle
chchpky       to resist
chchpnt   s.(ana)     nipple || teat
chchpy    s.(top)(<?) ancient people and city in the Department of Amazonas (Peru) || (Span.) Chachapoyas
chchr     s.(bot)     kind of plant
chchrkchk s.          baby bottle
chchrm    s.(bot)     kind of epiphytic eryngium || spanish moss (epiphytic plant)
chchrn    s.          pepper-caster
chchrr                c
          s.(zoo)(esp) icade
          s.(zoo)(p.esp) snake
chchrrmchkyy          flying
chchry    v.intr.     to be scented with chili
chchry    v.intr.     to get pregnant
chchryy   v.cop.      to lie on the side || to relax || to lie
chchsp    s.p.        with big breasts
chchy     s.(bot)     century plant || agave
chchy     s.(zoo)     chicken louse
chchy     s.(tex)     heading cord
chchy     interj.(d1) How cold! || [cold] || burr!
chchy     interj.(d2) How horrifying! || How frightening!
chchy     s.          marvel
chchy     interj.(d3) ouch!
chchy     s.          something frightening
chchy     s.          spongy wood
chchy     s.(tex)     thin strip to decorate the scarf
chchy     v.intr.(d1) to be absent (from work etc.)
chchy     v.intr.     to be hot
chchy     v.intr.     to be pregnant
chchy      to collapse || to break down || to fall in || to come apart || to fall
chchy     v.intr.(d2) to fast
chchy       to fertilize
chchy       to make someone carry something between the teeth
chchy       to nibble || to suck
chchy       to punish
chchy       to suck
chchy       to suckle || to nurse || to give milk
chchy       to tear down || to pull down
chchy     s.(tex)     twenty-four-strand braid with four strands doubled (total of 28 strands)
chchy     adj.        weak
chchy     s.          weak person
chchy     interj.(d2) What a heat! || it's hot!
chchy     interj.(d1) What a pity! || What a surprise! || For goodness sake!
chchychy        to make pregnant
chchyky       to conceive (animals)
chchypk   s.(tex)     loom bars
chchyrm   s.(med)     pregnant woman
chchys    s.(aym)     ancestors
chchys    s.(bot)     medical plant of the Andes || aphrodisiac liquor (medicine) || chuchuhuasi
chchys    s.(bot)     medical plant of the Andes and the rainforest | it is told by elders that it is necessary for being heald to t
chchyy    v.intr.     to become pregnant
chchyyy   interj.     How terrible! || How horrible!
chpr      fon.        (consonant phoneme of the quechua language)
chh       s.(med)     cough
chh       s.(zoo.ana)esophagus of animals
chh       adj.        hoarse
chh                   one-eyed || with one eye deviated
chh       s.(agr)     pasture
chh       s.(bot)     straw from the lofty region || straw grass of the high andes || high altitude grass used for roofing materia
chh       s.          medicine man || healer
chhch     adj.        ragged || in rags || bum || hairy
chhch     s.(bot)     straw from the lofty region
chhchh    v.recip.    to whisper
chhchhnky       to drink greedily || to drink noisily || to drink without interruptions
chhchy    v.dic.      to murmur || to whisper
chhchy    v.pron.     to catch a cough
chhhpy    s.          angle
chhk      s.(zoo)     big black ant || type of big ant
chhk      s.(zoo)     black duck
chhk      adj.        many || substantial || much || plenty || so much
chhk      adj.        narrow and long || long | oblong shaped || rectangular
chhk      s.          padlock || bracelet || bracelet || bracelet (usually of gold)
chhk      interj.     see you later this day
chhk      s.          size
chhk      adv.preadj. so much || so strongly || that much || very
chhk      s.          splinter
chhk       to eat improperly
chhkchy       to be equidistant
chhkkry   s.p.        equidistant
chhkkryk        equidistance
chhkkrynn adv.m.      gradually || step by step
chhkmntchhkdj.        big
chhkn     s.          fire place
chhkn     s.          part
chhknk    expr.       Good bye! || See you once later!
chhknkm s.(mat)       isosceles
chhknkmchrympr        equivalence
chhknkmk v.intr.      to be equivalent
chhknkmky       size
chhknkynn expr.       a little
chhknt    v.dic.      to sneeze
chhkny    s.(mat)     cone
chhkrkt   s.(zoo.ana)beak
chhkrn    s.          brush-shaped comb
chhkrn    s.(bot)     chajra¤a | named for a plant | k'ayara | from which the teeth for combs are obtained || the tallitos are dri
chhkrn    s.          smooth talker
chhksm    adv.m.      enormously || so much
chhkt     s.          cylinder
chhky     s.          decrease || diminution
chhky     s.          gravel || shingle || pebbles || rubbe
chhky     adv.m.      just || only
chhky     s.          proportion
chhky       to cook || to make something boil
chhky       to take care of a crying baby || to rock a crying baby
chhky       s.(bot)      type of plant (like sila sila)
chhky       s.           calculation
chhkynk     adj.         incalculable
chhkynkk        size
chhkynn     expr.        a little
chhkynt        to calculate || to estimate || to evaluate || to estimate || to weigh up || to consider
chhkyny     s.(mik)      black bread || mixture of coarse and fine elements
chhm        adj.         granular || grainy || rough
chhm        s.           mixture of coarse and fine elements || badly ground flour
chhm        s.(zoo)      mountain cat
chhms       to approach (in the speaker's direction)
chhmy       s.           sickle || scythe
chhn        s.(agr)      broken grain
chhnk       adj.         granular || grainy || rough
chhnk       s.           rock
chhnk       s.(mik)      spicy soup with pieces of meat || plate of food made with chicken or rabbit meat
chhnk       s.(med)      cough
chhnky      s.(mik)      bran
chhp        s.(mat)      mixture
chhp        s.           particle
chhp        s.(mik)      pitu mixed with caldo
chhp        s.(met)      twilight || dusk
chhp        adv.t.       very early
chhp        adv.t.       very early in the morning
chhpchhpt   v.intr.      to shiver || to shake || to tremble
chhpchky    p.p.p.       shaken
chhpchsk        to shake
chhpchy     s.(zoo.ana)beak
chhr        s.           something grey
chhr        s.(zoo)      small bird of brown color || type of bird
chhrchhr    adj.         crisp
chhrk       adj.         crisp || curly
chhrk       v.intr.      to ruffle up (skin)
chhrkyy     adj.         cloudy || short-sighted || myopic || strained vision
chhrp       v.intr.      to struggle || to strain (like an old truck on an incline)
chhrpyky    v.intr.      to dazzle
chhrpyy        to peck
chhry       to withdraw || to go away || to depart
chhry       adj.         deflated || empty || emptied || skinny || useless || small
chhs        to make deflate
chhschy     adj.         ordinary
chhsk       adj.         deflated
chhsn        to deflate || to disinflate || to silently pass gas
chhsny      s.p.         deflated
chhssk      interj.      silence!
chhst       v.intr.      to be silent
chhsty      v.intr.      to deflate || to disinflate || to silently pass gas
chhsy       v.intr.(esp) to make a mistake in football (soccer)
chhsy       v.intr.      to fart silently
chhsykky    s.(zoo.ana)beak || bird beak
chht        s.           inference
chhtkk      p.p.p.       pecked
chhtsk      to peck
chhty      to pin || to attach || to make pin
chhty       adj.(tex) badly woven || loose (tissue) || thin (tissue)
chhy        adj.       cracked
chhy        s.         dew
chhy        s.(agr)    dry plant || stem of corn without cob || dry corn plant || ox food || fodder || dried corn stalk
chhy        s.(med)    influenza || cold (illness) || upper respiratory infection
chhy        adj.       light (not heavy) || light
chhy        s.         sand
chhy        s.         sneeze
chhy        s.         straw harvest
chhy      to accumulate
chhy     to approach
chhy        v.intr.    to cough
chhy      to mow
chhy        v.intr.    to sneeze
chhy        adj.       oval
chhych      s.(mus)    small bell || bell
chhych      s.(zoo)    type of black bird
chhych      v.impers. to fall dew
chhychy      to make dry
chhychy     v.pron.    to catch a cold
chhyhpy     expr.      You devoured the chillies!
chhyksknk     to approach
chhyky      to claw
chhyky      s.         type of thorn
chhyky      s.(geo)    snow-covered node
chhynk      s.(med)    cold (illness)
chhynky     v.impers. to fall hoar-frost
chhynky     s.         chip || splinter
chhyp       s.(met)    dew
chhypr      to barter
chhyry      adj.       thin like a nail
chhysk      s.(bot)    plant with lavender flowers
chhytchyt   adj.       easy || light
chhyy     to approach
chhyy      to barter || to exchange
chhyy       s.         to become hoarse
chhyy       v.intr.    to crack
chhyy       v.impers. to fall dew || to dew
chhyy      to smash glass or break things that produce a glass-smashing sound when broken || to thresh
chhyy      to thresh || to shatter || to smash glass or break things that produce a glass-smashing sound when brok
chhyy    [progressive] || ]durative] || now || just
chk         adj.       a lot || much || many || much
chk         s.(top)    ancient people in the region of Waruchiri || community on the Lur¡n river (Pachakamaq Mayu) | in the pr
chk         s.         blue sky
chk         s.         bridge
chk         s.(ast)    Bridge | Stair: Belt of Orion (provenience: Misminay)
chk         adj.(col)  brown
chk                    but
            adv.m., conj. || nevertheless
chk         s.(zoo)    calf
chk         adj.       clear (sky)
chk     s.          dark || night
chk     adj.        disperse
chk     adj.        dry
chk     s.(d3)      envy
chk     s.(ana)     foot || leg
chk     s.(agr)     forage || fodder || pasture
chk     s.(bot)     grass
chk     s.          hat || helmet || cap || helmet || hat || head band || woolen veil worn by women
chk     s.(d2)      hate || hatred || grudge
chk     s.(ana)     hip || groin || leg
chk     adj.        hoarse
chk     s.          hole || opening
chk     s.          hunt || hunting (without killing)
chk     s.(min)     kaolin || clay
chk     s.(reg)     kerchief || band || bandage
chk     s.(bot)     kind of rush || reed || reed plant that grows near shore of lakes || reeds
chk     s.(zoo)     kind of very aggressive ant
chk     s.(ana)     knee
chk     adv.l.      left || left (hand side)
chk     adj.        light || clear || clean || light in color
chk     s.          light || glow
chk     s.          light || glow || sun
chk     s.(min)     metal || mineral || metal in its natural state
chk     s.(d1)      misfortune || disaster || evil || bad omen || danger
chk     numerous || abundant || copious
chk     s.(zoo)     opossum
chk     s.(agr)     plot || lot of land || field in the forest cleared by burning (on clay soils)
chk     s.(l.esp)   pretext
chk     probably
chk     adj.        sinister
chk     adj.        small || low
chk     s.(mik)     soup of semolina || type of soup
chk     s.(agr)     spade
chk     s.(mil)     spear || sword
chk     s.          spoon
chk     adj.        stony || rocky
chk     adj.(d2)    straight || upright || vertical || direct
chk     s.          thirst
chk     s.(top)     Town near Betanzos (Bolivia) | site of thermal springs
chk     adj.(d1)    true || certain || evident || positive
chk     s.          truth
chk     adj.        unequal || different
chk     adj.(ant)   unequal not coming together
chk     s.          very fine firewood
chk     adj.        very hard || resistant
chk     adj.        warped
chk     adv.m.      well ... || then || because
chk     s.(tex)     beater (for compacting weft) || instrument for adjusting fabric || board used in weaving || batten (of a loo
chkch   adj.        bitter
chkch   s.(p.esp)   boy
chkch   adj.(d2)    cheerful || gay || hilarious
chkch   adj.        coarse || vulgar || vulgar woman
chkch       s.         dwarf
chkch       s.(d2)     freckles || spots in the fur or the feathers
chkch       adj.(d1)   gappy teeth || hail
chkch       adj.(col)  grey || gray
chkch                  hail
chkch       s.(ana)    hair
chkch       s.(bot)    kind of pumpkin || achogcha || kind of plant of the jungle (main use: food)
chkch       s.(med)    malaria
chkch       s.(mik)    meal made out of pig heads
chkch       s.(ana)    molar
chkch       s.(bot)    plant | root used to dye yellow
chkch       s.(ast)    Pleiades (constellation)
chkch       s.         rattle || tambourine
chkch       s.(d1)     smile
chkch       adj.       spotted
chkch       s.         sprinkling || spraying || splash
chkch       s.(zoo)    beetle
chkchk      s.         shovel || pickaxe
chkchk      s.(top)    Sucre (capital of Bolivia) || department of Chuquisaca (Bolivia) (<bridge of metal)
chkchk      adj.(ant) unequal things
chkchk      s.         lamp || lantern
chkchkk     s.(bot)    kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
chkchkpnk   s.         prostitute || whore || teaser
chkchkr     s.(zoo)    dragon fly
chkchkt     adj.       longing || desirous || nervous
chkchky     v.intr.    to choke on food || to choke (swallow)
chkchky     v.intr.    to dry oneself || to dry
chkchky     adj.(his)  lined up in a row (peasants in Inka times)
chkchkyn    v.intr.    to tremble
chkchkyy    s.(zoo)    spotted cat
chkchms     s.         watering-can
chkchn      adj.(col)  greyish || grayish
chkchnch    s.(ast)    Golden Cat (Ozelot): Tail of Scorpio (or dark spot inside tail) (provenience: Sonqo) || Jaguar or Ozelot (c
chkchnchy   s.(med)    malaria
chkchnky    s.(bot)    marigold
chkchp      s.(tex)    shag || coarse | woolen cloth
chkchpch               hail
chkchpr     v.intr.    to deride
chkchpyy    v.intr.    to clip hair
chkchrthy   s.         haircutting || first haircutting ritual | generally performed for children aged 1-2
chkchrtsk   v.cop.     to be squatting || to squat
chkchryy    p.p.p.     watered
chkchsk     adj.       hairy
chkchsp     s.         dragon fly
chkchsy     adj.       freckled || with spotted fur or feathers
chkchy      adj.       hairy
chkchy      s.         sprinkling
chkchy      v.intr.    to abound || to be abundant
chkchy      to bud
chkchy      to chew coca
chkchy      to choke on
chkchy      to distribute
chkchy       to dry || to drain
chkchy     v.impers. to fall dew
chkchy                 to
           v.pron.(med) get rash
chkchy                 to hail
chkchy       to increase
chkchy     v.intr.     to laugh || to smile
chkchy       to make sit down
chkchy       to put in order || to set in order || to clear || to clarify
chkchy       to reach (by hand)
chkchy       to scatter
chkchy     v.intr.     to shiver || to shake || to tremble || to shake violently || to temblor
chkchy     v.intr.     to smile hypocritically
chkchy       to sprinkle || to sprinkle
chkchy       to tear one's hairs
chkchy       to tickle
chkchy     s.p.        sick from malaria
chkchyk    s.(zoo)     anchoveta || frequent fish of the South American Pacific coast
chkchyy    v.intr.(med)to fall sick from malaria
chkchyy    s.(med)     dry cough
chkh       s.(zoo)(amz)squirrel cuckoo || kind of bird
chkhn      s.a.        greedy || avid || covetous || grasping || avaricious
chkk       s.(zoo)     kind of cormorant
chkk       s.(zoo)     kind of very aggressive ant
chkk       s.a.        thrower
chkk       adj.        tremulous
chkk       s.a.        who sits down to the ground
chkk       s.(ana)     ankle
chkkchs    s.          beam || girder
chkkk      s.          lamp || lantern
chkkk make noise when breaking
chkkky       to shake
chkkky     s.          mining
chkkmy     s.(ana)     ankle
chkknk     expr.       already at night
chkkshk    s.          envy
chkky      s.(med)     hoarseness
chkky      v.impers. to darken
chkky      v.intr.     to dry || to dry out
chkky       to envy
chkky       to grasp something for oneself || to appropriate || to take possession of
chkky      v.intr.     to put on a hat
chkky      v.intr.     to rinse one's mouth || to gargle
chkky      adj.        expensive
chkkykpkhtrk xpr.      he (she) says he (she) has bought for a lot of money
chkkykpkrntsknn        expensive
chkkykyyk v.intr.      to tremble || to shiver
chkkyy     s.          annoyance || discomfort
chkm       s.(bot)     clover || kind of pink-flowering clover
chkm       s.          fist
chkm       expr.       most
chkm       s.(agr)     ploughed land || plowed land
chkm                   tropical illness with symptoms of yellow skin | big eyes | and big feet (possibly Quechua/Aymara transla
chkmch     s.(ana)    ankle || knee
chkmk      s.(ana)    limb
chkmk      adj.       exact
chkmkk     p.p.p.     cleared (land) || cultivated (land)
chkmkrsk v.intr.      to be bothered
chkmky     adv.m.     totally || perfectly || truly || verily
chkmnt     s.         very fine | thin and soft cloth
chkmntynnys.          summer
chkmt      s.         bother
chkmy      s.         dry river
chkmy      v.intr.    to be annoyed at || to be annoyed with || to be sleepless
chkmy to divide into three
chkmy to plough first time || to plow first time || to cultivate || to clear land || to remove soil using a mattock || to
chkmy      adv.m.     exactly
chkmyt     adv.m.     exactly
chkmyyn adj.          apart || separate || weird || distant || different
chkn       s.(zoo.ana)beak
chkn       adj.       blind in one eye || blurry-eyed || bleary-eyed
chkn       s.(ast)    Bridge | Stair: Belt of Orion (provenience: Misminay)
chkn       s.(med)    dirtiness on the eyebrows || crust on the eyelids || runny-eyed secretion
chkn       adj.       disgusting
chkn       adj.(col)  green
chkn       s.(bot)    kind of cactus
chkn       s.         lantern || lamp || something shining
chkn       adj.       left-handed
chkn       s.         load || light freight carried on an animal's back
chkn       adj.       something to throw
chkn       s.(ast)    Southern Cross || Square Cross (important symbol of Andean cosmology) | Southern Cross | in some p
chkn       s.(ast)    Stairs (constellation)
chkn       s.         stairs || ladder
chkn       s.         stool
chkn       adj.       straight || upright || vertical || direct || straight || just
chkn       s.(mat)    right angle
chknchhk adj.         just
chknchk    s.(neo)    full stop || period
chknchkn v.intr.      always go on foot
chknchkntprky         to reserve
chknchksky s.         shortcut
chknchn    s.         desvio
chknchnnn       to make load
chknchy      to raise || to erect || to correct || to rectify || to make straight
chknchy      to separate
chknchy    v.intr.    to separate
chknchy    adj.(ass) arbitrary || high-handed
chknk      s.(ana)    foot tendon
chknk      s.a.       hassend || grollend || nachtragend
chknk      s.a.       person who loads
chknk      s.         rectangle
chknkchykrkchyn       enemy
chknkk     adj.       huge || giant
chknkry    s.(ana)    ankle
chknn      s.         hate || hatred || grudge
chknn      adj.          hateful || odious || abominable
chknn      s.            load carried by mules
chknn      s.            path
chknn      v.recip.      to hate each other || to detest each other
chknnky    adj.          hateful || odious || abominable
chknns     v.dic.        to affirm
chknny     adj.          who has dirty eyes
chknny         to align
chknpchrky s.a.          hateful || odious || abominable
chknpk     s.a.          hateful
chknpkk    s.            abhorrence
chknpky         to abhor || to despise
chknpky    s.(ant)       stranger || foreigner
chknprn    s.            rancour
chknpy         to abhor || to despise
chknpyy    s.(mat)       fractions of different denominations
chknrkknykpkypykn        to unload || to discharge
chknry     p.p.p.        charged load
chknsk     p.p.p.        hated || detested || abhorred
chknsk     s.            misanthropist || egoist
chknskr    adj.          faithful || honest || loyal
chknsm     adj.          faithful || honest || loyal
chknsnk    s.p.          blear-eyed
chknsp     adv.t.        then
chknt      expr.         to twist one's foot
chkntkyky s.             handcuff
chkny      s.            hate || hatred || grudge
chkny      v.pron.       to buzz in the ears
chkny         to cross || to make ladders || to construct stairs || to build bridges
chkny         to hate || to despise
chkny     to heat || to warm up || to press || to tighten
chkny     to load || to charge (burden) || to load an animal
chkny      s.            expanse || dimension
chknychkkpst             holy || sacred
chknychsk p.p.p.         holy || sacred
chknychsk          to consecrate | to sanctify || to hallow
chknychy           to isolate || to separate || to change
chknychy          to travel
chknyktknmnpry           stranger || foreigner
chknyktmnthmk            unknown || stranger || foreigner
chknyktrn s.p.           stranger
chknyktyk adj.           variable
chknyky    adj.          with big feet
chknyn     s.(ast)       Bridge | Stair: delta | epsilon | eta Canis Majoris (provenience: Sonqo)
chknyy     adj.          different || distinct
chknyy     v.intr.(d2)   to be different
chknyy     v.intr.(d1)   to separate || to change
chknyy     s.            variation
chknyy     s.            collective rights
chknyyhynkns.            reason
chknyyy    s.(bot)       chacp (tree of the puna with imposing flowers | ist fruits are hanged into the throat to make the goitre d
chkp       adj.          of female gender or sex
chkp        adv.m.     on foot
chkp        adv.m.     really
chkp        adj.       tripod
chkp        adj.          TRUE
chkp        s.         truth
chkp        s.         summer
chkpch      to clarify || to confirm || to confirm
chkpchy     adj.       evident
chkpk       v.intr.    to join
chkpky      adv.m.     truly || undoubtedly || certainly || certainly || surely
chkpmnt     s.(ana)    sole of the foot
chkpmp      s.(mil)    tip of lance || tip of spear
chkpnychn s.(mil)      tip of lance || tip of spear
chkpnyn      to startle || to frighten
chkppy      adv.m.     honestly || truly
chkpt       s.         leading lama
chkpy      to join
chkpy       s.         scientific knowledge
chkpychy s.(mit)       eldest son of Paryaqaqa in the tales of Waruchiri || (Span.) Chucpayco || (orig.) Chucpaico
chkpyk      s.(ana)    sole of the foot
chkpyt      adj.       hard || hard (food) || hard and dried out (like bread)
chkr        s.(agr)    infertile land
chkr        s.(bot)    kind of herb used for firewoof
chkr        s.(agr)    land || farm || field || agricultural plot or field || field in the rainforest area just cleared (initial open field | fi
chkr        adj.       mixed || combined
chkr        s.         mixture || a mix
chkr        s.(tex)    pallay motif (belt design | meaning: field)
chkr        s.         sheep corral
chkr        s.(zoo)    weasel
chkr        adj.       wild
chkr        s.(med)    wound
chkr        adj.       mean || miserly || stingy      to disperse || to break up
chkrchy      to hurt || to wound
chkrchy     v.intr.    to work one's piece of land
chkrchy                time of
            s.(mes)(agr)(ecu) weeding the fields (December)
chkrhymypch.(bot)      kind of medicinal plant of the rainforest used in popular medicine against arthritis and cold | it is a powe
chkrk       s.(ana)    toe
chkrk       adj.       agricultural
chkrkmy     s.(agr)    agriculture
chkrkmy     s.(ana)    toes
chkrknkn s.(agr)(his) distribution of fallow land among the poor | cultivated in communitarian form (every year in July | in Inka
chkrknky s.(mes)       July (in the Inka era: Month of land distribution among the poor peasants. Among others | one hundred
chkrknkyky       to mix in
chkrkpy     s.(ana)    foot nail
chkrksy                time of
            s.(mes)(agr)(ecu) earthing up (January)
chkrktypch v.intr.     to be wounded
chkrky      v.cop.     to squat oneself || to sit down to the ground
chkrky      adj.       dishevelled || messed-up hair
chkrm       adj.       animal with only one testicle
chkrn       s.         crowd
chkrn       s.         hoar-frost
chkrn        s.(bot)    kind of medicinal plant of the jungle | used together with ayawaska for a hallucinogenic beverage || chak
chkrn        s.(his)    praise of the worker who is tireless until old age
chkrn        s.         swing || rocking chair
chkrn        s.         hoar-frost
chkrnkk      v.recip.   to mix
chkrnky                 time of
             s.(mes)(agr)(ecu) ripening (Mai)
chkrpkypch   s.(bot)    kind of medicinal plant of the jungle
chkrpnk                 k
             s.(bot)(amz) ind of reed | medicinal plant of the jungle
chkrprpr     s.         traditional dance
chkrr        s.         farmer || peasant
chkrrn       s.a.       farmer || peasant
chkrrrk      adj.       very thin
chkrrskt     p.p.p.     mixed
chkrsk       s.p.       heavily wounded
chkrsp       s.(tex)    heavy wool yarn used to bind warp onto a loom for weaving
chkrt        s.(mes)    October
chkrtrpyky   s.         composition
chkry        s.         crossing
chkry        v.intr.    to be wounded
chkry        v.intr.    to clot
chkry to cultivate
chkry     to disperse (oneself)
chkry        v.intr.    to know how to work on the field
chkry      to mix || to mix in || to rock || to swing || to mix together two distinct things
chkry      to seperate baby animals from their mother
chkry      to stake out
chkry      to wound
chkry        s.p.       field-owner || field owner
chkryk       s.(med)    ulcer
chkryk       s.         farmer || peasant
chkrymkk                time of
             s.(mes)(agr)(ecu) growth on the fields (November)
chkrynypch   s.(agr)    time of ploughing
chkrypy      s.(mes)    August || august (in the Inka era: Month of ploughing. The Inka the whole empire assisted in the mink'a
chkrypyky    s.         farmer (woman)
chkryrm      s.(bot)    kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
chkryy       v.intr.    to harden (food) || to become hard
chkryy      to throw into all directions
chkryy       s.(agr)    stock breeding || cattle breeding
chkryykmy    s.(zoo)    ant
chks         s.(zoo)    lamb
chksh        p.p.p.     crossed
chksk        p.p.p.     dry || dried || dried out
chksk        s.(top)    Sucre (capital of Bolivia) || department of Chuquisaca (Bolivia) (writing adopted to Spanish pronunciatio
chksk        p.p.p.     thrown
chksk        s.(met)    drought
chkskkn      s.         summer
chkskpch     s.(tex)    thick | closewoven cloth
chkskpch     s.(med)    dry mouth
chksm        s.(neo)    ozone
chksmyt      adj.       sober || serious
chksnk       s.(ana)    tibia || shin || front part of lower leg
chksnk       s.p.       big-handed
chksp      s.(bot)       yellow flower || marigold || calendula || goldbloom || mary gowles
chksp      s.            footprint || track || footprint
chksrsk    s.(mit)       female deity (wak'a) in the tales of Waruchiri || (Span.) Chuquisuso
chkss      s.            baby who is able to walk
chkstykn   num.fract. a half
chkt       s.            anus
chkt       s.            cross
chkt       s.(mat)       division || part
chkt       adj.(d1)      half
chkt       s.            half || part || chip || splinter || crack || rift || gap || crevice
chkt       s.(bot)       kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle || tsicta || kind of tree of the jungle (main use: food | me
chkt       adv.m.        much || strongly
chkt       adj.(d2)      split || cracked
chkt       s.            whip
chkt                     call
           v.intr.(p.l.esp) upon a pretext
chktchry   s.(mat)       fraction
chktk      adj.          fractionary
chktk to harrow
chktkty    s.(ast)       Plough: Scorpio (provenience: Lucre) || Plough (Andean constellation)
chkTky     s.(agr)       spade
chktky     v.intr.       to refresh (wetting one's head)
chktky     s.            axe || ax
chktn      s.            stony heart
chktnsnk   s.(agr)(his) half a basket for coca or chili (Inka agriculture)
chktrnk    v.intr.       to crack
chktry         to be crucified
chktryy    s.            leg
chkts      p.p.p.        chopped firewood
chktsk     p.p.p.        crucified
chktsk     s.(mat)       polyhedron
chktsy     s.(uni)       square foot
chktsy     s.(ana)       clavicle
chktty     s.(ana)       femur
chkty      s.(ana)       ilium
chkty      s.(bot)       switch sorrel || kind of shrub
chkty      v.intr.       to crack
chkty     to crucify
chkty         to include
chkty     to put to one another || to form a cross || to cross
chkty         to split || to divide || to chop || to crack || to make firewood out of a stem || to chop wood || to cut firewood
chkty      s.(bot)       type of medicinal plant
chkty      s.(ana)       foot bones
chktykn         to cross one's legs
chktyky    s.(ana)(p.esp)heel
chktyn     v.intr.       to abound || to be abundant
chktyy     s.(arc)       branch used as pile for a roof
chky       adj.(neo) chemical
chky       s.(ana)(d2) chin
chky       adj.          clean
chky       s.(bot)       corn cob || corn on the cob
chky       adv.m.(d2) directly
chky       adj.          dirty
chky   s.(met)       drought
chky   adj.          green
chky   s.(bot)       haba bean
chky   s.            hip
chky   interj.       How fearful!
chky   s.(ana)(d1) jaw
chky   s.(bot)       kind of white maize with small | brilliant grains
chky   s.            left-handed child
chky   s.            legume
chky   s.(zoo)       nightingale
chky   s.(zoo)       nightingale
chky   s.            noise || din || shouting || yelling || discord
chky   interj.       Ouch! || What a pain! || [exclamation of pain]
chky   s.(mat)       polyhedron
chky   s.(tex)       pouch (long and narrow | fringed | very decorated)
chky   s.            sculpture
chky   s.            shack || cabin || hut || cottage || little hut out in the fields || rustic cabin
chky   s.            slap
chky   s.(zoo)       South American partridge
chky   adj.          stony
chky   s.            thirst
chky         to ask for
chky   v.pron.       to be thirsty || to thirst
chky         to bite
chky     to bridge || to build a bridge
chky         to brighten || to illuminate || to shine at || to give light to
chky         to carve (stone) || to work stone || to metal or wood
chky     to choke || to suffocate
chky         to clear and burn a piece of land
chky     to cross
chky         to dig a hole
chky         to disperse || to break up || to scatter
chky     to draw with a ladle
chky   v.intr.       to dry
chky         to earth up a plant first time
chky   v.impers. to get dark || to become night
chky     to grasp || to grab || to take || to catch || to hunt together without killing
chky         to gulp
chky         to hate || to despise
chky     to hunt || to hunt together without killing
chky         to peck || to bite
chky to press together the threads in the tissue
chky         to run || to flow || to stream
chky   v.intr.(l.esp)to say one thing and do something else
chky     to scrape || to scratch || to claw
chky     to secure || to support || to obstruct
chky   v.cop.        to squat oneself || to sit down to the ground || to sit
chky         to stretch || to hang
chky     to take down || to level
chky     to throw || to hurl || to fling
chky         to throw an object with force || to stone
chky   adv.m.(d1) truly || really || certainly
chky       adj.       upright || honest
chky       s.(ana)    waist || size
chky       s.(zoo)    weasel
chky       s.(mit)    witch || mythical old woman eating children
chky       adj.       with big feet (?)
chky       s.         dried meat
chkych     s.         who makes increases
chkychk      to aim || to aim at
chkychkchy v.intr.    to cascade || heaping up in hut-like shapes
chkychky        to clarify
chkychy      to dirt
chkychy      to harden || to tighten
chkychy      to increase
chkychy      to make choose
chkychy      to raise || to erect || to correct || to rectify
chkychy    s.(ana)    armpit
chkyk      adj.(col)  green
chkyk      s.(ana)    jaw
chkyk      s.(zoo)    kind of bird
chkyk      s.         light
chkyk      adj.       noisy
chkyk      s.(zoo)    opossum
chkyk      adj.       pressed together
chkyk      adj.       talkative || smooth talker
chkyk      s.(bot)    agave of turf-green color growing in the puna and on the coast
chkykkr    s.         rights
chkykn     s.         child who is already able to walk
chkyknyy s.(ast)      Celestial Man | Shepherd | Hunter (constellation)
chkykr     s.(zoo)    corn worm
chkykr     v.intr.    to shine || to light
chkyky     v.intr.    to shout (animal)
chkyky     s.(zoo)    kind of snake with green back
chkykykt   s.         mining || work in the mines
chkymky s.(mat)       parallelogram
chkymnych s.(mit)     son of Paryaqaqa who broke his foot in the fight against Wallallu Qarwinchu in the tales of Waruchiri || (
chkymp     s.         din || noise
chkyn      expr.      really || certainly
chkynm                L
           s.(top)(aym) a Paz (largest city of Bolivia)
chkyp      adv.m.     on foot
chkyp      s.(gra)    plural
chkyp      to select something for someone
chkypy     expr.      by misfortune
chkys      s.(zoo)    cricket
chkys      s.(ana)    heel
chkys      adj.(zoo) old (female animal)
chkys      adj.       old (woman) || old (female)
chkys      s.         old woman
chkys      p.p.p.     chosen || selected || elected
chkysk     adj.       just
chkyskkk expr.        believe me
chkysn     s.(neo)    chemistry
chkysnch v.intr.      to be unlucky || to cop it
chkystky   s.(spo)    football || soccer
chkysy     v.intr.    to age (woman) || to become old (woman)
chkysyy               c
           s.(esp<naw) hocolate
chkyt      s.(top)    town in the Department of Qosqo (Peru) || (Span.) Chucuito (<point of helmet?)
chkyt      s.         corn bread
chkytnt    s.         boaster || braggart
chkyy      s.         chin || jaw
chkyy      choose || select
chkyy      s.         dawn
chkyy      s.(top)    departmental capital of Lambayeque in Peru || (Span.) Chiclayo
chkyy      v.intr.    to become hoarse
chkyy      to brighten || to illuminate || to shine || to light || to give light || to light
chkyy      v.impers. to dawn || to clear up
chkyy      v.intr.    to form cobs (maize)
chkyy      v.intr.    to increase || to increase
chkyy      v.intr.    to lose weight || to become thin
chkyy      to press || to press together
chkyy      v.intr.    to shine || to clear up || to get light
chkyy      v.dic.     to shout (animal) || to bark || to make noise || to make din || to yell || to make noise || to bark || to argue
chkyy      to slap || to slap || to hit
chkyy      v.intr.    to sprout after being cut
chkyy      v.intr.    to straighten || to stand up
chkyy      to whore || to fornicate
chkyy      adj.       diagonal
chkyyk     adv.m.     barefoot
chkyyn     s.         birdcage
chkyys     s.         cooked corn || cooked maize
chkyyyk    s.(bot)    bush || shrub
chm        s.(met)    ground fog
chm        adj.       insipid || tasteless
chm        adj.       small
chm        s.         strip || stripe
chm        adj.       toilsome || troublesome || difficult || hide
chm        s.(top)    village north of La Paz
chm        s.(bot)    chamico || white-flowering plant
chmk       s.(zoo)    kind of water bird
chmk       s.         mashed maize || grinded maize || chopped maize
chmk      to make throw
chmkchy    s.         a type of cactus
chmkhyy    s.         hoe
chmkk      s.(bot)    stone breaker || kind of medicinal weed | main uses: kidney stones and gall stones | anti spasmodic | di
chmkrm     p.s.       thrown
chmksk     v.intr.    to be reduced
chmky  to mash || to grind || to chop || to squeeze || to crack || to break || to hit
chmky  to throw (towards a precise point) || to throw || to cast || to throw (with force) || to launch || to throw stone
chmky      to touch || to feel
chmky      s.(fam)    godmother
chmm       s.         peanut crocant
chmn       s.         work
chmnk                 p
           s.(bot)(aym) lant used to dye yellow
chmnyy     s.(d1)     axe || ax || cane (staff) || scepter || rod || staff
chmp       s.(zoo)    beetle
chmp      s.(tex)    belt || girdle || woven belt || handwoven women's belt || in andean mysticism this term also refers to the b
chmp      s.(d2)     braid
chmp      s.         brick of earth and dried straw
chmp      s.(min)    bronze || alloy of copper and gold || bronze
chmp      adj.(col)  brown || hazel-brown || chestnut color
chmp      s.(d2)     bunch of plants || sheaf || carnival scaffold
chmp      s.(d1)     coast || shore || bank || front
chmp      s.(mil)    cudgel || truncheon
chmp      adj.       entangled
chmp      adj.       fearful || timid || shy || humble
chmp      s.(ana)    forehead
chmp      s.(d1)     halo || aureole
chmp      s.(d2)     measure || mark
chmp      adv.l.     opposite
chmp      s.(fil)    opposite
chmp      s.(tex)    pullover || jumper || jacket
chmp      s.         sod || turf piece dug out with soil and roots || small lump of roots and soil
chmp      s.         brown hair
chmpchkch      to infect || to examine
chmpchy s.(tex)      band || ribbon || tape
chmpk     s.(zoo)    bumble bee
chmpk     adj.       measurable
chmpkk    s.         wooden cup painted in stripes
chmpkr    s.(per)    sister of the Inka Wayna Qhapaq
chmpky    v.intr.    to belt up || to put on a belt || to put on woven belt
chmpky    v.intr.    to cross
chmpky    s.         wild-haired
chmpm     s.(mat)    sinus
chmpmnyyprch         cosecant
chmpmnyyprchmy       opposite
chmpnk    s.(lin)    antonym
chmpnky adj.         measuring
chmpnpkchnk          parallel
chmpnsk adv.l.       opposite
chmpp     adj.(col)  brown like an alpaca
chmppk    s.(spi)    in andean mysticism this refers to a special designation of mystical priest initiated in the art of the chum
chmppk    expr.      one opposite to the other
chmppr    s.(mat)    relation
chmpprch v.recip.    debate
chmpprnky s.         to debate
chmpprnky      to confront
chmppry   s.         comparison
chmpprychys.(mat)    parallelepiped
chmppryyk s.(met)    drizzle
chmpr                k
          s.(bot)(amz) ind of palm tree of the jungle
chmpr     s.(zoo)    kind of fish of the Amazon
chmprm    s.(bot)    kind of native uvilla (vine)
chmprmy s.(top)      mountain in Ecuador (and province of the same name) || (Span.) Chimborazo (<aureole + snowy moun
chmprs    s.(top)    snowy mountain Chimborazo | alternative etymology for Chimpurasu (opposite + snow)
chmprs    p.p.p.     measured || marked
chmpsk    s.         type of brown corn
chmpsr    s.(top)    coastal city in the department of Ancash (Peru) || (Span.) Chimbote (<valley of the Santa river | 'chimpa
chmpt     s.(bot)        kind of tomato
chmpy          to beat into parts || to destroy
chmpy          to belt up someone
chmpy     v.intr.        to braid
chmpy         to come closer || to come near || to approach || to appear
chmpy          to cross || to cross over
chmpy      to dam up or divert a watercourse using lumps of soil and roots || to build a wall with lumps of soil and r
chmpy          to measure || to mark
chmpy      to plant turf
chmpy     to start fighting
chmpy         to whip about in the wind
chmpy     to belt someone || to girdle someone || to swaddle someone
chmpychy s.(zoo)         bat
chmpyk    s.(bot)        kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
chmpyk    s.(mat)        angle opposite to the vertex     to belt || to girdle || to swaddle
chmpykchy         to approach
chmpykmy s.              girdle || belt || swaddling for an infant
chmpyky           to approach
chmpyky v.intr.          to belt up || to put on a belt || to put on woven belt
chmpyky s.(ana)          waist || size
chmpynych p.p.p.         frayed
chmpysk s.(spi)          ceremony of opening the energy belts
chmpyy    v.intr.        to belt up || to put on a belt || to put on woven belt
chmpyy          to weave belts || to make energy belts
chmpyy    s.(top)        province in the Department of Qosqo (Peru) || (Span.) Chumbivilcas
chmpyyk s.               jacket
chmr      s.             round stone used to grind chili
chmrk     s.(esp)        chopped firewood (for lighting fire)
chms     to singe
chmsky    s.(esp)        place in the forest where the trees have been cut down and only weeds grow
chmsy     adj.(esp)      drunk
chmy      s.(zoo)        kind of bee
chmy      s.             kind of potato
chmy          to drain || to filter
chmy          to earth up a plant first time
chmy      v.intr.(esp)   to get drunk
chmy          to knead || to knead dough || to crush
chmy          to knead || to knead dough || to crush
chmy      to strain
chmy          to work
chmy          to wring || to squeeze || to crease || to crumple
chmy      to wring || to squeeze || to drain off water from cooked food
chmy      s.(mus)        kind of jungle dance
chmych          to set a dog
chmychy adj.             small (desparaging)
chmyk     s.(neo)        carbon dioxide
chmysy         to arise || to emerge || to appear || to germinate
chmyy     s.(zoo)        bat
chn       interj.        Bing! || Bang!
chn       s.(med)        blurry eyes
chn       adj.           correct
chn         s.          dried potato || freeze-dried potatoes || dry | hard | small black potato that has been freeze-dried inka styl
chn         adj.        female (animal)
chn         s.          female (animal)
chn     he should || she should
chn         s.(bot)     kind of nettle || kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle || nettle || chini - kind of nettle (wild plant
chn         s.(zoo)     kind of stalking bird related to the crane
chn         s.          price || value
chn         s.(mik)     selected food
chn         s.          silence
chn         adj.        silent || barren || desert (adj.) || quiet
chn         adj.(fam) smaller || less || minor || younger || youngest
chn         s.(zoo)     South American coati || small reddish four-legged animal whose penis is always erected
chn         adj.        tiny || mashed || very small || minute || miniscule
chn         s.(zoo)     very small fish
chn         adj.        without external ear
chn         adj.        wrinkled
chn         s.(fam)     young girl || maid || daughter
chn         adj.        bad-dressed || tattered || uncivilized || wild (man)
chnch       s.          big plate
chnch                   b
            s.(zoo)(esp) ug || blood-sucking bug
chnch       s.(mus)     dancer (man) || dancing man
chnch       s.          fork
chnch       s.(bot)     kind of chilly
chnch       s.          lowland indian || savages (derogatory for natives of the jungle) || inhabitants of the lowland jungles || nat
chnch       s.(geo)     North
chnch       adj.(geo) northern
chnch       s.(tex)     pallay motif in weaving (meaning: lowland indian) || a traditional hourglass design in Q'ero weaving | it is
chnch       s.(tri)     people in the north of Qosqo
chnch       adj.        satiated || sated || filled up
chnch       adj.(ass) timid
chnch       s.(bot)     plant | leaves used to dye yellow
chnchnk     s.(bot)     kind of shrub of the jungle (main use: fishing | food | roof)
chnchpnk                kind
            s.(zoo)(p.esp) of small monkey
chnchpt                 larva
            s.(zoo)(p.esp) of a bug
chnchpy                 kind
            s.(zoo)(p.esp) of bug-eating bird with a very long beak
chnchpyk    s.(top)     town in the Department of Qosqo | province of Urupampa (Peru) || (Span.) Chinchero (<sinchi 'strong'?)
chnchr      s.(bot)     kind of shrub | used for heart diseases
chnchrkm    s.(mit)     a son of Paryaqaqa in the tales of Waruchiri || (Span.) Chancharuna
chnchrn     s.(bot)     kind of bush having red or yellow flowers that are considered as the Peruvian national flowers
chnchryyt   s.(top)     one of the four large territories of Tawantinsuyu || northern region
chnchsy     s.(ana)     intestine || intestines
chnchy      s.(zoo)     ozelot || kind of cat-like animal
chnchy       to chew noisily
chnchy       to make dried potatoes
chnchy to use || to utilize || to value || to price
chnchy      s.(top)     lake in the Department of Jun¡n (Peru) || (Span.) Chinchaycocha || Lake Jun¡n
chnchykch   s.(top)     river in the city of Qosqo
chnchymy    s.(zoo.ana)entrails
chnchyn     s.(ana)     colon
chnchyrkh   s.(tri)     kichwa || quichua (language of the north | runashimi spoken in Ecuador)
chnchysm    s.(zoo)     very small fish
chnchyy     s.(bot)     kind of gentian of the high mountain region
chnchyyt s.(bot)       kind of cactus with white flowers and yellow spines used to obtain water
chnhykyy s.(tri)       ancient people in present Department of Ayakuchu and a part of Apurimaq (Peru) | enemies of the Inka
chnk       adj.        bruised || rough-ground
chnk       s.          crowd
chnk       s.          doubt
chnk       adj.(fam) final
chnk       adj.        gay || homosexual
chnk       s.(geo)     gorge || ravine || canyon
chnk       adj.        in disorder || small
chnk       s.(bot)     kind of palm tree of the jungle
chnk       s.(bot)     kind of wild plant
chnk       s.(fam)     last son (has to stay in his father's house | also after marriage)
chnk       s.(ana)     leg || calf
chnk       s.          loss
chnk       s.(uni)(neo)minute
chnk       s.(zoo)     opossum
chnk       s.          soup of mashed potatoes
chnk       num.c.      ten
chnk       s.          tenderness || crowd || mob || multitude
chnk     they should
chnk       s.          young man
chnk       num.fract. tenth
chnkchkt s.(uni)       decigram
chnkchktksrs.(uni)     decimetre
chnkchktp s.(uni)      decilitre
chnkchktpyys.          grouping of ten in ten
chnkchn    s.(bot)     plant with red velvet flowers
chnkchnk s.            crowd
chnkchnkrnkn           decagon
chnkchr    s.(mat)     polynomial representation
chnkchskypychkkn       to mislead || to disorient || to mislay || to make lose || to lose
chnkchy       to organize
chnkchy       to tithe
chnkchy    s.          gore || gusset
chnkchyp s.            sow
chnkhch    num.c.      eleven
chnkhknyk s.(mat)      hendecagone
chnkhknykkch           ten (digit)
chnkhn     num.fract. ten millionth
           adj.(mat) deca...
chnkk      s.a.        disappeared || missing
chnkk      s.(zoo)(d2) kind of small lizard
chnkk      s.(zoo)(d1) leech
chnkk      s.          molasses || brown sugar
chnkk      s.          sock
chnkk      num.o.      tenth
chnkkk     s.(cri)     the ten commandments
chnkkmchyknnum.c.      thirteen
chnkkmsyk s.(uni)      decametre
chnkkmtr num.fract. seventeenth
chnkknchschkt          seventeen
chnkknchsnyknum.fract. tenth
chnkkr      expr.(mat) ten times ten (one hundred)
chnkktchnk expr.(mat) ten times five (fifty)
chnkktpchk      to disappear
chnkky      s.         knee
chnkmk      s.(mat)    decimal system
chnkmnchnkmrkchyrptmkk cavern || labyrinth || maze
chnkn       s.(ass)    data
chnkn       s.         game of chance
chnkn       s.(d1)     hide and seek (game)
chnkn       s.         secret
chnkn       adj.       sweet used for sucking
chnkn       num.o.     tenth
chnknkn     expr.      Lesson Ten      to bind hands
chnknky     v.recip.   to bunch up (people) || to crowd together
chnknky      to pass above
chnknpyy p.p.p.        crowd
chnknsk     num.c.     fifteen
chnkpchkyk s.(tmp)     fortnight || two weeks || fifteen days
            num.fract. eighteenth
chnkpskchktnum.c.      eighteen
chnkpsknyk s.(uni)     decilitre
chnkptmttm      to disappear
chnkpy      num.o.     tenth
chnkpysn s.(uni)       decalitre
chnkpyy     s.(zoo)    caterpillar with stinging hairs
chnkr       s.(top)    train station with eucalyptus trees on the way to Tecoya (Bolivia)
chnkr       s.         crowd
chnkrn      s.(bot)    kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle | whose young leaves are used against skin infections c
chnkrphpnk s.(bot)     begonia || kind of herbaceous plant || plant used for red dye
chnkry      v.intr.    to get lost
chnkry      s.(zoo)    bird
chnks       s.         hams || back of the leg || leg butt
chnksk      p.p.p.     lost || disorientated
chnksk      s.         sight (interesting site or building)
chnksk      p.p.p.     sucked || exausted
chnksk      num.fract. nineteenth
chnksknchktnum.c.      nineteen
chnksknnyk num.fract. sixteenth
chnksktchkt num.c.     sixteen
chnksktyk s.           dozen
chnkskyhn num.c.       twelve
chnkskynyk num.o.      twelth
chnkskynyknkn          twelve o'clock
chnkskynykrs.(mat)     dodecaeder
chnkskynyky adj.       beloved || affectionate nickname
chnkt       s.         little boy
chnkt       s.(ana)    femur
chnkty      num.c.     fourteen
chnktyyk    s.(mat)    decaeder
chnky       s.(mat)    decimal number
chnky      s.         hide and seek (game)
chnky      v.intr.    to be surprised
chnky      to crowd together
chnky     to get lost || to lose one's way || to disappear
chnky      to grind || to bruise || to pound
chnky      to lose
chnky      to play || to blay with a ball
chnky      to suck || to suck in || to absorb
chnky      to take between the legs
chnky      s.(bot)    watercress || kind of water plant
chnky      s.(ana)    thigh
chnkych    expr.      Be silent! || Don't make noise!
chnkychk v.intr.      to sink
chnkychy v.intr.      to stagger || to stumble
chnkykchy       to crowd together
chnkyky      to take between the legs || to copulate || to fuck
chnkyky    adj.       what can be lost
chnkypk    num.c.     ten thousand
chnkyrnk num.fract. ten thousandth
           num.fract. ten thousand millionth
chnkyrnkhnchktchyr    river red gum
chnkyst    s.(tmp)    decade
chnkyt     adj.poses. decennial
chnkytp    s.(tmp)    decennium || decenniad
chnkyttnk       to cross || to put something between one's legs
chnkyy     s.(mat)    decimal system
chnkyychk s.(ana)     crotch
chnkyyk    s.(gra)    doubting sentence
chnkyyy    s.(bot)    kind of Peruvian mastic-tree
chnmy      adj.(d1)   correct || apt || competent || a lot || much || value || true
chnn       adj.(d2)   expensive
chnn       s.(ana)    gland
chnn       s.         just price || value || truth
chnn       s.         judge
chnnchk    adj.p.     just || appreciated
chnnchsk s.(pol)      constitutional state || rule of law
chnnchskkmchy         to appreciate || to add to something there is already a lot of || to determine || to evaluate || to value
chnnchy      to condemn
chnnchyynchry         lonesome
chnnk      v.recip.   to caress each other (pigeons and other birds)
chnnky     s.         unpopulated village or town
chnnkykt s.           point
chnnnch    s.p.       just || sincere
chnnnyk    adj.       perfect
chnnpn     s.         declaration
chnnrmrykn v.pron.(med) buzz
chnny^snsnny          desert || quiet place
chnpch     adv.l.     everything quiet
chnpch     s.(bot)    kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
chnpnk     s.         small potato for animals
chnpp      to face || to step in front of
chnpry     v.intr.    to sit down straddling
chnpy     adj.        bent down
chnr      s.          side
chnr      s.(geo)     stone desert
chnr      s.(bot)     tree whith yellow bark and sweet | eatable fruits
chnr      adj.        lateral
chnrmnnnkks.(p.esp) free chest
chnrpch   adj.        lateral
chnrpkk       to be exposed to the cold too much
chnrpry   adj.        collateral
chnrr     s.(mus)     little bell || handbell
chnrr     v.intr.     to bend down
chnry     adj.        coward || fearful || timid
chns      s.(mus)     triangle
chnsk to joke
chnsky    s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the jungle
chnsnnk   s.a.        who treads dried potatoes
chnsrk    s.          a dark and extremely hard wood from the jungle || hard stick
chnt      s.          form
chnt      s.(bot)     peach palm || palm tree || kind of palm tree of the jungle (main use: food | construction) || a hardwood ju
chnt      s.          pyramid
chnt      adv.t.      then
chnt      s.(f.esp) vomit
chnt      s.          young woman || young single woman
chnt      s.          union
chntk     s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the jungle
chntkr    s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
chntkrph  s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
chntksp   s.(bot)     kind of plant similar to the agave used to gain ropes
chntpkp   s.(top)     town in the Department of Pasco (Peru) || (Span.) Chontabamba (plain of hard sticks)
chntpmp   s.(zoo)     llama
chnts     p.p.p.      united
chntsk    s.(bot)     kind of tree of the jungle (main use: ropes)
chnttyn   s.(top)     community on the Lur¡n river (Pachakamaq Mayu) | in the province of Huarochiri (Department of Lima |
chnty     s.          form
chnty     s.(bot)     kind of shrub
chnty       to effect
chnty       to join together || to unite something || to unite
chnty     s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the jungle
chntyksp s.           good knowledge || life in good order
chntyy    s.          baked potato
chny      s.(mik)     breakfast
chny      adj.        empty
chny      pron.indef. nothing
chny      s.(zoo)     penis of achuni | used in popular medicine as aphrodisiac
chny      adv.m.      quietly
chny      s.(uni)(neo)second
chny   to cost
chny       to nettle
chny   to value
chny      v.intr.     to vomit || to puke
chny      s.          value
chny       to silence
chnychy   s.a.        infertile
chnyk     s.          silence || loneliness
chnyk     adj.        silent || uninhabited || solitary || lonely || empty
chnyk     adj.        worth
chnyk     adv.m.      in silence
chnymnt   adj.        equivalent
chnyn     adv.m.      in silence
chnyp     s.(zoo)     black and yellow bird used to draw lucks from a box
chnyt     s.          last-born child
chnyy      to approach
chnyy     v.intr.     to buzz || to hum
chnyy     v.intr.     to keep silent || to shut up || to be quiet
chnyy     s.          valence || valency
chnyy     s.          value
chnyyk    s.(d1)      appropriation || enchantment
chp       s.          ash || ashes
chp       s.          beard
chp       adj.        bearded
chp       s.(ana)     calf (of the leg) || leg
chp       s.          corner || edge || rim || shore || bank || angle || inside corner || angle
chp       s.(d2)      disorder || quarrel
chp       adj.(col)   dyed red
chp       s.          eye-lash
chp       adj.        greedy
chp       adj.        hairy || bearded
chp       s.(med)     lump || blister
chp       s.          mixture
chp       s.(zoo)     monkey
chp       s.(ast)     Monkey (Andean constellation)
chp       s.(d1)      net used to carry things || string bag || bundle compressed and interweaved
chp       s.(med)     pimple || boil || infected pimple || skin tumor || tumor
chp       s.(bot)     plant used in Huancayo to dye reddish yellow
chp       s.          potato soup
chp       s.(bot.ana) root
chp       s.(bot.ana) root
chp       s.(d2)      spy
chp       adj.(k)     sterile
chp       s.(zoo.ana)tail
chp       s.(min)     tin
chp       s.(ana)     vagina || vulva || female genitals
chp       s.(mil)     watchman || caretaker || guard || sentry || sentinel || lookout || scout
chp       s.(med)     wrinkle
chp       s.(zoo)     chicken
chpch     s.(bot)     kind of pumpkin
chpch     s.          lid || eyelid
chpch     s.(bot)     kind of plant
chpchp                r
          s.(bot)(aym)ed dye source
chpchp    v.dic.      to speak a mixed language
chpchprmy v.dic.      to speak a mixed language
chpchpsprmy.intr.     to glitter
chpchpyy s.           ashtray
chpchrn       to burn
chpchy       to cover with ashes
chpchy   to eat without manners
chpchy       to make pack
chpchy   to sting
chpchy     v.intr.     to sparkle || to spark || to shine || to twinkle
chphchry s.(bot)       bushy plant growing at high altitudes
chpk       s.a.        guardian || watcher || policeman || cop
chpk       s.(tri)     person from Tarija
chpk       adj.(col)   red
chpk       s.          semolina bread with greaves
chpk       s.(ana)     temple (of the head)
chpk       adj.        wet
chpk       s.          wink || resplendence
chpk       to arrange
chpkchy    s.          police administration
chpkkmypktch           provincial police command
chpkkmypktchpsk        police station
chpkknpkys s.(bot)     kind of wild plant whose increasing presence on the filed shows the necessity of fallow
chpkky     s.(tex)     fringe
chpkr      adj.        big-eyed
chpky      v.intr.     to shine || to glance || to gleam || to glow || to light || to brighten
chpkyy     s.          ashen || ashlike
chpmnrkchks.           bracelet || bracelet on the arm || armlet
chpn       s.          handcuff
chpn       s.          look-out || platform of cane or twigs | attached in a tree | serving as look-out for hunting
chpn       to append || to add (at the end of something)
chpnchy    s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
chpnk      s.          lingo || gibberish || cant || double Dutch
chpnkskrmys.(zoo)      scorpion
chpnprykk s.a.         shining thing || glittering clothes
chpppk     v.intr.     to shine || to glance || to gleam || to glow || to light || to brighten
chpppy     v.intr.     to twinkle || to glitter
chpppy       to commend
chppyy     s.(bot.ana) branch || twig || brush || brush
chpr       s.          composition
chpr       s.(esp)     driver
chprn      s.          childless person
chprpy       to touch || to feel (touch)
chprrky    v.intr.     to buck || to prance || to kick
chpry      s.          combination
chpryy       to guard
chps       s.(bot.ana) branch
chps       s.(zoo)     chick
chps       adv.m.      perhaps || maybe || possibly
chps       s.          thin | dry stalk used as wick
chpsk      s.          hooligan || street walker
chpsk      p.p.p.      packed
chpty      s.(zoo.ana)tail bone
chpty       to catch || to grab || to capture || to take prisoner || to seize
chpty       to pinch
chptyk     s.(mil)     vantage point || sentry || watchtower
chptykykkkns.(mil)     guard || men on guard || watchmen
chpy        s.(bot)    achupaya || kind of ananas-like plant || plant similar to maguey of the upper suni
chpy                   b
            s.(bot)(amz) ig tree thick with leaves bearing exquisite fruits very desired by monkeys as well as people
chpy        s.(zoo)    butterfly
chpy        s.         clitoris
chpy        s.         female genitals
chpy        s.         grand-grandchild
chpy        s.         lineage
chpy        s.(mat)    mantissa
chpy        v.intr.    to blink || to wink
chpy  to block one's escape
chpy     to climb
chpy      to close up || to mend
chpy  to cover || to cover a canal
chpy  to dent || to smash || to crash
chpy  to guard || to watch || to observe
chpy      to pack || to wrap || to press together || to print
chpy      to scratch
chpy to suck
chpy      to take ash from the fireplace || to use ash as fertilizer
chpy  to throw || to cast
chpy      to wet || to mix || to submerge || to mix grain with water
chpychy      to incinerate || to burn to ashes
chpyk       adj.       bearded
chpyk       adj.       clear || crystalline || clean || pure
chpyk       adj.       long-tailed
chpykchky   v.intr.    to sink || to sink in
chpykchy     to climb around
chpyp       s.(bot)    kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
chpypk      adj.       miscible
chpyssnnk   s.(bot)    kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
chpytntr    s.         national police
chpyy       v.intr.    to become ash
chpyy                  to clear up
chpyy       v.intr.    to entangle || to entwine
chpyy  to feel
chpyy       v.intr.    to get a pimple
chpyy       v.intr.    to shine
chpyy      to stay behind the other
chpyy      to tie something round oneself
chpyy  to try || to sample || to taste
chr         s.(med)    a //cold// temperature or essence in a food or in the environment that enters the body and causes illnes
chr         adv.afirm. certainly (in answers) || surely (in answers) || possibly (in answers)
chr         s.(fam)    child (referring to the father) || son (Ecuador: son in general - Peru | Bolivia: son of father) || son || son (o
chr         s.(mat)    circle || spiral
chr         adj.       cold
chr         s.(zoo)    cow
chr         s.         dry blood
chr         s.(d2)     elegant man
chr         s.         elegant woman
chr         s.(ana)    flank || side
chr         s.         frost || cold
chr         s.(reg)    illegitimate son
chr        adv.m.      isn't it? || isn't that so? || isn't that right?
chr        s.(bot)     kind of plant with broad leaves and yellow flowers || plant like the potato || plant | seeds used in red dye
chr        s.(agr)     leather strap for tying the plough tip onto the plough
chr        s.(d1)      pocked
chr        s.(mat)     quote || rate || ration || daily rations
chr        s.          ruffled hair
chr        s.(bot)     seed of a red pepper species
chr        s.          side
chr        s.          small | strong horse
chr        s.(zoo)     snail || snail shell || snail shell used as music instrument || sea shell
chr        s.(geo)     swamp || bog
chr        s.          tool used to dig potatoes (also lank'ana)
chr        s.(zoo)     young animal || cub
chrch      s.(zoo)     cricket
chrch      s.          shivering
chrchkchychrch         shivering
chrchky       to adopt a child (man)
chrchky    v.intr.     to catch a cold
chrchr     s.(bot)     gumplant
chrchr     s.          shiver
chrchy       to cool
chrchy       to cool
chrchy       to dress somebody
chrchy       to take in pawn
chrhmp     s.(med)     shivering
chrk       adv.l.      above
chrk       postpos. above || over
chrk       s.          combat
chrk       s.(mik)     dried meat || jerky
chrk       s.(mik)(reg)hot meal of potatoes and olluco
chrk       s.(zoo)     kind of stalking bird
chrk       s.(bot)     kind of thorny acacia tree
chrk       adj.(ass) miserly || mean || stingy || miserable
chrk       s.a.(d1)    rich
chrk       s.a.(d2)    rich
chrk       adj.        swamoy || boggy
chrk       adj.        thin || wretched
chrkchy       to make boil
chrkk      s.          pin
chrkk      s.          solution
chrkkchrky expr.       to start to do something || to begin to do something
chrkn      s.          cupboard || rack || case
chrkn      s.          deposit
chrkn      s.          low temperature
chrkn      s.          region || area
chrkny                 c
           s.(geo)(neo) limate
chrkny     v.dic.      to crow (rooster)
chrkryy    s.(bot)     plantain
chrks      s.(top)     Sucre (capital de Bolivia)
chrksnnk s.(bot)(p.esp)fever tree || kind of medicinal plant of the rainforest used in popular medicine against arthritis and cold |
chrksp     s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle | used to lower fever || chiricaspi || kind of plant of the ju
chrkspchkrks.(bot)(p.esp) of medicinal plant of the rainforest used in popular medicine against arthritis and cold | it is a powe
chrksy       s.(zoo)     wooly monkey || common wooly monkey || grey wool monkey || kind of monkey with a yellow tail | overhu
chrky        adj.        cold
chrky        adj.        thin like a nail || skeletal || miserly || skinflint
chrky        v.intr.     to be jealous
chrky        v.intr.     to be rolled up
chrky        v.intr.     to boil
chrky        v.intr.(d2) to dare to
chrky       to dry meat || to pull out meat in shreds || to make jerky
chrky       to elevate
chrky        v.intr.     to hold fast to || to cling to
chrky   to keep
chrky       to possess
chrky        v.intr.(d1) to prepare oneself
chrky       to procreate || to reproduce
chrky       to put a bundle into a cloth and tie it onto another one
chrky   to put on clothes
chrky       to resolve
chrkyy       v.intr.     to enrich oneself || to become wealthy
chrkyy       v.intr.     to lose weight || to become thin
chrm         s.(met)     cloudburst || downpour
chrmp        s.(med)     itching | painful | inflammated boils
chrmt        s.          winter
chrmy        s.          kind of shrub of the Rutaceae family
chrmy        s.(bot)     kind of tree with sweet fruits
chrmy        s.(bot)     thorny tree with a rounded top with many branches
chrmy       to go to set something
chrmyy       s.(bot)     ananas
chrn         s.(tex)     clothes
chrn         s.(aym)     comb
chrn         s.(zoo)     grasshopper
chrn         s.          handle
chrn         s.(med)     injection
chrn         s.          wall cupboard
chrn         adj.        wet
chrnchy       to wet || to moisten || to humidify || to make wet
chrnk        s.(mus)     charango || guitar-like musical intrument
chrnkn       s.(tex)     clothing || clothes
chrnkn       s.          possessions || resources
chrnkntsrk   s.          taylor
chrnkpkm     expr.       for to have
chrnky       v.recip.    to provoke each other || to argue || to argue || to dispute || to dispute || to quarrel
chrnsk       adj.        bed-wetter
chrnt        adj.(f.esp) chilly || shivering
chrntn       s.          father and sons
chrnys       s.          storehouse
chrnyy       v.intr.     to become wet
chrp         adj.        dressed showily
chrp         s.(met)(d1) rain with sun || sun shower || drizzle with sunshine || rainbow
chrp         s.(met)(d2) rainbow
chrp         s.(zoo)     turtle || arrau turtle
chrp         s.          warm clothing
chrpky       s.          child born out of wedlock || illegitimate chld
                      blue-white swallow || turtle swallow || kind of swallow
chrpkyrtn s.(zoo)(p.esp)
chrppnk    s.(bot)    kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
chrpy      s.(mik)    kind of meal
chrpy                 to drizzle with sunshine
chrpy      to put a pot on the oven
chrpy      to put back
chrpyy                to drizzle
chrr       s.         abuttal || boundary stone || landmark || border || boundary
chrrky      to maintain
chrrn      s.         shelf
chrrnk     s.(zoo)    big blue fly that lays eggs in meat || meat-fly || blow-fly
chrrskysy s.(spo)     held ball
chrry      v.intr.    to put on clothes
chrrys     s.(top)    place located between Betanzos and Lajas Mayu (Bolivia)
chrryy      to neglect
chrsk      p.p.p.     put
chrskkn    s.         possessions || resources
chrsktkykkmchy        register of property
chrsktsty       to waste || to squander
chrsnk     adj.       cold-hearted || impossible || indifferent
chrt       s.(zoo)    American pheasant
chrt       s.(zoo)    turtledove
chry       s.         margin || rim
chry       s.(d2)     spring
chry       s.         summer
chry       s.         thicket || involvement || confusion || ball || disorder || mess || tangle
chry       v.impers. to be cold || to freeze
chry      to deal out
chry  to grasp || to grab || to grip || to catch || to capture || to take || to receive || to hold || to take hold of || to gr
chry  to have || to sustain || to contain
chry      to put || to put on clothes || to plant || to place || to lay || to set || to give
chry      to surround
chry       s.(d1)     winter
chrychknm expr.       I am cold
chrychy      to cool
chryk      s.p.       man who has a son
chryk      adj.       squeezer
chryknky v.recip.     to take each other by the hands
chrykt     s.         cold region || high mountains
chryky     v.intr.    to get entangled (thread | rope) || to be entwined (thread | rope)
chryky      to put precisely
chrymp     s.(zoo)    cicada
chrymt     s.         spring
chrymt     s.         summer
chryn      s.(tri)    tribe of Eastern Bolivia
chrynm     expr.      I am cold
chryp      adj.       confused
chrypch    s.(d2)     spring
chrypch    s.(d1)     winter
chrypr     s.         drizzle || mist || breeze || breeze || drizzle || fog || mist
chryr      s.         biting frost || bleeding of skin due to coldness
chrysk     p.p.p.     cooled
chrysk    p.p.p.     frost bitten || bleeding of skin due to coldness
chrysy      to help to put
chrytmp   s.(p.esp) cold | dry season
chryy      to beget || to engender
chryy      to bind || to entwine || to entangle || to confuse || to get into disorder || to perplex
chryy     v.pron.    to bite (frost) || to bleed due to coldness (skin)
chryy     v.intr.    to cool down || to get cold
chryy      to ensnare
chryy     v.intr.    to freeze || to stiffen || to solidify
chryy      to squeeze out || to wring out || to wring || to squeeze
chryy     v.intr.    to stay that way
chryys    s.(bot)    kind of medicinal plant of the rainforest used in popular medicine against arthritis and cold | it is a powe
chs    [uncertainty] || [doubt]
chs       adj.       astride || straddling || astraddle
chs       s.(d2)     cob or spike without grain
chs       s.         evening || afternoon || night
chs       adj.       fuzzy || wrinkled || squinty
chs       adj.       late
chs       adv.m.     maybe || perhaps
chs       adv.m.     perhaps || maybe
chs       s.(onom) sneeze
chs       s.(bot)    so-called sesame || plant similar to quinua
chs       s.         space
chs       s.(tex)    woollen blanket || wool blanket with stripes of natural colors || wool blanket (chusi is one of two varieties
chs       s.(d1)     worm-eaten wood
chs       adv.t.     yesterday evening || last evening
chsch     s.(zoo.ana)paw || animal leg up to the knee
chsch     s.(zoo)    small dog
chschsny v.dic.      to cheep (chicken)
chshp     adj.       speckled
chshy     v.intr.    to sleep (baby talk)
chsk      adj.       conceited || vain
chsk      s.         cross-breed
chsk      adj.       curly || fuzzy || crinkly
chsk      adj.       empty || absent
chsk      num.c.     four
chsk      adj.       hoarse
chsk      s.(d1)     messenger
chsk      s.(zoo)    owl || barn owl
chsk      s.(ast)    planet Venus || venus star || star || morning star
chsk      s.(d2)     post || mail || receipt
chsk      s.         rage
chsk      s.a.       traveller || absent
chsk      s.(fis)    vacuum
chsk      num.c.     zero || nothing || which does not exist
chskchk   s.(mil)    lance with tassels (weapon of the Ka¤aris)
chskchk   s.         receipt
chskchnk num.c.      forty
chskchskpmp          bidimensional plane (Cartesian)
chskchy   s.(pun)    Friday
chskchy      to empty
chskchy      to give or reach something || to deliver || to entrust || to give or entrust
chskk      s.(d1)         receiver || who gets something || who has the right to get
chskk      s.(d2)         relieving || replacement || relay (running)
chskk      adj.           worthy
chskkhmy expr.            come to get!
chskkk     s.a.           who strips
chskknch s.(ast)          constellation
chskky          to deserve
chskky     v.intr.        to strip
chskkyk    s.(neo)        letter (mail)
chskkyyr   s.(ast)        morning star || Venus with long hair
chskm      expr.          till evening
chskmnych adj.            four-sided
chsknch    s.(mat)        universal set
chsknch    s.(neo)        universe
chsknnch s.               dominion
chskny     s.             shining eyes || big | beautiful eyes
chskpchk num.             four hundred
chskpy          to obliterate || to wipe out
chskpyt    s.(ast)        shooting stars (lit. silver stars | provenience: Misminay)
chskrkchk s.(neo)         telescope
chsksk     s.             inheritance
chsksk     p.adj.         stripped
chsksktyykkyk             written receipt || receipt
chsktkchk s.a.(cri)       God | who makes the not existing be
chsky      s.             first moon phase
chsky      v.intr.        to be missing || to be absent || to lack
chsky      to get || to receive || to bear || to accept || to admit || to receive
chsky          to remove hairs || to strip
chsky      to snatch away || to tear away || to take away
chskychy            to empty
chskyky          to anger
chskys     s.             post office
chskyy     s.(bot)        thornless | evergreen shrub with intensively green leaves
chskyy     v.intr.(esp)   to be wrong
chskyy     v.intr.        to embellish extraordinarily (woman)
chskyy     v.intr.        to empty
chskyy      to show vanity
chskyy      to spurn food || to disdain food
chskyykm expr.            The same to you! || [response to a greeting]
chskyymntmexpr.           for four reasons
chsmkhy s.                supper
chsmn      adv.t.         later (relates to the becoming of time | not an absolute relation as in objectified time)
chsnchsk s.(ast)          evening star
chsnk      s.             inference
chsnnk     s.(bot)        kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle || blue star amsonia
chsnpy     s.(ast)        Celestial Woman (constellation)
chsny      adj.           small-eyed
chsny      v.intr.        to buzz || to hum
chsny          to contribute
chsp       s.(tex)        bag for coca or tobacco || coca bag || coca bag || little woven bag used to carry coca || purse || small | ha
chsp       s.             concussion || shock
chsp       s.(zoo)        fly || mosquito || bee || bug || bug || small biting fly or gnat
chsp       adv.t.      in the evening
chspch     s.          evening star || first hours of night
chsppk     adj.        excellent || admirable
chspsk     p.p.p.      seed infested by insects
chspy      s.          roasted corn || roasted maize
chspy       to dam
chspy       to shake
chspy       to singe
chspyr     s.          wax
chst       adv.t.      in the evening
chstky     v.intr.     to undress
chsty       to skin || to uncover
chsy       v.intr.     to be missing || to be absent || to go far away
chsy       v.impers. to become evening
chsy      to go away || to leave
chsy                   to
           v.intr.(onom) sneeze
chsy       s.          urine || piss
chsychy       to delay something until the evening
chsychy       to hollow out
chsyk      s.          evening || afternoon
chsyky     v.intr.     to urinate || to pee || to piss
chsyr      adj.        missing || absent
chsyy      v.intr.     to be missing || to be absent
chsyy      v.impers. to become evening || to fall dusk
chsyy      v.intr.     to become hollow
chsyy to stab to death
cht        s.(bot)     a grain or cereal similar to quinua
cht        adj.        agile
cht        s.          bourgois mestiza
cht        interj.     damn!
cht        s.(k)       dwarf || child (age) || kid || child || little brat
cht        s.(geo)     hill || small mountain
cht        s.(k)       indian
cht        adj.        inhabitant of the Altiplano
cht        s.(zoo)(amz)kind of fish of the Amazon
cht        s.(ana)     lips || upper lip || protuberant lips || snout
cht        s.(med)     lump || swelling || hill || wad of coca in the mouth
cht        s.(zoo)     sheep || goat || lamb
cht        adj.        short || down
chtchsp    s.(zoo)     mosquito
chtchy       to expel || to dismiss || to throw out || to sack || to fire
chtk       interj.onom.[the sound of a kiss]
chtk       interj.onom.[the sound of closing a lock]
chtk       adj.        accuser
chtk       s.          joint || hinge
chtkby     s.          horse with blinkers
chtkbyhnpryv.intr.     to go like a horse with blinkers
chtkkrsk   p.p.p.      lengthened || stretched || extented
chtkmk     s.a.        shepherd
chtkn      s.(zoo)     kind of bird
chtky      s.          accusation || complaint || complete || complaint
chtky      v.intr.     to accuse oneself || to declare oneself guilty
chtky       to dislocate || to crick
chtky    v.intr.     to take off one's clothes || to drop one's pants
chtkynkt to put off a shirt
chtmnmnnch           I don't want chili
chtmy       to pull here || to drag here
chtpky   v.intr.     to lengthen || to become longer || to widen || to become wider || to stretch
chtrky   adj.        elastic
chtrpy   v.intr.     to be alert
chtrsk   p.p.p.      extensive || vast
chtry    v.intr.     to stretch oneself || to stretch
chtry       to untie || to unbutton || to unhook
chtsk    s.(mik)     meal prepared of dried meat and rice
chtsk    p.p.p.      removed || dismissed || discharged || retired || dislocated || disjoint
chty     s.          a joke
chty     adj.        agile
chty     adj.        refined || imitating foreign customs
chty       to attack || to hit (the hitting together of marbles) || to flay || to skin
chty       to be never quick-witted
chty   to bind together || to lock
chty   to complain against || to accuse || to denounce || to fasten
chty       to favor
chty       to pull || to stretch || to extend || to reach out || to stick out (a hand) || to peel (like a tuna)
chty       to put off
chty to remove the distaff from spun wool
chty       to tie || to button || to hook
chty      to travel || to hike || to wander
chty     s.(top)(<?) village and Quechua community near Cajamarca (department and province of Cajamarca | Peru) || (Sp
chtykky  v.intr.     to lengthen || to become longer || to widen || to become wider || to stretch
chtyky       to lock a door
chtyt    s.          godfather
chtyy       to alert || to animate
chy      interj.     [exclamation of freezing]
chy     [LOCATIVE] || on || in || while
chy      s.(bot)     ananas
chy      adj.        black (hair)
chy      s.(ana)     bladder
chy      s.          bowl || plate
chy      s.(tex)     cap || cap with ear flaps (also lluch'u) || a traditional andean woven wool hat with earflaps | often sportin
chy      s.(fam)     child | 0 to 3 years old (meaning today) (critical moment of change: weaning)
chy      s.(esp)     chola || indigenous woman who has adopted European habits
chy      s.(esp)(d2) cholo || indigenous who has adopted European habits
chy      adj.(d1)    clear || transparent || clean || crystalline || obvious || pure || clear
chy      s.(geo)     coast || altitude level in the Andes from 0 to 500 m
chy      adj.        dark black || a tone of black
chy      adj.(d2)    diluted
chy      s.(bot)     fiber palm || kind of palm tree of the jungle (main use: food | handicrafts) || kind of palm tree used for ma
chy      s.          furrow
chy                  g
         s.(zoo)(esp) oat
chy                  g
         s.(zoo)(esp) oat
chy      adj.(d1)    hard || resistent || solid
chy      s.(d1)      heat || sunbeam || ray of sunshine
chy      adj.(d3)    holy || saint
chy          s.          ice
chy          s.(bot)     ivory palm
chy          s.(zoo)     kind of bee
chy          s.(bot)     kind of tree of the jungle (main use: kitchen | medicinal)
chy          adj.        last
chy          s.(d2)      leaf covering the corn cob
chy          s.(bot)     legume fruit || bean
chy          s.          liver
chy          s.(d1)      mestizo
chy          s.          miniature
chy          s.(zoo)     nit || louse egg || larva
chy          adj.        only one || only || alone || single || odd || unpaired || unequal || asymmetric
chy          s.          ornament
chy          s.(tex)     pallay motif in weaving (ripe | ready for the harvest)
chy          s.(mit)(ecu)prekichwa name of god
chy          s.(bot.ana) resin (of plant)
chy          adj.        ripe || ripe || ready for the harvest
chy          s.(aym)     sand
chy          s.          sheepdog
chy          adj.        sly || cunning || wily || foxy
chy          adj.        small || short || low || little || short || small
chy          s.          small parasol
chy          s.          soot
chy          adj.(d2)    such
chy          adj.(d1)    that
chy          pron.dem. that
chy          s.(d2)      that (emphatic)
chy          adv.t.      then
chy          adj.        thin || skinny
chy          v.impers. to be hot
chy   to carry between the teeth
chy       to crack an egg
chy       to eat grains crunching
chy   to enjoy
chy      to make small steps
chy       to mix with a liquid
chy       to pass above
chy   to poke || to add wood to the fire
chy          v.cop.      to stop || to stand
chy       to suck
chy   to uproot plants || to look for straw or small firewood
chy          s.          toast (drinking) || libation
chy          adj.(d2)    totally small
chy          adj.        uncooked || raw
chy          s.(mik)     vegetable
chy          adj.        wrinkled || anhydrous
chy          adv.afirm. yes indeed || certainly || surely || very probably
chy          s.(esp)(d1) young man || adolescent || young (male)
chy^chychy   s.(tex)     stepped | scalloped pallay motif in weaving (geranium)
chych        s.(agr)     broader or juicier fruit || better sort of potato
chych        s.(zoo)     cock || rooster || chick || chicklet
chych        s.          constant rain
chych      adj.        delicate || sickly || weak || weak || vulnerable || susceptible to illness
chych      s.(ass)     race
chych      adj.        unimportant || no matter [condescending]
chychchy         to boil rapidly
chychk     s.(mit)     daemon of the forest with one normal leg and one resembling that of a goat | a deer | a dog or some oth
chychk     s.          filtrated liquid
chychk     adj.        one-legged
chychk     adj.        reducer
chychk     adj.        so much
chychk     s.a.        tadpole
chychkksp s.(bot)      kind of tree of the jungle || chullachaqui tree
chychkpnk s.(bot)      kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
chychkr    s.(agr)     field not cleared by burning (on black soil | which is much more fertile than clay)
chychky    s.(med)     weakness || the state of being vulnerable to illness | caused by experiencing hunger | cold | or negative
chychkypch v.intr.     to become wet (clothes)
chychmy          to bring
chychmy v.intr.        to sprout a new plant
chychrrkr s.(neo)      racism
chychsk    p.p.p.      diluted
chychskktnktnchknykpch difference of odd exponents
chychskypy s.(mat)     odd number
chychy     s.(bot)     kind of crane's bill used as medicine against aphthas || geranium
chychy     s.(bot)     kind of shrub whose leaves are used for blue dye
chychy     expr.       Look | there they are!
chychy     s.          origin
chychy     s.(bot)     thornless small tree with thin bark and reddish eatable fruits
chychy       to adorn || to decorate
chychy       to affect || to hit || to aim at
chychy     v.intr.     to boil rapidly
chychy       to clarify || to clear up || to rinse || to dry something || to explain
chychy to contribute || to take to another place
chychy to cook
chychy       to decrease || to reduce || to make small
chychy       to destill || to purify || to clean (water) || to clear
chychy     v.intr.(d2) to drip || to sweat
chychy                 to drizzle
chychy       to filter || to filtrate || to filter up || to filtrate || to bubble up (in springs)
chychy       to give drinks || to celebrate || to sprinkle || to spray || to squirt at
chychy     v.intr.(d1) to lose strength
chychy       to make arrive
chychy to make short clothes || to make small shoes
chychy     v.impers. to rain constantly
chychy       to unbalance
chychy       to water || to make someone water something || to wet
chychy     adj.        unequal
chychy     adj.        who walks clean
chychy     s.(bot)     yellow-flowered plant (zapatilla)
chychyky v.intr.       to be without strength
chychyr    s.(zoo)     kind of bird that likes chal-chal fruits
chychysynpsadj.        smallest || least
chychyt    adv.m.      about
chychytyy to weave loose or thin cloth
chychyy    to do any work to make money
chyhk      adj.          other || another
chyhk      s.(bot)       white flour
chyhkkn    pron.indef.   the others
chyhkkysy s.             other life
chyhn      adv.m.        in such a manner || like that || that way || so
chyhnchyhn adv.m.        more or less
chyhnchyhnyexpr.         enough! || that will do!
chyhnk     conj.         so || so that || in that case || then
chyhnkchn expr.          it should be like that
chyhnkspkkkpk            in that case || in such a case
chyhnm     pron.indef.   something like that || that sort of thing [derogatory]
chyhnn     adv.m.        so much || so strongly
chyhns     expr.         that way (they say) || then (they say)
chyhnt     conj.         as
chyhntm    adv.m.        effectively
chyhny     adj.          according || agreeable
chyhny     s.            copy
chyhny     adv.m.        just so || just in that manner
chyhnyntk adj.           identic || identical
chyhnytpkt expr.         so much
chyhy      adv.l.        besides that || outside of that
chyk       s.            bad omen (can be a person)
chyk       s.(aym)       beech
chyk       s.(ana)       bladder
chyk       s.(med)       blister
chyk       adj.          clear || transparent || clean || crystalline
chyk       adj.          corrugated
chyk       adj.          delicate
chyk       s.            distant relative || boarder
chyk       adj.(col)     dyed yellow
chyk       adj.          excentric
chyk       s.(zoo)       fox
chyk       s.(agr)       heaps | method of cultivation on plain land | where the crops are planted singularly | like maize | beans o
chyk       conj.         if
chyk       s.(zoo)       kind of lizard
chyk       s.(bot)(d1)   kind of shrub || plant used to dye yellow || plant used to dye yellow or greenish-yellow
chyk       s.            milker || squeezer
chyk       s.(bot)       name of a plant
chyk       s.            obulus
chyk       s.(spi)       offering to Pachamama (libation)
chyk       s.(bot)(d2)   plant used to dye yellow
chyk       adj.          rich || wealthy
chyk       s.            sprout
chyk       s.            swindler || charlatan || liar
chyk       pron.dem.     that || there is
chyk       adv.m.        then || in that case
chyk       s.(zoo)       thrush || dappled bird
chyk       s.            well
chyk       s.            wrinkle
chykch     s.(bot)       coral tree || kapok tree of the Andes || kind of legume tree
chykch     s.            cup
chykchm s.(per)        Inka captain in the times of the Spanish conquest
chykchy       to mislead || to cheat || to deceive || to swindle
chykhpnt adv.t.        then || thereafter
chykky     s.          baby || infant
chykky     s.          excentricity
chykm      adv.l.      by there
chykm      expr.       See you then!
chykm      adv.t.      till then || so much
chykmmyktkns.(pol)     wealthy countries
chykmy     s.(zoo)     scarlet macaw
chykn      pron.dem. those
chykpy       to startle || to frighten
chykr      s.          dry stick || dry branch
chykr      adj.        with few teeth
chykrkchyhns.(bot)     plant used to dye light or medium green
chykrs     s.(zoo)(amz)black-headed parrot || kind of bird
chykrs     s.(ast)     Small Cross: The Southern Cross (Crux) (provenience: Sonqo)
chykry       to shake (like a rug)
chykryy    v.intr.     to sit down with stretched legs
chyksk     p.p.p.      shy
chykt      s.(zoo)     cricket || grasshopper
chykt      s.(zoo)     mocking bird || kind of bird that imitates other animals
chykt      adj.(k)     nit-eating || careless || negligent
chykt      adj.        small
chyky      s.          asymmetry || inequality
chyky      adj.        clean
chyky      s.(mik)     hot chili sauce
chyky      adj.        smooth || flat
chyky      v.intr.     to adorn
chyky      v.dic.      to lie
chyky       to mislead || to cheat || to deceive || to swindle || to lie at
chyky to pertain || to integrate
chyky      v.intr.     to sprout again
chyky       to squash between the fingers
chykychy s.            purification (of water)
chykychy         to purify water
chykyk     s.          clear water
chykynm expr.          That is good!
chykyy     adj.        adequate || fitting one's nature || conforming to one's talent
chykyy     v.intr.(med)to get blisters
chykyy     v.intr.     to get wealthy || to get rich
chykyy       to mislead || to cheat || to deceive || to swindle || to lie at
chykyy       to tickle
chykyyk    s.          drinking water
chym       s.          big container of earth || washbasin || bathtub
chym       adj.(med) lousy
chym       adv.m.      so
chym       s.          wink
chymk      adj.        single-handed
chymk      s.          who blinks to someone
chymn      adj.        direct
chymn      adv.l.      thither || to there
chymnt    adv.l.       from there
chymnt    adv.t.       then || after that || afterwards
chymnthmn expr.        I come from the coast
chymntk   adv.m.       furthermore
chymp     s.(zoo)      grasshopper
chymy     s.           creek
chymy     s.           semicircle
chymy       to arrive || to arrive here || to come here || to come
chymy     v.intr.      to blink || to blink eyes involuntarily || to wink
chymy        to drain
chyn      s.           aim
chyn      s.           clear water
chyn      s.           container in which to milk
chyn      interj.      ding dang!
chyn      s.(tex)      fine scarf || fine neckcloth
chyn      s.(zoo)      goldfinch
chyn      s.           hook
chyn      adj.         incomplete
chyn      s.           instrument to sprinkle
chyn      s.(bot)      orange
chyn      s.(ana)      spinal cord
chyn      s.(tex)      warp pair (one in each lease) used to make a list stripe in warp-faced cloth
chynch    s.(tri)      a lineage of the Kupara community in the tales of Waruchiri (the ayllu of Chukisusu) || (Span.) Chahuinc
chynchk   s.           definition
chynchsk p.p.p.        defined
chynchy        to pair
chynchy        to rinse || to clean up || to clear up || to rinse the washed dresses || to edit || to refine || to explain || to def
chynk     s.           ice || ice (on body of water)
chynkp    adv.l.       by there
chynksk   p.p.p.       frozen
chynm     interj.      ok!
chynn     s.           hers || his || that of hers || that of his
chynn     expr.        his thing || her thing || their thing
chynpnk   s.(bot)      kind of shrub of the jungle (main use: medicinal | hygienic paper)
chynt     s.(min)      tin
chyny     postpos.     near || close to
chyny     adj.         one-eyed
chyny     adj.         quiet || calm || silent
chyny     adv.m.       quietly || silently
chynyk    s.           distance
chynyk    s.p.         rich
chynyy    v.intr.      to be silent
chyp      postpos.     among || between || in the middle of
chyp      adv.l.       between || in between
chyp      s.           callus || welt || weal || wale
chyp      adj.         central
chyp      s.           corner of cloth
chyp      s.           curing method for animals
chyp      adv.m.       excessively || very
chyp      num.fract.   half
chyp      s.(fam)      intermediate sons
chyp      s.(bot)      kind of shrub
chyp       s.           manure
chyp       adj.(col)    medium purple
chyp       s.           middle || center || centre || half
chyp       s.(aym)      mummy || ancient artifact || round tomb || stone house-like prehispanic graves | still visible in the Lake T
chyp       s.(d2)       peel of tubers
chyp       s.(bot)      sort of corn
chyp       adj.poses. spiral
chyp       s.(d1)       splitting (vertical)
chyp       adv.l.       there
chyp       adj.         wrinkled
chypch     adv.t.       then || in that time || then (used with maypachachus)
chypch     s.(tex)      very thin or light cloth
chypchy    to cut in two || to mix
chypchy        to make splash
chypchy    to put into the middle
chypchyky         to place into the middle || to place in the middle || to center
chypchyp adj.           half-filled || till the half
chyphnk                 half
           s.(uni)(l.esp) a fanega (Spanish cereal measure | +/- 120 lb.)
chypk      interj.onom.[the sound of walking in water]
chypk      adj.         for that
chypkchkk s.a.(fil)     being there
chypkkn    s.(neo)      media
chypkrsk p.p.p.         faded || withered
chypksk    s.(mat)      half straight line
chypktrk   s.(mat)      geometric mean
chypky     v.cop.       to be present (there)
chypkysypchs.           Middle Ages
chypkysypchmknky        medieval war
chypmnt    adv.l.       from within || from between
chypmyn s.              noon || midday || noontime
chypn        centre || center
chypnchy          to place into the middle || to place in the middle || to center
chypnk     s.(bot)      kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
chypnk     adv.t.       then
chypnmk s.(mit)         female deity (wak'a) in the tales of Waruchiri | daughter of Tamta¤amqa || (Span.) Chaupi¤amca
chypnnsk p.p.p.         off-centre || off-center
chypnny        to make off-centre
chypnsk    postpos. by means of
chypnskp postpos. through
chypp      adv.l.       between || within
chypp      s.(bot)      small potato used for making chu¤o
chyppchry         to centralise
chyppchypn num.fract. quarter (1/4)
chyppkch s.(uni)        half a hundred-weight || 25 lb.
chyppmp s.(mat)         half plane
chyppnchy s.            noon || midday || noontime
chypppchyppchyp         center
chyppt     s.(top)      place near Malka (Bolivien)
chypptyk   adj.         central
chypr      s.           firm in topic || intellectual glutton for work
chypr      adj.         untrustworthy person
chyprkchy         to put into the middle
chyprkn     s.(ana)     middle finger
chyprn      s.          man of middle age | neither too young nor too old (Quechua archetype)
chyps       conj.       although || though || even if || in spite of || notwithstanding || (at the end of the word group)
chypsk      p.p.p.      beaten || sprayed || splashed
chypsy      s.(geo)     central region
chypt       conj.       therefore
chyptk      adv.t.      at this moment
chyptky     v.intr.     to participate
chyptrpy    s.(agr)     main harvest
chyptt      s.          mid night || midnight
chypy       v.intr.     to copulate
chypy       to cure animals using a special method
chypy       to divide in two
chypy       v.intr.     to fade || to wither
chypy       to mark the cattle cutting small pieces out of the ears
chypy       to soak || to dip briefly in the water
chypy       to splash || to assassinate || to murder
chypy       to split || to divide || to crack || to mark livestock by cutting their ears
chypy      to visit || to come to
chypy       to wash || to water || to wet one's face
chypychy s.(neo)        intermediate education
chypychy          to cut in two || to divide in two
chypyk      s.(mat)     arithmetic mean || mean value
chypykchnkn s.(mat)     values around the mean value
chypymk s.(mat)         median
chypynk     s.(geo)     intermediate zone between cold and hot climate
chypypsk p.p.p.         half-plowed
chypysk     p.p.p.      medium moven
chypyt      s.(uni)     half a year
chypyy       to confine oneself to the half
chyr        s.(tex)     agave fibres || rope
chyr        adj.        combustible
chyr        adv.m.      else || otherwise
chyr        s.(bot)     kind of plant growing on dry places
chyr        adv.afirm. possibly || doubtlessly
chyr        s.          rope made out of chaguar fibres || hemp-like fibers from chawar leaves
chyr        adv.t.      then || in that time || then (report form)
chyr        s.          tipsiness || drunkenness || bristle
chyrk       adv.t.      just || just a moment ago || in this moment || recently || still
chyrkchk adj.           similar
chyrkky     s.          new moon
chyrkr      adj.        one-armed
chyrkrn     s.          stranger || foreigner || greenhorn || Spaniard in colonial Peru
chyrkychrsk p.p.p.      just born
chyrkynrmnkys.          greetings || welcome
chyrm       s.          hard stone
chyrmnt     s.(uni)(esp)from that hour
chyrmyyp s.(tex)        rope made out of three agave threads
chyrn       adj.        sandy
chyrtk      adv.t.      just || just a little moment ago || in this moment
chyrttp     adv.t.      immediately
chyry       v.recip.    to arrive
chyryk   adv.m.      therefore
chyryk   conj.       therefore || for that reason || because of that
chyrysk  s.(tex)     rope made out of agave fibres
chys     adv.t.      then || in that time || then (report form)
chysk    p.p.p.      adorned
chysk    s.(top)     city in the Department of Puno (Peru) || (Span.) Juliaca
chysk    p.p.p.      cooked
chysk    p.p.p.      sprinkled with drinks
chysk    p.p.p.      watered || melted
chyskkmsmnych        scalene triangle
chysnk   adj.        egotist || egoist || selfish
chysnk   s.          heart of clear conscience
chysnk   adj.        weak of character
chysnkky s.          innocence || clear conscience
chysp    adj.        lousy
chysprt  s.(cri)     Holy Spirit
chysrk   s.(ana)     vena cava
chystyp  adv.l.      by there
chyt     s.(esp)     child || boy
chyt     adj.        clear (mind)
chyt     s.(d1)      ellipse
chyt     s.(zoo)     kind of terrestrial turtle of the jungle
chyt     s.(bot)     kind of tree || plant | red paint or dye made from seeds || lipstick tree
chyt     adj.        oval
chyt     s.(d2)      oval
chytchy       to make someone plunge something
chytchy       to make wet
chytksp  s.(bot)     kind of jungle tree | 6-10 m high
chytky   adj.        so much || abundant
chytky   v.intr.     to bathe || take a bath || to wash oneself in water
chytky   v.intr.     to roll over and over (oneself)
chytn    interj.onom.[sound of entering water]
chytp    adj.poses. elliptic
chyty       to plunge || to immerse || to dip || to enter into water
chyty       to punish || to chastise
chyTyt   s.(mit)(ecu)Father Atsil (god)
chyy     s.(bot)     ananas || pineapple || kind of plant of the jungle (main use: food)
chyy     s.          arrival
chyy     adj.(d1)    brief
chyy     s.(zoo)     chick
chyy     s.          child || kid
chyy     s.          cleanness || cleanliness
chyy     s.(zoo)(d2) eel
chyy     interj.     enough!
chyy     adj.(d2)    equal
chyy     s.(ast)     Fish (Andean constellation)
chyy     s.(zoo)(d1) fish || little fish || tadpole || pollywog || challua (also used for certain kinds of small fish in the Amazon)
chyy     s.(fam)     godchild
chyy     s.(fam)     godfather
chyy     s.          hook
chyy     interj.     How pretty! || How beautiful! || [exclamation of joy]
chyy     adv.t.      immediately
chyy       adv.m.      just that || only
chyy       s.(bot)     kind of shrub
chyy       s.(zoo)     kind of swallow
chyy       s.(d1)      offering
chyy       s.          pure skin || clean skin
chyy       s.(d2)      ritual || rite
chyy       adj.        small || short || low
chyy       s.(bot)     straw used for making baskets || grass species of the puna region
chyy       s.(zoo)     thrush || dappled bird
chyy accede to
chyy      to arrive || to get done (food)
chyy       v.intr.     to boil rapidly
chyy       to combine
chyy       to cook one's meal
chyy       to delouse
chyy       to fill
chyy       v.intr.(d3) to freeze
chyy       v.intr.(d2) to melt || to be dissolved
chyy       to milk || to squeeze out || to wring || to squeeze
chyy to offer a libation || to give a splash of liquor as an offering to Pachamama || to wet (with a drink) || to ce
chyy       to peck || to pick up (bird)
chyy       v.intr.     to play at skittles
chyy       v.intr.(d1) to play in the mud
chyy       v.intr.     to sneeze
chyy       to splash || to sprinkle
chyy       to squeeze out
chyy       v.intr.     to stop || to end
chyy       to water || to soak || to melt
chyy       to wrap
chyy       to wring || to scour [cloth]
chyy       s.          wheat or grass stock used to feed livestock
chyy<pmnpsmtpschyy> to offer someone something to drink (drinking)
chyychy   to clarify || to clear up || to rinse || to clean || to dry something
chyychy   to dilute
chyychy       to make small
chyychy       to make unequal
chyychy       to make unequal
chyychy       to shorten || to reduce || to make small || to decrease || to diminish
chyyhpk    s.a.        fisherman
chyyhpn    s.          fish-hook
chyyhpy       to fish
chyyk      s.a.        fisherman
chyyk      s.          luxury
chyyk      s.p.        twin
chyykht    s.          fish sale || fish market
chyykmchkns.           regulations
chyykmy    s.(agr)     fishery || ichthyology
chyykn                 mountain papaw || mountain papaya
chyyknk    s.          roasted dry fish
chyykrhn adj.          scaly
chyyktpynskp.p.p.      native
chyyky       to fill in
chyyky       to fish
chyykyk    s.(gra)     small letter
chyykymp s.(bot)       kind of liana of the jungle (main use: medicinal)
chyymnt    adv.m.      almost
chyymtkr s.(bot)       kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
chyyn      s.(ana)     biceps
chyyn      adj.        enough
chyyn      s.(tex)     pallay motif in weaving (Bolivia | meaning unclear)
chyyn      adv.m.      thus
chyynkchkkrkn          bacteria
chyynnmnsmytchchchy to say | do or think exactly what is necessary
chyynps    adv.m.      but || nevertheless || nevertheless
chyynyy    v.intr.     to resound
chyyp      s.          hard soil
chyyp      adv.m.      hardly || barely || with difficulty || slowly || step by step
chyyp      adj.        slowly || gently
chyyp      s.(geo)     sterile earth
chyyp      adv.t.      suddenly || at this moment
chyypch    s.(uni)(neo)minute
chyypnchy s.(pun)      Wednesday
chyypnksy s.(bot)      kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
chyyr      s.          fisher
chyyr      s.(bot)     grass species of the puna region
chyyr      s.(bot)(d1) kind of tree
chyyr      s.(bot)(d2) kind of tree
chyyr      s.(bot)     kind of tree
chyyrkky               S
           s.(mes)(reg) eptember (in some places also August)
chyys      adv.t.      then || thereafter
chyys      s.          woman pretending to be a young girl
chyyschyk s.(zoo)      small forest dog
chyyskypy s.(mat)      odd number
chyysy     s.          spoon
chyyt      adv.m.      just once
chyyt      expr.       just that
chyyt      s.(bot)     uchu wayta (lit. //chili flower// | Andean plant with yellow or orange-colored flowers used to color tasty po
chyythmpy v.intr.      to sweat strongly
chyythpy       to fish
chyytk     adv.m.      enough
chyytk     interj.     enough!
chyytk     s.          synonym
chyyty     s.(zoo)     ringed king fisher || kind of bird
chyyty     s.          small bag || purse
chyytyy    v.intr.     to become deaf
chyyy      s.          bean soup
chyyy      s.          cleanness
chyyy      s.(mit)(ecu)Father Atsil (god)
chyyy      s.(zoo)     harpy eagle
chyyy      v.intr.(d2) to be diluted
chyyy      v.intr.     to become thin || to become skinny
chyyy      v.intr.(d1) to clear up || to get clear
chyyy       to fish
chyyy      v.intr.     to get brutalized
chyyy      v.intr.     to shorten oneself || to contract || to get smaller
chyyy       to stay alone (something that had been paired)
chyyych    s.(fam)     child under one year's age || baby
chyyychkyyss.          provincial jail
chyyychskyyy           summary || abstract
chyyychy         to reduce || to make small
chyyyk     s.          problem
chyyykrt               dwarf caiman || kind of alligator (caiman) of the Amazon
chyyymr    s.          little child
chyyyy     v.intr.     to decrease || to diminish || to shrink || to become smaller
chyyyy     v.intr.     to extend (wounds)
chyyyy make noise (running fat or sweat)
chyyyy       to make spout water from various places
chyyyyy    adj.(mat) combinatorial || combinative
pbrk       fon.        (consonant phoneme of the quechua language)
pbrr       interj.     [challenge | joy | verry common among drunkards]
pmyy       s.          cough
pn         adj.        difficult
pnk        interj.     Disgusting!
pnky       interj.     I see!
pnr        pron.       what?
pnsyn      s.(esp)     soap
pnt        adj.(esp) young (male)
pntnky     s.(med)(esp)fever
pntsm      s.(esp)     axe || ax
prhy       s.(d1)      Bolivian policeman (green uniform)
prky       s.          guilt || fault || sin || offence || crime || heavy energy || heavy energy created by humans
prmy       s.(ana)     jaw
prnss      s.(d2)      used wad of coca or cane spit out of the mouth || residue of chewing coca or sucking sugar cane
prnt       s.          accusation
prs        v.intr.     to sin
prs        s.          accusation
prsk       s.          blame
prst       to accuse
prt       to condemn morally || to accuse || to make guilty
pry        s.(bot)     plant | leaves used in green dye
pryy       s.          blame
pspr       to blame (for)
pspr       to blame (for)
psy        s.          count || number
pt         s.          compute || computation
ptby       s.          computer
ptthpy     s.          compute
ptykn      s.a.        counter
py         s.          recount
py         adj.        incalculable
py         s.          digit
py         s.          mathematics
pyhy       to calculate || to calculate || to compute
pyk        s.          calculation
pyky       s.(mat)     arithmetics
pymntyyn v.intr.       to flow out || to run out
pymr      v.intr.    to sin || to be guilty
pyr       s.(spi)    to eat and digest heavy energy with the spiritual stomach | this is the central spiritual practice of the and
pyrsnchky v.intr.    to repent
pyrt      to blame
pyst      to lead into temptation
pysty     s.         temptation
pytn      v.pron.    to be tempted to sin
pyty      to waste || to squander
pyty      p.p.p.     thrown
pyy       p.p.p.     uninhabited
pyyr      s.         habitual coca user
pyyt                 t
          s.(top)(aym)raditional name for Desaguadero | river in Bolivia (from Aymara: //thin beauty//)
h         s.p.       bad || full of sin || sinner || guilty
h         v.dic.     to hee-haw (donkey)
h         s.         guilt
h         v.intr.    to start negotiations with great zeal
h         s.a.(his)  Secretary of the Inka
h      to waste || to squander
h      to forgive
hbn       v.intr.    to forgive sin
hbn      to abandon || to leave
hbr      to abandon || to leave
hch      to card wool
hch      to chew substances that left something over in the mouth || to chew or suck on substances that leave a
hch to cut with an axe
hch      to infect a wound || to inflame
hch       v.intr.    to sneeze
hchchky      to throw out || to throw || to tip || to pour || to spill || to throw out a liquid || to spill || to pour out || to waste
hchchky   s.a.(his)  Secretary of the Inka
hchchn    s.a.       criminal
hchchy    s.p.       guilty || sinful || sinner
hchchy    s.a.       sinner
hchchy      to lock up criminals
hchchyk      to castigate || to chastise
hchchyky v.intr.     to commit a crime || to sin || (lit.) to carry sin || to sin
hchchykymnv.intr.    to commit a crime || to sin
hchchymn       to commit a delict or crime
hchh      s.         investigation of a crime
hchhchk   v.pron.    to catch a cough
hchhchn   v.dic.     to breathe noisily through the open mouth || to pant | as when over-exerted
hchhk     v.dic.     to pant
hchhkhpk v.dic.      ah ah - to laugh - || to laugh
hchhkp    interj.    How funny!
hchhnn    interj.    How funny!
hchhr     adj.       abstract
hchhy     s.         abstraction || abstract reality
hchhy     adj.       another || other || another one
hchhychk s.          core || corner (interior) || inner part || heart || interior corner or angle
hchhychp s.(zoo)     cricket || grasshopper
hchky     s.         debt || debtor
hchky     s.         flour || fine flour || flour (from toasted corn | wheat | or barley) || powder
hchmkhy s.           hiccups
hchmntnnry s.          hiccups || sob
hchnchy    interj.     Let's go! || Come on!
hchnychy adj.          narrow
hchnyy     num.c.      one
hchnyy     s.(zoo)     owl
hchpchtkychrsktsty     scarf || shawl (worn by women and men)
hchsk      adj.        soft || floury
hchsk      s.(ana)     stomach
hchsm      adj.        wet || moist || damp
hchsm                  mode of wearing (by men) haku doubled and tied around neck
hchsp      adj.        bitter
hchsyy     expr.       How then?
hchtchrn   expr.       a little
hchtkmtyyykchy         a little
hchtkmytychk           a little
hchtky     adj.        alternate
hchtpchy adj.          variable        to combine || to interpolate
hchy       p.p.p.      watered
hchy       adj.        only
hchy       s.          permutation
hchy       to flour
hchy       to make grind cereals in a mill
hchy       to water || to wet
hchy       to wet || to splash || to spray
hchy       num.fract. one and a half || sesqui
hchychk    s.          corn hair
hchyk      v.dic.      to sneeze
hchyk      expr.       one with the other
hchykk     conj.       but
hchykkntychky          different || other || of bad mood
hchyktmky        to disfigure
hchyky     v.intr.     to vary || to be different
hchyy      expr.       in one sense - in the other
hchyy      s.          difference
hchyyttrpy adj.        depressed
hhpy       adj.        empty || unoccupied
hhty       s.          unoccupied place
hhtyy      s.          angle
hhy        adj.        the one ... the other
hhy        adj.        another || the other
hhy        num.o.      first
hk         pron.indef. one of them
hk         adj.        unilateral
hk         s.(tex)     shawls
hk         adj.        some
hk                     the
           pron.indef.(d2) ones
hk                     the
           pron.indef.(d1) others
hk         pron.def. tho others
hk         adv.m.      with one voice
hk         adj.        accompanied
hk         s.(tex)     certain way of folding haku to carry heavy loads | where it is opened on the ground | loaded | two oppos
hk         num.fract. one and a half || sesqui
hk         adv.t.      once
hk         expr.       Good bye! || See you once later!
hk         v.intr.     to return
hk         s.          unity
hk         expr.       once (in tales)
hk         adv.m.      again
hkbhnt     pron.indef. the other
hkch       to become wet
hkch       v.intr.     to drown || to strangle
hkchhk       to copy || to transcribe
hkchhknt s.            bridle || rein || break (of a vehicle) || narrow | general purpose tie or band || bridle strap (piece that goes
                       yam bean || mexican turnip
hkchhkynt s.(bot)(esp<naw)
hkchk      expr.       let's go to eat
hkchkk     adj.        distinct || different
hkchny     s.(zoo)(amz)harpy eagle || kind of bird
hkchsk       to owe
hkchy      adv.m.      again
hkchy       to curse
hkchy       to change
hkchy      adv.t.      once
hkchy      adj.        bitter
hkchy      adj.        other
hkchypyk s.            exchange
hkchysy    s.          to exchange || to replace || to substitute
hkchysy    v.dic.      to cry bitterly || to weep bitterly || to sob
hkhkynm num.o.         first
hkhn       s.          first level of elementary education
hkhn       s.          first section
hkhnchy    expr.       Lesson One
hkhnchy    s.(tex)     mode of wearing (by women) haku on head | folded several times with ends loose and hanging back
hkhnkhyykypkhkptk      mode of wearing haku (usually by older women/widows) | wrapped around head and tied at back
hkhnky     s.          brother || sister || comrade || fellow
hkhny      adj.        other || the others || another
hkk        pron.indef. the others
hkk        s.(tex)     sister shawls || two shawls worn together
hkkch      adv.m.      diametrically
hkkhkk     v.impers. to flash || to shine || to light (in the clouds)
hkkk       s.(gra)     one-part sentence
hkkk       adj.        different || distinct
hkkknn       to change
hkkkypk    adj.        changed
hkkn       v.intr.     to change
hkkn       adv.m.      all together
hkkn       s.          foreign policy
hkkn       to fold || to double
hkknk      expr.       your comrade
hkknky     s.(tex)     mode of wearing haku to carry goods where it is tied across the chest as in pikatash and the lower two
hkknynpktkysk          different || alien || stranger
hkkpy      pron.indef. one (vs. the other)
hkksknnyk        to denounce
hkkt       to put side by side
hkktkm      s.(tex) mode of wearing (both men and women) haku for protection against cold or rain | with two points of one
hkktkmskyktkty      see you another day
hkktky   to postpone
hkkts       s.      day's journey
hkkttyn     s.      daily wages
hkky        s.      day's wages
hkky        expr.   see you another day || good bye
hkky        expr.   meet you another day || good bye
hkkyktktsp|chknkyky selaginella (kind of fern) || kind of herb of the jungle (main use: insect food)
hkm         v.dic.  to whisper
hkm   to interpolate
hkmkmsnchk. s       copy
hkmn   to copy
hkmn        expr.   one after the other
hkmnmtkntky.s       first grade education
hkmnt   to marginate
hkmntmyytrmyexpr.   sell me a glass of milk
hkmnychy v.intr.    to pity
hkmt   to conquer
hkn   to commit adultery || to betray || to sleep with another man's wife
hkn         s.a.    guest
hknch       s.a.    guest
hknchy      adj.    deaf
hknhkntyky s.       elevation
hknkn   to make raise
hknknkyrychyv.intr. to rise || to get up || to stand up
hknknptyy     to go to raise something for someone else     to go to raise
hknmchsk s.(tex)    entire clothing
hknmnytsk     to raise something for someone else
hknn        adj.    different || distinct
hknn        adj.    thin || jerky
hknnknk     expr.   Good bye! || See you once later!
hknnntn     adv.t.  a bit later
hknny   to raise || to lift || to raise up || to lift up
hknpyyy     s.      grasshopper
hknrk       v.intr. to become deaf
hknrkchy s.(ana)    excretory system
hknrkt      s.(tex) mode of wearing (by women) haku like a scarf with ends tied under chin
hknrkyy     s.(tex) decorative mode of wearing haku (by a young woman) loose over the left or both shoulders
hknsky      adj.    several || various
hknsynknrmnkykhyk few words
hkny        expr.   inform me of a curiosity
hknyk       expr.   Let's go!
hknyysk     adj.    expensive
hkp         s.(mil) army
hkp         s.(tex) entire clothing
            s.      sandal || sandals
hkpkchnpchryadj.    the other (ACCUSATIVE)
hkpktsk     s.      great powers
hkpnchykm expr.     it is a matter of life or death
hkpnchypkskyadj.        other
hkpnchyprkkrpron.indef. the one or the other
            pron.indef. the
hkpnchyprrskmntchsknkyk others
hkpnchypyy s.           racial discrimination
hkpnchyrkrsnxpr.        it is another thing
            v        to accompany
hkpnk       to accompany
hkpnypnpmyknynchny to change
hkppry      s.(tex)     a whole piece of male or female clothing
hkprkchktrrsk           woman who cuckolds her husband || woman who deceives her husband       to insist || to claim || to demand
hkpshkps v.dic.         to pant
hkptypktchnadv.t.       again || once more || once again || one more time
hkpy        s.          derivative || by-product
hkpychychytnntktyy      bigger
hkpyknmntnnry           back || reverse
hkpyktntkchy .          hiccup
            pron.indef. just one
hkpysnpkyskkadj.        only || lonesome || single
hkpysnpsmks.(d2)        orphan || widow || widower || single
hkr         adv.t.      right away || immediately
hkr         adj.(k)     stammerer
hkrchy      s.(med)     stammering || dyslalia
hkrky       adv.m.      suddenly
hkrmpy      s.(zoo)     tadpole of a toad || tadpole || pollywog
hkrmy       pron.dem. that || yonder
hkrnntnpch adv.l.       there || over there
hkrpy       adj.        to be empty
hkrs        v.intr.     to become wet
hkrs   to eat something ground (flour | sugar)
hkrtkm   to grind cereals in a mill
hkrtmntrk v.dic.(d2) to have a hiccups
hkrty       v.intr.     to have a hiccups || to hiccough
hkry       to infect
hkryt       v.dic.(d1) to sob || to whimper
hkryy       to wash clothes
hkryysyk       to wet || to moisten || to humidify
hkshktsk s.(tex)        type of knit or crocheted cap with brim in front and long flap in back worn by both sexes as adolescents
hkshytsk    s.(d1)      unity
hksky       adj.        swampy || boggy
hkskypyyr interj.       Let's go all!
hksmtyychyy v.intr.     to unite
hksn        p.p.p.      unified
hksr        p.p.p.      united
hksyykkkn p.p.p.        Unified Kichwa (in Ecuador)
hksyypch          to decrease (weight)
hkt   to disfigure
hkt       to filter || to filtrate || to sieve || to flow
hktchrktntnkykn         to join || to unite || to union
hkthtkmynypkkysypkkn to modify
hktk   to unify || to unite || to standardize
hktkhktk    adv.m.      in that manner
hktkkn      adv.m.        like there || like in that place
hktkkymntchknch           stammerer || stutterer
hktkmkn     adv.l.        until there
hktktkty    pron.dem.     those
hktkty         to join
hktkychy s.               unity
hktnkpch adj.             single-handed
hkttkpytykchkkyrm         thither || to there
hkty        adv.l.        from there
hkty        s.(mat)       univocal correspondence
hktyn       s.(tex)       mode of (women) wearing haku on head as scarf | untied with ends to back
hktyy       s.(fil)       being with another
hktyyhtn    adv.l.        by over there
hky         v.intr.       to survive
hky         s.            conjunction
hky         to accompany
hky         s.            back-stroke || rebound
hky         adv.m.        one by one
hky         adv.l.        over there || on that place
hky         adj.          private || unilateral
hky         to transplant
hky         v.intr.       to unite
hky         to estimate
hky         s.(tex)       mode of wearing haku by men for support | doubled several times diagonally and tied around waist
hky         p.p.p.        united || associated
hky         expr.         let's go to the house
hky         adv.l.        by over there
hky         adv.m.        with one blow
hky         adv.m.        continuously
hky         s.            soup of young corn cobs
hky         s.            the other side
hky         v.intr.       to be alone
hky         v.intr.       to become floury || to become soft
hky         v.intr.       to become wet
hky         v.dic.        to stutter
hky         to unite
hky         s.            twins
hkych       s.(bot)       grape || bunch of grapes
hkychk      s.(tex)       mode of using haku as bundle to carry small things | knotted opposite ends on both diagonals | arm inse
hkychky     s.(tex)       decorative mode of wearing haku over shoulder | knotted at chest | and under opposite arm
hkychsk     s.            unity
hkychsk     s.(p.esp)     United Nations
hkychskrnsm pron.indef.   only one || only || alone
hkychy         to connect || to unite
hkychy      s.(bot)(d1)   kind of shrub
hkychy      s.(bot)(d2)   kind of shrub
hkychy      s.            reason
hkychy      s.            reason || cause
hkychy      s.(esp)       smoke
hkyhn       s.            bran
hkyhnp      adj.          small || thin
hkyk        s.(bot)       small humi shrub
hkykm      s.a.        future || coming
hkykn      adj.        toasted
hkyky      s.          toasted corn || toasted maize || toasted grain or legumes
hkyky       to make toast cereal
hkymk       to visit frequently
hkymn      s.          special pot to toast corn
hkymnt       to toast slightly
hkymntnpprch           next month
hkyn       to go to toast cereal
hkynkchkk s.           toaster || roast
hkynkp     s.          future || coming time
hkynkp|kysspskry       mediate future tense (in Quechua: -shaq | -nki | nqa | ...)
hkynky     expr.       the next days
hkynkysy         to toast cereal for someone
hkynnp     s.(gra)     inmediate future tense (in Quechua: -q + riy / -k + rina | used especially in Ecuador)
hkyp       p.p.p.      toasted
hkyp       to toast cereal || to toast
hkypk      s.a.        unknown || stranger || foreigner
hkyppchry adv.t.       next year
hkypy      adj.(ass) special
hkyry      s.(gra)     mediate future tense (in Quechua: -shaq | -nki | nqa | ...)
hkysk      s.          confinement || childbed
hkysk      s.(mik)     dessert containing young corn || tamale || a sweet tamale of fresh ground corn steamed in husks
hkyst       to make tamales
hkystyp    expr.       she (he) asked if you will come
hkyt       s.          medicine || cure || remedy || poison || fertilizer
hkyy       s.          sweat || perspire
hkyy       v.intr.     to recover
hkyy       to make heal || to make cure
hkyy       to make someone sweat || to tire
hkyy       expr.       to sweat large drops
hkyy       adj.(mat) inductivo
hkyy       s.a.        medicine man || healer || physician
hkyychy    s.          pharmacy
hkyychypynskyykn       pharmacist
hkyyk      s.          pharmacy || the chemist's || drugstore || apothecary
hkyykmchksk.a.         fosterer || one who performs ritual cures and divination
hkyyksk    s.          medicine man || healer || pharmacist || chemist || doctor
hkyysk     s.          medical herb
hkyysknsynkn           healer
hkyyy       to calm
hkyyy      v.intr.     to recover
hm         s.          hospital
hm         s.(pol)(neo)primary health care
hm         s.          medicine || drugs || medicaments
hm         s.          medicine man || healer || physician
hm         s.(neo)     table || altar || table used in rituals
hmch       adj.        who can be healed
hmch       v.intr.     to be saved || to be remedied
hmhy       s.(med)     menstruation
hmk        p.p.p.      healed
hmk        expr.       Ok | I will come
hmk       expr.       I'm coming
hmkchy    s.p.        sweaty
hmkhmry s.(zoo)       toad
hmkkny    s.(ast)     Toad (constellation) | a dark spot in the Milky Way (Mayu) | formed by dark interstellar space
hmkkpy    s.(top)     city in Ecuador (provincial capital of Tungurahua) || (Span.) Ambato (<[hill of the] toad)
hmkky     s.(pol)(neo)health crisis
hmkmy     s.(ast)     Hyades || Mouth of the Toad (Toad = dark cloud in the Milky Way): The Hyades (provenience: Misminay
hmkn      expr.       come! || command form of the verb to come used by andean priests to call the spirit of a person | god |
hmkpch    expr.(d1) please come
hmkpch      to come returning       to heal || to cure || to cure || to give medicine || to heal
hmkpy     v.intr.     to shrink by cold or pain
hmkrnpch v.intr.      to sweat || to perspire
hmksk     expr.(d2) Welcome!
hmky      adj.(mat) deductive
hmky      s.a.        medicine man || healer || physician
hmkyt     s.          the East || hot land
hmnp      s.          pharmacy
hmnpch       to poison || to intoxicate
hmnt      s.(neo)     health center || hospital
hmnt      s.(bot)     curare || kind of liana of the jungle || kind of medicinal plant (main uses: animal poison | medicinal: brusi
hmnty     expr.       heal me
hmnykmnhmnykttprk to visit frequently || to repeat one's visits
hmp       to visit frequently
hmp                   k
          s.(bot)(amz) ind of palm tree used as carnival tree
hmpchky expr.         Come along!
hmpchy    s.(bot)     jamillo || parasitic plants which graft themselves into the trees
hmpchy    s.          manner
hmpchyyt s.(esp)      steam || vapor || vapour
hmphych        to come
hmpk to evaporate || to emit vapour
hmpkht    s.          sieve
hmpkhtk       to sieve
hmpkhtkys       to deduct
hmpkk       to criticize
hmpkmyk expr.         I come to visit you
hmpkr     [comparing] || as || like
hmpkrn    expr.       as ... as
hmpky     s.          cactus thorn
hmpky     s.          example
hmpkys    s.(ass)     example
hmpmntpntrkspyyykn for example
hmpn      expr.       for example
hmpr      interj.     I see || I already know || aha
hmpr                  like
          postpos., conj. || as
hmprpk    s.          manner || truth
hmpry     num.c.      one million || million
hmps      adj.        similar || alike
hmpsk     adv.t.      still
hmpsk     s.          sum || group
hmpskyk adv.m.(d1) that way || in that way
hmpsp     adv.m.      thus || consequently || like this || like that
hmpt      s.(tex)      wool strand || skein of yarn
hmpt      s.           body
hmpt^mpt s.(ana)       pancreas
hmptchsknpkykkn        residue of chicha production
hmptpsmn to dress
hmpy        to add
hmpy        to pull || to drag || to take by the hand
hmpy      v.dic.       to shout || to scream
hmpy        to shred with the teeth || to chew (munch) || to chew or suck on cane or corn stock
hmpy        to slap
hmpy      s.(bot)(esp)wormwood
hmpy      expr.        one after the other
hmpych    expr.        more or less
hmpychk adj.           plain || simple
hmpykt    adv.l.       above || up || north
hmpykys s.             collection
hmpynnkchys.(gra)      conjugation
hmpys     s.           day
hmpysk    adv.t.       early (in the morning)
hmpyy                  fanega (Spanish cereal measure | +/- 240 lb.)
hmpyy     s.(phymed)hanca || disease of the potato (the tuber is covered by grains and grows no more - it is supposed to be e
hmry      adj.         lame
hmsns     s.(d2)       sky || heaven
hmy       adv.m.       so
hmy       adv.t.       then
hmy       adj.         uncooked || raw || crude (food) || raw
hmy       adj.         upper || high || elevated || superior || above || high up
hmy       s.(d1)       upper part
hmychy    s.(tmp)      week
hmykk     s.(geo)(aym) white (like snow) || highest altitude level in the Andes from 5000 m upwards
hmyky     s.           elevation
hmypyy    s.(bot)      thorn bush with shiny leaves
hmyy      expr.        amen
hmyyk     adj.(mat) convergent
hn        s.           dress || clothes || clothing
hn        s.a.         imitator
hn        s.           union || meeting
hn        adv.l.       a bit above
hn        adv.l.       upwards
hn        adv.l.       from above
hn        adj.         upper || top || superior
hn        adv.l.       above
hn        adv.l.       above || up || north
hn        adv.t.       during the day
hn        s.(spi)      one of the three worlds
hn        s.           sky || heaven || the upper or superior world | defined by it's abundance of super-refined energy or sami |
hn        adj.         exterior
hn        s.p.         convergent
hn        p.p.p.       depressed
hn        num.c.       billon (1 |000 |000 |000 |000)
hn        s.           imbalance
hnch        to become || to change into || to turn into || to imitate
hnch       to come along
hnch      to limp || to go lame
hnchmtchy        to make instable
hnchy      to walk on tiptoe
hnchy       to elevate
hnchy      s.(ast)     Southern Cross (constellation)
hnchy      v.intr.     to arise || to emerge || to appear
hnchy      s.(geo)     north
hnh        postpos. above || over
hnhkhkm expr.          That's it!
hnhny      v.dic.      to be right
hnhny      adv.t.      after || afterwards
hnk        s.          direction
hnk        s.(gra)     adverb of manner
hnk        adv.l.      above || up || north
hnk        s.          pasture
hnk        adj.        that very
hnk        s.(top)     town at Lake Chinchayqocha in the Department with the same name in Peru || (Span.) Jun¡n (<wide | b
hnk        adj.        upper || high || elevated || superior
hnk        s.          upper part
hnk       to elevate
hnk       to unite (others)
hnk        s.(top)     Upper Qosqo || upper part of the Inka capital Qosqo || second Inka dynasty (approx. 1350 - 1533) | und
hnk        s.(ass)     association || organization
hnk        s.          level
hnk        s.          meeting
hnk        v.recip.(d2)to copulate || to fuck
hnk        v.recip.(d1)to meet || to assemble || to gather
hnkch      s.          blue sky
hnkch      postpos. above || over
hnkchn     s.          upper part of a slope
hnkhchkk p.p.p.        assembled
hnkk       s.(tex)     upper loom bar || warp beam (upper loom bar)
hnkk       s.          upper part (region)
hnkkhchk s.(pol)       upper region of an ayllu || upper part of a community | upper moiety (contrasts with urinsaya)
hnkkk      s.(tex)     part of the warp which is pressed upwards by the shed rod || upper shed rod shed
hnkmn      s.          nappy || napkin || diaper
hnkmnt     adj.        all
hnknn      s.          assembly || congregation || congregation
hnknnp     s.(mil)     sergeant major
hnkp       v.dic.      to allow
hnkp       s.(tex)     exterior clothing
hnkpch     v.recip.    to assemble || to congregate
hnkpch     s.(top)     Upper Wanka | historical region of the Wanka | today the provinces of Huancayo and Chupaca in the D
hnkpkhpk adv.m.        as well || likewise
hnkpyk     adj.        intact
hnksk      v.intr.     to be true
hnktmrchsk adv.m.      precisely || exactly
hnky       adv.m.      furthermore
hnky       to look like || to resemble
hnky       conj.       but || however
hnky       adv.m.      then || if it is that way
hnky       s.(gra)     adverb
hnky       to undo
hnkychy    v.intr.     to yawn
hnkyk      adj.        curious
hnkypy     p.p.p.      assembled || collected
hnkyy      adj.        higher
hnkyyp                 United Nations
hnm        s.          union || meeting
hnmknkny adv.m.        then || that way
hnmn       adv.m.      in this way
hnmn       pron.indef. everything || all parts
hnmychk v.intr.        to be curious
hnn        s.          basin || tub to wash in
hnn        s.(esp)     council
hnn        adj.(d1)    full
hnn        postpos. full of
hnn        adv.m.      in any case || however
hnn        s.          pregnancy
hnnchy     adj.(d2)    pregnant
hnnchy       to fill || to satisfy || to compel
hnnksk     s.          filling
hnnky      adv.m.      in the same way
hnnky      s.          responsibility
hnnky      v.recip.    to assemble || to gather || to congregate || to mix up (persons)
hnnky      adv.m.      together
hnnky      s.(gra)     speech || sentence
hnnnks     s.(gra)     parts of speech
hnnp       to incommode || to importune
hnnpt      p.p.p.      full || filled || satisfied || very full
hnnsk      s.(gra)     intransitive verb
hnnsmp     s.          satisfaction
hnnsy      v.intr.     to be filled up || to fill || to fill up || to satisfy oneself || to fill || to fulfill || to keep || to complete || to fill || to fu
hnnsy       to fill || to fill up || to fulfil || to fulfill || to pay (for)
hnnsyn       to complete
hnnt       adv.m.      completely
hnntn      v.intr.     te be filled up
hnntn      s.(mes)(esp)June
hnntnykktsychkp        meeting
hnny       s.          pile || heap || rampart
hnnychp    adj.        same
hnnykky    postpos. similar to
hnnynk       to accept || to assent
hnpch      v.intr.     to assemble || to gather
hnpch       to assemble || to gather
hnpchky       to call attention to || to attract attention to
hnpn to conjugate
hnpps       to cover with nappies       to do || to do it that way || to do like
hnps       s.          proof
hnptn      num.c.      billon (1 |000 |000 |000 |000)
hnrmn       height
hnry       adv.t.      always
hnrykchy v.intr.          to hum
hns        v.intr.        to yawn
hnsk          to dilate
hnsk       adv.m.         as well || likewise
hnsknsynkn s.             identity
hnskrrkn   adj.           empty
hnsp       s.(fon)        vowel
hnsphnsptk s.             dry leaves || debris || waste || spoils
hnstn      s.             dusty soil
hnsyy      adj.           interesting
hnt        s.(mit)        sacred couple - finest form of yanantin || a sacred couple who have both reached full development of th
hnt        s.(agr)        uncultivated land
hnt        adj.           useless
hnt          to give in custody || to confide || to entrust
hnt        v.intr.        to let someone capture oneself || to surrender
hnt        p.p.p.         lighted
hnt      to deliver || to hand over || to make capture || to surrender || to give || to (lit) to make receive || to turn on
hntchy      to light
hntchykn            to torture
hntk       s.(bot)        kind of shrub
hntn          to eat noisily
hntnky     s.             corral || porch || shed
hntnt      s.             idea
hntrmy     s.a.           who understands
           v          to keep (not to return) || to retain || to confiscate
hntryy     s.(med)        the grabbing || illness thought to be caused by Earth spirits capturing the soul or life force of a person w
hntsk      v.intr.        to breathe through the mouth
hntskrrchk v.intr.        to hold on
hnty      to keep in mind || to keep (something) || to learn || to seize the heart || to make sick || to learn || to under
hnty       v.intr.        to suffocate
hnty      to understand
hntychy    s.(d1)         handle
hntyhnty   s.(d2)         reward || inheritance || salary || wage
hntyky     s.             emulation || rivalry || competition
hny        v.recip.       to quarrel || to argue || to compete
hny        s.(mit)(his)   ghosts who used to appear with two big breasts and violently carried off men | women | and children
hny          to adore
hny        v.intr.        to seize
hny          to catch
hny        v.intr.        to make the sound of a goat || to baa
hny          to trap
hny        s.(bot)        hapru | kind of tree
hny        s.(mik)        chaff
hny         to go up stairs || to climb a ladder
hny        s.(bot)        kind of medical plant of the rainforest used against infertility
hny        v.recip.       to breed || to mate || to sleep with each other || to fall in love with each other
hnych         to go away || to get away || to clear off
hnyhn      v.intr.        to mix the llajwa
hnymn          to twist
hnypchp    p.p.p.         captured || caught || taken
hnyrky     s.(geo)        swamp || bog
hnyry      s.(ant)        son of many || unehelicher Sohn
hnyschy    s.(ant)     public woman (whore) || whore
hnytk       to ferment
hnytkky    s.          decrease || diminution
hnyy       v.intr.     to burn without flame || to burn one's skin
hnyy       to collect dry leaves
hp   to grasp || to grab || to grip || to take || to receive || to take hold of || to grab onto || to catch || to capture ||
hp   to understand
hp      to walk slowly || to walk step by step || to make a step
hp         s.          torture
hp         s.(bot)     caimito || kind of plant of the jungle (main use: food | construction)
hp         expr.(neo) under their jurisdiction || under their protection
hpchky     adv.m.      step by step
hpchky     s.(top)     village in the district of Moyobamba (12 km from Moyobamba | department of San Mart¡n | Peru) || (Spa
hpchsk     v.intr.     to lessen || to dwindle || to shrink
hpchy      s.          maize germinated for making chicha
hpchy      s.          dam || barrage || reservoir || barrier
hpchy      s.(bot)     kind of acacia used for making tools (especially plough bodies) | kalchas (haystack trees) | for firewood
hphp       s.          who makes block
hphpyy     v.intr.     to have oneself stripped
hpk       to make block
hpk       to make pull out
hpkk       s.          discount || substraction
hpkpy      s.(mil)     garrison || guard
hpksk      s.          stopper || blocker || defender
hpky       expr.       Beat it! || Scram!
hpky       v.intr.     to protect oneself
hpky       v.intr.     to strip
hpky       to go to pull out
hpky       to go to stop
hpn        s.          barrier || obstacle
hpn                    c
           s.(zoo)(esp) ommon lance-head viper || kind of snake
hpnky      s.          disk
hpnky      s.(spi)     spiritual defense against bad forces
hpnn       to hinder || to hamper || to stop || to impede
hppky                  kind
           s.(bot)(p.esp) of medicinal plant | main uses: snake bite prevention | anti-viral | anti-bacterial
hppky      adj.        skinny
hppry      s.          tower || defense || obstruction || cover
hppyy       to intercept || to obstruct
hppyy       to block || to stop || to protect
hpr       to pull out something distant for someone
hprch       to stop something for someone
hprky      s.          shield
hprr       s.(ass)     tolerance
hpry       p.p.p.      empty
hpry       p.p.p.      stopped || stuck || caught
hpry       v.dic.      to oppose
hpry       s.(gra)     slurred syllables
hpsk       s.(zoo)     turtledove || pigeon || wild pigeon
hpspmp     s.          extraction || subtraction
hptskchr   s.          obstacle
hptskyrm   s.(ass)     salary || wages
hpty to defend || to protect || to intervene in favor of another
hpy       to empty || to vacate || to clear
hpy       to pay
hpy       to pull out || to take out || to extract || to pick || to harvest || to get || to obtain || to exploit (minerals) || to ta
hpy       to stop || to halt || to delay || to prevent || to hinder || to hold || to block || to be in the way || to block a path
hpy        s.a.        protector
hpy swear
hpy        s.          scarecrow
hpy^py       to cover || to wrap || to take with the net || to entangle
hpynnp     v.          to threaten
hpyp                   i
hpysy      s.(esp)     jug || jar
hpyy       s.(esp)     spur
hr         s.(esp)     rust
hrk        v.intr.     to bend down || to bend over || to bow
hrk      to circle || to rotate
hrkchk     interj.     To hell with him!
hrkchky    v.intr.     to lose weight
hrkchy     s.(mus)     poem || song || work song || devotional song
hrkchy     s.(ass)     poetry
hrkk swear (oath)
hrkk       to arrange || to put into order
hrkk       to make warm up
hrkky      s.          poet
hrkky       to go to warm up
hrkky       to warm up something for someone
hrkmy      p.p.p.      retoasted flour
hrkmy       to make verses || to write poetry
hrkn       to rub || to warm up
hrkn       v.dic.(mus) to sing during work
hrkn       v.dic.      to snore || to snore
hrkn       s.(neo)     literature
hrknchy    s.(bot)(esp)garlic
hrknsch    s.(min)     kind of mineral
hrknsky    s.          premature dentition (coming of teeth)
hrkp       s.(l.esp)   sickle
hrkpky     adj.        tender || soft || easy
hrkpy                  kind
           s.(bot)(p.esp) of medicinal plant of the jungle
hrkpy       to facilitate
hrkpy      v.intr.     to smoke || to produce smoke
hrkrn      p.p.        infected || inflamed
hrkrn                  laurel || clammy cherry || kind of medicinal plant | main uses: shaman medicine for protection and streng
hrksk      s.          facility || easiness
hrksk      adv.m.      easily
hrkskny    s.(esp)     hazienda
hrksksmk               garlic vine || kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle | a climbing plant with strong garlic smell |
hrkt       s.          factibilidad
hrky                   garlic tree || kind of jungle tree whose leaves and bark are used as medicine against rheumatism and a
hrky       prep.(esp) till
hrky       s.          pleated skirt worn by cholitas || full | short skirt made from synthetic fabric worn by the cholas of souther
hrky       s.          kill-joy || spoilsport || grouser
hrky       v.intr.     to sob
hrky       to soften
hrky                     garlic vine || kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle | a climbing plant with strong garlic smell |
hrky         adv.m.      easily
hrkykk       adv.m.      easily
hrmnty       s.(zoo.ana)animal mouth || jaws || jaw
hrpy         s.          anus
hrpy         s.(ana)     lips || lip
hrpy                     g
             s.(fam)(esp) odson || goddaughter || godchild
hrr          s.          grandmother
hrr          adj.        very large
hrrks        adj.        the biggest
hrrpkn       adj.        huge || enormous
hrry         s.(d2)      canal
hrry         adj.        full of holes (clothes | house | wall | roof | blanket)
hrry         s.(d1)      hole || opening || canal || tunnel || mouth
hrsyy        s.(bot)     wild fodder plant || wild amaranth || kind of amaranth || plant with edible leaves
hry       to make perforate
hry          s.          drill || awl || pricker || borer
hry          adj.        who has sunk eyes
hry       to pierce something for someone
hrychy       p.p.p.      perforated
hryk         s.          deep hole || abyss
hrymy       to pierce || to perforate || to drill || to bore || to bore a hole || to dig || to make a hole || to punch holes in
hrypy        s.(his)     master of hair dresses
hrysk        adj.(d1)    big || tall || grand || high || large || long || great || important
hryy         adj.(d2)    serious
hryy         s.          size || height
hryy         p.p.p.      giant
hryy       to enlarge || to make big
hryychy      s.          enlargement
hs           v.intr.     to build oneself up
hs           s.(zoo)     kind of aquatic turtle of the jungle
hs           s.(zoo)     ringed king fisher || kind of bird
hs        to increase || to aggrandize || to build up (morally)
hs           adj.(col)   dyed yellow
hschr        adj.        criminal || evil-doer
hschy        s.(agr)     earthing up
hschy to earth up (plants)
hsk          s.(zoo)     rat
hskr^hsksp   s.          sea
hsky         s.(zoo)     seal
hsmnt        s.(tex)     big lake (pallay design)
hsnt                     m
             s.(geo)(ecu) assif
hspnk        s.          constitution
hsrrynyky    s.          president || boss
hssch        s.(pol)     constitution
hst          s.          constitutional assembly
hstn         s.          size
hstprtch     s.(met)     lightning
hsty         s.(top)     archeological city in Ecuador | former capital of the Ka¤ari || (Span.) Ingapirca
hsychy       s.(top)     High Q'eros. This town serves as the ceremonial center | umbilicus or Qosqo of the Q'ero Nation
hsysk        s.(his)     high official
hsyt         s.(spi)     the great or high initiation or transmission
hsyyn      s.(ast)     Great | or Large Cross: (a) Betelgeuse | Rigel | Sirius | Procyon (cross of the northern suyu or quarter) |
ht         adj.        big (man) || very big
ht         expr.       the largest || the most significant
ht         s.(med)     plague || pestilence
ht^ht      s.          greatness || magnitude || majesty
htch       s.(gra)     capital letter
htchchk    s.(bot)     kind of herb of the jungle (main use: medicinal)
htchk      s.(zoo)     many-banded aracari || kind of bird
hthtn      s.(ast)(d1) planet || large star (first magnitude)
htk        s.(ast)(d2) Sirius (lit. large star | provenience: Sonqo)
htk        s.          craving || ravenous appetite
htk        s.(fam)     grandmother
htk        s.(pol)     kuraka's wife
htkchy     s.          alarm
htkn       s.(bot)     kind of shrub of the jungle (main use: medicinal)
htkny      s.          greater
htkpy      s.          epidemic
htksk      s.          street || road
htksn      s.          giant
htky       s.(mit)     Great God Creator
htkykmyk s.(zoo)       southern river otter || kind of otter
htn        s.(neo)     president || boss
htn        s.          power || rule
htn        s.          main goal
htnchchk s.(agr)       time of great plant growth
htnchchy s.(mes)       February || February (in the Inka era: Time of great plant growth | also time of ceremonial vestments. Th
htnchk                 M
           s.(mes)(reg) arch
htnchky    s.          holiday || feastday || solemnity
htnchrp    s.(bot)     big potato
htnchy     s.a.        president
htnchy     s.(bot)     kind of banana
htnchyk    adj.        important || notable
htnhchyk s.(neo)       main indicator
htnhymy    s.          boulder
htnhymy    s.(neo.per) macro-regional space of dialogue and coordination
htnkch     s.(neo.per) regional space of dialogue and coordination
htnkch     s.          big person
htnkchpm s.            national plan
htnkhch    s.(mes)     December
htnkkss    s.(zoo)     big forest dog
htnkmch    s.(top)     Great Shausha | historical region of the Shausha Wanka | today the province of Jauja (Xauxa) in the De
htnkmchk s.(zoo)       giant toucan || white-throated toucan || kind of bird
htnkmchn s.            word that multiplies in many ways || big word
htnkmchtyychktntr      magnanimous
htnkn      s.          human excrements || shit
htnknchy         to shit
htnknr     s.(ana)     aorta
htnkr      s.(bot)     kind of aquatic plant of the Amazon region
htnkrk     s.          peal of laughter || rip of laughter
htnkrpy    s.(bot)     kind of plant
htnkrs     s.(met)     inundation || flood
htnkry     s.(ana)     windpipe || trachea
htnkrykk      to shit
htnkshyy s.(ana)       aorta
htnky       s.(fam)    grandfather
htnkyk      s.(fam)    grandparents
htnkynkyn s.           development
htnkyyn     s.         enlargement
htnkyyr     s.         prison || jail
htnkyyr     s.(neo)    higher education
htnmchy      to enlarge || to make big
htnmm       s.         university
htnmm       s.         calamity
htnmnchy s.(geo)       river
htnmykrpnk s.(zoo)(p.esp) caiman || black caiman || kind of alligator (caiman) of the Amazon
htnn        s.         city
htnnky      s.(neo)    national organizations
htnnn       s.         big house
htnpch      s.(zoo)    big tinamu || American partridge
htnpchkmk s.(fam)      grandfather
htnpchn     s.         liar || swindler
htnpk       v.intr.    to expand
htnpktksk s.           information system
htnpkty     s.         hurricane
htnpky      s.(bot)    corn cob attacked by carbon fungus
htnpkyky s.            rally || demonstration
htnpkyky s.            source
htnpnchy         to raise something for oneself
htnpp      to make someone stand up || to make to stand up || to make to get up || to disturb || to incite
htnpsk      v.intr.    to rise || to get up || to stand up || to withdraw
htnpynt     p.p.p.     guerrilla fighter
htnrk       p.p.p.     upright
htnrkchk    expr.      let's gut up || let's stand up
htnrm     to get up || to stand up
htnrmnkysy s.          uprising
htnrmnkyys adj.        huge || enormous
htnrn       adj.(esp) bumped off || done for || down | out and finished || bungled || ruined || fucked
htnrryyyy v.intr.      to spout out (source)
htnrymky v.intr.       to stop up (stomach)
htnschyk s.(neo)       technics || technique
htnshysh s.a.          landlord
htnskynk v.intr.       to try to stand up
htnsm      size
htnsnk to handle
htnspy      to hold || to convince || to assimilate || to perceive || to possess
htnspy      to keep up | to sustain | to maintain
htnsrk                 because of
htnssk      s.(fil)    contradiction
htnsy       adj.       contradictory
htnsysy     s.         decrease
htntkypchtkrpkpr       delicacy || gluttony
htntnkr     s.         enemy
htntspy     s.(bot)    fruit of the witu tree || kind of tree with sweet | eatable | medicinal fruits - when green | they are mashed
htntynsrk s.           hot spice
htntyt       interj.(d1) How spicy! || How strong! || How hot!
htntytkn                 I
             adv.m.(esp) hope || provided that || I hope that
htny         s.          juice || juice
htnych       s.(bot)(esp)kind of fig tree || kind of medicinal plant | main uses: purgative | anti-parasite
htnychkyys   interj.     look!
htnychy      adj.        next || upper || outer
htnychy      interj.     oh! || Oh!
htnychyys    s.          ointment
htnyk                    on
             postpos.(d3) || above || about
htnyk        adv.l.      outside || after || above
htnykrt      postpos.(d1)over || on || above || out of || after
htnykt       s.(d2)      sky
htnynkrkn    s.(d3)      surface
htnys        adj.        tasty || spicy || pricking || hot
htnyth       v.intr.     to be infected || to be inflamed
htnyy       to berate || to rebuke || to bother || to molest || to give advices
htnyy        v.intr.     to cough
htnyy       to mix || to combine
htnyyn       v.dic.      to shout //Aahi!//
htnyyr       s.(d1)      upper part || cover || peak || top
htp          adv.m.      very fast
htr          interj.(d2) what? || what did you say?
htr what? || what? (used when something not heard or understood)
htrchky                  T
             s.(pun)(esp) hursday
htrchy       s.          earring
htrky        s.(ast)     planet Saturn
htrpkk       s.(mik)     sauce
htrsk        v.intr.     to burn one's tongue with spices
htrsnchk     s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
htry         s.          step-son
htry         s.(ass)     census || glossary || vocabulary
htsk       to keep || to preserve || to conserve || to supervise || to save
htt       to make a sauce
hty       to make someone anoint
hty to register
htychky       to tire || to make difficult
htyk         adj.        bitter || spicy || hot (spicy) || tasty || pricking
htykchy      s.(top)     city in the Department of Puno (Peru) || (Span.) Juliaca
htynn        s.          discount
htyy         s.(ana)     gall || bile || gall bladder
htyy how many? || how much?
htyy         interj.     how rich || how tasty
hy           s.(mik)     meal of liver | pumpkin and chillies
hy           adj.        peaceful || tranquil
hy           s.          proof
hy           s.          solution
hy           s.(ana)(reg)spleen
hy           interj.     take!
hy           adj.        various
hy           expr.       very fast
hy           s.          who eats too much
hy           s.(bot)     plant | leaves used to dye black
hy     up to how many?
hy         s.           limit
hy     for when?
hy     how many times?
hy         s.(mat)      area
hy         v.intr.      to live in peace
hy     till when?
hy         s.(ana)      gall bladder || bile gland || bile
hy         s.           ointments
hy        to include || to comprise
hy         v.dic.       to talk admirable things
hy     when?
hy     yet how long?
hy         s.a.         bitter || spicy
hy         s.           council
hy         s.(pol)      leader of a part of an ayllu || mayor || foreman || boss
hy    how many? || how much?
hy         expr.        how old are you?
hy         s.           autumn || vacation
hy         s.(zoo)      black and white colored animal
hy         s.(spi)      ritual || rite
hybs       v.intr.      to amuse oneself || to relax || to be happy
hych       v.intr.      to anoint oneself
hych        to include || to comprise
hych       to jump
hychky     s.           liquor || brandy || whiskey || cane alcohol
hychnsyr s.(mes)        July
hychr      s.(med)      chicken pox (in comparison with smallpox)
hychy      s.           autumn
hychy      s.           autumn
hychy      s.           square (place)
hychy      s.(top)      square in the city of Qosqo where celebrations took place
hychy      s.(bot)      giant cactus
hychy      s.(bot)      kind of radish-like plant used as food crop and medicinal plant
hyk        s.           help
hyk        adj.         toothless || without teeth || which does not cut anymore
hyk        s.a.         weeder
hyk        s.           delicasy || treat || sweet food
hyk        adj.         who lost his or her teeth
hyk        s.           step-mother
hyk        adv.l.       up || upwards
hyk        to raise || to lift || to raise up || to lift up
hyk        expr.        Long live the big uprisings!
hyk        s.           cooperative
hyk        adv.l.       from above || from outside
hyk        expr.        Hello!
hyk        s.(ass)      field
hyk        s.(ass)      scholarship
hyk   to earth up || to put ground at the foot of a plant || to protect a plant from the light || to weed || to make a
hykchyk        to favour || to favor
hykkm        to help
hykknptkkynn            weeding
hykkpk     v.intr.     to lose one's teeth || to lose the edges of one's teeth
hykkt      s.(mit)     harbinger (of a guest or a disease)
hykktknchr s.          ointment
hykkysy    s.(bot)     passion fruit || kind of plant of the jungle (main use: food)
hykmn      adv.l.      right (hand)
hykn       s.(ass)     right (human | political etc.)
hykn       s.          spirit (of living being) || ghost (of living being) || soul (of living being)
hyknchy    adv.l.      upwards
hyknyntrmy s.          exteriority
hykp       to express outwardly || to show || to reveal
hykpmnt       to commit adultery
hykpnk       to commit adultery
hykrk      adj.        heavy || low (tone)
hykt       s.          rights
hyktk      adv.l.(d1) above
hyktkytyk adv.l.(d2) outside
hyky       to put above
hyky       adv.l.(d1) over
hyky       adv.l.(d2) superficially
hyky      to fly
hyky       to respect
hyky       v.dic.      to whistle
hyky       s.          gravy made of corn flour to eat with //coles yano//
hykyk      s.          grind stone
hykykskky adj.(geo) northern
hykymrnky adv.l.       outside || above
hykymt     s.(zoo)     paca || kind of rodent
hykypchhy s.           plummet
hykypt     s.          sky
hykypt     s.(ass)     space
hykyy      s.          funnel
hykyyk     expr.       I hope || provided that
hym        postpos. in addition to (the wives he had)
hym        p.p.p.      ripped up || rupture
hymk       s.          top || peak
hymkhn     adv.l.      top
hymkr       to boil in dye
hymm       v.intr.     to chew coca
hymn       to distribute || to allot || to share out
hymnchry     to modify
hymnhtnhtrkn           to pour || to decant
hymnk       to reach || to obtain || to gain || to suffice || to catch up with
hymnt       to rip up || to rupture
hymtnnk       to smear something for someone
hymy                   jaguar
hymy       s.(geo)     upper peak
hymy       exteriority
hymy       s.(bot)     aromatic plant tied to the baby and his/her mother
hymy       s.          fabulous words of admiration
hymy       s.(bot)     flower of the orchid
hymyy      adj.        stranger || foreigner
hyn        s.(bot)(esp)favas
hyn        s.          judge
hyn        s.(esp)     judge
hyn        s.(bot)(esp)uvilla || kind of plant of the jungle (main use: food)
hyn        p.p.p.      anointed || consecrated
hyn        s.(bot)     kind of shrub
hyn        adj.        sharp-tongued
hynchy     s.(med)     cleft palate
hynchy     s.(ana)     pericardium
hynchyksnt s.(p.esp) toasted and cooked fava bean
hynchyyrmnt .          source || spring || natural spring
hynk       s.(fam)     step-daughter
hynkn      adv.l.      top
hynp       s.          kick
hynp       s.a.        kicker
hynpchry adj.          useful
hynt       product
hynt       s.(zoo)     a type of black and red snake
hynty      s.          place of the bed where the feet are placed
hyny       v.recip.    to kick each other
hyny       s.(neo)     aircraft || airplane
hyp        v.intr.     to stretch the legs out || to stretch out one's feet
hyp        v.intr.     to stretch the legs out || to stretch out one's feet
hyp        p.p.p.      kicked
hyp       to kick
hyp        s.(fam)     step-father
hyp        s.          chant of victory || religious | heroic or agricultural song || triumph || shout or song of triumph || joy and glo
hypch      adj.        easy || easy || not serious
hypch      s.(fam)     grandchild
hypn       s.(mes)(esp)July
hyps       s.          planting
hyps   to burn (hot | spiced meal)
hypsk       to contradict
hypt       to eat sweets on the sly
hyptstynhymn           to embitter
hypy       v.intr.     to feel tired of something || to find something difficult
hypy                   t
hypy       v.intr.     to hurry
hypy       v.intr.     to lessen || to dwindle || to shrink
hypy   to plant || to erect
hypy       to reduce
hypy       to resolve
hypy   to smear || to rub on || to rub || to scour || to scrub || to anoint || to consecrate || to annoint
hyr       to wash
hyrk       s.          earring
hyrkchynn s.(med)      superficial wound
hyrky       to make reach
hyrkysm       to rise something
hyrn       s.          outer darkness
hyrn       s.a.(his)   those who celebrate victory cheering and offending the defeated enemies
hys        s.          country || country village
hys        s.          banquet
hys        v.intr.     to suffice || to be enough
hys        s.(neo)     civilisation
hysk       to go to deliver
hysk       to touch
hysm       p.p.p.      donor
hysmchktkns.           stroke || armful
hysnkyk    s.(spi)     ritual offering || despacho (traditional andean offering to the gods) || traditional andean offering of thanks
hysphs     s.(gra)     simple syllable
hysr       s.a.        frightful || dreadful || horrible || terrible
hyss       expr.       hail!
hystynhymn expr.       hail!
hyt        s.          sacrifice
hytk       to reach || to hand over || to give || to offer || to pass
hytk to sharpen
hytkynn       to sing chants of victory || to salute
hytm       v.dic.      to whistle
hytn       s.          thief who steals everything
hytnky     s.          soil
hytprknk   fon.        (consonant phoneme of the quechua language)
hytrky     fon.        (consonant phoneme of the quechua language)
hytrky     fon.        (consonant phoneme of the quechua language)
hytsk      fon.        (consonant phoneme of the quechua language)
hyty     [doer] || -er || -or
hytyt     [reflexive] || for oneself || oneself
hyy     [topic] || [already known information] || the || but
hyy [varying | generalizing] || to do something in general (use without direct object)
hyy        s.          a woman's mother in law
hyy        s.(fam)     ancestor
hyy and ...?
hyy        interj.     bah (dislike)
hyy        adv.l.      behind
hyy        s.(d1)      corn soup
hyy        s.          dwarf || sickly baby
hyy        s.          excrements || droppings || shit || faeces || feces
hyy        s.(d1)      exploiter || profiteer
hyy        s.(d2)      fat || grease
hyy        adj.        fat || obese
hyy        s.(bot)(esp)fig tree || fig fruit || fig
hyy        s.          god mother (referring to a man)
hyy        adj.(col)   grey || gray || ash-gray || light blue || blue || ash-colored || brown || leaden || lead color
hyy        interj.     I see!
hyy        s.(top)     Ica || coastal valley in Peru
hyych      s.          lead
hyychkr    s.(d2)      mother-in-law of the man
hyychy     s.(d2)      narrow pass || defile || notch
hyychy     adj.        null
hyykh      s.(bot)     oca || certain tuber plant || potato-like plant
hyykk      s.(d1)      sand
hyykt      pron.indef. yours
hyyky      num.c.      zero
hyyky      s.(esp)     organizer
hyykysy    s.(esp)     government
hyymy      adj.        active || hard-working || dynamic || diligent || lively
hyypyy    s.(d2)      axe || ax
hyyrk     s.(bot.ana) branch
hyyrk     s.(zoo)     cat
hyyrsk    s.          cattle horn used for instrument
hyysmk    s.          corner || edge || rim || shore || bank || angle || inside corner || angle
hyytk     adj.        curvilinear
hyyy      s.(med)     diarrhoea || diarrhea
hyyy      adj.        dirty
hyyy      s.          dried fruit
hyyy      s.(d1)      elegance || grace || mercy
hyyy      s.(zoo)     flea
hyyy      s.(bot)     grass
hyyy      s.(ana)     hair
hyyykchkmks.          joy || happiness || unbridled happiness || frenzied happiness || joy
hyyyp     s.(geo)     lake || puddle || pond || pond || lagoon
k         s.          messenger
k         s.          miniature
k         s.(tex)     minor end of a sling | braided after the more complex braid is completed | usually 5- or 7-strand braid of
k         s.(zoo)     mouse || rat
k         s.          narrow pass || defile || notch
k         s.(d1)      nest
k         s.(d2)      niece
k         s.          opening
k         s.          pasture || fodder plant || barley || grass || grass (green and tender) || fodder || forage
k         adj.        pretty || beautiful || sympathetic || neat || good (person) || nice || friendly || elegant || pretty
k         s.(min)     salt
k         adj.        salty
k         s.(med)     sciatic pain || lumbago
k         s.          segment
k         adj.        sharp || sharp-edged || cutting || keen
k         adj.        sharpened
k         adj.        skinny
k         s.(fam)     twins
k         adj.        united
k         adj.(k)     watery || muddy || marshy
k         s.(bot)     kind of tree with big | conical thorns and with green-whitish flowers
k         s.          peaked cap
k         s.(zoo)     starling || kind of small parrot || little parrot
k       to crackle (sparking)
k         v.intr.     to crunch
k         s.(gra)     imperative
k         v.intr.     to flirt
k       to have something taken away for oneself
k         v.intr.     to make oneself pinch
k         s.(d2)      salt-shaker
k         s.(d1)      salt-shaker || salt shaker
k         p.p.p.      salted || salty
kbsy       to beautify something || to embellish something
kbyrn     v.intr.     to form crystals (salt)
kch       to make take away
kch       to put into a corner
kch       to salt
kch       to salt
kch       wound
kch        s.(bot)     brambles || needle
kch        s.          constipation
kch        s.(zoo)     eagle
kch        adj.        hot || warm
kch        s.          knife
kch        s.a.        miller
kch        adj.        narrow
kch        adj.        narrow || compressed || cramped together || pressed || together || tight (clothes)
kch        s.          policeman || cop
kch        s.(geo)     pond || lake
kch        s.          rope || cord
kch        adj.        so much || so many
kch        s.(bot.ana) thorn || spine || spine (generic term)
kch        s.a.        transmitter
kch        s.          young corn cob
kch        s.          bit || morsel || bite
kch        adj.(col)   dyed (natural) green
kch        s.          pasture || fodder plant
kch        adj.        who acts most diligently in what is to be done
kch       to straighten up || to clean || to organize || (lit.) to put in the corner
kch        v.intr.     to be wounded by spines
kch       to provoke constipation
kch       to make block
kch       to narrow
kch        s.          shivering
kch        v.intr.     to rattle || to rumble || to clatter || to gnash one's teeth || to play castanets
kch       to interrupt
kch        s.          salt mine
kch        s.(mat)     acute angle
kch        s.(bot)     huacra-huacra | a plant that gives purple dye from ist fruits || a plant (Berberis sp.) that gives purple
kch        adj.        thorny || spiny
kchch      s.(mat)     acute-angled triangle
kchch      v.intr.     to jostle || to hustle
kchch      s.(ass)     existence
kchchchy   expr.       is now
kchchchy   adv.l.      on the side
kchchk     v.recip.    to jostle || to hustle
kchchky    s.          fur || pelt
kchchky    s.(ana)     hairy skin || hairy leather
kchchky    s.(ana)     molar
kchchrn    adj.        full of spines
kchchrn    p.p.p.      open || opened || open || wide
kchchsk       to take someone violently by his hairs
kchchy     v.intr.     to be reclined to the side || to lean on the side
kchchy     s.(bot)     ukush kasha (lit. //mouse thorn// | small creeping plants of the pampas with tiny | very sharp spines like
kchchy     p.p.p.      blocked
kchchy     p.p.p.      stung by spines
kchchy     adj.        full of spines
kchchy     s.(zoo)     kind of bird
kchchy     adj.        blocked
kchk      s.           evidence || reality
kchk      s.           joy
kchk    to affix
kchk        to arrange || to put into order
kchk      v.intr.      to be hot (heat)
kchk      v.intr.      to be injured || to be hurt
kchk      v.aux.       to be now
kchk      v.intr.      to celebrate || to rejoice
kchk    to choke || to choke to death || to strangle
kchk       to free oneself || to leave || to abandon
kchk        to gnaw
kchk    to knibble || to gnaw || to eat corn cobs without taking the grain off
kchk    to light || to set fire to
kchk      v.intr.      to pinch oneself
kchk      v.intr.      to recover || to be healed
kchkch        to sting (spine)
kchkch        to take down
kchkch        to make narrow
kchkch    expr.(tex)   tight clothes
kchkchchy s.(tex)      tight clothes
kchkchky s.            point (of a spine) || trifle || a little
kchkchky s.(bot)       prickly pear || fruit of a cactus
kchkchy   v.intr.      to get narrow
kchkchy   s.(top)      name of one of the highest altitude Q'ero villages (lit. //lake hill//)
kchkchyy s.(geo)       sea || ocean
kchkchyy s.(p.esp)     pestle of salt used to grind (and salt at the same time)
kchkhchy s.(top)       river in the province of Santiago del Estero (Argentina) || (Span.) R¡o Salado
kchkhy        to go to take something away
kchkkch        to make come
kchkkchk s.(top)       community in the Department of Qosqo (Province of Kalka/Calca | Peru) || (Span.) Ccach¡n
kchkkchk s.            evading movement
kchkkchkmsmnych        it be || he be || she be || should be
kchkky    s.(ana)      jaw
kchkn     s.(bot)      kind of plant with spicy fruits
kchkn     s.(bot)      kind of plant with spicy fruits
kchkn     s.           knife || shears || scissors
kchknky   v.intr.      to place oneself into a corner
kchkr     s.(mat)      abscissa
kchkr        to arrange || to repair
kchkr        to salt
kchkrr    s.(tex)      elegant coloured shirt
kchkrsk   s.(tex)      ritual unkhu¤a shirt divided vertically and horizontally into quarters of contrasting color
kchkry    s.(med)      cholera
kchkryy   s.(med)      diarrhoea || diarrhea
kchksh    v.recip.     to fight over the possession of something
kchksk    v.recip.     to pinch each other
kchksk    s.(bot)      ukush ¤umya (lit. mouse pea | plant of the puna with round | bitter | not eatable fruits. Its leaves are use
kchksp    adj.         without salt
kchktr    s.           discount
kchky     adj.         first-born
kchky        to make roll
kchky     s.           surf || surge || breakers
kchky      s.          foam (of the sea) || spray (of the sea)
kchky      s.(top)(d2) city and Department in Bolivia || (Span.) Cochabamba || literally 'lake plain'
kchky      s.(top)(d1) fertile valley of Cochabamba
kchky      s.          messenger
kchky      s.(bot)     borage
kchky      s.          beech
kchky                  kind
           s.(zoo)(p.esp) of duck || lake duck
kchky      s.          salt-shaker || salt shaker
kchky      s.(zoo)     black ibis
kchky      s.(mat)     degree (of an angle)
kchky      s.a.        adjacent
kchky      s.(zoo)     kind of South American partridge
kchky      s.          square (to draw)
kchky      to roll
kchky       to send for someone
kchkychy         to take something away for someone
kchkykmsppskmkpch ant bear || giant anteater
kchkypch s.            opening
kchkyr     s.(esp)     spoon
kchkyr     adj.        wide || open
kchkyy     s.          boss
kchmk      v.intr.     to have oneself freed
kchmm      v.intr.     to have oneself released || to make release
kchms       to free || to liberate || to release
kchmy      s.          letter
kchmy                  kind
           s.(bot)(p.esp) of medicinal plant of the jungle
kchmy      v.intr.     to celebrate
kchn       to detach
kchn       v.intr.     to release oneself
kchn       s.          key
kchn       s.          farewell || good-bye || send-off
kchn       to leave someone || to separate from someone || to bid one's farewell || to bid farewell || to send off
kchn       s.          farewell || good-bye
kchn       to cut
kchnchky         to release something or someone for someone || to set free
kchnchtnkksky          dismissed
kchnchy    v.intr.     to take a holiday || to take a vacation || to bid farewell || to say good-bye
kchnchy    v.intr.     to be released || to release oneself
kchnk      adj.        free
kchnkhn    p.p.p.      open || opened || open || wide
kchnky     s.a.        hair-dresser
kchnky     s.(p.esp) diarrhoea || diarrhea
kchnky     v.intr.     to be gnawed away
kchnky to grant
kchnmy       to open
kchnnk       to release || to let go || to allow || to permit || to drop || to loosen || to release || to unfasten
kchp       v.intr.     to be open
kchp       s.(ana)     elbow
kchpchy    adj.        mean || miserly || stingy
kchphchkn        to bunch with one's elbow || to jostle || to poke someone in the ribs
kchphsk    s.          cut || incision
kchpmp     p.p.p.      open
kchpmp       p.p.p.       sent
kchpr        s.p.         hairy
kchpry       adj.         salted
kchpt        s.           corner (outside)
kchpt                     pallay motif in weaving (little lake)
kchpt        adj.         pretty
kchptr       adj.         pretty || enough
kchpty       s.(tex)      repetition || narrow stripes bordering wider ones
kchptyk      s.           segment
kchpy        s.(zoo)      kind of water bird
kchpy        s.a.         hair-dresser
kchpy        s.           agility
kchpy        s.           cut
kchpy        s.           fence || wall
kchpyn       s.           heat || warmth
kchr         s.           hiccups || sob
kchr         s.           joy
kchr         s.(zoo)      kind of clearly singing bird
kchrchk      s.(esp)      knife
kchrchky     interj.      ouch!
kchrchky     s.           rope of straw
kchrkchy     s.           singer
kchrkkyksk   v.intr.      to be injured || to be hurt
kchrksp        to beat into parts || to cut (as into a potato when digging)
kchrky        to burn
kchrky       v.intr.      to creak || to grate
kchrky        to crook || to bend || to curve
kchrn    to cut || to carve || to carve || to cut with a knife
kchrpr        to cut pasture
kchrpry      v.intr.      to have a hiccups
kchrpy       v.intr.(med)to have diarrhoea || to evacuate diarrhoea
kchrpy    to make a nest
kchrpy        to make devour
kchrpysk        to make give || to take away || to rob
kchrpyy    to make something be
kchrry    to mend
kchrsk        to open
kchrsk        to pinch
kchrtk        to remove soil superficially
kchry    to rip up || to rupture
kchry    to salt
kchry    to send || to send a person || to command || to order
kchry        to take away || to snatch || to appropiate || to carry off || to deprive
kchry        to twist
kchryy    to unite
kchs        to dam
kchs        to lean
kchschy      s.           corn hair
kchsk        s.p.         derivarion
kchsk        adj.         salty
kchsk        s.a.         unhaired
kchsp        v.intr.      to move actively
kchsp       p.p.p.     abandoned
kchsyrkk    v.intr.    to set off || to be on one's way || to go there finally || to run
kcht        s.(p.esp) salty cracker
kcht      to make come
kcht        s.         exclusion
kcht        v.intr.    to have a festival
kcht  to leave || to abandon || to let || to leave alone || to allow || to abandon
kchtr  to release || to let go || to throw away (worn things) || to send || to send down
kchtychk      to soil
kchy        v.intr.    to spruce oneself up || to dress oneself up
kchy        s.(mat)    bisector
kchy        s.a.       neighbour || neighbor
kchy      to dismiss || to release
kchy        s.a.       neighbour || neighbor
kchy        p.p.p.     salted || salty
kchy        s.(zoo)    kind of pidgeon
kchy        s.(bot)    algae
kchy        s.(bot)    canchalawa (Andean plant) || kind of shrub
kchy      to be inundated || to be overflown || to be flooded
kchy        v.intr.    to become a lake
kchy        v.intr.    to become thinner
kchy        fon.       (consonant phoneme of the quechua language)
kchy        fon.       (consonant phoneme of the quechua language)
kchy        s.(med)    abrasion || scratch
kchy        s.         base drum
kchy        s.(ana)    body || human body || interior || profundity
kchy        adj.       deep || under || interior || at the bottom || body || inside || inner || interior || deep
kchy        s.         drink (made of fermented corn) || chicha || corn beer || corn liquor || fermented corn beverage
kchy        s.         inner part || interior
kchy        adv.l.     inside || below
kchy        s.(geo)    intertropical regions
kchy                   k
            s.(bot)(amz) ind of medicinal plant | main uses: arthritis | lung disorders | diarrhea | malaria | rheumatism
kchy        s.(arc)    room
kchy        s.         swamp || bog
kchy        s.(zoo)    beetle
kchy        s.         bit || morsel || bite
kchy        adj.       close
kchy        adv.l.     close
kchy        adj.       dirty || immoral
kchy        adj.       fatty | callous skin
kchy        s.(mik)    food mixed with soil
kchy        s.(d2)     friend
kchy        s.(zoo)    pig || swine || hog
kchychy     s.         place with many lakes || swampy place
kchychy     adj.       stiff || attenuated
kchyk       s.(d1)     team || crew || band || gang
kchyk       v.intr.    to have oneself cut
kchyk       v.intr.    to make a pig of oneself
kchyk       s.         female pig
kchykchy      to make dirty
kchykkrsk   s.(med)    pox scar || crack
kchykky     p.p.p.     rough || coarse (surfaces) || rough textured
kchykkyt    s.(ana)     sole of the foot
kchykmy       to cause unevenness
kchykn      s.(bot)     non-edible onion-like plant
kchyky      expr.       all together in a muddle
kchyky      s.          pig butcher
kchyky      s.a.        swineherd
kchyky      adj.(k)     ugly || dirty
kchyky      s.          pig skin || pig leather
kchyp       s.          pumice stone || whetstone || grindstone
kchypkysk   adj.        coarse-nosed || pox-faced
kchypry     adj.        scabious
kchyptyk    s.          tickle
kchysk       to cut oneself
kchyt       to erode || to chip || to make notches
kchyy       to meet to pass the time
kchyy       to cause tickle
kchyy       v.intr.     to be tickled
kchyy       s.          dirty person
kchyy       to tickle
kpy         s.          soot
kpy         s.adj.      swineherd
kpy         s.          close friend
kh          s.(ast)     Cereal Stirrer (Andean constellation)
kh          s.(fam)     daughter-in-law || sister-in-law || any female familiar adjunct
kh          s.          stick for stirring cereals when drying or toasting them
kh          s.          soot || ashes
kh       to blacken with soot
kh          s.          pig butcher
kh          s.          separated ears || cabbage leaf ears
kh          s.          my daughter-in-law
kh          s.          band || chorus || refrain
kh          s.(zoo)     cochenille || kind of coccid (insect) from opuntias used for red dye
kh          adj.(col)   purple
kh          adj.        who rolls over and over
kh          s.(ana)     eye-lashes || eye-lash || eyelashes
khch       to offer one's eyebrows to the sun blowing them
khch        v.intr.     to blink || to wink
khch      to roll over and over
khch        s.          male pig
khch        s.          disgusting person
khch        adj.        deaf || dumb || silent
khch        s.(zoo)     kind of dragonfly that likes to fly around the pigs' dregs
khch       to chew fruits repeatedly
khch       to scrape in the sand
khch        p.p.p.      cut || cut down || cut up
khch        s.          coarse (language)
khch        adj.(k)     lewd woman
khchchky    s.          circle dance
khchchky    s.          jackass || womanizer || ladies' man || baiseur
khchchn     s.(tri)     Quechua people || Quechua language || inhabitant of temperate climate region || language family spoke
khchchy     s.(geo)     sierra valley || altitude level in the Andes from 2300 to 3500 m || valley
khchk       to bite || to chew || to break or to bite off with the teeth
khchk          to cause fever
khchk          to cut meat
khchkchy             to deepen
khchkhch             to join || to make a package || to put in a heap || to carry a big load
khchkhchy            to order to brew chicha
khchkhr          to stir
khchkmk              to stir || to scatter || to stir cereals with a stick
khchkpr     s.(tex)        valley (pallay motif in weaving)
khchkr          to chew repeatedly taking pieces
khchkrm     v.intr.        to jostle || to hustle
khchksnk s.(ast)           Circle Dance Star(s): (a) gamma | delta | kappa | lambda Vela | (b) Corona Borealis (provenience: Sonq
khchksp     s.             grease || fat || lard
khchky      s.(tri)        Quechua people || Quechua-speaking indigenous person
khchky      s.             pigsty
khchky      s.(tri)        Quechua (language)
khchky      s.(bot)        kind of medicinal plant of the rainforest
khchkychy           to approach
khchkyky            to come close to
khchkys          to dance
khchkyy     v.intr.        to form callosities
khchmch s.(neo)            Quechua alphabet
khchmchk s.                live coals
khchms      s.(mil)        defensive weapons
khchn       s.(zoo)        mite
khchn       s.(med)        scabies || scabbers
khchn       adj.(k)        scabious
khchnch     s.(med)        stammerer || stutterer
khchnchy adj.              thick (liquid) || viscous || doughy
khchnk          to make rub
khchnnr          to crumble
khchnny     v.intr.        to rub oneself
khchntn          to go to rub
khchny     to press tissue together
khchny      s.             physiotherapy
khchpkk     s.             demostration || proof
khchpr      adj.(mat)      demonstrable
khchprkty|phky             to prove || to demostrate
khchpryy             to rub something for someone
khchpy      adj.           cutaneous
khchrk      v.intr.(his)   to rub one's hands (after spitting into them - cursing the enemy during the battle)
khchrn      p.p.p.         rubbed || kneaded
khchrnr     s.             friction || rubbing
khchrntch s.(ana)          jaw || lower jaw || mandible
khchry          to clean grains like kinua with the hands
khchry          to put into || to put in || to lay in || to embed || to enclose
khchsk          to rub || to knead || to rub || to massage || to rub one's hands || to butter up (deceiving)
khchsm          to stuff || to put
khchsnkyrms.(ana)          limb || extremity (limb)
khchy       v.intr.        to stuff oneself
khchy          to stuff || to put
khchy       s.(med)        tuberculosis
khchy       v.intr.        to become a stammerer
khchy     s.(neo)    mobility
khchy     s.(bot)    type of mixed color corn
khchy     adj.       expectoration
khchy     v.dic.     to stammer
khchy     s.(neo)    physical culture (body)
khchy     s.(bot)    special potato used to make chu¤u
khchy     s.         something to chew
khchy     s.         hill
khchy     s.(zoo)    spider
khchykchy adj.       ruminant
khchykky s.(zoo)     spider monkey
khchykyyr      to ruminate
khchyr      to badger (with words) || to bait (with words) || to bark at (with words)
khchyrn      to bite
khchys    s.         bit || morsel || chewing
khchysm        to chew || to chew (with molars)
khchyy    expr.      to come to (do)
khchyy      to spy
khchyy      centre || center || ground || soil
khchyy    s.         coffin
khchyy    s.(geo)    cyclone || whirlwind
khchyyk   adj.       floury || mealy
khh       s.(bot)    kind of shrub || holy thistle || plant | roots used in yellow dye
khhrkkn   s.         main belt || beam that supports the side walls
khk       s.         medical plant
khk       s.         nasal mucus || slime || snot || booger || mucous || snot
khk       s.(aym)    spoiled (child)
khk       s.         bad luck || unlucky person || person who brings bad luck || adverse || adulterer || fatal || wretched
khk       s.         mud || sediment
khkchy    s.(tex)    underwear
khkky     v.intr.    to commit adultery
khkky      to bring misfortune || to condemn || to insult
khkmy     s.         muddy water
khkmyyt   s.(tex)    underwear || undershirt || vest
khkn      s.(tex)    women's underdress
khknchk   s.         plague
khknkchkk      to deepen
khknkchy       to make grind
khkpy to put on underwear
khkr      s.         bum
khkrkpymknt .        corn on the cob (immature)
khksk     adj.       dirty || grubby
khky      s.(geo)    ravine || pit || abyss
khky      s.         stallion
khky      adj.       toothless || far || wide || large || big
khky      s.(met)    thunder
khky                 to thunder
khky      s.         fever
khkychk      to nibble || to gnaw
khkykky   v.intr.    to shine
khkyky      to make increase
khkynky   v.intr.    to increase || to lose teeth
khkypy       to go to grind
khkyrknch s.          mortar
khkysr    s.(neo)     physical expression
khkythky s.(ana)      eye-brow || eyebrows
khkyy     adv.l.      inside
khkyykmy adj.         interior
khkyyr    s.          interrelation
khmn       to grind something for someone
khmp      s.(mit)     daemon || bad spirit
khmp      s.          dirt
khmpkk    adj.        dirty
khmpksy v.intr.       to get dirty
khmpky       to make dirty || to dishonor || to contaminate || to corrupt
khmspky v.intr.       to live a bad life
khmsy     s.          prostitute
khmy      p.p.p.      ground (grind)
khmy      adj.        snot nose || snotty-nosed kid
khmy      s.p.(k)     shit-nosed
khmyy     s.p.        snot nose
khn       s.          snotty-nosed kid
khn       adv.l.      deep || under || at the bottom
khn       adj.        slimy
khn       v.intr.     to excrete mucus
khn       to grind
khn       s.(geo)     cyclone || whirlwind
khn       adv.t.      after || later
khn       adj.        back || behind || following || next || after
khn       adv.l.pron. behind
khnch     postpos. behind || after
khnch     adv.l.      behind || at the back || last || next
khnch     s.(ana)     buttocks || backside || bottom || arse || butt || ass || base || bottom || rear-end || rump || buttocks
khnchchky s.(zoo)     chigger (kind of parasitic insect)
khnchchy s.           frost
khnchn    s.          gore || gusset || crotch
khnchn    s.(med)     hump
khnchn    adj.(k)     hunchbacked || bumpy || humpy
khnchpr   postpos. in || into || among || among || inside
khnchy    adv.l.      inside || in between
khnchy    s.          knot || knot string || mnemonic knotted string device || quipu || the old system of record keeping (differen
khnchy    num.ind. last
khnk      s.          lateness || delay || late yield
khnk      s.(zoo)     mite || any very small arthropod (aphids and others)
khnk      s.(bot.ana) spine of cactus
khnk      s.(med)     tooth ache || toothache
khnk      s.(bot)     tuna spines
khnk      s.(spi)     one of the three worlds
khnkhn    s.          underworld || underground world || interior world || lower world || underworld || unconscious || inside of th
khnkhnnmy s.(med)     protuberances
khnky     s.(fam)     junior || youngest son || youngster
khnky       to delay
khnky       to delay
khnkychy adj.         crisp
khnkyy      s.          fragility
khnmy       to rub something between the hands
khnn        adj.        last
khnnchchy   s.          lord || king || emperor || politician
khnp        adj.        mighty || powerful || rich || wealthy || noble
khnp        s.          rest
khnpkhpk    s.          chess
khnpry      s.(pol)     organization
khnpy       num.ind. last || the last
khnr        s.          rich man
khnr        s.(pol)     politics
khnr        s.          royalty
khnrchky    s.(his)     lord of chicha (Inkan official)
khnrchy     s.(mes)(d2)December
khnrkysy    s.(mes)(ecu)December
khnryrm     s.(mes)(d1)January
khnsk       s.          wealth || might || power || reign
khnsnk      s.          rich woman
khnsnkyk    s.          knot string craft || calculation with knot strings
khnsp       s.(pol)     reign
khnsr       s.          expert for knot strings
khnt        s.          what has to be in future
khny        s.(ana)     nape of the neck || neck
khny        s.          royal inka road || inka road
khny        adv.t.      in the aftermath
khnyyr       to predict
khp         s.(his)     fiest of the Lord Sun
khp         s.(mes)     December (in the Inka era: Fiest of the Lord Sun. Great sacrifices to the sun were made in this month. I
khp         s.(pol)     government
khp         adj.        last but two || antepenultimate
khp         v.intr.     to make one single long step
khp         s.(ana)     molar
khp       to foresee
khp         s.(his)     principal celebration of the year || fiest of the Inka lords
khp         s.(mes)     January || january (in the Inka era: Time of fiest of the lords | month of rest. Sacrifices | processions | fa
khp         s.(spi)     energy center of the human body (corresponding to chakra in Sanskrit)
khp         s.(mes)     August
khp         s.(pol)(neo)political map
khp                     m
            s.(geo)(neo) eridian
khp       to delay
khp       to reign
khp         v.intr.     to stay behind || to rest behind || to lack
khp       to enrich
khp         s.(pol)     kingdom || empire
khp         s.(per)     the fifth Inka ruler
khp         s.          palace || governmental palace
khpch       v.intr.     to enrich oneself || to become wealthy
khpch       adv.l.      backwards
khpchkn     adv.t.      later || after
khpchr       last
khpchy      adv.l.      back || later
khpchy      adj.        next || following
khphnchkk s.           place of worship || temple
khphryy    num.ind. very last
khphty       to put backward
khpk       adj.        rear || back || behind
khpk       num.o.      last
khpk       adv.l.t.    afterwards
khpk       s.          back || reverse
khpkchnkn postpos. behind
khpkchtntnky ostpos. behind
khpkk      s.          future || coming time
khpkkhr    s.(gra)     inmediate future tense (in Quechua: -q + riy / -k + rina)
khpkkmy s.(ass)        project
khpkkn     s.          cry of joy
khpkkrk    s.          who makes scream
khpkky       to make scream
khpkky     s.(gra)     interjection
khpkky     adj.        screamer
khpkky     s.a.        who calls for help
khpkmm     adj.        arrogant
khpkmn     v.dic.      to call || to cry || to shout || to scream
khpkmrk    v.dic.      to scream || to call for help
khpkmyk          to go to call for someone
khpkn      s.(ana)     windpipe || trachea
khpknk       to call for someone
khpknn     p.p.p.      called
khpknp     p.p.p.      delayed
khpkntny s.            call || cry || scream || yell || shreak || shout
khpkntrym s.(mit)      mythical being
khpkntrymkyv.dic.      to call || to cry || to shout || to scream || to bark || to sing (bird) || to shout || to yell || to roar || to scream ||
khpkpk     v.cop.      to stay behind
khpkpnypnpnypknn       to include
khpkpy     adv.t.      then || afterwards || later
khpkr      s.(agr)     late harvest
khpkrky    adv.t.      then || afterwards
khpkrym   to accumulate things secretly
khpkrymky v.intr.      to belch || to burp
khpkskrtmn v.dic.      to call || to shout || to dominate || to reign
khpkstyky        to cross || to take long strides
khpksy     v.intr.(med)to have a toothache
khpksyy   to knot || to make a quipu || to tie a knot || to secure
khpky       to prick (spine)
khpky      v.intr.     to remain || to stay || to stay
khpky      to walk by long steps
khpkychy         to postpone
khpkykt      to walk by long steps
khpkypnk        to ride || to sit on one's shoulders or back
khpkys     adj.        youngest || youngster
khpkyy     s.(med)     kyphosis
khpmn      p.p.p.      backward
khpmn      s.          junior || youngest son || youngster
khpmnynpchkynn         step-father
khpn       v.intr.     to be delayed || to be late
khpn         v.intr.   to prosper
khpn         s.        cattle dung || dried manure
khpn         adj.      male || masculine || courageous || brave || strong
khpnchy      s.(fam)   man || male || man (male adult)
khpnk        adj.      mutilated || cut down
khpnkn       s.(bot)   potato wart disease
khpnmnt      s.(zoo)   very small fish
khpnp        s.p.      brave || courageous || valiant
khpnp        s.        courage || bravery
khpp         v.intr.   to be brave || to be courageous
khppch       v.intr.   to have oneself operated
khppch     to marry (woman) || to take a husband
khppkchrry   s.(top)   plain outside of Potos¡ / P'utuqsi where the airport is located
khpr         s.        son (referring to the father)
khprchk     to behead || to decapitate
khprchy      s.        man-like woman
khprk        adj.      masculine
khprk        s.(d1)    dirt || filth || excrements
khprkchk     adj.(k)   dirty || rough || filthy
khprkchy     adj.      fatty (dirty)
khprkchy     adj.      intruder
khprky       s.        last sigh
khprmpy      s.(d2)    nervousness || fear
khprn        s.(med)   pimple
khprpy       s.        snoring
khprsk       adj.      very uneven || very rough || pimply || pimpled
khprsk       s.(top)   lake in Ecuador (province of Imbabura) || (Span.) Caricucha
khpry        p.p.p.    bumpy (surface)
khpry     to make afraid
khpry        s.(bot)   blackberry
khpryy       adj.      brave
khpsty       adv.m.    bravely || strongly
khpt         s.(top)   old name of Sucre / Chuqichaka (capital of Bolivia) || department of Chuquisaca (Bolivia)
khptrpy      expr.     we will see him walk powerfully
khpttk       adj.      fearful
khpy         adj.      snorer
khpy         v.intr.   to be curious || to sniff about || to snoop around
khpy         s.        men
khpy         s.(zoo)   kind of armadillo
khpy         s.(med)   asthma
khpy         s.        tremor || epileptic fit
khpy     to shake || to tremble
khpy         v.intr.   to tremble of fear
khpy         v.intr.   to tremble of fear || to tremble
khpychy      s.        fear
khpykchy     s.        male gender
khpyky     to challenge || to dare || to risk || to risk
khpyny     to fear || to be afraid of
khpys        v.intr.   to snore || to snore
khpysk       adj.      who talks badly and at random
khpyy        s.        privy parts
khpyy        s.        cold food (for travel)
khpyy       s.(zoo)       grasshopper
khpyy       adj.          obtuse
khr         s.(ana)       cartilage where the sternum ends in
khr         s.            egocentric person || melancholic person
khr         adj.          lesbian
khr         to ride || to mount an animal
khr         s.(mat)       fraction
khr         v.intr.       to have the desirer to sleep with a man (woman)
khrchkk     adj.          crisp
khrchky     s.            drunkard
khrchky     s.(med)       fever
khrchky     adj.          among men
khrchky     s.            homosexuality (among men)
khrchpmp expr.            easter death
khrchr      s.(bot)(d1)   cress || kind of herb
khrchy      adj.          dirty
khrhn       s.(bot)(d2)   kind of herb
khrhn       s.(bot)       watercress
khrk        s.            boy
khrk        adj.(col)     chestnut color
khrk        adj.          brave || courageous || valiant
khrk        expr.         old boy!
khrk        s.(mit)       kind of ghost that hypnotizes its victims to take them their fat
khrk        to crawl
khrk         to pull || to drag
khrk        to trail || to crawl
khrk        s.(bot)       parsley
khrkch      s.(fam)       girl | 12 to 18 years old (meaning in Inka times) || young girls who helped her parents and grandparents
khrkchsk            to drag
khrkchy     s.            my husband
khrkhr         to behead || to decapitate || to cut off (behead) || to cut off
khrkhr         to operate on
khrkhr      s.(zoo)       bull
khrkhr      s.p.          married woman
khrkhrprkktrksnchk        kind of shrub || plant | flowers used to dye yellow || karwinchu (kind of wild plant | an illa of potato)
khrkk       s.            man and wife
khrkk       s.(neo)       sexuality
khrkky      s.            son (referring to the mother)
khrkn       v.intr.       to be reanimated || to get brave || to get strong
khrknch     s.            grandson
khrknky     s.            daughter-in-law || sister-in-law || any female familiar adjunct || mother's daughter
khrktt      adj.          blue (blue eyes)
khrktty     s.(zoo)       larva
khrkty      s.(zoo)       louse of the human body || white louse
khrkty         to level
khrky       s.(ana)       chest || chest cavity || thorax || breast (chest) || breast || bosom
khrky       s.            coloring || coloration || colouring || colouration || hue || tinge
khrky       adj.(d2)      fatty (dirty)
khrky       adj.          haughty || supercilious || conceited
khrky       adj.(d1)      jealous
khrky       s.            painter || decorator
khrkynnyrmkynn            boastful || boasting || bragging
khrm       s.          who wears a dirty shirt
khrm       v.intr.     to lie
khrm       s.          maize damaged by moths
khrmn      s.          boasting || bragging || swaggering
khrn       s.          cartilage
khrnch     s.          lie
khrnchy       to gnaw
khrny   to paint || to decorate
khrnyy   to shear
khrp       s.          who wears a dirty shirt
khrp       s.          device
khrphy     s.(ana)     front rib
khrpr      s.(ana)     dorsal vertebrae
khrprkhyy adj.         eighth part of a whole
khrpsky    adj.        breakable || fragile || delicate || fragile || weak
khrr       s.          shoe brush || tooth brush
khrr       v.intr.     to clear one's consience || to purify one's soul
khrr       v.intr.     to clear one's consience || to purify one's soul
khrr       centre || center || ground || soil
khrrkch       to belch || to burp
khrs       p.p.p.      torn clothes || pierced dress
khrsnk       to tear cloth || to pierce clothes
khrsp      p.p.p.      new pierced dress
khrsr       to tear cloth || to pierce clothes
khrstky    s.(tex)     torn clothes || pierced dress
khrsty       to express outwardly || to show || to reveal
khrsty       to bite
khrt       to chew
khrtsk       to discover
khrtty     v.intr.     to whimper || to whine
khry       s.          whimpering || whining
khry       s.          belch || burp
khry       adj.        blue-eyed
khryk      v.intr.     to belch || to burp
khryk       to tear cloth || to break || to tear || to claw
khrynch       to tear cloth or leather
khryrm     s.(tex)     torn clothes || pierced dress       to burn the hair to roots || to burn off
khryy       to cut the hair to roots || to burn the hair to roots || to burn off (hair)
khryy      adj.        cold || ice cold || frozen
khryyk     s.          drum || case
khryypyrmn s.(agr)     furrow || furrowed rows of field
khs        s.          hillside
khs        s.          market || market stand
khs        s.(zoo)     mosquito
khschy     s.(med)     mucus || slime || spit || sputum
khsk       s.(tex)     twill || ridged texture of plain-woven cloth || alternating color (horizontal) stripes produced by regular alte
khsk       s.          factura
khsk       v.intr.     to have oneself rubbed
khsk       s.(zoo)     mosquito
khsk       to congeal || to freeze || to coagulate
khskk       to imitate
khskkhsk        to separate
khskknk    s.         acid
khskky     adj.       bitter || astringent
khsksr     s.a.       dealer || salesman || seller
khsky      s.         sale
khsky      to embitter
khsky      adj.       dealers || salesmen || sellers
khsky      s.         market
khsky      s.(neo)    infrastructure
khsky      s.         bitter memories
khsky      v.intr.    to become embittered
khskyk     v.intr.    to rub oneself || to scratch oneself || to scratch or rub against something
khskyktn        to sell || to negotiate
khskystykn v.intr.    to sniff
khsm       s.         emery paper
khsn       s.         ware
khsn       s.         store || shop
khsnktchyychy         eyebrow
           s.(top)(aym) anctuary of the Altiplano | pilgrims coming first of August
khsnktnmtchyychy      s
khspk      s.         dealer || salesman || seller
khspky     s.         market || commerce
khsrkrsk      to overtake
khsrkry    adj.       frozen to death || stiff
khsrkysk s.           shivering
khsrkyy    v.intr.    to shiver || to tremble
khssppch        to pull || to drag
khstchy    s.         sale
khsty      s.         son in law
khsty      v.intr.    to boil (pot | kettle)
khsty      to boil with large bubbles
khsty      v.intr.    to congeal || to freeze || to coagulate
khsty      to gnaw
khsy      to rub
khsy      to sell || to negotiate
khsy       s.         sale
khsy       adv.m.     commercially
khsyky     s.(fin)    fair
khsysppch s.(fin)     exchange value
khsyy      s.(ast)    planet Mercury
khsyy      expr.      sell me ...
kht        s.(spi)    amulet || magic stone || love energy that a master teacher infuses into an object (tile) to give to his stude
kht        adj.       bald
kht        s.         cotton
kht        s.         dirt
kht        adj.       dirty || dishonest
kht        s.(mik)    dried oca || a type of dried oca | fermented in pools of water | dried in the sun | and used in soups
kht        adj.       healthy
kht        s.         heat || fever || itch
khtchk     s.         incision || slit || opening
khtchky    adj.       lazy || idle
khtchsp    s.         love || impassioned love
khtchy     s.         mine
khtchy      s.             prostitute || whore
khtchy      s.(tex)        shirt
khtk        adj.           tender || unripe
khtk        s.             tickle
khtk        adj.           tiny || minute
khtk        v.intr.        to brew chicha || to make corn liquor
khtkchy     v.intr.(esp)   to complain || to moan || to groan
khtkkn          to heat || to make fire || to braise || to have fever || to itch || to crack || to be hot
khtkpmp     to take || to grab || to grasp
khtks       s.             united halves forming a covering
khtksnkyyrn adj.           raw || half-cooked
khtky       s.a.           who makes look
khtky          to show
khtky          to soil
khtky          to sweep || to drag clothes
khtn          to tickle
khtn          to drag one's dress
khtnys          to drag one's dress
khtpsh      adj.           drunk
khtpt       s.a.           guard || watcher || keeper || clairvoyant || seer of living energy || mystical seer || one who can directly per
khtr        s.a.           loving || affectionate || tender
khtrntnkn s.               paving-stone || cobble
khtry       adj.           rough
khtt        adj.           waterer
khtt        s.(aym)        unkhu¤a scarf divided vertically into two halves of contrasting color (aym. qhallu = half of a cloth)
khttty      s.a.           compassionate || sympathetic || pitying || generous || kind
khtty       s.             paver || paviour
khty        s.(mes)        September
khty          to be accustomed to love
khty        s.             friend
khty        s.             mirror
khty          to revise
khty        s.             drunkard
khty        s.(med)        evil air caused by the dead
khty        adj.           compassionate || sympathetic || pitying
khtykn      s.(med)        aerophagia || flatulence
khtymnhn s.                compassion
khtyrnt     s.             pavement || sidewalk
khtyrntnchn          to have compassion
khtyy       v.intr.        to hew pave-stones
khtyy          to look at oneself || to watch oneself || to watch out
khy          to pave
khy          to scream || to clamor (drunk)
khy         adj.           compassionate || sympathetic || pitying
khy         s.             the sound of thunder
khy         adj.           raw || half-cooked
khy         s.             dirty water
khy         s.(ast)        Pleiades (constellation)
khy         s.             window || look-out
khy         adj.           worthy of love or understanding
khy         s.             loose woman
khy         s.             teaser || giggly | bothersome girl
khy       s.          demostration || proof
khy       adj.(mat)   demonstrable
khy       s.          considerateness
khy       s.          love (to each other)
khy       v.recip.    to envy each other || to watch each other
khy       expr.       instead of loving
khy       s.          flag of a chicha bar
khy       to be accustomed to love
khy       s.(ast)     Pleiades (group of small stars which rise on August 1 and are used for crop predictions | lit. those to loo
khy       s.          chips of firewood
khy       s.          defective || deficient || damaged || notched || chipped
khych     s.          exam || examination || theorem
khychk    adj.        full of holes (clothes | house | wall | roof | blanket)
khychy    s.(tex)     dress full of holes
khychy    s.(tex)     dress full of holes
khychy    s.a.        examinator
khychy    v.intr.     to lament
khychykchypchnyn      compassionate || sympathetic || pitying

khychykchypcht        to be compassionate to another person
khyk       to chip || to make notches
khyk       to revise
khyk       to watch something for someone
khyk      s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
khyk      s.a.        charitable || generous
khyk      s.          aid || help || charity
khykhn    s.          compassion || generosity || favour || favor
khykk   to caress
khykk       to criticize || to imitate
khykky   to have compassion (with)
khykky       to incite || to stir up || to provoke
khykms    adj.        compassionate || sympathetic || pitying
khykn     v.intr.     to have compassion
khykpy    s.          example
khyks     v.intr.     to pay attention
khyksk    s.          gift stone of teacher to disciple
khyksnk   s.          miner
khyky     s.          window || look-out
khyky     s.(mat)     parabola
khyky     adj.        person with slits in the ears
khyky       to ignore
khyky     s.          attention
khyky       to criticize || to imitate
khyky       to pay attention to || to test
khykyky   s.          point of view || viewpoint
khykynyk s.           chicha bar
khykyykhn s.(tex)     long pollera like those worn by Aymara women
khym      p.p.p.      beloved || esteemed || precious
khyn      p.p.p.      sunken || dished || concave
khyn      p.p.p.      watched || observed
khyn      expr.       instead of having loved
khyn      s.(zoo)     yellow-tufted woodpecker || kind of bird
khynch    s.(tex)     trousers
khynch     s.        attention
khynchk    adv.t.    most important years of one's life
khynchktkk s.        attention
khynky     to cover
khynky     adj.      full of life
khynky     adj.      iron
khynpkrnt s.(min)    iron || metal
khynth     s.(zoo)   kind of snake with yellowish skin
khyntychy s.         love || favor
khynys     s.(zoo)   quail
khyp       s.(tex)   shuttle (of a loom)
khyp       s.        sight || vision || observation
khyp       s.(zoo)   swallow
khypch     to cut || to slit || to break through
khypchpchnk .tr.     to cut off || to mutilate
khypchpchyky         to love || to like || to give affection to || to caress || to pity || to give presents to || to have compassion || to
khypk     to make dried oca
khypky     to roll up a wire
khyppkk     to spray some water || to sprinkle violently || to spill
khyppy     to spread
khypy     to throw out violently
khypy     to watch || to observe || to look at || to look || to observe || to watch
khypy      v.dic.    to whistle
khypych    s.(tec)   tool || instrument
khypyk     s.(bot)   type of big cactus
khypyn     to cure || to heal
khypyy     to cure || to heal
khypyy     s.        beloved
khypyy     to contemplate
khypyy     s.(neo)   instruments
khypyy     v.intr.   to feel sympathy || to sympathize
khypyykk       to visit
khypyyky adj.        young in abundance of youth
khyrchy    expr.     Look!
khyrky     s.        coat of mail || suit of armour
khyrm      s.(neo)   railway || railroad
khyrn      adj.      compassionate || sympathetic || pitying
khyrn      adj.      worthy to be loved
khyrnhyr   s.(top)   town in the Department of Qosqo (Peru) || (Span.) Quillabamba (<plain of iron)
khyrnr     v.intr.   to become corrupted
khyrpry    s.(ana)   organ
khyry     to cure || to heal
khyry      s.        prostitute || whore
khyry      v.intr.   to convalesce || to recover
khyryy     s.(neo)   apparatus || gadget
khys     to enamour || to enamor
khys       adj.      beautiful || sympathetic || good in general
khysk      adj.      fresh
khysk      s.        just born
khysk      s.(fam)   tender child
khyskpkrnt v.pron.   to be flatulent
khyst      v.intr.   to convalesce || to recover || to cure
khysyr to pass the shuttle with the thread
khyt        v.intr.     to turn green || to beam with joy || to make progress
khyt        s.          chain
khytk       s.(zoo)     bear
khyty       adj.        being || the one who is || normal || usual
khyy        s.(mik)     certain meal with meat
khyy        s.(ana)     chin || jaw
khyy        s.(bot)     coca || cocaine || cocaine bush
khyy        s.          crack || cleft || fissure || crevice || short (skirt or pants)
khyy        s.          cunning || guile || trickery
khyy        s.          father-in-law of the man
khyy        s.          ghost || spirit || enemy
khyy        s.a.        glutton || guzzler || gormandizer
khyy        adj.(d1)    greedy || mean || miserly
khyy        adj.        hard || filled completely with people
khyy        s.          heat || temperature
khyy        expr.       here | take this
khyy        adj.        ignorant || stupid
khyy        s.(aym)     jointed doll || amulet || talisman
khyy        s.(zoo)     kind of bird
khyy        s.(zoo)     kind of eagle owl
khyy        adj.(d2)    not yet ripe || green
khyy        s.(med)     occurence of a woman's first menstruation
khyy        adj.pron. oneself || same || equal || identical
khyy        s.(tex)     pallay motif in weaving (pit or seed of fruit such as peach)
khyy        s.(bot.ana) pit || seed of fruit (such as peach)
khyychpy s.(uni)(neo)pound
khyychy     s.(geo)     rock || pass || cliff || mountain
khyyk       s.(geo)     sandy area
khyykchy s.             space || interval
khyykn      s.          stammerer
khyyky      postpos. -th || [ordinal number]
khyyky                  the
khyykyyn s.(mit)        the bear men || spiritual warriors of the Taripay Pacha | or new era || the //police// or keepers of order at
khyym       s.(zoo)     toad
khyynk      interj.     toast
khyynn                  t
khyynyk     adj.(esp) twangy
khyypk      s.          uncle
khyypmp s.              uncle on mother's side || mother's brother
khyypy      s.(zoo)     unknown kind of animal (in the tales of Waruchiri)
khyyr       s.          vigor
khyyrkchpy s.(tex)      warp beam on staked loom
khyyrm      s.          young corn cob
khyyry      s.(zoo)     aratinga || parrot species
khyysp      adj.        blinded or stupefied by a brilliant light || in mystical terms this light usually refers to the light or living ene
khyytchrchy s.(ana)     elbow
khyyy       s.          excrement corner || a shallow latrine behind houses
khyyy       s.(mit)     ghost || spirit || ghost or evil spirit || condemned soul || ghosts | or souls trapped on earth after death who
khyyy       s.          handball
khyyy       s.(zoo)     small dog of no race
khyyy       s.(met)     thunder
khyyy     s.(mus)     type of Carnaval dance
khyyy     adj.        woman leading an unhampered life
khyyy     pron.indef. all those who are present
khyyysk   s.(top)     a ravine near San Lorenzo de Quinti | in the province of Huarochiri (Waruchiri | Department of Lima | Pe
kk        s.(med)     constipation
kk        s.          dirty person
kk        s.          the remainder
kk        s.(top)     village in Oruro Department (Bolivia)
kk        s.          terror || horror
kk       to celebrate a young woman's first menstruation
kk        s.          half || a half of something (whole) divided in half
kk        s.(tex)     handle to begin braiding || section of the sling braided second
kk        s.(tex)     coca bag
kk        s.          definition
kk        s.          terror
kk       to tighten the weave of a weaving (generally with a llama bone | a tool called wich'una) || to spin the extr
kk       to whip
kk        s.(mus)     dance sling
kk        s.          cone of coca
kk        s.          boulder
kk        s.(onom) thunder
kk        adj.        tight (clothes)
kk        s.(tex)     tight shirt
kk        s.          financier
kk        adj.(col)   orange
kk       to bite
kk        s.(zoo)     ivory-billed aracari || kind of bird
kk        s.          partition
kk        s.          pervenu (woman) || upstart (woman)
kk        v.intr.     to overexert || to overstrain
kk        s.          belch || burp
kk                    k
          s.(bot)(amz) ind of plant plant cultivated in the fields | its fruit is used against diabetes and high blood pressure | con
kk        s.(tex)     loom bars
kk        pron.indef. same || himself || herself
kk        adj.        similar || equal
kk        s.(med)     vomit
kk        s.          wind instrument leader
kk        pron.pers. you (singular | formal)
kk        s.(mit)     prehispanic deity of NW Argentina || god of storm and hurricane
kk        p.p.p.      defined
kk        adj.        equalized
kk       to compare
kk       to define
kk        adj.        identic || identical
kk        s.(bot)     beard lichen || kind of epiphytic lichen | all used to dye yellow
kkch      adj.        belcher || burper
kkch      s.          self-respect || self-esteem
kkch      pron.pers. you (plural | formal)
kkch      s.(zoo)     kind of bird that lives in the valleys and in the East
kkch       to get back
kkch       to get back
kkch       to get back
kkch       s.(ass)     autonomy
kkch       s.          identity || equality
kkch       s.(neo)     car || automobile
kkchhk     s.          self-consumption
kkchhy     adv.m.      automatically || by itself
kkchk      expr.       yours faithfully || sincerely yours
kkchk      adv.m.      voluntarily
kkchk      s.          essential qualities || main properties || elements (of something) || constituents
kkchk      adj.        very similar || exactly the same
kkchky     adv.t.      at the same time
kkchky     s.(fil)     being in oneself
kkchn      s.(fil)     being in oneself
kkchn      s.          idiolect
kkchrn     p.p.p.      homemade || self-made
kkchy      s.          habit || custom
kkchy      p.p.p.      split off
kkchy      s.          proper name
kkchy      adv.t.      at the same time
kkchyrk    s.(met)     thunder
kkhch       to belch || to burp
kkkk                   to thunder
kkkkn      s.p.        rich || wealthy
kkkky      expr.       I like the house you have come from
kkkkynk    s.          identity
kkkmyk       to identify || to fit
kkky       adv.m.      with oneself
kkky       s.          individual rights
kkkyyn     s.          biological familiy
kkmnt      s.          private work
kkmy       s.          potato flour
kkmy       s.(top)     city and province in the department of Cajamarca (Peru) | today exclusively Spanish-speaking || (Span.)
kkn        s.          cliff || abyss
kkn        s.(ana)     liver
kkn        s.(med)     colic of the liver and biliar duct
kkn        s.          top of the rock
kkn        s.          capitalist
kkn        s.          ceramic || ceramics
kkn        s.          cockscomb
kkn        s.          cornet || horn || trumpet || wind instrument
kknchk     s.(bot)     kind of herb
kknchsk    s.(bot)     kind of herb
kknchsk    s.(bot)     mould
kknchy     interj.onom.cock-a-doodle-doo (onom.)
kknchy       to describe
kknhn      s.          blast (of trumpet)
kknk       s.          boulder
kknk       v.intr.     to get mouldy
kknkhyr    v.intr.     to stink || to smell terrible
kknkn      s.a.        crestfallen || depressed || afflicted
kknkr      s.a.        crooked
kknksktchsky.intr.     to bend down || to bend over
kknksktkchys.(tex)(d2) cap
kknkskttry s.(tex)(d1) continuous diamond chain (ikat design on men's ponchos)
kknky      p.p.p.      attached || attachment
kknky      adj.        short (skirt or pants)
kknkychkk s.(k)        incorrect language
kknmchr                fig
           s.(bot)(p.esp) tree
kknmnt                 g
           s.(geo)(ecu) eographical events
kknmnt                 m
           s.(geo)(ecu) ountain range
kknmnyyn s.(geo)(ecu) ountain node
kknnkn                 A
           s.(geo)(ecu) ndean area
kknpch     adj.        exactly the same
kknpchp    v.pron.     to choke
kknpchpkchkk           bitter
kknpkchkk s.           bow || arc
kknrmy     s.          crack || cleft || fissure || crevice
kknrrsk    s.(ana)     nape of the neck || neck
kknrry     s.(bot)     plant used to dye yellow
kknsk      s.(mat)     multiple of gram
kknst      adj.        physical (structure)
kkntyyp       to turn over || to knock down
kkny       to earn || to win || to gain
kkny       interj.(d2) [women's uncontrolled laughter]
kkny       adj.        amazed || with one's mouth opened
kknyk      adj.        born out of wedlock
kknyksskystykchn       chappy | greasy skin
kknyry     s.(ana)     cheek || cheek-bone
kknyry     s.(bot)(esp)cocoa || kind of plant of the jungle (main use: food)
kknytk     s.(mik)     cold food (for travel) || food supplies || provisions || cold meal || afternoon meal for a trip || snack || travel
kknyyhynkn s.(zoo)     dove || pigeon
kknyyrkypr adv.m.      equal || identical
kknyyymky s.(ana)      face || cheek
kkp        adj.        generous || handsome || liberal || open-handed
kkpmp      s.          hole
kkpn       s.          hole in the wall || branch torn off
kkpn                   kikuyu grass
           s.(bot)(esp<eng<bantu) (kind of grass introduced from East Africa)
kkpnky     s.(zoo)     kind of night bird
kkpt       s.          large chin
kkr        s.(zoo)(amz)maroon-tailed parakeet || kind of bird
kkr        s.(med)     menstruation
kkr        pron.indef. myself
kkr        adj.        narrow
kkr        interj.(d1) Ouch! || How hot!
kkr        s.          particle
kkr        s.          street || lane || narrow street || narrow passage
kkrk       s.(met)     thunder
kkrkchy    v.intr.     to be hot (weather)
kkrknk     v.pron.     to concern
kkrr   to cut the neck of a chicken just killed
kkry       expr.       to do usually
kkry   to excrete || to shit || to defecate
kkryk      v.intr.     to give oneself entirely up || to devote oneself
kkrykk     v.intr.     to menstruate
kkryy      v.intr.     to menstruate first time (woman)
kks       to rub
kks        v.intr.     to shit in
kksk       v.cop.      to stay || to remain || to live one's life
kksk       v.intr.     to suffocate
kksm       s.(zoo)     woodpecker || Andean flicker (bird)
kksp       p.p.p.      circumscriptive
kksskn     s.p.        capitalist
kkssknch   pron.indef. yourself
kkssmk                 cocoa (tree)
kkssypmp   adj.        homogeneous
kkstn      adv.m.      by itself
kksy       adv.m.      in the same way
kkt        s.          kernel || pip
kkt        s.          synonym
kkt        adv.m.      likewise
kkt        s.(ana)     cheek-bone
kktk       v.dic.      ta cackle || to gabble || to make the sound of a chicken
kktnchk    v.intr.     to belch || to burp
kktrkchk       to eat green fruit
kkty       to tear a branch down || to break off a piece (like wood) || to open something that is hard to open
kktynchy   interj.     What a pity! || What a pain! || Oh | poor boy!
kky        v.intr.     to fall down dead
kky        s.          certificate
kky        adj.(d1)    bland
kky        s.(tex)     bobbin || shuttle
kky        s.(neo)     book
kky        s.          crime
kky        s.          error
kky        adj.(d2)    insipid || tasteless
kky        adj.        lowered || hunchbacked || bent over || warped || bent down || hunch-baked || stooping || slouching
kky        s.          molar
kky        adj.        sterile || infertile
kky        s.          support
kky     to go to ... [reflexive]
kky until || till
kky while
kky        s.          widow || widower
kky        adj.        woman without children || sterile woman
kky        pron.pers. you || you (singular) || thou (you sg.)
kky        s.(esp)     sheep without horns
kky to invite
kky to invite
kky        s.(esp)     change || exchange
kky to change || to exchange
kky        s.          assistant
kky        s.(his)     jester at the side of the Inka for amusement and thanking
kky        s.          service || law || servant
kky        s.          toasted corn
kky        s.a.        authority (person) || authority || boss || congressman || ruler || leader || authority || boss || ruler || senator
kky        v.intr.     to blink || to wink
kky        s.a.        authority
kky        s.          authorities
kky        s.(pol)    administration
kky        s.(pol)    laws
kky        s.         national congress || parliament
kky        s.         legal reforms
kky        s.         commandment || law
kky        s.(pol)    legislative power
kkychsk    s.         commandment || mandate || order
kkyk       s.         laws || legal norms
kkyk       s.(pol)    supreme court
kkyksp     s.         law
kkyms      s.         meeting || gathering || consultation
kkynmnt    v.recip.   to agree
kkyntk     s.         parties of a process
kkyr      to order in an exaggerated and excessive way
kkysm      to command
kkytk      s.         commandment || law
kkyty      s.         due process
kkyy       s.         order || law || law || rule
kkyy       v.intr.    to blink || to wink
kkyy      to humiliate
kkyy  to move closer
kkyy      to order || to command || to dictate || to govern || to order || to reign || to rule
kkyyny  to support (physically)
kkyyy      to toast
km  to visit
km         s.         commands
km         s.         authority
km         s.         authority
km         s.(ass)    administrator || manager
km         s.a.       boaster || braggart
km         s.a.       lord || creator || founder || god
km      to arrange || to put into order
km         v.intr.    to boast || to brag || to be courteous
km                    r
           s.(bot)(amz)umberry || kind of medicinal plant | main uses: colds | flu | vitamin c | potassium
km         adj.(k)    sly
km         adj.       insipid
km         pron.pers. you (plural) || you (plural | informal) || you (pl.) || you all
km         pron.pos. your (plural) || yours (plural)
km         expr.      like you all do
km         s.(neo)    library
kmb        adj.       masterful || domineering || imperious
kmbtky     s.(neo)    faculty
kmbty      s.(neo)    hygiene
kmby     to approach || to come up || to come closer || to come close to
kmbyy      v.intr.    to bow down to
kmch      to end
kmch       v.cop.     to lean on || to rest on || to be based on
kmch       s.(mat)    coefficient || text part
kmch       s.(tex)    bobbin || shuttle || comb (for weaving)
kmchk      s.         insult
kmchkchy   s.         law
kmchkk     s.(esp)    road || way || path || street || road || path || trail || street || road || street
kmchkkn s.             wedge
kmchkmy adj.           worthy
kmchkn     s.(zoo)(amz)horned screamer || kind of bird
kmchkntrrytntr         to argue || to quarrel       to eat something to deceive the stomach
kmchksksms.(mat)       coefficient
kmchkty    adj.        wedge-shaped || cuneiform
kmchky     expr.       and now you
kmchkykn s.            caution || precaution
kmchkys s.(esp)        accomplice || comrade || buddy || boulder || person considered very friendly || friend
kmchn      s.          ball
kmchnky s.             ball || bundle
kmchnky s.(tex)        blanket || rug || blanket of fine woven cloth || wool blanket (chusi is one of two varieties of cobertores - th
kmchpkty|mnkkn         cambi || kind of plant of the jungle (main use: food)
kmchpyy s.(tri)(d1) Campa | Ashaninka (indigenous people | Peru)
kmchry     adj.        crooked || hunchbacked
kmchsk     s.(esp)     field
kmchtypkty s.(tex)     fine cloth || tapestry || fine cloth | equally finished on both faces || fine cloth (tapestry) | woven by special
kmchy      s.(uni)     gross
kmchy      s.          hat
kmchy      s.(ana)     jaw
kmchy      s.(zoo)     kind of boa (giant serpent) of the jungle
kmchy      s.(bot)     kind of herb
kmchy      s.(tri)(d2) person from Santa Cruz (Bolivia) - also camba
kmchy      s.(mil)     stone thrown downhill in combat
kmchy      s.(tex)     thick stripe || selvage
kmchykn        to go to ... quickly | determinatedly | decisively
kmchynyk pron.pos. your || yours
kmchynykkns.(tex)      short needle (7 cm)
kmk        s.(amz)     person who does it with everyone
kmk to clear a place
kmk        expr.       for you
kmkchy     s.a.        weaver of fine cloth
kmkchy     expr.       before you || in front of you
kmkm       expr.       in front of you
kmkm       expr.       before you || in front of you
kmkn       expr.       The same to you!
kmkn       v.intr.     to crook || to bend || to bow
kmknp      v.intr.     to lie down
kmknrrkhn<rrnhn>       deposit of fine wools and precious cloths embroidered in the monasteries of the virgins of the sun
kmksk      s.(esp)     bell
kmksk       fold
kmky       s.          lid || cover
kmky       s.(tex)     loom and utilities to weave fine cloth
kmky       adv.m.      amicably
kmky to accompany
kmky       to accompany
kmky                   kind
           s.(bot)(p.esp) of medicinal plant of the jungle
kmkyk      s.(tex)     dress of fine cloth
kmn        s.(arc)     eaves
kmn        s.(bot)     fruit of potato plant
kmn        s.(esp)     godfather of one's children
kmn       expr.         you too
kmn       expr.         The same to you!
kmn       s.(tex)       cross-knit loop stitch
kmnk      p.p.p.        fine cloth || tapestry || fine cloth | equally finished on both faces
kmnky     adj.p.        rolled in
kmnky     v.intr.       to agree
kmnnch    s.(esp)       godfather of one's children || accomplice
kmnrk     s.(esp)       computer
kmntk     s.            ally
kmnyy     to accompany
kmp     to form
kmp     to push
kmp         to roll in || to roll up
kmp       v.intr.       to sneak || to slink
kmp     to tear down || to pull down || to knock down || to overturn
kmp         to throw
kmp         to turn a vessel || to cover with a lid || to put a lid on a container || to cover || to put on a hat
kmp    to weave fine cloth
kmp        to lie down
kmp       s.            master of fine weaving
kmp    to fulfil
kmp       expr.         and you?
kmp       s.(zoo)       bear
kmp       s.            dealer || salesman || seller
kmp       s.(esp)       godmother of one's children
kmp       adj.(col)     green
kmp       s.(mit)       mythical kidnapper who steals children
kmp       s.(d2)        organization
kmp       s.(d1)        present
kmpch     s.(bot)       sweet potato || bitter variety of sweet potato || camote || kind of plant of the jungle (main use: food)
kmpchn    adj.          wide || extended
kmpchy    s.(zoo)       kind of lizard
kmpk      adj.          contiguous
kmpk      s.(mat)       contiguous angles
kmpknyp s.              foundation
kmpknypp s.             decision
kmpkpnt         to decide
kmpkps         width
kmpky     s.            green leaf
kmpky     expr.         like you have done
kmpkyk    p.p.p.        ready
kmpn      s.(gra)       subordinate clause
kmpn      v.intr.       to bend down || to bend over || to humiliate oneself
kmpn     to create
kmpnkn         to cross
kmpntnymp     to found || to plan || to prepare
kmpny     to give a present
kmpny        to appear at distance (an object)
kmpnyysk v.intr.        to green
kmppch    v.intr.(d1)   to humiliate oneself
kmpr      v.intr.(d2)   to keep bent down
kmpr      v.intr.       to green
kmpr       s.(esp)     shirt
kmps       num.c.      three
kmpshnytk num.fract. third
kmpsk      s.(uni)     mile
kmpsk      num.c.      thirty
kmpsk      num.c.      thirty-one
kmpsty     num.c.      thirty-three
kmpt       num.c.      thirty-seven
kmpttr     num.o.      thirtieth
kmpy       expr.       Lesson Thirty
kmpy       num.c.      thirty-five
kmpy       num.c.      thirty-eight
kmpy       num.c.      thirty-nine
kmpy       num.c.      thirty-six
kmpy       num.c.      thirty-two
kmpy       num.c.      thirty-four
kmpy       num.c.      thirty thousand
kmpy       s.          triangle
kmpy       s.          trip hammer
kmpykky s.p.           trilateral
kmpykmyk expr.         a few
kmpyy      p.p.p.      three-fold
kmr        s.(mat)     triangular prism
kmr        s.(mat)     perfect square trinomial
kmr       to triple
kmr        p.p.p.      insulted || mistreated
kmr        s.          unique type of fourth-level priest who receives Kuraq Akulliq initiation (fourth level) directly from God or
kmr        s.(bot)     plant | leaves used to dye green
kmr        s.          triangle
kmr        num.o.      third
kmr        s.(mat)     rule of three
kmr        s.(mat)(d1) compound rule of three
kmrh       s.(mat)(d2) inverse rule of three
kmrk       s.(mat)     simple rule of three
kmrkkchkn adv.t.       triple || three times
kmrksk     adj.        triple
kmrky      s.a.        obedient
kmrky       to obey
kmrkynn    s.(mat)     factorization
kmrrp       to divide into three
kmrrskhnytks.(tex)     technique of warping design panel using tripled yarns
kmrsk      s.(mat)     triangle
kmrskyyy s.(mat)       trigonometry
kmry       s.(mat)     trigonometric relations
kmry       s.(bot)     plant used to dye green
kmry       to triple
kmry       adj.        hook-nosed
kmry       num.o.      third
kmryy      s.(mat)     third level of elementary education
kmryy      expr.       Lesson Three
kmryy      adv.m.      by three
kmryy      num.c.      three hundred
kmryyy    num.c.     three hundred thousand
kms       adj.(tex) tissue folded in three in form of a bag
kms       s.(mat)    equilateral triangle
kmschkt   adv.m.     in three parts
kmschkttp expr.      three days after giving birth
kmschnk s.(tex)      to twist threads two in two | three in three | four in four
          num.fract. third
kmschnkkmsyk         third
kmschnkknchsnyk      three o'clock
kmschnknkns.         tern

kmschnknknychkn      to do three things || to make three things
          s.(bot)(amz) acawood || cumaseba || kind of medicinal plant | main uses: anti-arthritic | shamanism | aphrodisiac
kmschnkpchkyk        m

kmschnkpsknyk        to push
kmschnksknnyk        ternary || ternal
kmschnksktyk         more then three cows
kmschnkskynyk        wild tobacco
kmschnktyyk          three thousand
kmschnkyrnk.(tmp)    three years
kmschr               sweet
          s.(bot)(esp<naw) potato || camote
kmschrnk s.(zoo)(amz)gamitana || regular-sized fish with big scales || kind of fish of the Amazon || tambaqui
kmschryk s.(ana)     ethmoidal bone
kmschsk s.(bot)      kind of tree
kmschsk to accomodate to vomit
kmschskptys.(pol)    administration || government
kmschy    s.         admonition || exhortation
kmsk      s.         approach
kmsk      adj.       criminal
kmskch    s.(d2)     eyebrows
kmskch    s.(d1)     eye-lash
kmskk     adj.       insipid || tasteless || dull
kmskmchk s.(bot)(amz) ind of medicinal plant of the jungle || virola
kmskmchmk s.(bot)    kind of opuntia with long spines and with medical properties
kmskmchmk s.         stew
kmskmchyk to administer || to manage
kmskt  to advise || to give advices || to admonish || to exhort
kmskthtn v.intr.     to bend || to stoop || to bow || to lower or drop the head || to submit || to stoop || to cower || to huddle
kmsktrrk  v.intr.    to boast || to brag
kmsktrry      to bow

kmskyknnchktnchy     to create || to found || to form || to order || to govern || to command || to rule || to reign || to grasp || to take       to crush between fingernails
kmsmnt      to go to give
kmsmnych   to insult || to ridicule || to satirize || to reprimand || to criticize || to scold || to mistreat

kmsmnychkmy          to move closer
kmsmnyprchv.intr.    to overexert || to overstrain
kmsnch to prepare
kmsnchy        to push
kmsnk      to ruminate
kmsnkn    v.intr.    to stay at a place for some time
kmsnknkyryychy       to struggle with the labour-pains

kmsnknychkn          to support (physically) || to support || to wedge
kmsp      to trade
kmspchk s.(top)         town and province in the Department of Qosqo (Peru) || (Span.) Acomayo (<sandy river)
kmspchkyrnk.(his)       voluntary fulfillment of a public obligation
kmspk     s.(neo)       printing works || printery

kmspktmnych             to assign a task
kmspm     s.            evaluation
kmspnyychskkhp          guard || watchman || spokesman || specialist
kmspskt   adj.          responsible || specialist
kmsptm         to humiliate
kmspysn           to make bend down
kmsr      v.intr.       to bend down || to bend over
kmsstyk   v.intr.       to evaluate oneself
kmstrry   s.(mes)       January || January (in the Inka era: Time of fiest of creation | month of rest. Sacrifices | processions | fa
kmsy      s.            reverence
kmsy      v.intr.(d2) to bend
kmsyk     v.intr.(d1) to bow down || to bend down || to bend over || to bow || to kneel || to bow
kmsykryy<kmsykrtyysp> evaluate
kmsyr     to inspire (not inhale)
kmsyrnk         to preach || to hold a speech
kmsytnk                 to receive the Holy Communion
kmt         to revere || to venerate
kmtn      adv.m.        commercially
kmty      s.(bot)       kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
kmty      pron.pers. with you
kmty      s.            your age
kmty                    k
          s.(bot)(amz) ind of medicinal plant of the jungle
kmy       adj.          adequate || fitting one's nature || conforming to one's talent
kmy       s.(pol)       judicial power || jurisdiction
kmy       s.(mat)       numerical coefficient
kmy       v.intr.       to blink || to wink
kmy       s.(mes)       fiest of creation in Inka times (in January)
kmy       adj.          adequate || fitting one's nature || conforming to one's talent
kmy       v.intr.       to become widow || to become widower
kmy       v.intr.       to close one's eyes || to blink || to wink
kmy         to entrust || to recommend
kmy       v.intr.       to lose taste
kmy         to wink
kmy       s.(ass)       lawyer
kmy       v.intr.       to blink || to wink
kmy       s.(bot)       comlloisho (plant of the puna with pubescent leaves | purple-white flowers | and round | very bitter fruits
kmy       s.a.          Just tell your lies | I won't
kmy       f.v.aux.      ... is || there is
kmy       [PLURAL]
kmy       s.(med)       a //hot// temperature or essence in a food or in the environment that enters the body and causes illness
kmy       s.            action || execution || effect
kmy       s.            campfire
kmy       s.(esp)       canal (used for gold mining) || placer mine
kmy       s.(tex)       ceremonial dress || place where ceremonies take place
kmy       s.(cer)       earthen pan || pot for toasting || earthenware || pottery of fired clay
kmy       s.            heat || warmth
kmy       adj.          hot || warm || hot || warm
kmy       f.v.aux.      I am
kmy       s.            kind of flute
kmy        s.(mit)    male deity (wak'a) in the tales of Waruchiri (cf. Quniraya Wiraqucha) || (Span.) Cuni
kmy        adj.(neo) private
kmy                   p
           s.(top)(aym) rovince in the Department of Qosqo (Peru) || (Span.) Canas (<light [aym.])
kmychk     s.(bot)    quinine bark
kmychy                r
           s.(zoo)(esp) abbit
kmyk       s.(mus)    reed pipe || flute || bamboo flute
kmyk       adj.       soft
kmyk       adj.       soft
kmykchy s.(d2)        time
kmykchy s.(top)(<?) ancient people and province in the Department of Qosqo (Peru) || (Span.) Canchis
kmykky     s.(d1)     angle
kmykrn     s.(bot)    big and white mushroom || mushroom
kmyky      s.         bosom
kmyky      adj.(d1)   cloudy || clouded (liquid) || turbulent
kmyky      s.(d1)     court || palace || patio || corral || public space || market area || enclosed courtyard or garden
kmyky      adj.       empty
kmyky      s.(d2)     failure
kmyky      s.         fire place || big | round stove of stones half in the earth || rustic oven || fireplace || oven || stove || hearth
kmyky      s.         heat
kmyky      s.(d3)     herd || flock || group
kmyky      s.(zoo)    humming bird || hummingbird
kmymnhn s.            light || brightness
kmymy      s.(fam)    nephew
kmyn       adv.l.     outside
kmyn       s.(d2)     skin mycosis
kmynk      s.(d1)     stove || fireplace
kmynypchykndj.(d2)    thirsty
kmypktchty s.(zoo)    unknown kind of bird (in the tales of Waruchiri)
kmypy      s.         wall || stone wall || rustic wall || wall of twigs or reed || fence || enclosure || corral
kmypyy     adj.       warmed up || heated
kmyrym     s.(bot)    yeast || sediment
kmyy       s.(zoo)    kind of bird that builds nests of thorns
kmyy       s.(mat)    statistics
kmyy       s.(mat)    statistic table
kmyy       s.(mat)    statistic graph || chart
kmyy      to build round a place || to build a court
kmyy      to cloud
kmyychyynmchk         to lean
kmyykchy        to make someone light something || to light
kmyys      s.(mat)    bracket
kmyyypsnkmrmtk        Conchucos (Eastern Ancash | Peru)
kn         s.a.       shining || brilliant
kn         adj.       spicy
kn         f.v.aux.   we are (incl.)
kn         s.(tri)    people of Conchucos
kn         v.intr.    to have oneself bitten
kn         v.intr.    to warm up
kn         adv.l.     out
kn         s.(zoo)    fly
kn         s.         lamp || lantern
kn         adv.l.     outside
kn         s.(uni)    ar
kn        adj.        experienced || office-experienced
kn        s.          splendor
kn       to brighten || to illuminate || to shine || to light || to give light || to light
kn        num.c.      seven
kn        num.fract. seventh
kn        num.c.      seventy
kn        num.c.      seventy-one
kn        num.c.      seventy-seven
kn        num.c.      seventy-two
kn        num.c.      seventy thousand
knch      s.          heptagon
knch      adj.poses. heptagonal
knch      adj.        heptagonal
knch       to multiply with seven
knch      s.          heptagon
knch      num.o.      seventh
knch      expr.       more than seven meters
knch      expr.       more than seven meters
knch      num.o.      seventh
knch      expr.       Lesson Seven
knch      s.(spi)     the seven levels of the Inkas' holy spiritual path
knch      num.c.      seven hundred
knch      num.c.      seven hundred thousand
knch      s.(uni)     week
knch      s.(tmp)     week
knch      adj.        weekly
knch      adj.        weekly
knch      num.fract. seventh
knch      num.o.      seventh
knch      s.(gra)     collective noun
knch      num.c.      seven thousand
knch      s.(bot)     Seven Wise (plant of the jalca region whose flowers serve to illuminate the mind. Who takes //Seven W
knch^kk   s.(mat)     heptaeder
knchchnkmys.(pol)(ass)Department (region)
knchchnmyks.          light || brightness || glory || light
knchchnsy adj.        luxuriously living woman
knchchy   s.          strong smell
knchchy       to brighten || to illuminate || to shine || to light || to give light || to light
knchchy       to build a wall of twigs or reeds || to build a wall || to plant a hedge
knchchy       to burn
knchk       to effect || to execute
knchk       to heat || to warm || to heat up || to warm up
knchk       to heat up || to warm up
knchk       to lean
knchk       to make a child burp after nursing
knchkn    v.intr.     to shine || to light || to brighten
knchky       to soften
knchky    v.intr.     to stink
knchmn       to surround || to build around
knchn     s.          weather vane
knchn     s.(neo)     illustration
knchp     s.          illustration
knchr      v.intr.    to arouse interest
knchr      v.intr.    to brighten || to light
knchry      to illustrate
knchry     adj.       conceited || vain || pretentious
knchs      adj.       convex
knchschkt v.intr.     to be clouded || to become cloudy
knchschnk s.          torch || flare
           s.(zoo)(esp) abbit
knchschnkhknyk        r
knchschnkknchsnyk     angle || edge || vertex
knchschnkskynyk       archeological site near Qosqo | was an admiration site for Mother Earth (Pachamama) || Q'enqo (<labyr
knchschnkyrnk         arrogant
knchschr adj.         biter
knchschrp s.          boaster || rooster || tall person || rooster
knchschrykrkchyn      burner
knchschy s.           cave
knchskch s.(d1)       curve || winding || serpentine
knchskk    s.         fire
knchsmtrtyyspm        heat of fire
knchsmtryy s.(d2)     maze || labyrinth
knchsnkn s.(ana)      neck || throat
knchsnknychkn         pay
knchsny    s.(mik)    roast || roasted meat || roast meat
knchspchk s.(zoo)     rooster || cock || gringo
knchspchkyrnk         Stairs (constellation)
knchspnchys.(ast)     Stairs (zigzag constellation)
knchspnchynk          they are
knchspnchyphmk        toasted || roast
knchspnchypktmk       treasure
knchsptm adj.(esp) twangy
knchspysn s.          voice
knchst     adj.       warm || wearing a jacket || hot
knchsyrnk f.v.aux.    will be
knchsyy    adj.       wound || sinuous || meandered || zigzag || complicated
knchsyykpnyf.v.aux.   you are (singular)
knchy      adj.       disturbing || disconcerting || confusing
knchy      s.a.       who makes forget
knchy      f.v.aux.   you are (plural)
knchy      to make someone forget something in favor of someone
knchy      to make lose || to make forget
knchy      to put something around the neck
knchy      s.(ipt)    bracket || parenthesis
knchy      s.(ana)    hip
knchy      adj.       payable
knchy      s.a.       who forgets
knchy      s.         axe (literally throat-cutter)
knchy      s.(mil)    hatchet || halberd
knchy      v.intr.    to behead || to decapitate
knchy      s.         temperature
knchy      adj.       bending || in bends || in zigzag
knchy     to zigzag
knchy      v.intr.    to roast oneself
knchychy s.           frying pan
knchykk   s.(bot)    quinine tree
knchykry s.(mik)     sweet drink | not fermented || soft drink
knchyky   s.(tex)    very small poncho with warp stripes worn horizontally
knchyky   s.(med)    angina || tonsilitis || sore throat
knchyr    adj.(d2)   low voice
knchysk   adj.(d1)   thick-necked
knchyy    adj.(d2)   high voice
knchyy    adj.(d1)   thin-necked
knpsky    s.(bot)    concapa (lit. //for forgetting// | plant of the puna whose black | sweet fruits make people who eat them e
knpsy      to forget
knpyky    s.(ana)    knee
knpyy     adv.m.     on one's knees
knh       adv.m.     on one's knees
knk       adj.       forgetful
knk       v.intr.    to fall on one's knees || to kneel down || to bend down || to bend over || to kneel
knk       s.(ana)    knee
knk       v.intr.    to become corrupted
knk       s.(ana)    kneecap || patella
knk      to forget totally
knk       v.cop.     to be kneeling down
knk       s.(ana)    kneecap || patella
knk       v.intr.    to fall on one's knees || to kneel down || to bend down || to bend over
knk    very
knk       adv.m.     kneeling
knk       v.intr.    to be kneeling down
knk       adj.       long-neck
knk       p.p.p.     forgotten
knk       adj.       forgetful
knk       adj.       long-necked
knk       s.(spi)    roots in the body (in the neck | the heart | the stomach | the buttocks) for the projection of energy
knk       s.(top)    town in the Department of Qosqo (Peru) || (Span.) Ocongate
knk      to behead || to cut one's throat
knk      to behead || to slice one's head off
knk       s.(ana)    neck
knk       s.         act of forgetting
knk                  black caracara || kind of vulture falcon || kind of bird
knk       s.(che)    carbohydrate
knk       s.         copulation
knk       s.(mik)    popcorn
knkch     adj.       sonorous
knkchk    v.dic.     to bark
knkchk    v.recip.   to barter
knkchpy      to carry under the arm
knkchy      to forget
knkchy    v.intr.    to get hot || to be excited || to warm
knkk      v.intr.    to make fire
knkk      to roast || to bake (in flame) || to grill || to cook || to bake || to roast || to roast
knkk      to twist
knkk      s.(fon)    consonant
knkkchn   s.(geo)    thermal spring

knkkchnchmp          to cuddle up
knkkhry   adv.m.     suddenly
knkkn      s.(zoo)(amz) rufescent tiger-heron || undulated tinamou || kind of bird
knkknk     s.(tex)      shawl || scarf
knkknpry adj.           forgetful
knkky      adj.         forgetful
knkn       adj.         inattentive || forgetful
knkn       s.(med)      amnesia
knkn       adv.m.       suddenly
knknk      v.intr.      to resound
knknny     s.           proverb
knknrk     f.v.aux.     would be
knknrk     adv.t.       now || today || immediately || just
knknyn     adv.t.       now || today || then
knknyn     adj.         present || current
knkp       s.           warm water
knkpy      adv.t.       till now || till today
knkr       adv.t.       this time || at this occasion
knkrchk    s.           fever
knkrchkmnt adv.t.       from now
knkrky     adv.t.       from now
knkrky     v.intr.      to gnash one's teeth
knkrmk     v.intr.      to rumble
knkrmntsmpyadj.         contemporary
knkrphrr   adv.t.       in this era || today
knkrpry    s.           present || current age || present era
knkrry     s.(gra)      present tense
knkrty     adj.         present
knkry      adv.t.       today
knkry      adv.t.       today
knkryp     adv.t.       this night
knkryy     s.           incandescence
knks       adj.         recent
knksk      p.p.p.       recently
knkskr     adv.t.       this year
knksp      s.           present father
knksph     s.(gra)      participle
knkt       s.           amulet || small stone or ceramic figure of an animal | with a hole in the back to place ritual offerings
knktkchy s.(agr)        land burnt down and cleared (for pasture)
knktkry    s.(his)      silver plate for the forehead (sign of the Inka nobility)
knkty      v.intr.      to heat up (in the sun) || to warm up (in the sun)
knky       s.(tex)      precious women's dress
knky       v.intr.(esp) to confess
knky to confess
knky to burn a piece of land (for pasture)
knky to confess
knky to trust
knky       s.(tri)      ancient people in present Ecuador (Ca¤aris) | enemies of the Inkas | conquered by Tupaq Yupanki || loc
knky       s.           side
knky       s.(top)      town and province in Ecuador (named after the Ca¤ari people) || (Span.) Ca¤ar
knky        to incline
knky        to bend down something
knky       s.(top)      Quechua-speaking town and district in the Department of Lambayeque (Peru) || (Span.) Ca¤aris
knky       s.(d2)       area || region || part
knky        s.(geo)      hillside || side
knkyk       s.(mit)      male deity (wak'a) in the tales of Waruchiri (cf. Quniraya Wiraqucha) || (Span.) Cuniraya
knkyk       s.(d1)       passage || crossing
knkyky    to cross || to go across || to go to the other side || to turn to the side
knkymnt       to go alongside a slope
knkyn       v.intr.      to remorse
knkyn       v.intr.      to rut || to start rutting
knkysnkn       to turn inside out
knkysp        to undertake || to take upon
knkysr      adj.         wide || broad
knkyy       s.a.(med) cross-eyed
knkyy       s.(mat)      hypotenuse
knkyy       postpos. on the other side || round about || around
knkyyyk     s.           path on the hillside
knmn        adj.         wide
knn         s.(mat)      function
knn         expr.        I see the hillside
knn         s.(mit)      male deity (wak'a) in the tales of Waruchiri || (Span.) Cuniraya Huiracocha || (orig.) Cuniraya Viracocha
knn         s.(mik)      brandy
knnkm       s.(l.esp)    conception
knnktp      s.(esp)      desire
knnky to advise
knnmnt      p.p.p.       bitten
knnmnt                   I
            expr.(p.esp) have the desire
knnny       adv.m.       perhaps || maybe
knnny       adv.m.       perhaps || maybe
knnp        to convince || to win someone giving advice
knnpch      s.(esp)      cancer
knnpch      v.intr.(esp) to get cancer || to become cancerous
knnpch      s.(esp)      basket
knnpkkky to console
knnpnchy s.(bot)         a bush having red or yellow flowers that are considered as the Peruvian national flowers || kantu (kind o
knnpnchy s.(esp)         agent
knntt       s.           border || edge || bank (shore)
knny        s.           bouquet
knny        s.(esp)      brother-in-law
knnyksk|rrsks.           coca leaf offering || small green pepper || sacred coca leaves | generally a bundle of three perfect coca
knnyt       s.(top)      community near Huarochiri (Waruchiri) | on the Mala river in the province of Huarochiri (Department of L
knnyy       s.(zoo)      humming bird || hummingbird
knnyysk     s.(ast)      Humming-bird (constellation)
knp         s.(d2)       jug || jar
knp         adj.         paired
knp         s.(d1)       perfume || aroma || good smell
knpky       s.           perfume || aroma || good smell
knpnnk      adj.         pulled in
knpy        s.(esp)      sister-in-law
knr         s.(tex)      the spinning tool (phushka) used to spin two threads together for weaving || plying spindle | larger than p
knr         s.(geo)      West
knr         adj.(geo) western
knrchy        to pull in || to draw in || to retract || to shorten
knrnchy     s.(bot)      plant | used in brown dye
knrs        v.intr.      to be rolled up || to be twist
knry        adv.m.      completely || until last || from head to foot
knry        postpos. in place of
knry        adv.t.      immediately
knry        s.(tex)     plying spindle (larger than puchka)
knry        s.(mus)(esp)song
knry        s.(tex)     braid with core
knry        s.(zoo)(d1) condor
knry        s.(ast)     Condor: (a) head of Scorpio | (b) head = delta | epsilon | eta Canis Majoris | wing = alpha | beta | gamm
knry        s.(esp)     enemy
knry        s.(zoo)(d2) king vulture
knrymnhtn   s.(bot)     plant | the root used for a brown or dark orange dye
knrymnrkk   s.(top)     a mountain in the Province of Huarochiri (Department of Lima | Peru) || (Span.) Condorcoto
knrymny     s.(bot)     condor wing (big | fern-like plant with black | sweet fruits similar to grapes | that cause cause the feeling
knrynn      s.(bot)     condor's maize (kind of wild plant | an illa of maize)
knrynn      s.          covenant || contract
knrysp to employ || to give work
knrysy      s.(mes)     October
knrytkhyn   s.(zoo)     bird with its feathers in disorder
knryyrkch   adj.        with ruffled hair
kns         p.p.p.      shrunken
kns         s.(tex)     thread of two or more fibres spun together
kns         p.p.p.      twisted
knshy       s.(top)     plain just before arriving at Tecoya from Betanzos
knsk to answer || to reply
knsnytyn    s.(top)     Western territory of the Tawantinsuyu
knsp        s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
knspch      adj.(esp) conditional
knspty      s.(bot)     a bush having red or yellow flowers that are considered as the Peruvian national flowers
knsr        s.(esp)     padlock || bracelet || bracelet || bracelet (usually of gold)
knsryy      s.(uni)(esp)hundred-weight (equivalent to 4 arrobas or 100 pounds)
knst        s.(d1)      purr of a cat
knsyy       s.          smoke
knt         v.intr.     to contract || to shrink
knt         v.intr.     to make a bouquet of coca to divine
knt       to make pairs || to pair
knt         v.intr.     to perfume || to smell good
knt         v.dic.      to purr (cat)
knt       to push
knt       to reduce
knt to sing
knt         v.intr.     to smoke || to produce smoke
knt       to twist || to spin two threads together || to ply
knt         s.(d2)      torsion
knt         expr.       the just || that ist to be || convenient
knt         v.intr.     to shrink || to become small
knt         s.          advice
knt         s.(bot)     banana || kind of plant of the jungle (main use: food)
knt         s.          bite
knt         s.          burnt offering
knt         s.          canoe
kntchy      s.(bot)     cereal from the Chenopodiaceae family
knth        s.(cer)     earthen pan || pot for toasting || earthenware || pottery of fired clay
kntky       s.(bot)      kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
kntmnt      s.(bot)      kind of shrub || type of sagebrush
kntmnt      s.(zoo)      kind of water bird
kntn        s.(spi)      power of becoming
kntn        s.(bot)      quinua (grain or cereal) || Andean rice || quinoa
kntn        s.(met)      thunder
kntnk    to accumulate things secretly
kntr        to advise
kntr        v.dic.       to bark
kntr        to beat on the back
kntr        to bite || to sting
kntr        to build a bonfire || to build a bonefire
kntrkt      v.dic.       to burp || to burp || to belch
kntrprkrn        to chew partially
kntrpsrn        to cleave || to crack || to crack || to dent
kntrt        to crumble
kntrty      v.intr.      to gargle
kntryky     v.intr.      to heat up || to warm up || to wear a jacket
knts        to join together || to unite something
knts        to light || to set fire to || to burn || to burn up || to burn || to make a flame
kntsk        to pay
kntsk    to press together
kntsk        to warm
kntspmps        to warm up again
kntsty to win
kntsy       s.(bot)      kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuwadorian jungle
kntsynpnk   s.           breakfast || warm water
kntsyny     expr.(k)     grumblehuts || grouch || grumpy
kntt        to communicate
kntt        adv.t.       immediately || at once || soon
knty        adv.t.       immediately || at once || soon
knty        s.           calm valley || hot place
knty        s.(cri)(esp) convert
knty        s.(bot)      cedar || kind of plant of the jungle (main use: construction)
knty        s.(esp)      reed || reedy area
knty        s.           toilet || lavatory
knty        adv.t.       right now
knty        s.(bot)(esp)kind of medicinal plant of the jungle
knty        v.intr.      to blink || to wink
knty        v.dic.       to scream || to sound
knty        s.(med)      stuffed nose
knty        adj.         external
knty                     [sound
            interj.onom.(d2) of drinking water]
knty      as soon as
kntym       s.           bed
kntyy       adv.l.       below
kny         s.           bundle || load || luggage || bundle || load carried on the back || package || bundle that is carried on the ba
kny         s.           cartilage
kny                      crack!
            interj.onom.(d1) || [cracking sound of wood or fruit in a cod]
kny         s.(uni)(neo)cuartilla (dry measure | +/- 60 pounds)
kny         s.           handful || bundle
kny         adj.         in waste land || not cultivated || wild || woodland
kny       s.         instrument (cow horn)
kny       s.         jaw
kny       s.         knot
kny       s.         palm (of the hand)
kny       adv.l.     right
kny       s.(bot)    thistle || thistle whose burs stick to the clothes
kny       adj.       tiny || small
kny       s.         waste || rubbish || trash || garbage
kny       s.(zoo.ana)wing
kny       s.(tex)    coarse cloth
kny       s.(bot)    copcho (plant of the puna region with lanceolate | acute leaves and abundant purple-white flowers)
kny       adj.       elegant | haughty nobleman
kny       adj.       half-baked
kny       s.         honor
kny       s.         incense || perfume
kny       s.(bot)    kapuchu (kind of wild plant | an illa of oca)
kny       s.(esp)    snotty-nosed kid
kny       s.         digit
kny       adj.(ass) aesthetic
kny       s.         spice
kny       s.         curly hair
kny       s.         will to work more than the others
kny       s.         bag || sack
kny       s.(ana)    liver
kny       s.(ana)    pancreas
kny       s.(med)    acute pancreatitis      to decipher
knyk      s.         waste basket || dust bin || garbage can
knykrn      to decipher
knyky     s.(ass)    art
knyn      to make a bundle
knyn      to clean off completely
knyp      s.         ceramic || ceramics
knyrs      to break off a piece || to chip away the border || to chip off
knyry      to chip away the border || to chip off
knyry     s.         carrier
knys      adj.       exact || exactly || entire || whole
knytn     adj.       fragrant || perfuming
knyy      adj.       hard
knyy      s.         product
knyy      adj.       exact
knyytkrmy s.(bot)    ancestors' oca (kind of wild plant | an illa of the oca)
knyyy     s.         wealth
kp        s.p.       rich
kp        s.         bumpy terrain
kp        adj.       cartilaginous
kp        p.p.p.     cooled
kp        adv.m.     exactly
kp      to cut
kp        v.intr.    to get mouldy
kp        adj.       ruffled || dishevelled || tousled
kp        p.p.p.     curly
kp         s.(top)     town in the Department of Jun¡n (Peru) || (Span.) Acopampa (<plain of sand)
kp         s.(esp)     castrated animal
kp         s.(d2)      clouds || colouring of the sky at dawn or dusk
kp         s.          club
kp         s.(d1)      hurricane
kp         s.(mat)     hyperbola
kp         s.(tex)     rucksack || bundle || carrying shawl || woman's carrying shawl || pre-hispanic type woman's carrying sha
kp         s.          sunset
kp       to integrate
kp         s.(mat)     hyperboloid
kpch       adj.(col)   light blue || turquoise
kpch       v.intr.     to be the beginning of a lineage or another founded thing
kpch       v.recip.    to rub clothes or flesh of each other
kpch       v.recip.    to shake hands
kpch       s.(mat)     hyperboloid
kpch       s.(bot)     capinuri || kind of medicinal plant | main uses: sprains | cuts | magic
kpch       p.p.p.      crumpled || crushed
kpch       s.          bumped nose
kpchhchh v.intr.       to crumple up
kpchk       to crush || to crumple
kpchk      s.(bot)(d1) cedar || kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
kpchkch    s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
kpchkmy s.(bot)(d2) kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle | tree whose cooked leaves are eaten to relieve headac
kpchn      s.          potato that remains under the earth and germinates
kpchn      s.(ass)     profits || output
kpchn      adj.        blind
kpchnphrnkys.          cartilaginous part of the cattle's chest
kpchpkyksktyty         loader || who loads
kpchrn     s.(top)     old community near Waruchiri | resettled by the Spaniards to the reduction of San Lorenzo de Quinti (in
kpchtpsky s.(bot)      canary wood || kind of medicinal plant | main uses: anti-bacterial | diabetes | antioxidant | antifungal stom
kpchy      s.(tex)     carrying shawl || carrying cloth (all-purpose | used by men and women) || woman's small | rectangular ca
kpchy      s.          person happy at work
kphky      s.          portable || transportable
kphr       to call out || to exclaim || to proclaim
kphty       to carry in a bundle
kphty       to shake hands
kpk       to unload
kpk        v.intr.     to lose the sight || to become blind
kpk                    g
           s.(zoo)(esp) oat
kpk        adv.m.      perhaps || maybe
kpk        s.(zoo)(amz)six-tubercled river turtle || kind of turtle
kpkkk      p.p.p.(esp) castrated
kpkn       p.p.p.      extruded
kpknnkn    s.(zoo)     kind of bird
kpknyk     s.          large bottom
kpkp       s.(zoo)     kind of bird
kpkp       s.          lung
kpkrsk     s.(tex)     enlarged | entire poncho (in Kitukara)
kpkt       s.(tex)     warp pickup technique
kpky       s.(zoo)     worm
kpky       to collect in handful portions
kpm        s.(tex)     warp pickup technique
kpmkpsk    s.(esp)     chapter
kpmp       to raise something stretched on the side
kpn       to tear a thread with the teeth || to eat by small pieces
kpn                    black cherry
           s.(bot)(esp<naw)(d1) || capuli cherry || kind of tree of the Andes
kpn        adj.(esp) brown (like coffee)
kpn        s.(zoo)     butterfly
kpn        s.          cartilage
kpn        adj.(esp) castrated
kpn        s.(esp)     coffee
kpnchy     s.(bot)(esp)coffee || kind of plant of the jungle (main use: food)
kpnk       s.          fibre
kpnks      s.          fibre
kpnky                  goldenberry
           s.(bot)(esp<naw)(d2) || peruvian gooseberry || cape gooseberry
kpnky      s.          smell || aroma || odor || aroma
kpnky      adj.        soft
kpnnrk     s.(d3)      sort of white tender corn || kind of white tender maize
kpnr       s.          sweet-filled maize fritter
kpnsk      s.(d1)      sweet-filled maize fritter
kpnsnk     v.pron.     to belong (to)
kpny       v.pron.     to belong || to have (lit. to belong) || to be (health)
kpny       to carry || to carry in a bundle
kppnk to castrate
kppnk       to knead
kppnk      v.pron.     to possess || to have
kppp       to return something lent || to bring back || to return || to pay || to repay
kppy       to rub || to chafe || to rub clothes or flesh
kpr       to smell (of something) || to smell || to give off an odor
kpr       to squeeze with the hand || to shake hands || to give the hand || to squeeze out || to crush || to extrude ||
kpr       to tear down
kpr        v.intr.     to weave the weft || to weave the woof
kprn       s.(top)     town in the Department of Qosqo | province of Aqomayu (Peru) || (Span.) Acop¡a
kprn       s.(d2)      white cornmeal
kprn       to complete
kprn       to carry
kprspyyy   s.p.        rich
kpry       v.pron.     to belong (to)
kpry       s.(zoo)     capybara
kpry       s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
kpryy      s.(bot)     kind of tree of the jungle (main use: medicinal)
kps     only if
kps                    k
           s.(bot)(amz) ind of medicinal plant | main uses: lung disorders | skin disorders | fungus | scars | std's
kps        v.intr.     to become waste
kpsk       v.intr.     to fight a bull fight
kpsk       s.(bot)     agave (a very useful plant | its stem is used for wood or as tube | its leaves for fibres | its fruits are eaten
kpsk       s.(med)     any invisible illness-causing agent (analogous to //germ// or //microbe// in English)
kpsk       s.          ball || sphere || grain || hump || bump
kpskhtn    adv.l.      below || in the lower part
kpsn       s.          burn (sensation) || burning sensation || hate
kpsy       adj.        concave
kpt        s.          cup || mug || glass (for drinking) || beaker || jar
kpt        adj.        distant || far || far away || expensive || fear || distant || long || extensive || far (away)
kptky      adj.(esp) expensive
kptn                 f
kpty     adv.l.      far || distant
kpty     s.(bot)(d2) germinated maize
kpty     s.(min)     gold
kpy      s.(bot)(d1) herb || weeds || weed || plant || weed || growth || grass
kpy      adj.        hot || burning || stinging
kpy      s.(geo)     hueco || hondonada
kpy      s.(bot)     kind of herb
kpy      adj.        knotty
kpy      s.(tex)     leather || skin
kpy      adj.        light brown (horse)
kpy      s.(bot)     lupin species
kpy      s.(spi)     magic chant || transmission of power | energy and knowledge of a supay (deity of the forest) through sa
kpy      adj.        naked || bare || bald
kpy      s.(top)     place and community in the Department of Qosqo (Province of Pawqartampu | Peru) | known for their tr
kpy      s.(esp)     priest
kpy      adj.        short
kpy      s.(ana)     skin || leather || bark || peel || bark (tree) || hide || bark || skin || hide || pelt
kpy      s.(zoo)(d2) small creature || bird || wild animal
kpy      interj.     take!
kpy      s.(bot)     the only tree of the puna
kpy      s.(ana)     tooth
kpy      s.(tex)     two very narrow stripes at weft selvage next to //mouth// (teeth) || lateral edge of a tissue
kpy      s.          vandal
kpy      s.          wood || stick || pole || rod || bar || stem || tree
kpy      s.          wood used by a carpenter
kpy      s.(zoo)(d1) worm || larva || insect || bug
kpy      s.          wound || lump || knot from a wound || injury
kpy      s.(med)     wound || pain || ache
kpy      s.(esp)     curve
kpychy   adj.(esp) heavy || low (tone)
kpyky    s.(esp)     carbon || coal || charcoal
kpynyk   s.          wooden bench
kpypk    s.(bot)     agave
kpyr     s.(bot.ana) bark of a tree
kpyr     s.          casting vote in case of draw or tie
kpyr     s.(tex)     fibre || fiber
kpytk    s.(phymed)mange of plants | a general term describing scab-like symptoms | general symptom label for any condit
kpyy     s.(top)     province in Ecuador || (Span.) Carchi
kpyy     s.(med)     scabies || itch || scab
kpyy     adj.        barefoot
kr       s.          tramp || vagabond || vagrant
kr       adj.        which causes burnings
kr       s.(med)     dentition
kr       v.intr.     to move oneself away
kr       s.(zoo)(d2) armadillo
kr       s.(zoo)(d1) opossum
kr       s.          tramp || lazy
kr       s.(zoo)     giant armadillo
kr       p.p.p.      gilded || gilt || golden
kr       s.(zoo)     cocoa bug
kr       v.dic.      to crunch || to crackle
kr        v.intr.        to get scabies
kr          to harvest corn or beans cutting the stalk
kr          to make itch
kr          to move something away
kr          to wrap with skin || to fill with skin
kr        s.p.           scabious
kr        s.(med)        crust || scurf that encloses the feet || scabies || itch || scab
kr        v.intr.        to scab
kr        s.             medicine for the wound
kr        s.a.           dentist
kr        s.             gold mine
kr        s.(med)        dental caries
kr        s.             acidity
kr        s.             Andean ritual which consists of offering animal blood to Pachamama
kr        s.             beam (wood) || trunk || beam || tree trunk || wood beam || trunk or thick pole || vertical poles for weaving
kr        s.(k)          beggar || party crasher
kr        adj.           bitter || sour || vinagry
kr        s.             calamity
kr        interj.(esp)   Damn! || Blast! || damn! (expression of disgust)
kr        adj.           elder || very expensive || very heavy || older || an elder or old person || ancient
kr        s.(fam)        eldest brother (has to look after his younger brothers and sisters and to protect them)
kr        s.(med)        hump
kr        adj.           hunchbacked || bumpy || humpy
kr        adj.           itching
kr        s.(pol)        leader of a whole ayllu || mayor || cacique || chief || indigenous chief || province governor in Inka times ||
kr        s.(esp)        load
kr        s.(tex)        pallay motif in weaving (skeleton or death)
krb       adj.           rigid || invariable
krb       s.             skeleton || death
krbn      s.(pol)        superior || elder
krbnk     s.(ana)        trunk || body
krch      adj.           who deals out || waiter
krch      s.(fam)        eldest son
krch          to make vinagry
krch      s.(pol)        high council
krch      s.(neo)        television set
krch      adj.           who helps oneself taking food
krch      s.(spi)        great chewer of coca leaves | this term refers to a fourth-level priest || high priest
krchk     s.(med)        tooth ache
krchk     f.v.aux.       I was
krchk     s.(ana)        teeth
krchky    f.v.aux.       was || he was || she was || it was
krchky    adj.(d1)       hunchbacked || bumpy || humpy
krchp     s.(top)        Inka palace in Qosqo || central place where the Inkans erected temples to the sun and other energy spi
krchp     s.(zoo)        lampyris || firefly
krchp     s.(zoo)        type of big scavenger bird
krchpmm   adj.(d2)       vexed || annoyed || tired
krchsk    s.(zoo)        kind of falcon
krchsp    s.(ana)        skeleton
krchy     f.v.aux.       you were
krchy          to bandage
krchy     s.(zoo)        a species of hummingbird
krchy       v.intr.      to bare one's teeth || to show one's teeth
krchy        to throw something for someone
krchy       s.(amz)      bad smell of body or clothes
krchyk      s.(zoo)      kind of black songbird of the mountains
krchykt     s.(bot)      kind of grass || dwarf bamboo
krchyky     s.           person with gold teeth
krhmp       s.           scrub || undergrowth
krhrkk      s.(bot)      underground shoot
krhrkn      s.(mat)      apsis
krhtk       s.(pol)      community elder || man who has completed the cargo progression and becomes a community elder | in
krk         p.p.p.       wormy
krk         s.(zoo)      crustacean
krk         v.intr.      to growl
krk         s.(zoo)      locust
krk         adv.m.       more || more than
krk         s.           grandfather
krk         s.           corral
krk         adj.         golden yellow || orange
krk         s.(top)      provincial town in Oruro Department (Bolivia)
krk         v.intr.(med)to be congested (nose)
krk         v.intr.      to be distant
krk         v.intr.      to become vinegary
krk         v.intr.      to bend || to stoop
krk         v.intr.      to live in a light-hearted way
krk        to serve oneself
krk        to throw || to throw out || to vacate || to evacuate || to cast out || to throw out || to dismiss || to sack || to fir
krk         v.intr.      to undress || to put off one's clothes
krk                      v
            s.(zoo)(neo) ertebrate
krk         s.(med)      myalgia
krk                      someone assigned to organize festivity || person who holds cargo
krkchr      s.           writing in the skin
krkchy        distance
krkhnt      s.(tex)      gold thread
krkhyn      v.intr.      to become embittered
krkk        to keep drinking until the last day of the fiesta
krkkyk      adj.         bald head
krkm        s.           gravel || shingle || pebbles || rubbe
krkn        s.(bot)      horsetail (medical plant with thin | green | hard stalks used for healing internal and external inflammation
krkn        s.           rainbow
krkn        s.           stretcher || bier || bed
krknch      s.(top)      the apu that watches over Hatun Q'eros (lit. //golden mountain//)
krknch      adv.l.       far away (direction)
krknch      s.(ana)      shoulder-blade || scapula
krknch      s.           travel
krknch      s.(neo)      television
krknk       s.(ast)      Pleiades
krknk       s.           wooden table
krknk       s.(bot)      large potato
krknpsty        to cross
krknt        to go to deal out
krkntspry        to pile up || to stack
krkpy       to roll || to slide
krkr        s.          gold mine
krkr        interj.onom.[the sound of crunching in the mouth]
krkr        s.          armchair || sofa || couch || chaise loungue
krkr     at least (somewhat sarcastically)
krkr        s.          cloth put on burro's back for protection
krkr        adj.        each
krkrkth     s.(esp)     grain
krkrn       s.(agr)     hoe || cutting blade of a foot plow || foot plow
krkrsk      s.(ana)     pancreas
krkryy      s.          present
krkryy       skin || bark || peel || hide
krkt        s.(zoo)     wasp
krkt        s.          delay in growth
krktyt      s.          deviation
krky       to make move away
krky       to abandon || to leave
krky        v.intr.     to go away || to leave
krky        adj.        delayed in growth
krky       to delay growth or development
krky       to take away || to remove || to leave something || to go far away from || to withdraw
krky        v.intr.     to separate (oneself)
krky        s.(esp)     gringa
krky        s.(esp)     gringo
krky        s.(tex)     shirt embroidered with gold
krky        v.intr.     to brush one's teeth
krky        s.(esp.neo)English
krkychnny               D
            expr.(p.esp) o you speak English?
krkyk       expr.       we have to give something
krkyk       s.(med)     tooth ache
krkynn      s.(zoo)(amz)common piping guan || kind of bird
krkyt       s.(esp)     horn
krkyy       adj.(amz) stinking || fetid
krkyykyy    s.          corn cob
krm         s.          potatoes with peel
krm         adv.l.      distant
krm         adj.        indiscreet
krm         adj.        all kinds of
krm         s.(cal)(esp)Carnival
krmk        s.(spi)     curative paju (lit. of any kind) fundamentally used for healings and cleanings of the person's body (inclu
krmn        s.(agr)     a flat clod of earth || clump || clump of earth || clod of dirt || dirt clod || sphere || bullet || ball || cleared land
krmn        adv.l.      at a distance
krmnrn      s.          bark || peel || skin || shell || clothing
krmntrkn    s.          clod of dirt
krmp        s.          dwarf
krms        s.          guest
krmy        s.(zoo)     kind of fish living in rivers
krmy        adj.        sluggish
krmy        s.          tent || awning || sun roof || tent
krmy        s.          leather clothing
krmy        s.a.        host
krmyynyyk   s.          lodge
krn       to lodge
krn        to make clods of earth
krn        to make irrigate
krn        s.(his)      Inka captain (orej¢n)
krn        adj.         irrigater
krn        s.           lid || cover
krn        v.intr.      to form heaps
krn        s.           parchment
krn        adj.         lazy || incapable to work
krn        s.           sterile land
krn        to go to irrigate
krnch      s.           club
krnch      s.(ast)      Instrument to dig irrigation ditches (constellation)
krnchchy s.             irrigation ditch
krnchkpy s.             lid || cover
krnchky    s.(top)      mountain in Peru (in the Department of Arequipa | was a female deity) || (Span.) Coropuna
krnchsk    expr.        we offer || we give
krnchy     expr.        you will give it to him/her
krnchy     s.(zoo)      dung-beetle || black beetle || dung beetle || (lit.) pupe-pusher
krnchyky s.             poor child
krnk       s.(agr)      crushing of clods
krnk       s.(esp)      carpenter
krnk        to irrigate something for someone
krnkntpchy v.dic.       to call || to cry || to shout || to scream
krnksm        to become a ball || to clump up
krnksmtrmnkch           to uncover || to remove the lid
krnmknchk p.p.p.        irrigated
krnny      p.p.p.       shy
krns       s.(med)      dandruff
krns       v.intr.      to undress || to put off one's clothes
krns       s.           first dentition
krnt        to strip || to undress
krntnpp    adj.         far away
krny       v.intr.      to be distant
krny       s.           initiation || transmission
krnyy      s.           ritual bath
krnyy        to cover with a lid || to top || to cover
krnyyph to destroy or remove clods of earth || to cultivate || to clear land
krp        to initiatiate || to transmit
krp        to irrigate
krp        to press downwards
krp        s.(neo)      hostel || hotel
krp        s.           tent || awning || sun roof
krp        to help to irrigate
krp        s.(spi)      exchange of spiritual power
krp        s.(tex)      ball (of wool etc.) || ball of yarn || ball
krp        s.(ana)      belly button || navel || bellybutton
krpch      s.(esp)      car || automobile
krpchk     s.(bot)(tupi)curare || kind of medicinal plant | main uses: animal poison | brusies | edema | kidney stones
krpchnys s.             dirt || eruptions in the face
krpchy     s.           shield
krpchy     s.(mil)      shield || leather shield covered with coloured feathers
krpchy     adj.(esp) skinny
krpk       s.(esp)      pulley block
krpk       v.(esp)      to correct
krpkk                   c
           s.(ana)(esp) heek-bone
krpky      s.           sphere || ball
krpkyksk       to roll
krpmk      adj.         too salted
krpmp      adj.         foreign || stranger
krpmy      s.(bot)      kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
krpn       s.(ana)      liver || pancreas
krpn       s.(his)      praise of the worker who is tireless until old age
krpn       v.intr.      to gargle
krpn       s.(zoo)      bird of the valley
krpn       s.(zoo)      black bird with a partly white tail || if this bird sings near you it is bad luck
krpnchk    s.(bot)      granadilla
krpnk      s.(his)      Inka captain (orej¢n)
krpnksh    s.(esp)      corral
krpns      s.(neo)      progress || development
krpntch    s.(esp)      strap
krpntr        to ball up || to wind into ball
krppy to develop
krprkchy   interj.      To hell with him!
krpry      v.intr.(esp) to hurry || to run
krpry      v.(esp)      to run
krpsk run
krpsk to weed || to pull up the weeds
krpsp        to wind || to ball up || to wind into ball
krptky to wind || to ball up || to wind into ball
krpty      s.           plagues
krpty      s.(esp)      cross
krptyk     s.(esp)      jail || prison
krptyy     s.           larva || fly egg
krpy       v.intr.(esp) to make the sign of the cross
krpy       p.p.p.       burning (sensation)
krpy       p.p.p.       castrated
krpy       p.p.p.(agr) freed of weeds
krpy       s.(aym)      infant wrapped up tightly
krpy       s.(bot)      plant used to dye yellow || plant in Bolivia used to dye yellow
krpy       s.           tramp || pauper || poor child
krpys      p.p.p.       wounded || injured
krpys      p.p.p.(aym)wrapped
krpysy                  kind
           s.(bot)(p.esp) of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
krpyyn     s.(med)      dental caries
krr        s.           dry | chapped lips
krr        adj.         offensive with one's words
krr        s.           person who tells his or her facts to everyone
krr                     cross molle (kind of molle tree)
krr                     h
           s.(ana)(esp) eart
krr        s.(esp)      kerosene || petroleum || paraffin
krr        adj.         unbearded
krr        adj.         with big teeth
krrch      s.(med)      wrinkel of the skin
krrhy      s.(bot)      kind of nettle || kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
krrkn        to maintain
krrmp                   haemorrhage
krrmpy     s.(esp)      army
krrmykr    s.(cri)(esp) Christ
krrn       s.(ast)      Eyes of Christ: alpha and beta Centauri (provenience: Misminay)
krrn       adj.(esp) christian
krrn cross || to go across
krrn       expr.(esp) Thank you! || Thanks!
krrnchn    s.(esp)      thanks
krrnk      expr.        Who has mercy has the right of glory (to come to heaven)
krrnk      adj.(k)      awkward || clumsy || useless
krrnk      s.(esp)      card || letter
krrnr      s.           dandruff
krry       adv.l.       far away (direction)
krry       adj.(esp) fat
krry       s.(bot)      native tree with large leaves
krry       s.(ana)      testicles
krry       s.(med)      carious tooth
krry       s.           middle-class (name) || notable (personality)
krry                    having big balls (testicles) || useless || stupid || stupid idiot
krry       s.(med)      orchitis
krry                    l
krry       s.(esp)      cards to play
krry       s.(zoo)      toad
krry       adj.(k)      having big balls (testicles) || useless || stupid || stupid idiot
krrykn to thank
krs        s.(mat)      Cartesian product
krs                     having big balls (testicles) || useless || stupid || stupid idiot
krs        s.(agr)(neo)pesticides || insecticides
krschky to write a letter || to send a letter
krsk       s.a.         dentist
krsk       expr.(d2) [FUTURE (immediate)] || to be going to (do something - FUTURE)
krsk       s.           cradle
krsk       s.(met)      drizzle
krsk       s.           early morning | pre-breakfast work period | used especially during the broad bean harvest in May
krsk       adj.(col)    golden (color) || yellow
krsk       s.(zoo)(d1) leaf worm | larva of a beetle
krsk       s.(zoo)(d2) llama || camel-like animal
krsksp     s.           money
krsm       adj.         naked || nude
krsm       adj.         short
krsm       s.           smart || sting || itch
krsm       s.(aym)      the manner of wrapping infants up tightly with only the face exposed | for approximately the first three m
krsmy      v.intr.      to be eaten by worms || to get worms
krsn       v.intr.      to be tired
krsn        to castrate
krsnk to change nappies || to change diapers || to put a nappy on a child || to wrap up a baby
krsp        to chew cracking something
krsp        to deal out || to dish out || to distribute || to feed || to give || to give a present || to serve food
krspchn        to dig || to excavate
krspchry   expr.(d1) to go to (do)
krssnky to heal (by sucking the body | blowing tobacco smoke and singing)
krst     to hide oneself || to disappear
krst      to join
krstpnyn    v.intr.    to lean (on) || to incline || to recline
krstyn      to lose
krsy      to put off || to strip (take the clothing)
krsys      to roll up a thread
krsys      to smart || to sting || to itch || to burn || to hurt (pain like alcohol on a wound)
krsyykhnkpchchykykm to uncover
krt      to vandalize || to waste || to break utilities
krt to weed || to pull up the weeds || to weed
krt      to wound || to injure || to break down || to harm || to mistreat
krt    very
krt         s.(ana)    gum || gums
krt         s.(ana)    gum || gums
krt         p.p.p.     skinned
krtk      to make a cradle
krtkn      to make ripen (in the sun)
krtn      to skin an animal
krtnky      to take away || to remove
krtr        s.         salt water || sea water
krts        s.a.       toothless
krtsh       s.(mes)    August
krtsp       s.(bot)    calluakincha (spiny plant of the quechua region with yellow stalks and black | sour fruits used for ink)
krtsy       s.         tramp || pauper
krtsynktnch p.p.p.(aym)wrapped
krtt        adj.       hunchbacked || bumpy || humpy
            adj.(ass) international
krty        s.         stranger || foreigner
krtychk     s.(mes)    august
kry      to anger || to hate
kry         v.intr.    to be eaten by worms || to get worms
kry      to put the child into the cradle
kry to wrap
kry         s.(tex)    smooth tissue || atlas (tissue)
kry         adj.       far
kry         s.         antibiotic
kry         s.(tex)    cloth with gold
kry      to make yellow || to make fade
kry      distance
kry         s.(zoo)    working ant
kry         s.(bot)    type of rubbery stemmed plant
kry         adv.l.     at a distance
kry         s.(zoo)    iguana
kry         s.(fam)    child | 1 to 5 months old (meaning in Inka times) || breast-fed child | recently born | in the cradle
kry         s.         relatively dry potato species
kry         v.intr.    to develop skin
kry         s.(tex)    smooth tissue || atlas (tissue)
kry         s.(bot)    mould || mold || rust
kry         s.(neo)    telephone
kry         v.intr.    to mould || to mold
kry         adj.       hunchbacked || with a crooked back
kry         s.(top)    town in the Department of Apurimaq (province of Abancay/Awankay | Peru) || (Span.) Curahuasi
kry        s.(tex)       leather rope
kry        s.(zoo)       small crop-destructive lizard
kry        s.(cri)(esp) belief || doctrine
kry        expr.         give me to eat
kry        s.(zoo)       grasshopper
kry        s.(zoo)       lizard
kry        v.intr.       to be eaten by worms || to get worms
kry        v.intr.       to become unchaste
kry                      to
kry to bring up || to raise
krych      v.intr.       to go away || to leave || to go far from
krych      v.intr.(med)to heal (wound)
krychsk    v.intr.       to ripen || to get golden color (plants | happens in the Andes in the dry period)
krychy     s.            winter
krychy     s.            leather bag
krychy     s.(bot)       qarwaypi¤i (kind of wild plant | an illa of maize)
krychy     s.            colouring of the sky at dawn or dusk
kryk       s.(neo)       telegram
kryk       s.            in-laws
krykky     s.            annihilation
kryknch    suf.          careful!
kryks      s.(esp)       cheese
kryksk     adj.          chipped
krykt      adv.m.        clear
kryktmnt   s.(tex)       coarse cloth for blankets || woollen blanket
kryktmntrn adj.          cold
kryky      s.(med)       cough
kryky      s.(zoo.ana)crop || bird stomach
kryky      interj.       Don't touch! || Stop!
kryky      s.            dried fruit
kryky      adj.          free || peaceful || in vain || quiet || vacant || quiet || silent || motionless || an empty habitation || unnecessa
krym       s.(met)(d1) frost
krymnt     expr.         go!
krynchkhmpadj.           good (thing) || tasty || well || nice
krynchpykchpppkpch good || well || fine
krynchy    s.            happiness || joy || fun
krynn      adj.          happy || pleased || glad || delighted || content
kryns      s.            heap || accumulation || throng
krynt      s.(met)(d2) hoar-frost
kryp       s.(fam)       husband
krypk      s.            knot (to join two ends)
krypkkyy   s.            nest
krypp      s.(bot)       nettle || minor nettle || bramble
krypy      s.            notch || aperture || breach || chip || chipped || pass || window || opening
krypykpch s.             open space on a mountain
kryr       adj.          person who doesn't want to eat
kryr       conj.(esp) possibly || you mean to tell me
kryryy     s.(fig)       rammer for mortar || pistil
krys       s.(amz)       recipient to store the sugar cane juice to ferment it before destillation to make brandy and alcohol
krys       s.            sickle
krysk      adj.          skinny
kryt       s.(tex)       skirt || dress || smock || cape || cloak || woven cloth worn on back by Indian women || overskirt || skirt wo
kryy      s.(bot)     small pumpkin
kryy      s.(met)(d3) snow
kryy      s.          stammerer
kryy      s.(bot)     straw || reed || grass
kryy      s.(zoo)     unknown kind of bird (in the tales of Waruchiri)
kryy      adv.preadj. very
kryy      interj.     Well! || Great! || Fine!
kryy      adj.        wrinkled
kryy      s.(esp)     harvest
kryy      s.(zoo)(amz)little dog || dog cub
kryy      adj.        thin
kryy      s.          locksmith
kryyk     s.a.        laughing || smiling || cheerful || merry || in good spirits
kryypn       to marry (woman) || to take a husband
kryyy     s.(esp)     hunter
kryyy     s.          blame
kryyykn   to blame
ks       to build a nest || to slander
ks       to calm
ks   to despise || to treat badly || to corrupt
ks to hunt
ks       to make a key fit a lock
ks       to make suffer
ks       to please || to delight || to entertain
ks        s.(bot)     potato
ks        s.          spine || thorn || thorn bush
ks        s.          potato soup
ks                    e
          s.(zoo)(neo) chinoderms
ks        adj.        thorny || spiny
ks        s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the jungle
ks        s.(top)     departmental city in Peru || (Span.) Cajamarca (<land of thorns - cf. Qasamarka | cold land) | (hist.) Cax
ks        s.(p.esp) spine of the forest
ks        adj.        thorny || spiny
ks        adj.        spiny || thorny
ks        s.(med)     disease || illness || sickness
ks   to pollute
ks   to rip from above downward
ks        s.a.        ill || sick
ks        s.(bot)     kapok tree
ks        v.intr.     to be ill for a long time
ks        s.(bot)     kind of small tree of the jungle (main use: medicinal)
ks        s.(med)     illness || sickness || disease || sickness
ks        v.intr.     to be ill || to be sick || to get sick
ks        s.(ana)     armpit
ks        p.p.p.      been || what used to be
ks        adj.pron. common || equal
ks        s.(top)     departmental city in Peru (Qosqo) | was spiritual and political center of the Inka empire || (Span.) Cuzco
ks        s.(zoo)(amz)dog
ks        s.(agr)     fallow || relaxation || resting
ks        s.          grit || rubble || debris
ks        adj.        leafy || frondose || abundant
ks        adv.m.      more
ks         s.         peace
ks         s.         place || site || part || direction
ks         s.         shitter || bastard
ks         adj.       short-necked
ks         s.(zoo)    small dog
ks         s.(bot)    spiny plant
ksch       s.(spi)    spiritual stomach (in analogy to the ancient name for the Inka capital) | refers in mystical terms to the en
ksch       s.         sponger || parasite || exploiter || hoarder
ksch       adv.m.     together
kschk      adj.       useful
kschkk     s.         judge
kschky     s.         union
kschtr     v.intr.    to balance
kschy      s.         undecided || draw || tie
kschy      s.         balance
kschy      p.p.p.     attached || attachment
kschy      to intersect
kschy  to balance
kschy      s.         to decide || to accord
kschy  to pair || to unite
kschy      to tame || to affix || to glue
kschy      joint
ksh      to pacify || to calm down a rebellion
ksh        expr.      Qosqo | grand city | I greet you!
kshk       s.a.       happy || pleased || glad || delighted
kshkryky   s.a.(esp) obedient || obedient
kshksh     s.(gra)    suffix || grammatical morpheme
kshksp     adj.       who sticks easily to any interest
kshmrk      to bring together || to unite || to level || to plane || to settle ( a conflict) || to adjust || to arrange
kshpy      expr.      Qosqo | who you only sustain the mighty | there where you are | help me!
kshsh      to finish as a draw || to be a tie
kshsp      adj.       equal || plain || even
kshy       s.         own words
kshy       s.(top)    Qosqo region
kshy       s.         equality
kshyk      s.(mes)(d1)June || June (in the Inka era: Resting after harvest. It was taken into account everything the peasants ha
kshypn     s.(mes)(d2)September
kshyryy      to accompany
kshysk     v.intr.    to examine one's own acts
kshyy      v.intr.    to stick
kshyy     to approach (speaker)
ksk        s.(gra)    adverb of place
ksk        s.(neo)    analysis
ksk        s.         boy-friend (will be husband)
ksk        s.(bot)    cerraja (yellow-blooming plant of the composite family with white | bitter | sticky sap)
ksk        adj.       half
ksk        num.fract. half
ksk        s.         half || half again
ksk        s.         joy || happiness || delight
ksk        s.         average || mean value || intersection
ksk        s.(mat)    bisection
ksk        s.(mat)    bisector
ksk        num.fract. half
ksk        s.         matrimony || wedding || marriage
ksk        s.(mat)    parameter
ksk        adj.       equivalent
ksk      divide in two
ksk        s.(zoo)    owl
ksk        s.(mat)    semiplane
ksk      to displace
kskchk     adj.       half of a half || a quarter
kskchk      to make off-centre
kskchky    num.fract. quarter || fourth
kskchmk s.(zoo)       kind of cicade
kskchpkysn s.         undecided || draw || tie
kskchrsk expr.        I have been in Qosqo
kskchry      to pair || to finish as a draw || to be a tie
kskchy      to research || to investigate || to inspect
kskchy     s.(zoo)    caterpillar with stinging hairs
kskchy      to detach || to untie
kskchy     s.         spring celebration
kskchynn adj.         drunk
kskchyyknkkknt        Inka captain in the times of the Spanish conquest
kskhtnyktnpykykm      joyful || lucky || happy
kskk       s.(zoo)    kind of bird living in the leaves of cane
kskk       s.(zoo)    small spider || type of small spider
kskk       p.p.p.     happy || pleased || glad || delighted
kskk       p.p.p.     united
kskkchy    s.(spi)    roots in the body (in the neck | the heart | the stomach | the buttocks) for the projection of energy
           v.intr.    to be happy
kskkmkhpy s.(ast)     star in the zenith || star of the two equal parts (provenience: Sonqo)
kskksky    s.         team
kskksm     s.(ana)    sternum
kskkt      to plough hard soil
kskky      s.         happiness
kskky      s.         happiness
kskky      s.         peace
kskky to analyse
kskky      v.intr.    to be glad || to be pleased || to be happy
kskky     to buck || to prance || to kick || to go hither and thither
kskmy      to celebrate
kskmychk to clear a field || to cultivate land || to plough hard soil || to level || to plain || to search emphatically for a d
kskn      to examine || to investigate || to analyse || to search
kskn      to lie || to tell someone lies
kskn to obey
kskn to plough first time || to plow first time || to cultivate || to clear land
kskn      to remain at the side of someone || to stick || to adhere || to attach || to get closer || to stick together || to
kskn       adv.m.     united
kskn      to pair
ksknchk    v.intr.    to be infected
ksknchk    v.intr.                                b
                      to bind friendship || sich •ertragen
ksknchk    v.intr.    to consecrate oneself
ksknchkt s.(agr)      time clearing or cultivation
ksknchky        joint
ksknchntp s.         glory
ksknchnyk s.(agr)    time clearing or cultivation
ksknchy   s.(mat)    relative value
ksknk     adj.       underground
ksknmntptmsktsy      peaceful and lucky life
          s.(zoo)(esp) attle snake || fer-de-lance || kind of snake
ksknnkmntschchy      r
ksknnn      to consecrate
ksknny    s.(gra)    direct object with accusative (-ta)
ksknpksknnn .(bot)   lichen
ksknt     s.         mother-in-law || a man's mother-in-law
kskpk     s.(tex)    shirt || small poncho || coarse shirt worn by indios || poncho-type textile || dark blue or black men's shirt
kskpkskyknm          womb || uterus
kskpy     adv.m.     in vain || without reason
kskpyy    adj.       glorious
kskr      adv.m.     in vain || in vain || vainly
kskrchy   s.(zoo)    kind of myriapod
kskrym    s.(ana)    cervix uteri
ksks      s.(ana)    ovary
ksks      s.(top)    departmental city in Peru || (Span.) Cajamarca (<cold land - cf. Kashamarka | land of thorns) | (hist.) Ca
ksks      s.         winter
ksks      adv.       another time
ksks      s.(esp)    card game
ksksk     s.(tex)    four-square design in the lower part of some Inka shirts
ksksk     adj.       grey || gray || smoke-gray
ksksph    s.(esp)    kitchen
kskstyy   s.         nest
ksktkchsk s.         smoke
ksktnkskymkkkn       kind of bird with blue feathers
kskty      to make a nest
ksktypy      to smoke || to blacken
ksky      v.intr.    to smoke || to make smoke
ksky      s.(tex)    shirt with chessboard design
ksky      adj.       smoky
ksky      s.         person with clear eyes
ksky to cook
ksky      to fit in
ksky      v.intr.    to smoke || to make smoke || to exhale smoke
ksky      s.         chimney
ksky      to get smoky color
ksky      s.         corn cob
ksky      adj.       curly
ksky      adj.       dark
ksky      adj.       free
ksky      s.         frost || frost burning the plants and freezing sleeping cattle
kskychy   s.         glass
kskykchky s.         night
kskyky    s.         pole || rod || bar || stick || wood || shaft of spindle || spindle stick
kskyky    s.(tex)    shuttle || bobbin
kskymt    adj.       transparent
kskynn    s.         wheat bread
kskyp     s.         paradise || heaven
kskypch   adv.m.     very well
kskypychn s.(met)      winter
kskypyk    s.a.        liberator || redeemer
kskysy     s.(med)     midwife
kskyy      adj.        thin-legged
kskyy      s.          axe || ax || hatchet
kskyyypktchk .         birth
ksm        v.intr.     to free oneself || to liberate oneself
ksm       to give birth
ksm   to bring up || to raise
ksm   to end || to complete || to free || to liberate || to forgive || to save || to set free || to liberate || to redeem || t
ksmnkk       to make flakes
ksmnt      expr.       sorry! || excuse me!
ksmnt      expr.       sorry! || excuse me!
ksmp       v.dic.      to apologize
ksmpknkn s.(ast)       major and minor Magellan cloud
ksmpmhn adj.           sun-tanned || toasted
ksmrk      s.(zoo)     kind of insect
ksmt       s.(bot)     kind of fruit
ksn        s.(top)     province in the Department of Qosqo (Peru) || (Span.) Quispicanchi (free + Canchi)
ksn        s.          narrowneck
ksn        s.          a glass || glass beaker
ksn        adv.t.      early
ksn        s.          freedom || liberty
ksn        v.intr.     to free oneself || to liberate oneself
ksn        s.(ast)     Orion (Andean constellation)
ksnch      s.          barbecue
ksnchy     s.          diamond
ksnchy     s.(top)     town in the Department of Pasco (Peru) || (Span.) Oxapampa (<plain of reeds)
ksnkpy     s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
ksnnk      s.          refuge || shelter
ksnsp      s.          small ball of quinua formed in the hand
ksny       s.(mik)     small quinua bread || dumpling || small ball of dough slightly steamed and then eaten
ksny       s.(top)(<?) place and Kichwa community in the province of Tungurahua (Ecuador) || (Span.) Quisapincha
ksny       adj.        day of rest
ksny       s.          freedom || liberty
ksnyksnhtk s.          success
ksnyy      s.          values
ksp        expr.       in order to seek justice (freedom)
ksp        adj.        brilliant-eyed
ksp       to close the hand to a fist
ksp       to free someone to one's own favour
ksp        s.(phymed)black or yellow | necrotic tissue (with burned appearance) on any tree (especially fruit trees) or crop (es
ksp        s.          diamond
ksp        s.(pol)     liberalism
ksp        s.(phymed)black or yellow | necrotic tissue (with burned appearance) on any tree (especially fruit trees) or crop (es
ksp        v.intr.     to escape || to flee
ksp       to prevent
ksp        p.p.p.      free || liberated || solved || made real
kspch      p.p.p.      toasted
kspch      s.          child | tres years old (who already achieves something)
kspch      s.(fam)     child | 2 to 3 years old (meaning today) (critical moment of change: change of clothes)
kspchk     s.(top)     a mountain in the Province of Huarochiri (Department of Lima | Peru) || (Span.) Ocsapata
kspchk     s.           priest
kspchk     s.(top)      square in the city of Qosqo where games and performances took place
kspchktn s.             darkness
kspchky    s.           freedom || liberty
kspchky    s.           glass
kspchky       to appear || to emerge || to escape || to free oneself || to be completed || to come to an end || to free
kspchy        to carry out || to perform || to realize (to carry out)
kspchy     v.impers. to darken
kspchy        to singe
kspchyy        to toast || to barbecue || to singe || to burn || to singe || to scoarch || to scorch || to sear || to scorch || to ro
kspchyychk v.intr.      to get one's penis erected
kspchyyny s.(top)       peasant community in the district of Chuschi | province of Cangallo | department of Ayacucho || (Span.)
ksphy      s.           carpenter
kspk       s.a.         carpenter
kspkchk    s.           carpentry
kspkmp     p.p.p.(d2) drunk
kspknch    p.p.p.(d1) rigid
kspknk        to celebrate
kspkr      v.intr.      to gloat (over) || to feel malicious joy
kspkspy    v.intr.      to harden like a stik
kspky      v.impers. to mature (corn)
kspky      s.(zoo)(amz) cormorant || olivaceus cormorant || kind of cormorant || kind of bird
kspkyn     s.(esp)      customer || buyer
kspkyt     s.           false banana peel used to wrap coca
kspmn      s.(uni)      gram
kspmp      s.(esp)      seller of what is usually sold (woman) || host (woman)
kspmy        to delight
kspn       s.(esp)      wedding
kspn       expr.        this young girl is already old enough to marry
kspn       v.intr.(esp) to marry || to get married
kspnch     s.(esp)      wedding || marriage || marriage || wedding
kspnchy    adj.pers. at leisure || non-employed || lazy
kspnk      adj.         happy man
kspnky to obey
kspnn to marry || to get married
kspntmsknpk.            puberty
kspny      s.(esp)      thing
kspny      p.p.p.       chipped
ksppy      p.p.p.       happy || pleased || glad
kspr       adj.         blessed
ksprm      adj.         calm || cool (person)
ksprpch    adj.(med) coughing
kspry      s.(mes)(esp) August
kspry      s.(esp)      expense || expenditure || cost
kspry      s.(esp)      family || clan
kspsk      s.           frying pan
kspsk      s.(esp)      pleasure
kspskchn s.(ast)        Pleiades (constellation)
kspskyy    s.           constriction || contraction || construction
kspt       v.intr.      to constrict || to contract || to double-up || to cuddle up
kspt to punish
kspt       s.(esp)      custom
kspy       s.(bot)(esp)para nut || brazil nut || kind of crop plant | main uses: food source | oil
kspy       s.(esp)      bag || sack
kspy       s.           band (music) || orchestra
kspy       s.(top)(esp)Castilia
kspy       s.(esp)      Spanish
kspy to appreciate || to like
kspy        to contract || to shorten || to shorten
kspy       v.intr.(esp) to please
kspychky to spend
kspykt     s.(esp)      woven bag used to carry produce
kspykyk                 S
           adj.(esp)(tri) panish
kspykyk        to divorce
kspykynrry s.(esp)      Spanish
kspysk                  Conquista (conquest by the Spaniards)
kspysk     s.(bot)      sugar cane
kspyy      adj.         bad || cruel || envious
kspyy      expr.        Be silent! || Be quiet!
kspyy      s.(fig)      buffoon || clown
kspyy      adj.         calm || quiet || still || safe
ksr        s.           coldness
ksr        s.(zoo)(d2) grey wool monkey
ksr        adv.m.       happily
ksr        adj.         happy
ksr        adj.         intertwining || human copulation
ksrchy     s.           joy || happiness || delight
ksrk       s.           man with clear eyes
           s.(zoo)(d1) monkey
ksrky      s.(ast)      Monkey (Andean constellation)
ksrky      expr.        my husband
ksrn       s.(tex)      pallay motif in weaving (intertwining | vining plant | human copulation)
ksrn       s.           peace || security
ksrry      s.           rope of twisted straw
ksry       v.pron.      to be cold
ksrypch    v.intr.      to be happy
kss        to break up soil
kssk        to burrow (animal) || to burrow
kssk    to chip || to make notches
kssmyk     v.intr.      to cough
kssnk      v.intr.      to detach
kssp        to expose the fruit to the sun to dry them
kst        v.intr.      to fit (key and lock)
kst                     to freeze
           v.impers.(met)(d1) || to be cold || to fall hoar-frost
kst to infect
kst        v.intr.      to loiter
kst        to mow straw
kst to obey || to submit to || to pay attention to
kstky to roast || to bake
kstky                   to snow
kstky      v.intr.      to win a stare down
kstmbr     s.(bot)      vining plant
kstn       s.           woman with the clear eyes
ksty       adj.         wrinkled
ksty       s.          suspension-bridge
ksty       to annihilate
ksty       to calm
ksty       to clarify || (to weaken the sight$)
ksty       to dress someone
ksty       s.p.        married woman
ksty       s.          widow
ksty       expr.       your husband
kstyn      s.          widow
kstyrmmntrky           kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
kstysm     s.          calmness
kstyty     adv.m.      happily
kstyyr       to dress oneself
ksy       to marry (woman) || to take a husband
ksy        v.intr.     to play tricks
ksy        s.a.        calm
ksy        expr.       Welcome!
ksy        s.(bot)     kind of tree || poplar || white poplar tree
ksy        s.(top)     Wiraqocha Inka's palace in Qosqo
ksy        v.intr.     to become happy || to be pleased
ksy        v.intr.     to become thinner
ksy        v.intr.     to calm down
ksy       to crush || to crumple || to wrinkle
ksy       to twist || to make ropes
ksy        v.intr.     to wrinkle
ksy        s.(ast)     Humming-bird (constellation)
ksy        s.(tex)     plain weave
ksy        s.(d1)      ... times || time || instance
ksy        adj.        able || capable || suitable || fit
ksy        s.(ana)     Adam's apple
ksy        s.          base || basement || foundation wall
ksy        s.          blanket || cover || coverage || bedding || blanket || covering || the side of a hill
ksy        adj.        blunt || dull || obtuse
ksy        s.(pol)     canton
ksy        s.(top)     capital of Ecuador (Quito) || (Span.) Quito
ksy        adj.        cartilagenous || rubbery
ksy        s.          child's intelligence in a positive moral sense | with qualities like being rational | reflexive | creative | dilige
ksy        s.(med)     chronical disease
ksy        adj.        cloudy || dull
ksy        adj.        corto || peque¤o
ksy        s.(d2)      division || part
ksy        adj.(esp) each
ksy        s.(zoo)     ferret
ksy        s.(zoo)     flea
ksy        s.          flour
ksy        s.(d1)      footpad
ksy        s.(tex)(d1) fugitive dye on yarn
ksy        s.(med)     goitre || goiter || crop
ksy        s.(agr)(d1) handle
ksy        s.          heap || mound || pile || rampart
ksychk     s.(agr)(d2) hoe || potato hook
ksychy                 k
           s.(zoo)(esp) ind of small parrot
ksychy                  l
ksychy      s.(geo)     loam || clay || mud
ksychy      s.          molasses || overripe || spoiled
ksyk        adj.        only
ksyk        s.          particle || pinch
ksyk        s.          place || site || region || department || province || district
ksykch      s.(agr)(d3) plants with regenerative effect on fallow fields
ksykmby     s.(ast)(d1) Pleiades || Pile: the Pleiades (provenience: Sonqo) || Pleiades (constellation)
ksykn       s.(ast)(d2) Plough (Andean constellation)
ksyksyy     s.(ana)     rectum || anus
ksyky       s.(arc)     roof
ksyky       s.          ruin
ksyky       s.(d2)      scar
ksykysk     s.(tex)(d2) S-shaped pallay motif in weaving (that which returns | reverses | potato hook)
ksynhmknn   s.(zoo)     tick
ksyr        s.          vomit
ksyrknch                w
            adj.(col)(d1) hite with brown spots
ksyy        adj.        wild || savage || wild || untamed
ksyy        s.          particle
ksyy        s.(bot)     wild chili
ksyy        s.          answer
ksyy       to defend oneself when attacked
ksyy       to imitate
ksyyp       to make a person or animal return
ksyyt       s.(bot)     kind of fern
kt          s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the rainforest used in popular medicine against gonorrhoea
kt          adj.        with a curtailed tail
kt          s.          compensation || reward
kt       to give back something borrowed || to compensate
kt       to rescue || to save
kt          s.(ass)     prose
kt          s.(neo)     summary || abstract
kt       to answer || to reply || to send back || to give back || to return something || to make return
kt to imitate
kt to keep || to retain
kt       to make cover
kt       to make follow
kt       to make pay the money || to make puke
kt       to make small
kt       to put together || to collect || to summarize || to concentrate
kt to vomit
kt          s.(ast)     Southern Cross (constellation) or Pleiades
kt          s.          demarcation
kt          adj.        born
kt          adj.        consecutive
kt          s.(ass)     effect
kt          s.          follower || imitator
kt          s.(pol)     parish
kt          s.          small river || reduced space
kt          s.a.        who returns || who comes back
kt          s.(zoo)     wildcat
kt       to pursue || to persecute || to course
kt           s.(pol)      national commissioner of police
kt           s.(pol)      provincial capital
kt                        t
             s.(top)(aym)own in Bolivia | at Lake Titicaca || (Span.) Copacabana
kt           s.(pol)      councillor
kt           s.(mat)      cosine
kt           s.(mat)      secant
kt           s.(gra)      abbreviation point
kt           s.(tex)      covering || blankets || bedding || clothes
kt           s.(med)      epidemic
kt           adj.         consecutive
kt  consequent
kt         limit
kt           v.dic.       to narrate || to tell
kt         to grind slightly without squeezing
kt           s.           throat
kt           s.(bot)      kind of jungle tree | 6-10 m high
ktch         s.           animal driver || drover || mule driver
ktch         s.(zoo)      howler monkey || alouatta (monkey) || red howler monkey
ktchk        s.(bot)      kind of tree
ktchky       s.(bot)      everlasting || cudweed || kind of herb
ktchky       adv.m.       vice versa
ktchmy       expr.(tex) you dressed yourself vice versa
ktchp        adv.m.       one after the other
ktchp        to interrupt
ktchp        v.intr.      to shiver
ktchpy       s.(zoo)      guinea pig
ktchpy       s.(med)      hemorrhoids || piles || sickness involving the anus
ktchry       adj.(med) infectious
ktchy        v.intr.      to cover oneself
ktchy        to defend a person or animal
ktchy        to drive to the other side
ktchy       to escape || to run away || to flee
ktchy       to return there
ktchy        v.intr.(esp) to stay || to remain in one place
ktchy        v.cop.(reg) to stay || to remain
ktchy        s.(med)      infectious disease
ktchy        s.(mat)      degree
ktchy        s.(geo)      natural pyramid
ktchy        s.           vertex
ktchyy       s.           woollen blanket
kth          s.           single-handed
ktk          expr.        see you when I come back
ktk       to return definitively
ktk          s.           two people whose husbands or wives are brothers or sisters
ktk          s.(zoo)      wildcat
ktk          expr.        the roof looks nice
ktk          s.           political economy
ktk          s.a.         economist
ktkch        to drive an animal or person for oneself
ktkchy        to go to cover
ktkhpchkpk        to graduate
ktkhpk       to return
ktkhyn       to graduate
ktkmky      expr.       Come back if you can
ktkmnyyprch adv.m.      again
ktkmnyyprmchadj.        alike || equal
ktkn        s.          cover || wraps
ktkn                    everyone
ktknky      s.          knife
ktknn       s.          mill || grinder || rammer for mortar
ktknn       s.          time (turn)
ktknptkkynns.(tex)      white cotton or bayeta shirt
ktkny       s.(mat)     multiple || product
ktkpy       s.(mat)     factorization
ktkr        s.(mat)     frequency table
ktkrksp     s.(mat)     absolute frequency
ktkrn       s.(mat)     multiple numbers
ktksy       s.(mat)     multiplication
ktksyr       to repeat
ktkt        adj.        other
ktkt        s.(zoo)     dung-beetle || black beetle || dung beetle || (lit.) pupe-pusher
ktktpchyknk adv.m.      furthermore
ktkty       to warm up again
ktkty       adv.m.      repetetively || always
ktktyy      s.(mat)     exponent
ktky        s.(mat)     exponentiation
ktky        s.(mat)     root calculation
ktky        s.(mat)     base (of a power)
ktky        s.(med)     haemorrhoids
ktky        v.recip.    to gather
ktky       to claim
ktky       to repeat
ktky        s.a.        vicious
ktky        expr.       see you again
ktky$       to recognise
ktkynky       to revise || to check
ktm         s.          grind stone
ktm       to repeat
ktm         s.(mat)     order of numbers
ktm         expr.       meet you again
ktmk        adj.        continuous || periodical
ktmnykm s.              pattern || model
ktmpy       s.(neo)     mill
ktms        s.          cape
ktms        adv.t.      immediately after
ktmsmkch s.(zoo)        kind of bird with brown back | yellow chest and yellow tail
ktmsychk s.(pol)        political leader of a region || governor of a canton
ktmsymntkykk            mountain in Ecuador (and province of the same name) || (Span.) Cotopaxi
ktmy        s.(gra)     indirect object
ktmy        s.          objection || backtalk || rebellion
ktmy        v.intr.     to get angry
ktmy   to object || to backtalk || to contradict
ktmychy   to ruminate || to chew the cud
ktmytspk s.(top)        town in the Department of Qosqo (Peru) || (Span.) Cotabamba (<plain of mills)
ktn                   molecular formula
ktn        s.(neo)    translator
ktn        s.         section
ktn        s.         relapse
ktn      to answer || to reply || to repeat
ktn      to cover something for someone else
ktn      to drive an animal or person for someone
ktn to earth up again || to return to remove the soil around the plants
ktnch  to follow a river uphill || to follow || to track || to trail
ktnchchy to infect || to damage someone by magic
ktnchkmyk v.intr.     to return definitively || to become
ktnchky     to return to someone
ktnchskypykn.intr.    to ruminate
ktnchy  to singe
ktnchy     s.         tautologism
ktnhk      s.(bot)    kind of banana
ktnk      to persecute || to course
ktnk       s.         commercial
ktnknchy s.           dealer || salesman || seller
ktnktn     s.(zoo)    lizard
ktnktnchk s.(esp)     plank-bed
ktnktnchy s.(zoo)     poisonous snake
ktnktnmchy      to entertain
ktnktrk      to reanimate
ktnky      s.a.       believer || convert
ktnky      v.intr.    to recover || to convalesce || to cure || to become healthy || to become
ktnmnry    s.(mat)    search for the common factor
ktnny      expr.(d1) make sure
ktnpsktnpshchyspkysk to convert (into)
ktnrkrsn   v.intr.    to recover || to convalesce || to cure || to become healthy || to become
ktnrksy    expr.(d2) to see that
ktnrky     v.intr.    to convert (into)
ktnrm      v.intr.    to be born again
ktnrry     p.p.p.     inverse
ktntnypykn      to compel || to force || to oblige || to follow || to start following
ktntprsn      to insist || to urge
ktny       v.intr.    to recover || be healed from a disease || to return to oneself || to get better (from an illness)
ktny      to uncover
ktnys      to course
ktp        adv.m.     again || once more
ktp        p.p.p.     changed || altered
ktp        p.p.p.     covered
ktpk       p.p.p.     cut
ktpks      p.p.p.     ground up
ktpktchk   p.p.p.     piled up
ktpky      s.         roof
ktpky      s.         powdered milk
ktpky      expr.      let's carry on
ktpky      adv.       consecutive
ktpmp      adj.       who has a big goitre || bird with a full crop
ktpphrmy s.(med)      hemorrhoids || piles || sickness involving the anus
ktprk      s.         consequence
ktptmk       s.(pol)      province
ktpy                      i
             s.(geo)(neo)ntercardinal points of the compass
ktpy         s.(d1)       male guinea pig
ktpy         s.(d2)       male rabbit || womanizer
ktpy         s.(bot.ana) bud of second flower after first has bloomed and died
ktpy         s.(tex)      pallay motif in weaving (bud of second flower after first has bloomed and died)
ktpy        to turn over || to knock down
ktpy         v.intr.      to gabble || to shiver
ktpy         s.           hierarchy || time || era
ktpy                      k
             s.(bot)(amz) ind of medicinal plant of the jungle || possumwood || sandbox tree || dynamite tree
ktpy         s.(zoo)(amz) kind of very tasty fish of the Amazon area
ktpy         s.(min)      lime
ktpyk        s.(bot)      maniok
ktpynt       s.(pol)      parish
ktpyy        s.           punch || blow || collision
ktr          s.           return || comeback
ktr          s.           soot
ktr       to bend down || to bend over
ktr    to bite || to bite hard things || to eat toasted seeds
ktr        to change || to alter
ktrchy        to cheat || to fool
ktrchy        to cover || to cover up || to cover
ktrkk    to cut open || to slit || to cut || to shrink || to cut down
ktrkpy    to empty || to throw to the ground
ktrktrpy        to follow || to drive || to lead
ktrky    to grind || to pulverize
ktrky to infect
ktrky       to inquire at || to turn to || to go without invitation
ktrky        to nibble
ktrkymn    to pile up || to accumulate || to pile || to pile up things || to earth up || to put ground at the foot of a plant
ktrmpy       v.intr.(esp) to remain || to stay || to stay
ktrsk       to return || to come back
ktry         v.cop.(reg) to stay || to remain
ktry    to strike with the fist
ktry         v.intr.      to vomit || to puke || to spit out || to spit
ktry        to blacken with soot
ktryy        to make small
kts          s.p.         someone with a goitre
ktsk         s.           persecution
ktsk        to cover || to cover again
ktsk        to nibble
ktsk        to persecute || to persecute || to torment
ktsk        to reduce
ktsk         v.intr.      to cover oneself
ktsknn        to cover again
ktsn         adj.         two people whose husbands or wives are brothers or sisters
ktsp         s.(med)      epidemic
ktsp         s.(zoo)      kind of eagle owl
ktsry        s.(pol)      head of a parish
ktsy                      k
             s.(bot)(amz) ind of medicinal plant of the jungle
ktsy         v.intr.      to become very soft || to soften excessively
ktsyrkchkn to gain secretly a woman's trust in order to maintain a sexual relationship
ktt        v.intr.     to have a goitre
ktt        v.intr.     to shrink || to become small
kttk       adj.(d2)    absolutely all of it || total || complete || entire || bare || all
kttk       s.          animals' excrements
kttkry     s.(tri)     Aymara
kttty      s.(d2)      bad sign
kty        s.          being || essence
kty        s.(d1)      border || rim || edge || boundary || frontier || hem || seam || selvage
kty        s.          bow || arc || curve
kty        s.          bruise
kty        s.(bot)     butterfly bush || plant used to dye yellow
kty        s.(mit)     cat (mythic) || tail of a legendary cat seen in the clouds
kty        s.(bot)     certain kind of cactus
kty        s.(tex)     coarse cloth
kty        s.(bot)     coffee (plant)
kty        s.          coitus
kty        s.          cord || string || web
kty        s.          coward
kty        adj.        crooked || curved
kty        adj.(col)   dark blue || blue (bruise on the skin) || grey || gray
kty        s.(med)     dislocation || luxation
kty        adj.        disobedient || impudent || cheeky
kty        s.          disowning
kty        s.(tex)     distaff || spindle
kty        adj.        dried in the sun
kty        adj.        early
kty        s.          excellency || majesty
kty        s.          excretion
kty        adj.        fast || quick
kty        adj.        female || feminine || self-confident woman
kty        s.          fight (among children) || scrap || brawl
kty        s.          fork
kty        s.(agr)     grass || wild herb
ktychy     adj.(col)   green
ktychy     s.(zoo)     guinea pig || female guinea pig || rabbit
ktyk       adj.        hard to swallow || covering
ktykchky   s.          intestine
ktykchy                kilo
           s.(uni)(esp<sci)|| kilogram
ktykchy    s.(zoo)     kind of bird
ktykchy    s.(bot)(d3) kind of grass || dwarf bamboo
ktykchy    s.(bot)     kind of jungle palm tree | 11-16 m high
ktykky     s.(zoo)     kind of parrot
ktyky      s.(zoo)     kind of small bee
ktyms      s.(tex)     large piece of tissue
ktynky     s.          laziness || idleness || moon
ktyp       adj.        lazy || idle || lethargic
ktypk      adj.        majestic
ktyy       s.          metal beaker || bowl || vase || high quality wide-mouthed vase
ktyy       s.(tmp)     month
ktyy       s.(ast)     moon || the female living energy or consciousness of the moon | oftened referred to as mama killa | mo
ktyy       s.(tex)     moon-hat
ktyy       s.          morning
ky   s.(ana)     muscle
ky   adj.(d1)    naked || bald || peeled
ky   s.(l.esp)   needle
ky   s.          oca dried in the sun
ky   s.(tri)     old language in the region of Pallasca (Ancash) | La Libertad (kingdom of Wamachuku) and south of Ca
ky   s.(bot)(d1) pepper
ky   s.(d2)      piece of wood burnt et the end
ky   s.(d1)      pile || heap || rampart || mountain
ky   s.(bot)     plant | root used to dye yellow
ky   s.(bot)     plant used to dye blue | hierba santa
ky   s.(bot)     plant with blue flowers used for firewood
ky   s.          portion of coca to chew
ky   s.(bot)     potato that has become green in the sun
ky   adj.        purple
ky   adj.(col)   purple || dark purple
ky   s.(med)     pus
ky   s.          queen || female or priestess of the sixth level || feminine priest of the Inka sixth level || the Inka's consor
ky   s.(mat)     rhombus
ky   s.(tex)     roll of cloth from the loom || handspun sheep's wool woven on treadle loom | used for man's shirt and pa
ky               r
     s.(zoo)(esp) ooster
ky   s.(bot)     sagebrush
ky   s.          scar
ky   s.          section || sauce
ky   s.(tex)     selvage || seam || stripe
ky   adj.        sewn together || tied together || continued on another thing
ky   s.(zoo)     small falcon
ky   s.          smoke offering || incense burned to a virgin or saint
ky   s.(bot.ana) sprout of a tuber
ky   s.(esp)     street
ky   s.(mat)     sum
ky   pron.dem. this
ky   adj.        this || here
ky   s.          tickle
ky   v.aux.      to be || to exist || to mean || to have (expr.)
ky   to copulate || to fuck
ky   to cut in small pieces || to cut potatoes || to injure slightly || to wound a bit || to cause pain
ky       to devour || to eat greedily || to swallow
ky       to excrete || to shit || to defecate
ky   v.intr.     to get mouldy
ky       to give || to deliver || to give || to present || to present
ky       to grind || to pulverize
ky   v.intr.     to grow coca
ky       to put something in the mouth || to chew || to chew coca
ky       to suffocate
ky       to throw (without precise direction)
ky   adv.t.      tomorrow
ky   s.(ana)     tongue
ky   s.(esp)     tool handle || end
ky   adj.(col)   violet || lilac
ky   s.(his)     virgin selected for religious service in Inka times || virgin of the sun
ky   adj.        weak || listless || homosexual || coward
ky   s.          wheel || round plate || paving-stone (round)
ky   s.(bot)(d2) wild cacao || kind of plant of the jungle (main use: food)
ky   s.          wood || trunk || block || chump
ky   s.          wrapping
ky   adj.(col)   yellow || orange || pale
ky   num.c.      zero
ky   interj.onom.[the sound of a donkey]
ky   s.(bot)     a grain or cereal similar to quinua || plant | used for red dye
ky   s.          big pitcher
ky   adj.(d2)    chewy || chewable
ky   s.          father-in-law
ky   s.          girl || madam || miss || rainbow
ky   s.(d2)      gum
ky   expr.       I it true?
ky   s.(bot)     karwinchu (kind of wild plant | an illa of potato)
ky   s.(ana)     liver
ky   s.          mother-in-law of the woman
ky   s.          mown cereal heaped up with ist stalks
ky   adj.(col)   orange
ky   s.(met)     rainbow
ky   s.(tex)     rainbow (on aksu cloak) - groups of plain weave polychrome stripes separating wide pallay stripes
ky   s.(geo)     ridge
ky   s.          rubber
ky   adj.(d1)    sharp
ky   adj.        sharpened
ky   s.(zoo)     small falcon
ky   s.a.        worker
ky   s.          young trees moulded into living haylofts with the branches spreading out and up | like a cradle | like fing
ky   adj.        young woman
ky   s.(mat)     acute angle
ky   s.          who make mow cereal
ky   s.(pun)     Saturday
ky   adj.        barefoot
ky   s.          motor
ky   adj.        numerous || abundant || copious
ky   s.          tickle
ky               c
     s.(che)(neo) arbohydrate
ky   v.dic.      to call || to shout
ky   v.dic.      to low (animal)
ky   adv.preadj. too || to much
ky   expr.       when she was young
ky   s.          chewable || chewing gum
ky   s.(ast)     moon on the wane
ky   s.(tex)     striped women's scarf (like rainbow)
ky   s.(zoo)     scorpion
ky       to mow cereal for someone
ky   s.(bot)     plant | root used to dye yellow
ky   s.          firestone || stone with a sharp edge
ky   v.intr.     to menstruate
ky   s.          stirrup
ky   p.p.p.      mowed cereal
ky   s.(zoo)     cocoa bug
ky   s.          chewy || chewable
ky        s.(ana)      lung
ky        s.(pun)      Monday
ky        to address oneself to || to apply to || to convoke
kych    to annihilate || to devastate || to eliminate
kych to attach a handle on a tool
kych      v.intr.      to become infected || to infect
kych    to chew
kych      v.intr.      to chew gum
kych        to do magic
kych        to harvest corn or beans
kych        to have plants dried in the sun by ...
kych        to make choose
kych        to make cut up (with a knife) || to make slices
kych    to make flood
kych        to make someone embrace
kych        to move
kych        to mow cereal
kych        to parquet || to inlay (floor) || to panel || to wainscot
kych      v.dic.       to scream || to shout || to yell
kych    to sharpen
kych        to strip
kych        to tickle
kych        to twist || to make ropes
kych      s.(tex)      striped women's dress (like rainbow)
kych      s.           autumn
kych      s.           cereal mowing season
kychchhk s.            wooden sandal
kychchk   adv.m.       in this manner || like this
kychchy   expr.        see you another day like this
kychk     s.(ast)      full moon
kychk     s.(ast)      full moon
kychk     s.(neo)      library
kychkn    expr.        see you another year like this
kychky                 syringe || injection needle

kychky    expr.        concerning this
kychky    adv.m.       furthermore
kychky    s.(mit)      a psychic or energetic knot of energy released through healing | ritual or intiation work | often causing th
kychkypchkn            angel
kychn     s.(zoo)(d2) ascaris
kychnky   s.           bread roll containing little crumb
kychnnk   s.(top)(<?) city and province in the Department of Qosqo (Peru) || (Span.) Calca
kychp     s.(zoo)      coico (long worm similar to the //wachi// and eating potato tubers)
kychpy    s.(ast)(ant) constellation of the big cereal storehouse (approximately the Big Bear)
kychr     s.           crevice || cleft || rift || opening in a body that allows looking onto the other side
kychrm    s.a.         depressed
kychry    s.           drink of purple corn || drink of purple maize
kychs     s.(zoo)(d3) earth worm
kychsk    s.           economist
kychsp    s.           eldest son
kychy     interj.      hey!
kychy     s.           hill
kychy     s.(bot)      kind of cactus
kychy     s.          letter || letter (both meanings) || writing || scripture || book || sign
kychy     s.(fin)     money
kychy     adj.        narrow || thin
kychy     s.(ast)     Pleiades || Storehouse (observed in weather and crop predictions): (a) the Pleiades | (b) the tail of Scor
kychy     s.(mat)     prism
kychy     s.(min)     silver
kychy     s.          storehouse || deposit || warehouse
kychy     s.(zoo)(d1) tapeworm || worm
kychy     pron.dem. this
kychy     s.(top)     town near Betanzos (Bolivia) where a Saturday market is held
kychy     s.(zoo)     turtledove
kychy     s.(geo)     valley
kychy     f.v.aux.    we are (excl.)
kychy     s.(zoo)     worm
kychy     s.          blond hair
kychy     s.          harvest rests in the stubble field
kychy     v.intr.     to earn money
kychy to alphabetize
kychy     v.intr.     to earn money
kychy       to extract by sieving
kychy       to make write
kychyky       to recollect rests of the harvest
kychypch v.intr.      to resist || to withstand
kychypch adj.         silver-plated || silver
kyhkt     v.intr.     to save money
kyhn      s.          silver mine
kyhnpnchykm           economic sciences
kyhnt     s.a.        lazy
kyhntsk   s.(mat)     rhomboid
kyhnykynk s.a.        writer
kyhnytkm s.           writing
kyhrnk    s.          dross that separates from melted silver
kyhy      s.          silver mine
kyhyp       to reread
kyk       to read
kyk       s.(fin)     policy (insurance etc.)
kyk       s.(neo)     spelling rule
kyk       s.          orthography
kyk       s.(neo)     register
kyk to register
kyk       s.a.        treasurer
kyk       s.(fin)     bank association
kyk       s.(fin)(d1) bank || cooperative
kyk       s.(fin)(d2) corporation
kyk       s.          orthography
kyk       s.(agr)     earth worm culture
kyk       s.(neo)     economy
kyk       s.(fin)     accounting
kyk       s.          writer || secretary
kyk       s.(fin)     ledger
kyk       to copy
kyk       adj.        literal
kyk        s.(ast)      Storehouse Pile (observed in weather and crop predictions): Pleiades (provenience: Sonqo) || Pleiades
kyk        to read
kyk        adj.(tex)    with silver thread
kyk        adv.l.       by here
kyk        expr.        see you tomorrow
kyk        s.           land with silver deposits
kyk        expr.        lender
kyk        s.(fin)      bank book
kyk        v.dic.       to say goodbye
kyk        s.(fin)      business association || commercial association
kyk        s.           prostitute || whore
kyk        s.(bot)      kind of jungle tree | 6-10 m high
kykch      s.           this miserable world || deceiving | infernal world
kykch      s.(tex)      seam with three kinds of squares (chessboard design)
kykchky        to go to write
kykchy     s.(fin)      budget
kykchy     s.(d2)       desk
kykchy     s.           laziness || idleness
kykchy     s.(d1)       pen || pencil
kykchy     s.           possessions
kykchy     s.(bot)      spice of the llajwa
kykhn      pron.dem.    these
kykhny     s.(tex)      shirt with silver threads
kykhrkn    s.           pencil
kykhyychykns.(med)      illness cause by the tapeworm
kykk       s.           letter (of the alphabet)
kykk       s.(ass)      punctuation mark
kykk       s.(mat)      term (in algebra)
kykk       s.(mat)      algebra
kykkh   to factor out (numbers)
kykkhy     s.(mat)      expression (algebra)
kykkhypy s.(neo)        paper
kykkhyy    s.(neo)      paper
kykkknchk s.(ass)       blackboard
kykkmchk s.             estimate || budget
kykkmchkn s.(top)       town in the valley of Waylas || (Span.) Colquipocro
kykkmchy s.             thermal spring
kykkmchy s.(neo)        finance
kykkmk     adj.(neo)    financial
kykkmkynkr s.(pun)      Thursday
kykkmkys s.(bot)        kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
kykkmkys s.             sign
kykkmn     s.           potato of first quality used for sale
kykkmy     s.(tex)      shirt with stripes with chessboard design of Qulla origin
kykkmy     adj.         with chessboard design || checkered
kykkmychk         to write something for someone
kykkmyk    s.           lection || reading
kykkmykm s.             capitalist
kykkntmskmnkty          small-toothed
kykkpnsknkkn            writer || secretary || know it all || argumentative person
kykkt      s.           writing || book
kykkty     s.           silver hill
kykkytyn   s.a.(neo) postman || mailman || letter-carrier || mail carrier || postman
kykm       s.           script || document
kykm       s.           lection || reading
kykmm        to reread
kykmnchk s.             lecture
kykmnkykm to read || to read (aloud)
kykmnny p.p.p.          faded || depressed
kykmntynkr s.(fin)      great economic blocks
kykmntyynykyrm          economic activity
kykmp      p.p.p.       text || written text || script || book
kykmpch s.(neo)         book
kykmpt     s.(neo)      newspaper
kykmy      s.           literary language || written language
kykmychkychk            miser
kykn       adj.         rich || wealthy
kykn       s.(neo)      economy
kykn       expr.        (the) following
kykn       s.           bar of silver || ingot of silver
kykn       s.           silversmith
kykn        to earn money
kyknk      expr.        I see the hill
kyknksp    v.intr.      to save || to make economy
kyknky     adj.         bumpy (surface)
kyknnch    s.(esp)      college
kyknnch    s.           cowardliness
kyknnch    s.(tex)(d2) design of small falcon
kyknnchkmys.(zoo)       fish eggs
kyknnchprchy            January
kyknnchych s.(bot)      kind of shrub of the jungle (main use: wood)
kyknpkpnk s.            laziness || idleness
kyknpnk    s.(zoo)(d2) leech
kyknprk    s.(bot)      mora herb
kyknypypy s.            movement
kykpkr     s.(top)      name of a town | a valley and a district in Sandia province | Department of Puno (Peru) || (Span.) Cuyo
kykpky     s.(bot)      nightshade
kykpn      s.           platinum
kykpn      s.(bot)      red-stemmed filaree || kind of annual endemic plant of the high mountain region
kykpnchy s.(med)        rumbling
kykpnk     s.(zoo)(d1) slug
           s.(tex)(d1) stripes sewn together
kykpp      v.intr.      to be frightened
kykpt      v.intr.      to be lazy || to be idle
kykpt      v.intr.      to be very nervous
kykpy        to call || to invite
kykpyk        to choose || to prefer
kykr       v.intr.      to cut oneself
kykr       s.           to fail || to go bankrupt
kykr        to lock up in a corral
kykr        to put onto the chest || to hide under one's poncho
kykrk      v.intr.(fig) to resist || to revolt
kykrkk     v.intr.      to shrug one's shoulders || to be spoiled || to be discontented
kykrm        to swallow
kykrmk      v.intr.      to twist
kykrmpy        to write || to sign
kykrmy      s.(zoo)(amz) white-eyed parakeet || kind of bird
kykrmy      s.           writing || notation || spelling || orthography
kykrsk      adj.(col)    yellowish
kykrykhtntntnky          subject || topic || theory
kykrykymky v.t           to narrow || to make narrow
kyksk       s.           capitalist
kykskpnk adj.            rich || wealthy
kykskrphr adj.           what has something written
kyksm       s.           writing
kyksnk      s.a.         mean || miserly || stingy
kyksp       s.           public treasury
kyktchrn    s.(tex)      dress of stripes sewn together
kyktk       s.           dynamo
kyktk       s.(fin)      bank account || account
kyktk       s.(fin)      bookkeeping || accountancy
kyktmrchy s.(ass)        literary work
kyktrkn     s.(neo)      bank
kykttnty    expr.        I want to write
kyky        to edit || to write || to draw up
kyky to estimate || to calculate
kyky        v.intr.      to get narrow
kyky        s.(tex)      dress of stripes sewn together
kyky        s.(bot)      kind of liana of the jungle (main use: medicinal)
kyky        s.(bot.ana) branch || twig
kyky        s.(min)      carbon || coal || charcoal
kyky        s.           dark || darkness
kyky        adj.         false || negative
kyky        s.(agr)(his) half a sillku | which is an eighth of a basket for coca or chili (Inka agriculture)
kyky        s.(agr)(his) half a sillku | which is an eighth of a basket for coca or chili (Inka agriculture)
kyky        adj.         head of wood || narrow-minded
kyky        s.(mik)      husk wine
kyky        adj.         insipid || sour || tasteless || insipid || tasteless
kyky        s.(bot)      kind of shrub
kyky        s.(neo)      model
kyky        adj.(col)    orange
kyky        s.           small twig
kyky        s.           toasted kinua
kyky        v.intr.      to branch out
kyky        v.intr.      to develop young shoots
kyky        s.           derivation
kyky        s.a.         herbivore
kyky        derived
kyky        adv.l.       hither || to here
kyky        adv.t.       one day next || after tomorrow
kyky        to derive
kyky        adj.         plain || simple
kyky        adv.l.       from here
kyky        adv.t.       from now
kyky        s.(bot)      fungus || mushroom || type of mushroom
kyky        s.(top)(<?) mountain (and ancient people) in Ecuador || (Span.) Cayambe
kyky        s.           nail
kyky        s.(agr)(his) half a sillku | which is an eighth of a basket for coca or chili (Inka agriculture)
kyky        v.intr,      to become sad || to lose heart || to give up
kykychy     s.(min)      carbon || coal || charcoal
kykychy     p.p.p.       awful || in bad condition || indifferent
kykyk       adj.         apathetic || indifferent || in a bad mood
kykyk       s.(min)      hard coal
kykyk        to char
kykykn      s.(bot.ana) branch
kykykychk   v.intr.      to be in very bad condition
kykykychy   v.intr.      to branch out
kykypch        to break branches off || to cut off (prune)
kykypkyy        to erode || to chip || to make notches
kykypn        to go to call someone
kykypy        to go to choose
kykyrmy        to go to embrace
kykys       adj.         completely insipid
kykytmnn    s.           authority || director || excellence || the designated leader of a collective work party || excellency || majest
kykyy       s.           beginning
kykyy       s.           ceramic pan for toasting food grains || flat pan used to toast corn
kykyy       s.(d1)       cigarette
kykyyk      s.           embrace
kykyysk     s.           glutton || guzzler || gormandizer
kym         s.(bot)      kind of tree whose bark easily peels off || native tree with peeling bark | used for firewood || plant used to
kym         s.           maize stalk dried for fodder
kym         adj.(d2)     old
kym         s.           reign
kym         s.(tex)      rope of three threads
kym         s.(d2)       round piece of the spindle to roll up the thread
kym         s.           ruin
kym         s.           sickle
kym         s.(tex)      special stitch for joining panels
kym         adj.         susceptible to be twisted
kym         s.           tactile sense
kym         adv.t.(d2) the last time || last time || once before || one before
kym         s.(met)      thunder
kym         adv.t.(d1) yesterday
kymchky     adj.         yesterday || last
kymchy      s.           fisher's net
kymk        s.(zoo)      type of bird
kymkk       adj.         yellowish
kymn        adv.t.       last evening
kymn        s.           bell
kymnchh     s.           big building (palace)
kymnchy     s.           wrap of fir
kymnsm      adv.l.       by here
kymnt       s.(zoo)      kind of small parrot
kymntpch    s.(neo)      elections
kymp        s.           illness thought to be caused by laziness (more frequently used as a criticism for a lazy person)
kymp        adv.t.       last month
kymp        s.           lunar eclipse
kymrnk      v.recip.     to embrace each other
kymryy   s.         headword || slogan || theorem || proposition
kyms     s.(bot)    kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
kymsk    as soon as
kymsnk   adv.t.     since yesterday
kymsrm      kind || sort || nature (of someone or something)
kymsy    adj.       splendid
kymy     adv.t.     from the beginning
kymy     adv.t.     before yesterday || day before yesterday || a few days ago || days before || the other time || last time
kymy     adv.t.     night before yesterday || last night
kymy     adv.t.     before yesterday || day before yesterday
kymy     adv.t.     before yesterday
kymy     s.         times of before
kymy     adv.t.     nights before
kymy     s.(med)    menstruation
kymyk    v.intr.    to blacken
kyn      adv.t.     before yesterday
kyn      adv.t.     yesterday
kyn      s.(bot)    kind of jungle tree | 11-16 m high
kyn      s.(esp)    tale
kyn      s.(p.esp) gossip (talkative) || slanderer
kyn      adv.t.     next day
kyn                 fever
kyn      s.(ast)    lunar eclipse
kyn      adv.t.     night before yesterday || last night
kyn to tell
kyn      v.intr.    to spend the day
kyn      s.a.       owner
kyn      s.(bot)    white potato
kyn      adv.t.     yesterday
kyn      adv.t.     last year
kyn      s.         laziness || idleness
kyn      v.intr.    to be lazy || to be idle
kyn      to press out pus
kyn      s.         a farmer's mark in the ear of an animal || cap
kyn      s.         beam for supporting soil on slopes in danger of slipping off to avoid landslips
kyn      s.(tex)    belt (of a child)
kynch    s.         chip || splinter
kynch    s.(agr)    field after harvest or mowing
kynch    s.         glory || good fortune
kynchs   adv.l.     here
kynk     s.         hurry || strength || force || force || power || might
kynk     adv.m.(esp)incessantly || continuously
kynk     adj.poses. monthly
kynkp    pron.dem. of this
kynkt    s.(min)    salpetre || nitre || salpeter || niter
kynky    adj.       salty
kynky    adj.poses. spiral
kynky    adj.       strong
kynky    s.         thing || object
kynky    s.(top)    town in the valley of Waylas || (Span.) Colpa
kynkyk   s.         current age || present era || the world of material consciousness || the //middle// world | filled with both h
kynkyn   s.(spi)    one of the three worlds
kynm      s.(agr)    leached-out land | which needs fallow
kynmnt    v.intr.    to make an effort || to try hard || to gain force || to regain force || to inspire oneself || to strive oneself || to
kynn      s.         moonlight
kynn      to comfort || to console
kynnchkmntp.p.p.     strong
kynnp      to encourage || to give strength || to encourage || to exercise || to strengthen || to enforce || to train || to in
kynnpchs       to feed cattle with salt
kynnpnchy to go bail for || to bond      to make squeeze out
kynnps      to lop || to prune || to trim
kynnptt   s.         food baked by means of a hot stone
kynny     s.         food baked by means of a hot stone
kynpktkry pron.dem. for this
kynpkynn      to frolic
kynpnchy      to frolic
kynpy     adv.t.     after tomorrow
kynt      s.         swathe || bandage
kyntkp    s.         politician
kyntn     v.cop.     to be present (here)
kyntr     v.intr.    to pull oneself together || to struggle to one's feet
kyntry    v.intr.    to squeeze oneself out
kyntt     s.         earth rich of salpetre
kynty     s.         pasture
kyny      s.         squeezer || presser
kynyk     s.         moonlight
kynyn to ensure || to assure
kynynchy adv.t.      tomorrow
kynyt     s.(bot)    kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle used to treat headache | as well as snakebites
kynyy     s.         work
kynyy     s.(ast)    phases of the moon
kynyy     s.(neo)    athletics
kyp       adj.       strengthless || powerless || weak
kyp                  motmot || blue-crowned motmot || kind of bird of the jungle || kind of bird
kyp       v.intr.    to decay
kyp      to squeeze something out for someone
kyp       s.(ast)    full moon
kyp                  k
          s.(bot)(amz) ind of medicinal plant of the jungle
kyp       s.(fon)    apostrophe (sign for glottal stop in Quechua and Aymara)
kyp       s.(top)    place located above Konapaya (Bolivia)
kyp       s.(esp)    snake
kyp       s.(zoo)    kind of bird
kyp       s.(tex)    rope of threads twisted two in two | three in three
kyp       p.p.p.     squeezed out
kyp       adj.       vigorous || strong || brawny || stalwart || mighty || powerful
kyp       expr.      here or there
kyp      to plant eucaliptus
kyp  cut off the throat || to sqeeze with the hands || to strangle
kyp       s.         politics || policy
kypch     s.         race
kypch      to change nappies || to change diapers || to put a nappy on a child
kypchkr   v.intr.    to chip || to splinter
kypchky      to choose for someone
kypchmpn           to cover || to hide
kypchry        to eat salt (cattle)
kypchsk        to embrace someone in his favour
kypchy to fly
kypchy      v.intr.      to go bankrupt
kypchy to hurry || to run
kypchy        to insult
            v.intr.(agr) to lie fallow
kyphr       v.intr.      to make an effort || to try hard
kyphrk    to squeeze out by hand
kypk        to stamp
kypkchspkymnchymn to tighten || to tie        to twist a thread of wool
kypkky        to twist threads || to ply
kypkn       adj.         strong || vigorous || mighty || powerful
kypkrn      s.           loss of strength
kypky       s.           sterile earth || earth containing salpetre
kypky       s.(tex)      to twist threads two in two | three in three | four in four
kypky       adv.m.       hurried || quickly
kypkyp        to choose repeatedly
kypmp        to drive attention to || to berate || to rebuke
kypn        to stick one's tongue out at somebody
kypnchy     adj.         hurried
kypnchy     adv.m.(esp)  clear
kypnchy     s.(esp)      colour || color
kypnk       s.           cousin
kypnk       s.           driver || engineer
kypnkrkr    s.(zoo)      frog
kypnky                   g
            s.(zoo)(esp) oat
kypnnk      adj.         initial
kypnt       s.(bot)      kind of succulent shrub || kind of plant from which the teeth for combs are obtained | the tallitos are drie
kyppsy      s.           monster
kyppy       s.           nappy || napkin || diaper || bunch
kypr        s.           origin || beginning
kypr        s.(bot)      plant like Isabela but smaller
kyprk       s.(mit)      Qolla King (Qolla Rey) || mythical king of the Qolla (Aymara) | who was defeated by Inkar¡ on the Raya p
kyps        s.(bot)      roots of various reed species
kyps        s.           shooting star || comet
kypsk       s.           underground potato deposit
kypsk        to make begin
kypsk        to start moving something || to activate
kypsp       adj.         initiator
kyptkhkyptk s.           misfortune || calamity
kypty       s.           movement
kypy        adj.         similar
kypy        s.           similar groups
kypy        s.           example
kypy        s.(neo)      engine
kypy        s.a.         beginner || amateur
kypy        s.           progenitor
kypy        s.(ass)      enterprise || firm
kypy        v.intr.      to lift up one's skirt
kypy        to twist many things together
kypy       adj.         original
kypy        to go to begin
kypy       s.(med)(esp) anger sickness | characterized by upset stomach and the vomiting of green bile
kypy       s.           beginning
kypy       s.           lazy man
kypy       adj.         person with purple skin
kypy                    lightning sickness | an illness attributed to being struck by lightning in the lowlands
kypy       s.           dominion
kypy       s.(bot)      yellow potato
kypy       s.(esp)      body
kypy       s.(tex)      broad tissue section of one colour
kypyk      s.           time of beginning
kypyny     s.           sport
kypyp      s.           physical education
kypyskypskts.(ana)      pancreas
kypyy      s.(ana)(reg)spleen
kypyy      s.(med)      acute pancreatitis
kypyy        to begin something for someone
kypyy      s.           preamble
kypyyn     p.p.p.       begun || started
kyr        p.p.p.       lifted skirt
kyr        expr.        let's begin
kyr        s.(esp)      span || long measure from the thumb to the little finger
kyr                     w
           s.(zoo)(esp) hite-banded swallow
kyr        s.           beginning || origin
kyr        s.(ass)      presentation
kyr        to begin || to start
kyr        v.dic.       to call || to cry || to shout || to scream || to bark || to sing (bird) || to shout || to yell || to roar || to scream ||
kyr        v.intr.(esp) to get angry
kyr        to lift up the skirt
kyr        v.intr.      to move || to start moving
kyr        to untwist
kyr        to untwist
kyr        adv.m.       therefore
kyr        s.           first inhabitants
kyr        s.(his)      fiest of the queen in Inka times
kyrchy     s.(mes)      September (in the Inka era: Fiest of the queen | which refers to the moon | the lady of the sun and quee
kyrchy     adv.t.       from the beginning
kyrk       adj.         whose beginning is known
kyrk       s.           introduction
kyrk        to hold something between the breasts or in the groin || to hold in the lap
kyrkchk    v.intr.      to remain twisted
kyrkchkhnnkykn          basic education
kyrkchsk s.             introduction
kyrkhyy    s.(mik)      a meal made out of pumpkins
kyrkk      s.(bot)(esp)cabbage
kyrkmch    adj.         female
kyrky      s.(esp)      kind || sort
kyrky      s.(zoo)      kite
kyrkyy     s.(bot)      molle tree || Peruvian mastic-tree
kyrm       s.(bot)      oqausho (lit. small oca | small wild plant of the jalca and puna region with leaves and tubers tasting like
kyrmy      s.(tex)      skirt of the little chidren
kyrn       s.(zoo)      snail
kyrn       interj.      Hurrah! || Hooray!
kyrn        to sustain || to keep alive || to instill courage || to inspire the soul
kyrn       s.(top)      mointain close to Porc¢n (department and province of Cajamarca | Peru) || (Span.) Quilish
kyrnky     p.p.p.       branch || twig
kyrnnch    s.           colleague || comrade || friend
kyrntspp   p.p.p.       cut up
kyrp       adj.         disowned || thrown out
kyrp       p.p.p.(d2) dried in the sun
kyrpch     p.p.p.(d1) faded || depressed
kyrpkypnchyp.p.p.       moved
kyrpkypnchyychy         selected
kyrpn      p.p.p.       twisted || twisted
kyrpn      adj.         very poor
kyrpnphrnkys.(mat)      statistic value
kyrpy      s.           living beings
kyrrmykn s.             fellow
kyrsk      s.(spi)      tree of the living
kyrsk      adj.         despreciable || desde¤oso || spoiled kid || brat
kyrsn      s.(mat)      curve
kyrt       adj.         permanent
kyrtn      expr.        withdrawn tongue
kyry                    old
           s.(top)(culle?) kingdom in the region of Cajamarca | spoke the Culle (Kulli) language | conquered at the end of the
kyry       s.(neo)      nationalities
kyry       s.           habitation
kyry       expr.        is equal
kyry       adj.         indifferent
kyry       expr.        hi! (are you alive?)
kyry       v.intr.      to be scared of living
kyry       s.p.         braggart
kyry       s.(tex)      long dress with train
kyryk      v.intr.      to recover || to revive
kyryktykk expr.         how are you?
kyrym      s.           purple corn || black maize or very dark purple maize | mixed with cochineal and used to dye purple (mor
kyrymky    s.(bot)      yellow corn || yellow maize
kyrymnt        to animate
kyrynyk    v.intr.      to revive || to flourish
kyrysm     s.(bot)      kind of yellow blooming herb
kyryy                   eucalyptus
kyryy      s.(bot)      kind of tree
kyryychy   adv.l.       by here
kyryyyy    s.(top)(neo)Bolivia
kys        s.           life || culture || living energy
kys        s.(top)      southern region (out of four) of the Tawantinsuyu | now Bolivia and southernmost part of Peru (Puno etc
kys to drag clothes
kys        to help
kys        v.intr.      to live
kys        v.intr.      to wink
kys        s.(neo)      acculturation
kys        s.(bio)(neo)cell
kys        s.(bio)(neo)tissue
kyschn      s.           food || seed
kyschy      s.(neo)      biography || curriculum vitae
kysh        s.(neo)      registry office
kysk        s.(pol)(neo)primary health care
kysk        s.(neo)      natural sciences
kysk        s.(fam)      girl
kysk        s.(neo)      nationality
kysk        s.(bio)(neo)heredity
kysk        s.           cooked cabbage with pork meat
kysk        s.p.         experienced
kysk        s.(bio)(d1) ecology
kysk        s.(bio)(d2) environment
kysk        s.           world of life || the world of living energies || the energy universe || energy universe
kyskchn     s.(spi)      aura || the bubble of living energy around a human | plant | animal | town | mountain | or nature being || e
kyskkn      s.(agr)      crop's mother (a wild plant associated to a cultivated plant seen as its protector)
kyskms      s.(neo)      interculturality
kyskmyk     s.(neo)      novel
kyskr       s.(bot)      kind of Peruvian mastic-tree
kysky       s.(neo)      culture
kysky       s.(neo)      biopiracy || patent (of big companies) for traditional plant sorts
kyskyt      s.(neo)      biology
kysmnk      s.(neo)      culture
kysmrkrn s.              culture
kysn        s.(med)      adenitis
kysn        s.           bed || large bed || hammock
kysnk                    b
            s.(mik)(esp) roth
kysnkch     s.(zoo)      duck
kysntmnchyadj.           entire || absolutely all || totality
kysp        s.(ana)(d1) fibre || fiber
kyspch      s.(zoo)      kind of bird
kyspky      adv.c.       little amount || small quantity in an ironical sense
kyspnkch s.              mortar stone || clapper
kysr        s.(ana)(d2) nerve
kysr        s.           thread || yarn || rope || cord || strand of wool || wool thread || ribbon || tape
kysry   to ridicule
kysry        to scatter || to strew
kyss        s.a.         tramp || vagabond || vagrant
kyst        expr.        I am sad about that
kyst        s.(zoo)      slug
kystyp      s.(bot)      yellow flower || marigold || calendula || goldbloom || mary gowles
kysy        expr.(k)     eat my shit and smoke my fart!
kysy        interj.onom.[sound of swallowing]
kysy        s.           ornament of yarn put into the fabric
kysy        s.(tex)      thread mark
kysy        to thread || to thread a needle
kysy        s.           wooden measure
kysy        s.(fis)(neo) physical states || state of matter
kysyhktkyry s.(agr)(neo)herbicides
kysykk      adv.(esp) attention
kysykktnty s.(esp)       detonator
kysykn      adj.         sullen || gloomy || moody || embarrassed || shy
kysykyk        to chew over and over || to ruminate
kysykykmchy.intr.      to contract || to shorten || to cuddle up || to curl up || to squat
kysymnt      to gulp || to drink noisily || to gulp
kysymntychy      to reel || to spin || to make a thread
kysymr      to shake a liquid in its vessel
kysymrk to take care of || to look after
kysymyk     s.         cuitulin (climbing plant of the puna with small | black | sweet | flask-shaped fruits)
kysyn       adj.(esp) according || agreeable
kysynyk     s.(top)    Altiplano || plateau of the Andes in Bolivia and southern Peru
kysypch     s.         bosom || lap
kysypch     s.(zoo)    cicade
kysypch     s.(reg)    clavicle
kysypkp     adj.(col)  clear white || a color tone of white
kysypmmn adv.l.        close || near
kysypr      s.(med)    cramp
kysyrkch    s.         destruction
kysysch     s.         election || choice || lottery
kysysph     s.         element
kysysyy     expr.      give me
kysyychy s.(zoo)       gull
kysyychy adj.          homosexual || pederast || miserly
kysyychykn adv.m.(esp) honestly
kyt                    h
            s.(zoo)(esp) orse
kyt         postpos. in presence of || in front of the eyes of
kyt         s.(neo)    interest
kyt         s.(zoo)    kind of fish
kyt         s.(bot)    kind of melon || blackeye
kyt         s.(bot)    kind of palm tree
kyt         s.(bot)    kind of pumpkin
kyt         s.(bot)    kind of tree whose inner bark is used as soap
kyt         adj.       mealy (potato)
kyt         s.(d2)     message
kyt         s.(min)    money || silver || metal
kytchy      s.         movement
kytchytkchy adv.l.     near || close
kytchytprk adj.        near || close || neighbouring || adjoining
kytk        adj.       null
kytk        s.(zoo)    parrot
kytk        adj.(esp) perfect
kytmkyspytpty          presence
kytn        s.(d1)     rim || point || tip || ending
kytnch      s.(tex)    selvage || hem
kytnchy     s.         sinner
kytnchy     adj.       skinny || thin
kytp        v.intr.    to be alone
kytrkch      to begin || to start
kyttkchkhmpkn          to bite
kyty to break the sprout of a tuber
kyty      to brood || to cover eggs || to incubate eggs || to hatch eggs || to hug || to embrace
kyty      to call || to invite
kyty        v.dic.     to call || to shout
kyty        v.intr.    to chew coca
kyty      to cover glowing coals with ashes to keep the fire alive
kyty       to cut || to cut in slices
kyty       to cut herbs
kyty       to cut up (with a knife)
kytyn       to discover
kyy       to disown || to throw out
kyy   to dry plants in the sun
kyy     v.intr.     to end || to be finished
kyy   to extinguish || to put out a fire || to extinguish
kyy     v.intr.     to fade || to wither
kyy       to fail
kyy     v.intr.     to fail || to go bankrupt
kyy   to feel || to tickle
kyy       to frighten || to intimidate || to startle
kyy       to give a smoke offering to Pachamama
kyy       to husk
kyy     v.intr.     to meet || to come together
kyy      to move
kyy       to move || to move
kyy   to pile up || to accumulate
kyy     v.intr.(med)to press out pus
kyy       to rub
kyy       to select || to elect || to choose || to classify
kyy   to send a message
kyy       to sew together
kyy     v.intr.     to shrug one's shoulders
kyy     v.dic.      to sing
kyy     v.dic.      to stammer
kyy   to stir || to rock || to row
kyy     v.intr.     to strip || to put off || to take off (clothes)
kyy       to toast
kyy     v.intr.     to turn to sand (stones)
kyy       to twist || to injure || to lame || to cripple || to harvest corn cobs twisting them
kyy       to twist a thread or cord || to twist thread or rope || to pack
kyy to twist ropes
kyy       to understand
kyy     s.          torsion
kyy     s.(tex)     weaving sword || batten (of a loom) || beater (for compacting weft) || board to press the tissue together |
kyy       to bruise by beating
kyy       to color purple
kyy       to make press together the threads in the tissue
kyy       to make yellow
kyy       to move closer
kyy       to move closer
kyy       to move closer
kyy     s.          about 10:00 am || time of break from morning's work to chew coca
kyy     s.          bald dog
kyy     s.(mit)     female deity (wak'a) in the tales of Waruchiri || (Span.) Cahuillaca || (orig.) Cauillaca || Cauellaca
kyy     s.a.        the yellowishing
kyy     s.p.        who has a tongue
kyy     adj.        who stirs
kyy     v.intr.     to convulse
kyy       to contort
kyy        v.intr.    to stagger
kyy        adj.       neighbouring || adjoining || place || spot
kyy        s.(zoo)    blue-and-yellow macaw || blue and yellow macaw
kyy        s.         who is able to twist well
kyy        s.         beginning
kyy                   kind
           s.(med)(p.esp) of skin disease
kyy        p.p.p.     native
kyy        s.(p.esp) the cock's singing
kyy        v.intr.    to approach || to come up || to come closer
kyy      to initiatiate || to transmit
kyy        s.         beginning
kyy        adv.l.     towards
kyy        adv.l.     from near
kyy        v.dic.     to describe
kyy      to go to press together the threads in the tissue
kyy      to go to stir
kyy        s.(zoo)    aracari || kind of toucan || kind of bird
kyy      border || rim || edge || boundary || frontier || hem || seam || selvage
kyy        adv.m.     herewith || hereby
kyy        s.         instrument of wood or bone used by the weavers to press the threads of a tissue together
kyy        s.         spoon or ladle for stirring
kyy        s.(bot)    plant with yellow flowers used by the women of Inkawasi to dye yellow
kyy        v.intr.    to approach || to come up || to come closer
kyy      to move closer
kyy        adj.       without money
kyy        s.(zoo)    frog
kyy        s.(mat)    curvature
kyy        adv.l.     nearness
kyy        s.(bot)    kind of potato
kyy        s.(d2)     lunar eclipse
kyy        s.(d1)     new moon
kyy        s.a.       rich
kyy        s.         period of new moon
kyy        adv.l.     close
kyy        adv.l.     here
kyychy     postpos. near
kyychy     adj.       elegible
kyychy     adj.       mobile (thing)
kyychy     s.         cooked potato eaten without spices
kyychy     s.         selected potato || floury potato
kyychy     adj.       fellow citizen || neighbour || neighbor
kyychy      to move something closer in favor of someone
kyyhr      to press together the threads in the tissue for somebody else
kyyk      to stir for someone
kyyk       s.(zoo)    aratinga || kind of parrot causing damage to the fruits of intimpa trees during fructification | producing le
kyyk       s.(tex)    design of small falcon
kyyk       s.(ast)    star || asterisk
kyyk       s.(pun)    Wednesday
kyykchky   adj.       who presses together the threads in the tissue
kyykchy    s.         astronomy
kyykchy    s.         astronome
kyykk      s.         lazy woman
kyykmy       s.          an ancient festival in the high andes attended by more than eighty-thousand indigenous people | whose
kyykmyk      p.p.p.      pressed together (threads in a tissue) || compressed (tissue)
kyykn        s.(ast)(esp)Cross of Calvary: Southern Cross (provenience: Yucay)
kyykrch      s.          moon birth || beginning of a new lunar period
kyyktpynsk   s.(neo)     astronomy
kyyky        s.(ast)(esp)Cross of Calvary: (a) head of Scorpio | (b) Betelgeuse | Rigel | Sirius | and Procyon | (c) Procyon | Casto
kyyky        adj.        next
kyyky        s.(his)     virgins' convent
kyykynn      adj.        bruised
kyymn        p.p.p.      yellowish
kyymnt       s.p.        wealthy
kyymntny     adv.l.      next page
kyymy        s.          ring || bow
kyymy        adv.l.      hither
kyyn         adv.l.      very close
kyyn         s.          tongue twister
kyyn to turn weaving sword in shed (perpendicular to warps | to open shed)
kyyn         adv.l.      very close
kyyn         s.          feeling
kyynch       s.(bot)     kind of herb | eatable when fresh and attaching to clothes when dry
kyynchky     s.(fis)     mechanics
kyynchy      s.(top)     province of Antisuyu (now in Bolivia) | whose inhabitants are crafty herbalists
kyynk        s.(tri)     renowned traveling healers from Bolivia
kyynky      to approach || to come close
kyynn        v.intr.     to be tired || to feel drowsy
kyynp        v.intr.     to become purple
kyynpp       to bruise
kyyny        v.intr.     to have cramps
kyyny        v.intr.(med)to inflammate
kyynyk       v.intr.     to lose delicacy and shame
kyynymt       to make headers (football)
kyyp to pleat || to attach something sewing it || to mark with threads
kyyp to press tissue together beating with a board (weaving)
kyyp       to press together the threads in the tissue
kyypk to ride
kyypk       to stir || to stir
kyypp        v.intr.     to turn yellow || to grow pale || to fade
kyypp        v.intr.     to whistle
kyypr       to wrinkle
kyypy       to move closer
kyypy        v.intr.     to become skinny
kyypy        adj.        beautiful
kyyr         s.          whirlwind || eddy
kyyr         s.(med)     menstruation
kyyr                     kind
             s.(bot)(p.esp) of medicinal plant of the jungle || clove vine
kyyrchy       to help to stir
kyyrk        s.          purple flower
kyyrkm       s.(tex)     twill plain weave
kyyrkmyk     s.(neo)     cinema
kyyrm        fon.        (consonant phoneme of the quechua language)
kyyrrt       adv.neg. [Negation imperative] || [prohibitive] || do not ... (prohibitive) || don't || no || not
kyyrsk     [personal knowledge]
kyyry      [personal knowledge] || [evidence]
kyyry      [surprise]
kyyrychy   adv.m.       also || and
kyyrykrs   adj.         any
kyys       adv.m.       definitely || certainly
kyys       s.(mit)      deity in the tales of Waruchiri | a tutelary wak'a of the Chiqa people
kyysk      s.           disgust
kyysk      adj.         dumb
kyysp      s.(agr)      fertilizer || manure
kyyspnkp   s.(ana)      head || top || capital || a rounded hill
kyysy      adj.         high up
kyyt       s.           leader || guide || head (of a group)
kyytnp     interj.      let's see || well || then
kyytry     s.           lord
kyytsty    s.(geo)      mountain peak
kyyty      s.           old ruin
kyyy       pron.indef. something
kyyy       s.           thing || something
kyyy      to go to ... || hither || to here || elsewhere
kyyy what?
kyyy       s.(d2)       witchcraft || wizardry || magic || sorcery
kyyy       s.(d1)       wizard || witch || sorcerer || priest (pagan)
kyyy       adv.(esp) sometimes
kyyy to offer (gift) || to give (gift)
kyyy       s.           averice || greediness || miserliness || stinginess
kyyy       s.(ana)      back of the neck || back part of the neck
kyyy       s.           canopy of branches || adhesive material
kyyy       s.(zoo)      cat || cat || also michi
kyyy       expr.        Don't ...! || [Negation imperative] || [prohibitive]
kyyy       s.           drunkenness
kyyy       adj.(esp) dull || mutilated
kyyy       s.           egg with two yolks || siamese twins || thing united with another
kyyy       s.(mit)      evil || spirit || ambiguously good and evil ancestor spirits who inhabit the night-time world. They and their
kyyy       s.           kiss
kyyy       s.           lamp || lamp as a physical thing || electric light || electricity || energy
kyyy       adj.         mean || miserly || stingy || greedy || poor || tight with money || greedy || stingy
kyyy       s.           mixture
kyyychy    s.(zoo)      monkey
kyyyky     s.(zoo)      mule
kyyypk     adj.         old (man) || ancient || old (male)
kyyyr      s.           old man
kyyyrnky   s.(bot.ana) root
kyyysk     s.           sore on the face || acne
kyyysy     s.(top)      town in the Department of Potos¡ (Bolivia) || (Span.) Macha
kyyyt      s.(med)      wart
kyyyt      pron.rel. what (possibly)
kyyyty     interj.      What will be?
m          s.(fis)(neo) breakdown of energy || transformation of energy
m        to intoxicate || to make drunk
m          s.           punishment
m        to intoxicate || to make drunk
m        to make suffer || to punish
m           s.(med)     acne
m           s.(zoo)     little lamb without horns
m           s.          tool to take grain off the corn cob
m           s.(p.esp)   large jug
m        to pick berries || to pick out the seeds || to take grain off the corn cob || to shell corn
m           s.          authority
m           s.(d1)      barley flour || flour
m           s.(d2)      bird stomach
m           s.          drinker
m           adj.        early (plant)
m           s.          early harvest
m           s.(agr)     harvest of early-ripening crops watered
m           s.(tex)     hat
m           s.          head down | hands up || head over heels
m           s.          hedge || border || path between two fields
m           s.          helmet
m           s.          kind of mortar (for grinding)
m           s.a.        mean || miserly || stingy || greedy
m           s.(tri)     Mochica (language | region and culture that flourished in the north of Ancash - spoken in Et‚n/Lambayeq
m           s.a.        protector || defender
mbss        s.a.        shepherd
mbty        adj.        suffering
mch         s.a.        the kissing
mch         s.(gra)     verb
mch         s.          early corn cob
mch         s.          shepherd
mch       to be greedy || to forbid || to prohibit
mch         s.          ancestors
mch         s.(p.esp)   guardian angel
mch         s.(fam)     girl | 14 to 16 years old (meaning today) (critical moment of change: menstruation | beginning of love re
mch         s.          corn on the cob when it is too young to eat || (lit.) cat tooth
mch         s.(bot)     floury potato
mch         adj.        floury || mealy
mch         s.(d1)      age
mch         s.(d2)      age
mch         s.          averice || greediness || miserliness || stinginess
mch         v.intr.     to be bored
mch      to fall head first
mch       to hinder
mch         v.intr.     to kiss each other
mch       to memorize || to understand
mch         s.(ast)     Serpent (Andean constellation) | a dark spot in the Milky Way (Mayu) | formed by dark interstellar space
mch         s.(zoo)     snake || serpent
mch         s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
mch         s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
mchchknyy   s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
mchchmy     s.(gra)     predicate || verbal phrase
mchchy      adj.        conceited || stuck up || unsociable
mchchy      s.          induction
mchchy      s.(bot)     kind of annual plant with lilac flowers
mchh        s.(bot)     machamacha (big | fern-like plant of the cold and humid regions | has fruits similar to the black grape | h
mchh        s.          cave
mchhn       adv.t.(d1) after-after-tomorrow
mchhrr      adv.t.(d2) two days after tomorrow
mchhy       s.          cube
mchk        s.(tex)     loom bar
mchk        s.(ana)     upper arm
mchk        adj.        venerable || adorable
mchk        s.(zoo)(amz)white-fronted capuchin monkey || kind of monkey
mchk        v.recip.    to kiss each other
mchk        s.(zoo)     kind of eagle
mchk        s.(bot)     kind of banana
mchk        s.          necessity
mchk        s.          any hard liquor
mchk        s.          herding sling
mchk        s.          bar || pub
mchk        s.          wave
mchk        s.(top)     Incan town in present Department of Qosqo | province of Urupampa (Peru) | probably the historical Will
mchk        s.a.        shepherd
mchk        pron.indef. something || anything || what you may call it
mchk        s.          sterile || unfruitful (woman | female animal)
mchk       to make them get drunk
mchk        adj.        useful
mchk        s.(med)     symptoms
mchkchky    s.          old man
mchkk       adj.        sterile || infertile
mchkky      s.          necessity
mchkn       to be sparing of
mchknky     expr.       What thing will be?
mchkpsn     p.p.p.      contaminated || contaminated (physically)
mchkr       p.p.p.      drunk || drunk
mchks       p.p.p.      kissed || adored || blessed
mchksp      s.          suffered
mchky       s.(f.esp) little old man
mchky       s.(top)     mountain that faces Tecoya
mchky       s.(mat)     axiom
mchky       adj.(mat) axiomatic
mchky       s.(ana)     cervical vertebra
mchky       s.(ana)     cervical vertebrae
mchky       s.          averice || greediness || miserliness || stinginess
mchky       s.          cave || niche
mchkyy      adj.        dignified || sacred || holy
mchkyy      s.          drunkenness
mchkyymnt   s.(fam)     grandfather || ancestor
mchkyyr     s.          kiss
mchkyyy     s.          loudmouth
mchkyyyk   not to have || to miss || to need
mchmch      adj.        old || old (male)
mchmch      s.(d1)      poverty || misery || lack || scarcity
mchmch      s.          protection
mchmch   to annoy || to bore || to disgust
mchmchy       to defend || to protect || to support
mchmnchh    v.intr.     to get drunk
mchmnchh       to graze || to pasture || to watch the herd of sheep || to graze
mchn   to introduce something || to think
mchn       to kiss || to worship || to adore || to bless
mchn       to mix
mchn   to satisfy || to satiate || to fill
mchn       to skimp || to be miserly
mchnky     v.intr.     to suffer || to suffer
mchnnk   to use
mchnpynt         to water || to irrigate
mchny      s.(d2)      use
mchnyk     expr.       so that it is not unequal
mchnyrk    s.(k)       useless man
mchnys     p.p.p.      satisfied || satiated
mchp       to kiss || to court || to admire
mchpkch v.intr.        to satiate oneself || to appease one's hunger || to be full after eating || to be satisfied || to satiate
mchpkk     adj.        necessary
mchr       s.          profit || benefit || usefulness
mchr       expr.       What is that?
mchrchy to govern
mchrk      s.          simpleton
mchrkrkykn p.p.p.      aged
mchrn      s.          pub || bar || saloon
mchrr      s.          grandfather (address)
mchry      s.          grand-grandfather
mchry      v.intr.     to age (man) || to become old (man)
mchs?      v.intr.     to age
mchsk      s.          illness caused when a person's body is invaded by the bone | or essence of a machu (spirit of an ances
mchsk      s.(bot.ana) seed || kernel || core || pip || grain || pit || also the spiritual seed within each person (the Hatun Karpay pr
mchsk      s.(zoo)     kind of aphid
mchsk      adv.t.      until last
mcht       s.(bot)     kind of tree
mcht       s.          abuttal || boundary stone || landmark
mchtm      expr.       Don't be that way!
mchtmkk       how?
mchty      expr.       please
mchtykn       to select the seed for sowing
mchy       s.          form || shape
mchy       to test the belief
mchy       to understand
mchy       expr.       please
mchy       expr.       please
mchy       conj.       as || how
mchy       expr.       of course || surely || obviously || why not?
mchy       adv.m.      in some way
mchy       expr.       as I said
mchy    why?
mchy    for how much?
mchy       expr.       how much is it? || what does it cost?
mchy       adv.m.      perhaps || possibly
mchy       adv.m.      anyway
mchy    for how much?
mchy       expr.       how much is it? || what does it cost?
mchy       adv.m.      in the same way
mchy    How?
mchy       expr.       how are you?
mchy       conj.       how
mchy       expr.       how are you? || hello!
mchy       expr.       about how she gave birth
mchy       adv.m.      anyhow || in any way
mchy    how?
mchychykchnk           how are you?
mchyk      expr.       How are you? [to several]
mchykkrsk expr.        greetings to everyone
mchyky     s.          potato used for planting
mchyky     adj.(esp) better
mchyp      s.(spi)     activation of seeds
mchyp       to moulder || to decay
mchyr?       to disgust
mchyrnt    v.dic.      to moo
mchyrr       to sow
mchysk                 all
mchytmp adj.           every kind of
mchyy                  something
mchyy      pron.indef. any kind
mchyy      s.          ancestors || predecessors
mchyyky    s.a.        betrayer || traitor
mchyyr     certainly || surely
mh         s.          chest and arms || arms and chest
mhchnch s.             envy || jealousy
mhknykt    s.          fermented cone of cornmeal for production of corn beer
mhmnsn     s.(esp)     friend || friend || also kawsaqe
mhn        s.(ana)     hand || arm || hand and arm below elbow || an extension carrying an active part
mhn        s.(tec)     handle
mhn        s.(geo)     hill
mhnchkhyk s.           hill || rise || knot || mound || hump || bulge || promontory || a jutting out || point
mhnchy     s.(ana)     joint || knee || elbow
mhnkn      s.(bot)     kind of radish-like plant used as food crop and medicinal plant || pepperweed
mhnkrysktychy          moist || damp
mhnksktrky s.          mould || rust
mhnksp     s.(zoo)     opossum
mhnkych adj.           rotten (egg) || damaged
mhnm       s.(tex)     sleeve
mhnmn      adj.        small || dwarfed || hump-backed
mhnmnt     s.(zoo.ana)snout
mhnnknskt adj.         soft
mhnnp      s.          starch
mhnp       s.(zoo)     tick
mhnp       s.(mat)     vertex
mhnp       s.a.        wizard || witch
mhnps why?
mhnptk     s.(bot)     daisy
mhnptk     s.          knuckle
mhntchs    v.intr.     to have oneself beaten
mhntk      v.intr.     to let bite oneself || to bite into one's tongue
mhntkkchknk.intr.      to rinse one's mouth || to gargle
mhntm      v.intr.     to wash oneself
mhny       s.          drink made from dried peach and water
mhnychskmnts.(tex)     gloves
mhnyps       to fill one's mouth with water
mhnytk       to make someone beat
mhnytkkchknk           to sprain || to dislocate || to luxate || to put out of joint
mhnytkkchknkchk        to strew || to water || to spoil
mhnytkyyyn   to wash
mhpp       s.(bot)     potato
mhr       to nourish || to feed
mhrkchy    s.a.        savage || vicious
mhsy       adj.        carnivorous
mhy        adj.        eatable
mhy        s.          feeding trough || dish || bowl
mhy        s.(mik)     food || meal
mhyk       s.          dining room
mhyk       s.          appetite
mhyk       s.          rests of yesterday's meal
mhykps     expr.       instead of eating
mk         expr.       give me something to eat
mk         s.a.        beggar
mk         s.          restaurant
mk         expr.       go inside the restaurant
mk         s.          hunger
mk         adj.        tasty
mk         v.pron.     to be hungry
mk         s.          bum who invites himself everywhere to eat and comes in without inviting the other
mk         s.          sore muscles || myalgia || stiffness
mk         v.intr.     to get sore muscles || to become stiff
mk         v.intr.     to rot
mk         v.intr.     to eat little
mk         adj.        at hand
mk         s.(mik)     food || midday meal || lunch || diet || food || meal
mk       to eat || to consume || to eat and digest living energy
mk         s.          grains to eat
mk       to swallow
mk         adj.        eatable
mk         s.(fil)     characteristics
mk         adj.        defiant || unwilling to work
mk         s.          peak || tip || vertex
mk         s.          top || crown (top) || peak || summit
mk         s.(ana)     top of the head
mk         s.          war
mk         s.(ana)     elbow
mk?        v.intr.     to give one's hand
mkch       s.(ass)     craft || handicraft
mkch       s.(tex)     gloves
mkchky     s.          punch
mkchky     p.p.p.      satisfied || satiated
mkchky     s.(ast)     Instrument to dig irrigation ditches (constellation) || Aquarius (constellation)
mkchky     s.(ana)     occipital bone
mkchnch     to interpret
mkchrn    v.intr.    to suffocate
mkchy     s.         birth of the fingers
mkchy     s.         bud || shoot
mkchy     adj.       inattentive || forgetful
mkchy     s.         jar
mkchy     adj.       twisted
mkh       pron.rel. which (rel.pron.)
mkhchy    adj.       wide
mkhkk     s.(mat)    cubication
mkhkyn    s.(bot)    horsetail || kind of herb
mkhn      s.(bot)    kind of shrub with hand-like leaves
mkhn      s.(bot)    kind of tree with very hard wood
mkhn      s.(tex)    pallay motif in weaving (a whorl of arm and fist-like forms)
mkhnkh    s.(zoo)    poisonous spider
mkhnmny adj.         very developed
mkhnpch s.(ana)      wrist || elbow || fist
mkhnrnt   expr.      why not
mkhntkyy s.          collaboration
mkhntmnkprk          why not
mkhnys    v.intr.    to bud || to sprout
mkhnysmnyyky         to have no appetite || to be unwilling
mkhnyy    s.         club || bludgeon
mkhnyy    s.(esp)    engine || machine || locomotive || train
mkhnyy    s.(ana)    lower jaw
mkhpkk|pypkk|kypchyp meaning
mkhrk     s.         things
mkhrky    s.         little green fruit from the potato plant
mkhry     s.         war
mkhryy    s.a.       military
mkhy      s.         champion
mkhy      to trade arms
mkhy      v.intr.    to wash one's hands
mkhykn    s.         little green fruit from the potato plant
mkhyky    p.p.p.     famished
mkhypk      to put to flight
mkk       s.         argument || fight || combat || war || battle
mkk       v.recip.   to argue || to discuss || to fight || to battle || to combat || to fight one another || to hit one another
mkk       s.         warrior
mkk       s.         wrist
mkk       s.         two-colored poncho
mkk       pron.rel. what (possibly)
mkkkch    pron.rel. what (rel.pron.)
mkknky      to beat up || to bash || to trash
mkkpchy s.(ana)      hams || back of the leg || leg butt
mkkr      s.         corruption caused by money
mkkrp     s.         craft || handicraft
mkkrsk    s.a.       diver
mkkry     adv.m.     with eagerness
mkkty      to sprain || to dislocate || to luxate || to put out of joint
mkktyyy   s.(ana)    palm (of the hand)
mkky      s.         direct trade || direct commerce || labor provided by renters to hacendados on a monthly basis in exchan
mkkyp     adv.m.     in equal conditions
mkm       v.recip.    to trade || to trade directly
mkm       s.          trade || commerce
mkm       to sink || to submerge || to plunge
mkm       s.(ana)     palm (of the hand)
mkm       s.(ana)     head skin
mkm       adj.        lame
mkmchk    adj.        sterile (female)
mkmk      s.          sterile woman
mkmk      s.(ana)     finger-nail
mkmk      s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle || gully root
mkmk      s.(esp)     mature young woman || grown up || now a woman
mkmk      adj.        impotent (sexually)
mkmk      s.(zoo)     earth capsules of certain worms
mkmk      s.          manual work
mkmn      s.          craft || handicraft
mkmnch    s.          craft || handicraft
mkmnk     s.(neo)     practical activities
mkmy      v.intr.     to moulder || to oxidate || to decay
mkmy      s.          ceramic jar
mkn       adj.        knotty
mkn       s.(che)     oxide
mkn       p.p.p.      beaten
mkn       p.p.p.      humidity
mkn       s.          large bottom
mknk      s.(zoo)     spider monkey || white-bellied spider monkey
mknk      v.intr.     to nod off
mknkk     v.intr.     to sprain || to dislocate || to luxate || to put out of joint
mknkkknpkpn           adolescent || young (male)
mknknpkkykknthpy      kind of lizard
mknkntmyyky           thorax
mknkr     s.(fam)     young person || teenager || servant || adolescent || young bachelor || boy || bachelor || adolescent boy || y
mknkrsk       to sprain || to dislocate || to luxate || to put out of joint
mknkspkypchy          palm (of the hand)
mknky     v.intr.     to clap || to applaud
mknky     v.intr.     to give one's hand || to help || to cooperate
mknkyrn   s.          hat
mknn      s.(ana)     clavicle
mknpnch s.            a joke
mkntch    s.          boy || adolescent boy || young man
mkntm     s.(ana)     humerus
mknyy     adj.(med)   hunchback
mkphyy       to choke (convulsing)
mkpkchky s.(ana)      hand bones
mkpkchrry v.intr.     to become adolescent
mkpkk     s.(mit)     bad mythical being who kidnaps children
mkpkkyt   s.          beating || a sound trashing
mkpkyy    adj.(k)     blockhead
mkpmp     s.          coca and cotton seeds
mkpr      s.(fil)     concept || characteristics
mkpr      s.(zoo)     coypu || kind of rodent
mkpry     s.(top)     departmental city in Peru || (Span.) Moquegua
mkpry     expr.       Don't ly | don't be lazy | don't steal!
mkpy      s.(ana)      elbow
mkpyt     s.(ant)      incest
mkr       s.(ana)      lap
mkr       s.(uni)(neo)lap (unit) (+/- 30 lb.)
mkr       s.(med)      pimple || boil
mkr       adv.m.       softly
mkrksy    v.intr.(d2) to be tired of || to bothered with something
mkrmch        to beat || to box || to hit
mkrn        to behead || to decapitate || to skin
mkrnt        to bore
mkrp        to chew || to chew partially || to make alcoholic beverage from corn dough and saliva (usually drunk in a
mkrrsk to commit incest
mkrry        to do magic || to bewitch || to enchant
mkrrykmy         to envy || to be jealous
          v.intr.(d1) to satisfy oneself || to be satisfied || to satiate oneself || to appease one's hunger || to be full after eating
mkry        to smoke || to smoke (cigarette | cigar)
mks       s.(ana)      tonsil
mks       s.(fil)      conceptualization
mks   to conceptualize
mksk      adj.         dangerous
mksk      adj.         pickpocket
mksk      v.intr.      to cross one's arms
mksp      adv.m.       eagerly
mksy      s.(tex)      loom || backstrap loom
mksy      s.           provisions given for work
mkt       s.(med)      tonsilitis
mkt       s.(fil)      essential qualities || main properties
mkt       s.           introduction
mkt       s.(mit)      deity of old Waruchiri recognized and venerated by the Inkas
mkthrky   adj.(med) hunchback || hunch back
mktky     s.(neo)      general characterization
mktkyy    s.(spo)      volleyball
mktmnchy adv.m.        marvelously
mktn      s.           bracelet
mktrnky   s.           danger
mkty      s.           quantity for carrying in a poncho
mkty      v.intr.      to become hump-backed
mkty      v.intr.      to become moist
mkty        to become soft
mktykchy v.intr.       to become sterile (egg)
mktykn        to carry in one's poncho
mktyy        to deliver || to hand over || to give
mky        to embrace || to hug
mky        to embrace || to hug
mky        to get something into the apron to carry it || to carry items in the font of a poncho
mky       v.intr.(esp) to sprout again || to appear again
mky       s.(mat)      operation
mky       s.(top)      community on the R¡mac river (Mama Mayu) | in the province of Huarochiri (Department of Lima | Peru)
mky       s.(mat)      matrix
mky       s.(fam)      mother || madam
mky       s.(fig)      nest || home
mky       s.(geo)      vein (geology)
mky        pron.rel. what (rel.pron.)
mky        s.(esp)      grandmother
mky        to adopt a woman as mother
mky        s.(tex)      big belt
mky        s.           thigh
mky        s.(ana)      thigh
mky        s.(ana)      femur
mky        expr.        and your mother?
mky        s.           grandmother
mky        s.(mit)      female spirit of the great ocean | water || mother of all waters
mky        s.(geo)      sea || ocean
mky        s.(geo)      beach || coast
mky        s.(geo)      island (in the ocean)
mky        s.(p.esp) bis spoon
mky        s.           vinegar
mkychn     s.(pol)      constitution
mkychy        noble ladies in Inka times || elected virgins
mkyk       adj.         disturbing || disconcerting || confusing
mkyk        to make lose the head
mkyky      expr.        any food
mkyn       s.           motherhood
mkyn       s.(per)      sister and wife of the first Inka ruler | Manqu Qhapaq
mkyn       s.           capital (money)
mkynky     s.(fin)      rule of interest
mkynnkn    s.(ast)      Southern Cross (constellation)
mkyr       s.(top)      river in Lima || (Span.) R¡mac
mkys       s.(ast)      Celestial Woman (constellation) || Virgo (constellation)
mkys       s.(zoo)      hawk || falcon || common last name
mkyspskn to what thing?
mkysy      s.(tex)      short | wide | thick belt worn next to acsu | under chumpi
mkyt       s.(mit)(his) star that watched and punished everyone committing the crime of incest with parents
mkytn      adj.         unformed
mkyy       expr.        any colour desired
mkyy                    f
mkyy       adv.m.       head first || headlong
mkyy                    w
mkyy       expr.        You are welcome!
mkyy       s.           justification
mkyy       s.(ast)      Eater of his mother (the one who eats his mother | a zig-zag line of stars near the mouth of the Dark Clo
mkyy       v.intr.      to go on one's hands
mkyy       v.intr.      to avoid something
mkyy                    thumb
mkyy       adj.poses. maternal
mkyy       s.           uncle || mother's brother
mkyyk      adv.m.       in no way (prohibitive)
mm         s.(ana)      thumb
mm         s.(tex)      weaving sword used to open shed
mm         s.(per)      wife of Wayna Qhapaq and mother of Waskar
mm         s.           mother tongue
mm         s.(fam)      aunt
mm         s.(pol)      hilaqata's wife
mmbyh      s.           madam || my lady
mmchky    s.          parents
mmchmp expr.          Madam! || Ma'am! || My lady!
mmchnk       to sort out the bad by hand
mmchnk    s.(pol)     maritime trade
mmchnkty s.           nation || home land || one's people
mmk       s.          national police
mmk       s.(pol)     state
mmkch     s.          international treaties
mmkch     s.(pol)     constituent assembly
mmkchpmnyns.(pol)     republican life

mmkchptykyp           to emigrate
mmkchr    s.(pol)     national anthem
mmkh      s.(neo)     transnational corporations
mmkmchk s.(pol)       nationalist
mmkn      s.(pol)     governmental palace
mmknkch s.            president of the republic
mmknkchy adj.(pol)    international
mmkntps s.(neo)       national languages
mmky      adj.(ass)   public
mmky      s.          state
mmkyk     s.          state police
mmkykkmch ej.         My mother is selecting potatoes
mmmrk     adv.m.      never (prohibitive)
mmmy      s.(top)     small village farther on from Mayu Tampu (Bolivia)
mmn       v.intr.     to be confused || to be dizzy
mmn       to become mother
mmn       s.(med)     vertigo || dizziness || giddiness
mmnchmp         to ambush     [conditional] || would ...

mmnpsmnrkchk          [DATIVE] || for || to
mmnsktyptps.a.        absent
mmnt      s.(mat)     cube
mmnt      s.          debt || debtor
mmnt      pron.pos.   his thing || her thing
mmnt      s.(bot)     kind of mint || sweet smelling sage brush || kind of medicinal herb
mmntchy s.(d2)        loan
mmntmkhk s.(esp)      mine
mmntpry adj.          no
mmntpskrnchy          no || not
mmntt     adj.        owing || due
mmp       s.          precious stone || jewel
mmptrn    s.(d1)      task || application || petition
mmr       s.(tex)     weft || yarn passed through the weave in weaving
mmrkn     adj.(esp)   useless || unusable || worthless
mmrksp    expr.       [Negation indicative]
mmryky    adv.t.      after tomorrow || day after tomorrow
mmsm      s.(ana)     belly button || navel || bellybutton
mmty      s.          fear
mmty      adj.        negative
mmty      adv.m.      perhaps not || maybe not || possibly not
mmtyt    do not ...? || does not ...?
mmy   no ...?
mmy        s.         scarecrow
mmykntmntyys.a.       phantom
mmykt      to be afraid of || to fear
mmyktchpryk dj.       awe-inspiring
mmyktchy s.           scarecrow
mmyktknprrnskkmy      to ruffle up
mmyktkyryptntnkynn to frighten || to intimidate || to horrify || to drive off || to make scared || to frighten || to threaten
mmyktkysykyr          negative
mmyktmntkryy          fearful
mmyktphyyns.a.        leader || head (person) || chief
           pron.pos. our thing
mmyktpkhpknn          false || untrue
mmyktppkysns.a.       frightened || timid
mmyktppn s.           farewell (next occasion)
mmyktpr    adj.       worried || nervous
mmyktpsmnknadj.       improbable
mmyktptyk p.p.p.      incorrect
mmykttntr s.a.        who does not feel his wounds || who does not feel pain
mmykttntrpkypynn      frightened || timid
mmypptkypychkn        awe-inspiring || awesome || fearful
mmyps      s.         fear
mmyt       adj.       frightened || timid || coward
mmyy      to be afraid of || to fear
mmyy       adj.       terrible
mmyy       s.a.       frightful || dreadful || horrible || terrible
mmyytrrnkpchpy        constant || permanent
mn         adj.       absurd
mn         adj.       respectable
mn         adv.m.     bravely || courageously
mn         adv.t.     the day after tomorrow
mn         adj.       horrible || terrible
mn         adj.       enormous || horrible || terrible
mn         s.         fear
mn         expr.      I have terrible pain
mn         s.         fear || fright
mn         s.p.       awesome
mn         s.         ferocity
mn         v.intr.    to be frightened || to be afraid || to fear
mn         s.(med)    fright || fright sickness || efecto produced by strong impressions of a person after any kind of danger | lik
mn         expr.      Shouldn't you go?
mn         p.p.p.     frightened
mnbyk      v.intr.    to be frightened || to be startled || to be afraid || to fear
mnch       adj.       fearful
mnch       v.dic.     to reject || to refuse
mnch       expr.      i do not think || that ...
mnch       s.         fear || horror || panic || danger
mnch       adj.(d1)   horrible || terrible
mnch       adj.(d2)   multiple || numerous || excessive
mnch?      adv.m.     on the other hand
mnch?      conj.      or || or
mnchch to administrate
mnchchkk        to be afraid of || to fear
mnchchky       to lend

mnchchkynyk          to make someone practice or exercise || to teach
mnchchn        to make someone trust

mnchchspkchtsychy to make someone want (to do) something
mnchchy        to weave the weft || to pass yarn through the weave
mnchhkch adv.preadj. very || too
mnchk     s.p.       polygon
mnchk     adv.m.     if it was not like that ... || if not ... || otherwise
mnchk     s.         theory
mnchkk    adv.l.     very far
mnchkk    s.p.       awe-inspiring || awesome || great authority
mnchkm    adj.       fearful
mnchkmnchky          jar with a flute introduced behind a hole
mnchknmnch.(mit)     legend of a priest in Potos¡ who made a flute out of a bone of his dead beloved
mnchkntsk adv.m.     else || otherwise
mnchkrntypychk       great authority
mnchksk s.           protector
mnchky    s.         coward || chicken || scaredy cat
mnchky    adv.t.     within two years
mnchky    v.intr.    to bid farewell || to say good-bye
mnchky      to blame for
mnchn     adj.       singular
mnchnk    adj.       odd || unpaired
mnchnkrk pron.indef. not one single || no one
mnchnn    expr.      according to
mnchnn    s.(gra)    transitive verb
mnchnsp adj.         untouchable
mnchntn   adj.       solid || not hollow
mnchnypk to drive || to steer
mnchnyy adv.t.       never
mnchnyy adv.t.       never
mnchnyynnyn          always
mnchr     p.p.p.     stranger || foreigner
          adj.(esp) animal with natal deformation of feet
mnchrky   s.         base || basement || foundation wall
mnchrky   s.         beggar
mnchrnky s.a.        beggar
mnchrpnk adj.        beloved || promised in marriage
mnchrsk   conj.(d2) but
mnchry    s.         creditor
mnchskr   s.(zoo)    ferret
mnchsksknys.(zoo)    kind of bird of the jungle
mnchsm    s.a.       lover
mnchy      melting pot
mnchy     s.         offer || offer of marriage
mnchy     conj.(d1) or
mnchy     s.         pan || pot || pot
mnchy     s.(gra)    predicate
mnchy     s.         service || mutual work given for returned work || a form of local wage labor | intermediate between wage
mnchy     pron.pos. their thing
mnchy                w
          s.(ana)(esp) rist
mnchy     s.(tex)    shuttle || stick used to pass yarn through the weave in weaving
mnchy      s.          right of asylum
mnchy      s.          factura
mnchy      s.a.(p.esp) miner
mnchy      adj.        wide
           v        facturar
mnchyk       facturar
mnchyk     s.(tex)     shuttle used on horizontal loom
mnchykrp         to invite
mnchynyk         to make lend
mnchypk          to order
mnchypyt expr.         it cannot be taken away
mnchypyt expr.         invite me! || [greeting at going into a house]
mnchyr     adj.        clean
mnchyrn   to bore || to pierce || to perforate
mnchyrnkphknch         to widen || to make wider
mnchysr    s.a.        beggar
mnchyt     s.          contract
mnchyy     s.a.        debtor
mnpyrsrn s.            factor
mnhchchy^mnhchchykyinsignifcant || worthless
mnhkmnrkchks.a.        loving || affectionate || tender
mnhknyk pron.indef. nothing || not existant
mnhkyps s.(per)(d1) the first Inka ruler (Manqu Qhapaq I) | probably in the thirteenth century
mnhnk      s.(per)(d2) the first Inka ruler of Willkapampa (Manqu Qhapaq II | 1535-1344) | enthroned by the Spaniards in Qos
mnhntskrrchk           unequal
mnhpypk v.intr.        to conform to
mnhtk      adv.m.      without reason
mnhy       to ask a favor || to beseech
mnhykkps v.recip.      to serve each other (mutual help) || to petition
mnhykp       to charge
mnhykptkrk       to go to contract debts
mnhykpysk expr.        there is no ... || there are no ...
mnk        adj.        straight
mnk        adj.        faithful || loyal || reliable || trustworthy || trusty
mnk        adj.        memorable
mnk        adv.fin.    for any reason
mnk        s.(mat)     sum / difference of perfect cubes
mnk        s.(tex)     thin silk || loose silk
mnk        adj.        who has sunk eyes
mnk        expr.       finally
mnk        s.(bot)     kind of boneset
mnk        s.          who smashes pots
mnk       to pay
mnk        s.(tex)     shuttle || stick used to pass yarn through the weave in weaving
mnk        s.(top)     town near Potos¡ (Bolivia) where a sanctuary is located and a big feria is held
mnk        s.(zoo)     kind of chicken-like bird of the Andes
mnk        s.          delegate
mnk       visit
mnk        adj.(esp) one-armed || armless
mnk        p.p.p.      beloved
mnk^mnkm s.            lent
mnkchhyn s.a.          disobedient
mnkchk    s.a.        who speaks a language mixed up with a foreign one
mnkchk    conj.       but || otherwise
mnkchk    s.p.        single woman || unmarried woman
mnkchkchy s.(neo)     church || temple
mnkchktky       to worry || to disquiet || to upset
mnkchnt   s.(f.esp) beggar
mnkchy    adj.        stupid
mnkchy    v.intr.     to become again
mnkchy    s.(mit)     daemon without anus living under the earth
mnkchytknch.(bot)     amancay || kind of tuber herb
mnkchyy adj.          intruder || marplot
mnkhnr    s.          love
mnkhy     s.(bot)     mancaullo || maran (cactus with sour | eatable fruits similar to the tuna and used as medicine against ga
mnkhy     s.          obligation
mnkk      s.          servant || worker || who works for mutual community service
mnkk      v.recip.    to arrive (something to someone)
mnkk       to ask for a service || to charge || to call a minga || to assign a duty || to ask a favor || to hire work for retu
mnkk       to entreat
mnkk       to love || to idolize || to adore
mnkk      v.intr.     to love oneself
mnkk       to make pots
mnkkhpk         to refuse || to reject || to deny || to oppose
mnkkhpk         to request || to ask || to lend || to borrow (the thing lent is returned) || to pray
mnkkn       to trust || to contract debts
mnkkt     v.intr.     to make a contract
mnkky     adj.        improbable
mnkky       to be in charge
mnkkykychchy          how
mnkmy     adj.        no
mnknch    adv.neg. no || not
mnknk     pron.indef. nothing
mnknkk    s.          innocence
mnknkypk expr.        I do not understand
mnknpk    s.(med)     anorexia
mnknpypn/pchn         for no reason
mnkntskypykkyt        I do not understand
mnkny     adj.        confident
mnkpk     s.a.        brave
mnkpk     adv.m.      unintentionally
mnkpk                 I
          expr.(p.esp) do not understand
mnkpy     adv.t.      never
mnkr      s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
mnkr      p.p.p.      spotless || unstained || stainless || immaculate
mnkrk     pron.indef. nothing
mnkrn     adj.        bitter
mnkry     adj.        liberal
mnks      adj.        badly woven || loose (tissue) || thin (tissue)
mnksk     v.intr.     to fast
mnksk     s.          nothing
mnkskk    s.a.        lazy || idle || lethargic
mnksmtrmk      to wander
mnkspk     p.p.p.      badly woven || loose (tissue) || thin (tissue)
mnksyk     expr.       there is no ... || there are no ...
mnksys                 without reason
mnksytsky adj.         empty
mnkt       s.p.        poor
mnkt       s.          poverty || misery
mnktrky    pron.indef. no
mnktyk     p.p.p.      turned upside down
mnky       expr.       it doesn't work
mnky       adv.l.      from no side
mnky       expr.       I do not hear || I do not understand (acoustically) || (Q2A NAPO:) I do not understand (contents of words
mnky       adv.l.      nowhere
mnky       adv.t.      never
mnky       s.a.        who speaks politely and without murmuring
mnky       s.          desire || wish
mnky       adv.m.      no more
mnky       s.          petition || prayer
mnky       expr.       what happens?
mnky       adj.(esp) animal with natal deformation of feet
mnky       adv.t.      no more
mnky       to deny || to excuse || to oppose
mnky       s.          right of petition
mnky       adj.        not infectious
mnkyk      s.          health
mnkykntrry s.(med)     vaccine
mnkytk     adj.        healthy
mnkytky    p.p.p.      healthy
mnm        expr.       I want chicha (a fermented fruit drink)
mnm       to beseech
mnm        v.recip.    to love each other || to fall in love
mnm        s.(mit)     bad female deity (wak'a) | lover godess of Wallallu Qarwinchu in the tales of Waruchiri | thrown by Pary
mnmhchtchrnexpr.       what does ... mean?
mnmhpnch expr.         what does he/she do?
mnmkhnyy expr.         what does he/she say?
mnmmnt v.dic.          to disagree || to refuse || to say no || to deny || to negate
mnmmphpnch adj.        nice || sympathetic || pleasing
mnmnchkk adv.l.        above
           pron.indef. nobody
mnmnspy adv.t.         never
mnmntntnchs.           vast amount
mnmpchp adj.           infinite
mnmph      adv.t.      never
mnmpmpysk  adj.        naked || hardly dressed
mnmps      conj.       but
mnmsk      adv.m.      if not || else || otherwise
mnmsk      s.a.        poor || needy || beggar
mnmt       s.a.        beggar || craver
mnmtmky adj.           solid || not hollow
mnmtps     s.a.        deficient
mnmtrrk    expr.       if it was not complete
mnmtrrspkytchytpry     ambition
mnmtsk       to beg || to crave
mnmtynch        to covet || to desire || to long
mnmtyt    s.(mat)     irrational number
mnmyk     adj.        uninhabited
mnmyk     s.(geo)(d1) desert
mnmykky s.(geo)(d2) desert
mnmykn    adv.m.      in no way || by no means || not at all || never
mnmykrsk s.a.         outrageus || impertinent
mnmymknch adj.        insolent || shameless || cheeky
mnmymntpss.           beggar
mnmynch s.p.          outrageus || impertinent
mnmypps s.(med)       sleeplessness || insomnia
mnmyps    adj.        alone || companionless
mnmyytrmk s.(med)     sleeplessness || insomnia
mnn       adj.        sleepless || insomniac
mnn       pron.indef. nobody
mnn       pron.indef. nobody || no one || no-one
mnn       adj.        solid || not hollow
mnnch     expr.       no
mnnch     adv.neg. not even || not either
mnnchy    expr.       not at this point
mnnhyn    s.p.(his)   casteless
mnnkchk adv.m.        suddenly
mnnkkkn s.(mat)       odd number
mnnknhmp adj.         continuous
mnnksk    adj.        indivisible
mnnksk    adj.        esteemed
mnnkt                 male
          s.(med)(p.esp) impotence
mnnky       to covet
mnnky       to demand || to claim
mnnmk     s.          entreatment || petition
mnnnm     adv.m.      not yet || still not
mnntk     adj.        similar
mnntk     adj.        blind
mnny      s.          virgin
mnnyy     s.a.        invisible
mnp       to indulge
mnp       adj.        indivisible
mnpch     expr.       before eating
mnpchkk adv.t.        in a moment || without time to say something
mnpchkynykadj.        invisible
mnpchp    adj.        ugly
mnpchyk adv.t.        before
mnpk      adj.(d1)    invisible
mnpk      adj.(d2)    invisible
mnpk      p.p.p.      stranger || foreigner
mnpkk       to deny || to conceal
mnpkr     expr.       before ...-ing
mnpktk    p.p.p.      unknown
mnpktksknmn           ufos
mnpky     adv.m.      not either
mnpky     s.(neo)     preceramic period
mnpky     v.intr.     to give oneself up to || to be suitable
mnpkykypy        to renounce
mnpkysktchrk           to deny || to oppose || to reject || to refuse
mnpkysnpmpdj.          incombustible
mnpkysnpmpdj.          difficult
mnpn       adj.        impossible
mnpnkk       to omit
mnpnkkk          to fail
mnpnkkkrn s.           adaptation
mnpnkynyk v.intr.      to adapt
mnpny       to caress
mnpnyk       to entreat || to beseech
mnpnytkn adv.preadj.(esp)
mnpnyttrk adj.(esp) tame
mnppps     p.p.p.(esp) living in concubinage
mnpps      p.p.p.      beloved || esteemed || precious
mnpry      p.p.p.      exercised successfully
mnps       p.p.p.      lent
mnps    why?
mnpschykmchs.          will
mnpskyk adv.m.         indubitably || doubtlessly || undoubtedly
mnpsyykp adv.m.        indubitably || doubtlessly || undoubtedly
mnpt       s.          family planning
mnptk      s.          family planning
mnptmkk adj.           ugly
mnptpnchk s.           ugliness
mnpyy      s.(med)     constipation
mnpyy      s.p.        out of breath
mnr        s.(med)     constipation
mnrk       s.(bot)(esp)apple || apple
mnrkchk    adj.        short
mnrkk      adj.        fragile
mnrkkhrtrkskyrm        unmerciful
mnrkkk     adj.        impossible
mnrkkmnky     why?
mnrkkytk expr.         if you wish
mnrkmksp      why?
mnrkmyp adj.           accompanied
mnrkny     s.a.        unusable || useless
mnrknyy    s.          false thing || unfounded statement
mnrkpt     s.(esp)     necessity
mnrkrk     s.(esp)     necessity
mnrkrk to need
mnrksk     expr.       less || fewer
mnrksktky to tame
mnrksp to tame
mnrkssk    s.a.        thief || who devotes oneself to stealing
mnrksskntknadj.        negative
mnrktk     s.(esp)     blanket
mnrktrynmkrrypch       bobbin || reel || spool
mnrky      s.(spi)(esp)carnival tree
mnrky     from || since || because
mnrny      adj.        insipid || tasteless
mnrprk     s.(bot)      kind of herb of the jungle (main use: medicinal)
mnrrrpky s.(uni)(esp)minute
mnrrrypk s.(esp)(d2) mountain
mnrry      s.(mat)      pyramid
mnrrytky   s.(esp)(d1) spiny bush || thicket || scrub || forest || tree
mnry       adj.         wide || extended
mnry       s.(esp)      world
mnry        to extend || to widen || to amplify
mnry       s.           cup made from a gourd
mns        adj.(mat) axiomatic
mns                     kind
           s.(bot)(p.esp) of orchid
mnsbsk     suf.         full of
mnsk       adv.m.       ceaselessly
mnsk       s.(uni)(neo)cubic meter || cubic metre
mnsk       s.(ana)      brain
mnsk       adv.neg. by no means || but not || not either || neither
mnsk       s.(esp)      edible fat || lard || butter || margarine
mnskyn     expr.        it does not seem that || I hope that not
mnskysp v.intr.         to become
mnskyytchrn             peccary
mnskyyytchrn            king
mnsmk      s.           vast amount
mnsmkky adj.            infinite
mnsmy      s.           vast amount
mnsmynyk adj.           constant
mnsmytkn s.(bot)(p.esp) of shrub
mnsn       s.a.         permanent || infinite
mnsn        to hesitate
mnsnch                  The
           s.(cri)(p.esp) Lord God
mnsnkyk s.              width || amplitude
mnsny      adj.         extensive
mnsp       adj.         lasting || durable || constant
mnspk      adv.m.(tex)to weave the weft || to pass shuttle through shed space
mnsptk        to blame for
mnspyprk v.recip.       to gather || to crowd
mnsryk     s.(p.esp) throne
mnst to heap up || to pile up || to stack || to mount one on top of another || to accumulate
mnst to stack || to mount one on top of another
mnstrsk      since || since then || from there
mnsty                   kind
           s.(bot)(p.esp) of fruit tree
mnstynsy expr.          less ... than
mnsy       expr.        less than
mnsychy expr.           to have compassion with
mnsykk     adj.         immeasurable
mnsyych s.p.            infinite || endless || inaccessible || unreachable
mnt        s.(tex)(esp)cap
mnt        s.(esp)      flat | black woolen hat with upturned brim worn by women
mnt        s.(bot)      kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle || annatto || kind of plant of the jungle (main use: ritual |
mnt        s.(top)      river in Jun¡n Department (Peru) || Mantaro (<river of fate or destiny)
mnt        s.(bot)(esp)mandarine
mnt        s.(bot)      kind of shrub of the jungle (main use: dye | medicinal | wood)
mnt        to unfold and spread out
mnt        p.p.p.     famous
mnt        s.(p.esp) laws
mnt        expr.      -er than || [comparative]
mnt        expr.      more than
mnt        expr.      less ... than
mntchy     expr.      less than
mnth       s.(zoo)    nocturnal curassow || kind of wild turkey
mnthkn     s.(bot)    kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
mnthmnky s.(arc)      rafter
mnthnt to heap up || to pile up || to stack || to mount one on top of another || to accumulate
mnthnyt to order || to govern || to reign (over)
mnthtk to peel
mntk      to spread out || to extend || to spread
mntk       expr.      to mourn over
mntk       s.(bot)    kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle used to treat headache | as well as snakebites
mntkch     expr.      there is none || no | there isn't
mntkchy    adv.m.(tex)to adjust tension with help of tenter after passing shuttle through shed space
mntkhch    s.         marketing || commercialization
mntkk      adj.       invincible
mntkk      s.         commerce || marketing || commercialization
mntkkk     v.cop.     to be missing || to be absent || not to be || not to exist
mntkknyk        to market || to commercialize
mntkkynyk to trip up || to make fall
mntkpy     adj.       beautiful || desire || good || beautiful || lovely
mntkrk     s.(tex)    blouse | usually cotton || decorative | white | long-sleeve blouse worn with centro skirt
mntkrry    s.         edge || side || rim || section
mntkTyttys s.         loan
mntky      s.         request || demand || petition || prayer
mntkyt      to aggravate || to complicate
mntkytkrk v.dic.      to answer || to reply
mntmny     v.interr.  to do? || to do what?
mntmpy      to forbid || to prohibit
mntnky      to love || to want || to wish || to desire || to like || to appreciate || to like || to like || to love || to want || to wis
mntnpktyrn  to practice || to exercise || to learn
mntny  to renounce
mntny      to request || to demand || to ask for || to pray
mntpch     v.interr.  to say what?
mntppy     v.mod.     to want to || to will (to have the will | to be willing) || to like
mntps to weave the weft || to pass yarn through the weave (first thread | weft)
mntps      s.         will || the power of love and will together || desire || love || possessions
mntpsyky        to lend money || to loan || to lend (when the equivalent of what is lent is returned || to not the thing lent) |
mntpyk     adj.       pretty || beautiful || beautiful
mntpyk     s.a.       ignorant
mntr       s.a.       infertile (persons and soil)
mntr       adj.       unfertile || sterile
mntr       expr.      I don't know
mntr      to alienate || to estrange || not to accustom || to miss
mntrn       to bend down something
mntrpnk    s.p.       innocent
mntry      s.(mat)    cathetus || leg of a right triangle
mntsk      s.a.       debtor
mntsksmkn expr.       without || -less
mntsyn      to dislike
mntsyn     adj.       infusible || insolvable
mntsynps        to owe
mntsynps s.p.         only
mntt       s.(mat)    tangent
mnty       s.(mat)    cotangent
mnty       v.intr.    to contract debts
mnty       s.(neo)    prose
mnty       v.intr.    to live a good life
mnty       adv.m.     by force (rape)
mnty   by which means?
mntyky      to bend down something
mntymy     adj.       bad
mntynch    adj.       big-headed
mntynchy        extreme || extremity
mntynyy    expr.      without
mntypk     adj.       infusible || insolvable
mntyy      s.         badness
mntyy      s.a.       immortal
mntyy      to curse
mntyy      p.p.p.     chaotic
mny        adv.m.     chaotically
mny        adv.m.     diametrically
mny        adj.       odd || unpaired
mny        v.intr.    to behave badly
mny      to reprimand || to berate
mny        s.         jealousy || envy
mny        s.a.       stammerer
mny        v.dic.     to stammer || to stutter
mny        s.p.       with willpower || willing || good-will
mny        s.(med)    syphilis
mny        adv.m.     voluntarily
mny        s.(mat)    extremes (numerical)
mny        s.         vast number
mny        expr.      they are not frightened too much
mny      to borrow
mny        s.         ingratitude || thanklessness
mny        s.p.       innumerable
mny^mnchys.           infinity
mnych      s.a.       deaf
mnychk     s.         deafness
mnychk     s.p.       bachelor || single man
mnychk     s.         bachelor
mnychnch adj.         who wears no trousers
mnychry    adj.       light (not heavy)
mnychy     s.(ant)    bad angel
mnychyk adj.          sympathetic || nice || pleasant
mnyk       adj.       straight
mnyk       adj.       straight
mnyk       adv.m.     agreeably
mnykchy s.(mat)       perimeter
mnykchyttn adv.m.     anything || whatever
mnykky    s.(mat)    formula
mnyknyk s.           intention || will
mnykprch adj.        just a little
mnykprmch      to bind at the feet and hands
mnyky      to bind the paws of an animal
mnykyk      to win the heart of
mnykysy     to withdraw || to go to the side of a road
mnymnmny s.(neo)     private study
mnymnt    s.(spi)    powerful ancestors
mnymntnky adj.       null
mnyn      adj.       bad (person)
mnyn      s.         badman || bad person
mnyn      v.dic.     to tell the truth
mnynch    adv.m.     without paying attention
mnynchytn v.dic.     to tell the truth
mnynk     s.a.       infertile
mnynk     v.intr.    not to function
mnynkchy s.          secret
mnynkmrsk     to approach || to come close
mnynkmrsktadj.       secret
mnynmntmnynmn        irrational || senseless
mnynnchynyk          cotton
mnynpry   adj.       dark
mnynsnktchr .        dirt || dregs || sediment
mnyntrmk adj.        dirty || awful || bad || terrible || vulgar
mnyntrmy s.(d1)      night || darkness
mnynyk    s.(zoo)    small | black fish
mnynyyr   adj.       sticky
mnyp    to go to ... for someone else
mnypkkkn s.          wax
mnypktn in what?
mnypmnchrnkn         cigarette of pure tobacco
mnypmny adj.         dirty
mnypychy s.(bot)     kind of tobacco || tobacco
mnypynyk conj.       when
mnypypky conj.       when
mnyrk                cream-colored woodpecker || kind of bird
mnyrkky   v.intr.    to get dirty
mnyrmyk v.intr.      to be looking for good bargains
mnyrmykrn expr.      in any era
mnyryk    p.p.p.     contaminated || contaminated (morally)
mnysk     expr.      What time is it?
mnyspy      to make dirty || to dishonor || to contaminate || to corrupt
mnysr     adj.(col)  creamy white color || cream color
mnyst     adj.(med) crestfallen || depressed
mnyst     adj.       weak || sickly
mnyt      s.         fornication
mnytp      to lock up || to imprison
mnytps    expr.      don't be angry!
mnyy      to understand
mnyy      v.intr.    to decay || to be overwhelmed || to feeble || to crouch
mnyy        to pull in || to draw in || to retract || to shorten || to spend
mnyy        v.intr.      to contract
mnyy what for?
mnyy        s.(top)      lake in Ecuador (province of Imbabura) || (Span.) Laguna de San Pablo
mnyy^mnyryadv.m.         in any case || in any way (used in certain cases)
mnyychy what for?
mnyykkn s.(med)          menstruation
mnyykyk     v.cop.       to adhere || to stick
mnyym       v.impers. to get dark || to become night
mnyym       v.intr.(med)to menstruate
mnyyspny s.(zoo)         bee
mnyyspy adv.neg. by no means [imperative]
mnyyspyyy s.             calendar
mnyyttrntychk            any day
mnyyy       s.(bot)      amapanki (plant used for containment (chapana) of any damage by bathing ten tuesdays and fridays in
mnyyy       s.(ana)      brain
mnyyy       expr.        as soon as
mnyyypk     s.(top)      mountain in Ecuador (and province of the same name) || old name of Ibarra (capital of the province of Im
mnyyytchrk expr.         in something
mp          pron.impers. nobody (prohibitive)
mp          s.(esp)      protection
mp to protect
mp                       witches || phantastic night beings (said to be seen at night in form of human heads whistling wis-wis)
mp          s.           obscene
mp import
mp          adv.m.       although not
mp          expr.        any
mp          adv.m.       definitely || certainly
mp          pron.indef. something
mp?         interj.      You will see!
mpch        adv.m.       in any event || at all events
mpch        s.           obscene
mpch        s.           waste heap || rubbish dump
mpch        expr.        are there any news?
mpchchs expr.            any sorrow
mpchhn      s.           void
mpchky      s.           void
mpchmnyykksktrkryy dirty person || filthy brat
mpchpps         why?
mpchsk      conj.        because
mpchtk?     s.           waste heap || rubbish dump
mpchy        to carry on one's head
mph         adj.         dirty
mph         s.           grand-granddaughter || grand-grand-granddaughter
mph to earth up || to put ground at the foot of a plant
mphch        to make blunt || to break the tip || to blunt
mphchy      v.intr.      to yawn
mphnksp            to contaminate || to make dirty
mphpy       s.(zoo)      kind of snake
mphy        to become corrupted
mphy        s.           immorality
mphyy        to become corrupted
mpk       p.p.p.      dirty
mpkch     v.intr.     to get dirty
mpkps     s.          bag
mpktk     adj.(d1)    blotched || spotted
mpky      s.(bot.ana) fruit || grain || seed || bead (pearl)
mpky      s.(neo)     instrument || instrument for breaking up clods of earth
mpky      s.(bot)     kind of tree of the Meliaceae family
mpky      s.(bot)     medical herb whose branches are similar to snakes
mpmm      s.(med)(d2)pimple
mpn       s.          plane wood || slice of a tree trunk
          s.(ana)(esp) houlder
mpnchyksktrknkyk      s
mpnchypps s.(esp)     shoulder
mpnk     shurely || [witnessed information]
mpnk      s.(ast)     Snake (Andean constellation)
mpnykspps s.(zoo)     snake || viper || serpent || big snake || anaconda || symbol of knowledge and learning in incan times
mppr      s.(ass)     tabulated list || table (list)
mpps      adj.(d2)    unhaired || depilated || woman after her hair has been cut || dull || mutilated
mpps      s.(med)(d1)varicella || pox || small pox
mpr       s.(zoo)     wild animal
mprchy    s           wood
mprk    At what time? || What time is it?
mprmy     s.(zoo)     chrysalis || pupa
mprty     s.(bot)     kind of hard | yellow or white maize
mps       s.a.        cattle farmer || stock farmer
mps march || to hike || to travel
mps       to multiply || to increase || to make bigger || to breed cattle || to breed stock || to exagerate
mps       adj.        full of grains
mps       s.(ana)     arm
mpskchn s.            ball || sphere || round object || round ball of yarn
mpsm      adv.neg. do not ... yet [imperative] || nevertheless do not ... [imperative]
mpstn     s.(tec)     grind stone || grinding stone || rammer for mortar
mpstynch s.(mit)      mythical animal living in lakes of the highland and coming out at night
mpsykkn adj.          obtuse
mpsykm    adj.(ant) old (male animals)
mpsykmkrk s.(d1)      people || land || homeland || town || city || village || community
mptkrsk   interj.     please
mptn      s.(d2)      protector || defender || lawyer
mptnchs   s.(pol)     province
mptntchn s.(ana)      ring finger
mpty      adj.        round
mpy       s.          swallow
mpy       s.          title || article || paragraph || chapter
mpy       adj.(tex) worn-out (clothes)
mpy       s.(mat)     obtuse angle
mpy       s.(ant)     big thief
mpychy       to make embrace
mpyky     s.(ana)     freckles || spot in the face || spots on a woman's face during pregnancy
mpyky     s.(bot)     kind of herb
mpypy     s.(bot)     kind of herb
mpypy     s.          freckle face
mpysk     s.(pol)     prefect (governor of province in Ecuador)
mpyy      s.(pol)     councillor of province (Ecuador)
mr        s.          godmother
mr        s.(mil)     big shield || captain's shield
mr        s.          godfather
mr        s.          godfather
mr        adj.        mixed of several colours
mr        s.(tex)     dress of various colours
mr        s.          fellow-countryman
mr        s.          agricultural products
mr        s.(top)     court of the snakes || Inka palace in Qosqo
mr        s.          archaeological remains
mr        adj.        esferoide
mr        s.(ast)     Serpent changing to the condor: Scorpio (provenience: Chumbivilcas)
mr        adj.poses. spherical
mr        s.(pol)     governor
mr       to carry a thing between the arms for somebody
mr       to embrace
mr        s.(bot)     mountain lily
mr        s.          godchild
mr?       expr.       my godchild
mrch      s.          stony heart
mrch      s.(esp)     market
mrchk     s.          embrace
mrchy       to embrace || to carry in one's arms || to carry in the arms || to carry a thing between the arms
mrchy     v.intr.     to tire
mrhnt       to make numb
mrk                   W
          s.(pun)(esp) ednesday
mrk       s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the jungle
mrk       s.(tex)     bichrome plied yarn
mrk       v.intr.     to be worn out (clothes)
mrk       v.intr.     to be worn out (clothes)
mrk       adj.        medium
mrk       s.(bot)     kind of shrub with small | round | eatable fruits
mrk       s.          potato de terre of second quality
mrk       s.(top)     Amazonas (river)
mrk       s.          boss
mrk       s.          homespun woolen blouse worn by women
mrk       s.(bot)     mancaullo || maran (cactus with sour | eatable fruits similar to the tuna and used as medicine against ga
mrk       s.          mortar (for grinding) || flat rock used in grinding (its ground upon) || grinding stone (base)
mrk       s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
mrk       s.          factor
mrk       s.(ana)     molar
mrkchhk   s.(med)     pox || smallpox || measles || kind of eruptive disease
mrkchrn   s.(med)     urticaria || hives || eruptive skin disease
mrkchy    s.          round rock used to grind
mrkh      s.          large bottom
mrkh                  s
          s.(mik)(esp) nack || light meal || lunch || picnic
mrkh      adv.t.      at any time
mrkhy                 w
          s.(bot)(amz) ater lettuce || kind of medicinal plant | main uses: shamanism | arthritis
mrkkmchk s.           right of reproduction
mrkkmchky s.          consequence
mrkkmm v.intr.        to repent
mrkkrr    interj.onom.[noise of chewing grains or other hard things]
mrkktyt   s.           function
mrkkyy    s.(bot)      kind of medicinal plant of the jungle
mrkmrk to shave
mrkmrkpch s.(mes)(esp) March
mrkms     adj.         spotted
mrkn      s.(top)      village in the Department of Qosqo | province of Urupampa (Peru) || (Span.) Maras
mrknch    s.(esp)      sausage
mrknchkn v.intr.       to get spotted
mrknrk    s.(bot)      morete tree || kind of palm tree of the jungle reaching a height of 30 m
mrkntr    adj.(esp) purple
mrkp      s.           celebration of a child's first hair clipping
mrkpk     expr.        What time is it? || At what time?
mrkpy     s.(bot)      kind of fruit plant
mrkrky    s.(esp)      mortar (for grinding)
mrks                   T
          s.(pun)(esp) uesday
mrksk     s.(geo)      forest of morete trees | uto to 30 m high | with relatively dense undergrowth
mrkskybytsmp           first hair clipping
mrksnk    s.(esp)      hammer
mrkt      s.(zoo)      red-bellied macaw
mrky      s.(zoo)      rufous potoo || kind of bird
mrky      s.           fermented and dried bitter potato || a kind of freeze-dried potato that is processed by soaking in a pool o
mrky      s.           generation || multiplication || family
mrkypy    s.           grind stone
mrkys        to break up soil
mrkysk    v.intr.(d2) to burn
mrkyt to carry on one's sholder
mrkyy        to change nappies || to change diapers || to put a nappy on a child
mrkyypch to cut or break off the tip of something || to cut off the top of trees || to give a haircut
mrm       v.intr.(d1) to increase || to multiply
mrmnt to plant || to sow || to sow seeds
mrmpp     v.intr.(esp) to render great services to
mrmy        to take out the kernel || to take out the pips
mrn        to tear down || to pull down || to knock down || to overturn
mrn       s.(ast)      Toaster | Pistil or Basket (Andean constellation)
mrn                    to
          v.pron.(med) rash
mrn       s.           cause || reason
mrnch why?
mrnk      conj.        because
mrnkr     why?
mrnky     v.intr.      to increase || to proliferate
mrnky     s.(his)      principal fiest in Inka times (in october)
mrnn      s.(mes)      October (in the Inka era: Month of the main fiest. Offerings were given to the main deities | wethers (llam
mrnsk     s.(bot)      kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
mrnt      s.           fecund woman
mrps        to hold in one's mouth
mrr      alike || equal || same
mrrhyn    s.(zoo)      bat
mrrn      s.(fam)(d2) brother || sister
          s.(fam)(d1) brother in law || son in law || any male familiar adjunct || brother-in-law || son-in-law
mrrsmrrs s.(zoo)       cat
mrry      s.           comrade || colleague || friend || fellow || peer
mrry      adj.         dark
mrry      s.           darkness || beginning of night
mrs       adj.pron. equal
mrs       s.           excrements of the new-born child
mrs       s.           guesses
mrsy      s.(zoo)      head louse
mrsyy     s.(esp)      knocker || pestle || mallet || beetle (to beat something)
mrt       s.(cri)(esp) mass
mrt       s.(l.esp)    mestizo
mrthk     s.(tri)      mestizo woman
mrtk      s.(bot)      misu (kind of tuber plant)
mrtn                   more
mrtr      s.           pair || counterpart
mrts      s.(ana)      rennet stomach || abomasum
mrttr     s.           riddle
mrty      s.(esp)      table
mrty      s.(spi)(esp)table of the paqo || collection of khuyas or power objects given by the teacher or nature spirits to the pa
mrtykmy   adj.         two-coloured
mrtyymm   s.(med)      wart || wart (a bluish corn cornel in an all white corn cob)
mry       adj.         wild
mry       s.(esp)      young man || young boy
mry       s.           religious festival
mry       s.           matrimony
mry       s.(mit)      the act of joining two similar energy bubbles (see yanachakuy)
mry        to make celebrate mass
mry       s.(spi)      a special stone used to increase yield of crops and for healings (more powerful than paju)
mry       s.(zoo)      cat
mry       s.(bot)      kind of medicinal plant of the rainforest
mry       s.(ana)      fine hair || fuzz
mry       s.(bot)(neo)broad bean
mry       s.(bot)      crow foot || chicken foot plant (leaves shaped like chicken foot)
mry       p.p.p.(d2) disgusted
mry       s.           economy
mrychy    s.(top)      fertile valley of Qhochapampa | conquered by Inka Ruka
mryk      s.a.         greedy
mryk      s.           honey || sugar || sweet || sugar || sweet
mrykchs   s.(zoo)      kitten
mryktk    s.           livestock feeding bowl made of stone or wood
mryky     adj.         mean || miserly || stingy
mrym      adj.         new
mrymky    p.p.p.(d1) satisfied
mrypnk    adj.         sweet || tasty || sweet || good tasting
mryy                   v
          s.(bot)(aym) ariety of panti plant that gives a yellow dye
mryy      s.(bot)      sweet pepper
ms        s.(med)      first time pregnant
ms        adj.(amz) toothless
ms        s.(zoo)      honey ant
ms        s.           sugar bowl
ms        s.(zoo)      bee || honey bee
ms        v.intr.      to appear in another person's dream
ms        to renew || to make new
ms        to sweet || to sugar
ms        to try || to sample || to taste
ms      to have someone sought
ms      to investigate
ms      to make seek
ms        s.         seeker || searcher
ms      to go to seek something for someone
ms     to come the first time
ms        s.(his)    the inca's headband
ms        s.a.       hard-working person who fights his/her way through
ms        p.p.p.(d1) deserved
ms        p.p.p.(d2) sought
ms        s.         search
ms      to look for || to search for || to seek
ms        s.(mat)    unknown
ms        expr.      look for the cook
ms        expr.      look for the cook
ms        s.(bot)    certain kind of cactus
ms        adj.       delicious
ms        s.         dreamer
mschk     s.a.       reckoner
mschky    s.         sweet taste
mschky    s.         molasses of chicha || must of chicha
mschky    s.         dream
msh       s.(ast)    new moon
msh       v.intr.    to dream
mshn      s.a.       reckoner
mshy      s.(mik)    appetizing | juicy | substantial meal
msk       s.         fruits
msk       adv.m.     again || newly
msk                  time of
          s.(mes)(agr)(ecu) eating the first grains (April)
msk       s.(top)    river in the province of Santiago del Estero (Argentina) || (Span.) R¡o Dulce
msk       s.(mik)    tasty preparation of meal
msk       s.         guesses
msk       adj.poses. economist
msk       s.         modern age
msk       s.(tex)    new dress
msk       s.(bot)    kind of medicinal plant of the jungle
msk       s.         honeycomb
msk       s.(ana)    eyetooth
msk       adj.       who speaks using friendly and sweet words
msk^msk s.(neo)      neolithic
mskch     s.         sweet fruit      to do the first time
mskchp    s.(geo)    secondary forest
mskchrk   adj.       flatterer || who speaks using friendly and soft words
mskchrn   s.         honey mouth
mskchsp v.intr.      to flatter || to court
mskchy    s.(cri)    New Testament
mskchy    s.         dream
mskchy    s.         pleasure
mskchy    adj.       sugared
mskhchpy adv.m.      sweetly
mskhchy v.intr.      to dream
mskhchy v.intr.        to smell || to be fragrant
mskhk to spin for a rope
mskhmpy v.intr.        to taste good || to be sweet
mskhmy     s.(spi)     visions produced by interpreting dreams for the purpose of determining positive future actions (Kichwa
mskhpych adj.          renewable
mskhrspprk       to renew || to make new
mskhsk       to sweet
mskhsk     s.          fresh water
mskhy      s.          soft drinks || coke || soda || refreshments
mskhy      s.(zoo)     bee
mskhychn s.            incense
mskhyynkt s.           new town || slum
mskhyyykkt s.          economist
mskk       s.(mit)     the mythical city inhabited by highly evolved and extremely beautiful spiritual women | revealed in Q'ero
mskk       s.(geo)     land in permanent renewal || land or forest - always - new || natural regeneration and relaxation || perma
mskk       s.(bot)(neo)sugar cane
mskk       s.(neo)     phantastic
mskkn      s.(cal)     New Year || New Year?s Day
mskkt      expr.       Happy New Year
mskky      s.(bio)     cross-breeding
mskky      v.intr.     to renew || to become new || to renovate
mskky      s.(tex)     thickly twisted wool | as in for plaiting ropes
mskmk      s.(bot)     chili less hot
mskmkhy s.(zoo)(amz)   night monkey || kind of monkey
mskmkhy s.             education in arts
mskmnt     s.(tex)     spindle for stick-spinning
mskmrmkhypch           Andean village near Qosqo said to be constructed directly beneath the Milky Way
mskmy      v.intr.     to protect oneself against the rain
mskn       s.          riddle || guess
msknmn to construct
mskp      to extend || to propagate || to trickle || to filtrate || to be contaminated
mskpch to infect
mskpch     v.intr.     to smolder || to burn smoking without flame
mskpnk to twist || to twist thick threads of wool || to spin with a stick
mskpr      s.(fam)     brother in law || sister in law
mskr       adj.        hard-headed
mskrmk       to marry || to get married
mskrmpch s.(mit)       one of the main deities of the Lowland Kichwas
mskrr      s.          competition
mskrry     s.          pair of equal or similar persons or things || harmonious relationship between similar things || homologou
msksch     s.(spi)     the relations of totality
msksm      s.          blue eyes
msksm      s.(ass)     profit
msksmky adj.(d1)       big-headed
mskTstmnt adj.(d2)     big-headed
msky       s.          empty head
msky       adj.        restless
msky       s.(k)       idiot || dummy || crazy
msky       adj.        retarded (mentally)
msky       s.          narcotic || drug || dope
msky       p.p.p.      amazed || bewildered || astonished
msky       to amaze || to bewilder || to confound || to astonish || to bewilder || to confound
msky      adj.           confused
msky      p.p.p.         astonishment
mskychny v.intr.         to fall deliriously || to swoon away
mskychy s.               confusion
mskychy v.intr.          to be confused || to lose one's way || to get lost || to be disoriented
mskyk          to intoxicate
mskyk     v.intr.        to go on all fours || to go like a sleepwalker
mskykrnky v.intr.        to numb
mskyksnkkhmp             to heat up (in the fire) || to warm up (in the fire)
mskykt    s.(bot)        kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
mskykykmyks.             mutual relation
mskyn     v.intr.        to rave || to rant
mskyp     s.(zoo)        sparrow
mskyr     s.(zoo)        ferret
mskysp    s.(bot)        maize smut
mskyt     v.intr.        to celebrate mass
mskytpsmkkysy            kind of medicinal plant of the jungle || swamp immortelli
mskyy     s.             Spanish
mskyy     s.             carpet || rug || blanket || stall (in a theatre)
msm       s.             coarse bread
msmch     s.(l.esp)      mestizo || upper class || white people in the Andean region || person of mixed indigenous and Hispanic d
msmk      expr.          that person whose name I do not know
msmkrryychy.(mik)        typical drink of parboiled yuca | ground to liquid or chewn and fermented
msmn      adj.           wide || extended
msmny     adj.           to have something stretched for someone
msmpky          to make stretch
msmr      s.             extension
msmy      expr.          stretch it for you!
msmy      adj.           extensive
msmy          to go to stretch something for someone else
msmy      s.(tex)        circular straw mat used a seat when working on horizontal loom
msmy      s.             confetti
msn       s.             extension
msnch     s.(esp)        mystery
msnchky            to expand || to extend || to spread || to shed || to spray
msnk          to loosen || to relax || to declare || to explain
msnky     v.intr.        to be stretched
msntn     p.p.p.         stretched
msntn     s.(bot)        kind of thorny tree with red fruits
msny      expr.          My name is ...
msny      s.(ana)        sphenoid bone
msp   to need
msp      to stretch || to tauten || to spread out || to extend
msp      to tear down || to pull down || to knock down || to overturn
msp       adj.           dark
msph      expr.          Don't ly | don't be lazy | don't steal!
msph      s.(bot)        kind of plant
msphchk s.(bot)          kind of tuber plant || mashua
msphchsk       to compete || to bet
msphchy            to economize || to save
msphk     v.impers.      to get dark || to become night
msphsk          to guess
msphsprmy v.intr.       to hurry || to rush || to run || to accelerate work
msphy     to knead || to knead dough
msphy     to offer a mass
msphy     to refuse because of greediness
msphykchy     to stretch || to tauten || to spread out || to extend
msphyy         to suffer || to lack || to miss
mspky     v.intr.       to warm up in the sun or at the fire
msppnk     to win || to earn
msprr     s.            sense
mspry     s.(ana)       senses
mspsk     s.            peace judge
msr       expr.         my senses
msr       s.a.          wise person
msrry     s.            pillow
mss       s.            perception
mssm                    too
          adv.m.(esp) much
mst       s.a.          loser || he who becomes won | conquered
mst       expr.         became beaten
mst       s.            perception
mst       s.(ass)       prevention
mst     to criticize || to grumble (about)
mst       v.impers. to darken
mstchpy     to know
mstchy     to perceive || to notice || to become aware of || to foresee
mstk to repair || to fix (to repair)
mstky     v.intr.(l.esp)to worsen (health)
mstkyt    s.(bot)       mishailaria (small plant with colored-spotted flowers) || Kitaraqsa
mstmpy    s.            knowledge || wisdom
mstn      s.(mik)       breakfast
mstr      s.(bot)       certain species of marrow (squash)
mstry     adj.          compressed
mstry     s.(mik)       corn cooked in water || maize cooked in water || mote || boiled grain
mstry     s.(d1)        era || age || epoch || layer || season
mstry     s.(ana)       forehead
mstryy    adj.          front || previous
mstsk     s.(tex)       hat (worn by the Kana and Qolla women)
msty      adv.l.        in front || ahead
msty      s.(esp)       infusion || herb tea || herbal tea | often medicinal
msty      s.(zoo)(amz)  kind of catfish of the Amazon
msty      s.(mik)       kind of meal
msty      s.(bot)       kind of papaya
msty      s.            loam || clay || mud
msy       adj.          neighbouring || adjoining
msy       s.            nonsense || impudence
msy       s.            part in the hair
msy       s.(med)       scabies || scabbers
msy       s.(d1)        season || weather || turn || period || station
msy       s.(d2)        shift (work) || time of work || workday (8 hours) || compulsory service for the landlord
msy       s.            slave
msy       s.            small bowl
msy       s.            thought (of wise) || thought || reason
msy       s.(d2)        time
msy what? || what thing?
msy        to decide
msy        to make press
msy        to stop || to halt || to delay || to postpone
msy       adj.         obtuse || dull (knife) || mutilated
msy        to fell || to cut down || to snap off || to mutilate
msychk        to make dull
msychkkn s.            dwarf
msychychkkn.p.p.       cut
          v        to fell || to cut down || to cut off || to curtail || to trim || to snap off || to mutilate || to dull
msykychk         to tear || to pull apart
msyn      v.intr.      to become dull
msynk     s.           bud || main sprout
msyt      adv.neg. by no means [imperative]
msytkk    s.(esp)      doctor || physician
msytkskm s.(bot.ana) ear (wheat | barley but not corn)
msyy      s.           false step || lapse
msyy      s.           mortar
msyy      s.(bot)      pepper
msyy      s.           thinker
msyy what?
msyy        to make flee || to chase away
msyy        to smell || to sniff || to inhale || to breathe
msyy      s.(esp)      clothes || clothing
msyyry    s.a.         refugee
msyyychy adj.          relativ
mt        to predict || to foreshadow
mt        adj.         crazy
mt     and then? || so what?
mt        expr.        what is your name? || What is your name?
mt        s.           event || happening
mt        s.(bot)      kind of herb
mt        s.(bot)      kind of plant
mt        s.           refuge
mt        v.intr.(esp) to change clothing
mt       to flee || to hide oneself
mt        v.intr.      to happen
mt        to kick
mt        v.intr.(esp) to meddle || to seek trouble
mt        v.intr.      to narrow
mt       to stumble || to trip
mt        v.intr.      to shake one's head
mt        s.           top of a hill
mt        expr.        so that it does not become dirty
mt        s.           colony
mt        s.           colonist || stranger || foreigner || resettler || compulsorily resettled person
mt        s.a.         stranger || foreigner
mt        s.(bot)      fungus || mushroom
mt        s.(bot)(d1) kind of plant
mt        s.(bot)(d2) kind of shrub
mt        s.(zoo)(amz) mata mata turtle || kind of turtle
mtchy     s.           exile
mtchy    to colonize
mtchy    to increase
mth                     to
           v.pron.(med) feel giddy || to make head spin
mthchy     s.           category
mthchy     s.(esp)      clothes
mthkk      s.(cri)      our God
mthsk      s.           neck
mthy       v.recip.     to press each other
mthy       s.(neo)      course
mthyy      s.           green eyes
mtk        s.           person with small eyes
mtk        s.           cycle
mtk        v.intr.(esp) to do oneself up
mtk        v.intr.      to reflect || to think about || to think carefully
mtk        pron.indef. something
mtk        expr.        righteous (ridiculous)
mtk        to behead || to decapitate
mtk        adj.         brown
mtk        v.intr.      to fade || to wither
mtkchy        to require || to adjust || to insist || to bring pressure to bear upon
mtkhy      s.(bot)      kind of grass
mtkk       s.(med)(esp) lower back | digestive tract | urinary tract | and reproductive organs of a woman (Spanish | //mother// or
mtkkprk    s.(uni)(esp)metre || meter
mtkky what else? (ACCUSATIVE)
mtkntrkchy s.(bot)      kind of shrub of the jungle (main use: medicinal)
mtkpsk     s.(esp)      godmother
mtkr       s.(p.esp) womb sickness
mtkstyk    s.(bot)      kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
mtky                    centimetre
mtky       v.intr.      to be together
mtky       expr.        you are welcome!
mtky       p.p.p.       proverb || scientific
mtky       s.           defenders
mtky       s.(tex)      thick | closewoven cloth
mtky       s.           barbarism (unwanted foreign word or structure in the language)
mtky       s.p.         who speaks improperly
mtky what?
mtky       expr.        what do you think he carried?
mtky       s.(ana)      frontal
mtkymnchymnkychy kind of tree
mtkynn     s.(esp)      motive || reason
mtkytkchnk adv.m.       much || strongly
mtm        adv.t.       periodic
mtmk       s.           science || reasoning || reflection || ponder || reason || comprehension
mtmk       s.(ana)      skull
mtmt       s.(bot)      small bush with podded fruit
mtmt       v.intr.      to blossom || to break forth || to sprout
mtmt to butcher
mtmt        to consider || to ponder
mtmy       v.intr.      to cook maize to make mote || to boil grain
mtmy        to isolate humidity
mtmy        to lace || to tie || to compress || to tighten (belt) || to oppress || to repress
mtmychy v.intr.        to ponder || to think (over | about)
mtn       to tell nonsense
mtn       to unite
mtnchk     adv.m.      together
mtnk       s.(zoo)(amz)yellow-footed tortoise || jungle tortoise || kind of turtle
mtnky      s.          scientific contents
mtnp       s.p.        who has to fulfil his turn of work || assigned
mtny       s.(ana)     skull bones
mtny       s.(top)     a mountain in the Province of Huarochiri (Department of Lima | Peru) || (Span.) Mataocoto
mtp        s.(bot)     horsetail (medical plant with thin | green | hard stalks used for healing internal and external inflammation
mtpky      adj.        far
mtpky      s.(bot)     kind of fruit plant
mtps       s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
mtpsksktpchrrsp        miserly || skinflint
mtpty      s.          a house made of clay
mtpy       adj.(med) scabious
mtpyy      pron.indef. everything existing
mtpyy      s.(zoo)     kind of lizard
mtr        s.          chronometry
mtr        s.          chronometer
mtr       to analyze
mtrk       to become wet
mtrksp       to eat breakfast || to drink mate
mtrn       s.          chronology
mtrnky     adj.        chronologically
mtrpnk     adj.poses. chronologic
  to compress tissue
mtryy      s.(d1)      a woman's nephew
mts        adj.        adolescent
mtsk     alike || equal || same
mtskkn     s.          black earth from boggy altiplano | boiled with alder (ramrash) | used to dye black
mtskpch    s.(bot)     chick-pea
mtsm       s.          disgust || repulsion || aversion || nausea
mtsmyk     s.(ana)     instep
mttk       s.          joke
           adv.preadj. like || how || very
mtty       s.(zoo)     marine shell representing the //mother sea// (it was more valuable than any precious metal) || coral
mty        s.(mes)(esp)May
mty        s.(ast)     Milky Way
mty        s.(bot)     molle tree || Peruvian mastic-tree || kind of small thorny tree || molle || false pepper || type of tree
mty                    m
           s.(zoo)(esp) ule
mty        adj.        multi-coloured || polychrome
mty        pron.pos. my thing
mty        s.(tex)     natural seed used for the confection of collars
mty        s.          orchard || kitchen garden || garden
mty        s.          plate
mty        s.          poison
mty        s.(geo)     river || stream || brook
mty        s.(min)     rock of aluminum sulfate used by witch doctors to diagnose illnesses by its color change when thrown in
mty        adj.        round
mty        s.          round || circle || circumference || ball || seed || fruit || circumference || egg
mty        adj.        salty || salted || somewhat || more or less || off-color
mty       s.         sample to be tasted
mty       s.         satisfaction
mty       s.(d2)     soul
mtychy    adj.       thin || skinny
mtyk      s.         thing
mtykn     s.         title
mtykt  to annoy || to bore || to disgust
mtyky     v.intr.    to be accustomed      to be afraid of || to fear
mtyn  to bite
mtyr  to carry between the teeth || to carry in one's mouth || to bite
mtyrkh      to deceive || to cheat || to dupe
mtys      to do magic || to bewitch || to enchant
mtys      to do something not determined || to be occupied with something
mtysk      to give a prolonged kiss
mtyst  to satisfy || to satiate || to fill
mtytpk    v.intr.    to satisfy oneself || to be satisfied || to satiate oneself || to appease one's hunger || to be full after eating
mtytpn               virgin || girl || young girl || sun virgin || virgin of the sun
mtyy   what (time)? || when?
mtyy      expr.      What's the matter?
mtyy   Where?
mtyykm Which?
mtyykmymnhn          wool rope used to tie the sandals to the foot
mtyykmyp s.          brook || stream
mtyyyt    s.(bot)    kind of shrub || arnica || plant with yellow flowers
my                   red-throated caracara || kind of vulture falcon || kind of bird
my        s.         wave
my        expr.      well | well
my        adj.       innumerable
my        expr.      multitude || heaps || abundance
my        adj.       huge || enormous || innumerable
my        s.(gra)    adverb
my how much? || what quantity?
my        s.         quantity
my   how long?
my   how long?
my        conj.      although || though
my        expr.      in how many days? || after how many days?
my how much?
my        s.         disgust || repulsion || aversion || nausea
my        v.intr.    to suffer from repulsion
my        s.(mat)    calculation
my to calculate
my      to weigh
my        s.         importance
my      to experience || to find out || to test
my        s.(med)    cachexia
my        adv.m.     normally
my        s.(zoo)    kind of diving bird
my        v.intr.    to disgust || to repel || to sicken
my      to handle || to palpate
my      to make try
my      to pollute || to contaminate
my      to round || to draw circles || to circle
my      to salt
my      to turn || to wind || to crank
my        s.(bot)    plant | leaves used to dye yellow
my        adj.       micro...
my        s.         mullujaco (lit. //scarf of colours//) || pasture of multi-colour flowers
my        s.(neo)    character
my        s.(bot)    jamillo (parasitic plant) of molle - takes root also on peach trees - with a red flower | can be dried | burne
my   how big?
my        adv.m.     so much || so strongly || unlimited
my   how much (does it cost)?
my        adj.       macro...
my        s.a.       bad || cruel || abominable || repugnant || dirty || disgusting || filthy || nauseating || ugly || nasty
my        s.(bot)    bitter potato
my        s.         boss
my        s.         branch
my        s.(med)    bump || lump || swelling
my        s.(zoo)    chick || young bird || young animal
my        s.         circle
my        s.a.       circling
mych      s.(ast)    Condor (constellation)
mych      s.(agr)    cultivated area of land not cleared for two to seven years | can be an area that was a chacra (field) befo
mych      s.         cylinder
mych      s.a.       empty (stomach) || hungry
mychchhy s.(ass)     extension || section || segment || paragraph || frame || table (chart)
mychhk    adj.       intelligent
mychhk    s.(bot)    kind of herb
mychhkn adj.         land suitable for agriculture
mychk     s.(spi)    male priest/shamans of the 5th level || those who can heal anyone anytime and every time with only one
mychk     s.         milk
mychkkn s.(bot)      mullaca (climbing plant of humid regions whose stalks are used as ropes und whose small | purple | sou
mychknyp adj.        old || worn || spoiled || old (thing) || worn out
mychknyt s.          old thing
mychkp               p
          s.(bot)(aym) lant used to dye blue
          s.a.(neo) president || boss
mychktk   s.(agr)    section of twenty furrows of a field | between two irrigation furrows
mychky    adj.       sober || fasting
mychky    s.(bot)    tree || shrub || bush || plant || fruit tree || cultivated plant
mychkych s.(bot)     ulluku (kind of potato-like plant)
mychkychy s.         whirl || swirl || spiral
mychkyskkskttpy      young condor
mychn     pron.pos. your thing
mychny    s.(top)    a lake in the Department of Lima (Peru) | between the peaks of Paryaqaqa | Pumarawka and Uqsapata
mychr     pron.pok. your thing (PLURAL)
mychshn        to let others spoil something
mychy     v.intr.    to swell
mychy     s.(neo)    synoptic table
mychy      to bring up chicken
mychy     s.         to take out dents
mychy      to wear out || to spoil
mychy     s.(mit)    a specific set of five stones | progressively carved with one to five humps | used to open the human ene
mychy        to investigate || to palpate
mychy     s.(mat)      histogram
mychyk        to lop || to prune || to trim
mychyy        to transplant
myhk      s.           old life
myhm     by where? || till where?
myhmy     by where? || till where?
myhn      s.(top)      place past Mojotorillo (Bolivia)where the Mu–oz ancestral lands are located
myhn        to denigrate || to blacken
myhntk    s.           rag || rags
myhtn     adj.         ragged || worn-out
myk       adj.         abominable || disgusting
myk       adj.         any
myk       s.(ana)      duodenum
myk       s.(mat)      elements
myk       s.(neo)      material
myk       s.           prooves
myk       s.(neo)      wealth || goods
myk Which?
myk       s.(geo)      loops of a river || zig-zagging or winding river
myk       s.(tex)      pallay motif in weaving embroidered on men's shirts (zig-zagging or winding river)
myk       pron.indef. anything
myk Which? (PLURAL)
myk       pron.indef. anyone of them
myk who among you?
myk       adv.t.       sometimes
myk       expr.        any
myk       pron.indef. any || anyone
myk       v.intr.      to be hungry
myk       expr.        any
myk       s.           cold food (for travel)
myk     when?
myk       s.           old time
myk       s.(tex)      worn-out clothes
myk       conj.        when
myk       adv.t.       since when
myk       v.intr.      to suffer
myk       s.           archaic language || archaism || old word
myk       v.intr.(esp) to break down
myk       adj.         too salted
myk       adj.         too salted
mykch     s.(med)(esp) spoiled || ruined || malfunctioning || body damaged by hard work or childbirth | susceptible to illness
mykchk    s.(mat)      bar chart
mykchky adv.           winding
mykchky s.(ana)        alimentary canal
mykchskkyks.(pol)      capital
mykchy    s.           recently
mykchy    s.(mat)      binomial theorems
mykchy to rub in circles
mykhy     adj.         abominable || disgusting
mykhy     s.           age (of things)
mykknrysy s.           baggage carried in the skirt || woman's gathered skirt
mykknt     s.(neo)       characteristic
mykknthrksps.            panorama
mykkysy    s.(neo)       plan
mykm       v.intr.       to abominate
mykmtk         to carry something in the apron
mykmy         to imaginate || to plan
mykmy         to plant
mykmyk     v.intr.       to satiate || to appease one's hunger || to satisfy oneself || to be satisfied
mykmyk         to use
mykn       s.(neo)       tradition
mykn       adj.          lasting || durable || constant
mykn       v.intr.       to date
mykn       s.            poisonous mushroom
mykn       s.            flower-pot
mykn       s.            badman || bad person
mykn       s.            bank (of a river) || shore
mykn         to adore
myknk      v.intr.       to be spoiled || to be worn || to become old || to be worn out (clothes)
myknk         to wear out
myknkk     s.            whirlwind
myknkn     s.            plain
myknnnps adj.            plain || plane || flat
myknnykchks.             wool || down || wool || spinnable fleece
myknp      s.            importance
myknps     s.            important
myknps     s.            alcoholism
mykny      s.            importance
myknyps s.(mit)          deity of the river || mother of the river
mykp       pron.indef.   all || everything
mykp       s.(ast)       Instrument to dig irrigation ditches (constellation)
mykpch     expr.         of course || surely || obviously || why not?
mykpch     s.            species || sort || type || class || quantity
mykpchs         where? (to)
mykpmntn adv.m.          in detail
mykptyy    adj.          multiple
mykrmy     adv.l.        anywhere (direction)
mykrpy     adj.          all kinds of
mykrr      conj.         where from
mykrr      where from?
mykrt      where? (to)
myksy      expr.         Where are you going?
myksy      expr.         from anywher
mykt      where from? || from where?
mykt       expr.         Where do you come from?
mykt         to be ambitious of || to wish deeply
myktnchkn expr.          we will return
myktykchspkhky           to help oneself eith something
myky       s.(ana)       kidneys
myky       v.intr.       to clip hair
myky       v.intr.       to be covered with fungus (mold)
myky       adj.          hairy || rich of wool
myky       s.            woolly skin
myky      adj.        great || grand || majestic
myky      s.(zoo)     kind of ant bird
myky      s.(bot)     mullomullo (plant similar to wild pea | with purple | violet | blue | and white flowers. Guinea peags eating
myky      s.(med)     nausea || sickness || faintness
myky      s.(bot)     poisonous herb or shrub growing on river banks
myky       to level
myky      s.p.        the one who has wool
mykychsk v.intr.      to start growing (wool | hairs)
mykyk     v.intr.     to grow (wool | hairs)
mykykky   adv.t.      a moment ago
mykymp    adj.        abominable || disgusting
mykynchnmnk           disgust
mykyrn    adj.(esp) evil
mykyy     s.(tex)     head scarf to hold the pitcher on the head
mykyy     s.(esp)     mill
mykyy     num.c.(esp) million
mykyy     s.          round piece
mykyyr what with?
mym       to disgust || to repel || to sicken
mym       to round
mym       adj.        abominable || disgusting
mymchr    s.          hood || cowl
mymchrk s.            site || location || position
mymchry      through what? || in what place?
mymchry v.recip.      to feel disgust to each other || to detest each other || to loathe each other
mymm      adv.t.      sometimes || from time to time
mymn      adv.l.      wherever || anywhere
mymn      adv.t.      sometimes || from time to time
mymn      s.          accident
mymn      adj.        accidental
mymn    through what? || over what?
mymnchnt     through what? || over what?
mymnnkmny s.(top)     town in the Department of Pasco (Peru) || (Span.) Mallampampa (<where there is no plain)
mymnps    pron.indef. with something
mymnrkchk s.          sharpening stone
mymnt     adv.l.      around
mymnt what with?
mymntk what with?
mymntkrnk adv.l.      around
mymntps s.            circle
mymnttk   s.          chilly ground with ist seeds
          postpos. surrounding
mymny     adv.l.      about
mympsnm s.(mat)       measure of circle
mympsynpky .mov.      to circulate || to circle
mymr      adv.l.      round the house
mymrthy   s.          family circle
mymry     s.(bot)     dodder (parasitic plant)
mymsp     adj.        abominable || disgusting
mymspkr s.            disgust
mymy      adj.        disgusting || unpleasant
mymy       to feel disgust || to detest || to loathe || to be disgusted
mymy      s.          disgusting husband
mymy      adj.        disgraceful
mymy      adj.poses. circular
mymy      adv.t.      in a moment
mymyk     conj.       where
mymyrkry     where?
mymyy     s.          recently
myn       conj.       when
myn       to plunge into the water
myn       s.          decay
myn       adj.        farinaceous
myn       s.a.        greedy
myn       s.(neo)     art
myn       s.          aversion || disgust
myn       s.          place (where something is)
myn                   freshwater ray
mynchy    conj.       where
mynchy    s.(top)     city in the Department of San Mart¡n (Peru) || (Span.) Moyobamba (<circular plain)
mynk      s.(ana)     pharynx || Adam's apple
mynk      adv.l.      everywhere || anywhere || somewhere
mynk      to wander
mynkp     s.          current
mynky     s.          current
mynnp     adv.t.      always
mynnp     pron.indef. anything || just something
mynnphn s.(bot)       kind of small thorny shrub
mynnpkk s.            bank (of a river) || shore
mynnpkk s.(ana)       pharynx
mynnt    where?
mynnttk   s.(ana)     esophagus
mynpmp    s.          gulp
mynps     v.intr.     to swallow || to cry bitterly || to bury
mynrm       to swallow || to devour || to swallow
mynt       to try something for oneself
myntk     s.(bot)     kind of liana of the jungle (main use: medicinal | ropes) || cat's claw
myntk       to circle round something
myntn       to insult || to reprimand
myntn     s.          downstream
myntnch   adj.        negligent || careless
myntnp    when? || at what time?
myntnt    adv.t.      early
myntntp   s.a.        round
myntntpry       to make someone or something circle
myntnysmyntn          (aý-bý)/(a+b)=a-b | (aý-bý)/(a-b)=a+b
myntnyy   adj.        round
myny      s.          neighborhood
mynypk    s.          bend || turn || curve || crook
mynyy     s.(neo)     environment
mynyy      to roll
mynyy    when? || at what time?
mynyyks   s.          cycle || turn || circulation
mynyypch        to get drunk
myp      to whirl || to turn around || to encircle || to surround || to turn
myp       adv.m.      in any case
myp       s.(zoo)     caterpillar of molle | with urticating hairs
myp       s.          circumference
mypch     p.p.p.      tried
mypchchs s.(tex)      blanket made out of thick wool threads
mypchy    adj.        fidget || traveller || street walker || vagabond
myph      s.(tex)     rope made out of thick wool threads
myph      adj.        excellent
mypk      s.          marvel
mypkchrry expr.       Poor boy! || Poor girl!
mypky     s.(esp)     compassion || pity
mypky     s.(esp)     teacher
mypkyskry s.(esp)     teacher
mypm to bother || to molest
mypmp     p.p.p.      gasping
mypn      adj.        steep
mypps to feel something evil || to suspect
myppspry s.           armguard of leather || nappy || napkin || diaper || bandage || bunch || bundle
myprn     adj.        medium || young || young but not too young || young (boy | man) || adolescent || young or not fully grown
mypry     adj.        skillful || wise || leader
myps      s.          teacher || wise || sage || learned person || teacher
myps    where? (to)
mypspt    expr.       he has probably gone there
mypt      s.(ast)     Southern Cross (constellation)
mypt      s.(zoo)     kind of dog-like carnivore similar to a fox
myptk     s.a.        surrounding
myptky where is?
mypy      s.(per)     the fourth Inka ruler
mypy      adj.(esp) badly educated
mypy      s.(top)     village down hill towards Potos¡ from Betanzos (Bolivia)
mypy      s.          kind of bindweed
mypysk    s.          nappy || napkin || diaper
mypyy     adv.l.      whereever (direction)
mypyy     s.          young man
myr       expr.       wherever he or she goes || wherever you or I go
myr       p.p.p.      huddled || rolled up
myr    where? (direction)
myrk      expr.       greetings to the teacher
myrk      to fall because of a blow
myrkchy       to roll up || to wrap || to fold || to roll || to tie up || to bind
myrkkn    conj.       what day
myrknnp   v.intr.     to wrap
myrknntn v.intr.      to wrap
myrn                  when? || what day?

myrny     adj.        bad || cruel || abominable || repugnant || dirty || disgusting || filthy || nauseating || ugly || nasty || hideous ||
myrsprymnry           bad ghost || daemon
myrtk     s.          crime
myry      expr.       Don't ly | don't be lazy | don't steal!
myry      s.          honesty
myry      interj.     Hopefully!
mys       s.          hunger
myspk      adj.         indispensable
mysk       s.(bot)(esp)malva || kind of plant used in popular medicine against inflamations
mysk       s.           matter
mysk       s.           pollution || contamination
myskp      s.(tex)      process of spinning wool with a small stick to make thick cords for footwear or lassos (done by men)
myskr      adj.(col)    purple
myskysk    s.(top)      river in Chile | where the advancing troops from Qosqo were stopped || (Span.) Maule
mysmk      s.           surrounding area
mysmk      adj.         tender || unripe
mysnk      v.pron.      to be hungry || to starve
mystr       to circle || to rotate || to make a round || to go round || to go around || to ply
mystr        to convert || to transform
mysty    to cover the head
mysyksk        to damage || to worry || to grieve
mysykychy         to destill
mysyy      v.intr.      to feel disgust || to detest || to loathe || to be disgusted
myt        v.intr.      to get dumb || to become silent
myt    to give reasons for
myt        to hear || to listen || to listen || to listen
myt to make wool ropes for sandals or lassos
myt        to need
mytchsrnps        to poison || to intoxicate
mytchypkrs to prove
mytk       v.intr.      to ruminate
mytk        to scold
mytk        to sharpen
mytkhpk        to try || to sample || to taste
mytkt      v.intr.(esp) to urinate
myTmp to use the millu to diagnose a sickness
mytmyt     s.(bot)      tripe fungus || jew's ear
mytn       interj.      Very well! || Perfect!
mytps      s.           wonder || abundance
mytrn      s.           pollution || contamination
mytrspps          to dirt || to disfigure || to distort
mytsk        to make someone wash
myttk      s.           upstream
myttnpykn s.            poison || venom
myty       s.(mat)      rotation angle
myty       to roll
myty       s.           polygon
mytykky    s.a.         surrounding
mytyky     s.           circle
mytytk     s.           jail || prison
myy        expr.        empty (stomach)
myy        s.(pol)      capital
myy        s.           bad character
myy        v.intr.      to abominate
myy        v.intr.      to bear wool (sheep | llama)
myy        v.intr.(d1) to bow || to sag || to bend || to warp (wood)
myy        v.intr.(d2) to turn one's head
myy        v.intr.      to wash || to wash oneself
myy        v.intr.      to live a bad life
myy       adj.        excessively miserly
myy       adj.        devilish
myy       expr.       not too slowly!
myy       to go to wash something for someone
myy       circumference || outline || contour
myy       to hate
myy       s.          rope || cord
myy    where (exactly)?
myy       s.          cycle || circulation
myy       adv.l.      anywhere
myy       s.(mil)     wall || fence || fencing
myy to make a rope out of three threads || to twist threads already twisted
myy       to wash something for someone
myy       s.(tex)     rope made out of agave or hemp fibres
myy       s.(pol)     round table
myy       v.          to wound || to injure
myy       s.(mat)     pie chart
myy       adv.m.      in a circular way
myy       expr.       any animal
myy       s.(mat)     circumference length || perimeter
myy       to forgive
myy       to pervert
myy       adv.m.      in a circular way
myy       s.          act of washing || cleanness
myy       v.intr.     to be angry
myy       v.intr.     to sprout || to become a seed
myy       v.intr.     to swing || to vibrate
myy       to wash || to wash
myy       to win the heart of
myy    which side?
myych     s.(neo)     chemical fertilizer
myychy    on which side?
myychy    s.          poisonous gas || poison gas || carbon dioxide (as greenhouse gas)
myychy                where? || which side?

myyhmp    fon.        (consonant phoneme of the quechua language)
myykch    fon.        (consonant phoneme of the quechua language)
myykchy     [1st pers. sing.] || I ...

myykchykrkchyn        [3rd pers. sing.] || he ... || she ... || it ...
myykk     suf.        [desire]
myykn     [euphonic after consonant]

myykntychknys         [Gerundivum] || [Instrument] || (what is going to happen) || (what is to be done)
myyksnk     [personal knowledge]
myykt     already
myyky     adv.t.      already || now || already
myyky     s.          beauty grain || mole
myyky     s.          belief || faith || creed
myyky     s.(zoo)(d2) calf
myyky     his || her || its || their
myyky     s.(zoo)(d1) lamb
myykysy   s.(bot)     mashua
myymch                no
myymn                 nothing
myymntch s.(fam)       nursing baby (animal or human)
myympy     s.(bot)     pampas grass
myynn      s.(ipt)     point
myynychy s.(zoo)       sand flea || chigger
myyp       s.          small child || young animal || animal baby || baby animal || small animal || calf || nursing baby (animal or
myyp       s.(tex)     small outside pocket attached to coca bag (chuspa) || small external pocket(s) attached to upper centra
myypch     pron.indef. something
myypps     adj.        tender || unripe || small
myyprk have to || must
myypy      interj.     uh (recourse word used while thinking | to stall)
myypy      s.          water || water (mixed with something else)
myypysk    adj.        watery || boiled
myyrmy     s.(uni)(esp)year
myyry      s.(med)(esp)cataract (of the eye)
myysy      s.(mes)(esp)November
myyt       s.          carob sack
myytkspps s.a.         cross-eyed
myytp      s.          frame
myytpmpchy expr.       is it already?
myytychchy s.(bot)     kind of bean
myytyksp s.(esp)       niche
myyy     perhaps || possibly || maybe
myyy       adj.        pulverized || finely ground
myyy       adv.preadj. very || big || too much || a lot
myyy       adv.m.      well || very well
myyy     yet? || already?
myyy       adv.m.      perhaps || prabably
myyy       adj.        very much
myyyn      s.(zoo)     weasel
myyyp      adj.        expensive
myyyr       to subtract || to take away || to take off (clothes)
myyyttk       to displace
n      to approach
n     [1st pers. plur. incl.] || I and you ... || we with you ... || (ECU:) we (in general) ...
n          interj.onom.[sound of hitting the head]
n          s.(zoo)     kind of bird
n     my and your || our || our and your
n          s.(bot)     peanut || groundnut || kind of plant of the jungle (main use: food)
n          s.(top)     community north west of mount Condorcoto (Kunturqutu) | in the province of Huarochiri (Department of
n          expr.v.aux. we (with you) have (possess) ...
n          s.(mik)     peanut soup || soup with chicken and peanut
n          s.(zoo)     jaguar || South American tiger
n          adj.        greatest
n          adj.        expensive
n       to adore
n          s.          diaper
n                      g
           s.(mit)(aym) oblin || benevolent spirit who helps miners find gold or mineral || supernaturally powerful being
n          adv.m.      excessively
n          adv.m.      to a large extent
n          s.(zoo)     lampyris || firefly
n          adv.m.      it will already be
n          s.(bot)     plant | leaves used in orange dye
n          v.cop.       to lie on the side || to relax || to lie
n          adv.m.       perhaps already
n          s.(spi)      the pouring of water || a lay baptism performed soon after birth by parents and godparents | creating co
n          adj.         very bad
n          adv.m.       worst
n          s.a.         very beautiful || perfect
n          adv.m.       worse (illness)
n                       T
           expr.(p.esp) hank you very much!
n                       T
           expr.(p.esp) hank you very much! [to several people]
n          adv.m.       worse (illness)
n          v.intr.      to get worse (illness)
nb         v.intr.      to get worse (illness)
nbmr       adv.l.       there
nch        v.intr.      to become very fine
nch        v.intr.      to contract limbs || to squat oneself || to walk awkwardly
nch to forbid
nch        to make believe
nch        v.intr.      to retreat || to separate
nch        to spread the legs
nch        to sprinkle with water || to baptize || to prepare fleece for spinning by watering it
nch        to take away
nch        to contract one's legs
nch        adj.(mat) demonstrable
nch        expr.        very good!
nchchch    adj.(d2)     any quantity
nchchk     s.(neo)      globe (earth)
nchchky    adv.l.       there
nchchnyk s.(neo)        geopolitics
nchchy     s.           importance
nchhchy    v.intr.      to get worse (health) || to get worse (relating to health usually)
nchhyky                 i
           s.(geo)(neo)ntercardinal points of the compass
nchk                    n
           expr.(p.esp) either one neither the other
nchk       adv.t.(p.esp)almost never
nchk       adv.t.(p.esp)never
nchk      [2nd pers. sing.] || you ... || you will ...
nchk      [3rd pers. plur.] || they ...
nchkch      [reciproque] || each other
nchkkn      [referential/telling/reporting]
nchkp      s.           amulet
nchkpm      around || near
nchksp     s.(fis)      atom
nchkykpkhtrk .(tri)     autodetermination of various Quechua-speaking ethnic groups | especially in the Amazon region || Que
nchkyy     s.(med)(neo) bacterium || bacteria
nchn       s.(spi)      black hole || who can absorb all the living energies
nchnch     s.(ana)(d3) blood vessel || vein || artery
nchp       s.           caramel
nchpn      s.           crash || collision || dent
nchpy      s.           dirt
nchr       s.(tex)      dress || skirt || woman's dress reaching to the ankles
nchrp      s.(zoo)      eagle || Andean eagle || sparrow-hawk || falcon
nchryy     adj.         elastic || resistent
nchs       adj.         faded || withered
nchsk       s.(tex)     fine headcloth || elegant scarf
nchskr     group of
nchskry     adj.        hard || resistant || consistent
nchsmk     he will ... || it will ... || she will ...
ncht        s.(ana)(d2) heel
nchtkrtsyk pron.pers. I
nchtkrtsykchk           illness || sickness || disease || sickness
nchtnky     s.(his)     inka || ruler || king || governor || inca || son of the sun || a ruling class of people inhabiting the Qosqo vall
nchttky     s.(bot)     kind of herb
nchttkynky s.(bot)      kind of tree whose very hard wood is used for tools
nchy        s.(bot)(d2) liana
nchy        s.          loam || clay || mud
nchy        s.          lover
nchy        s.(spi)     one who shines or glows and who also is able to gather power and living energies and distribute them t
nchy        adj.(med) one-armed || disabled at the hands
nchy        s.(ass)     order
nchy        adj.        out of shape || bent || twisted
nchy        s.          period || era || space of time
nchy        s.          pleasure
nchyky      s.(bot.ana) root
nchynkk     s.(bot)(esp)rush
nchynm      adj.        salty
nchyp       s.(zoo)     sheep with four horn
nchyp       s.(tex)     sleeveless shirt || small poncho || traditional black inka ceremonial shirt with a red seam made of alpaca
nchyp       s.(bot)(d1) squash
nchypkmy s.(ana)(d1) tendon || nerve || small tube || cord || whip || tube
nchypy                  -th || [ordinal number]
nchyy     their
nchyysykn s.(mit)       unicorn
nhknhk      s.          waste || rubbish || trash || garbage
nhykksn     s.          comb || comb (for hair) || toothed comb
nhykp       s.          daughter-in-law || sister-in-law || any female familiar adjunct || mother's daughter
nk          s.(aym)     early harvest
nk          s.(bot)     kind of sage || plant with yellow leaves and fruit || scarlet | tubular-shaped wild flower || a sacred flower o
nk          s.(bot)     kind of tree
nk          s.(bot)     kind of tuber plant of the Araceae family
nk          s.(tex)     comb belt | used to secure aksu cloak (also sometimes worn by men)
nk     [2nd pers. plur.] || you ... (plural) || you will ... (plural)
nk          s.(neo)     computer
nk          s.a.        midwife
nk          s.(neo)     radio transmitter
nk          s.a.        what makes ill
nk          s.a.        nurse
nk have to (now) || must (now)
nk          s.          tooth of a comb
nk          s.(bot)     kind of plant used as comb
nk          v.intr.     to comb one's hair || to comb oneself
nk       to have oneself operated
nk          s.          comb
nk          s.a.        who combs oneself very carefully
nk          p.p.p.      comed || hairdo
nk          s.          beef from the ribs
nk        s.(tex)     pallay motif in weaving (Bolivia | meaning unclear)
nk       to comb
nk       to grieve || to worry
nk       to make ill || to make sick
nk       to put into order || to organize
nk       to smear || to dirt
nk       to wean
nk        adv.m.      almost || nearly
nk        adv.t.      recently || moments before || just now || a while ago || just a moment ago
nk        adv.m.      using all one's strength
nk        adv.t.      for a good while
nk        s.          burnable
nk                    s
          s.(tex)(aym) mall | handwoven cloth used by women to carry coca and other valuables in their waistbands || a smal
nk        s.(tex)     sturdy rope
nk        s.(tex)     sturdy thread
nk        adv.t.      short time ago
nk        expr.       He is as good as I am (elliptical)
nk                    m
          s.(mit)(aym) essenger spirits of the apus
nk        expr.       I have almost fallen
nk        expr.       he has left just now
nk        adv.m.      then || after that || afterwards
nk       to gnaw
nk       to poke || to add wood to the fire
nk        v.intr.     to whimper
nk        adv.t.      early (in the morning)
nk        s.a.        ill || sick
nk        s.a.        murderer || killer || butcher || throat-slitter || sacrificer || slaughterer
nk        s.(zoo)     tapeworm
nkch     they will ...
nkch      expr.       I am ten years old
nkch      s.          hospital
nkch      expr.       I am ...
nkch      expr.v.aux. they have (possess) ...
nkch      s.(med)     ulcer
nkchchmp s.(tex)      elegant coloured women's dress
nkchk     s.          prescription
nkchk     s.(top)     gold mining and herding settlement in the District of Kuyu Kuyu (Cuyo Cuyo | Province of Sandia | Depa
nkchk     s.          peace
nkchk     v.intr.     to fall ill || to fall sick || to be taken ill || to be taken sick
nkchk     expr.       I will read
nkchkk    s.(spi)     the royal seeds
nkchkn    expr.       food so that I may eat
nkchkr    expr.       it seems to me ...
nkchky      to appear || to come into sight
nkchky    s.(spi)     a male initiate of the fifth-level || one who can heal every illness | every time | with only a single touch || c
nkchky    s.          breakfast || morning tea
nkchn     s.          butchery
nkchpykkykpchkpchy deception
nkchsk    adj.        false || wrong
nkcht     expr.v.aux. he has (possesses) ... || she has (possesses) ... || it has (posesses) ...
nkchts    expr.       I am talking || I am saying
nkchy     s.(d1)      milk || mother's milk || sweet
nkchy      s.(bot)     moss || kelp
nkchy      s.(d2)      spirit
nkchy      adj.        sweet
nkchy                  -th || [ordinal number]
nkchy      pron.pers. we (incl.) || we || we (inclusive of person spoken to) || we (inclusive)
nkh        expr.       We have one opinion
nkh        pron.pers. we (incl. | three or more)
nkhch      pron.pos. our (incl.) || ours (incl.)
nkhmntn    s.(tex)     elegant shirt
nkhn       s.(zoo)     kind of poisonous snake of various colours || coral
nkhn       adj.        untrue || untruthful
nkhnmnptk p.p.p.       swampy || boggy
nkhnmnptk adj.         conceited
nkhny       to put on elegant clothes (man)
nkhnytkpypsynmkn       to put on elegant clothes (woman)
nkhr       p.p.p.      softened
nkhrmn     adv.m.      with great difficulty
nkhrprk       to soften
nkhsk      s.          inka road
nkhy       s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the jungle || sweet broom
nkhy       expr.       as I said
nkhy       s.          flatterer
nkk        s.(his)     noble lady || aristocrate woman || Inka lady
nkk        s.(f.esp) whe likes the sweet excessively || sweet-tooth
nkk to cheat || to deceive || to take advantage of
nkk       to presume || to assume || to suppose || to court || to woo
nkk        adv.preadj. about || approximately || around
           pron.pos. my || mine
nkkknthmpnys           elegant men's dress
nkkmkn     s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
nkkn       pron.pers. for me
nkkr       s.(tex)     opening for the neck | of a shirt
nkks       expr.       My name is ...
nkkthmpnpkrrskkyk      to be cursed || to curse oneself || to be in a suffer anguish || to be anxious
nkky       expr.       seems good to me
nkky       s.(his)     people mixed by the Inka
nkky       s.          curse
nkkykktsk s.(top)      archeological site in Ecuador | former capital of the Ka¤ari (Hatun Ka¤ar) || (Span.) Ingapirca (<the Inka
nkmh       expr.       I also
nkmkhchnmkhn           crown-prince of the Inka
nkmnkpyknknmrkchn to envy || to be jealous
nkmy       expr.       My name is ...
nkmyk      s.          compassion
nkn       to curse || to anathematize
nkn       to have compassion
nkn        expr.       Dear ... (beginning of formal letters | loan translation from Spanish)
nkn        s.          bowl || big bowl || anything having to do with calabazas
nkn        s.(ana)     death's head || skull
nkn        s.(zoo)     hydra
nkn        s.(mit)     Inka King (Inka Rey) || mythical founder of Qosqo city | defeated Qollar¡ on the Raya pass and married
nkn        s.(mik)(amz)parboiled green banana
nkn        s.          who causes other people's suffering
nkn        p.p.p.     victim
nkn      to cause pain || to make suffer
nknchk     s.(per)    the sixth Inka ruler
nknchkkhksmmknchk who suffers physically
nknchkkn s.(neo)      phase || period
nknchkp    p.p.p.     new pierced dress
nknk       s.         believer
nknk       s.         suffering
nknk      to cut down (animal) || to operate (surgery)
nknkchkrsk s.(spi)    integration of energy | transference of power by water
nknky      s.(zoo)    little green grasshopper
nknkypchykys.(bot)    kind of palm tree of the primary rain forest
nknkypchykyv.intr.    to get sick || to become ill || to be infected
nknkysk    v.intr.    to suffer physically || to suffer || to hurt
nknkyt     s.(his)    fiest of the Inka
nknkyy     s.(mes)    April (in the Inka era: fiest of the Inka. In this month everyone | the Inka | the principals | the mighty | the
nknn       v.intr.    to be ill for a long time
nknpchn    adj.(col)  blue
nknskhnytk s.(bot)    indigo || plant used for dyeing blue
nknsm      adj.       light (not heavy)
nknst      adj.       light (not heavy)
nkntr      adj.       nervy || sinewy || tough
nkny       s.(bot)    kind of medicinal plant of the rainforest
nkny       s.(top)    Department of Ancash (Peru) (<blue (anqas) or <hawk | eagle (anka))
nkp        p.p.p.     cursed
nkp        p.p.p.     helpless
nkpch      p.p.p.     ill || sick
nkph       p.p.p.     ill (just)
nkpk       s.(tri)    the Inkas' language || quechua || kichwa || quichua (runashimi spoken in Ecuador)
nkpknkn    s.(top)    river in southern Colombia | northern border of the Inka empire under Wayna Qhapaq || (Span.) Angasm
nkpkstym adj.         blue-eyed
nkpky      adj.       dirty
nkpkynmyrns.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the jungle
nkpmchsknrn.p.        who has a large shirt
nkpn       s.         blue dress
nkprk      to serve chicha (to)
nkps       s.(tex)    elegant coloured women's dress
nkpspychrn s.         clay
nkpspyhnchrskymnyyy completely
nkpstym    adj.       wrinkled
nkpy      to pretend || to feign
nkpy       expr.      if you really accept me
nkpyy      v.intr.    to wrinkle || to get wrinkles
nkpyyynymnt xpr.      I heard them say
nkr        s.(esp)    angel
nkr        adj.       carrying a child on one's back
nkr        s.(d2)     delay in growth and development of a child in general (sign of weakness)
nkr        adj.       difficult
nkr                   e
           s.(zoo)(esp) lectric eel
nkrchk     adv.m.     hardly || barely || with difficulty
nkrchsk    adv.l.     here
nkrchy     interj.    How wunderful || how tasty!
nkrk       adj.       ill-eyed
nkrk       s.(med)    illness || sickness || disease || sickness
nkrkr      adj.       insurgent || rebel
nkrkysk    s.(bot)    kind of plant
nkrn       s.         marrow
nkrn       s.         meadow in flower || prairie || meadow
nkrpry     s.(phymed)pest || infestation || disease
nkrpy      s.(tex)    precious dress of women in old times
nkrt       adj.       sickly
nkry       s.(d1)     suffering
nkry       adj.       tasting well || tasty
nkry       v.intr.    to accept || to assent
nkrym      v.intr.    to be ill || to be sick || to get sick
nkrymky      to beg
nkryy      to carry at the handle
nks      to curse || to damn || to hate
nks      to delay || to stick fast and steadily
nks      to dent || to smash || to crash
nks        v.intr.    to fade || to wither || to become exhausted || to be out of water
nks      to feed
nksch     to fly
nksh^nksh       to give birth
nksk      to murder || to kill || to behead || to butcher || to slaughter || to cut down (animal) || to cut the throat of || to
nksk      to put a dress on
nksk      to stop suckling || to wean
nksky      v.intr.    to suffer
nksm      to tighten
nksmy      to watch above
nksny      to weaken
nksp      to whip || to flog || to scourge
nksp       s.         weaning || weaning (forbidding) (happens when the child is between one and a half and two years old)
nksp       s.         tough meat || stringy meat
nkspch     s.(neo)    radio receiver
nksy       s.         theorem
nksyky     pron.pers. we (excl.) || we (exclusive of person spoken to)
nkt        adj.       conceited || arrogant
nkt      to make ill || to make sick
nkt        pron.pos. our (excl.) || ours (excl.)
nktky      s.(med)    infection
nktrnkppchks.         dress || robe
nkty       s.         resistance
nktypskn        to curse
nky        v.intr.    to dress oneself
nky        v.intr.    to fall gravely ill || to be sick
nky        v.intr.    to offer resistance
nky        s.         my age
nky        pron.pers. with me
nky        adv.l.     here
nky        s.(tex)    woman dressed with precious clothes
nky        s.(bot)    kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle || kind of epiphytic plant of the jungle (main use: medici
nky        s.(gra)    ordinal numbers
nky        s.(zoo)    snail shell
nky        s.          inka's house
nky        s.(top)     Quechua-speaking town and district in the Department of Lambayeque (Peru) || (Span.) Incahuasi (<the
nky        adj.        weak
nky        s.(p.esp) angel mouth || matrimonial mediator
nky        s.          baby
nky        s.(mit)     the living energy of water || water spirit
nky        adv.m.      hardly || barely || with difficulty
nky        expr.       I have barely arrived
nky        s.(med)     cramp
nky        v.intr.     to become indifferent || to become unsociable
nky       to fade || to wither || to become skinny || to become thin || to lose weight
nky        v.intr.     to lose an arm
nky       to sustain
nky       to trade
nky        adv.m.      with difficulty
nky        s.(med)     symptoms
nky        adv.m.      already || now
nky        expr.       it is already time
nky        adj.(p.esp) no
nky                    nothing
nky        s.(esp)     soul (spirit) || soul || life force
nky                    in
           adv.m.(p.esp)no way
nky                    in
           adv.m.(p.esp)no way
nky                    no kind
nky        s.(esp)     enemy
nky                    in
           adv.m.(p.esp)no way
nky                    y
           expr.(p.esp) ou are welcome
nky                    nothing
nky        s.(p.esp) nothing
nkych       to cook to rags
nkychk                 nothing
           pron.indef.(p.esp) more
nkychy                 a
           s.(zoo)(esp) nimal
nkyk       s.(bot)     kind of bean
nkykchk       to stimulate || to animate
nkykchy                nowhere
nkykp      interj.onom.[sound of whimpering]
nkyktn     s.(fam)     a woman's sister || sister ( to a sister) || sister's sister || sister (woman's)
nkyky      s.(bot)(gua)ananas
nkyky      adv.t.      before
nkyky      s.          belief || faith || creed
nkyky      adj.        fine || perfect
nkyky      s.(d1)      friend || confidant || intimate
nkyky     his (after consonants) || her (after consonants) || its (after consonants) || their (after consonants)
nkyn       expr.       it is said
nkyn       s.(d2)      method || way (to do something)
nkyp       s.          milk || mother's milk
nkypchyk   s.(ana)     nipple || teat || tit || female breast || breast || udder
nkypnk     s.(d1)      road || way || path || street || road || path || trail || street || road || street
nkypykn    s.(d2)      small child until the age of one and a half || baby
nkyr       s.          small fire for cooking || fire || candle || match || fire
nkys       s.          soul || spirit || conscience
nkys       adj.(ass) spiritual
nkysk       adj.        thin || skinny || narrow || fine-spun yarn
nkysm       s.          wound || pain || ache
nkyst       s.(amz)     young beautiful girl
nkysy       s.          flag || signal || sign || symbol || meaning || reason
nkyt        s.          mark || sign || signal
nkytchymn   s.          memory || remembrance || tradition || example
nkytrs      s.(tex)     very fine-spun yarn
nkyy        s.a.        who causes pain
nkyy        s.a.        who understands
nkyy        s.          regret
nkyy        v.intr.     to gain respect || to do oneself harm || to repent
nkyy        v.intr.     to reflect || to think about || to think carefully
nkyyt       s.(ana)     small intestine
nkyyykkn    p.p.p.      marked || signed || understood
nm          s.(mat)     decimal numbering || decimal numeration
nm          s.          notation
nm          s.          sign
nm       to compare
nm       to make thin
nmhnmnt       to mark
nmhnt       to relate
nmhnyy       to suckle || to give milk || to breast feed || to breast-feed
nmk       to understand || to comprehend || to consider || to deduce
nmkptn      v.intr.     to unite
nmmnt       to wound || to hurt || to torment || to torture || to make hurt
nmps        s.          theory
nmps        s.          match (to make fire)
nmryy       expr.       like fire spreads
nmtyn       expr.       like fire spreads
nmy         expr.       and your sister? (among women)
nmy         s.(zoo)(d2) ant
nmy         s.          beginning of suckling
nmynkp      s.          equivalence
nn          s.(tex)     headcloth worn by women || fine headcloth || elegant scarf
nn          s.(zoo)(d1) kind of marten || skunk
nn          adv.t.(esp) never
nn          adj.        strong || numerous || painful
nn          expr.       the say || it is said
nn     without || -less
nn       to make a calf start sucking milk
nn          s.(d1)      guide
nn          s.(d2)      pedagogical user guide
nn          s.(tex)     fine tapestry || very fine cloth
nn          s.(ana)     nipples || teats || tits || female breast || bossom
nn          s.          clear voice || high voice
nn          adj.        clear-voiced
nn          s.(zoo)     firefly || lampyrus
nn          s.          sting
nn          s.(bot)(d1) kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
nn          s.(bot)(d2) kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
nn          v.pron.     to see stars (fireflies appear | like when hit)
nn          s.          argument || debate || equivalence
nn         s.          balance
nnch       adj.(col)   fine yellow
nnch       s.(mit)     one of the main deities of the Lowland Kichwas
nnch       s.          sisterhood
nnch       v.intr.     to begin suckling
nnchk      v.recip.    to consult || to equal
nnchk      s.(fam)     new-born child || lactant
nnchky     s.(zoo)     wild duck
nnchky     s.          deviation
nnchky       to deviate someone
nnchnchy s.(bot)       kind of hemiepiphytic plant of the jungle (main use: ropes | medicinal)
nnchsk     s.          kind of medicinal plant of the Solanaceae
nnchsktpktrkchk        berry plant with purple flowers
nnchy      adj.        big || much
nnchy      adv.preadj. very
nnchy      s.(bot)     cactus fruit
nnchy      s.(zoo)(d1) firefly || lampyrus
nnchy      s.(zoo)(d2) red wasp that kills spiders for alimentation of its descendants || little firefly
nnchy      adv.l.      on the way
nnchy      expr.       it is hot (temperated)
nnchy      expr.       together with one's sisters || among sisters
nnchy      s.(met)     flood
nnchy      postpos. instead of
nnchyk     expr.       let me pass the small road
nnhpchnkspv.intr.      to mourn
nnhprkhn s.(tex)       very fine | thin and soft cloth
nnhprnhn s.(bot)       kind of medicinal plant of the jungle used to treat herpes by applying the heated bark to infected areas |
nnk        s.          bellows (to poke)
nnk        s.          junior || younger || youngster
nnk        s.          among sisters
nnk                    no
nnk                    n
           expr.(p.esp) either one nor the other
nnk        s.          fireplace
nnk       to suckle || to give milk || to breast-feed
nnk        s.(geo)     volcano
nnk        s.(zoo)     kind of bird
nnk        s.(ana)     little Finger
nnkchy       to regret || to be sympathetic
nnkm       s.          flame || fire
nnkm       s.(bot)(esp)cherimoya || kind of plant of the jungle (main use: food)
nnkmp      s.(fam)     last child
nnkn       p.p.p.      full of pain
nnknk      s.          coal (hot ash)
nnknk      s.          colloquial language
nnkr       s.          mother's milk
nnkr       s.(ana)     thigh
nnkrphpnk s.(ana)      bronchia
nnkrphpnk        to deviate someone
nnkrrkry       to deviate someone
nnky       to guide
nnky       s.a.        guide
nnky       s.          vulcano
nnky        interj.     How it is nice!
nnky        interj.     How tiring! || How tired ...
nnky        interj.     How wunderful! || How tasty! || Wonderful! || Wow!
nnky        s.          pain || ache || disease || illness
nnkyrk      adj.        skinny
nnm         adj.        suckling
nnmntthryknv.intr.      to be breast-fed || to breast-feed (baby oneself)
nnmnttky          to believe
nnmpysk           to burn
nnmy        v.pron.     to hurt (ache) || to hurt || to hurt || to hurt
nnn       to sentence || to pass judgement
nnn       to suckle || to nurse || to give milk || to breast feed || to nurse
nnn         adj.        containing fire
nnnk        s.(geo)     thermal springs
nnnn        s.(tex)     fine colours
nnnn        adj.(col)   fine black
nnnntnp     s.(neo)     firefighter
nnntmrpn v.intr.        to agonize
nnntn       adj.        multiple
nnntpchtmyspykkn        furnace
nnntps      s.(tex)     fine cloth || fine tissue
nnnyktmnchyys.(med)     pain killer || analgetic
nnnykypchky s.          combustion
nnpch       interj.     Ouch! || What a pain! || [exclamation of pain]
nnpchnpnk v.intr.       to become thin
nnphkn       to mean
nnpkyk      s.(per)     Don Sebasti n Ninahuillca (first cacique of Waruchiri at the end of the sixteenth century) || (Span.) Ninah
nnpr        adj.        child being suckled
nnps        s.(mik)     dessert made out of white grinded carob dissolved in water
nnpshknhk s.            element
nnpt        s.          rainbow
nnpyy       s.(top)     river in the department of Loreto (Peru) || (Span.) r¡o Napo
nnrk        s.          sea || ocean
nnrkk       s.(zoo)     seal
nnrkn       to knead || to knead dough || to crush
nnry     for to || in order to
nnryry     in order that
nns         s.(mat)     intersection
nnsh        adj.        soft
nnsk                    impossible
nnsks       s.(mat)     correspondence || relation
nnsm        s.(p.esp) nobody
nnst                    nobody
            pron.indef.(p.esp) || no-one
nnt         s.(tex)     baby pallay | warp-patterned weave in center of narrow (guardan or u¤a guardan) stripes
nntnkr      s.(zoo)     ant species || ant
nntpntchy s.(tri)       Quechua-speaking ethnic group in the region of the Napo river (department of Loreto/Peru | and neighb
nntptchy     although || though
nntrkchspnypy           finally || at last || ready || good
nntrkchsprk adv.t.      immediately
nntstkrk    s.          immediate future
nny         s.          to greet
nny       to greet
nny        to knead || to press
nny        to greet repeatedly
nny       s.           greetings
nny       v.recip.     to greet each other
nny       s.           greeting
nny        to greet
nny       expr.        Hello! || Hey!
nny        to greet
nny       s.           component
nny        to soften
nnyk      adj.         certain || good
nnyk      s.(mes)(esp) January
nnympkn s.(bot)        little yellow bell-shaped flower
nnyn      s.(zoo)      spider
nnynchk   adv.m.       yes
nnypkyykchky           colour || color || sort || species
nnyr      adj.         similar
nnys      similar
nnysk     adv.t.       then || in that time || then (report form)
nnytsmchksprn          agreement
nnyy      s.(bot)(esp)orange
nnyy      adj.(esp) honored || truthful || honest || open
nnyy      interj.      [expression of tenderness]
nnyy      s.           figure || appearance || kind
nnyyk        to begin to believe
nnyyy swim
np        s.           watchman
np        s.(mes)      October
np        adv.t.       already
np        s.(mit)      deity in the tales of Waruchiri | a tutelary wak'a of the Chiqa people
npch      expr.(esp) I don't know
npchpm    s.           knot
npchy     s.           mole
npk       s.(spi)      silulo (carnival tree | //dressed// with presents and paper streamers | that are cut down slowly while peop
npk       s.(zoo)      skunk || mephitis || kind of marten
npktch    s.           theory
npkyk     s.(amz)      trap to catch fish
npn       adj.         who swallows nasal mucus
npprch    s.(zoo)      worm
npps to bear || to give birth
npps      adj.         believed
nppyynn   s.(tri)      Naska (an old culture of the coast of Peru | known by their huge drawings) || a peruavian people | conqu
npr       p.p.p.       said || so-called
nprn      adj.         useless || worthless
nps       expr.        to hold a promise
nps       expr.        disguised || false
nps       adj.         pretty || beautiful
npssmnpch to be born
npy       v.intr.      to become exhausted
npy        to caress
npy       expr.        as I said
npykchy                to arch one's back
npykn       expr.        for example
npyknky     s.           self-determination
npyky       expr.(esp) Good evening! || Good night!
npyky       expr.        we should say
npykyyk     adv.m.       for example
npypky      v.intr.      to breathe noisily
npyy        to mean
npyy        expr.        ... saying (at the end of direct speech)
nr          adv.m.       then || in that case
nr        to bid farewell
nr          adv.m.       then
nr          s.(bot)      kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
nr          expr.        nevertheless
nrk         s.(bot)      kind of medicinal plant of the rainforest
nrk to need
nrk         s.(l.esp)    basket
nrkr        s.(mit)      female nature spirit || energy spirits living in water etc. | generally feminine in nature
nrmskn      s.(spi)      female or priestess of 5th level
nrnk        s.           girl || country woman || beautiful young woman
nrt         s.(his)      princess || inka princess || Incan princess
nrty        expr.(esp) Good evening!
nry         expr.(esp) Good afternoon!
nry         v.intr.(esp) to be born
nry       to dive
nry         v.intr.      to snort
nrymrmyky   adv.m.       too much || very much
ns          expr.        it is very salted
ns          s.(esp)      nation
ns          s.(med)      vomit || puke
ns to insult || to disparage
ns          s.(bot)      kind of herb
ns          suf.         [intention | desire | obligation]
ns          s.           animal fat || fat (grease)
ns          s.           clarinet of wood
ns          s.(min)(d1) copper
ns          adj.         copper-coloured
ns          s.(esp)      cream
nschy       adj.(esp) deep || under || interior || at the bottom || body || inside || inner || interior || deep
nsk         s.(geo)      east || eastern region || Region to the east of Qosqo || jungle || land from where the sun rises || ethnic gr
nsk         adj.(geo) eastern
nsk         s.(neo)      engine || machine
nskh        s.(ana)      entrails || intestines || bowels || viscera
nskthnty    s.(agr)      fertile land
nsky        adj.         insipid
nsky        s.(ana)      liver
nsky        s.(min)(d2) metal
nsky        s.(ana)      muscle
nsky                     nursing baby (animal or human)
nskyhnytk   s.(esp<run)Peruvian national currency in the eighties of the twentieth century
nskyy       s.           slime || snot || mucus || snot || nasal mucus || booger
nsn         s.(tex)      small outside pocket attached to coca bag (chuspa) || small external pocket(s) attached to upper centra
nsn         adj.         small-nosed
nsnchs     adj.       soft || broken up || ground up food
nsnmn      s.(zoo)    species of pachyderm of the Amazon
nsnmnhn    s.(ast)    sun
nsny       s.(tex)    sun (pallay motif in weaving)
nsny       s.(mik)    sweet prepared on base of yuca starch | brandy | sugar | eggs | and fat | baked in an earth stove
nsp        s.(top)    the Andes
nspchk    through || across
nsphchy    interj.    what a laziness!
nspk       s.         shine around the sun
nsppnk     s.         west
nspps      s.         eclipse || west
nsr        s.(zoo)    mosquito
nssty      s.         East
nst        s.(pun)    Sunday
nst to dam
nst      to pound || to smash || to make dust
nst        s.(pun)    Tuesday
nst        s.(k)      farter
nstrts     s.(zoo)    skunk || mephitis || kind of marten
nstys      to incite || to stimulate appetite
nsy        interj.    Attention! || Careful!
nsy        s.(ana)    brain
nsy        adv.afirm. but || also now || in addition || additionally
nsy    but || also now || in addition || additionally
nsykchsp   adj.       ground || pulverized
nsyn       s.(top)    island in Lake Titicaca with Quechua-speaking population || (Span.) Taquile (after the Catalan aristocra
nsys       s.(min)    lead
nsyty                 neither
nsyych     s.(bot)    plant used to dye reddish-yellow
nt      to grind || to grind to powder || to pulverize
nt         s.(ast)    solstice
nt         s.(ana)    meninges
nt         s.(med)    menigitis
nt         s.         copper tooth
nt         s.(neo)    train
nt         s.(neo)    locomotive
nt         s.(neo)    railway || railroad
nt         p.p.p.     dented
nt         s.         needle
nt         s.(bot)    kind of medicinal plant of the jungle
nt         s.         impression
nt         s.(reg)    place where are remains of pre-columbian buildings
nt     to stumble || to trip || to bump into
nt         s.         trip || bump
nt         s.         alloy of silver and copper
nt         s.(fin)    coins
nt         s.p.       with brain
nt         s.a.       without brains
nt         s.         dust
nt         s.         dust
nt want to || to will (to have the will | to be willing)
nt         s.(bot)    kind of coniferous tree
nt         s.           flood
nt        to flood
nt      with || together with
nt        to soften
nt         s.(neo)      airplane || aircraft
nt         s.(zoo)      kind of eagle
ntchmp     s.(bot)      plant used to dye black or dark brown
ntchnkkk s.(neo)        computer
ntchnky    s.(neo)      e-mail
ntchsp     s.(neo)      pilot
ntchy      s.(bot)      lichen used to dye strong yellow
ntchy      s.           solar eclipse || eclipse of the sun
ntchy      v.impers.    to eclipse
ntchy      v.recip.     to jostle || to hustle
ntchy      s.           tropical disease
nthy       s.(mik)      well-cooked inguiri banana turning soft like liver
nthy   to understand
nthy       s.           sun time
ntk        s.(neo)      mechanical clock || mechanical watch
ntk        s.           West (where the sun sets)
ntk        adj.         strong red
ntk        v.intr.      to sun oneself || to sunbathe
ntk        s.(top)      original name of the Inka baths near Cajamarca (Ba¤os del Inca) (<spring of sun)
ntk        expr.        bring water
ntk        s.(bot)      kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
ntk        s.           mashed potatoes
ntk        s.           sunbeam || ray of sunshine
ntkchy     s.           sunrise
ntknryypyy        to crumble
ntkpstkyk s.            East (where the sun rises)
ntkpstkyknky            West
ntkr       v.intr.      to set (sun)
ntkr       s.           twilight
ntkrkychn s.(mus)       pan flute || cane panpipes
ntkrnn     adj.         whole || complete || entire
ntkrsk        to make understand || to show || to explain
ntksh      adv.m.       lying on the back
ntksp        to understand
ntky       adj.         comprehensible
ntky       adj.         people from the East || Andean people
ntky       adj.poses.   Andean
ntky       adv.         wholly || completely
ntkyk      s.           sun celebration || sun celebration (June 24th)
ntkyk      s.(mes)      June
ntkyk      s.(esp)      barrow || bier
ntkyk      adv.m.       on the contrary || rather
ntkyp      p.p.p.       compressed
ntmchk     adj.p.       crumbled
ntmny      p.p.p.       crushed
ntmp       s.           East
ntmpyky    s.           potato cake
ntmpyky    adj.         slimy
ntn          s.(mes)    July
ntnchy       s.(geo)    eastern region || east
ntnk         s.(top)    eastern region of the Tawantinsuyu (Inka Empire) || jungle area to the east of Qosqo || one of the four re
ntnk         s.(geo)    mountain region
ntnk         s.(ast)    equinox
ntnkk        v.intr.    to become cream
ntnkkchsk    s.         arc || bow
ntnkphychk   s.(zoo)    fox
ntnkpsprn    adj.       slimy
ntnky        s.(bot)    sunflower
ntnky        s.         afternoon
ntnky        s.(met)    soft rain || drizzle
ntnky                   to drizzle
ntnt be able to || to be capable of || can
ntnty        s.(mit)    father sun
ntpch        s.(neo)    car || coach || auto
ntpchchk     s.(fil)    impression
ntpchnknn    adj.(esp) old
ntpk         s.         pressure
ntpknry      adj.       smooth
ntpky      to grind up food || to crumble || to flatter || to knead bread || to press together || to destroy
ntpmy      to knead || to knead dough || to crush
ntpnk  to predict
ntpp      to press || to press together || to compress || to squeeze || to oppress || to squeeze
ntpsprn  to push
ntptmy  to surround || to build around
ntpy         s.         copper jar
ntpyksnn     s.(ast)    solar system
ntpypnn      s.         South
ntpypy       s.(geo)    east
ntpypy       s.         sunrise
ntr          s.         sunrise
ntr          s.(zoo)    sloth || three-toed sloth || brown-throated three toed sloth
ntrchky have to (in general) || must (in general)
ntrk         s.         west
ntrky        s.(neo)    highway
ntrkypk      s.         solar eclipse || eclipse of the sun
ntrn         s.         dust
ntrnp        s.         profit || yield
ntrt         s.(neo)    radio
ntrym        s.         reddish clouds seen in morning and evening
ntrymky      s.         sunrise
nts          v.impers. to cloud over red
nts          s.         sunset
ntsk         s.         west
ntsk         s.         solar year
ntsk         s.         a place to read the sun's standing position || sun watch
ntskmnn      s.(neo)    calendar
ntskpp       adj.       metallurgic
ntsp      to support
ntstyky      s.         West || West (where the sun sets)
ntsy         s.         sunset || where the sun sets || West || sundown
ntsy        s.(top)     city in the Department of Apurimaq (Peru) || (Span.) Andahuaylas (<copper meadow)
ntsy        s.(top)     town in the Department of Qosqo | province of Qispiqanchi (Peru) || (Span.) Andahuaylillas (<copper me
ntsykypyy   s.(top)     town in the Department of Qosqo | province of Qispiqanchi (Peru) || (Span.) Andahuaylillas (<copper me
ntsyy       s.(bio)     photosynthesis
ntt         s.(ast)     equinox
ntt     [comparing] || as || like || equal
ntt     [desiderative] || to become eager to do something [usually only a desiderative morpheme]
nttk        s.(ass)(d2) attitude
nttksy      s.          belief || faith || creed
nttmy       s.(bot.ana) bud || plant's eye (lit.)
nttmyrmy    s.          council
ntty        s.          delay || delaying || slowing down || long time || long time (real or imagined) || time || duration
nttyt       s.(tex)     dots of opposite color that appear in a complementary float weave (lit. eye) || spots from which somethin
nty         s.          expression || saying
nty         s.(ana)(d1) eye || sight
nty         s.(ana)(d2) face
nty         adj.        former || previous || prior || primitive
nty         s.(bot.ana) fruit
nty         s.          honey
nty         interj.     How wunderful! || How tasty! || Wonderful! || Wow!
nty         adv.t.      in that time || long time ago || once upon a time || formerly || since || a long time
nty         s.(bot)     kind of plant
nty         s.(fis)     molecule
nty     my (after consonants)
ntych       s.(ass)(d1) opening || hole of certain objects || buttonhole
ntyk        s.(bot)     pampas grass
ntyk        adv.t.      right now || within a short time
ntykskkyy   s.(esp)     ring
ntyksnpch   s.(zoo)     sand flea || chigger || parasitic insect that invades the feet or hands of its human host
ntyksy      s.          slip || inner skirt || woman's underware
ntym        adj.        small
ntyn        s.          thank || gratitude || admiration || admirable thing || fascination || enthusiasm
ntynkk      expr.       Thank you! || Thanks!
ntynn       to accept
ntyny       to accept || to assent
ntyp        v.intr.     to be hard
ntyp       to believe
ntyr        v.intr.     to do something
ntyr        v.intr.     to hesitate || to last || to take long || to slow down || to delay || to last
ntyrkmnn    v.dic.      to say || to tell || to sound || to speak || to mean
ntyrmy      s.(bot)     unau (small plant with oily leaves and flowers rich of honey)
ntyshky     s.(med)(neo)virus
ntyskkyy    adj.        wet || moist || damp
ntyt        s.(bot)     cabbage
ntytn       adj.        sharp
ntytnkch    s.(ana)     cheek
ntyy        s.          cheek || cheek-bone
ntyy       to sharpen
ntyykn      s.(ana)     pineal gland
ntyyky       tip
ntyyy       s.          gratitude
ntyyy       to confront || to face (not really in a good way)
ntyyych       to flood || to wet
ntyyysk       to help || to assist || to cooperate || to influence || to contribute
ntyyyypyy   to mature (things)
ny       to melt || to liquefy
ny   to retard || to delay || to slow down
ny       to thank
ny          expr.       Thank you! || Thanks!
ny          s.          moment
ny          adv.t.      briefly
ny          s.(gra)     mediate future tense (in Quechua: -shaq | -nki | nqa | ...)
ny          s.(zoo)     calf
ny          adj.        former || previous || front
ny          adv.l.      in front || ahead
ny          s.a.        landlord
ny          s.a.        late
ny          adj.        present
ny          s.(zoo)     small dog
ny     your (after consonants)
ny          v.intr.     to open one's eyes or subtle perspective centers
ny          s.(ana)     eye-lashes || eye-lash || eyelashes
ny          s.(gra)     mediate future tense (in Quechua: -shaq | -nki | nqa | ...)
ny          s.          eyes || view || face
ny          postpos. before
ny          adv.l.      opposite
ny          adv.l.      in front of her || in front of him
ny          s.(ana)     lid || eyelid
ny          s.(med)     sty
ny          s.(med)     ascites
ny          expr.       from the time
ny          expr.       from the time
ny                      to inject
ny          adj.        invisible
ny          adv.t.      after a long time || long time after
ny          adv.t.      after a long time || long time after
ny          s.          eyeball
ny          s.          beard
ny          s.(ana)     eye-lash || eyelash
ny          s.p.        bearded
ny          s.          gratification
ny          s.          calculation
ny          s.          reading || reading matter || book
nych        s.          reading comprehension
nych to read || to control || to calculate
nychch      s.(med)     chronic disease
nychch      s.(med)     conjunctivitis
nychchy     s.(ana)     pupil (of the eye)
nychkt      s.p.        which last a long time
nychn       v.dic.      to miaow
nychy       adv.t.      before
nychy       adv.t.      during a longer time
nychy       num.o.      first
nychy       s.(d1)      former time
nychy      adj.         old || former || ancient
nychy      s.(d2)       past and future
nychy      s.           first-born son || eldest son
nychy        to advance another || to move forward || to advance || to move ahead || to overtake || to anticipate || to a
nychyk     s.(med)(d1)cataract (of the eye)
nychym     s.(med)(d2)glaucoma
nychymyyn adv.t.        before || first
nyhmnpch num.o.         first
nyk        s.(d2)       front
nyk        s.           front
nyk        adj.         front || first
nyk        adv.l.       in front
nyk        s.(d1)       predecessor || herald
nyk        s.(ana)      sternum
nyk        s.(ana)      sternum
nyk        num.o.       the first || first
nykchy     s.a.         predecessor || precedent || former || earlier || prior || antecedent
nykhchpr adv.l.         forward
nykhppch         to progress || to advance
nykn       adv.t.       from the beginning || from before
nyknp      s.(ass)      development
nyknp      v.intr.(ass) to develop
nyknt      s.(ana)      lower arm
nykr       s.           the ancestors
nykrnky    num.o.       first
nyks       s.           mask
nyksskpchmnt            before
nyksskpchmntpch         first
nykty      adv.l.       first || in front
nymnrkytkk adj.         second
nymnt      adv.t.       before
nymntn     s.(mit)      return of the past || return of the future
nymy       s.(cri)      Old Testament
nymym      s.           age (high)
nymym        to reduce
nymymyk s.              ancestors
nynch      s.           olf life || old way of life || ancestors || ancestors
nynchk     s.           archaeology
nynchn     s.           antiquity age || precolumbian age
nynchskynmty            people of the world before the Inkas
nynchy     s.(ana)      palm (of the hand)
nynky      s.           vision
nynky      adv.t.       before
nyny       expr.        long time ago || former era
nynyk      s.(ana)      lower arm
nynyyy     s.(ana)      frontal
nyp       to advance hither
nyp        postpos. delante de || al lado de || cerca de
nyp        extreme || extremity || tip
nyp        to promote
nyp        num.o.       first
nyp        postpos. before
nypchr     postpos. in front of || before
nypchy     adj.       preceding || foregoing
nyphynky postpos. in front of
nyphynky adv.t.       formerly || long ago
nypk       adj.       old
nypk       s.(d1)     past || old time
nypk       s.(d2)     past and future
nypk       s.         history
nypk       s.         heritage
nypk       adv.l.     in front || ahead
nypk       adj.       anterior
nypkhskty num.o.      first
nypkkhskty      component
nypkkk variable components
nypkkknyprkv.intr.    to advance
nypkmn     s.         myth || tale || fairy tale
nypkmnry v.intr.      to be slow (clock) || to lose (clock)
nypkmnt    v.intr.    to advance oneself
nypkmnyksys.(ana)     iris
nypkmnyksys.(ana)     auricle of the heart
nypkmrk    s.(bot)    eye blaster (plant whose fruits are used to wash clothes. The very bitter plant sap can make eyes blast)
nypkn      s.(ana)    eyebrows
nypknkn    s.(agr)    early harvest
nypknkr    s.a.       pre-existent
nypknn     expr.      Forward!
nypknnp     to advance || to go ahead
nypkp      to move forward || to advance || to go on ahead || to overtake || to surpass || to anticipate || to lead || to g
           v      to advance || to arrive first
nypktk     p.p.p.     eldest
nypktk     s.         ancestors
nypkTstmnt s.         first-born child
nypky      s.         ancestors
nypkynnmnktchy        pupil (of the eye)
nypkyskknkchy         history
nypkysy    s.         optics
nypkysymrkchknkmy multiple
nypkysypch s.(ana)    pupil (of the eye)
nypmch     adj.       heterogeneous
nypmk      adj.       several || various
nypmnrkn to read
nypmnt     s.         musicians
nypmntpch s.          colours for tissue || colours of earth for painting
nypmrk     s.(neo)    music
nypmty     adj.       blind
nypmy      s.(ana)    blind gut || caecum
nypn       s.         blind person
nypn       s.(esp)    English
nypnchy    adv.t.     late
nypnkn     s.         blindness
nypnp      adj.       big-eyed
nypnp      s.p.       big-eyed
nypny                 D
           expr.(p.esp) o you speak English?
nypp                   D
           expr.(p.esp) o you speak English?
nyppch     s.(esp)     church
nyppch       to make blind
nyppch     s.(p.esp) cemetery || graveyard
nyppch     v.intr.     to become blind || to go blind
nyppchkysyyyykn        envy
nyppchmntchrsk         for a long time
nyppchp    s.(esp)     grandchild || god
nyppkk                 neither
nyprk       to mean
nyprknn    expr.       my dress is worn out
nyprknnkn adv.t.       formerly
nyprky     adv.t.      sometimes
nyprmy     expr.       in a blink
nyprspkhppyktsky       to blink
nypry      s.(cal)(esp)Christmas
nypsmkmrn to envy
nypsnkpyn s.(zoo)      ant
nypst      s.          flood
nyptmym interj.        How wunderful! || How tasty! || Wonderful! || Wow!
nyptrpy    interj.     I hope
nyptyk     s.(bot)     kind of spine plant with yellow flowers
nypy       s.          moment || short time || a little while || a minute || a second
nypy       s.(fam)     new-born child
nypy       s.          pupil (of the eye)
nypyky     s.          reading
nypynsk    adj.        tasting well || tasty
nypyy      expr.       tell me
nypyy      v.intr.     to be delayed || to be late
nypyykn    v.intr.     to become something
nypyytkn   v.intr.     to become wet || to wet
nypyyy       to desire || to want
nyrky      v.intr.     to harden
nyrnk      v.intr.     to melt || to liquefy || to melt
nyrr       to read
nyrrchhpr        to reprimand || to berate || to advise || to give good advices || to convince
nyry       s.a.        who is able to read
nyry       to reread
nyrykn     s.(ana)     eye
nyrymtkhy s.(ana)      pupil (of the eye)
nyrytk     s.(tex)     eye design in tubular edging
nys        adv.t.      after a year
nys        expr.       first-born son || eldest son
nys       to read
nys        fon.        (consonant phoneme of the quechua language)
nys        fon.        (consonant phoneme of the quechua language)
nysky     [benefitial] || [malefitial]
nysp     [GENITIVE] || of || -'s || with
nysp [GENITIVE] || of || -'s || with     [LOCATIVE] || on || in || while
nystrmnkch     [repetitive] || once more
nysy       s.(fam)     ancestor
nysychy at (time)
nysypknchn s.(fam)      aunt || father's sister
nysyy      s.           chief || cazique || boss || authority || lord || god
nyt        s.(d2)       covered hole || plugged hole
nyt        adj.(med) deaf || dumb || mute || silent
nyt        s.(d1)       fool || idiot
nytk       s.           incompletely fermented corn beer
nytmny     adv.l.       left (hand side)
nytmpchymykn            mighty || powerful || rich || wealthy || supreme
nytmpp     s.(mit)      mountain god || superior spirit or deity || mountain spirit || supreme being || the tutelary nature deity of a
nytrk      s.(mik)      pudding || soup || porridge || drink made from purple corn flour || cloves and toasted citrus peels
nytspchskypadj.         soft || smooth
nytspchy s.(bot.ana) spine of an opuntia
nytt       adj.         stupid || dumb || useless
nyty       expr.v.aux. to have || to posess
nyy        s.(tex)      very thick blanket
nyy who? || who of ...?
nyy      with || by means of || at (time) || during (time)
nyy        adj.(esp) poor || also wajcha || also mana kapuyniyoj
nyy        s.(esp)      factory
nyy        s.(mes)(esp) February
nyy        v.intr.(esp) to become impoverished || to become poor
nyy        adj.(med) anaemic || anemeic
nyy        s.(zoo)(map) armadillo
nyy        s.(ana)      belly || tummy || stomach || womb
nyy                     c
           s.(ana)(esp) hest || chest cavity || thorax || breast (chest) || chest || chest || breast || chest || bosom
nyy        s.(mat)      difference
nyy        s.(tex)      dress || clothes || clothing
nyy        s.           earth || world || age || era || time || soil || space || nature || place
nyy        s.(mat)      element
nyy        s.           grandfather
nyy        s.           head scarf
nyy        s.(uni)(neo)hour
nyy        s.(zoo)      lamb
nyyk       s.(ast)      Pleiades (constellation)
nyykpy                  really
           postpos.adv.m. || oneself
nyyn       s.           rest || left-overs || residues || cigarette end
nyyn       postpos. since || for (time)
nyyp       s.(zoo)      small dog
nyytpk     s.(mit)      spirit of a baby
nyyy       s.(bot)      sweet potato || sweet variety of sweet potato
nyyy       expr.        thanks
p          s.(ana)      tibia || wrist
p          interj.      you will go yourself now
p          s.(neo)      clock || watch
p          s.(bot)      dry love (plant)
p          v.intr.      to dress onesself || to get dressed
p        to leave (left over) || to spare
p        to make sweep
p        to site || to locate || to place
p          s.(neo)      natural phenomenon
p          s.           last months of pregnancy
p          s.(che)       acid
p          s.(tex)       belt or wreath dyed with several colours
p          adj.          bitter || acid || astringent || sour || salty
p          s.            braid
p          s.            century
p          s.            dwarf
p          adj.          failed || unsuccessful || missed
p          s.(bioche)    ferment || yeast
p          num.c.        five
p          s.(spi)       five - rite of washing deceased's clothing five days after death
p          num.c.        hundred || one hundred
p          s.(his)       kuraka who took care of the poor (in Inka times)
p          s.            left-overs
p          adj.          medium blond
p          s.(ast)       Orion (Andean constellation)
p          s.(his)(d1)   province with one hundred families
pbr        s.(mat)       rest
pbryy      s.(his)(d2)   ruler of one hundred families in Inca times || the Inka's majordomo
pch        s.(zoo)       small monkey || black-mantled tamarin
pch        s.(zoo)       sparrow-hawk
pch        s.(tex)(d1)   spindle || instrument used to spin wool into yarn
pch        s.(tex)(d2)   thread
pch        s.(zoo)       millipede
pch        s.(uni)       centigram
pch        s.(uni)       centilitre
pch        num.c.        fifty
pch        s.            pentagon
pch        s.            hundredth
pch         to divide into one hundred
pch         to make rot
pch         to make wet
pch         to quintuplicate
pch        s.(mat)       hundred (digit)
pch        adj.          fibrous
pch        s.            brush
pch        adj.          fermented
pch        adj.          last
pch        s.a.          spinner
pch        s.            pentagon
pch        num.o.        fifth
pchchk     s.(uni)       hectare
pchchk     adj.poses.    agrarian
pchchky    s.(his)       kuraka who took care of the poor (in Inka times)
pchchy     p.p.p.        rotten
pchchy     s.(uni)       hectogram
pchchy     adv.m.        entirely
pchhktyy         to centuplicate
pchhnty    s.(mes)       March
pchk       v.intr.       to decay || to rot
pchk       v.intr.       to end || to be finished
pchk         to spin for oneself || to spin
pchk       s.(ast)       Five Storehouses: Located somewhere from the belt of Orion to the Hyades (provenience: Sonqo)
pchk       s.(ast)      Five Stars: The Hyades (provenience: Misminay)
pchk       s.(mit)      deity of the andes || creator of the world || creator || he who puts order in the world || title for the mystica
pchk       s.(top)      temple outside of Lima where the philosophy of yanantin was born
pchk       s.(top)      river in the Department of Lima (Peru) || (Span.) r¡o Lur¡n
pchk       adj.         agrarian
pchk       expr.        in five minutes
pchk       s.(uni)      hectometre
pchk       s.(pol)      agrarian laws
pchk       s.(tex)      spindle || distaff
pchk       s.           universal light || sunlight
pchk       s.(ast)      Orion (Andean constellation)
pchk       num.o.       fifth
pchk       num.o.       hundredth
pchk       s.(mat)      centigrade
pchk       expr.        Lesson Five
pchk       s.(tex)      spindle of chonta palm wood (jungle) or of the stem of sigsi (pampas grass)
pchk       s.           pulp of corn
pchk       num.c.       five hundred
pchkchk    s.(tex)      whorl || spindle whorl
pchkchktchhpk           divided into one hundred
pchkchktpyys.(mat)      percent
pchkchnk num.fract.     hundredth || per cent
pchkchr    s.(tex)      spindle stick
pchkchsk s.(uni)        hectolitre
pchkchy    num.fract.   hundredth || percentage
pchkchy    s.(med)      intestinal parasite
pchkchy    s.(uni)      cuadra (one hundred cubits square)
pchkchy    expr.        at least five men
pchkhn     s.(fis)      roundness of the earth
pchkhnt    s.(mat)      percent notation
pchkk      s.(zoo)      locust
pchkk      p.p.p.       decayed || rotten
pchkk      p.p.p.       spinned
pchkk      s.(mes)      September
pchkkch    s.(med)      bitter mouth
pchkkk     s.(mit)      an ancient prayer of thanks spoken upon arrival at the top of a mountain | meaning roughly | //lord surel
pchkknchr s.(agr)       plant with regenerative effect on fallow fields
pchkkp     s.(mit)      turning-point of time || world reversal || world turned upside down || returning world || apocalypse || cosm
pchkkrk    s.(uni)      hectare
pchkkrsk s.(mit)        transformer of the world || reformer || name of an Inka
pchkksr    s.(per)      the ninth Inka ruler attributed with building most of the Inka Empire | governed approximately between 1
pchkkt     s.           renaissance
pchkktmrchys.(tex)      spindle
pchkky     s.(med)      anaemia
pchkky     s.           decay || rot
pchkky     s.           end || extinction || death || remaining
pchkky     s.(tex)      first spinning given to yarn | leaving rough | irregular threads
pchkkyk    s.           sending || shipment || parcel
pchkkyyr v.intr.        to become cracked by cold (skin)
pchkmk     v.intr.      to clean oneself || to clear up
pchkmk     v.intr.      to dress oneself || to put on || to take on
pchkmkmy v.intr.        to end || to be completed
pchkmnnnsk      to end || to complete || to consume
pchkmntprnkkp         to ferment || to become sour || to decay || to rot || to decompose || to turn sour
pchkmtr     to jump || to leap || to hop || to skip || to spring
pchkmykn v.intr.      to remain (food)
pchkn      to send something
pchknchy        to spin || to use the phuskha to make yarn || to spin || to spin using the drop spindle method
pchknk      to split || to crack || to break
pchknkn      to unsew || to unpick (seam)
pchknkn    s.         young corn cob
pchknknktmadj.        who makes the world move | attribute of Pachakamaq || deity of earthquakes in Waruchiri
pchknknychkn          to hop around
pchknsks adj.         embroiderer
pchkp      to embroider
pchkpchk adv.m.       finally
pchkpphrrn s.         world life || nature || environment
pchkpptmsks.(tmp)     century
pchkpt     s.(tmp)    century
pchkptm    s.(tmp)    five-yearly
pchkptyn s.           centenario
pchkpyy    adj.       centenario
pchkr      s.         shiver || earthquake
pchkr      v.intr.    to tremble (earth) || to quake (earth)
pchkrkrpmp s.         underground cave
pchkrnyps s.(mit)     deity of the andes || native goddess //Mother Earth// || mother earth || universe || Mother Earth || literally
pchkrrmpkynn          world life || nature
pchkrstchy s.(neo)    applied sciences (subject)
pchks      s.(neo)    natural resource
pchksk     s.(neo)    natural resources
pchksk     s.(mik)    meal prepared in an earth pan || public meal offered by the authorities to the people
pchksksky s.          settlement
pchksm      to go to send something for someone
pchkt      to go to sweep something for someone
pchkt      s.(bot)    plant used to dye orange
pchkt      s.         season      to go to sweep
pchktk      to send || to bring || to send to here
pchktknkypnk          adverb of time
pchktkpch adj.poses.(fis)
pchkty      base
pchky      s.         broom
pchky      adj.       entire || itself
pchky      s.         ground || soil
pchky      s.(bot)    kind of leguminous plant
pchky      s.(ast)    Orion (Andean constellation)
pchky      rest
pchky      s.         site || location || position
pchky      tip
pchky      s.(zoo)    bird
pchky      s.(bot)    plant used to dye yellow or greenish-yellow
pchky      s.(fis)    body
pchky      s.(zoo)    sparrow || swallow || little bird || penis
pchky      adj.       invariable
pchky     v.recip.     to smear one another
pchky     adj.         who has no clothes
pchky     s.(med)      belly-ache || gripes || stomach-ache
pchky     adv.t.       at the same moment || immediately || as soon as possible
pchky     adv.l.       there || in that very place
pchkychk s.(tex)       new dress
pchkykchy        to look like || to resemble
pchkykk   s.           excess
pchkyky   s.(bot)      plant used to dye light or medium green | or | by adding mushrooms | dark green
pchkyp    s.(bot)      kind of shrub used for making brooms
pchkysy   s.(neo)      promotion || fostering
pchkyt    s.(med)      eczeme
pchkytnk s.            fog
pchkytnk s.(fil)       being in the world
pchkytrym s.(ast)      morning star || Venus
pchkytyk  s.(agr)      maduration of fruit and grain
pchkyy    s.(mes)      fourth month in the year (end of march | beginning and middle of April) || March (in the Inka era: Month
pchkyy    s.(ast)      morning star || Venus
pchmchy s.(tex)        seam || hem
pchmm     s.(tex)      bed sheet
pchmm     s.(fis)(neo) relativity theory

pchmmmntychnsmkn to sweep something for someone
pchmmptyk s.(bot)      pachapallay (small plant of the puna whose sweet roots are chewed and cause caries and black-colore
pchmmptykkn            marble
pchmnk    pron.indef. someone || anyone
pchmp     s.(ass)      world view
pchmpy    s.           rubbing of the ill body with clothes or other object | which are the thrown onto a road crossing
pchmpy    s.(zoo)      sparrow
pchmr     s.(gra)      impersonal verb
pchmt     adj.         poor
pchmy     pron.rel. who
pchmy     s.           blue sky
pchmychk s.(med)       cleansing || ritual cure performed to cleanse the body of illness (clothing or food is rubbed over or tied o
pchmyp    s.(ana)      instep || ankle
pchn      p.p.p.       rest
pchn      p.p.p.       swept || cleaned
pchn      adj.         pot-bellied
pchn        to whitewash
pchn      expr.(neo) at ... o'clock
pchn      s.           indicator || sign || pile of stones in honor of Pachamama || pile of divers elements left by travelers on the
pchn        to put on warm clothes
pchn      s.(mat)      measure of time
pchn      s.(neo)      clock || watch || chronometer
pchnch    s.           geometry
pchnch    s.           geometry
pchnk     s.a.         geometrician
pchnk     s.(mit)      perverse deity
pchnkk    s.(top)      name of a mountain in the Department of Qosqo (who bears the world)
pchnky    s.           cleaning
pchnnk    adj.         hard || who does not feel
pchnny    v.intr.      to be accustomed
pchnp     v.intr.      to fall down (building)
pchnp    to knead || to mix with a stick or spoon
pchnpch        to put out a fire with water || to extinguish with water
pchnprymrkchy           to remain || to be sufficient || to exceed || to be overabundant || to be left over
pchnrk        to send something || to send || to load    to smear
pchny   to sow the seeds into the furrows
pchnychy          to sweep || to clean || to erase || to sweep
pchp       s.a.         vivifyer of the world
pchphy     v.intr.      to burst || to detonate || to explode
pchpkchkk         to dress || to clothe
pchpkrkchsks.p.         dressed person
pchpky     s.(bot)      plant used to dye yellow
pchpkyky s.p.           pregnant
pchpkysr s.a.           dressed person
pchpkyyn s.(neo)        physics
pchpnt     s.           clothes
pchptykchmpykn          to dress oneself || to put on || to take on || to dress onesself || to change clothes || to dress || to wear || to
pchpy      v.intr.      to thank
pchpyy     s.(tex)      clothing for women's backs
pchr        rest
pchr       s.(tex)      new dress
pchrky     s.(mik)      popcorn || cracked toasted corn
pchrn      s.           optics
pchrr      s.           dawn
pchrrchk   s.           dawn
pchs       s.(mit)      beginning of time
pchs       s.           dawn
pchsk      s.(zoo)      sparrow || bird
pchsk      p.p.p.       worn || worn-out
pchsk      s.           clock || watch || chronometer
pchsk      adv.         hard || tightly
pchsk      v.intr.      to burst || to explode || to blow up
pchsp        to dress oneself || to put on clothes || to dress another person
pchsty     v.intr.      to sleep with ... (a woman)
pcht        to wrap
pcht       v.intr.      to harden
pchthnykky v.dic.       to twitter || to sing (birds)
pchtp      fon.         (consonant phoneme of the quechua language)
pchtpk     s.           corn grain that has not reached ripeness
pchtpy     s.(met)      drizzle || mist || breeze || fog
pchtpykm s.(d3)         bedding
pchtpymntychk           dog
pchtr      adj.         expert || piece
pchtsn     s.(ana)      eyebrows
pchy       s.(d2)       hair lock || curl || piece of wool
pchy       s.           toof of wool or matted hair
pchy       s.(med)      tumor || bump || hump || knot thread
pchy       s.(zoo)      sparrow || swallow || bird || small person
pchy       adj.         thin-legged
pchy       s.           penis
pchy       interj.      It stinks!
pchy       s.           breeze || blowing
pchy         s.(ana)(d1) groin || gore || gusset || crotch || lap
pchy         s.(ana)(d2) peroneal bone || calf bone
pchy         s.          puff
pchychch     interj.     puff (the sound of a soft explosion) || expression used for the opening of a flower
pchychy      s.(ana)     bladder
pchychy      adj.        full
pchyk        s.(zoo)     kind of bird singing very harmonically | relative of the pawkar
pchyk        s.          waterfall || cascade || cataract
pchyk        s.          waterfall
pchykk       v.intr.     to bubble || to boil || to overflow
pchykmy      v.intr.     to cascade || to overflow || to flood
pchykn       to make someone blow
pchyky       s.(ana)     groin || gore || gusset || crotch
pchyky       to distribute || to divide || to separate
pchyn        s.          blowpipe || small flute || horn
pchynn       s.(bot)     kind of tree of the Ecuadorian jungle | up to 30 m tall | with brown flowers | medicinal plant
pchynpch     s.          bubble || air bubble || energy bubble (field of living energy surrounding the human body)
pchyp        s.(uni)(neo)litre || liter
pchypptmn       to blow at someone
pchyr        s.          wind instrument
pchyrmy      s.          brightness || brilliancy || radiance
pchyry                   m
             s.(ast)(aym) oon
pchyry       s.(zoo)     pubic louse
pchys        s.(met)(aym)sunshine
pchysk                   Monday
pchytk       v.intr.     to glitter
pchyy        adj.        bright
pchyy        s.          blowing
pchyy        s.          half
pchyy       to blow
pchyy        v.intr.     to wash one's face
pchyyy       adj.        flat || even || level
pchyyy       s.(bot)     a white-flowering plant of the puna
ph           s.          anger
ph           adj.        angry || mad || angry || upset
ph           s.          corn hair
phch         s.(esp)     page
phch         s.          site where the cattle passes the night
phch         s.(agr)     underground storage of vegetables || root cellar
phch         adj.        blooming
phch         adj.        open || opened like a flower || full || open (like a blossomed flower)
phch         s.(mes)     february
phch         p.p.p.      open || opened like a flower || full || open (like a blossomed flower)
phchtnk       to anger || to bother
phchtnkchk   v.intr.     to hatch || to burst || to burst open || to open up || to blossom || to bloom
phchy        v.intr.     to shoot forth (plant) || to sprout || to bloom || to blossom (open up the bud) || to blossom || to bud
phh          s.a.        brave || angry || enemy
phk          s.(bot)     kind of tree
phk       to make jump
phk          s.          jumper
phk          s.          misfortune || calamity
phk          s.          anger
phkch       s.          jump
phkch       v.intr.     to be angry || to get mad || to become angry || to become upset
phkch       v.intr.     to jump
phkch       adj.        who moves jumping all the time
phkchr      v.intr.     to jump in all directions
phkchy      v.recip.    to quarrel
phkchy      v.recip.    to resent each other something
phkchy       to show resentment against someone
phkkch       to berate || to rebuke
phkmy       v.dic.      to roar
phkn        v.intr.     to scold
phknyp      v.intr.     to scold
phkp        v.intr.     to be angry || to get mad
phkp        p.p.p.      angry || mad || upset
phkpy       to attack
phkr        s.          anger || hate
phks        v.intr.     to bluster || to storm
phks       to hate
phks        adj.        wide || extended
phks       to extend || to widen || to amplify || to dilate
phkspnchy   v.intr.     to be angry
phksy       s.          width || amplitude
phksyk       to unfold || to spread
phky        s.          claw
phky        adj.        crumbly (dirt)
phky        s.(met)     drizzle
phky        s.(met)     drizzle || mist || fog
phmp        v.intr.     to plunge into || to throw oneself into
phn         interj.onom.[sound of humming birds]
phn         adj.        badly twisted || loosely-spun || poorly-spun || coagulated
phn         adj.        dried out
phn         s.          feather || feather || plumage
phn         adj.        grieved || full of pain || cut up || destroyed
phn         s.          sausage
phn         adj.        stubborn || wild || dangerous
phnch       s.(mik)     thick soup of roasteds cereals || food of flour and grease || type of food made from ground kinua
phnch       s.(mat)     fractionation
phnchky     v.intr.     to flap one's wings
phnchsk     s.(bot)     wild potato
phnchy      s.(top)     a Quechua community | village 5 kilometres downstream from Tapacar¡ (Bolivia)
phnchy       to hold back || to dam
phnchy      v.intr.     to overflow | to brim over while boiling
phnk       to feather
phnk       to pluck
phnkchy     s.          duster
phnkk       s.          circular plume used as ornament
phnkn       s.          pegtop || spinning top || top (for spinning) || top (originally the kind used for spinning) || small wooden or
phnky       s.          roll
phnky       s.(ana)     ulna
phnky       s.(ass)     wheel || disk || disc
phnky       v.intr.     to flap one's wings || to flap one's arms like wings
phnkykchk   v.intr.     to flutter (wings) || to blink rapidly || to blow (wind) with a characteristic sound
phnkykchy s.              dry lips
phnnksprmrnky             to roll
phnnky          to roll up
phnpyy          to roll up (thread | wool) || to spin
phnrky          to shatter || to make phiri || to waste || to profligate || to squander || to unload or sell off at any price
phnrskkhpryv.intr.        to dry out || to become chapped
phnrsprmrkyadj.           spongy || porous
phnrsprmrkyyn             two pennies || prostitute
phnry      s.             white eatable clay
phnsk      s.             foam || froth
phnsphtry s.              mockery
phny       s.(bot)        fruit of the ulala cactus
phny       s.             rubbing of the ill body with clothes or other object | which are the thrown onto a road crossing | so that th
phny          to clean lightly || to rub
phny       v.intr.        to foam || to froth
phnychy    adj.           apostate
phnyky     v.intr.        to be apostate
phnyky     s.             lung
phnyy      s.(mik)        cooked broad beans
php        s.             food of quinua flour
php          surface
phph       s.(l.esp)      celebration || party
phpr   to party
phpry      s.(med)        blister
phr          to parboil beans
phr          to become porous
phr        s.(zoo)        tarantula
phr        s.(neo)        condition
phr        adj.(d2)       cracked || burst
phr        s.(d2)         cracked || burst
phr        adj.           large || bulky
phr        s.(l.esp)      photography
phrk       s.(aym)        reciprocal //gift// given at weddings and other fiestas
phrky      s.             sorrow || grief
phrm       adj.(d1)       very cheap
phrmr      s.(d1)         very small amount of money || a pittance
phrmy          to blast
phrmy      s.(med)        herpes || cold sore
phrnchy    s.(top)        the name of the female mountain just at the entrance to the ruins of Machu Pijchu || her name means //
phrnny     s.(med)        anxiety || worry || worry (a cause of illness | often related to depression/llakikuy)
phrpchn    v.intr.        to dry in the sun or the air
phrphr     v.intr.        to suffer morally || to be very sad || to be gloomy || to worry || to be sad || to grieve
phrr       adj.           evil-smelling
phrr       s.             hole in the ground
phrr       v.intr.        to fart || to pass gas with a bad odor
phrr       v.intr.        to stink
phrrry     s.             melancholy
phrry      v.intr.        to be melancholic
phrsm      p.p.p.         burst || blown up
phry       s.             peeled and cooked cereal
phry       p.p.p.         sad || worried || afflicted
phry          to beat (bound/flutter) || to convulse
phry        s.          flowering of a plant or of the spiritual seed of the initiate
phryy       s.          grief
phs       to bake (in steam)
phs         v.intr.     to bud || to develop
phs         v.intr.     to burst || to explode || to blow up
phsk        v.intr.     to worry || to be afflicted
phsk        v.dic.      to cry bitterly || to weep bitterly || to sob
phskn       s.(met)     cloud || fog
phskrn      s.(tex)     cover || blanket || hand-woven blanket of dyed yarn | may be half or completely covered with woven des
phsky       s.          first-born son || eldest son
phsky       s.(ana)     hair || fuzz || fluff || down || soft hair
phsm        s.          hair on the body
phsmykchy   s.          rope
phsn                    to drizzle
phsp       to wash the face of another person
phsr        s.(bot)     gentian || a red-flowering plant of the puna
phsrn       s.(tex)     skirt of the little chidren
phst        s.(zoo)     small parrot
phsty       s.(geo)     waterfall || cataract
phsy        s.(ana)     nerve
phsy        s.(mit)     little nature deities inhabiting running water: streams | creeks | and waterfalls
phsychy       to dam
phsyy       to strew flowers (gentian) over the animals at the end of a ceremony || to throw phallchay (gentian) flow
pht                     to cloud over
pht         s.a.        flyer || runner
pht         s.(aym)     home-made | llama-hide slippers worn by women
pht         s.(bot)     kind of tree || quebracho tree
pht         s.(bot)     plant used to dye yellow
pht         v.intr.     to strut
pht         s.          dent
pht         s.(med)     cataract
pht         s.(l.esp)   task || job || duty || labor tax used for public works projects
phtchy      s.(tex)     fuzzy blanket
phtk        adj.        toothless
phtks       s.          fluff || fuzz
phtky       s.(tex)     fuzzy dress
phtky       s.(tex)     fuzzy dress
phtky       s.(tex)     velvet
phtn        s.          bubbling spring
phtnk       v.intr.     to bubble up
phtnry      v.intr.     to lose one's teeth
phtnyy      v.intr.     to raise the wing
phtryy      p.p.p.(met) cloudy
phtryy      adj.        fuzzy || fluffy || hairy || plushy
phtsk       s.(tex)     fleece || tuft || plush
phtsk       s.(min)     iron
phtsk       s.          dust
phttty      s.          evaporation
phty        s.          flight
phty        s.(ana)     kneecap || patella
phty                    to cloud over
phty       to destroy by physical blows
phty      to fly || to run || to run away
phty       to skin over the surface
phtyphtytykyv.intr.     to be obstructed || to choke || to clog
phy      to flutter around || to fly || to wander
phy                     to cloud over
phy         s.          first-born son
phy         expr.       In Lima (Rimaq) there is continuous fog without dissolving the fog
phy [DATIVE] || for
phy [GENITIVE] || of || -'s || with
phy     [institutionalized]
phy         s.(ast)     Alpaca (constellation)
phych       s.(zoo)     alpaca || male alpaca
phych       s.(zoo)     Andean eagle
phych       adj.(col)   auburn || maroon || golden (gold color) || blond || dark brown
phych       s.(bot)     big und white mushroom
phychknk s.             bowl || plate || deep bowl || dish || plate
phychrn     s.a.        carrier
phychy      s.(zoo)     cloth worm (moth larva) || woodworm
phychy      s.(met)     drizzle
phyhntry    s.(mik)(d2) dry meal with chilli
phyk        s.(his)     ear decoration of Inka nobles
phyk        s.(zoo)     flea
phyk     from || because
phyk        s.(spi)(d2) gift | transmitted from one person to another | of exercising and applying the knowledge in carrying out a
phykchy     s.(spi)(d3) gift transferred from one person to another by witchcraft || an energetic ritual power which facilitates goo
phyknk      s.(ana)     head
phyn        s.(zoo)     hybrid of vicu¤a and alpaca || alpaca
phyn        s.(ana)     jaw || mandible
phyp        s.a.        leader || authority || guide
phyp        s.(esp)     mattock || pick
phyphy      s.(mit)     mythical kidnapper who steals children
phyphypch s.(fam)       old woman
phyphyyk s.(zoo)(amz)   pacu (fish) || red-bellied pacu (fish) || kind of fish
phyphyypykpch           pay
phypkn      adv.m.      perhaps || maybe
phypy       adj.        person who takes things away without giving them back
phypyy      s.          piece
phyry       adj.(col)   red
physk       adj.        ripe || mature
physp       s.          ripeness || maturity
physppch adj.(geo) rocky under the ground
phyt        s.(spi)(d1) shaman || priest of Andean religion || initiate or student of the andean path || wizard || sorcerer
phyy        s.(tex)     sixteen-strand braid with spiral pattern
phyy        s.          soup of potatoes in small pieces
phyy        s.(mit)     spiritual deity
phyy        s.(bot)     thin thread
phyy        adj.        torn || broken
phyy        s.          treasure || hidden money
phyy        s.          war
phyy        s.(d1)      ability || skill
phyykchky s.(zoo)       alpaca || male alpaca
phyykchy s.(tex)        coca purse made of complete dried baby alpaca skin (fur) which is marked with yarn ear tassels
phyyky    s.(uni)   hundred-weight
phyyy     adj.(med) limping because of welts on the feet
          s.        mountain ||
phyyymphymrmkpmnnphychkrknchhill || peak || cone || pyramid
pk        s.(uni)   pound
pk        s.(bot)   red campanula
pk        s.(zoo)   spider
pk        s.(d2)    technique
pk        s.(bot)   variety of small chili pepper
pk        adj.      warped
pk        adj.      with one's mouth below || lying on the belly
pk        s.(zoo)   red leaf cutter ant (attacking grain crops)
pk        s.        deviation
pk        s.(zoo)   flea penetrating the skin between the toes
pk        adj.      nimble
pk        s.(uni)   ounce
pk        expr.     for example
pk        s.(bot)   dyer's madder || plant used in red dye
pk        s.(bot)   kind of medicinal plant of the jungle
pk        s.        technology
pk        s.        workshop
pk     cultivate || to make mature || to raise crops
pk        s.        piece
pk        v.intr.   to bend down || to bend over || to bow
pk     to chew || to chew kuka
pk        v.intr.   to chew coca
pk     to cover with a lid (the vessel itself is the lid)
pk     to crook || to bend || to curve
pk     to demonstrate
pk     to hide || to make hide
pk     to make burst
pk     to make carry down
pk     to make someone break something
pk     to put a vessel with the opening below
pk     to redden || to make red || to colour red || to color red
pk     to smash || to split || to crack || to break || to part
pk     to throw chuwi in a game
pk        adj.      full of fleas
pk        expr.     be responsible for
pk        expr.     be responsible for
pk        expr.     be responsible for
pk        expr.     be responsible for
pk        s.        fat || grease
pk        s.a.      manure || ferment
pk        s.(zoo)   scorpion
pk        s.        red hair
pkch     to hand over
pkch      s.a.      fragile || breakable
pkch      s.        hide and seek (game)
pkch      p.p.p.    scorched || sunburnt
pkch      s.(bot)   kind of fruit
pkch      s.        hide and seek (game)
pkch      s.        leaders
pkch        s.          gringo
pkch        expr.       it is said they became fleas
pkch        s.(pol)(neo)integration period
pkch        s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the rainforest
pkch        p.p.p.      adult
pkch        p.p.p.      divided || broken
pkchhk       to confess
pkchk       s.(bot)     flea herb
pkchk       v.intr.     to break
pkchk       v.intr.     to hide oneself
pkchk       adv.m.      with eagerness
pkchmnt     s.          authority (person)
pkchp       s.(bot)     kind of gentian of the high mountain region
pkchr       s.          ruby
pkchrry     s.(bot)     red mandi || kind of tuber plant
pkchrrychy        to go to break something for someone
pkchy       s.(zoo)     coral
pkchy       to arrest || to captivate || to imprison
pkchy       to bring along
pkchy       to go to carry down
pkchy                   kind
            s.(bot)(p.esp) of epiphytic plant of the jungle (main use: medicinal)
pkchy       s.(tri)     ancient people living in the region of Lake Titicaca | and their extinct language
pkchy       adj.        fertile || productive
pkchy       s.          goad || long reed to goad animals
pkchy       s.(d1)      hiding
pkchy       s.          intelligence
pkchy       s.(d2)      night
pkchy       s.(tri)     people east of Qhochapampa | conquered by Ruka Inka
pkchy       s.(spi)     spiritual lineage
pkchy       expr.v.aux. to have || to posess
pkchy who? (plural)
pkchy       adj.        reddish
pkhnt       to break the law || to commit a crime || to defile || to transgress
pkhyky      s.(top)     Lake Titicaca
pkhymky s.(bot)         kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
pkhytky     adj.        fragile || breakable
pkhytmky adj.           spicy
pkk         s.(bot)     kind of tree of the jungle (main use: wood)
pkk       to goad
pkk         s.(bot)     agave || American agave || a succulent shrub used to make ropes || century plant || cactus
pkkch       s.(tex)     fibre || fiber
pkkchy      s.(bot)     kind of shrub
pkkk        s.(amz)     canoe used on the lowland rivers | usually driven by an outside motor
pkkk        s.          charlatan || cheater || vagabond || (magician)
pkkkrsk     adj.        fragile || breakable || delicate
pkkmp       s.          hide and seek (game)
pkkn        s.          kind of bird that announces dawn by its singing
pkkn        s.(bot)     plant | leaves used for yellow dye
pkknk       s.(zoo)     quail
pkknmntkrskss.(zoo)     red owl
pkkntntrpch s.(zoo)     spider
pkkr        s.          meal with potatoes || hot peppers and meat
pkkrsk      s.(top)     archeological site near Qosqo | was an administrative and military centre | from which it was possible to
pkkrsk      s.(zoo)(d2) jaguar || kind of wild cat
pkksktyyy   s.(zoo)(d1) puma
pkky        adj.        stronger red || always red
pkky        adj.        pink
pkky                    piranha (red) || kind of fish
pkkyt       adj.        weak
pkmch       to break something for someone
pkmkshk       to carry something down for someone
pkmn       to hide something for someone
pkmnt       to sprinkle with water
pkmpy                   to drizzle
pkmy        adj.        bald || smooth || bald || bare
pkmy        s.          castle || tower || fort || fortress || ancient altar
pkmy                    c
            s.(zoo)(esp) row
pkmy        s.          dawn
pkmykrpnk   s.(ana)     forehead
pkn         s.(med)     goitre || crop
pkn         s.(geo)     gorge || ravine || gully || hollow || valley
pkn         adj.        hollow || concave || holey || holed
pkn         s.(ast)     House or Castle (constellation)
pkn         s.(bot)     kind of tree with a large crown casting a large shadow
pkn         s.          nature
pkn         s.(zoo)     paca || kind of rodent
pkn         s.(tex)     pallay motif in weaving (fortress) || Carnival parade model with first fruits of harvest
pkn         s.(med)     swelling || pimple || boil
pkn         s.          beginning of lineage
pknch       s.          beginning of lineage
pknchy      s.          widwife
pknkch       to found
pknkyr       to hollow || to hollow out
pkns        s.          light (not heavy)
pknt        s.          sunrise || morning
pknyp       s.          morning star
pknyy       s.(mil)     commander of fortress
pkp         adv.t.      next day
pkp         s.(top)     place of the mythical origin o the Ayar brothers | in the Department of Qosqo | province of Paruru (Peru)
pkpchn      s.          eve
pkpk        adj.        fragile
pkpk        s.          full moon
pkpk        v.cop.      to keep hidden
pkpk        s.          bald head
pkpk        s.(bot)     maize carbon fungus
pkpk        adj.        original
pkpk        v.intr.     to be born
pkpk        s.          dawn || beginning of day || new opportunity to live || beginning
pkpk        s.(mit)     female nature spirit who is the guardian of one's birthplace || most prominent feminine aspect of the nat
pkpknt      s.          morning || dawn || morning hours
pkpkr       adv.t.      tomorrow
pkpm        adv.t.      until tomorrow
pkpm        adv.t.      after tomorrow
pkpn        s.          the next day
pkpnt     expr.      instead of
pkprn     adj.       one-eyed
pkpsy     s.         infertile soil
pkpy      p.p.p.     born
pkpy      s.a.       old thing || old custom
pkpy      s.a.       old | natural costum
pkpy      adj.       clean || cleaned
pkpyy     s.         dawn
pkr       s.(fil)    origin || birth
pkr       v.impers. to dawn
pkr      to fortify
pkr       v.intr.    to get overripe
pkr      to hide for there
pkr      to remove hairs || to shave
pkr     to rise || to appear || to be born || to wake up || to originate
pkr       v.intr.    to become hollow
pkr      to fortify
pkr       v.intr.    to go bald
pkr       s.         bag for coca
pkr       s.         night
pkr       adj.       reddish || violet color || pink
pkr       s.         who has wrinkled skin || sluggish
pkrchkmchchych       broken
pkrchkmchchychhrtm fracture || rupture
pkrchkyrm p.p.p.     hidden || secret
pkrchy    s.         night
pkrchy    s.(ass)    product
pkrk      p.p.p.     ripe || mature || mature
pkrk      s.         ripeness || maturity
pkrkchsk adv.t.      in the early morning || before sunrise
pkrkmyk   s.(bot)    red maize || red corn
pkrkpnchy adv.t.     equal
pkrkTmp s.           basket
pkrky     interj.    Be careful! || Attention! || Careful! || (warning to be careful)
pkrky     s.(mik)    certain meal based on maize or wheat
pkrky     s.(bot)    certain plant species
pkrky     adj.       equal || perfect || enough
pkrm    from || because
pkrm      s.(uni)    handful
pkrm      s.(esp)    packet || parcel
pkrmy     adv.m.(d1) perhaps || possibly || maybe
pkrn      adv.m.(d2) together
pkrn      s.         basket
pkrn      adj.       just
pkrn      adv.m.     perhaps || possibly || maybe
pkrnkm    s.         responsibility
pkrnmnch       to hold responsible
pkrnnntn s.(gra)     object
pkrnt     adj.       responsible
pkrny     adj.       isometric
pkrpmp    s.(mat)    complementary angle
pkrsk     s.         properties || relations
pkrskmntkk s.           properties
pkrskychkykk.(mat)      complementary set
pkry        s.          recommendation
pkry        s.(mat)     equation || equal values
pkry        v.intr.     to be equivalent
pkry        adj.        equilateral
pkry        s.          responsibility
pkry       to balance || to equilibrate || to fulfill || to do || to carry out
pkry       to equal || to level
pkry       to make someone mix something
pkry        s.(d1)      equivalence
pkryy       s.(d2)      exam || examination
pkryy       adv.m.      hopefully
pkryy       s.(mat)     right angle
pks         s.(mat)     right triangle
pks         adj.        just
pks         s.(fin)     ledger || nominal ledger || general ledger
pksch       adj.        equidistant
pksk        p.p.p.      softened
pksk        s.p.        equidistant
pksk       equidistance
pksk        s.(pol)     emperor
pksk        v.intr.     to be mixed
pksk        s.          equality
pksk        s.          rhythm
pksp        s.(uni)     span || long measure from the thumb to the little finger
pksr        s.(mat)     short leg of right triangle
pksyk       to go to mix
pkt         adj.        for prevention
pkt         s.(bot)     kind of herb
pkt         s.(mat)     isomorphism
pkt         s.(spi)     religious celebration where all beneficial powers are asked for prospering and success of their efforts
pkt         s.(mat)     isogon
pkt         s.          result
pkt         s.(mat)     isosceles
pkt         expr.       Be careful | don't fall!
pkt         s.(mat)     symmetric difference
pkt         expr.       equal
pktch       adj.        cloudy
pktch       s.(ass)     complement
pktch       adj.(ass)   complementary
pktchchn s.(mat)        divisibility
pktchchy adv.m.         maybe || perhaps
pktchk      s.(mat)     fractions with a common denominator
pktchk      s.(mat)     greatest common divisor
pktchkk     expr.       Careful not to look!
pktchkkch s.(mat)       least common multiple
pktchkkn          to be equidistant
pktchkn     v.impers.   to be cloudy
pktchktntchsk           mixed || weakened || disheartened || despondent
pktchmnsk interj.       Be careful! || Attention! || Careful! || (warning to be careful) || careful!
pktchn      s.(met)     cloud || fog
pktchnky adv.m.         enough
           s.           objective || aim
pktchy     s.           portion || a double handful
pktchy     v.intr.      to become wet
pktchy        to cover with a lid
pktchy        to grab || to compress || to touch
pktk        to make a concave depression or shape
pktk        to mix || to mix in || to weaken
pktk        to reach || to fit
pktkch     v.intr.      to smell || to be fragrant
pktkchkmsmnych          to turn over || to knock down
pktkk      s.(neo)      curriculum
pktkm      s.           spelling
pktkrk     s.(neo)      gender equality
pktkrsk    adj.         equivalent
pktkryk                 to cloud over
pktkrynn to tear into pieces
pktksk     s.(neo)      definition
pktky      adj.         folded || doubled || with fallen edge
pktkysn    s.           game
pktkyy     s.(bot)      inga fruit || guava (but not guayaba) || kind of plant of the jungle (main use: food)
pktm       s.(bot)      kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
pktmny     s.(zoo)      kind of multi-coloured bird
pktmy      s.(bot)      kind of purple-flowering herb
pktn       s.           maturation || ripening || season of ripening || season of fruit || fermentation || fruit
pktn       s.(ass)      production
pktnchntykky dj.(col)   reddish
pkTnk      adv.m.       secretly
pktnkch    s.           source || spring || natural spring || well || fountain || fountain
pktnnch    v.intr.      to break || to tear
pktnpypympr .tr.        to break || to tear
pktnrmyk          to carry down
pktpch        to carry for oneself || to take away
pktpkt     v.intr.      to chew coca
pktrk        to divide || to part
pktrk        to hide || to cover || to reserve
pktrk to pay
pktrk        to press out a pimple or a boil
pktrk      v.intr.      to ripen || to mature || to ferment || to grow (plant) || to mature (fruit) || to bear fruit
pktrkknykpkypykn        to take out the fleas
pktrkkypy         to wash || to wash one's head
pktrkrknkmnadj.         useful for || good for
pktrkrkypy s.           wealth
pktrky     expr.        to pay someone something
pktryy     s.(spi)      the master's (wizard's) furrow
pktsk        to entertain
pkttk        to gild
pkty        to redden || to make red
pkty        to make bulls fight (bullfight)
pkty       s.(his)      Inka captain (orej¢n)
pkty       s.a.         player
pkty       s.(met)      rainy warm season when the crops grow
pkty      s.(med)     althlete's foot
pkty      v.intr.     to hide oneself
pkty      s.(fam)     boy | 5 to 9 years old (meaning in Inka times) || boy who plays | serves his parents and is disciplined | lo
pkty      s.(fam)     girl | 5 to 9 years old (meaning in Inka times) || girl who plays | serves her parents | takes care of her you
pkty      s.(zoo)     red-and-green macaw || green-winged macaw (lit. red macaw - has green wings | but red feathers elsew
pkty      p.p.p.      blushed || flushed || reddened
pkty      s.(zoo)     kind of eatable fish (with a red belly) of the Amazon area
pktychy   s.(top)     town in the Department of Qosqo (Peru) || (Span.) Piquillacta (<town of fleas | named in 18th or 19th ce
pktykyk   s.(mes)     February
pktykysy  v.intr.     to be ashamed || to get embarrassed
pktysk       to hide
pktyy     v.intr.     to joke || to jest
pktyy     s.          autumn
pktyyy       to go to play
pky       adj.        dark red
pky       s.(bot)     kind of throny shrub
pky       s.          toy || game || game || toy
pky       product
pky       s.          playing field || soccer field
pky       s.          need to play
pky       s.          argillaceaous soil || clay
pky       s.(geo)     clay soil
pky       s.(top)     departmental city in Peru || (Span.) Pucallpa (<tierra roja)
pky       s.(zoo)     mon saki (kind of monkey) || kind of monkey
pky       adv.m.      secretly
pky       s.          autumn || summer
pky       adj.        playful
pky       adj.        well-ripened || robust
pky       adv.m.      secretly
pky       s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the jungle
pky       s.(mat)(d1) fraction
pky       s.(mat)(d2) fraction || rational number
pky       to tease || to annoy
pky       to incite || to stir up || to provoke
pky       s.          red lips
pky       p.p.p.      secretly done
pky       s.(mes)     December
pky       p.p.p.      ashamed || bashful
pky       to help to carry down
pky<pmnpsmtpspky> little green frog
pkych     s.(bot)     coconut palm
pkychy    s.          game || play || Carnival || the play of children | lovers | or the playing out of a ritual
pkychy    s.(agr)     ripening
pkychy    adj.        spongy
pkychytrt s.(tex)     tassel marking ears of camelids | of special red wool
pkyk      to ascend || to fly
pkyk       to end
pkyk      v.intr.     to gild || to get maroon

pkykknpnkynn          to play
pkykky    v.intr.     to redden || to turn red || to blush
pkykkymr s.(zoo)      red deer
pkykkyrmymr           place for playing || playing ground
pkykmy    s.(pol)     electoral tribunal
pkykrsk   s.(ast)     Pleiades (constellation)
pkyks     s.(zoo)(d2) bear
pkykt     s.(zoo)(d1) puma || mountain lion || silver lion
pkyky     s.(bot)     grass species of the puna region
pkyky     s.(bot)     kind of tree
pkyky     s.(bot)     kind of herb whose fruits are similar to pumpkins
pkyky     v.intr.     to deposit
pkymt     s.          identity
pkymy     s.(bot)     puma paw (kind of plant)
pkyn to whom? || for whom? || whom?
pkyn      s.(arc)     court
pkyn      s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
pkynn     s.(geo)     land || plain || floor || ground || valley || ground || plain | flat terrain
pkynpmp s.            burial
pkynyy    s.          pardon || remission
pkyp      v.intr.     to apologize
pkyp       to forgive
pkyp       to bury
pkyp       to level || to forgive || to pardon || to cope with (problems)
pkyp       to make bury
pkypch    expr.       Excuse me! || Sorry! || I am sorry!
pkypch    s.(d2)      burial
pkypky    s.(d1)      dish cooked in the ground || burial
pkypkyy   s.a.        grave-digger
pkypn     s.(tex)     head cloth || scarf
pkypy     p.p.p.      buried
pkypy     p.p.p.      fade || faded || colourless
pkypy     s.          burial || funeral
pkypyy    v.intr.     to cover oneself || to be buried
pkyrp     s.(zoo)     spectacled owl || kind of bird
pkyrrsk   s.(top)     town in the Department of Ancash (Peru) || (Span.) Pomabamba
pkyrymky        to go to bury someone in favor of someone
pkysk     s.(top)(d1) town in the Department of Cajamarca (Peru) || (Span.) Bambamarca (<region of plains)
pkysy     s.(top)(d2) town in the Department of Qosqo (Peru) || (Span.) Bambamarca (<region of plains)
pkytyt    s.(spi)     lower shaman || Andean priest of the second level who specializes in rituals like performing despachos
pkyy      s.          burial
pkyy      s.(zoo)     sungrebe || kind of bird
pkyy      s.(zoo)     tiger heron || refescent tiger heron || kind of bird
pkyy      s.(top)     village north of Potos¡ (Bolivia) where believers crawl around the cemetery at midnight hoping to be hea
pkyy      s.(d2)      prostitute || whore
pkyy      s.(bot)     cactus fruit
pkyy       to dig up || to unearth
pkyy      p.p.p.      buried
pkyy      s.(mat)     figure
pkyy      adj.        flat || even || level
pkyych    adj.(p.esp) shallow (lake or river)
pkyyknch s.           kind of minute plant with yellow flowers on the ground
pkyykyykmchk          ton
pkyyyrk   s.          smooth thing || uniform surface
pm       to bury
pm        v.intr.     to fade
pmch       to level
pmchk    s.p.(mit) mythical being
pmk      adj.        shallow || flat || little deep
pmknpmnkksky         to bury || to cover || to hide in the ground
pmky     s.          plain
pmmk     adj.        adulteress
pmn?^pmntk?          prostitute
pmp      s.(bot)     lion ear || kind of medicinal plant used in popular medicine for gargling and against inflammations
pmp      s.(zoo)     ruddy quail dove || kind of bird
pmp                  kind
         s.(zoo)(p.esp) of freshwater ray of the Amazon
pmpchk   s.(top)     a mountain in the Province of Huarochiri (Department of Lima | Peru) || (Span.) Pumarauca
pmpchky s.(bot)      kind of medicinal plant of the jungle
pmpchky s.(top)      town east of Lake Titicaca || (Span.) Pomata
pmpchpy s.(bot)      alga living in water
pmpchy       to bring || to fetch
pmpchy       to claw || to scratch (cat)
pmpchy   expr.       who knows?
pmpchyy pron.indef. whoever
pmpk     s.          cosmos
pmpk     s.(esp)     family
pmpk     adj.        cosmic
pmpkn    s.          cosmic element
pmpkrsk  adj.        cosmic
pmpkrsk  interj.onom.[sound of hitting something]
pmpky    s.(fam)     a man's sister || sister (to a brother) || sister || sister (man's)
pmpky    s.(esp)     bread
pmpmnk   expr.       clay jar
pmpmp    s.(d1)      day
pmpmpy   s.(top)     departmental city in Peru || (Span.) Puno
pmpmrk   adj.(esp) fine || sharp || fine || thin
pmpmrk   s.(d2)      hour || time
pmpmsyk s.           jug || jar || really big container used for alcohol or water
pmpn     s.(geo)     lofty region || elevated | cold plain || altitude level in the Andes from 4000 to 5000 m || highland plateau i
pmpn     s.(top)     name of town near Betanzos (Bolivia)
pmpny    s.(bot)(esp)pineapple || ananas
pmpr                 p
         s.(zoo)(tupi) iranha || kind of fish of the Amazon
pmprn    s.(tex)(esp)rectangular cloth
pmprrn   s.          reflex
pmpry    adv.l.      right || right (side) || right (hand side)
pmpsk    s.          right hand || right side || right handside of the path | relating to mystical knowledge || the cold | rational | o
pmpsy    s.(tex)     right-spun yarn
pmpt     shurely || in any case
pmpt     adj.        sleepy
pmptk    s.(bot)     kind of spurge tree
pmptp                p
         s.(map)(tex) oncho
pmpy     s.          space
pmpy       to dress someone in a poncho
pmpy     s.          straw from the lofty region
pmpychy s.(cri)      God || Our Lord
pmpyk    s.a.        lulling || somnolent
pmpyk    s.          narcotic || drug || dope
pmpyky   s.(cri)     religion
pmpyp      expr.       Ascention of Christ
pmpyrm     s.          prayer
pmpyrm     expr.       year before Christ
pmrnr      s.(neo)     electricity
pmrp       v.intr.     to put on a poncho
pmry       expr.       Good Friday
pmryk      s.          bird
pmsch      s.(zoo)     brilliant black wasp that kills spiders for alimentation of its descendants || firefly
pmt        s.(zoo)     dung-beetle
pmy        s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
pmy        s.          day
pmy       to send to sleep || to lull to sleep || to put to sleep
pmychn     s.(neo)     diary
pmykn      s.(neo)     newspaper (daily)
pmyy       adv.t.      every day
pmyyk      s.          daily life
pmyynp     adv.t.      the whole day
pmyyr      s.          sustenance || maintenance
pn         s.a.        daily
pn         adv.t.      daily || every day
pn         expr.       we start very early in the morning
pn         adv.t.      five times daily
pn         v.impers. to dawn
pn         expr.       and your sister? (spoken to a man)
pn         s.(zoo)     carrion vulture
pn         s.(bot)(esp)century plant || agave
pn         s.(d2)      compulsory service for the landlord
pn         s.          cord
pn         s.(fam)     daughter-in-law || sister-in-law || any female familiar adjunct
pn         s.          door || Indian who worked for the patron
pn         adj.(col)   dyed yellowish orange
pn                     husk
           s.(bot.ana)(d1) || leaf covering the corn cob
pn         s.(his)     in Inka times this word refers to the twelve royal lineages of Inka families that competed in Wiraqocha te
pn                     leaf
pn         s.(mik)     meal cooked with salt | but without any spices
pn         s.(geo)     narrowing of a river
pn         s.(med)     oedema
pnch       s.(ass)     page || book || piece of paper
pnch       s.(ana)     penis
pnch       s.(esp)     ranch || farm
pnchchy    s.          shame
pnchh      s.(d1)      slave
pnchk      s.          water-filled depression || puddle || deep spot in river || pool of water
pnchk      s.(zoo.ana)wing
pnchkhmp s.            threshold
pnchkkmy s.            threshold
pnchkkysrspychy        to ashame
pnchkmnmnr       to make swell
pnchkmnrkhmyyt         body
pnchky     v.intr.     to pretend being asleep
pnchky     adj.        rich of leaves
pnchkynskpnchy         certain kind of shrub
pnchnch    adj.         shamefaced || shy || bashful
pnchnkr        to ashame
pnchnky    s.a.         fearful
pnchnky    p.p.p.       ashamed || bashful
pnchy      s.a.         door-keeper || gate-keeper || porter
pnchy      s.(ana)      incisor
pnchykm s.              threshold
pnchykyk v.intr.        to be ashamed || to get embarrassed
pnchynnt s.(mat)        paper money || banknotes || bills (money)
pnchynntkysy            to swell excessively
pnchynntn s.            torch
pnchynntnkry.(mat)      tangent
pnchynntnrrrk           soup
pnchypnchys.(bot)       horsetail || kind of herb
pnchypnchytkknchk       kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
pnchyppchkktn           to fall asleep
pnchyyy    s.(zoo)(d1) big spider || tarantula
pnk        s.(med)      cancer
pnk        s.(zoo)(d2) crayfish
pnk        p.p.p.       annoyed || angry
pnk        p.p.p.       sleeping
pnk        to remove the leaves vocering the corn cobs
pnk        v.intr.      to shrink (swelling)
pnk        p.p.p.       ashamed || bashful
pnk        adj.         swollen
pnk        adj.         feared || timid || ashamed
pnk        s.(bot)      kind of jungle tree | 11-16 m high
pnk        s.           frame
pnk        adj.         swollen || pale
pnk        s.a.         shamefaced || shy || bashful
pnk        to empty
pnk        expr.        close the door
pnk        s.(ana)      ankle
pnk        s.           bashful person || ashamed person
pnk        adj.         light || light (not heavy)
pnk        s.           pool || dammed up water
pnk        s.(d1)       shame || dishonor
pnkchk     s.           swelling || inflammation
pnkchkkk adj.           timid
pnkchy     v.intr.      to be ashamed || to get embarrassed
pnkchy     v.intr.      to do compulsory service for the landlord
pnkh       v.intr.      to fall asleep
pnkhnrry v.recip.       to get along || to refer to each other || to relate to each other
pnkhnt        to shame
pnkk       v.intr.      to swell || to become inflamed || to swell
pnkk       v.intr.(esp) to torment oneself
pnkkchy    s.(d2)       vagina
pnkkk        to shame
pnkkkrsk adj.           light
pnkkmk        to inflame
pnkkr      s.(med)      hydropoiesis
pnkkrm     s.           genitals
pnkky        adj.        outrageus || impertinent
pnkkyk       s.p.        shamefaced || shy || bashful
pnkmny       s.(fam)     baby still sleeping most time
pnknk       to dishonour
pnknkksky    adj.        very shamefaced
pnkp         s.(zoo)     kind of cicade
pnkpnk       s.(mus)     pipe of baked clay || musical instrument (flute) || a flute-like musical instrument
pnkpnk       adv.m.      shamefacedly || shyly || bashfully
pnkpy        v.intr.     to go to sleep
pnkr         s.          bed
pnkr         s.(tex)     hand-woven blanket of dyed yarn with stripes of colors and a narrow band of simple design on each edg
pnkr         s.a.        sleepy
pnkrsk       s.          dormitory
pnkrsk with whom? || with whom together?
pnkry with whom? || with whom together?
pnkry        s.          dormitory
pnksk        expr.       go to the dormitory
pnksk        s.          dream
pnkskr       v.intr.     to slumber
pnksyky                  hem
             s.(tex)(p.esp) of cloth
pnkt         adj.(esp) haughty || proud
pnkt         s.          siesta
pnktkk       adj.        people of the lofty region
pnktnchchy   p.p.p.      sleeping
pnktychky    v.intr.     to become wet
pnky         v.intr.     to slumber
pnky         v.intr.     to slumber
pnky         s.(ana)     belly
pnky         s.          poor child
pnky         s.adj.      prisoner || captive
pnky         s.          torment || jail
pnky         s.(ana)     womb || uterus
pnky         s.(zoo)(amz)pygmy marmoset || kind of monkey
pnky         s.          person who sleeps a lot || dozy || sleepyhead
pnky         adj.        sleepy
pnky         s.a.        sleepwalker
pnky         adj.        eternally deadened
pnky         s.(med)     leishmaniasis (a tropical illness)
pnky         s.(zoo)     black agouti || kind of rodent
pnkychy      s.(ana)     right lung
pnkykch      v.intr.     to dance without being member of a group
pnkykchy      to hop around
pnkyky       s.(zoo)(amz)aracari || kind of toucan || kind of bird
pnkynn       adj.        fat || portly || corpulent
pnkynnnk     s.(geo)     mountain region || Sierra
pnkynyk      v.intr.     not to be able to sleep
pnkyrk to think || to think (over | about)
pnkyrry      adj.(p.esp) concerned
pnkysp       p.p.p.      left-woven (tissue)
pnkyy        s.(tex)     blanket
pnkyy        adv.t.      first
pnkyy        adj.        first || beginning || original
pnmy      s.(d1)       fish-hook || fishing gear
pnn       adj.         incorrect || wrong
pnn                    k
          s.(bot)(aym) ind of shrub || plant with a red flower used as dark cherry colored or purple dye
pnnk      s.           mistake || error
pnnkh     adj.(col)    reddish || violet color || pink || dark red || dark cherry colored
pnntn     s.(esp)      skirt
pnntntk   s.(d2)       street
pnnys     s.           disguise

pnnysmnhyky            to confuse || to mislead || to hinder || to ruin
pnnyy     s.(bot)      kind of grass || kind of huge grass of the costal region (up to 1300 m) and the Amazon (up to 1500 m) fo
pnnyy     adj.         infinite
pnpkyyn   num.o.       the first || first
pnrky     adj.         unlimited
pnrn      adj.         unlimited
pnrsk     s.           lover
pnry      p.p.p.       confused
pnry                   kind
          s.(zoo)(p.esp) of freshwater ray of the Amazon
pnryy     s.(cal)(esp)Whitsuntide || Whitsun || Pentecost
pns       s.           error || mistake
pns       v.intr.      to get confused
pns       s.(neo)      principle
pns       s.           envy
pns       s.(tex)      nappy || napkin || diaper || bunch || shroud || pall
pnschchk s.            twins
pnsk      v.intr.(esp) to dance fandango
pnsk      postpos. in front of
pnskprk   s.(bot)      kind of herbaceous plant of the high mountain region
pnskr     s.           sister and brother
pnskrch   s.(neo)      fundamental human right
pnsn      p.p.p.       wrong
pnsrkn    s.(esp)      ghost
pnsty                  k
          s.(zoo)(esp) ind of catfish of the Amazon
pnsty     s.           confusion
pnsy      s.(mus)(esp) kind of happy | dynamic dance around the humisha palm
pnsy      v.intr.      to advance
pnsy      v.intr.      to be wrong || to be confused
pnsy to paint
pnsy        to wrap || to bandage
pnsyysk   v.intr.      to be confused
pnt        to put on warm clothes
pnt       s.(esp)      cemetery
pnt tip
pnt       s.(esp)      trousers || pants
pnt       adv.m.       by error || inadvertently || by mistake || mistakenly || wrongly
pnt       v.intr.      to be wrong
pnt       s.           dream
pnt       adv.t.       early
pnt       s.(bot)      kind of plant species with soft wood
pntchn    s.(bot)      kind of spurge whose milk sap is used against fungus
pntchy    s.(esp)      nappy || napkin || diaper || bunch
pntk      s.(bot)      pi¤au (plant of the puna with orange flowers | hairy | rough leaves and thin | spongy stalks | growing tog
pntkhn    adj.         sleepy || dozy || sleepyhead
pntkk       adj.        slowly || gently
pntkk       to beat with a pole/stick || to hit
pntkkhn       to claw || to scratch (cat)
pntkms       to punish || to chastise
pntkrsk     v.intr.     to sleep
pntkry                  w
            s.(zoo)(esp) asp
pntksts     s.          inveterate sleeper || dozy || sleepyhead
pntky       adj.        voluminous
pntky       v.intr.     to lie down
pntkyryyy s.(zoo)       agouti || kind of rodent
pntn        s.(zoo)(amz)undulated tao || kind of tinamu || kind of American partridge || kind of bird
pntn       volume (size)
pntn        adv.m.      gradually
pntp        s.          large belly
pntpnt      s.a.        sleepy
pntr        adj.        sleepy || dozy || sleepyhead
pntrnpkchskndj.(k)      inveterately sleeping girl
pntsk       adj.        sleepy || drowsy
pntty       v.pron.     to be never quick-witted
pnty       to cheer up
pnty        v.pron.     to be able to sleep
pnty        v.pron.     to be sleepy
pnty        expr.       I am sleepy
pnty        s.(esp)     kerchief
pnty        s.(zoo)     small ant whose bite does not hurt
pntykch     v.intr.     to stink
pntykkypcht       to tear down || to pull down || to knock down || to overturn
pntyn       s.(top)     upper community || community oriented to the puna || community in the District of Kuyu Kuyu (Cuyo Cuy
pntyn       s.(med)     sleeplessness || insomnia
pntyn       v.intr.     to yawn
pntyp       to put to sleep
pntyyy      s.(ana)     belly button || navel || bellybutton
pny         adj.        damp || fresh
pny         s.          damp || humidity
pny                     f
            s.(fam)(esp)ather || dad || daddy
pny         s.(bot)     kind of parasitic climbing plant
pny         s.          penis
pny         s.(bot)(d1) potato
pny         adj.        thick (liquid) || viscous || doughy
pny         s.(tex)     tight or compressed tissue
pny whose?
pny         s.(bot)(d2) yam || kind of plant of the jungle (main use: food)
pny         s.(bot)     taro || kind of tuber plant of the jungle (main use: food)
pny         s.(ana)     umbilical cord
pny         s.          return of humidity
pnycht to comress tissue
pnyk        v.intr.     to stop losing humidity
pnyky                   k
            s.(zoo)(esp) ind of bird with abundant | puffy plumage on head and neck
pnyn        s.(bot)(esp)kind of potato
pnyn for whom? || whose?
pnyn        s.(bot)     fungus that effects frictions in potatoes
pnyp who? (plural)
pnys         s.(zoo)     potato worm (larva of a beetle)
pnysk        s.(k)       stammerer
pnysk        s.(bot)     cocoyam || kind of plant of the jungle (main use: food)
pnyskpsn     s.(bot)     small potato || round | white potato
pnysp        s.(bot)(esp)kind of plant of the yunca with spicy fruits
pnytchty     s.(bot)     unknown kind of flower (in the tales of Waruchiri)
pnytnchchy   s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
pnytty       s.(ana)     umbilical cord
pnyty        s.(bot)     kind of shrub of the jungle (main use: food)
pnytyn       s.(tex)     thick | closewoven cloth
pnyy         s.(tex)     potato field (belt design of small | longitudinal rectangles)
pnyy         s.(bot)     kind of wild plant | star plant of potato
pnyy         s.(bot)     potato's mother (protecting plant of potato)
pnyy         s.(tex)     thick | closewoven cloth
pnyy         s.          large potato || long | thin | yellow potato
pnyyk        s.(bot)     breadfruit || kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle || kind of plant of the jungle (main use: food
pnyyntchky   s.(esp)     marbles
pnyysy       pron.indef. someone || somebody || whichever || whomever
pp           s.          law || word of the leader
pp           pron.indef. all together
pp           s.          who steals as much as he can
pp           s.(ana)     belly button || navel
pp           s.(zoo)     kind of bird piping screechily | accoding to the legend | it announced to Herodes's soldiers Jesus's flight
pp                       w
pp                       w
pp  whose?
pp           v.intr.     to suffer from melancholy
pp           s.(ast)(esp)Cross of God the Father: Head of Scorpio (provenience: Misminay)
pp           adj.        big-naveled
ppchn        s.(bot)     papaya || kind of fruit tree || kind of plant of the jungle (main use: food | medicinal)
ppchny       s.(esp)     paper
ppchy       to press together
ppchy        adj.        without ears
ppchy       to cut off ears
pph          s.          ball
pphyr        s.          ball for playing
ppk          s.          cooked potato
ppkk         s.(bot)(esp)type of potato
ppkn         s.(ana)     umbilical cord
ppkr         s.          harvest of potato
ppky         s.          cooked potato
ppmnt     among || amongst
ppmy         s.(ana)     bladder || gourd
ppn          s.(reg)     breeding-place (of animals)
ppn          conj.(esp) but
ppnk         s.          container made out of a kind of pumpkin || gourd
ppnk         adj.        dark
ppnkppk      s.(ast)     full moon
pppch        s.          globe || bulb
pppchkr      adj.        hollow || empty
ppphn        adj.        light brown || golden yellow || orange || ripe || ready to harvest || toasted-color
pppmmn       adj.        lukewarm || tepid || cooked well
ppppysk    s.(bot)(esp)pear
pprn       s.(bot)     porongo (certain kind of pumpkin used as containers) || kind of pumpkin || gourd
ppry       adj.(esp) pure
pps        s.(met)     rain
pps        v.intr.     to drip
ppsmn      s.(agr)     second weeding
ppsmyps expr.          it is raining
ppsyp walking
ppt       to drive || to conduct
ppt       to warm up
ppt        s.(bot)(esp)bean
ppt        conj.(esp) because
pptk       s.(ass)     blackboard
pptpssnknysky          both
pptyskrs   adj.        consecutive
ppy        s.          fence || wall
ppy        adj.        grown together (limbs) || person who has six toes or fingers || plant with twigs or fruits grown together
ppy        adj.        guileless || ingenuous || candid || simple-minded
ppy        s.(ana)     lung
ppy        s.(tri)     Paracas (old culture of the Peruvian coast)
ppychy     s.a.        rainy
ppyk       s.(tex)     thick blanket sewn together out of many cloths
ppyk       s.a.        traveller || hiker || rambler || consecutive
ppyny      s.          water ditch
ppys       s.(med)     foot with six toes
ppysk      adj.        wandering
ppyy       to build
ppyyk       to disfigure
pr       to make someone build a wall
pr      to stray || to go astray || to wander || to rove
pr         s.(mat)     binomial
pr         s.a.        bricklayer || mason
pr         adj.        dual
pr         s.a.        tramp || vagabond || vagrant
pr       to build a wall for oneself
pr         s.(mit)     flying head (wandering head of a sleeping person | especially when he/she has done something wrong)
pr         adj.        who has hands with six fingers
pr         adv.m.      together
pr       to go to build a wall
pr         s.          darkness
pr         s.          irrigation
pr         s.(top)     village and Quechua community near Cajamarca (department and province of Cajamarca | Peru) || (Sp
pr         s.(med)     epidemic
prchchkyy s.           poster
prchhymy         to build something for someone
prchkn       to carry away || to carry off || to carry away someone else's
prchksp    s.(bot)     porocso (climbing plant with maracuya-like flowers and long | generally eatable fruits becoming yellow w
prchy      p.p.p.      made out of bricks
prchy      expr.       the fence came down
prpsr      s.          duality
prpt       s.(ast)     full moon
prptsy     adj.        hypocritical || tongue-in-cheek || hipocrite || (lit.) double-faced
prk to annoy || to disturb || to go wrong || to break
prk       to build a wall || to make a wall
prk       to carry away || to carry off || to carry away one's own
prk       to carry fast
prk       to carry on one's back
prk      to go
prk       to water || to irrigate
prk        s.          tramp || vagabond || vagrant
prk        adj.        white corn or oca
prk        s.          bricklayer || mason
prk        s.(mes)     December
prk       to help to build a wall
prk        s.(esp)     cousin
prkchk     adj.        land fertilized by sowing legumes
prkchk     s.(top)     river in the Departments of Qosqo and Apurimaq (Peru) || (Span.) Apur¡mac
prkchy     s.(esp)     first cousin
prkchy       to promise
prkchy                 to drizzle
prkchy                 to rain
prkhchh to sign
prkk       s.(agr)     areas for subsidiary residence with isolated houses and fields
prkk       s.(tex)     backstrap loom
prkk       adj.pron. both
prkky      s.          ceramic wash basin || large ceramic plate or dish || bucket
prkm       s.(agr)     field in the rainforest area when soil fertility starts dropping after about 2-3 years or 3-4 cassava crops (
prkmk                  l
prkmnt                 p
           s.(zoo)(tupi) iranha || kind of fish of the Amazon
prkmy      s.(k)       stupid person
prkn       adj.        wild || barren
prkn       s.          wilderness || wasteland
prkn       s.          matrimony
prknky     s.(bot)     certain kind of pumpkin used as containers
prkp|pnkpchrnkyk       hiker || tourist || vagabond
prkpy                  karwinchu (kind of wild plant | an illa of potato)
prkpy      s.          adolescent
prks       s.(zoo)     wild guinea pig
prksk      s.          platform || terrace
prkthnykmn s.(neo)     traffic light
prktky     expr.       instead of going
prky       to make land cultivable
prky       adj.        deaf
prky       s.          savage
prky       s.(esp)     French
prky                   f
prky       s.          abandoned village || empty village || ghost town
prky       s.(esp)     tip || gratuity
prky       s.(mil)     breastplate
prky       s.(bot)     kind of reed | medicinal plant of the jungle || umbrella flat sedge
prky       s.(bot)     kind of shrub
prkykmyk s.(bot)       medical plant used against partial paralysis
prkyryky to prepare || to contract (work)
prkysy     s.(esp)     professor
prm         s.(esp)      prophet || also sut'inchaj
prm to prophesy || to also sut'inchay
prmk        to flatten || to plane
prmrmn      s.(bot)      ipururu - kind of shrub of the river banks | ist leaves are used as medicine against diabetes | also used
prmty        to convey
prmy        s.(mik)      drink made out of ripe | parboiled and liquified inguiri banana
prmy        s.           direction
prn       to set off || to embark || to begin a journey
prn        to warm up (food)
prn         s.(mil)      stone balls thrown down from the castle
prn                      f
            s.(mik)(esp) ood eaten on May day (falso conejo)
prn         s.(esp)      contempt
prn         s.           gift
prn         s.(bot)      kind of granadilla
prn         s.(med)(esp) placenta
prn         s.(esp)      prisoner
prn         adj.(esp) fresh
prnchky     adj.(esp) fresh
prnk        p.p.p.       gone
prnkch      p.p.p.       striped || speckled || striped with colours
prnkmt      adj.s.       fidget || traveller || who travels much
prnkr       expr.        Let's go
prnky       adv.m.(esp)  deliberately || intentionally
prnmny      v.intr.(esp) to be imprisoned || to be prisoner
prnnnchk    s.(esp)      blanket
prnpkrntk to borrow
prnpky to lend
prnr        s.(bot)      dwarf bean || bean
prnrn       s.(esp)      sweet fruit
prnykt      adv.m.(esp)  with all speed || in large haste
prpn to damage || to deteriorate || to waste
prpr        s.(bot)      kind of shrub of the jungle (main use: medicinal)
prpr        v.intr.(esp) to behave || to behave well || to conduct oneself
prpr to forgive || to pardon
prpr        v.cop.       to lie on the belly
prpry to lose
prpy        s.(esp)      Portuguese
prr         s.           conduct (behavior) || current || conduct || current
prrchy      s.(esp)      fair || market
prrk        s.           granary || barn || shack used to store food
prry        s.(esp)      hurry || strength || force || force || power || strength
prry        s.(esp)      kettle || casserole || stewpot
prry        s.           loneliness
prryk       s.           maize bloom
prryt       s.(top)      Peru
prs         s.(ast)(d1) planet Jupiter
prs         s.(ast)(d2) Pleiades (constellation)
prs         s.           relation
prsk        s.(zoo)      sparrow
prsk        s.(esp)      story
prsk        v.intr.      to burn (intr.)
prskr        to carry
prsnchk       to fly || to run || to run
prsp       to go || to walk || to hike || to ramble || to travel || to wander || to flow || to travel
prsryy      v.intr.(esp) to hurry
prstky      v.intr.      to live
prsty                    to rain
prt         s.(bot)      kind of shrub
prt        to gild || to toast in the sun or on the fire
prtchy      v.intr.(esp) to profit || to take advantage of
prtksp     by whom?
prtky       s.(top)      Lake Poop¢
prtny       to walk || to walk around
prty        s.(top)      a mountain in the Province of Huarochiri (Department of Lima | Peru) || (Span.) Pariacaca (<sparrow ro
prty        s.(mit)      male deity (wak'a) in the tales of Waruchiri | defeater of Wallallu Qarwinchu and of the sinning Yunkas |
prtys       s.(neo)      means of transport
pry to grieve || to worry
pry         s.(mit)      son of Paryaqaqa who persecuted Wallallu Qarwinchu (also called Sullka Illapa) in the tales of Waruchi
pry to comment
pry                      t
            expr.(p.esp)o learn fast
pry         s.(met)      rain season
pry         s.(zoo)      flamingo || heron
pry         adj.(esp) peruvian
pry         s.(esp)      peruvian
pry                      t
            v.recip.(esp)o argue || to discuss (arguing)
pry         s.           share || participation || interest
pry         expr.        very slow
pry to request
pry         adj.(esp) communicative
pry        to help walk
pry         s.(neo.per) national defense system of Peru
pry         s.(met)      rainy year
pry                      rainy
            s.(met)(p.esp) season
pry         adv.m.(esp)  fast || quickly
pry         s.(ass)      graphic presentation
prychkr     s.           maduration of maize
prychy      s.(zoo)      South American rooster
prychy      s.(esp)      speech || language
pryk        v.intr.      to bloom
prykch        to carry on one's back (women)
prykchy     v.intr.      to cool down
prykk       v.intr.      to darken
prykk       v.intr.      to fool about || act the fool
pryknch to fry
prykpy      v.intr.      to get burnt by a fire
prykrk       to jump
pryky        to make hollow
prymnychy        to pile up || to stack
prymt       v.dic.(esp) to speak || to converse || to talk
pryn        v.dic.(esp) to tell a story
pryn        s.           scale model
pryn      also
prynky      adj.         brown || gray || grey
prynn       s.(zoo)      curdle
prypry     s.           daughter-in-law || sister in law || any female familiar adjunct
prypyy     adj.         little || small quantity || rare || short || small || a little || few
pryst      s.(bot)      pasu || kind of plant of the jungle (main use: food)
prysy      s.           root || origin || beginning
pryt       s.           wee-wees || pee
prytmp     s.(esp)      well
pryy       adj.         widower || unlucky
pryy      not either
pryy       s.           thanks
pryy        to disdain
pryy        to make bring someone
pryy       s.(mat)      minuend
pryy       p.p.p.       crestfallen || dejected
pryy       s.           shortcut || abbreviation || summary
pryy    to berate || to scorn
pryy        to make lead someone
pryy    to shorten || to make small
pryy to transfer
pryy       s.           braid || pigtail || plait
pryy       s.           pad for carrying freight on the head
pryy       s.a.         murderer || killer || butcher
pryy       s.(mit)      mythical murderer who sucks out the poor's fat
pryyy        to murder || to kill || to behead || to butcher || to slaughter || to skin an animal
ps        to plait || to braid
ps         s.           ancestor || former generation
ps         adj.         anemic || pale
ps         s.(zoo)(d1) bird || crow
ps         s.(top)(<?) Department of Pasco (Peru)
ps         num.c.       eight
ps         s.(d1)       frequency || repetition
ps         adj.         frequent
ps         s.(zoo)(d2) hen
ps         s.a.         leader || guide || boss
ps         s.(min)      lime
psch       s.(bot)      maize fungus
psch       s.(mik)      meal with kinwa
pschkpy    adv.t.       often || frequently
pschmy     s.(d2)       past
pschn      s.(ana)      penis
pschsk     s.           solution
pschy      s.(zoo)      South American partridge
pschy      s.(top)      town in the Department of Qosqo | province of Kalka/Calca (Peru) || (Span.) Pisac
pschy      s.(esp)      travel horse
pschy      s.a.         proud
pschy      num.fract. eigth
pshkk      num.c.       eighty
pshky      adj.         octagonal
pshtk      s.           pride
pshtk        to be proud of
pshty      v.intr.      to boast
pshy        to loosen || to detach
psk       to octuplicate
psk        s.a.        bird hunter
psk        s.          solution
psk        s.(mat)     obtuse angle
psk        s.          octagon
psk        s.(mat)     obtuse triangle
psk        adj.        octagonal
psk        s.a.        detachable
psk        s.a.        scarecrow
psk        s.          management || leadership
psk        s.(his)     birth origin || descent || caste
psk       to hunt birds || to catch birds
psk        expr.(mat) eight times hundred (eight hundred)
psk        adv.t.      always || continually || constantly
psk        v.intr.     to detach || to untie || to get loose
psk        adj.        generous || liberal
psk        s.(uni)     fourth-hand (unit of length)
psk        s.          scarecrow
psk        s.(bot)     kind of cactus
pskchk     s.          lodging
pskchkt    adv.l.      place where animals are untied
pskchnk    num.o.      eighth
pskchnryk expr.        Lesson Eight
pskchy     s.p.(his)   casteless
pskchy     num.c.      eight hundred
pskchy     adv.t.      forever
pskchy     v.dic.      to cheep (partridge)
pskchy     adv.t.      eight o'clock
pskhpk     s.(uni)     fathom
pskk       s.(tex)     dress with unpicked seams
pskkch     v.impers. to clear up
pskkch       to detach || to untie
pskkchkmsmnyych        lodged
pskkchykrkchyn         to slap up the face
pskkk      adj.        open-mouthed
pskkmk     s.          person with an open nose
pskkmy     adj.(k)     excellent man
pskkn      s.(ana)     scrotum
pskknthpkprydv.t.      repeatedly
pskktpchk postpos. after (duration) || at the end of (duration)
pskkty     s.(bot)     begonia || kind of herbaceous plant
pskky      adj.        constant || continuous || continuous
pskmk      s.(cal)(esp)Easter
pskmkp     s.(bot)     kind of plant
pskmnchch s.           lack || weakness || deficiency || insufficiency
pskn       s.(mat)     octaeder
pskn                   plumbeous pigeon || kind of bird
pskn                   ruddy
           s.(zoo)(amz)(d2) pigeon || kind of bird
psknkn       to hold || to grasp || to grab || to grip || to catch || to take       to lead someone in company
psknnk     v.intr.     to shave (oneself)
pskpchk       to twist a thread slightly
pskpk       to untie || to detach || to let loose || to free || to open || to pardon || to forgive || to solve (problem) || to res
pskpskny         to wet || to water
pskr       to decipher
pskrkr     adj.        weak || of little strength
pskrkskpch adv.m.      continually
pskry       to scare off birds
pskry      s.          fool || dumb
psksk      s.          mandate
pskskmkynykty          prisoner
psksm      adv.m.      gradually
psksnk     s.(bot)     kind of shrub of the jungle (main use: medicinal)
psksp       to fetch someone
psksymp s.             foam || froth
pskt       to fetch (someone | an animal)
psktn      s.(fam)     girl || servant girl || school girl (seven years and older) || girl | 7 to 13 years old (meaning today) (critical m
psky       s.(zoo)(amz)kind of fish of the Amazon
psky       s.(ana)     stomach
psky       s.(zoo)     big spider || tarantula || spider that carries its eggs on its back
psky       s.(bot)     kind of corn || kind of maize
psky       adj.        poor in spirit
psky       adj.        small
psky       s.(bot)     upashanco (small plant of the puna with small | sweet | orange-colored fruits eaten in silence)
psky       s.(mit)     tutelary mountain spirit of the Qoyllor Rit'i festival
psky       v.recip.    to flee each other
psky       s.          amphitheater
psky       s.(bot)     coral tree
psky       adj.        not able to read well
psky       s.          dry and hardened skin || dry | rough skin from heat and cold
psky       s.(med)     flake (of the skin)
pskykpchny s.(tex)     lease stick || second | smaller rod behind the shed rod used to control order and tension of the warps
pskyp      adj.        rough
pskyt      adj.        tired
pskyy      adj.        weak || strengthless || pale || anemic
psm        adv.t.      shortly
psm       to tire || to make tired
psm        s.p.        who wears short dress
psmntps    p.p.p.      tired || weary || fatigued
psmpnk     s.(zoo)     kind of cotinga bird
psmpy      s.(esp)     match (to make fire)
psmy       s.(bot)(esp)plant | leaves used to dye black
psmy       interj.     pee!
psn        p.p.p.      backward
psn        adv.m.      little by little
psn        adj.(d2)    conceited
psnk       adj.        lively | clever woman
psnk       adj.(d1)    small
psnk       v.intr.     to become cracked by cold (skin)
psnk       v.intr.     to dry out (skin) forming flakes || to chap || to dry out
psnk       to lead someone in favour of someone
psnkr      v.intr.     to pee (little kids)
psnky      v.intr.     to tire || to become tired || to be backward
psntrtyn   adj.        very tired
psny      adj.         backward
psnyyk        to lack
psp       s.           necessity
psp        to need
psp       adj.         trustful
psp       adj.         hard of hearing
psp        to disdain
pspch     p.p.p.       exhausted || finished
pspchp    p.p.p.       guided || lead
pspchy    adj.         sentimental || weak person || pusillanimous || coward
pspchyk   s.           cowardliness
pspkrsk   s.(esp)      airport || paved strip
pspns     s.(zoo)      kind of bird || calf
psps      s.(esp)      one hundred kilos
pspsk     s.           pasture || fodder || herb
pspsmnt   s.           wraparound skirt made of homespun | brightly dyed or natural white wool | worn in layers by women
pspt        to wet || to water
pspt      v.intr.      to cover oneself
pspt      s.           coat || overcoat
pspy      s.(top)      river in Ecuador and Peru || canton and province in the Eastern Region of Ecuador
pspy      v.intr.(esp) to bet
pspy        to cover
pspy      s.           decrease || diminution
pspy      adj.(esp) easy
pspy      s.(bot)      kind of bean
pspyp     s.(bot)      kind of tree of the jungle (main use: food | nest for chuntakurus of the jungle (larvae) | wood | firewood |
pspyy     adj.         light (not heavy)
psr       adj.         narrow
psrchky   s.(ana)      pupil (of the eye)
psrkk     s.           scarcity
psrnryk   v.cop.       to be missing || to be absent || to lack || to deminish || to end
psrpyy    v.intr.      to diminish || to decrease || to lessen || to lose intensity || to weaken
pssk        to eat (birds | animals) || to graze
pssk        to end
pssnk go || to pass || to happen || to pass through
pssnkky   v.intr.(med)to have diarrhoea
pst    to invite
pst        to lead || to guide || to bring (persons or animals) || to conduct
pst        to paint || to color || to colour
pst       v.intr.      to urinate || to pee || to piss
pst to weigh something
pstchy        to decrease || to reduce || to diminish
pstky       to walk || to walk around || to promenade
pstn      expr.        Welcome!
psts      s.(mat)      proper fraction
psty      expr.        there are only few ropes
psty      s.(cri)(esp) Passion (of Jesus Christ)
psy       s.(zoo)      kind of fox
psy       s.(cri)(esp) Cross of the Passion
psy       s.(ast)(esp)Cross of the Passion (constellation | provenience: Lucre)
psy       adv.m.       too much || absolutely || completely || totally
psy       adj.         cheap
psy         adv.m.       completely
psy         s.           person or animal without spirit
psy         s.           smallness || littleness
psy         interj.      Take it easy!
psy         s.(bot)      kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
psy         v.intr.(esp) to walk
psy         s.(mat)      less than
psy         s.(tex)      short rope
psy        to help to lead
psy         adv.t.       after
psy         v.intr.(d2) to become impoverished || to become poor
psy         v.intr.(d1) to diminish || to decrease || to diminish || to lessen || to reduce
psy         v.intr.(esp) to go for a walk
psychy      v.intr.      to lose one's wife
psykchy walk around || to travel around
psykmy      adv.l.(d1) above || high up
psykpkypy   s.(bot)      agave || American agave || a succulent shrub used to make ropes || century plant
psymysk     s.           anus
psyn        s.(ana)      belly button || navel
psynk       s.           bite
psynkrs     s.           chicha dipper
psynkrs     s.           confusion || duck
psyp        s.(zoo.ana)down (of a bird)
psypk       s.(d2)       end || absolute end
psypk       adj.         fat child
psypsy      from || because
psypsy      adv.l.(d2) from above
psypsy      s.(uni)(neo)gallon
psyr        s.           key || lock || padlock || chest || small chest made out of pumpkin
psyrky      postpos. near || on || above || over
psysk       adj.         neighbouring || adjoining || place || spot
psysky      s.           pair || twins || couple || couple
psysy       s.(d1)       part || piece
psyt        s.(esp)      photo || photograph
psyy        s.(bot)      poto (kind of pumpkin with round fruits)
psyy        adj.         shabby || dilapidated
psyy        adj.         short
psyy        s.           square || edge || terrace || shore
psyy        s.(tex)      thin thread
pt          s.(mik)      toasted and polverized grain
pt          s.(bot.ana) trunk
pt          s.(bot)      variety of maize
pt      when (subj1<>subj2)
pt whom?
pt          s.(esp)      soccer || football
pt          s.(med)      badly developed tooth
pt          adj.         deaf || dumb || silent
pt          s.           stew
pt          s.           table
pt          expr.        hands up!
pt          v.intr.      to hold one's palms together
pt          adj.         bivalent
pt          p.p.p.       piled up
pt          s.           team
pt        to arrange || to place || to put above
pt    to bind
pt        to delay || to postpone || to defer || to suspend
pt        to make bite up
pt        to make knit
pt        to make smoke
pt          s.           weaning (tearing the thread) (happens when the child is between one and a half and two years old)
pt                       botija (measure of capacity | 12.5 pounds)
pt          s.(l.esp)    short-necked | wide-bellied jug
pt          s.(bot)      kind of cactus
pt        surface
pt          s.           aphtha || inflammation of the mouth
pt          adj.         dirty (liquid) || cloudy (liquid)
ptch        s.           dwarf
ptch      if (subj1<>subj2) || when (subj1<>subj2)
ptch        s.           knife
ptch        s.(esp)      suitcase || travelling basket
ptchk       adj.         thick (liquid) || viscous || doughy
ptchky      s.(top)      town in the valley of Waylas || (Span.) Putaca
ptchnyk     s.(mat)      trapeze
ptchsk who?
ptchsk      adj.         wide
ptchy       s.(bot)      kind of opuntia
ptchy       s.(mat)      trapezoid
ptchy                    k
            s.(bot)(amz) ind of tree of the jungle || dumbcane
ptchy                    biconditional
ptchy       s.(med)      badly developed tooth
ptchy       s.(top)      city in Bolivia | formerly capital city of colonial South America || (Span.) Potos¡
ptchy       s.           rumbling
pth         adj.         who becomes the fool
pth         s.(mat)      segment
pthy        s.(bot)      kind of very lily with beautiful crimson-red | wide-open flowers || jasmine || nard || delicate flower
pthyn       v.intr.      to agonize (death)
ptk         s.           chicha dipper
ptk         s.           person with speach problems
ptk         v.intr.      to burst || to be divided
ptk        to cloud
ptk        to desire vehemently (something)
ptk        to knit for oneself
ptk        to measure in handful portions || to take small things into the hands || to take in handful portions || to col
ptk        to thicken
ptk         s.           cloudy water
ptk         s.(bot)      kind of climbing herb
ptk      because (subj1<>subj2)
ptkchk      postpos. on (added as suffix)
ptkk        s.           part || portion
ptkn        s.(mat)      divisor
ptkntsyny   adj.         dividing
ptkr        adj.(mat) dividing
ptks        s.           division
ptks      s.(mat)    fraction || fractionation
ptks      adj.       fractionary
ptksk     s.(mat)    quotient
ptkt      s.(mat)    secant
ptkty     s.(mat)    denominator
ptky      adv.l.     above
ptky      s.(mat)    dividend
ptky      segment
ptky      adj.       indivisible
ptky      s.(bot)    kind of medicinal plant of the rainforest
ptky      s.(top)    river in Peru || (Span.) Putumayo (lit. //river where the plant putu grows//)
ptky      to divide || to fractionate
ptky      to go to smoke
ptkyk     v.intr.    to hatch || to rise (sun)
ptkynk    s.(ana)    pubic hairs
ptm       s.         bank (shore) || edge || banks || shore
ptm       s.         chicha dipper
ptm       s.(bot)    kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle || kind of tree of the jungle (main use: medicinal | ritual
ptmchk    s.         knife
ptmchn    s.(tex)    knitting-needle || pickup stick for pallay (jump over)
ptmchnpkyyk dj.      stinking || fetid
ptmk      s.         stone seat
ptmk      s.         trap
ptmk      s.         parity
ptmk      to add || to superpose
ptmksky      to uniform
ptmm      s.         uniformity
ptmn      adv.l.     above
ptmn      adv.l.     at the edge || at the side || on his side || on her side
ptmn      adv.l.     above
ptmnt     s.         feather || wing
ptmp      postpos.   on (added as suffix)
ptmy      adj.       used || ragged || worn
ptmy      s.         cotton leaf
ptmy      s.         potato that remains under the earth and germinates
ptmy    though (subj1<>subj2)
ptmym     expr.      ask someone something
ptn       expr.      to rely on somebody
ptn       s.(bot)    plant | used to dye blue
ptn       s.         stairs || terraces
ptn      surface
ptn       v.intr.    to sleep only with one eye
ptn       s.(tex)    rope torn or cut into pieces
ptn      to knit for someone
ptn      to prepare a bird
ptnchnk      to put into a corner
ptnchy      to tear something for someone
ptnchy    v.intr.    to wear out || to wear down || to become old (things)
ptnchy    s.(zoo)    bird
ptnnk     s.(neo)    book
ptnp      s.(zoo)    cockroach
ptp       s.(esp)    delegate
ptp                     f
           s.(zoo)(esp) oal || colt
ptp        s.           fold
ptpk       s.(esp)      pater (priest)
ptpnk      s.a.         the one who folds
ptpp       s.(p.esp) cassock || soutane
ptps        fold || doubling
ptpsmtpstpys.(esp)      godfather
ptpsny     s.(esp)      landlord || owner of the hacienda || boss || sponsor of a ceremony (especially the owner of a field or herd
ptpt        to fold || to bend
ptpt        to fold up
ptptn        to hold in one's fist
ptptypny   s.(top)      city in Bolivia | formerly capital city of colonial South America (spelling adjusted to Spanish pronunciatio
ptptysk    s.(zoo)(amz) kind of fish of the Amazon
ptpy       s.(bot)      kind of plant
ptpy       s.(esp)      piece
ptpy       p.p.p.       bitten up
ptpy       p.p.p.       smoked
ptpy       p.p.p.       torn || broken
ptpyk      s.(mus)      horn (trumpet) || sea shell or cow horn trumpet || conch shell trumpet (in some Andean communities it is
ptr        s.(zoo)      marine snail shell
ptr        adj.         pot-bellied
ptr to photograph
ptr whom?
ptr        s.           toasted peas
ptr        s.(uni)      measure of capacity || unit of volume
ptrk       s.(ana)      pelvis || pelvic bone
ptrks      s.           a handful
ptrn       s.           black corn || black maize
ptrn       s.           bundle wrapped in a blanket
ptrn       s.(mat)      degree
ptry       s.(neo)      grade (at school)
ptry       s.           interruption
ptryy      s.(bot)      kind of cactus || kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
pts        s.           little || a little || a bit
pts        adv.m.       rapidly
pts        v.intr.      recobrar conocimiento
pts        s.(tex)      roll of wool (before spinning)
ptsk    to beat
ptsk    to cut (a rope || a thread) || to cut || to cut off || to break || to tear || to pull apart || to interrupt || to suspend
ptsk       v.intr.      to eat pitu
ptt    to end (figurative)
ptt        to grab || to take in handful portions
ptt        to grasp || to grab || to take || to catch
pttk       v.intr.      to hatch || to shoot forth (plant)
pttn       to jump || to jump over
pttp        to knit || to weave || to sew
ptty        to lift up the skirt
pty to smoke || to smoke (cigarette | cigar)
pty        to tear with the teeth || to bite up || to chew (with incisors) || to bite
pty    to wrap
pty        s.           tort of back carob flour
pty        adj.         bitter || sour
pty        s.(mat)      minute (of an angle)
pty        s.           section
pty        s.(esp)      noodles
pty        s.(mat)      second (of an angle)
pty        to embitter
pty        v.intr.      to become embittered
pty        s.(zoo)      small wasp
pty        v.intr.      to participate
pty        s.           large belly
pty        s.           section
pty        v.intr.      to break (a cord || a rope)
pty        to fold || to double
pty        to form an elevation
pty        s.           step || distance || interval || route || line || position
pty        s.           hillside
pty      [repetitive] || many times || redundantly
pty        s.(mik)      a dish made out of pumpkin
pty        s.(tex)      backstrap of backstrap loom
pty        adj.(esp) bad
pty        adj.         bald || naked
ptyk       s.(tex)      crown (wreath) || flowers or food worn as a band on a hat || crown || cylindrical woolen hair wreath
ptyk       s.(mus)      dancer (woman) || dancing woman
ptyk       s.           darkness || confusion
ptyky      s.(zoo)      duck
ptykychy   s.(tex)(esp)edge (of a knife) || cutting thread
ptykyy     adj.         fair || blonde || albino
ptyn       s.(cri)(esp) faith
ptypsky    interj.      Finished! || Nothing left!
ptys       s.(ana)      hair
ptyy       adj.pron. half
ptyy       pron.pers. he || she || it
ptyy       s.(zoo)      horse
ptyy       s.           lady || respected woman
ptyyk      s.(esp)      line
ptyykk     s.(zoo)      Lizard
py         s.           method || order || system
py         s.(zoo)      moth
py         s.           mould || rust
py         s.(d2)       nest
py         s.(fam)      new-born
py         pron.indef. nothing
py         adj.         old (woman) || old (female)
py         s.(d1)       old woman
py         s.           packaging || wrapping || fraud || swindle || trickery || swindler || defrauder
py         s.(ast)      Pleiades (constellation)
py         s.           round building || round pitcher
py         s.           silence
py         adj.         silent
py         s.           sir
py         s.           something rough | thick or big
py         s.           stick
py         s.(tex)      tassel || tassel marking ears of camelids | of special red wool
py        interj.(esp) Thank you!
py        s.(bot)      the only tree of the puna || cactus
py        s.           time to breast-feed the baby
py        to carry || to take with one's self || to bring || to carry || to bring || to take
py        to cook pudding
py to cost ($)
py        to drink in small portions || to snort || to slurp
py        to trample down hedges or plants || to remove hedge
py        adv.m.       together
py        s.           tube || pipe
py        s.           type of short poncho
py        s.(zoo)(amz) arapaima || kind of huge | eatable fish of the Amazon - in danger of extinction
py        s.           bowl made out of a type of squash
py        adj.         curved || domed || convex
py        expr.        is it he? || is it she?
py        s.(zoo)      kind of small | very vivid parrot
py        s.(bot)      species of squash tree || big pumpkin
py        s.(tex)      tassel
py        expr.        there isn't any'
py        s.(bot)      tree gourd || kind of plant of the jungle (main use: handicrafts)
py        s.(med)      flat foot
py        s.(ast)      Celestial Woman (constellation)
py        v.intr.      to burst (vessel full of liquid)
py        to calm || to soothe || to make silent
py        to crown
py        to give something to drink
py        to make collect
pych        to make unequal
pych        to organize
pych        to reverse the contents of a container
pych      s.(bot)      kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
pych      s.(gra)(mat)ordinal
pych to grieve || to worry
pych      s.(zoo)      bird
pych                   branch
pych                   branch
pychk     s.(pr)       cereal plant remaining in the sowing time
pychsk    s.a.         collector of small things
pychy     s.           corn cob full of grains
pychy     s.           coronation
pychy     s.           fork (in a road) || fork or divide (in road | river | material | etc.) || forked stick || branch
pychy     adj.         forked || branched
pychy     s.(med)      goitre || crop
pychy     s.(bot)      kind of medicinal plant (herb)
pychy     s.(bot)      kind of plant
pychy     s.(bot)      kind of tree whose fruit is used as coffee substitute
pychysk   pron.pers. little he || little she
pyhchh    adj.         multi-coloured || polychrome
pyk       s.(top)      nombre antiguo de Hu nuco (Wanuku) (pillqu - zig-zagging river)
pyk       s.(ana)      penis
pyk       s.a.         silent || quiet || calm || taciturn || silent || stupid
pyk       adj.(esp) skinny
pyk         s.          slipper for babies || baby boots made from yarn
pyk         s.(geo)     valley
pyk         s.(bot)     wild herb
pyk         s.(tex)     sling tassel
pyk         adj.        who has feet with six toes
pyk       to deceive
pyk       to lead || to conduct || to transport
pyk         s.          intercross
pyk         s.          derivation
pyk       to mislead || to cheat || to deceive || to ridicule
pyk         s.          grand-grandmother
pyk       to bring
pyk         pron.pers. they || them
pyk         s.(mil)     shield || leather shield covered with coloured feathers
pyk         s.(mil)     defensive weapons
pyk         s.(bot)     kind of hemiepiphytic plant of the jungle (main use: medicinal)
pyk         s.          divorce
pykch       s.          colour || color || colouring || coloring || bloom || blooming || garden
pykchk      adj.        multi-coloured || polychrome
pykchy      s.(zoo)     russet-backed oropendola || kind of black and yellow songbird that imitates the children's weeping | the
pykchy      s.          three-branched slingshot
pykchyp     p.p.p.      multi-colored
pykk        s.          colour diversity of feathers | flowers or plumage
pykky       adj.        excellent || precious
pykmm                   kind
            s.(zoo)(p.esp) of wild turkey
pykmy       s.(tex)     shirt with multicoloured design
pykn        s.(mes)     March
pyknk       s.          meadow || garden
pyknkkn     p.p.p.      infested by moths
pykpnk                  yellow-rumped cacique || kind of bird
pykpy       s.(top)     town in the Department of Qosqo (Peru) || (Span.) Paucartambo
pykr        s.(mes)     February
pykr        s.          spring
pykr        s.(mes)     March
pykr        s.(his)     ceremonial vestment in the Inka era
pykrchsk                F
            s.(mes)(his) ebruary in the Inka era (Time of ceremonial vestments | also time of great plant growth. There was ab
pykrkn      p.p.p.      banded
pykrkr      p.p.p.      derived
pykrnch     p.p.p.      put || introduced
pykrnk      expr.       Cheers!
pykrpchky   s.(esp)     film || movie
pykrpt      s.          inequality
pykrsk      s.(ana)     temple (of the head)
pykrsy       to avoid
pykrtmp       to band
pykrtyky    v.intr.     to be confused
pykryr      v.intr.     to be rolled up || to become a ball
pykryrky    v.intr.     to be silent
pykryry       to collect something for oneself
pykryryky       to derive || to branch off
pyksk to guarantee
pyksk       to infect
pyksk        to introduce || to put || to set
pyksn      v.intr.      to make zigzag || to make curves
pyky        to mislead || to cheat || to deceive
pyky        to tease
pyky       s.(esp)      slide
pyky       s.(tex)      headband of two colours || Inka headband of various colours
pyky       s.(zoo)      insect
pyky                    p
           s.(zoo)(esp) idgeon || (ECU:) turtledove || bird || dove
pyky       s.(fam)      grandmother
pyky       s.(che)      insecticide
pyky       s.(med)(esp) shoulder or upper back region of the body (Spanish | //lung//) | and symptoms in this area (usually refers
pyky       expr.        My deepest (heartfelt) sympathy! (expression of condolence)
pyky       adv.m.       by himself || by herself
pyky       s.(cri)(esp) article of faith
pyky       s.           cold food (for travel)
pyky                    k
           s.(zoo)(esp) ind of fish of the Amazon
pyky       s.(bot)      a food plant for guinea pigs
pykyhnrtrt s.           children's game throwing stones into the air and catching them || harvest
pykyyt     adj.         drinkable
pym        postpos. in the middle of (something happening)
pym        s.           jar || ceramic pitcher || jug
pymm       s.           pitcher
pymmy      s.(esp)      servant
pymn        volume (size)
pymntnkpsykykn          watering-place || cup || beaker || drink
pymnty with whom?
pymt       s.(bot)      kind of medicinal plant
pyn        s.a.         rebel
pyn to iron
pyn        s.           lasso throw
pyn        s.           pool || dammed up water
pyn        s.           spiral || propeller || helix
pyn        s.(esp)      boaster || braggart
pyn        s.           whirlwind || turbulence
pyn        adj.         shiny
pyn        to lasso an animal
pyn        s.           syrup
pynch      s.           midnight
pynchrkk expr.v.intr. to help
pynchy     s.(bot)      kind of tobacco-like tree
pynk       s.(bot)      banana || plantain || kind of plant of the jungle (main use: food)
pynk       s.(esp)      bridge
pynk with whom?
pynkn      s.(zoo)      lettered aracari || kind of bird
pynky      s.(p.esp) drunkard
pynkypynn s.(per)       governor of Antisuyu || title of a play (classical Quechua theatre)
pynkyy     s.(esp)      to plant
pynmskhmpv.intr.        to shine
pynpks     s.           wave
pynpy      pron.pos. her || hers || his || its
pynpyn     s.(bot)      kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
pynt       s.           marrow
pynt       adj.        plain || plane || flat
pyntk      s.          belongings
pyntkyyn   v.intr.     to seize
pyntr       to tear down || to pull down || to knock down || to overturn
pynty      expr.       instead of him || instead of her
pynty       to investigate
pyny       s.(bot)     upaypa makin (lit. //the dead's hand// | tree with leaves like open hands | with pubescent | white flowers
pyny       s.(zoo)     butterfly
pyp        s.(bot)     ivory palm
pyp        v.intr.     to be ready to fall
pyp        s.(bot)     type of potato
pyp        adv.m.      among themselves
pypchk      to ride || to ride (horseback riding)
pypchky    pron.indef. anyone || anybody || whoever
pypchy     s.(zoo)     butterfly
pypkrnt    s.(bot)(d1) chicory
pypky      s.(bot)(d2) dandelion
pypmkn     s.(bot)(d3) dwarf lobelia
pypnt      s.(bot)     kind of annual plant with lilac five-petaled flowers that sprouts without leaves
pypnt      s.(ast)     Pleiades (constellation)
pypnyy     s.(zoo)     raven
pypp       to collect things for someone
pypr      to fall || to fail
pypry      v.intr.     to swell and burst (peeled and toasted grains)
pyps       s.          wedding present
pyps       s.(top)     a mountain in the Province of Huarochiri (Department of Lima | Peru) || (Span.) Puypuhuana
pypy       expr.       hush up!
pypy       to put on elegant clothes (woman)
pypy       v.dic.      to sound boiling
pypy       adj.        betrayer || traitor
pypy       s.(bot)     kind of bean
pypy       s.          ore sorter
pypy       s.(tex)(esp)pleated skirt worn by cholitas || full | short skirt made from synthetic fabric worn by the cholas of souther
pypy       adj.(esp) wild || ugly
pypy       adj.(esp) worse
pypy to aggravate || to complicate
pypyn       to crown
pypyy      s.          eye-brow
pypyypchykys.(ana)     thumb
pypyyy       to animate
pyr        v.intr.     to crown oneself
pyr       structure
pyr        expr.       question | if he/she does
pyr        s.(esp)     effort || labour
pyr        adj.(esp) strong
pyrchy       to pick up
pyrchy     s.(zoo)     black-necked cotinga || kind of cotinga bird
pyrk       s.(zoo)     louse (human and animal skin)
pyrk       s.(zoo)     louse of the human body || white louse
pyrky      s.(zoo)     salvin's curassow || kind of wild turkey
pyrky      adv.m.      silently
pyrn       s.(esp)     square
pyrrkktchrtpn            town in the valley of Waylas || (Span.) Pavas
pyry        to delouse
pys         p.p.p.       designed
pys         p.p.p.       drunk
pys         expr.        Be silent! || Be quiet!
pys         s.(zoo)      kind of eagle
pys                      T
            expr.(p.esp) hank you!
pys         expr.        thanks || thank you
pys         s.(esp)      bet || wager
pyschy      s.(esp)      celebration || party
pysk        s.(esp)      place
pysk       to fall on one's face
pysm to party
pysnk        to help to carry
pysnky      s.(bot)      avocado || kind of plant of the jungle (main use: food)
pysnky      s.(esp)      ball
pyst        s.           braid
pyst        s.(esp)      judgement || justice
pysty       s.(esp)      last name
pysy        s.(k)        loose woman
pyt         s.(ana)      palm (of the hand) || sole of the foot
pyt         s.(esp)      plate
pyt         s.(mat)      rhomb
pyt         s.           round building || round pitcher
pyt         s.(agr)      space of soil used as chacra (open field) just once (in this system of soil management the soil can be u
pyt         s.(d1)       stack
pyt         s.(d2)       supplementary load put on top of the main load
pyt         adj.         wide || broad || large || plane || flat || extended || far
pyt         s.           addition
pyt        to widen || to make wider || to broaden || to extend
pyt         s.(p.esp) soccer || football
pyt         adj.(esp) mighty || powerful
pyt         s.           type of pitcher
pyt         v.intr.      to suffocate
pytch       s.           wide head
pytchy      s.(top)      Inka baths near Cajamarca (Ba¤os del Inca)
pythyty     s.(bot)(esp)banana
pytk        s.(esp)      skirt
pytkn       adv.m.       in tailor's seat
pytky       s.(mat)      fraction bar || fraction line
pytm        s.(mat)      trapeze
pytmrk      s.(mat)      trapezoid
pytn        s.(mit)      The Mythical //City of Gold// or El Dorado spoken of in many historical writings on the Inkas. The Spanis
pytnmnt     v.intr.      to fall in a cascade (water)
pytrkksk                 to
            v.mod.(esp) be able to || can
pytsr        to choke || to suffocate
pytsrnr to hold bundles
pytt        v.intr.(esp) to miss || to lack
pytty        to plait
pyty        to plait || to braid
pyty        to plunge into the water
pyty to rent
pyty         to run in circles || to roll over and over
pyty         to sink || to dive || to splash
pyty          to stack up || to pile || to put one thing on top of another || to add || to put a second load on top of the firs
pyty          to superpose
pyty       s.             flexure || curve
pyty       v.intr.        to widen || to get wider
pyty       s.(bot)        kind of shrub
pytyk      s.             accident
pytyky     adj.           alone || lonely || single || abandoned || orphan
pytypyty   s.(esp)        argument || fight || combat || battle
pyy        expr.          Be silent! || Be quiet!
pyy        s.             bladder || blister
pyy        adj.           boozer || alcoholic || drinker
pyy        s.             bubble
pyy        s.(zoo)        certain kind of bird
pyy        s.             chicha pot || kettle || frying pan
pyy        s.             conclusion
pyy        s.(med)        diarrhoea of animals || diarrhea of animals
pyy        adj.           incomplete
pyy        s.(uni)        litre || liter
pyy        s.(l.esp)      pay || wage || salary || refund || wages
pyy        s.(bot)        plant flowers used to dye morado [same as quico]
pyy        s.(agr)        potato harvest || harvested potatoes || process of harvesting potatoes from the furrow (khata) of a field
pyy        adj.           silent
pyy        adj.           silent || stupid
pyy        adv.m.         slowly
pyy        s.(tex)        tassel || tassel marking ears of camelids | of special red wool
pyy        interj.(esp)   Thanks! || Thank you!
pyy        v.intr.        to be cooked soft
pyy        v.intr.        to be silent || to be quiet || to calm down
pyy        v.intr.        to become deaf
pyy          to become the boss
pyy        v.intr.        to boil
pyy          to boil
pyy          to collect small things || to pick up | to gather || to collect || to harvest || to gather | to harvest || to pick || t
pyy        v.intr.        to cut oneself into the hand
pyy     to design in a weaving || to create warp pattern by selecting certain warp threads
pyy          to drink || to consume
pyy          to insult || to offend
pyy          to organize
pyy     to peel || to peel wheat
pyy     to sharpen
pyy     to spin || to twist threads
pyy          to wrap || to pack || to swindle || to deceive
pyy        s.(bot)        unknown kind of tree (in the tales of Waruchiri)
pyy        s.(tex)        woven pattern || pickup design in warp-patterned band || stripes of warp-patterned weave || in textiles | t
pyy          to make a tassel
pyy        s.a.           seller of drinks
pyychy     adj.(l.esp)    payable
pyykhtk    s.             methodology
pyykk      s.             wealth
pyykm      expr.          Cheers!
pyykn      s.(bot)      puillocsho | cumlloisho (plant of the puna | de flowers moradas con l¡neas blancas | de stalk espinoso |
pyykrky        to raise || to lift || to raise up || to lift up
pyyks      s.(p.l.esp) pay
pyyky      s.           council
pyykyk     s.(ana)      animal heart || lung || heart
pyykykn    pron.pers. with him || with her
pyyn       s.           spiral || propeller || helix
pyyn       adj.(mat) helical
pyynk      adj.(mat) helical
pyynknrk s.             whirlwind || turbulence
pyynkrkchynykmps        structure
pyynky     adj.         drinkable
pyynn      s.(mat)      formula
pyypk      s.(fam)      girl | 9 to 12 years old (meaning in Inka times) || girls who picked flowers | served outside and inside | w
pyypm      s.a.         self-centered || selfish || egoist
pyypyk     s.(zoo)      salvin's curassow || kind of wild turkey
pyypyyrk   s.(esp)      word
pyyr       s.           old woman
pyyrm      s.           separated ears
pyyrnr                  I
           expr.(p.esp) do not understand what you are talking about
pyyrykkntmnmhpnch cockroach
pyys       s.(bot)      kind of shrub
pyys       s.(mus)(esp) flauta
pyytk      adv.m.       alone
pyytkyy    expr.        give me something to drink
pyyy                    plant
           s.(phymed)(esp) diseases with presence of powder: various kinds of problems | most of which are fungus (mildew a
pyyy       v.intr.      to age (woman) || to become old (woman)
pyyy        to betray || to give away
pyyy       v.intr.      to bubble
pyyy       v.intr.      to bubble
pyyy        to conclude
pyyy        to mark an animal with a tassel
pyyy        to organize
pyyy to reward work by meals and drinks || to pay
pyyychk    s.           methodology
pyyychy        to attach a tassel
r          fon.         (consonant phoneme of the quechua language)
r      [emphasis] || [politeness]
r      [Gerundium] || [Participle Present Active] || -ing
r [inchoative] || to begin to ...
r [repetition]
r [short time]
r      [stationary]
r          adv.l.       below || down || south || under
r          adv.m.       clear
r                       d
           s.(uni)(aym) ay
r          s.           edge || sharpness
r          adv.t.       formerly || earlier || last time
r          s.(esp)      gold
r          s.(uni)(esp)hour || time
r          adj.         lower || inferior || lower place || lower
r          s.(tri)      people living in the region of Lake Titicaca with some communities still remaining today | and their langu
r        adj.         premature || untimely || precocious
r        adv.m.       really || well || then
r        s.(geo)      South
r        adj.(geo) southern
r        s.(zoo)(d1) spider
r        s.(bot)      straw from the lofty region
r        conj.        then
r        s.(zoo)(d2) tick of pigs and sheep
r      to undo || once more
r        postpos. under
r        s.           vermin
r        s.(ana)      vulva || vagina
r        adv.afirm. yes
r        expr.        yes | there is
rby      s.(esp)      anger
rby collapse || to break down || to fall in
rbychy to anger || to irritate || exasperate
rbyy     v.intr.(esp) to be angry
rch      adj.         affirmative
rch      adv.m.       perhaps || maybe
rch      adv.m.       undoubtedly
rch      s.           whore
rchh     s.(bot)      kind of herb
rchktk   s.a.         buying agent || wholesale buyer || forestaller
rchky    v.intr.      to wake up
rchnsk   adj.         affirmative
rchpky        to claw || to tear
rchsk    p.p.p.       scratch || abrasion
rchy        to claw || to tear
rchy        to scrape || to scratch
rh       s.(zoo)(amz) orange-winged parrot || kind of bird
rh       s.(esp)      ploughshare
rhy        to visit
rk      [hurry] || quickly || suddenly || just
rk      [past]
rk      [question (uncertain)] || still || yet
rk       s.(esp)      arch
rk       expr.(k)     bitch! (among women)
rk       adj.         blunt
rk       s.(med)      bump || lump || cripple
rk       s.(fam)      child || baby || boy || child (under six years) || child | four to six years old (who needs no more nappies) ||
rk       s.           child weaned too early || small child || weak child || crybaby || tearful child
rk       s.           circle
rk       s.a.(d2)     cook
rk       adj.(med) disabled || crippled
rk       s.(ana)      finger
rk       s.(ana)      forehead
rk       adj.         generous || heartful || affectionate
rk       s.(agr)(esp)heap of maize plants cut in harvest
rk       interj.(d2) Is ist OK?
rk       s.(bot)      kind of cactus
rk       s.(bot)      kind of shrub || holy thistle || plant | roots used in yellow dye
rk         adj.(d1)      male (animal)
rk         s.(zoo)       male (animal)
rk         s.(zoo)       male guinea pig
rk         adj.(d2)      mountain || hill
rk         s.(geo)       mountain || hill
rk         interj.(d1)   Of course!
rk         adj.(d1)      old (man | augmentative suffix also) || old (male)
rk         adj.(d2)      old (man or woman)
rk         s.(d2)        part
rk         s.(d3)        part in the hair
rk         s.(fam)       person || man (male adult)
rk         s.(bot)       san pablo (tree with bitter fruits used to heal scabbers)
rk         s.(tex)       special occasion pollera skirt (Charazani) with warp stripe decoration horizontal
rk         s.(zoo)       spider
rk         s.(d1)        storehouse
rk         s.            thorn
rk         s.(bot)       thornbush
rk         adj.          toothless
rk         s.(top)       town in the Department of Qosqo (Peru) | provincial capital of Qispiqanchi || (Span.) Urcos (<mountain)
rk         s.(top)       town in the north of Chile || (Span.) Arica
rk         s.(ana)       vagina || vulva || female genitals
rk         s.(ast)       Vicugna (constellation)
rk         s.a.          volcano
rk         adj.          weak
rk         s.(tex)       weaving sword || batten (of a loom) || weaving sword | inserted in the open shed while the weft is passed
rk         s.a.(d1)      worker
rk         s.(zoo)       worm
rk         adv.afirm.    yes || of course || clearly || really || shurely
rkb        s.(esp)       market
rkch       s.(bot)       cactus || spiny plant
rkch       s.            ceramic || ceramics
rkch       s.(bot)       certain tuber plant
rkch       adj.          dirty || impure || unclean
rkch       s.            exposition || manifestation || demonstration || proof
rkch       s.(zoo)       piglet
rkch       s.(bot)       rucucho (spiny tree of the puna with small | red | eatable fruits that cause tooth ache when eaten excess
rkch       s.(geo)       sea
rkch       s.            similarity
rkchchn    s.(mat)       similar value
rkchchy         to wake up (trans.) || to wake someone up
rkchhchh   s.            digit
rkchk      s.            exposition || demonstration || proof
rkchk      s.            indicator
rkchk      adj.          lame
rkchk      adj.          similar
rkchk      s.            species || sort || appearance || image || similarity
rkchkchy         to wake up
rkchkk     s.a.          similar
rkchkkn    s.            indicators
rkchkn     s.            watchtower
rkchkrk    s.(ana)       forefinger || index finger
rkchktrk   s.(mat)       common factor
rkchky     adv.m.      apparently
rkchky     s.          gift
rkchky     s.(d1)      image
rkchky     adj.        only similar | not identical
rkchky     s.(d2)      similarity
rkchky     v.intr.(d3) to adjust || to adapt
rkchky       to adopt a child
rkchky       to catch sight of || to resemble
rkchky       to express || to present || to represent
rkchky     v.intr.(d1) to look like || to seem like || to resemble || to appear like
rkchky     v.intr.(d2) to wake up
rkchn      s.          appearance
rkchnchy         to compare
rkchnkty   s.          specimen || sample
rkchrchy       to wake up someone who is dreaming
rkchrksp   s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
rkchrpy    expr.       wake up!
rkchry     v.intr.     to wake up
rkchryys   s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
rkchsk     p.p.p.(d1) awake
rkchsk     s.(spi)     dawning || all night ritual whose central feature is a midnight pago a la tierra. It is performed before impo
rkchsk     p.p.p.(d3) identic || identical
rkchsk     p.p.p.      shown
rkchsk     p.p.p.(d2) similar
rkchsy     s.          pictogram || icon || graphic || diagram
rkchy      s.(ana)     face
rkchy      s.          facial expression || countenance || appearance || form || image
rkchy      s.          idea
rkchy      s.          index
rkchy      postpos. similar to
rkchy   to adjust || to adapt
rkchy      to appear
rkchy       to caress a child
rkchy       to divide || to split
rkchy      v.intr.(d1) to seem
rkchy       to show || to expose
rkchy   to wake up
rkchy      v.intr.(d2) to wake up (oneself) || to awake
rkchy      adj.        virtual
rkchychsk s.(neo)      e-mail
rkchychy s.(bio)(neo)genetics
rkchyn     s.          form
rkchyrmn s.(gra)       adjetive
rkh        adj.        thick || fat || strong || fat (for animals and objects and people) || solid || wide || coarse
rkh        s.(tex)     very coarse-spun yarn || coarse yarn for frazadas (8.528 g/10 m)
rkhchnchy s.(ana)      large intestine || great gut || colon
rkhchnchynky           colitis
rkhchy       to fatten
rkhhk      s.(tex)     coarse yarn (weave) shawl
rkhkhyy    s.(tex)     wide weaving sword
rkhkky     v.intr.     to rustle
rkhkky                 to thunder
rkhknk     s.adj.      too thick voice
rkhmch     adj.        weak || tender
rkhnchy       to fatten (trans.)
rkhprt     s.(bot)     large poroto bean
rkhry      s.          appearance
rkhry      to appear
rkhrychnchys.(ana)     descending colon
rkhryy       to carve || to scratch || to engrave
rkhtt                  thumb
rkhtyy       to spin thick threads
rkhy       s.          mountain peak
rkhy       v.intr.     to agonize || to breathe with difficulty
rkhy       v.dic.      to bleat (llama) || to breathe heavily
rkhy       to draw
rkhy       to repair
rkhychychnchy          ascending colon
rkhysk     s.          thick rope (of agave)
rkhyy      s.          thickness || solidity
rkhyy      v.intr.     to put on weight || to become fat || to get fat
rkhyy      v.intr.     to read the time
rkk        s.a.        descending
rkk        s.          division || partition
rkk        s.          execution
rkk        s.(zoo)     horn frog
rkk        s.(zoo)     kind of eagle owl
rkk        s.(mat)     operation
rkk        s.          seer
rkk     similar
rkkh       s.(ana)     womb || uterus
rkkhp      s.(top)     departmental city in Peru || (Span.) Arequipa (<behind the volcano? | <Yes | stay behind?)
rkkk       adj.        executable
rkkk       s.          glue || paste || gum
rkkk       s.(met)     thunder
rkkkr      s.(ana)     clitoris
rkkn       s.          cry-babies
rkknkhprsktktchn       echo
rkknryp    adv.l.      on the mountain-slope || on the hillside
rkkrt      s.          traveller
rkkry       to visit
rkks       s.(bot)     kind of herb
rkkt       adj.        digital
rkky       s.          childhood
rkky      to appear
rkky       v.intr.(d2) to become
rkky       v.intr.     to look at oneself || to watch oneself || to watch out
rkky       v.intr.(d1) to see oneself
rkky       v.intr.     to tear || to get torn
rkkypy     s.(mat)     denominator
rkkypykn s.(mat)       divisors (of a number)
rkkyst     s.(bot)     tasmanian blue gum
rkm        s.(bot)     kind of fruit tree
rkmm       s.          bald head
rkmnt      adj.         mountain
rkmt       s.(bot)      kind of tree with leaves smelling like camphor and with hardly tasty fruits
rkmy       s.(bot)      kind of tall tree | the tallest species in the Tukuman region
rkmyk      s.(agr)      space of soil used as chacra (open field) just once (in this system of soil management the soil can be u
rkn      [1nd pers. sing. | past] || I ... (singular | past)
rkn      [3rd pers. sing. | past] || he ... (past) || she ... (past) || it ... (past)
rkn        s.(mil)(agr) arm (weapon) || weapon || tool for breaking up the earth
rkn        s.(ana)      finger || toe
rkn        s.(ana)      loin || snout || muzzle
rkn        s.           sight || perspective
rkn        s.           tool
rknch      s.           cry-baby
rknch      s.(mat)      submultiple
rknk      [2nd pers. sing. | past] || you ... (singular | past)
rknk       s.(tex)      flat polished piece of wood used to propel woof on horizontal loom
rknk       expr.        you will see
rknkn      s.(ana)      fingers
rknknkkm expr.          until we will see each other | if still alive
rknknkkmkysspk          until we will see each other | if still alive
rknknkm    expr.        See you!
rknksn     expr.        good bye (we will see each other)
rknky      s.(mat)      distribution
rknky      s.           divorce
rknky      s.(med)      gonorrhoea
rknky      s.(med)      gonorrhoea (of the woman)
rknky      v.recip.     to see each other
rknky      v.recip.(d1)to separate || to divorce
rknky      v.recip.(d2)to share
rknp       adj.poses. digital
rknryk     expr.        to see
rkny        to tie tightly
rkny       adj.         visible
rkp        adv.l.       at this elevation || in that direction || in this hour
rkp        s.(ana)      cheek-bone
rkpch      s.(tex)      thick | closewoven cloth
rkphchyyrpns.(ana)      minor labia of the vulva
rkphtnyrpn s.(ana)      major labia of the vulva
rkpk       s.           exclusion
rkpky      v.intr.      to be afflicted
rkpnk      s.(bot)      kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
rkpnk      s.(bot)      kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
rkprn      s.(agr)      old purun - field in the rainforest area about 6-20 years after clearing where the indigenous plants becom
rkpsnkn    s.(geo)      what is between two gorges
rkpst      s.(bot)      urco pashta (lit. That bursts on the forehead | similar to upay tucro. Its flowers like small yellow bags bu
rkpt       s.           top || peak
rkpty      s.(ana)      lachrymal bone
rkpy        to devour
rkpy        to exclude
rkpy       v.dic.       to pant
rkpy        to sheave corn
rkpykn     s.(ana)      hymen
rkpyy        to lurk || to be on the lookout for || to investigate || to inspect || to observe || to revise
rkpyy       to stimulate || to animate
rkr         s.          article || paragraph || section
rkr         s.(bot.ana) branch || twig
rkr         s.(ana)     shoulder || arm || wing
rkr         adj.        split || cracked
rkr         adj.(d2)    stupid || dumb || useless
rkr         s.(geo)     valley || crack || crevice || opening || gorge || canyon || gully || ravine || small canyon
rkr         adj.        very tasty || delicious
rkrchk      s.(ana)     clavicle
rkrchkty    s.(ana)     clavicle
rkrchy      s.          proof
rkrchy       to make appear || to exhibit || to organize || to prove
rkrchy       to put something onto another's sholder (help)
rkrchy       to split || to crack || to break
rkrhy       s.(ana)     shoulder
rkrk        s.(bot)     fern || kind of fern || fern species
rkrk        adv.l.      from mountain to mountain
rkrk        s.(tex)     pallay motif in weaving (showing things separate by two that should be together)
rkrk        adj.        when two things are separate that should be together
rkrkh       s.(ana)     armpit
rkrkk       s.a.        ferocious
rkrkrsk     p.p.p.      cracked
rkrksk      s.(ass)     parts
rkrky       to put onto one's sholder
rkrkypy     s.(mat)     numerator
rkrmk       s.(ana)     elbow || arm joint
rkrp        adj.        glutton
rkrpnk      s.(zoo.ana)wing
rkrr        s.(ast)     Orion (Andean constellation)
rkrrpry     v.intr.     to crack || to become cracked
rkrry       v.intr.     to crack
rkrsk       p.p.p.      appeared
rkrsk       p.p.p.      cracked
rkrsn       expr.       see you again
rkry        s.          appearance || vision
rkry      to appear || to become
rkry       to carry || to carry on the shoulders
rkry       to clear a field || to cultivate land || to plough hard soil
rkry        v.intr.     to crack || to become cracked
rkry       to split || to crack || to break || to scratch
rkrykmy      to appear
rkryy       to always look || to investigate || to inspect || to examine
rkryy       v.intr.     to be cracked
rkryy       to take care of
rks         s.          acquaintance || friendship
rks         s.(ana)(d1) penis
rks         s.(ana)(d2) testicle
rksby       s.(bot)     kind of tree with thin | detachable bark
rksch       s.(geo)     primary forest
rkschk      s.a.        guide
rkschky     v.intr.     to introduce oneself || to present oneself
rkschkyyy   s.(ass)     presentation
rkschy        to make known || to introduce (someone) || to acquaint (others) with || to guide || to show
rksk       s.a.         the one who knows || friend
rkskmnt    expr.        because of having seen
rkskpch    s.(tex)      thick | closewoven cloth
rkskpy        to recognize
rkskryk    expr.        because of having seen
rksky      v.intr.      to know oneself
rksky        to recognize
rksm       s.           strong insult
rksn       expr.        for example
rksnchy        to make one or more persons know each other
rksnkh     s.(bot)      plant that hangs from rocks like a beard
rksnkk     s.a.         acquaintance || friend
rksnky     v.recip.     to know each other
rksp    lowering || descending
rksprrspychky           to experiment || to carry out experiments
rkspsky        to segregate
rkspy        to recognize || to acknowledge
rksr       s.           identity (personal)
rksrpry        to recognize
rksry      v.intr.      to be known
rkssk      adj.         common
rkssk      p.p.p.       known || well-known || famous
rkssk      s.           object
rksy       s.(ana)      fingernail
rksy       s.           science || knowledge
rksy       s.(zoo)      spider monkey
rksy        to know || to recognize || to examine || to have seen || to recognize
rkt        s.(esp)      commissions (purchases)
rkt        adj.(med)    deaf
rkt        adj.         double || thick || fat
rkt        s.(esp)      fork (in a road) || fork or divide (in road | material | etc.) || forked stick
rkt        s.(bot)      kind of red pepper or paprika || chillies || pepper
rktch      s.(bot)      hot chili pepper
rkth       s.           diameter
rktk       s.a.         hard || stiff
rktk       s.(ana)      vagina
rktkhyy    expr.        look at the hill
rktkt      s.(bot)      kind of jungle tree | 17-30 m high
rktkyy     v.intr.      to harden
rktmny        to caress a child
rktntrkrsp adv.m.       diametrically
rktp       adj.poses.   diametral
rky        s.           corral
rky        s.           division || partition
rky        s.(agr)      hoe to dig out potatoes
rky        s.           look || vision || revision
rky        s.           noise
rky        s.           shed || shack || barrack || hut || dilapidated house
rky        v.intr.      to break
rky    to choose
rky   to consider
rky       to cut
rky   to distribute || to divide || to take apart || to separate || to distribute || to pass out || to distribute || to share
rky       to effect || to execute
rky       to glue || to paste || to stick
rky      to go down || to descend
rky to hang someone
rky   to know a place
rky   to know by experience || to understand
rky   to look at || to watch || to observe || to take care of
rky      to lower || to go down || to descend
rky to plead || to ask for
rky to press together the threads in the tissue
rky   to see || to notice
rky   to turn || to spill
rky   to visit
rky       to visit (a sick person)
rky        s.(zoo)     worm
rkyk       s.(ana)     hymen
           s.(mes)(agr)(ecu) ritual offerings of the heights (July)
rkykchkrypch           time of
rkyky      v.cop.      to stay || to remain || to keep
rkymnt     expr.       because of seeing
rkypch     s.          landscape
rkyrppnkykys.(med)     bartholinitis
rkytky     v.intr.     to become pleasant
rkyy       s.(bot)     aromatic herb promoting digestion
rkyy       s.(fam)     grandfather
rkyy       s.          point of view || viewpoint
rkyy       to become old
rkyy       v.intr.     to become weak
rkyy       v.intr.     to boil
rkyy to give as a gift
rkyy       v.dic.      to sound || to make noise
rkyy       s.(top)     town in the Department of Ancash (Peru) || (Span.) Recuay
rkyysk     s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the jungle
rkyyskkk   expr.       what we have shared among us
rm         s.          basin || sink || bath-tub
rm                     branch
rm         s.          conversation
rm         s.          cow
rm         adj.        hard
rm         s.(bot)     maniok || cassava || kind of tuber plant of the jungle (main use: food)
rm         s.(bot)     plant used to dye brown
rm         s.(ast)     Plough (Andean constellation)
rm         s.          rock || stone || stone
rmchkhn    s.(zoo)(amz)dark-billed cuckoo || kind of bird
rmchkk     s.          stone-breaker
rmchkr     s.          quarry
rmchy       to bathe || to bathe somebody || to make bathe (a punishment sometimes)
rmchy       to converse || to talk
rmchy       to pave
rmchy       to tear down || to pull down || to knock down || to overturn
rmhmpt     s.(zoo)     turtle
rmk       s.(top)     river in Lima || (Span.) R¡mac
rmk       s.a.        speaker || oracle
rmk       s.(gra)     verb || word
rmkchk    s.          scholium || annotation || explanatory remark || explanatory comment
rmkhch    s.(zoo)     peccary || collared peccary
rmkk      s.a.        gossip (talkative) || gossip || talkative || slanderer
rmkky     adj.        polite
rmkmy     s.(spi)     the talking river
rmkn      s.          bath
rmkn      s.(med)     calculi
rmkpmp    s.          meeting place || assembly || auditorium || lecture-hall
rmkr      s.(bot)     lichen (on rocks | lit. rock bark)
rmkrky    v.intr.     to falter || to waver
rmkshm    s.(bot)     plant used to dye brown
rmksp     s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the jungle
rmksp     s.(bot)     kind of small thorny tree
rmktk     s.          lawyer
rmky      s.          apathy
rmky      s.          proverb
rmky      v.intr.     to bathe
rmky       to throw oneself down
rmky      s.          who falls easily
rmm       adj.        stiff-necked || stubborn || tough || tenacious
rmmk      s.          stone hand || wrecker
rmmy      to fall hither
rmmym     s.(bot)     moss
rmn       s.(esp)     brother
rmn       adv.l.      down || under (directional)
rmn       s.(esp)     sister
rmn       s.          trap || snare || sling
rmnky     s.          agreement || covenant || agreement || pact || dialogue || talk || congress
rmnky     v.recip.(d1)to agree || to discuss || to talk together
rmnky     v.recip.(d2)to argue || to discuss
rmnt      adv.l.      from below
rmny      s.(per)     Stone Eye || name of an Inkan general || Inka captain in the times of the Spanish conquest
rmny      adj.        stubborn
rmnychy   s.(gra)     morphology
rmnykn    adj.        stubbornness
rmnypk    s.(gra)     suffix || affix || morpheme
rmnyy     v.intr.     to sway || to rock || to stagger || to reel
rmp       s.(d1)      ball || sphere || circle || something round
rmp       adj.(d2)    obtuse
rmp       adj.(d3)    oval
rmp       s.(d2)      oval
rmp       adj.(d1)    round || spherical || rounded || obese
rmpch     s.(neo)     stone age
rmph      adj.        coarse (threads)
rmphn     adj.        circular
rmpk      s.(spi)     special condition of the women who sow maniok so there will be abundant production
rmpky     v.dic.      to backtalk
rmpm      s.          round head
rmpnk     s.(bot)     kind of herbaceous shrub of the jungle (main use: kitchen)
rmpsk       s.(zoo)(amz)yellow-browed antbird || kind of bird
rmpsprn     s.(bot)     stone beard (lit.) || moss (remedy for //white flower// and white outflow (women's disease)) || lichen (litho
rmpy       to lead || to take by the hand
rmpy        v.dic.      to talk in favour of someone || to intercede
rmpyy       v.dic.      to express || to chatter || to babble || to repeat words
rmr         s.(bot)(esp)rosemary
rmr         s.          sculptor
rmr         s.(gra)     verb
rmrchy       to make declare
rmrm        s.          stone desert
rmrm        adj.        stony
rmrmy       to answer || to reply
rmrn        s.(bot)(d1) alder || alder tree || alder (plant root used in Bolivia to dye black | same plant used in Huancayo to dye y
rmrn        s.(bot)(d2) willow
rmrprchy          to cut down a tree
rmry       to declare || to announce || to announce || to announce || to announce || to declare
rms         s.(bot)     kind of tree of the jungle (main use: columnas de casa | food | gaining of water | animal food)
rmsk        p.p.p.      fallen || fall
rmskny      expr.       I just bathed
rmsmy       s.(bot)     kind of native uvilla (vine)
rmsnk       adj.        cruel || hard-hearted || cold-hearted
rmsp        adj.        stony
rmspschk s.a.           funny person
rmthy       v.intr.     to germinate
rmty        s.(esp)     remedy || cure || medicine
rmy         s.          fall
rmy         adj.        stony
rmy         s.          talk || speech || word || voice || language || conversation
rmy         v.intr.     to bathe
rmy       to bathe
rmy      to fall || to fail
rmy         v.dic.(d2) to scold || to admonish (but not to the face)
rmy         v.dic.(d1) to speak || to talk || to express
rmychky     s.(neo)     seminar
rmychy      v.intr.     to turn to stone || to petrify || to harden
rmykchy     s.          discourse || discussion || speech || oration
rmykchy     v.intr.     to be poorly stable || to fall easily
rmyky       to greet || to explain
rmyky      to lie down || to stretch oneself out
rmykyk      s.          dictionary
rmykyyk     expr.       Hello! || Hey! || Greetings
rmynstkykty       to pelt with stones || to stone
rmynyk      s.          bachelor (by education)
rmynyktsk p.p.p.        stoned
rmys        s.          a house made of stone
rmysk       s.          fossil || petrification
rmysk       adj.        turned to stone || petrified
rmyss       s.          petroleum
rmytk       s.(mus)     verse || popular song || folk song
rmytkskchy v.dic.       to talk subtly || to speak concisely and precisely || to pronounce well
rmyy        v.intr.     to turn to stone || to petrify || to harden || to freeze
rn          adv.l.      above
rn          adv.l.       below || down || south
rn          adv.l.       downwards
rn          s.(esp)(d1) flour
rn                       fright
            s.(med)(l.esp) || fright sickness || the state of one's soul or life force being frightened out of the body | or the rema
rn          s.(esp)      furnace
rn          s.           journey
rn          adj.         lower || inferior || lower place
rn          s.           lower part
rn          s.(fam)      person || people || human || human being || man || indigenous || Quechua Indian || indigenous Andean p
rn          adv.l.       right (hand side)
rn          s.           sale
rn          s.(esp)(d2) sand
rn                       s
            s.(zoo)(esp) pider
rn          adj.         upper || top || superior
rnch        s.(top)      name of little village between Tecoya and Guindas Pampas (Bolivia)
rnch        s.(esp)      ranch
rnchky      v.intr.      to become more mature
rnchkykn s.              human rights
rnchy        to convince || to make accept
rnchy        to educate
rnchy        to put down
rnchy        to teach to be human
rnhn        s.           personality
rnk         s.(agr)(his) basket for coca or chili (Inka agriculture) || division and names of fields (Inka agriculture)
rnk         adj.         lower || inferior || lower place || lower
rnk         adj.         round
rnk         s.           stony || rocky || unequal
rnk                      s
            s.(bot)(amz) trangler fig
rnkh        s.           dawn
rnkh        adj.         incomplete || badly done
rnkhchy        to make sell
rnkhk       s.           seller
rnkhky        to sell oneself
rnkhnys     s.           store || shop
rnkhr       s.(p.esp) seller (woman) where one buys usually
rnkhsk      p.p.p.       sold
rnkhy        to sell
rnkk        s.           human being
rnkmk       s.(mit)      creator of Man (title of Wiraqucha) in the tales of Waruchiri || (Span.) runacamac
rnkmnt      adv.l.       from below
rnkn        s.           people
rnknphynn s.             human rights
rnknphynntykychy         human rights abuse | violation
rnknykysytrkrykys        an institution in Ecuador for supporting farmers (Seguro Campesino)
rnkrk       s.           body
rnkrkry     v.intr.      to get entangled (thread | rope) || to be entwined (thread | rope)
rnkrkyy     v.intr.      to get entangled (thread | rope) || to be entwined (thread | rope)
rnkrnk      adj.         intercrossed
rnkry       v.intr.      to travel
rnksk       s.(top)      Lower Qosqo || lower part of the Inka capital Qosqo || first Inka dynasty (approx. 1200 - 1350) | under w
rnksp       s.(bot)      kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle || kind of shrub of the jungle (main use: medicinal)
rnky        s.(zoo)      beetle
rnky      s.          human nature
rnky       to intercross
rnkyky       to sign
rnkyyr    s.          luck
rnmkhk    s.a.        man-eater || cannibal       to tame
rnmnksky v.intr.      to tame down
rnms      s.          comrade || neighbour || neighbor || fellow man || fellow woman
rnn       s.(med)(esp)lower back | digestive tract | urinary tract | and reproductive organs of a man's body (Spanish | //kidney/
rnn       s.(tex)     warp
rnnky     s.          agreement || treaty
rnp       adv.l.      below
rnpch     s.(fil)     balance between man and nature
rnpch     s.(tex)     indigenous costume
rnpch     s.          respectable man
rnpchky   s.          mankind || humanity
rnpkkn    s.          indigenous leaders
rnpkpnrn s.           beggar
rnpky     s.          culture
rnpkym    s.(zoo)     sheep
rnpkynk   s.          theatre || theater
rnpnky    s.(neo)     intercultural
rnpntchy       to bribe
rnpntnkn s.(ana)      human viscera
rnpychn   s.(ana)     human flesh || human body
rnr       adj.        covered with small stones
rnr       s.(ana)     ear || hearing
rnr       s.(geo)     stony terrain
rnrch     s.          buttonhole
rnrchy   to deafen
rnrchy   to make a buttonhole
rnrkchk   s.          doll
rnrkr     s.(ana)     cochlea
rnrkr     s.(ana)     external ear
rnrmp     s.(ana)     ear wax
rnrn      s.(tex)     earring
rnrn      s.(zoo)     humming bird
rnrnny    s.(med)     earache || otalgia
rnrrnr    s.(geo)     stone desert
rnrtk     s.(ana)     exterior opening of the auditory canal
rnryk     s.(ana)     tympanum
rnryr     s.          ear wax
rns       s.          people
rnsk                  ritual
          s.(med)(l.esp) cure for ura¤a (fright) that consists of bathing the body with sweet-smelling substances and prayin
rnskr     s.(ana)     human skeleton
rnskyy       to underline
rnsm      s.          Quechua || Quichua || Qhechua || literally man's mouth || the tongue of man || the language of the inkas
rnsy      s.(ecu)     gringo || Englishman || North American
rnsy      s.          lower part (region)
rnsy      s.(pol)     lower region of an ayllu || lower part of a community | lower moiety (contrasts with hanansaya)
rnsyknpmmyktn         English-speaking country
rnt       s.(bot)(esp)cherry
rnt         adv.l.      downwards
rnt         s.          egg
rnt         adj.        equivalent || substitute
rnt         s.(met)     hail
rnt         s.          purchase || exchange || interchange
rnt         s.(ana)     testicle
rntch       s.(mik)     fried | mashed fruit
rntchkk     s.a.        delegate
rntchy       to make buy || to sell (to)
rntk        s.a.        buyer
rntk        s.a.        laying hen
rntkk       s.a.        seller
rntkkhtk    s.a.(d1)    salesman || contractor || entrepreneur
rntkkhtk    s.a.(d2)    salesman || middleman
rntkkhtktntnky          corporation || company
rntky       expr.       buy yourself ...
rntky       s.          sale
rntky   to buy for something oneself
rntky       v.intr.     to lay eggs
rntky   to sell
rntm        s.(bot)     runduma || kind of plant of the jungle (main use: medicinal)
rntmpy       to exchange || to swap
rntmpyn     s.          reciprocity || swap || interchange
rntmy       to buy || to go shopping
rntn        conj.       instead of
rntn        s.          things for sale
rntnkyk     s.          money
rntnpk      expr.       mutually
rntnpktk    s.(mat)     commutative law
rntnpnk     s.(fin)     invoice
rntnpnkk    s.(fin)     credit card
rntnppnkkn s.(fin)      economic documents
rntny       adj.        big-eyed
rntnys      s.          store || shop || grocery store
rntphs      s.          hard-boiled egg
rntpky      s.          purchase
rntppy       to ransom || to rescue
rntpsk      s.(zoo)     kind of bird that is in Qispillaqta thought to be sign for hail
rntpy       expr.       buy please
rntpy       to buy something for someone
rntrnk      s.(mit)     mythical being || //jaguar man//
rntrnt      s.(bot)     kind of shrub
rntskmntknkyk           price
rntsknpch s.(tex)       dress to be put on afresh
rntspkhtspprk           merchant || salesman
rntspp      adj.(bot) yellow potato
rntssch                 cherry tree
rntsy^       to change clothes again
rnttbntkyy expr.        sell me some eggs
rnty        s.(spi)     highest development
rnty        s.          purchase
rnty       to buy || to acquire || to purchase
rnty                   to hail
rnty       v.intr.     to lay eggs || to spawn
rntyktmy   s.(met)     storm
rntypk     s.a.        salesman || middleman
rny        s.          guest || someone who is going to leave
rny        postpos. near || close to
rny        s.          theater || theatre || tale || fable || legend
rny       to consent || to accept || to say yes
rny       to sell
rny        s.(zoo)(amz)turkey vulture
rnykchy    v.intr.     to be proud
rnykm      s.          statistics
rnykmymnnnkk           statistic
rnyktknpkhyn.          indigenous peoples' rights
rnyky      v.intr.     to cohabit (from a woman's point of view)
rnymntychykn           statistics
rnynk      s.          jail || prison || hard punishment
rnynpk     s.a.        employee
rnyp^ynyp adj.poses. statistic
rnypy      s.          census || demography
rnyr       adj.(fil)   subcontrary
rnyrkn     s.          gallows
rnyrm      s.          indigenous woman
rnyy       s.          fable || tale || legend
rnyy       to become a man (or American Indian)
rnyypchyyy s.(neo)     evolution of Man
rp         adv.l.      below
rp         s.          doll || toy
rp         s.(zoo)     dove || little bird || child
rp         s.(bot.ana) leaf || branch
rp         s.          page
rp         s.(ass)     page
rp         s.(zoo)     pidgeon || turtledove || bird || dove || grey-fronted dove
rp         adj.        skinny (animal)
rp         adj.(geo) southern
rp         postpos. under
rpch       adj.        burned
rpch       s.          sunset
rpchky     s.          spiderweb
rpchkyys s.            birdcage
rpchy       to pull out herbs without care
rph        adj.        blind
rph        s.          fever
rph        expr.       Hello! [informal]
rph        adj.        hot || burning
rphchky    v.intr.     to be burnt
rphchn     s.(agr)     clearing by burning (field in the forest)
rphchsk    s.(agr)     field in the forest cleared by burning (on clay soils)
rphchy       to make burn || to burn
rphk       adj.        hot || burning
rphkmt     s.          dry season
rphnky     s.(med)     fever
rphny      adj.         blind
rphpky     v.intr.      to have fever
rphppy     v.intr.      to flutter || to wave
rphrktpk   s.           thermometer
rphrky     adj.         burnable || combustible
rphrph     s.(geo)      hot | burning vegetation zone on the eastern slope of the andes || altitude level in the east of the Andes
rphrsk     s.(med)      burn
rphry      s.(che)      combustion
rphry      s.(med)      fever
rphry      v.intr.      to have fever
rphrykn    s.           combustion
rphsk      p.p.p.       burnt || burned
rphy       s.(med)      fever
rphy       s.           heat || burn
rphy       s.(ast)      sun
rphy       v.intr.      to burn || to sting || to be hot
rphymt     s.           summer
rphyn      s.           circumference
rphypch    s.           summer
rphyspr    s.           sun rays
rphyy      v.intr.      to burn (intr.)
rphyykpy   v.intr.      to go blind
rpkk       adj.         lower
rpkrsk     p.p.p.       burnt || burned
rpmp       s.(top)      town and province in the Department of Qosqo (Peru) | gave the Urubamba river (Willkamayu | Willka ¥
rpn        adv.m.       of course || obviously
rpr        s.(esp)      barrage || dam
rpr        s.(zoo.ana)wing
rprchy        to cut branches || to tear off leaves || to pluck
rprky to notice || to realize
rprp       adj.         medium burned
rprpryy    v.intr.      to flame
rpry        to cut branches
rpry       v.intr.(esp) to notice || to account to || to realize
rpsk       expr.        I will go!
rpsnk      expr.        Thank you very much! [to several people]
rpt        s.(zoo)      bird
rpt        adj.         toothless
rpt        postpos. under
rpty        to eat with one's fingers
rpy        s.           descent
rpy        s.           effort || success || reaching the summit || sacrifice
rpy        s.(zoo)      pidgeon
rpy        to be successful || to succeed (success) || to have success || to reach the summit || to sacrifice
rpy        to embrace
rpy        to entwine || to entangle || to complicate || to confuse
rpy       to leave || to go (away)
rpy        s.           vulva
rpyy       expr.        my beloved
rpyy       v.intr.      to lose weight || to become thin
rpyychk    s.(mit)      female deity (wak'a) in the tales of Waruchiri || (Span.) Urpayhu chac || (orig.) Hurpayhuachac (<who giv
rpyyskt to entangle ropes || to entwine ropes
rr         s.           circle || segment
rr         s.(top)      city in Bolivia || (Span.) Oruro
rr         s.(zoo.ana)egg
rr                      f
rr         s.(bot.ana) fruit || seed || pit
rr         s.(d1)       ground || soil
rr         adv.l.       inside
rr         s.(d2)       interior
rr         s.(ass)      product || produce || result
rr         s.(ana)      testicle
rrb        s.(uni)(esp)Spanish unit of weight || measurement of weight || arroba | about 25 pounds or 11.5 kg
rrch       adj.(esp) sexually active
rrchk      s.a.(ass) enterprise || firm
rrchk      s.(gra)      verb
rrchk      s.a.         who makes do things
rrchy        to cultivate
rrk        s.(agr)      irrigation ditch || waterditch || brook || pit || ditch || irrigation canal or sewer
rrk        s.(mat)      operator
rrk        s.a.         worker || builder || creator
rrkn       s.(tex)      clothes
rrkn       s.(ana)      eggs || testicles || balls
rrkn       s.(bot.ana) fruits
rrkpchy    s.           cleaning of the irrigation ditches (communal work)
rrky       adj.         active
rrky        to dig irrigation ditches
rrky        to work at || to occupy oneself with
rrkyttk    adj.         executable
rrkyy to arrange || to fix
rrmk       s.           creator
rrmn       adv.l.       in (direction)
rrmy        to go to do something
rrmy       v.intr.(esp) to lean against
rrn        centre || center || middle
rrn        s.           deeds
rrn        s.(ana)      kidney
rrn        s.(top)      river in the Department of Lima (Peru) || (Span.) r¡o Lur¡n (<middle | inside)
rrn        s.           task || obligation || mission || work
rrnkchnsptpn            question | if he/she does
rrnkh      s.(zoo)      lizard || grass snake || type of lizard
rrnkn      s.           duties
rrnnkn     s.           accomplishements
rrnny        to undo
rrnrkn     adj.         bristled || bristly || prickly || thorny
rrntky     v.intr.(esp) to go into service
rrnty to hire || to hire out || to let (for rent)
rrny       adj.         easy
rrnychp    s.(tex)      underwear
rrnyk      s.p.         busy || occupied
rrnynk     s.(top)      Lower Wanka | historical region of the Wanka | today the province of Concepci¢n in the Department of
rrnytyn    expr.        I have to do
rrp        adj.poses. circular
rrp        s.(ass)      crown || wreath
rrp        adv.l.      inside || in between
rrp        postpos. inside || in between
rrp        s.          mirror || crystal || glass || eyeglasses || spectacles
rrp        s.          underwear
rrpkk      s.a.        worker || servant
rrpky      v.intr.     to be beset
rrpky      v.intr.     to see oneself in the mirror
rrpn       s.          mirage || fata morgana
rrpntky to repent
rrppy       to restore
rrpy       to do something for someone
rrpy       to reflect || to mirror
rrpy       to repeat || to exercise
rrr        s.(esp)     smith
rrry       to undo
rrryy       to exercise
rrs        s.(bot)(esp)rice
rrsk       p.p.p.      done || made
rrsk       s.          work (opus) || deed || achievement
rrskmntchskrkkyk       wage || salary
rrskyyy    s.(ass)     precedent
rrsp       adj.(d2)    with big testicles
rrsy       s.(bot)(esp)very small maize
rry        s.(d1)      action || function || ceremony || festivity || duty || practice || activity
rry        s.(pol)     guardian of fields and fruits
rry        s.(d2)      light work (housework and most women's work)
rry   to do || to make || to work || to create || to apply
rry        v.intr.     to grow || to bear fruit
rry   to put
rry        interj.     what a heat!
rryk       s.a.        castrated
rrykn      s.          facts
rryktchy   s.(ass)     program || programme || agenda
rryky       to make || to build || to construct
rrymnchry        to effect
rrynyk     adj.        able || capable (of)
rryp       s.(his)     judge of the fields
rrypktch   s.(ass)     role || function
rryrmn     s.(gra)     verb
rryrmnchy s.(gra)      conjugation
rryrnn     s.(neo)     operational process
rrysy       to help to do
rrysy       to work together || to collaborate
rryy       to deepen
rryy       v.(esp)     to drive
rryy       to watch or guard the fields
rs         s.(ana)     brain
rs         adj.        icy || frozen || solid (water)
rs         s.(agr)     land burnt down and cleared for sowing
rs         s.(met)     snow || ice || mountain with snow
rschk      s.a.(esp) who makes pray || priest
rsk        s.          girl || miss
rsk          expr.        I am going!
rskhy to scrape || to scratch || to claw
rsknky       v.recip.     to know each other
rskt         adj.         thin
rsky         v.intr.(esp) to scratch oneself
rsmp         s.(tex)      lower loom bar
rsmy         v.intr.      to scratch oneself slightly
rsmy        to scratch slightly
rsn          expr.        it seems that yes
rsn          s.(esp)      reason
rsnchk       expr.(d2) Let's go!
rsnchk       expr.(d1) We will go
rsnp         adv.m.(p.esp)reasonable || grounded || founded
rsphyy       v.impers. to dusk
rspky        to miss || to be home-sick
rspmp        s.(top)      city in Ecuador (provincial capital of Chimborazo) || (Span.) Riobamba
rspsr        expr.(k)     get off! || get out! || beat it! || fade away || get lost!
rspty to respect
rspy to scrape || to scratch || to claw
rst          adj.(esp) pink
rstn        surface
rstr         s.(esp)      footprint
rstrh        s.(esp)      stubbles
rstryy follow a track || to trace
rsy          adj.         fast || quick
rsy          v.intr.      to happen
rsy        to miss
rsy to pray || to read
rsy        to remove the leaves vocering the corn cobs
rsy                       to snow
rsyn         s.(tex)      part of the warp which is pressed downwards by the shed rod || lower shed rod shed
rsyn         adv.t.(esp) recently || a moment ago
rsyrr        s.(top)(esp)Desaguadero | river in Bolivia (transscription in Quechua and Aymara)
rsys         expr.(esp) Thank you!
rsyy         s.           solidification (water)
rsyy         v.intr.      to freeze (water) || to solidify (water)
rsyykpchyy   v.intr.      to come down (by poverty) || to become impoverished || to become poor
rsyyyk       adj.         poor
rt           s.(bot)      banana
rt           adv.l.       downwards
rt           s.(esp)      moment || short time || a little while || a minute || a second
rt           s.(zoo)      parakeet || kind of small parrot || parrot
rt           s.(esp)      plough || plow
rt           s.           shearing || haircut || peeling
rt           s.(met)      snow || ice
rt           s.(geo)      swamp || bog
rtch         s.           celebration where a child gets haircut
rtchky       s.           first haircut
rtchy        to light || to set fire to || to burn
rthn         adj.         white as snow
rtk          adj.         cutter || hair-dresser
rtk          s.a.         shearer
rtkm       expr.        See you later!
rtky        to cut (oneself) || to clip one's hair
rtm        s.(bot)      retama (plant with yellow flowers)
rtmn       s.           energy
rtmy       s.(esp)      bad order || chaos || confusion || time backwards
rtn        adj.         to be sheared
rtny to give an order
rtny       v.intr.      to sprout
rtp        s.           rag || cloth || patch
rtpnt      adv.m.(esp)  suddenly || all of asudden || maybe || possibly || perhaps
rtppchyy   v.intr.      to come down (by poverty) || to become impoverished || to become poor
rtpsk      s.(zoo)      kind of bird that is in Qispillaqta thought to be sign for the snow
rtpy        to mend
rtrk       s.(geo)      snow mountain
rtrnksk    s.(spi)      energy center
rtrt       s.(bot)      kind of tree
rtsh       s.           clothes
rtsk       p.p.p.(med)incurable || deep-seated || chronic || impossible to cure
rtsk       p.p.p.       sheared
rtskm      s.           sheared head
rtsktsk    s.(fam)      girl | 12 to 18 years old (meaning in Inka times) || young girls who helped her parents and grandparents
rtsy to reduce (also in colonial sense of reinforced resettlement)
rtt        s.(geo)(d1) fire (of volcano)
rtt        s.(geo)(d2) lava
rtt        s.           moment
rttmnt     adv.t.       within a moment
rttrk      s.(geo)      volcano
rttyp      s.(ass)      gunpowder
rty        adv.l.       briefly
rty        s.           dress || clothes
rty        s.           energy
rty        s.(tex)      fleece
rty        s.           haircut || hairdress || haircut (takes place when the child is between two and five years old)
rty                     j
           expr.(p.esp)ust a moment
rty        s.(esp)      radio
rty        to adhere || to attach || to bind together
rty       to circle
rty        to cut || to shear || to clip || to crop || to peel || to skin || to remove hair from || to harvest crops || to mow
rty to fall
rty        v.intr.      to ignite || to catch fire || to light || to burn
rty to land
rty                     to snow || to snow
rtychns    s.(bot)      kind of jungle tree | 11-16 m high
rtykmyk    s.           shearer
rtyyr      s.           wind energy
ry         s.(l.esp)    a brick baked in the sun || adobe
ry      always
ry         s.(bot.ana) branch
ry         s.           cereal || wheat || barley
ry         s.(d1)       coitus || copulation
ry                      corn || wheat
ry         s.           descent || slope || hillside
ry         adv.l.       down || downwards || downhill || below
ry         s.(agr)      earthing up
ry         s.           funicular || ropeway
ry         s.(bot)(esp)grass
ry         adj.(d2)     inclined downwards
ry         s.(zoo)      kind of brown bird
ry         s.(med)(esp) lightning sickness | an illness attributed to being struck by lightning in the lowlands
ry         adj.(d1)     lower
ry         s.(esp)      plough
ry         s.           prong || pitch-fork
ry                      r
           s.(zoo)(esp) ay (fish)
ry                      r
           s.(met)(esp)ay || lightning
ry         s.           ribbon for braids
ry         s.(esp)      river || stream || brook
ry         s.(d2)       stone erected by people
ry         s.           thicket || involvement || confusion
ry       to circle
ry    to cook
ry       to descend
ry       to go || to walk || to travel
ry to plough
ry         v.intr.(esp) to pray
ry        to thresh
ry        to use first time || to open (something new)
ry    to work
ry         s.(top)      town in the Department of Jun¡n (Peru) || (Span.) La Oroya (<ropeway)
ry         s.(bot)      tree
ry         adj.         woman without children || sterile woman
ry         s.           work
rycht      s.           bas-relief
rychy        to rouse
rychy        to suppress
ryk      because
ryk      because of
ryk        s.(esp)      clock || watch
ryk        s.           decay
ryk        s.           reason || cause || occasion
ryk        s.           spiderweb
ryk        s.a.         worker
rykch      s.           induction
rykchy        to take down
rykk       s.a.         descending
rykkkrsk   p.p.p.       entangled
rykky      v.intr.      to be entangled
rykmy       to come down
rykn       s.           light tool to earth up potatoes || Andean hand hoe | used for most agricultural work
ryky       s.           level
ryky to ask || to ask for || to beseech || to plead || to request
ryky to discount
ryky       to go down || descend
ryky       to go down || to descend || to climb down || to make halt || to camp
ryky       v.intr.      to gossip
ryky       to pile up || to stack
ryky       v.intr.     to wake up
rym        s.          celebration || festivity || party || festival || ritual || event at which agricultural lands are redistributed
rymky      s.(mes)     June
rymn       adv.l.      downhill
rymn       s.          importance
rymnrnp    expr.       in direction of
rympk                  l
rympnchy   s.          celebration day
rymtsm     s.(med)(esp)rheumatism || thought to be a health hazard for gold miners who stand in //cold// water for much of the d
rymy       to peel || to strip || to remove branches
ryn        s.(bot)     elder || elderberry
ryn        s.          incline || fall || gradient
ryn        s.(bot)(esp)kind of tree
ryn        s.          musical instrument
ryn        s.(tex)     poncho
ryn        s.(bot)(esp)radish || kind of plant used as medicine against gastritis (blue-flowering turnip)
ryn        s.          South
rynchy       to unbalance
rynnp      adv.l.      below
rynpmp     s.(top)     plain where the elder grows
ryns       s.(esp)     ruins
rynyn      s.(esp)     meeting
ryp        s.          tribune
ryr        s.(geo)     gravel
ryr        adj.        round
ryrchkk    s.a.        burning (flamming)
ryrchy       to light fire
ryrksk     adj.(k)     stinking like a skunk
ryrry      s.          conflagration
ryry       s.          burning || combustion || flame
ryry       s.(bot)     dodder (parasitic plant)
ryry       adj.        intercrossed
ryry       v.intr.     to burn || to sting || to burn (intr.)
ryry       v.pron.     to sting
ryryy       to intercross
rys        s.(esp)     root
rys        s.          slavering
rysk       p.p.p.      spiderweb
rysk       s.          spiderweb
rysnk      adj.        with one's mouth below || lying on the belly
rysy       s.(geo)     North
rysy       to accompany
ryt        s.(esp)     bundle || load || luggage || bundle || load carried on the back || package
ryt        adv.t.      last year
ryt        s.(esp)     wheel
ryty       s.(bot)     kind of herbaceous shrub of the jungle (main use: kitchen)
ryty to quarrel
ryy        s.(mit)     deity living in the major mountains
ryy        s.(esp)     disorder
ryy        adv.l.      downwards
ryy        s.(top)     lower community || community oriented to the lowlands || community in the District of Kuyu Kuyu (Cuyo
ryy      v.intr.     to be || to exist
ryy       to bind || to confuse || to get into disorder || to entwine
ryy       to copulate || to fuck
ryy to earth up (plants)
ryy to get into disorder
ryy       to wake up
ryy       to work || to work at || to cultivate
ryychy   expr.       from below upwards
ryyk     s.(zoo)     ruywaq (bird with yellow and black feathers eating bitter fruits) || Santa Rosa (bird | in analogy to Saint R
ryykm    s.          project
ryyy     s.(geo)     south
ryyys    s.(bot)(esp)lemon grass
s        fon.        (consonant phoneme of the quechua language)
s     [evidential] || to be said to ...
s     [evidential] || to be said to ...
s                    b
         s.(zoo)(esp) ear || spectacle bear
s        s.(fam)     child born out of wedlock || illegitimate chld
s        s.(zoo)     donkey
s        s.(bot)     iso (kind of plant)
s        adj.        little || small quantity || a little || kind of (prefix)
s        s.(tex)     long needle (38 cm)
s        s.(zoo)     louse
s        adj.        mutilated
s        s.(zoo)(amz)scarlet macaw || kind of bird
s        interj.     So it's called!
s        s.(tex)(esp)spindle || instrument for spinning and rolling the thread into it
s     very || great || big
s        s.(esp)     waste || use || custom || tradition
s        adv.afirm. yes | they say
s     you (object) [if subject is 3rd person | or generally in Q2A dialects]
sbrprt   s.(med)(esp)confinement sickness || illness resulting from childbirth | whose principal symptoms are an itchy rash | n
sbt      s.(esp)     know-all || prig
sbt                  S
         s.(pun)(esp) aturday
sby      s.(bot)     century plant || agave
sby      adj.(esp) civil
sby      s.(bot)(esp)onion
sby ascend || to go up
sby      s.(bot)     tree whose bark contains much tannin
sby      adj.        wise
sbyn     s.(zoo)(amz)little tinamou || kind of bird
sbyy to fatten || to feed
sch      s.(med)     acne
sch      s.(bot.ana) branch || twig
sch      s.          cigarette butt
sch      adj.(med) disabled at the feet
sch      adj.(d2)    false || almost
sch      s.(zoo)     fish species of lake Titicaca || catfish
sch      conj.       if
sch      s.(geo)     jungle || forest || vegetation || mountain || hill || non-cultivated forest (including secondary forest 20 years
sch      s.(zoo)     kind of tangara bird
sch      adj.(med) lame || paralized || a paralized person || crippled || disabled at the feet
sch         s.          ore train
sch         s.(ast)     Pleiades || Pleiades (constellation)
sch         s.(d2)      present
sch         s.(bot)     tree || bush || plant || wild plant || grass
sch         adj.(d1)    wild
schchk      s.(mil)     lance of tropical wood
schchnpnk   s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
schchy       to make pass through
schk        s.(p.esp) bum
schk        s.a.        funny
schk        s.          jungle
schk        s.a.(neo) professional
schk        adj.        slippy
schkhch     s.(zoo)     peccary
schkk       adj.        funny
schkn       s.          thorn bushes
schkpky     v.intr.     to anoint oneself
schkr       s.(bot)     epiphytic plants
schkr       s.(bot)     kind of tree
schkr       s.(bot)     lichen (on trees | lit. tree bark)
schkr       s.(bot.ana) tree bark
schks       s.(bot)     kind of shrub of the jungle (main use: canoe planks | fishing | hunting | roof)
schky       v.intr.     to get lice
schky       to scratch
schky      to slip on something not slippy
schky       v.intr.     to take advantage of
schky       s.(zoo)     wild guinea pig
schmm       s.(mit)     spirit mother of the jungle in form of a mythical huge eared boa believed to dwell in the same place for a
schmn       adv.l.      to the forest
schmr       s.(zoo)     boa constrictor || kind of giant serpent of the jungle
schmrk      s.          place with plants || forest
schn        s.          slippy place || hill || slope
schnky      s.(med)     poliomyelitis || paralysis
schny       adj.        easy to advance with
schny       s.(neo)     strategy
schp        adj.        close
schp        adv.l.      close || near
schp        postpos. near
schpk       s.(zoo)     sand flea || chigger
schpkk      adj.        neighbouring || adjoining || place || spot
schpnn      s.          a woman's female cousin
schpnyn     s.          bud || main sprout || plant's eye (lit.)
schppn      s.          a man's female cousin
schprt      s.(bot)     shrub with dark brown capsule fruits || kind of caper-bush
schpt                   muscovy duck
schptr      s.          a woman's male cousin
schptyk     adj.        wild
schpy      to approach
schpykmy      to approach
schpyky      to approach
schpyyk     s.          a man's male cousin
schrm       s.(bot)     tuber plant of the pumpkin familiy
schrn        s.(mit)     daemon of the forest
schrn        s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the jungle
schrn        s.(tri)     people from the forest || savage
schrnychy    s.          ancestral | collective knowledge (Kichwa of the Ecuadorian Amazon)
schrpy       v.intr.     to be pressed together || to stuff oneself
schrr        s.          forest
schry       to pass through
schs         conj.       if (assumption)
schsby       s.(bot)     wild onion || kind of plant of the jungle (main use: food)
schsch       s.          forest || stand of trees
schsk        p.p.p.      wasted || despised || scorned
schsnkh      s.(bot)     beard-like epiphytic plants on tree trunks
schsntkr     s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
schspypnk    s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
schtmt                   tree tomato
schty        s.(bot)     kind of herb
schy         s.          failure
schy         s.(bot)     kind of shrub
schy         s.          line
schy   to acquire
schy  to baptize
schy   to create
schy   to delouse
schy   to earn || to win || to gain || to achieve || to acquire || to reach
schy       to increase
schy       to make laugh || to entertain
schy       to postpone || to move near
schy       to reafforest || to retimber || to restock
schy       to send (things) || to ask to do (to deliver)
schy to sit down
schy to slip || to trail || to crawl || to limp || to totter || to scoot || to move over || to slip and fall
schy       to tear off violently the skin of an animal or the bark of a tree || to drag
schy       to waste
schy         adv.m.      too little || very small quantity
schy         adj.        wild
schyk        s.(zoo)     forest dog (small wolf-like cornivores oth the jungle) || fox
schyk        s.(zoo)     tapir || lowland tapir
schykchy     v.intr.     to slip and fall
schykt       s.          forest land
schyky      to approach
schyn        s.(agr)     tree mulch
schyr        s.          wax
schyrykchk   s.a.        natural disaster
schyy       to align
schyy        v.intr.     to become lame
schyy        s.          wild animal
sh           fon.        (consonant phoneme of the quechua language | preserved in the northern and central dialects. In the S
sh           interj.     [which the cattle is driven with]
sh           adj.        mean || miserly || stingy
shk          adv.m.      with the mouth opened
shkchy       to cover a dead's head
shkky        v.intr.     to cover ones's head
shkky      s.          whirlwind carrying dust | sand | stones | plants and diseases (plague | mental disorder - the souls of the
shkp       s.          hood
shksh      s.          walking-stick || stick || crutch || cane (staff) || shuttle (of a loom) || spindle
shkshk     s.(bot)     horsetail (medical plant with thin | green | hard stalks used for healing internal and external inflammation
shkshknk adj.          long-neck
           v       to fill the spindle
shkt       s.          scarf
shky       s.          sandal || shoe || sandals made from old tires
shky       to chew or suck something soft
shky      to fall
shky       to fill
shkyy      v.intr.     to be worried
shkyy      v.intr.     to make noise
shmp       s.(tex)     loom bars
shmpy      s.(tex)     warp lashing
shmpyy     v.intr.     to be frightened || to be scared || to be startled
shn        s.(bot)     kind of plumb (tree of the yunga region with green | brown-spotted fruits with red | very sweet pulp)
shnk       s.(bot)     nettle
shnk       s.(zoo)     vulture
shnntn     adj.        enormous
shntky     v.intr.     to meet up
shnty       to assemble || to collect || to gather || to pick up || to meet
shny       v.intr.     to shine (sun)
shp        adj.        dry
shpk                   k
           s.(bot)(amz) ind of medicinal plant of the jungle
shpky       to investigate
shpky      v.dic.      to yawn
shpnk      s.(mit)     devil || demon || bad spirit
shpshk     s.(mit)     devil || demon || bad spirit
shpshn     s.(ast)     planet Venus
shrt       s.          woman with her mouth opened
shry       s.          drug || narcotic
shty to tame || to subjugate || to control
shy        s.(zoo)     ant bear
shy        s.          boggy land
shy        s.          minute stone
shy        adj.        soft
shy       to look for || to search for || to seek || to seek
shy        v.dic.      to open the mouth well || to yawn || to open one's mouth
shyk       s.(bot)     elder || elderberry
shymp      adj.        worse
shysh      s.(top)     town in the Department of Jun¡n (Peru) || (Span.) Jauja || (hist.) Xauxa
shyshy     interj.onom.[sonido made by the chunchu dancers]
shyyk                  k
           s.(bot)(amz) ind of medicinal plant of the jungle
sk [historical past]
sk [Participle Perfect Passive] || [perfective] || [relative clause | before]
sk         s.(mus)(aym)andean panpipes || pan flute
sk                     b
           adj.(col)(d2) lond || light-haired || light-skinned
sk         s.          blond hair || white hair
sk         s.(tex)     bottom of a bag (lit. buttocks)
sk         s.(ana)     buttocks || backside || bottom || arse || butt || ass || base || bottom || rear-end || rump || buttocks
sk                     c
           s.(bot)(aym) ane || straw
sk           s.(zoo)     caterpillar with urticating hairs | quite irritating to touch || larvae of various species of gregarious lepidop
sk           adj.        cripple || disabled
sk           s.(mit)(d2) evil || bad spirit || ghost
sk           adj.        fierce || ferocious || wild
sk           s.(d1)      furrow
sk           adj.        grey || ash-gray || blue
sk                       g
             adj.(col)(d1) rey || gray
sk           s.(zoo)     guinea pig || female guinea pig
sk           adj.        hoarse
sk      I will ...
sk           adj.        insipid || sour || tasteless
sk           s.(d2)      knot
sk           adj.        laughing || smiling || cheerful || merry || in good spirits
sk           adj.        light (not heavy)
sk           s.(min)     lime
sk           s.          line || row || letter (letra) || symbol || line of living energy running through the earth | or between two ritual
sk           s.          loop || noose || sling || snare
sk           adj.        lousy
sk           adj.        lower
sk      more
sk           s.(d1)      nit || louse egg
sk           s.(tex)     practice piece woven by beginning weaver
sk           s.(tex)(esp)sack || shirt || blouse || jacket
sk           s.(med)     sciatica || paralysis || polio || rheumatism
sk           s.(zoo)     seal
sk           s.(esp)     snout
sk      so they say
sk           s.          stone erected by people
sk           s.(gra)     suffix || grammatical morpheme
sk           s.          things put into order
sk           s.(mit)(d1) twisted female nature spirit || more accurately | a third level initiates vision of a powerful female nature s
sk           adj.pron. two (persons)
sk           s.(d2)      whistle sound
skb          s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
skby         s.(esp)     brush
skch         s.(med)     diarrhoea || diarrhea
skch         s.          nappy || napkin || diaper || bunch
skch         s.(bot)     reed
skch         s.(zoo)(amz)screaming piha || kind of bird
skch         s.(tex)     small tube of reed carrying the thread in the shuttle
skchp        s.(zoo)     cuckoo
skchp        s.          legless cripple
skchpsk      s.          mortar (to mason)
skchpty      s.(ana)     tailbone
skchtchrsp   v.intr.     to gargle
skchy       to double || to multiply by two || to duplicate || to clone
skchy       to make ascend
skchy       to make uproot
skchy       to wring || to scour [cloth]
skh          s.          afternoon
skh          adv.m.      fast || quick
skh          adj.        hollow || empty
skh       adv.t.      in the afternoon
skh       adj.        robust || stout (rope | thread) || sturdy (rope | thread)
skhchy       to widen || to make wider
skhkyt    s.(tex)     sturdy thread
skhtk     s.(ana)     anus
skhyp     expr.       not only ... (did) | but also ...
skhysk    s.(tex)     sturdy rope
skhyy     s.(zoo)     hydra
skk       s.a.        ascending
skk       s.a.        designer
skk       s.(top)     province in the north of Potos¡ department (Bolivia)
skk     we without you will ...
skk       adj.        whipper
skk       s.a.        who leaves
skkhchh   s.(gra)(mat)ordinal
skkhr     s.(zoo)(med)tapeworm
skkht     s.(ana)     anus
skkky     v.intr.     to rustle
skkn      pron.indef. almost the same
skkn      s.          illustration || figure || drawing
skkp      s.(his)     land surveyor
skkryy    s.(ana)     fangs
skksk     s.(bot)     grey qeshqe | kind of moss (grows on plants as well as on electric wires)
skky      expr.       PASSIVE: to be ...-ed (by [...])
skky      s.          poverty
skky      to drain off || to run off (liquid)
skky       to leave something under someone else's custody
skky      v.dic.      to whistle
skkyy     v.intr.     to be only two
skkyy     v.intr.     to walk with a swing || to wag one's tail
skm       s.(d2)      blow || punch || slap || hit
skm       s.(zoo)     chachacomo butterfly
skm       s.(d1)      fist || fist
skm       adv.t.      in a moment
skm       s.          rite of healing anxiety by rubbing with flowers (after rubbing the flowers that have absorbed the evil are
skm       expr.       see you later!
skmch     s.(mit)     people (men) of pagan times | whose bones can be found in old graves || malignant | evil spirit
skmn      s.          kind of knuckle-duster of metal
skmnky    v.recip.    to box
skmp      s.(bot)     pampas grass
skmp      s.(bot)     shucumpi || shugumpi (purple or red wild flower of the puna with nectar in its tubular calyx | sucked out
skmpy       to cover the head
skmpy     s.(bot)     type of potato
skmr      s.(zoo)     small ant
skmrky    s.(zoo)     anthill
skmty     s.(gra)     declension
skmy      adj.        crooked || hunchbacked
skmy      adv.t.      just a moment
skmy      s.          proposal | proposition || suggestion
skmy       to propose || to suggest
skmy       to slap in the face || to slap up the face || to punch || to hit with the fist || to hit || to bash
skn       prep.(esp) according to
skn        s.         bracket || tool for tearing off
skn        s.         chisel || crowbar
skn        s.         corner (outside)
skn        num.c.     nine
skn        s.         web || net
sknch      s.(ana)    shoulder-blade
sknchkt    num.fract. ninth
sknchnk    num.c.     ninety
sknchnkhknyk          ninety-one
sknchnkknchsnyk       ninety-seven
sknchnknknktm         degree (of 90)
sknchnkskynyk         ninety-two
sknchnkyrnknum.c.     ninety thousand
sknchy      to draw
sknchy      to weed || to pull up the weeds
sknk       s.(tex)    back or buttocks unku shirt - related to kunka unku (a poncho) but without head opening | worn over bu
sknk       s.(zoo)    sea urchin
sknkch     s.         nonagon
sknkk      num.c.     ninth
sknkm      expr.      dry bottom
sknmtkk    adj.(k)    stupid || dumb || useless
sknnkn     num.o.     ninth
sknnknychknexpr.      Lesson Nine
sknp       postpos. under
sknpchk    num.c.     nine hundred
           num.c.     987 251
sknpchkyrnknum.c.     nine hundred thousand
sknpysn    num.o.     ninth
sknrk      adj.       esferoide
skntn    as soon as
sknty      s.(zoo)    kind of white worm (insect larva) living in the central spike of achapalla plants
sknyrnk    num.c.     nine thousand
skp        expr.      if || in case || when
skp        adj.(k)    lousy
skp                   seeds of wild plants used to make a music intrument
skp        s.(bot)    shacapa (tree of the rupha-rupha (selva alta) region whose dried fruits are used as small bells)
skpch      expr.      when
skpky      v.intr.    to cover one's head
skpnkyy    s.(bot)    kind of tall herbaceous plant of the jungle (main use: music instrument)
skpp       s.(ana)    buttocks || backside || bottom || arse || butt || ass
skpr       s.(bot)    kind of small cactus
skpt       s.         hip
skptk      s.(ana)    buttocks || backside || bottom || arse || butt || ass
skpy       s.(mit)    women of pagan times | whose bones van be found in old graves
skpyy      to comfort || to console
skr                   andean panpipes || player of andean panpipes
skr        s.(tex)    bag (crocheted) || sack or purse || round bag of cabuya fiber | looped netting made with needle-looping
skr        adv.m.(esp)certainly || surely
skr        s.(d1)     devil
skr        adj.       filthy || nauseating || ugly || bad || mean || evil
skr        s.(d4)     little hole
skr        s.(d3)     magic || sorcery || witchcraft || wizardry
skr        s.(d2)      old and ragged pumkin container
skr        s.(ana)     skeleton
skr        adj.        sly || cunning || crafty
skr        s.(esp)     sugar
skr        s.(mit)     supernaturally powerful being who lives underground and who is generally thought to be evil (represente
skrbk      s.(esp)     secretary || scribe
skrby to write || to write || to sign
skrpsy     s.          poison
skrhmp     s.a.        stinking
skrknk     v.intr.     to be mean
skrky      v.intr.     to brush the hair
skrky      adj.        of bad life
skrkysyyn s.(mit)      stone of living energy lines || a sacred shrine in Hatun Q'eros
skrm       s.          brush-shaped comb
skrn       s.          rustic hair brush made of straw
skrn       to despise
skrnykhyy s.a.         sterile || infertile
skrpkk     expr.       I am staying
skrpn      s.(met)     hail
skrpr       to give up || to leave || to abandon || to desert
skrpry     s.(esp)     burnt offering
skrpy       to abandon
skrr       s.(esp)     cigar
skrt       s.(geo)(amz)gorge || canyon
skry       v.intr.     to be abundant (fruits | small stones | lice)
skry       v.intr.     to stay || to be left
skry       v.intr.     to wrinkle || to get wrinkles
skrychy       to disfigure || to distort
skryy                  kind
           s.(bot)(p.esp) of medicinal plant of the jungle
sks        s.(ana)     forehead
sks        adj.(tex) frayed (dress) || frayed out
sks        adj.        glutton || guzzler || gormandizer
sks        s.(med)     itch || tickle
sks        s.          little bell || handbell || fringe
sks        s.(bot)     reed || kind of rush || hard grass growing in tufts || cane (hollow) || cane like bamboo
sks        adj.        rough (person) || rude || rough
sks        s.          rubble
sks        s.(tex)     scalloped edge of a shawl
sks        adj.(med) spotted
sks        s.(tex)     type of edge binding (of four-strand twined with fringe-like loops) applied to edges of haku
skschy       to make itch
skschy       to satiate
sksk       p.p.p.      abandoned
sksk       s.(zoo)     caterpillar
sksk       s.(bot)     dandelion
sksk       s.          drawing || figure || icon || image || picture
sksk       adj.        full of drawings
sksk       s.(zoo)     kind of fish
sksk       s.(med)     sleeplessness || insomnia
skskkn     s.          inheritance || heritance || heritage
           v       heir
           v       to inherit
skskm      expr.       see you soon
skskrsk    p.p.p.      swollen
sksky      v.intr.     to satiate oneself || to appease one's hunger || to be full after eating || to be satisfied || to satiate
sksky      v.intr.     to vibrate
sksn       adj.(col)   coal-grey
sksn       s.(bot)     pampas grass || sigsi
sksp       s.(zoo)     ant queen (big ant | mother of the working ants | eatable)
sksp       s.          broadass
sksph      s.(spi)     roots in the body (in the neck | the heart | the stomach | the buttocks) for the projection of energy
skssk      p.p.p.      satiated || satisfied || full
skssks     adj.        ragged || tattered
skst       s.(med)     sleeplessness || insomnia
sksttmnt   adv.t.      very early
sksy       s.(med)     itch || tickle
sksy       s.          satisfaction
sksy       s.(med)     swelling
sksy       to eat greedily
sksy       v.pron.     to itch
sksy       v.pron.     to itch || to tickle
sksy       v.intr.(d1) to satisfy || to satiate || to appease one's hunger || to satisfy oneself || to be satisfied
sksy       v.intr.(d2) to swell
sksykchnchys.(ana)     appendix
sksynky    s.          bulimia
sksyymn    s.(top)     fortress of Qosqo in the Inka time || (Span.) Sacsayhuaman (<satisfied falcon) || Sacsahuam n || Inka fo
skt        adj.        coarsely grinded
skt        s.(mik)     kind of meal || plate of food with papa lisa
skt        adj.        person or animal with a hand with six fingers or a foot with six toes
skt        s.          plaited mat of thin cane attached in the river to catch fish
skt        s.          sail
skt        num.c.      six
skt        s.(zoo)     soil-living larva
skt        s.(met)     storm
skt        s.(mik)(amz)typical snack made out of corn bran | yuca | egg and anise
sktchnk    num.c.      sixty
sktchpy    v.intr.     to make mortar
sktchr     s.          hexagono || hexangulo
sktchrnrk adj.(mat) hexagonal
sktchskmn s.(mat)      hexagonal polyhedron
sktchy       to sextuplicate
skthp      s.(zoo)     nest of caterpillars (egg and pupa cases) in molle and thaqu trees
sktk       s.(ana)     anus
sktkch     s.          hexagon
sktkynk    s.(tmp)     semester
sktnkn     num.o.      sixth
sktnknychknexpr.       Lesson Six
sktpchk    num.c.      six hundred
sktryy     v.intr.     to lean (on) || to incline || to recline
skty       s.          hexagon
skty       s.(ana)     hip
skty       v.intr.     to flower (cereals | grass) || to form ears (cereals | grass)
sktyp      adj.poses. cubic
sktyphky expr.(k)      fart | my arse!
sktypy to add a suffix
sktytmntychymnk          for six years (ongoing)
sktyttypsmchrnkn         it will last at least six years
sky        s.            abuttal || boundary stone || landmark || pile of stones
sky        expr.         attention!
sky        adj.          broad-arsed
sky                      c
           s.(bot)(aym) ane || straw
sky        s.            crack of the whip || rod
sky        adj.          curvilinear
sky        s.(d1)        design
sky        s.            dried plant of bean or pea
sky        s.(bot)       giant cactus (cactus of the yunka region | generally taller than three meters. Its fruit ts eatable. Its firewo
sky        adj.          gossip || chatterbox || intriguer
sky        s.(esp)       irrigation ditch || waterditch || brook || pit || ditch || irrigation canal or sewer
sky        s.(bot)       kind of column cactus of the lower qhichwa region
sky        s.(d2)        line
sky        adj.          lined up in a row
sky        s.            pasture || fodder || herb || grass
sky        s.(med)       pus
sky        adj.          rough
sky        s.            selection
sky        adj.          slim || nice
sky        v.intr.(d3) to be destroyed
sky        v.intr.       to be ready to sleep
sky to climb || to ride a horse || to ascend || to climb || to appear
sky to continue
sky     to cover
sky        v.intr.(d2) to delouse oneself
sky         to dig || to turn up earth || to grub
sky to disgrain (maize)
sky         to drink || to suck || to suck in || to absorb
sky        v.intr.(d1) to end || to finish || to be completed
sky to fall from above
sky     to fold
sky         to furrow || to make furrows
sky     to knot || to make a quipu || to tie a knot || to secure
sky         to lace up || to tie up a bag || to bind up
sky         to leave || to abandon || to leave alone || to let || to allow
sky        to move (oneself to another place) || to approach || to come closer || to withdraw
sky         to put something above something else || to pile up
sky         to rasp || to scrape || to scratch || to rub
sky         to scribble || to draw
sky        v.intr.       to smile || to laugh
sky     to strangle || to hang somebody
sky     to tear off branches or cobs
sky     to unite two ends
sky        v.intr.(l.esp)to utilize
sky         to whip || to punish || to strangle
sky        v.dic.        to whistle
sky         to withdraw || to remove (from a place) || to tear off || to uproot || to pull out || to extract || to take out with
sky        num.c.        two
sky        s.            whip
sky        s.(zoo)    wildcat || cat (wild)
skych      s.         duplication
skychky    v.intr.    to falter || to waver
skychnk    num.c.     twenty
skychnkhknyk          twenty-one
skychnkkmsyk          twenty-three
skychnkknchsnyk       twenty-seven
skychnkpchkyk         twenty-five
skychnkpsknyk         twenty-eight
skychnksknnyk         twenty-nine
skychnksktyk um.c.    twenty-six
skychnkskynyk         twenty-two
skychnktyyknum.c.     twenty-four
skychnkyrnknum.c.     twenty thousand
skychntyk s.p.        of two forms
skychr     adj.       bilateral
skychryk   s.p.       bilateral
skychsk    adj.       double
skychsk    p.p.p.     duplicated
skychskktnktnchknykyp sum of powers with even exponents
skychskypy s.(mat)    even number
skychy      to double || to multiply by two || to duplicate || to clone || to divide into two parts
skychy      to make pairs
skyhchhykypn          binary
skyk       s.a.       designer
skyk       s.         dictator || tyrant
skyk    I will ... you
skyk       s.(zoo)    kind of intestinal parasite
skyk       adj.(mat) lineal
skyk       s.(zoo)    lizard
skykchk    I will ... you all
skykk      num.o.     second
skykk    we will you ... || we will you ...
skykkn     s.         delineation
skykms     expr.      a few
skykmsptr s.(tex)     two or three folds
skykn      s.         ascent || slope || incline
skyknch    s.(top)    community on the R¡mac river (Mama Mayu) | in the province of Huarochiri (Department of Lima | Peru)
skykt      adv.t.     twice || double
skyktmt      to tie up a bag folding it
skyktmyrchnkpch       second turn (number)
skyktsky   expr.(mat) two time two (four)
skyky      s.(bot)    grey weqlla (kind of moss growing on rocks and old trees)
skyky      s.(zoo)    lizard
skyky     to disappear || to go down || to descend
skyky      v.intr.    to masturbate || to masturbate (vulgar)
skykyknnchktnchy      factorization
skykynk    s.(tmp)    bimestre
skykyp     adj.poses. bimestral
skymnprch s.(mat)     bijective function
skymnstyn num.indef. more than two
skymp      s.(neo)    alfabeto
skymtchy         to duplicate
skymtsk    adj.        double
skyn       interj.onom.[hoarse sound]
skyn     as soon as
skyn       s.          ruler
skyn       s.(top)     town in the Department of Qosqo (Peru) | provincial capital of Qanchi || (Span.) Sicuani (<place where c
skynk      s.(zoo)     toucan || kind of bird
skynkn     num.o.      second
skynknchskns.(mat)     ordered pair
skynknkyrychy          second level of elementary education
skynknychknexpr.       Lesson Two
skynksp    s.          rod || ruler
skynn      adj.        both
skynnchk pron.indef. the two of us
skynntn    adj.        both
skynntnprchs.(mat)     surjective function
skynntnsky expr.       both together
skynpyyy s.(gra)       two-part sentence
skynyn     pron.indef. just the two of them
skyp       adv.m.      by two
skypchk    num.c.      two hundred
skypchkyrnknum.c.      two hundred thousand
skypchy    s.(p.esp) cleaning of the irrigation ditches (communal work)
skypk      adj.(tex) tissue folded in two in form of a bag (wich is filled with the product)
skypkk     s.(gra)     postposition
skypktkmsmnyych        isosceles triangle
skypykn    s.(gra)     morphology (grammatical | in Quechua | by adding suffixes)
skypysn    num.o.      second
skypyyr    s.          a few words
skyr       s.(esp)     stairs || ladder
skyrkchynyks.p.        of two forms
skyryy     v.intr.     to doubt
skysk      p.p.p.      duplicated
skysk      p.p.p.      infected
skysky     adv.m.      in pairs
skysmprnpnkyychchn intercultural bilingual education
skysmpskykysypychy intercultural bilingual education
skysmpychys.           bilingual education
skysmtrmk s.a.         bilingual
skysnk     adj.        wavering || faltering || vacillating || doubtful || undecided || irresolute
skystchnykhchh         binomial
skytkyy    expr.       give me something to drink
skyy       expr.       allow me || let me
skyy       adj.        light (not heavy)
skyy       s.(esp)     school
skyy       adj.        simple
skyy       v.intr.     to be filled with pus || to be infected
skyy       to copulate || to fuck
skyy   to delineate || to design
skyy       to direct || to guide || to straighten || to correct
skyy       to doubt
skyy       to permit
skyy   to slant || to slope
skyy   to smoke swallowing the smoke
skyy       v.intr.     to turn gray-haired
skyy       to whip
skyy       v.intr.     to whore || to fornicate || to fornicate (vulgar)
skyyksk    p.p.p.      plaited
skyyky<chkcht>         to plait || to braid
skyyrnk    num.c.      two thousand
skyytnk    s.(tmp)     two years
skyyy      s.(zoo)     lizard
skyyymtyn expr.        there are two sorts | things | situations | ways
skyyyy     v.intr.     to swing the hips
sm         s.(d3)      abuttal || boundary stone || landmark
sm         s.          breath || rest
sm         adj.        extensive
sm         s.(d1)      fortune || luck || success || fortune || refined energy || animating essence || good fortune || happiness
sm         s.(bot)     ishmuna (wild forest plant)
sm         s.(d2)      kind || type || variety || sort
sm         s.(bot)     kind of fruit tree
sm         s.(ana)     mouth || lip
sm         adj.        rotten (fruit | vegetable)
sm         s.          shit || excrements || faeces || feces
sm         s.(tex)     stripe at each side (weft) selvage of bag (talega) or similar textile (in form of a mouth) || weft selvage
sm         s.          word || language || tongue
smby       s.(bot)     kind of tree
smbyy dive || to swim
smchk      s.          arbitrator || judge
smchk      s.(gra)     verb
smchkpkskknn           adverb
smchkptkrpyynn         conjugation del verbo
smchy       to adorn || to decorate || to celebrate || to animate
smchy       to make someone rest
smchy       to make something decay || to favour decay
smchy      v.intr.     to tempt providence || to have success
smhp       adj.        interesting
smht       s.(ana)     lip
smk        adj.        beautiful [disdainfully | ironically]
smk        adj.        beautiful || nice || good (person) || good (tasty meal) || tasty || delicious || good in general || good || pretty
smk        s.a.        fallow
smk        s.(gra)     morpheme
smk        s.          rim || frame || excavation
smk        s.(gra)     syllable
smk        adv.preadj. very
smkchky v.intr.        to become beautiful
smkchy       to make beautiful || to beautify || to embellish
smkk       adj.        beautiful light blue
smkk       s.(zoo)     mantis
smkknchy         to be fragrant || to perfume
smkknchychys.(gra)     morphology (of words)
smkknk     s.a.        fragrant || perfuming
smkkpchy s.(neo)       visual arts
smkksk     s.(ass)     sight (interesting site or building)
smkkskkmy s.(ass)     tourism
smkky      s.(d1)     beauty
smkky      s.(d2)     good character
smkkysy    s.         good health || peace || right way to live || life in harmony
smkkysy    v.intr.    to live in best relation with nature
smkkysykchnnyttchsp Merry Christmas
smkmchk s.(gra)       grammar
smkmn      s.         marvel
smkmsky s.(spi)       vision of the future which the shaman (yachaq) has in order to direct social and environmental relations
smkn       s.         dictionary || vocabulary || vocabulary
smknn      adj.       the best || the most beautiful
smkpchy s.(neo)       literature
smkpkk     s.a.       fertile
smkpnchy expr.        Good afternoon!
smkpry     s.(p.esp) Pearl of Great Price
smkr       s.(med)    foul tooth
smkr       s.(ana)    lip
smkrkchynyks.a.       of beautiful appearance
smkrmry s.(ass)       literary
smkrmychk s.(ass)     man of letters || woman of letters
smkrmychy s.(ass)     literature
smkrmysm s.(ass)      literary genre
smkrryychy s.         technology
smkrsk     p.p.p.     rotten || mouldy
smksk      p.p.p.     prisoner
smksnk     adj.(d2)   good-hearted || kind || kind-hearted || kindly || charitable || pious
smksnk     adj.(d1)   humble
smksps     s.         beautiful girl
smksr      s.         good corn || good maize
smktychchy expr.      teach well
smky       adv.m.     excellent || first-rate
smky       s.         rest || breath
smky       s.         satisfaction
smkychkrmy s.(ass)    figure of speech
smkychkyr s.          ornamental plant
smkychn s.            respect
smkychn adj.          respectful
smkychy         to make beautiful || to beautify || to embellish
smkyk      s.         book
smkyk      s.(ass)    calligraphy | penmanship
smkyn      expr.      Good luck! || Good journey!
smkynkpy v.intr.      to make peace || to reconcile
smkyp      s.(agr)    fertile | productive land for crops
smkys      s.         life-long prison where the most evil criminals were punished by throwing snakes and toads with them in
smkyschy s.(neo)      architecture
smkyys     s.         jail || prison
smkyyyyry s.(gra)     morphosyntax
smmym      s.(ana)    moustache
smn        s.(d1)     breath
smn        s.         ornament
smn        s.(d2)     resting place
smn                   w
           s.(tmp)(esp) eek
smnch    s.          blessing
smnchky v.intr.      to be blessed || to receive subtle energy from the environment around us
smnchsk p.p.p.       blessed
smnchy       to bless || to commend || to congratulate || to congratulate
smnkn    s.          discussion
smnky    v.recip.    to inveigh each other
smnp     adv.m.      mouth down
smnsk    s.          promise
smnt     s.          foundation wall || basement
         adv.preadj. almost
smny     s.          inheritance || heritance || heritage
smnyp    adj.poses. oral
smnys    s.          lodge or hotel
smnysk   p.p.p.      oral
smnyy    v.intr.     to have the desire to shit
smp      s.          braid || pigtail || plait || single | long braid worn by men
smp      s.(ana)     knee
smp      adj.        light (not heavy) || soft || delicate || docile || strengthless || humble
smp      adj.        narrow || tight (dress)
smp      adj.poses. oral
smp      s.(tex)     plaited rope
smp      s.(bot)     pumpkin
smp                  reddish yellow (characteristic colour of water places)
smp      s.          waste || rubbish || trash
smp      s.          zambo (half-caste Indian/black)
smpchn   s.          serviette || napkin
smph     s.          upper lip
smpk     s.a.        gossip (talkative) || gossip || talkative || slanderer
smpk     s.(bot)     shampac (liana of the puna with round | eatable | sour fruits of red color with light lines)
smpk     adj.        who makes braids
smpkk    s.a.        accuser
smpky       disobey
smpky    s.          softness
smpky    v.intr.     to do one's hair
smpky    v.intr.     to pant
smpky    v.intr.     to shit in
smpmy    s.(bot)     kind of palm tree of the primary rain forest
smpn     s.(l.esp)   musical instrument like panpipes
smpnt    s.(ana)     lip || lips
smppch   s.(tex)     tight dress
smpr     adv.t.(esp) always
smpsk    p.p.p.      plaited
smpsmpy adj.         very narrow || very tight (dress)
smpsmpynks.(tex)     very tight shirt
smptyy       to weave loose or thin cloth
smpy       to accuse || to denounce
smpy     v.intr.     to be entangled
smpy       to bite || to sting
smpy       to dirt the floor with plant waste
smpy       to plait || to braid
smpychy        to soften
smpysk   p.p.p.      badly woven || loose (tissue) || thin (tissue)
smpyy       v.intr.     to be on one's best behavior || to behave exemplarily
smpyy       to compliment
smpyy       v.intr.     to tire
smr         s.          hat
smr^smr     s.(esp)     hat
smrchy       to delay || to postpone || to defer || to suspend
smrk        s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the jungle | used together with ayawaska for a hallucinogenic beverage
smrk        s.          raffle || lottery
smrky       v.intr.     to breathe one's last breath
smrky       to raffle || to draw lots
smrky       v.intr.     to rest
smrkymt     s.          time of vacation
smrnpnchy   s.          day of rest || Sunday
smrsk       p.p.p.      relaxed
smry       to breathe
smry       to rest
smry        v.intr.     to rot
smry       to smash
smrymt      s.          time of vacation
sms         s.(top)     place between Betanzos and Potos¡ (Bolivia)
smsk        s.(med)     gangrene
smsk        p.p.p.      rotten (fruit | vegetable)
smsp        s.p.        blabbermouth || loud-mouthed
smt                     azimuth
smt         s.          coarse bread
smtk        s.          dictionary || vocabulary
smtkskchy   v.dic.      to talk subtly || to speak concisely and precisely || to pronounce well
smtky      to stumble
smtkychy    s.          learning of speech
smtmyyy     v.intr.     to brush one's teeth
smtr        s.(f.esp) who shits every time
smtrrk      adj.(ass) enthusiastic
smy         s.(d1)      breath || air (interior) || spirit || soul
smy         s.(ass)     corruption
smy         s.          decay || decomposition
smy         s.          human excrements || shit
smy         s.(d2)      rest
smy                     seed
smy       to breathe
smy to corrupt
smy         v.intr.     to decay || to rot || to decompose
smy         v.intr.     to rest || to exhale deeply || to breathe deeply | especially when tired || to sit
smy         v.intr.     to shine
smy       to shit
smy       to sieve
smy         v.cop.      to sit
smy       to soak
smy         v.intr.(med)to suffer an asthma attack || to get asthma
smychskky   v.intr.     to be amazed
smychy      s.          classification
smychy      s.(neo)     linguistics
smychy      s.          respect
smychy      to exalt
smychynyk s.(neo)     linguist
smyk       s.p.       grumbler || faultfinder
smyk       adj.       lucky
smykchk s.            boaster || bragger || braggart
smykchy         to boast || to brag
smykkm     s.(neo)    dictionary
smykkmy        to retire for defecation
smykkntmnmhpnch       I do not understand what you are talking about
smyknyy    s.         child who is already able to speak
smykpnk s.            dictionary
smyktkchy expr.       open your mouth
smyky      v.intr.    to brag || to be considerate || to be courteous
smyky  to breathe || to exhale
smyky  to breathe into one's face
smyky      v.intr.    to tire
smyn       s.(agr)    compost
smyntppky s.          accusation
smyntppky       to accuse || to attack with words
smyny      to promise
smynyk     adj.       honoured || honored
smypnchy s.           holiday
smyr       s.         pause || break
smyr       s.         relation
smysk      p.p.p.     blessed
smyt       s.         air || aura
smythpy      to get one's breath back
smythrkn        to suffocate
smytsyychy      to pollute air
smytysy    v.intr.    to breathe
smyynk     s.(zoo)    dung-beetle || black beetle || dung beetle || (lit.) pupe-pusher
sn         s.         altar
sn         s.(ana)    breast
sn         adj.(col)  bright brown || lead-coloured || livid || crimson || violet || purple
sn         adj.(col)  brown
sn         s.(bot)    coffee (plant)
sn         s.(agr)    cultivated area of land not cleared since six to twelve months || yuca sown on the same site where a cro
sn                    d
           s.(zoo)(esp) onkey
sn         s.         end
sn         adj.(esp) healthy
sn         adj.(esp) holy || saint
sn    I and you will ... || we with you will ... || lasst uns ... || lass uns ...
sn    I think | ...
sn         s.         joke || laughter
sn         adj.(d2)   leafy || frondose
sn         s.         length
sn         s.(geo)    lofty region || altitude level in the Andes from 3500 to 4000 m
sn         adj.(d1)   long || deep || loud || big || large || long
sn         s.         mark
sn         adj.       narrow
sn         conj.(esp) or || but
sn         s.         platform || high platform in the public plazas from which rulers or chiefs used to talk to their people || alta
sn         adj.(col)   purple || lilac
sn         s.(esp)     sir
sn         adj.        stinking || fetid || loathsome || objectionable || awful || bad odor || stench
sn         adj.(esp) stupid || idiot || dummy
sn         s.(esp)     supper
sn         s.(bot)     type of oca
snch       s.(bot)     daisy || kind of herb or shrub with yellow flowers || daisy-like flower || sunchu (kind of wild plant | an illa o
snch       adj.(ass) difficult
snch       adv.m.      enough || too much || strongly || terribly (exagerating)
snch       s.          jealousy
snch       s.(bot)     kind of fruit plant
snch                   kind
           s.(bot)(shuar) of parasitic plant used in popular medicin against fractures | hernias and lesions
snch       s.(zoo)     mule
snch       s.(top)     place located down river from Betanzos (Bolivia)
snch       s.          pleated skirt worn by cholitas || full | short skirt made from synthetic fabric worn by the cholas of souther
snch       s.          prism
snch       adj.        strong || brave || hard || healthy
snch       adv.preadj. very || too
snch       s.(bot)     wasp
snchchkr s.(med)       deep wound
snchchky v.intr.       to build oneself up
snchhrky         to claw
snchk     I and you will ... || we with you will ... || lasst uns ... || lass uns ...
snchkmchnykadj.        arduous
snchky     s.          effort || labour
snchky     s.          strength || resistance
snchkychy        to shake || to tremble
snchphkkyyrs.          cyclone
snchrk     s.(per)     the second Inka ruler
snchrm     s.(fis)     solid
snchrmp    s.(mat)     solid sphere
snchrp     s.(zoo)     mud turtle || kind of turtle
sncht      adv.m.      strongly
snchtmnychyk           Thank you very much! [to several people]
snchtnnky v.recip.     to argue || to discuss
snchy       to hide
snchych    s.(ana)     muscle
snchychk s.            accentuation
snchychknnch           exclamation mark
snchychy         to consolidate || to strengthen || to harden || to encourage
snchyksk expr.         it has been hardening
snchyr     s.(mat)     solid cylinder
snchysk    s.          hardness || toughness
snchyy     s.          solidification
snchyy     v.intr.     to harden || to get strong
snchyy     v.intr.(med)to numb
snchyyrsk p.p.p.       reasoned
snh        s.          ditch || dike
snh        s.(ast)(esp)Tambourine | Rattle: Corona Borealis (provenience: Misminay)
snhsnt                 s
           s.(zoo)(esp) traited heron || kind of bird
snk        adj.        awful || loathsome
snk        s.          basket || sieve
snk       s.(tex)(d1) center pallay band of aksu cloak meaning heart (sometimes narrow stripe of 3-8 colored warps in cente
snk       s.(zoo)     cock with feathers in the ears
snk       s.(ass)     core || kernel || nucleus || center || centre || inner part || disposition (of a person)
snk       s.(mit)     daemon || devil
snk       adj.        drunk
snk     he ... you || he will you ... || it ... you || it will you ... || she ... you || she will you ...
snk       s.(ana)(d1) heart
snk       s.(ass)     instance (pol.)
snk       s.(ecu)     itch || tickle
snk       s.(bot)     kind of thorny plant
snk       s.(ana)     nose
snk       s.(ana)     palate
snk       s.          pannier || basket
snk       s.(bot)     plant used to dye black
snk       adj.        round
snk       s.(tex)(d2) shed rod
snk       s.          sphere || ball
snk       adj.        stinking || fetid || loathsome || objectionable || awful || stinking person
snk       s.(ana)(d2) stomach
snk       s.(ast)     Toaster | Pistil or Basket (Andean constellation)
snk       s.(tex)     top of the spindle shaft (nose)
snkch     s.(mat)     straight angle
snkchk     he ... you (plural) || he will you (plural) ... || it will you (plural) ... || she ... you (plural) || she will you (plural)
snkchk    s.a.        person who cures fright
snkchky   v.intr.     to be enthusiastic
snkchky       to understand || to get (in one's mind)
snkchnpchprrchkn      The driver is driving in the cockpit (of the lorry/truck)
snkchry   s.          confidence
snkchsk   adv.m.      carefully
snkchy       to knock down || to roll something down
snkchy       to make drunk
snkchy       to take care of || to comfort || to console || to encourage || to inspire
snkh      s.          a man's facial hair || beard || mustache
snkh      s.(geo)     cliff || gully || ravine
snkh      s.(mik)     flour || meal || dough || porridge made of ground corn | sugar | and other condiments || typical North Arge
snkh      adj.        thick (liquid) || viscous || doughy || dense (liquids) || thick || dense
snkhchy       to thicken (liquid) || to become dense
snkhnt    adj.        happy
snkhntyyy expr.       to concentrate || to have faith
snkhrr    adj.        bearded
snkhtk    s.(ana)     nostril
snkhtkkn s.(ana)      to nostrils
snkhy     v.intr.     to make sanku
snkhychy        to thicken (liquid) || to become dense
snkhyk    adj.        bearded
snkhyy    v.intr.     to thicken (liquid) || to become dense
snkk      s.(top)     a mountain in the Province of Huarochiri (Department of Lima | Peru) || (Span.) Sunacaca
snkk      s.          circle
snkky     v.intr.     to get drunk
snkky     v.intr.     to suffocate
snkmnt    adj.        confident
snkmty       to confuse
snkmyn      s.(med)    heart burn
snkn        s.         ellipse
snknch      s.(tex)    shed rod || shed rod which separates the warps into halves | passing over one warp and under the next
snknchy      to animate the heart
snknchy      to include
snknchy to weave a coca bag (ch'uspa) with central stripe called sunqu (heart)
snknky      s.(med)    cardiopathia || heart sickness || illness characterized by anxiety | sadness | headaches | and fainting spe
snknny      s.         misfortune || disaster
snknny      v.intr.    to feel sad
snknprrn         beloved
snkp        adj.poses. spherical
snkphrky v.intr.       to beat (heart) || to pulse (heart)
snkphrry    v.intr.    to feel one's heart pound
snkpk       s.a.       amiable || heart stealer
snkpk       s.(tex)    for the nose (1-2 half hitches securing spun yarn to top of spindle shaft)
snkpnch     s.(bot)    kind of jungle tree | 17-30 m high
snkpr       s.(p.esp) pure heart
snkpsrknkn s.(ana)     coronary arteries
snkpty      s.(med)    myocardial infarction
snkr        s.(ana)    alimentary canal
snkr                   a
            s.(zoo)(esp) nt
snkr        s.(ana)    eyetooth
snkr                   kind of big fish of the Amazon area
snkr        s.(top)    the overlighting mountain deity of the Q'oyllor Rit'i festival
snkr        s.(ana)    uvula
snkrch      s.(bot)    plant used to dye yellow
snkrk       s.(ana)    middle finger
snkrpnk     s.(bot)    kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
snkrrkry      to string (pearls etc.) || to thread (pearls etc.)
snkry      to string (pearls etc.) || to thread (pearls etc.) || to attach on a thread
snkry     to walk in a row
snkrykp     adj.poses. elliptic
snkrykyy    s.(mat)    vector
snksky      s.(mat)    generatrix
snksnk                 dusky titi monkey || kind of monkey
snksp       adj.       animous || generous
snksp       adj.       large conk
snksph      s.(spi)    roots in the body (in the neck | the heart | the stomach | the buttocks) for the projection of energy
snksy       adj.       beautiful || romantic
snksy       s.         heart stealer || heartbreaker
snkt                   m
            s.(zoo)(esp) osquito
snkt        s.(zoo)    small woodpecker with unpleasant smell
snkthrpy to press shed rod down to separate sheds
snktkkn     s.(ana)    nasal cavities
snktkr<ch>nyy          nausea || sickness || faintness
snktkrchk s.           emetic || something that makes vomit
snktkrchy        to cause nausea
snktkrnhnrryv.intr.    to pretend feel like
snktkrsk    s.         vomit
snktkry      to vomit
snktm                  kind of fish of the Amazon
snktpchy v.intr.       to blow one's nose
snktphkchn v.intr.     to blow one's nose
snktpky    v.intr.     to reflect || to think about || to think carefully
snktrpy    s.(med)     stitches in the heart
snkttkrchy       to vomit
snkty      s.(ana)     palatine
snkty      s.(ana)     vomer
snktyychky v.intr.     to become tender (a person)
snky       s.          bridle || rein || break (of a vehicle)
snky       s.(bot)     kind of column cactus of the lower qhichwa region
snky       s.          snuff
snky       to break cane with the teeth
snky       v.intr.     to breathe through the nose
snky      to dive
snky       v.intr.     to get drunk
snky       to have breakfast
snky       to inhale || to breathe || to smell
snky      to roll (down) || to fall (down) || to fall rolling
snky       to work
snkych     s.(ana)     myocardium
snkychkr s.(med)       stuffed nose
snkyk      adj.        good || affectionate || heartful || generous
snkyk      s.          perfume
snkyktn    s.(med)     pulse
snkyky     s.          anguish
snkyky     v.intr.     to be anxious
snkyky     v.intr.     to be confident || to be inspired || to strive to achieve
snkyn      s.          liver
snkyrk     s.a.        lung
snkyrmp    s.(spo)     basketball
snkyryy    s.(med)     heartburn
snkyy      s.          confidence || trust
snkyy      expr.       my beloved
snkyy      s.(tex)     narrow weaving sword
snkyy       to bridle || put a bridle on
snkyy       to confide in || to confide || to trust || to inspire others || to give others confidence
snkyy      v.intr.(med)to have stiff limbs
snkyyt     s.(bot)     kind of crane's bill (lit. stinking flower | devil's flower. It is not used on the altar)
snkyyy     s.(fil)     central idea
snm                    k
           s.(bot)(amz) ind of palm tree with purple | eatable fruits (of the same name)
snmntpy    s.(mat)     length
snmp       s.          letter (litera)
snmpn      s.          spelling-book || ABC || alphabet || letter
snmpnhn adj.           literal
snmpy       to mark
snn        s.(top)     town at Lake Chinchayqocha in the Department with the same name in Peru || (Span.) Jun¡n (<wide | b
snnk                   v
           s.(bot)(amz) arious kinds of medicinal plants of the rainforest used in popular medicine against neuralgia and paraly
snny       s.(bot)     shininya (tree of the puna with good wood and small | red and sweet fruits)
snp        s.          herb
snp        s.          sign || mark
snpk       adj.        crimson
snpnk      s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the rainforest
snpp       s.(bot)     purple potato || type of potato
snr        s.           line || queue
snr        s.(esp)      madam || lady || wife
snr        s.           series || order || row || line
snrchk     s.(mat)      alineation
snrchy        to align
snrky       to queue || to stand in a queue
snrnky     v.intr.      to be entangled (animals in ropes)
snrpsnn    s.(cri)(esp) the Lord's Supper || the Holy Communion || sacrament
snrsk      adj.adv.     lined up in a row || aligned
snrt       s.(esp)      miss || young lady
snry        to align
snry        to thread || to thread up || to tie various animals together
snrykhpnt adv.m.        in single file
sns        adj.         high up
sns        s.(zoo)(amz) hoatzin || kind of bird
sns        s.           reflection || burning coal || coal (red hot) || glow || blaze
sns        adj.         ridiculous
sns        adj.         stinking || fetid
sns        adj.(esp) stupid || dumb || useless
sns        adj.         weak
snsch                   alonso (plant whose root heals inflammation and bleeding stomach ulcer)
snsr       s.(esp)      stupid | foolish action
snsttrky        to reflect
snsy        to burn
snsyt      s.           ruler
snsyyy        to rock || to dangle || to swing
snt        s.(esp)      band || ribbon || tape
snt        s.(zoo)      beetle
snt        s.           birthday
snt        s.(esp)      hazienda
snt        s.(mat)      pyramid
snt        s.(top)      river in the department of Ancash (Peru) || (Span.) r¡o Santa
snt        s.(tex)      spindle
snt        s.(top)(esp)town and province in the Department of Puno (Peru)
snt^snt    adj.(esp) holy || saint
sntchy        to put ribbons to animals
sntchy        to roll something over and over
sntk       s.(bot)      kind of opuntia
sntky      v.intr.      to roll over and over (oneself)
sntky      v.dic.       to stammer
sntky      v.intr.(esp) to wake || to be awake || to watch over || to guard
sntnky     v.recip.     to assemble || to gather || to congregate
sntnsyy        to sentence
sntp       s.           measure of length
sntp                    m
           s.(zoo)(esp) illipede
sntr       s.           cabinet (retinue) || congress || convention || coucil || court || retinue || congress || convention || council
sntr       s.(mat)      circle
sntr       adj.         round || circular
sntr       s.(esp)      size || waist
sntrchnnchyys           court
sntrp      adj.poses. circular
snty to feel
snty        to heap up || to pile up
snty to light || to set fire to || to burn || to burn up || to burn || to make a flame
snty        v.intr.      to roll over and over
sntyk       s.(zoo)      kind of ant bird
sntyr       s.(bot)      kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
sntys       s.(esp)      hazienda house
sny         s.(med)      cyanosis
sny         adv.m.       more or less
sny         s.           premium
sny         s.           small coin || change (money)
sny         s.           stench || stink
sny         s.(esp)      swamp || bog
sny         v.intr.      to blow one's nose
sny         v.intr.      to breathe noisily through the nose
sny        to delimit
sny         v.intr.      to stink || to smell (bad)
snych       s.           javelin
snychkkch   s.(mat)      supplementary angle
snychy        to judge
snychy        to lengthen || to widen || to stretch || to deepen || to extend || to make longer
snyk        s.           line
snynnp      adj.poses. longitudinal
snypy                    to
            v.intr.(p.esp) recover || to convalesce || to cure || to become healthy
snyr        s.(bot)      nettle
snyy        s.(top)(esp)community on the Lur¡n river (Pachakamaq Mayu) | now a suburb of Lima (Department of Lima | Peru)
snyy        adj.         funny
snyy        s.           laughter
snyy        s.(bot)      shanllalli (plant of the puna with small flowers growing on rocks. It is rubbed or the water of the flowers
snyy        adj.(esp) swampy || boggy
snyy        s.           symmetry
snyy        v.intr.      to become purple
snyy        v.intr.      to lengthen || to become longer || to widen || to become wider || to stretch || to deepen || to become deep
snyy to mark
snyy        v.intr.      to smile
snyyk       s.           symmetry
snyyr       s.           stinking wind
snyyy        to graduate
sp      [Participle Present Active] || when (Subj1=Subj2) || -ing
sp          adj.pron. alone || each || only || unique | the one and only
sp          adj.         atrofiado || mal desarrollado
sp          s.(tex)      coarse poncho
sp          s.           collar || bracelet || punishment
sp          adj.         cracked || scaly || squamous
sp          s.(neo)      dash
sp          adj.         every || each || any
sp          s.           fart || flatus
sp          s.(tex)      feather collar for dances
sp          s.(tex)      fibre || fiber
sp          s.(zoo)      kind of fish of lake Titicaca
sp          adj.         lucky || prosperous || successful
sp          s.(spi)      male priest of the 6th level || one whose physical body can be seen by others to literally glow with light
sp          s.(esp)      soup
sp                    t
sp        s.          urine || piss
sp     with much || with many
sp        s.          wrinkle || fold
spch      adv.l.      near || close
spch      adj.        wrinkled
spchky    s.          to separate oneself || to isolate oneself
spchky    v.intr.     to start walking (infant)
          adj.        fortnightly
spchnkpchkykpnchymntykskmt || two-week
spchy       to make someone hang somebody
spchy       to make urinate
sph       s.(ana)     bristle || animal || hair || bristle air
sph       adv.m.      bristly
sph       s.(esp)     ear (cereals | grass)
sph       s.(fil)     origin || beginning
sph       s.(top)     river in Qosqo
sph       s.(bot.ana) root
sph       s.(gra)     root (of a word)
sph       s.(spi)     roots in the body (in the neck | the heart | the stomach | the buttocks) for the projection of energy
sphchy       to sprout roots || to put down roots || to deepen
sphnchky v.intr.      to sprout roots || to put down roots
sphrkchy s.(spi)      awaking the roots
sphsp     adj.        complex
sphy      v.intr.     to sprout roots || to put down roots
sphyy     v.intr.     to sprout roots || to put down roots
spk       adj.        different
spk       s.a.        different || distinct
spk     if (subj1=subj2) || when (subj1=subj2)
spk       s.(zoo)     kind of aphid
spk       s.a.        murderer || killer
spk       s.          pencil
spk       s.a.        scraper
spk       s.(bot)     ushpico (small plant healing cystitis)
spkchy       to distinguish || to separate
spkn      s.          urinal || lavatory
spkt      adv.t.      often
spkty follow
spky      s.          monthly
spky to cultivate
spky      v.intr.     to piss in
spky       to scratch
spkyk     s.(mat)     diagram
spkyk     s.          ushpico tea
spkyp     adj.poses. monthly
spkyp     s.(gra)     singular
spm     because (subj1=subj2)
spmp                  b
          s.(bot)(amz) ig fern of the rain forest
spn       adj.        alone
spn       s.          braid || braid of hair
spn       pron.indef. everyone
spn       s.          gallows
spn       s.(ana)     organ used for urinating || urinating organ || penis
spn        s.           place used as a toilet
spn        s.(tri)      Sipan (old culture of the Peruvian coast)
spn        s.(top)(esp)Spain
spnch      s.(mat)      diagram
spnchksk adj.           solitary
spnk       s.(bot)(d2) ishpingo || American oak || kind of medicinal plant | main uses: asthma | internal bruising
spnk       s.(bot)(d1) kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
spnk       adj.(reg) stupid || dumb
spnk       s.(his)      the Inka ruler || the only Inka
spnkh      s.           latrine
spnksp     s.           gallows        to hang someone on the gallows
spnkysykn s.(neo)       racism
spnnn      s.(ana)      urethra
spnny      s.(med)      diarrhoea
spnny      v.pron.(reg)to have diarrhoea
spnp       adj.         alone
spnpch     adj.         odd || unpaired
spnsmchn s.(mat)        population (statistics)
spntky     v.intr.(esp) to be in awe || to be amazed
spntn      as soon as
spntyk     s.a.         unmarried
spnys      s.           egoist
spnyt      adj.         annual || yearly
spnyy      v.pron.      to feel the wish to urinate
sppnchy    adv.t.       every day || daily
sppnk      s.(bot)      kind of herbaceous plant of the jungle (main use: medicinal | ritual)
spprch     s.(mat)      injective function
spps      though (subj1=subj2)
sppy        to piss at someone or something || to drop drips onto the plants beneath (trees)
spr        s.           beard || hairs of the body || pubic hairs
spr        s.(zoo)      equatorial saki monkey || kind of monkey
spr        adj.         peeled || clipped
spr        s.           potato peel
spr        s.           wedge || chock
sprch      adj.         without feathers || without hairs || unhaired
sprm       adj.         bald
sprt       s.(esp)      spirit || ghost || bird
sprtpch                 spirit world || coming era of the Holy Spirit
sprtsnt    s.(cri)(esp) Holy Spirit || Holy Ghost
spry       s.           lip
spry       s.(esp)      spiral || propeller || helix
spry        to peel || to peel with one's finger nails || to skin
spry       v.intr.      to scratch oneself
spryy      v.intr.      to roar with laughter
sps        conj.        but
sps        s.           characteristics || characterization
sps        adj.         collective || communal || common
sps        s.(esp)      husband
sps        adj.         young (girl | woman) || young woman || young (female)
sps        s.           young girl || adolescent
spschkykn s.(neo)       collective rights
spsk      adj.        someone who farts often or loudly
spsk      adj.        wrinkled
spskk     s.          finance
spskn     s.          characteristics
spsn      s.          very young woman
spsp      adj.        each
spst      s.(p.esp) young girl
spsyy     v.intr.     to become an adolescent girl
spt       s.(ana)     anus
spt       s.(bot)     kind of tree of the jungle (main use: handicraft | roof | fishing | gaining of water | animal food | food)
spt       s.(esp)     shoe
spt       s.          trap
spt       s.(bot)     type of sagebrush
spt       adj.        unadjusted
spt       adj.        unmarried
sptk      s.(tex)     feather collar for dances
sptkky    v.intr.(d2) to become unadjusted
sptkky    v.intr.(d1) to droop || to slug
sptkt     s.(mat)     diagram
sptky     v.intr.     to hang oneself || to become strangled
sptr      s.(f.esp) who pisses every time
spty      s.(k)       sack of farts
sptyk     if he ... you || when he you ... || if she ... you || when she you ... || if it ... you || when it you ...
sptyy     v.intr.     to stamp
spy       s.(mit)(d2) deity of the forest || gods who protect the integrity and balance of the forest | the rivers | the lakes and th
spy       s.(mit)(d1) devil || demon || bad spirit || bad person || supernaturally powerful being who lives underground and who
spy       adj.(d2)    everyone || everybody
spy       adj.(ant) extraordinary || exceptional
spy       s.(d2)      falling of drips from trees onto plants beneath
spy       s.(agr)     first harvest obtained in february in the time of the celebration of Virgen de la Candelaria in Puno
spy       pron.def. I alone and no one else
spy       s.(med)(esp)illness-bearing wind or air || illness that travels in the air || illness that enters a woman's body when it is e
spy       s.          murderer
spy       adv.m.      only
spy       s.(bot)     pumpkin || squash || type of squash
spy       adj.(d1)    single || alone || widow || widower
spy       v.intr.     to be infested
spy       v.intr.     to fart || to pass gas making a noise
spy   to infest
spy       to kill || to slaughter || to break the neck || to assassinate || to strangle || to hang somebody
spy   to mix
spy       v.intr.     to ridicule
spy       to scrape || to scratch || to scrape oneself || to dig out || to scratch something || to scratch
spy       to skin || to flay || to strip
spy       to urinate || to pee || to piss
spy       to wrinkle || to pleat
spy       s.(d1)      urine || piss
spy       s.(fam)     widow || widower
spychkr   s.(mit)     devil's garden (refers to a jungle area resembling a chacra - e.g. an agricultural plot - without human in
spychky      to go off alone
spyk      s.(ana)     urine || piss
spyk      adj.        weak || sluggish
spykky      v.intr.     to fart a lot
spykky      v.intr.     to piss in
spykn       s.          loneliness
spykrk      s.(bot)     exorcist || kind of tobacco
spykshksp s.(bot)       kind of medicinal plant of the jungle
spyksp      s.(bot)     kind of tree with light wood
spyky       s.          loneliness
spyky       s.(his)     queen
spyky       to close || to occlude
spyn        adj.        alone || just he || just she || only
spynchky|spmschky       creation of paired energy rings
spynk       s.(his)     I the king of this earth or supreme lord and judge (title of the Inka)
spynm     as soon as
spynpprch s.(fil)       one-to-one correspondence
spynsky       to take away || to separate || to leave alone
spynst      s.(his)     princess
spynyk      s.p.        possessed
spyp        s.(his)     I the king of this earth or supreme lord and judge (title of the Inka)
spyppnn     s.(k)       dirty person || filthy brat
spypr       s.(ana)     bladder
spyprrm     s.(med)     bladder stone
spypt       s.(med)     incontinence of urine
spypt       adj.(k)     shabby || dilapidated
spypyyn     s.(k)       devil's son || devil's daughter
spyrkchktrk s.(mat)     common monomial factor
spysk       p.p.p.      wrinkled
spyspy      s.(per)     Inka captain in the times of the Spanish conquest
spysr       s.          pissor
spyst       s.(gra)     count noun || singulative noun
spytk       s.(bot)     kind of annual plant with lilac flowers
spyy        v.intr.     to be burnt by hot water (skin)
spyy        s.          to become alone || to remain the only one
spyy        v.intr.     to become cracked (skin) || to become scaly (skin)
spyy        v.intr.     to become devil
spyy       to laugh at || to make fun of
spyyk       s.(his)     head of the noblesse
spyykykknpykn           highest lord (lord of the lords | title of the Inka)
sr          s.(mik)     corn (germinated) || maize (germinated)
sr          s.(bot)     corn || maize
sr          s.(bot)(d1) kind of burnable shrub similar to reed || bamboo
sr          s.(tex)     loop || eye (loop)
sr          s.          ring
sr          s.(med)     scar
sr          s.(bot)(d2) shuro (big cacto woth sour fruits used to heal stomach ulcer)
sr          s.          smile
sr          s.(zoo)     snake
sr          s.(med)(aym)snow blindness
sr          s.(zoo)     South American ostrich || nandu
sr          adj.        split || cracked
sr          adj.        wounded || unfortunate || pregnant
srchky       to have something sewn
srchnky     v.recip.    to fight
srchy       to lay
srchy       to make drip
srchy       to make sew
srchy       to make tread
srhk        s.          cornmeal
srhmk       s.          toasted corn
srhmktmkhyexpr.         Eat toasted corn! || eat toasted maize!
srk         s.(bot)     blackberry (spiny plant whose fruits are eaten or used for dye works | its root is remedy against diabetes
srk         adj.        blind
srk         s.(ana)     blood vessel || vein || artery
srk         adv.l.(esp) close || near
srk         s.          cricket
srk         s.          furrow
srk         adj.        grey || gray
srk         s.a.        lying || horizontal
srk         s.(geo)     mountain || hill
srk         s.a.        tailor || dressmaker
srk         s.(geo)     vein (geology)
srk         s.(med)     wart || wrinkle
srk         adj.(ecu) white | blue-eyed person
srkch       s.(med)     altitude disease
srkchky     v.intr.     to have oneself bleeded
srkchy      v.intr.     to be sick of soroche
srkk        s.          fire ball
srkk        s.a.        tailor || dressmaker
srkn        s.(ana)     lung || lungs
srkn        s.(tex)     tailor's instruments
srknkn      s.(ana)     lungs
srknky      s.(med)     phlebitis
srknnky     s.(med)     bronchitis
srknphrnky s.(med)      lung cancer || bronchial carcinoma
srknsrk     s.(ana)     pulmonary artery
srknyk      s.(ana)     pleura
srkpch      s.          future
srkpnchy expr.          the next days
srkppy       to mend
srkptktknynns.(med)     pulse
srkr        s.(top)(<?) place and Kichwa community in the province of Loja (Ecuador) || (Span.) Saraguro
srkrr       s.          warty person
srks        adj.        spotted
srksp       s.p.        veined
srksr       s.(ast)     Plough (Andean constellation)
srkt        s.          cornmeal
srkt        adj.        stretched out lying
srky        s.(bot)     a weed similar to young maize plants
srky        adj.        corn yellow || orange
srky approach
srky        v.intr.     to bleed
srky       to cut off at the vein || to shed blood
srky       to furrow
srky        v.intr.     to lie down
srky        v.intr.     to smile
srkyp       s.           home-made cigarette of pure tobacco gnawed at
srkyt       expr.        next year
srkyyr      s.(bot)      kind of tree of the jungle (main use: medicinal | Barniz | music)
srm         s.(fis)(neo) electricity
srmm        s.(mit)      deity protecting the maize sowings || Mother Corn
srmm        s.(bot)      kind of burnable shrub
srmpy        to dazzle (night hunting techniquef)
srmt        s.           cooked dry corn
srmy        s.(bot)      kind of jungle tree | 11-16 m high
srmy        v.intr.      to cascade
srn         s.           crevice || rift
srn         s.(tex)(d1) needle
srn         s.           past
srn         s.(med)(esp) scorbute
srn         s.(tex)(d2) seam || suture
srn         adv.t.       the other day || recently
srnhmrk     expr.        he | she came previously
srnk        s.           flute
srnk        s.(bot)      rubber tree || kind of medicinal plant of the jungle || kind of jungle tree | 11-16 m high
srnkhyy     s.(tex)      needle
srnkk       s.           the other time
srnkn       s.(tex)      seam
srnky       v.recip.     to tread (animals) || to mate || to copulate
srnpch      s.           past
srnpch      s.(gra)      past tense (in Quechua: -rqa-/-rka-)
srnsrn      s.(zoo)(amz) variegated tinamou || kind of bird
srnypch     adv.t.       recently || a moment ago
srnyt       adv.t.       in the past years || the other year
srnyy       s.           ancestor
srp         s.(zoo)      cricket
srp         s.           crispy hair
srp         s.           tramp || vagabond || vagrant
srp         s.(zoo)      type of grasshopper
srph        s.(ana)      upper lip || lip
srphn       s.(bot)      kind of wild plant | star plant of maize
srphtsk     p.p.p.       peeled corn
srpyrn      s.(bot.ana) husk || leaf covering the corn cob
srpyyky                  time of
            s.(mes)(agr)(ecu) beginning the corn harvest (June)
srr         s.(zoo)(amz) anhinga || kind of bird
srr                      f
            s.(zoo)(esp) ox
srr         adj.         lousy
srrnpnp     s.           bed
srry       to lie down
srsk        p.p.p.       sewn || seam
srsk        p.p.p.       treaded
srsktkty        to follow a track || to trace
srsktpsky        to unsew || to unpick (seam)
srsr        s.(zoo)(reg)kind of wasp
srsr        s.           maize field || corn field
srsr        s.(zoo)      scorpion
srsy        s.(esp)      earring
srtk        s.(bot)      type of red and yellow flowering plant
srtkn     s.(p.esp) deafness
srtn      s.(esp)      frying pan
srtnky    v.intr.      to be entangled (animals in ropes)
srtnt     s.           corn bread
srtpy     s.           harvest of corn
sry       s.           drought
sry       s.(med)      scar face || wound bad healed
sry       s.(tex)      seam || suture || central | decorated band of carrying shawl (q'epi¤a)
sry       v.intr.      to become
sry       v.impers. to clear up || to cease raining
sry    to cover the female animal (by the male) || to tread (animals) || to mate || to copulate
sry       v.cop.       to lie || to lie down
sry       to lie down || to stretch oneself out
sry        to pour || to pour out || to drip || to run (liquid)
sry        to reach || to achieve
sry to sew
sry       v.intr.      to smile
sry    to tread down || to step onto || to step on
sry       s.           track
sryk      s.(top)      place and Kichwa community (1500-2000 people) in the eastern rainforest region of Ecuador (province
sryk      s.(spi)(esp)ritual specialist who //pays// or //serves// the Pachamama | the same person who performs healing ritua
sryk      s.a.(esp) useful || usable
srykchy   s.           to tread down
srykmyk   s.           tailor || tailoress
sryky     v.cop.       to recline
sryky     v.intr.      to tread
srynky    s.(esp)      community of life on trial || common law marriage (in most cases followed by a civil-religious ceremony
srynky                 t
          v.recip.(esp)o cohabit (usually before marriage) || to marry || to cohabit
srys      s.(esp)      beer
srysk                  the
          s.(spi)(l.esp) serving || a ritual to give thanks to the Pachamama and to make requests (the central feature of the
srysy        to help to tread down
sryy      s.(esp)      service
sryy      v.intr.      to ripen (corn / maize)
sryy to serve
ss        s.(spi)      a methodology for learning the sacha runa yachai by restricting the use of a resource or by carrying out
ss        s.(zoo)      ant
ss        s.(fam)      daughter || father's daughter || daughter (Ecuador: daughter in general - Peru | Bolivia: father's daughter
ss        adj.         difficult
ss        s.           fasting
ss        s.(bot)      flower || bloom
ss        adv.m.       hurried || quickly
ss        s.           lazy person
ss        s.(med)      leprosy || scabies || herpes || itch || spines of certain plants and insect larvae causing itch
ss        adj.         lousy
ss        s.(ast)      Pleiades (constellation)
ss        s.(bot.ana) pollen || glue
ss        adv.m.       very little || very small quantity
sschkr    s.           garden
sschy     s.           difficulty
sschy        to make difficult
sskch     s.           Siskucha (boy of Chinchiru)
sskh      s.           junior || younger || youngster
sskhnt     postpos. through || by means of
sskhy      v.intr.      to get under something
sskky      s.(med)      dysmenorrhoa
sskmk      s.           gardener
ssky       s.(top)      community on the Lur¡n river (Pachakamaq Mayu) | in the province of Huarochiri (Department of Lima |
ssky       s.(mes)      November
ssky       v.intr.      to flower || to bloom || to blossom
ssmypy     s.(med)      dysphagia
ssn        s.(mik)      dried meat || smoked pork meat
ssn        s.(zoo)      kind of poisonous snake of the jungle
ssn        adj.         unripe || green
ssnk       s.(med)      drowsiness
ssnkrsk    p.p.p.       salted || salty
ssnky      s.           drowsiness
ssnky      v.pron.      to stiffen (part of the body) || to go numb || to grow numb || to tingle
ssnkyyky   v.intr.      to fall asleep (a part of the body)
ssnmy      s.(mit)      a son of Paryaqaqa in the tales of Waruchiri || (Span.) Sasenmale
ssnn       s.           difficult road
ssny       v.intr.      to become numb || to become paralyzed
ssp        s.(zoo)(amz) giant amazon viper || kind of snake
ssp        adj.         lousy
sspch                   spring
           s.(mes)(agr)(ecu) || time of blooming (February)
sspnk      s.(bot.ana) petal
ssr        adj.(med) scabious
ssr        s.(zoo)      small monkey
ssrrn      adj.         difficult to do
sss        interj.      How great! || How enormous! || How immense!
sssmy      s.(med)      dyspnoea
sssrn      s.(tex)      difficult seam || difficult suture
sstchy to frighten
sstky      v.intr.(esp) to be frightened || to be afraid of
ssty       v.intr.(esp) to happen
ssy        s.           flower
ssy        s.           problem
ssy        s.           problem
ssy        v.intr.      to bear fruits abundantly
ssy        v.intr.(d2) to become numb || to become paralyzed
ssy        v.intr.      to fast
ssy        v.intr.      to flower || to bloom || to blossom
ssy        to pollinate
ssy        v.intr.(d1) to ripen after being harvested
ssy        adv.m.       very fast
ssy        s.(l.esp)    waste || rubbish || trash || garbage
ssychy        to make difficult
ssymn      s.(top)      possible (probable) original name of Saksaywaman | the Inka fortress of Qosqo (meaning royal golden
ssyp       adv.m.       with difficulty || difficultly
ssyy       v.intr.      to become difficult
ssyy       v.intr.(med)to break out (wounds on the skin)
ssyyy      s.(gra)      complex sentence
st         adj.         clear || clear (day | sky) || clear (evident) || concise || visible || evident || true
st         s.(zoo)      dog
st         s.           drip || drop || tear
st            expr.(k)     Go to hell dog!
st            adv.m.       in truth || in fact
st            adj.         indigenous living far from civilization
st            s.           light || truth
st            s.(d1)       name || title
st            s.(gra)      noun
st            s.           puppet || dummy || jointed doll || doll
st            s.(tex)      sandal || shoe || sandals made from old tires || sandals || footwear || formerly leather sandals | now inclu
st            s.(fil)      sense || meaning
st            expr.        so-called
st            adj.         true || certain || effective
st            s.(d2)       truth
st            adj.         unknown || stranger
st            s.(l.esp)    whip
stchky        s.           proof
stchn         s.           interpreter
stchry   to baptize
stchsk        p.p.p.       clarified
stchsk        p.p.p.       named
stchy         s.           title
stchy    to call
stchy        to clarify || to clear up || to make visible || to explain
stchy        to edit
stchy    to make drip || to filter
stchy        to make someone bring something
stchy    to name || to identify || to give a name to || to make the name || to express || to mention
stchy        to name || to identify || to give a name to || to make the name || to express || to mention
stchy        to thread || to put into || to set into
stchy    to wet || to moisten || to humidify || to make wet
sthpchy   to baptize
stk           s.           flatulence
stk           s.(bot)      kind of cactus
stk           s.(bot)      mustard (its leaves and flowers are used for tasty hot-pots | but lilac-flowering mustard is not appreciate
stk           adj.         put into
stk           s.(ana)      shin
stk           s.(esp)      stake
stk           adv.m.       very
stkk          s.a.         certain || real
stkn          expr.        My name is ...
stkn          s.(ass)      nomenclature
stkr          s.(zoo)      cicada
stksk         p.p.p.       truth || certain
stkskm        expr.        see you soon
stkskmn       expr.        See you later!
stksktrkchy        to verify
stky          v.intr.      to be called || to be named
stky        to bring to || to carry off
stky        to carry on one's sholder or back
stky       to enter without permission
stky        to fart || to pass gas without making a noise
stky          v.intr.      to go to || to set out to || to change clothes
stky       to slip and fall
stky       to throw
stky        v.intr.     to undress || to put off one's clothes
stkyky      s.          signature
stkyy       s.          reality
stkyy       to carry out || to perform || to realize (to carry out)
stm         s.(bot)     an herb of the Compositae similar to valeriana
stmnt       adv.m.      clearly
stmr        s.(mes)(esp)September
stms        s.          namesake
stmy       to fetch || to go to bring
stn         s.          connector
stn         s.          dripping || falling of drips
stn         s.          things that can be brought
stn         s.          truth
stn         s.          truth
stn     while
stnchk      s.          definition || solution
stnchk      s.          prophet
stnchp      adj.        intruder || indiscreet
stnchpy       to avenge
stnchskt    adv.m.      clearly
stnchy       to clarify || to explain || to make clear || to prophesy
stnky       to carry on one's sholder or back
stnky       v.recip.    to change each other one's clothes
stnny       v.dic.      to formulate
stnsy       s.(top)     place by the Tecoya thermal waters (Bolivia)
stnsy       s.(esp)     ranch || fields || farm || agricultural terraces and lands
stp         adj.        convinced
stpch       s.          reality
stpky       v.intr.     to be convinced
stprmpknn   s.(gra)     adjective
stprntn     s.(gra)     pronoun
stpy       to bring something for someone
str         s.(esp)     mat
strmk       s.a.        correct person || who tells the truth
strmm       s.(zoo)     kind of eatable fish of the Amazon area
strmn       s.(gra)     noun
strn        s.(bot)(esp)kind of medicinal herb
strnt       s.(gra)     pronoun
stry        s.(ast)(esp)star
stry        v.intr.     to get in || to get into || to meddle
stryy       v.intr.     to be stretched out (person)
stryy       v.cop.      to lie on the side || to relax || to lie
stsk        p.p.p.      uninhabited
stsk        p.p.p.      wet || moist || damp
stsnk       adj.        frank || honest
stsy        s.          list
stt         adv.m.      effectively
sttk        adv.m.      really
sttrmy      v.dic.      to tell the truth
sttynt      s.(esp)     student
sttyy to study
sty        s.           drip || drop
sty        s.           insertion || connection || coitus
sty        expr.        My name is ...
sty        s.(neo)      relation
sty        s.(esp)      site || place
sty        s.(tex)      small bag || cocbag || large cocleaf bag used on ceremonial occasions
sty        s.(esp)      splinter || chip of wood
sty        s.           sunlight in spring
sty        v.intr.      to be called
sty    to bring || to cart || to carry || to carry in a convenyance || to transport
sty        to call || to name
sty    to dig out
sty        v.intr.      to drip
sty        to glow
sty    to lose
sty        to operate on
sty        to put into || to put in || to plug in || to inject || to insert || to connect || to copulate
sty        to put off || to strip (take the clothing)
sty        v.intr.      to smoke || to produce smoke
sty    to throw || to throw out || to fire || to dismiss || to reject || to refuse
sty        to wet
sty    to whip || to flog || to scourge
sty    to whip || to hit
sty to whip || to punish || to chastise
stychy        to declare
stychy   to make baptize
styk       s.p.(cri)    baptized
styk       adj.         barefoot
styk       expr.        My name is ...
stykk      s.           godmother
styky      s.(mes)(d1)August
styky      s.(mes)(d2)July
styky      v.intr.      to be called || ... name is ...
stym       expr.        My name is ...
styn       adv.preadj. more || also || especially
styn       conj.        otherwise
styn       adv.m.       rather
stynchyy   adj.         smaller || less
stynchyyymnpostpos. beyond
stynhtn    adj.         superior
stynk      adv.m.       in general || generally
stynkrn    conj.        but || however || nevertheless
stynkrnhnpsconj.        but || however || nevertheless
stynmny        to prefer
stynmnyn adj.           worse
stynmnyntkyv.intr.      to worsen
stynnpsrynns.(fis)      gravitation
stynps     adv.m.       furthermore
stynyhtn   adj.         superior
stynyn     adv.m.       best
stynyychy         to improve
stypnk     s.(bot)      kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
stypr   s.(neo)      interrelation
styy    s.           dawn
styy        to clarify
styy    v.impers.    to dawn || to become clear
styy        to expose
styy        to fire me || to fire us
styy        to understand as || to denominate || to name
styyt   adv.t.       early
sy      s.(d1)       area || region || country || piece || district || region || territory || zone
sy      adj.(esp)    blue
sy      adj.         delicate
sy      s.(met)      dew || foam
sy      s.(d3)       direction || orientation || cardinal point || point of the compass
sy      adj.         diseased potato || peach of bad taste
sy      s.(d2)       drawing || painting || picture || image || graphic
sy      s.           drink (made of fermented corn)
sy      s.(med)      fetus || abortion || animal fetus used by jampiris
sy      s.           girl-friend || lover
sy      s.           hook
sy      s.           laughter
sy      s.(tex)      lines (in tissue) || stripes
sy      interj.      listen!
sy      adj.         little || small quantity
sy      s.           marriage || matrimony
sy      s.(ana)      mucosa
sy      s.(ana)      nail || claw || fingernail || claw || fingernail || hoof || nail
sy      v.intr.      not to have || to miss || to waste || to misuse
sy      s.           padlock || primitive key
sy      s.(esp)      peruvian currency || sol
sy      s.           pitcher || jar
sy      s.           poverty || misery
sy      s.           power
sy      s.(med)      pus
sy      s.           ring
sy      s.(esp)      seat || saddle || chair
sy      s.(spi)      silulo (carnival tree | //dressed// with presents and paper streamers | that are cut down slowly while peop
sy      s.(l.esp)    sky || heaven
sy      s.           small stone || gravel || pebble || particle
sy      adj.         stony
sy      adj.         striped || streaky
sy      s.           sun season || summer
sy      s.           thief || plunder || robber || thief
sy        to acquire
sy       to approach
sy      v.mod.       to be able to
sy   to damage || to destroy
sy        to delouse || to take out lice
sy        to earth up a plant first time
sy        to end || to finish || to create
sy      v.dic.       to laugh
sy        to pour || to pour out || to waste
sy      s.(bot)      ungurahua || kind of palm tree of the jungle (main use: food)
sy          s.(tex)     web || panel
sy          s.(his)     what is included in one's part of work
sy          adj.        without leaves
sy          s.          zone
syby to whistle
sych                    P
            s.(mik)(esp) eruvian fish meal
sychkchkt               w
            s.(geo)(neo) ind rose
sychky      v.intr.     to be presented
sychky      v.intr.     to have oneself pinched
sychky      v.intr.     to let someone rob oneself
sychky       to make someone wait for oneself
sychnky     v.recip.    to put oneselves (lit. each other) in order or position - for work or war
sychnky     v.recip.    to support each other
sychsp      s.(zoo)     mosquito
sychy       to cut vertically with one's hand
sychy       to delimit || to separate || to group people according to their nationality
sychy       to draw up || to put upright || to construct
sychy       to make abort
sychy       to make marry
syhmpy       to heal (chicha)
syk         interj.onom.[sound of creeping]
syk         adv.t.      already
syk         s.(d2)      bad omen
syk         s.(mat)     circumference
syk         s.          cup
syk         s.          discount || substraction
syk         s.(bot)(esp)elder || elderberry || plant | fruit used to dye purple
syk         adj.(d2)    exact || absolutely right
syk     I will ... you
syk         s.(fam)     junior || younger || youngster || youngest brother || youngster (term of address to express solidarity at wo
syk         s.(uni)     kilometre
syk         s.(geo)     nature || wilderness || lofty region || mountain region || altitude level in the Andes from 3500 to 4000 m ||
syk         s.(pol)     parish
syk         num.fract. quarter || fourth
syk         s.a.        rough
syk         s.          scratch
syk         adj.        steep || tall || vertical || upright || erect
syk         adj.(d1)    straight
syk         s.          straight line
syk         adj.        stubborn || wild
syk         s.          thief
syk         s.(zoo)     turkey vulture
syk         s.          wild animal || beast
syk         s.(zoo)     worm
syk         adj.        younger (relative)
sykch       s.          food thief (thievish mouse)
sykchk      s.(mat)     alineation
sykchk     I will ... you all
sykchky     v.intr.     to have oneself scratched
sykchry     v.intr.     to droop || to slug
sykchy       to tire || to make tired
sykk        adj.        neighbouring || adjoining || place || spot
sykk      we will ... you
           adj.         straight ||
sykkrm     s.           stone that is foot (lit.) || stone erected by people
sykksp     s.           pale || pole || stake || post
sykmknps s.(ass)        full power
sykmy      s.(neo)      state
sykmy       to approach hither
syknky     v.recip.     to mix up (persons)
syknptkkynns.           limit
sykp       adj.poses. kilometric
sykpksknnn num.fract. eigth
sykpky     v.intr.      to be agitated (through exhaustion or fatigue)
sykpn      s.           pancreas
sykpp      s.(bot)      type of potato
sykr       s.(zoo)(d2) black vulture
sykr       s.(zoo)      carnivorous bird || raven
sykr       s.(zoo)(d1) turkey vulture || carnivorous bird
sykrkn     s.(ana)      little Finger
sykrn      s.(fam)      adult
sykrnk     s.(agr)(his) quarter of a basket for coca or chili (Inka agriculture)
sykrsk     p.p.p.       torn || broken
syks       s.(esp)      goldfinch
syksk      p.p.p.       tired || weary || fatigued
sykskkkmk s.            thief who steals everything
syksky     s.(mat)      straight line
sykskyy    s.(fam)      illegitimate child of a married woman
syksykhyrkykn           fables for pastime
sykt       s.(his)      judicial district
syky       s.           hope
syky       s.           tiredness || weariness || fatigue
syky       to approach
syky       v.intr.(esp) to be jealous
syky        to destroy || to ravage
syky        to hope
syky       v.intr.      to make chicha
syky       v.intr.      to marry || to get married || to marry
syky to ride
syky        to rob
syky        to scratch
syky       v.cop.       to stay || to stop || to halt || to stand on one's feet || to stand upright
syky        to tear cloth or meat
syky       v.intr.      to tire || to become tired || to get tired || to be exhausted || to pant
sykykpktrk s.a.         cheap
sykynchksp s.           ruler
sykyp      s.(bot)      kind of jungle tree | 17-30 m high
sykyt                   k
           s.(bot)(amz) ind of tree of the jungle used in popular medicine to heal malign furuncles
sym        s.           minority
symchry    v.intr.      to get tipsy
symnchy adj.            worried || nervous
symnt      adv.t.       suddenly
symp       s.           bag || sack
symp       s.(zoo)      blood-sucking | flying insects
symp       adj.poses. vertical
symy to fumigate || to heal or prevent any disease (of cattle) by the smoke of certain plants (eucaliptus | chili)
syn        s.(bot.ana) bud of a plant || germ
syn        s.           hope || expectation
syn        s.(bot)      kind of jungle palm tree | 17-30 m high
syn        adv.m.       more
syn        adv.preadj. more (comparative)
syn        conj.        on the contrary || but
syn        s.(tex)      pallay motif in weaving (Bolivia | meaning unclear)
syn        s.           pillow
syn        s.           pot for brewing corn beer
syn        s.(tex)      prepared warp yarns || warp assemblage
syn        s.           stop || halt || stay || standstill
syn        s.(min)      sulphur
syn        s.           whistle || blowpipe
synch      s.           delineation
synch      s.(bot)      kind of cactus
synchsk    adj.         extraordinary
synchy     adj.         smaller || less || minor || younger
synchy        to conquer land || to design
synchy     v.intr.      to project || to excel
synchyy    adj.         smaller || less
synhkchhk expr.         a little more
synhtn     adj.         superior
synk       s.(zoo)      swallow
synk       s.(zoo)(amz) yellow headed caracara || kind of bird
synkchk    s.(neo)      graphic computer
synkhpn        extreme
synkk      adj.         greater
synkk      s.           pillow
synkpnk    s.(bot)      kind of herbaceous shrub of the jungle (main use: medicinal) || kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian
synksp     adj.         greatest
synky      s.           mutual elopement of the girls
synky      v.recip.     to have sex
synky      v.recip.     to rob (each other)
synmnyn adj.            worse
synmnyntky v.intr.      to worsen
synnyy        to demonetise
synps      conj.        better said || but (and not)
synps      num.ind. less || fewer
synsyn     adv.m.       more and more
synt       adv.m.       above all
synt       s.(bot)      kind of fruit tree || guava
synt       s.           mask
synt       s.(zoo)      vulture
syntnpch s.(tex)        whole dress
syntrn     s.           masked || dancer
syntsk     p.p.p.       masked
syny       s.           activity
syny       adj.         better
syny       v.intr.(esp) to dream || to have daydreams
syny       v.intr.      to lean against a pillow || to rest on a pillow
syny        to peel cane
synyn     adj.         superior
syp       s.(mit)      a large-sized tutelary mountain spirit overseeing an entire region | related with the third level of the ande
syp       adj.poses. demarcation
syp       adj.         fine
syp       s.           peel || shell || skin
syp       adj.         ragged || in rags || bum
syp       expr.(esp) Thank you! || Thanks!
sypkyksnhymnt          to commit adultery without the husband knows (woman)
sypkyksnhynp           to commit adultery without the husband knows (woman)
sypnyn    s.           first chicha taken from the porongo
sypp      s.           mashed potato
sypry     v.intr.      to stop || to halt || to stand still || to stand up
sypy        to cut making tassels or fringes
sypychy        to make thin || to make simple
sypyk     s.(mil)      garrison || guard
sypyy     v.intr.      to become thin || to become simple
syr                    barley
syr       s.(l.esp)    cigarette
syr       s.           elevation
syr       s.(ast)      Humming-bird (constellation)
syr       s.(bot)      tobacco
syr       s.(tex)      very long dress dragged after when worn
syr       s.(l.esp)    whey
syrchy        to build || to construct || to construct
syrkchkn s.(geo)(neo) ardinal point || point of the compass
syrkn     s.(ana)      ring finger
syrknt    s.(zoo)      humming bird
syrky     v.cop.       to get up || to stand up
syrn      s.(his)      tributary vassal
syrsk     s.(zoo)      vicu¤a
syrskyykn s.           in-laws
syrsm     s.(p.esp) gossip (talkative) || slanderer
syrtkspch s.(tex)      very short dress
syrTpk    s.(per)      the second Inka ruler of Willkapampa (1544-1561)
syry      s.(cri)      resurrection
syry        to await
syry to drag a dress
syry        to marry || to get married
syry to mount
syry        to smoke
syry       to stand up || to stop || to halt || to stand || to arise || to arise || to uplift || to resurrect
syrykchy to drag a dress
syryy     s.(med)      nicotine poisoning
sys       s.(bot)      cedar
sys       s.(zoo)      lizard
sys       s.           meat cut and spiced
sys       s.(esp)      peruvian currency || soles
sys       s.           sieve
sys       s.(geo)      valley || meadow
sys       s.(bot)(esp)willow
sysk      p.p.p.       abortion
sysk        p.p.p.      married
sysk        s.(top)(<?) place and Kichwa community in the province of Tungurahua (Ecuador) || (Span.) Salasaca
sysk        p.p.p.      stopped
sysksy      s.(geo)     valley || meadow
sysn        s.          sieve
syspkskkn s.            places of power
syspky      s.(bot.ana) cone
syssk       p.p.p.      sieved
sysy        adj.        badly woven || loose (tissue) || thin (tissue)
sysy        s.(tex)     colour stripes in fabric
sysy        s.(bot)     kind of plant
sysy        s.(zoo)     kind of songbird with bluish feathers || blue gray tanager
sysy        s.(bot)     kind of tree with white wood and pods hanging on the branches for a long time || andean tree with white
sysy        v.intr.     to satisfy oneself || to be satisfied
sysy       to sieve || to strain || to sift || to filter || to filtrate || to search for something intensively
sysy        s.(bot)     type of bush || chhajlla
sysypch     s.(tex)     striped man's dress
sysytyy       to weave loose or thin cloth
syt         s.(esp)     chair
syt         s.(mat)     cone
syt         adj.        long | narrow and rectangular
syt         adj.        long || having length || extended || elongated
syt         adj.        spindle-shaped
sythrkchy         to take a photo
sytk        s.a.        head flower
sytkkyktntnky.(neo)     regional department
sytkny      s.          head flower eyes
sytm        s.          spindle-shaped head
sytmpm      s.(zoo)     puma || kind of wild cat
sytn        s.(esp)     coffee grounds
sytnbkr                 k
            s.(zoo)(esp) ind of catfish of the Amazon
sytpkmy     s.(mat)     geometry
sytpkmych s.(mat)       geometric system
sytpmny     s.(geo)     figure
sytr        s.(esp)     bachelor || single man
sytr        s.(esp)     god mother
sytr        s.(esp)     single woman || unmarried woman
sytrkchknt s.(geo)(neo) ompass
sytrm       s.          stone erected by people
sytsbys     s.(bot)(esp)Seven Wise (plant of the jalca region whose flowers serve to illuminate the mind. Who takes //Seven W
syty to greet
sytynn       length
sytynnp     adj.poses. longitudinal
sytyskkyk s.(mat)       rectangular prism
syy         s.(d1)      border || hedge || frontier || boundary || limit || a tall column of stones built by an andean priest to represe
syy         s.(esp)     carpenter's axe
syy         adj.        cross-tied
syy         s.          dry season
syy         s.          evidence || oath
syy         adj.        faithful || honest || loyal
syy         s.          hope || expectation
syy         s.(uni)(neo)hour
syy         s.           logic
syy         s.           plain || simple
syy         s.(bot)      saylla (kind of wild plant | an illa of maize)
syy         s.(d2)       scarecrow
syy         s.           size || height || stature || size
syy         s.           smell || aroma || odor
syy         adj.         soft
syy         adj.         steep
syy         s.(min)      sulphur || sulfur || brimstone
syy         s.           theft
syy         s.           thief's face
syy        to abort
syy    to ask for
syy         v.intr.      to bind || to marry
syy        to carry in a blanket something with stalks
syy        to claw || to tear paper or cloth
syy         v.intr.      to diminish || to decrease || to lessen
syy    to draw || to paint
syy         v.impers. to fall dew
syy        to ferment maize
syy        to make chicha
syy        to make sex with
syy    to parcel out || to allot || to distribute land
syy        to pinch
syy        to put in disorder || to disrupt || to disorganize
syy         v.intr.(esp) to sit on the saddle
syy         v.cop.       to stand up || to stop || to halt || to stand || to behave
syy    to steal
syy        to stop || to halt
syy         v.impers. to stop raining || to clear up
syy        to wait || to wait for || to expect
syy         v.dic.       to whistle
syy         s.(top)      town in the Department of Qosqo (Peru) || (Span.) Saylla
syychk      s.(neo)(d1) clock || watch
syychk      s.(neo)(d2) schedule
syychknch   s.(neo)      time zone
syychky     v.intr.      to get energy from Pachamama (Mother Earth)
syychn      s.           compassess || deviders
syychn      s.           dry season
syychy      s.(d1)       oath
syychy      s.(d2)       promise
syychy        to delimit || to demarcate || to limit
syychy        to make an agreement || to promise || to vow
syykchy        to make someone stand up || to make to stand up || to make to get up || to disturb || to incite
syykchy        to stop || to halt || to raise || to raise a pole
syyknynch   s.           band || strip || stripe
syykr       s.(zoo)(d1) earth worm
syykr       s.(zoo)(d2) species of noctuid larva
syykt       s.(neo)      country
syyky        to await
syyky       to get up || to stand up
syyky       v.cop.       to stop || to halt || to stand still || to stand up
syymkn       s.(his)      task of an ayllu || partial work
syyn        demarcation
syynntnpch   s.(tex)      whole dress
syypch       s.(tex)      dress with broad | loose stripes
syypchsk     p.p.p.       obstinate || stubborn
syyr         s.(zoo)      agouti || kind of rodent
syysk        p.p.p.       cross-tied
syysk        p.p.p.       polluted
syysnk       adj.         faithful || honest || loyal
syyt         s.           border
syyt         s.(neo)      map
syyy         v.intr.      to beat (heart) || to pulse (heart)
syyy         v.intr.      to drip
syyy        to increase
syyy        to plant hedges
syyy        to pollute
syyy       to slip
syyyk        adj.         cheap
syyysk       adj.         cheap
syyysk                    kind
             s.(bot)(p.esp) of medicinal plant of the jungle
syyyt        s.(met)      dry year
syyyy        v.dic.       to make noise of stones and thunder
t            fon.         (consonant phoneme of the quechua language)
t            fon.         (consonant phoneme of the quechua language)
t        [ACCUSATIVE] || to
t        [Adverb]
t            s.(fam)      baby
t            s.           corn or haba stocks piled up in the field
t            s.           effort || wearyness || tiredness || pensive
t            s.(ana)      leather || skin
t            s.(med)      leishmaniasis (a tropical illness feared by Madre de Dios miners)
tb           s.(esp)      a brick baked in the sun
tbby         s.(bot)      kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
tbh          s.(esp)      drawing
tbhy to draw
tbkr         s.(zoo)(amz) black-fronted nunbird || black nunbird || kind of bird
tbky         v.intr.(esp) to smoke
tby          s.(esp)      lukewarm
tch          s.           container of metal or plastic
tchky        to sell at a fair
tchy        to bear || to endure
tchy    to enable
tchy    to imitate
tchy to roof
tchy         s.(pun)      Tuesday
th           fon.         (consonant phoneme of the quechua language)
th           s.(zoo)(d1) bird louse || flea
th           s.(zoo)(d2) bug
th           s.           chair
th           s.(zoo)(d1) mole
th           s.(esp)      tile || shingle
th           s.(zoo)(d2) wild rabbit
th          s.(esp)     wood chips for a toad game
thchy       to draw back || to place back || to retract || to withdraw
thchy to roof
thhy                    t
   hurry || to run
thk         s.(bot)(d1) American carob tree
thk         adj.(d2)    hot
thk         s.          peace
thk         adj.        peaceful || tranquil
thk         s.          saliva || spittle
thk         adj.(d1)    thick (liquid) || viscous || doughy
thk         s.(bot)(d2) tree in general
thkchkk     s.          expectorant
thkchy       to make someone spit
thkhmy      s.(bot)     jamillo (parasitic plant) of thaqu (algarrobo) with a yellow flower
thkky       s.          peace
thkn        s.          spittoon || cuspidor
thknky      s.          facility || easiness
thknskt     adv.m.      completely
thkny       v.dic.      to calm down
thkr        s.          stick || crutch || cane (staff)
thkrr       s.(bot)     pod from the spiny algorrobo tree that has a bitter sweet flavor
thksch      s.(bot)     American carob tree
thksk       s.(zoo)     caterpillar of thaqu (algarrobo) | with urticating hairs
thktchy       to fry || to toast
thkty       to fry || to toast
thky        s.          dung of sheep | llama or alpaca
thky        s.          saliva || spittle
thky       to spit
thkyn       s.(bot)     black carob
thkypchnn   s.(ana)     salivary gland || parotid gland
thkyrk      s.(bot)     white carob
thmn        s.(bot)     kind of shrub
thmn        s.(ana)     placenta
thmpch      adj.        bent || ruffled || hairy || looking bad
thmpsk      p.p.p.      uncombed || badly combed || mixed-up hair
thmpy       v.intr.     to stumble
thmy       to dig up || to break up || to dig
thmy        v.intr.     to go step by step
thmykchy    v.intr.     to go on all fours
thmyky       to dig up || to break up
thn         s.          abyss || precipice || collapse || crash || wreck
thn         adj.        healthy
thn         s.(bot)     nettle
thn         s.(zoo)(amz)south american coati
thn         s.(aym)     speed
thnchy       to make heal || to make calm || to cause to subside || to pacify
thnchy       to tear down || to pull down || to demolish || to pull down (building)
thnk        s.          bedding || mended bedding || bum
thnk        s.(d2)      jump on one leg
thnk        s.(mit)     mythical being || deity of shortage
thnk        s.(d1)      stick
thnkchy       to make jump
thnkthnk    s.           game where they jump on one leg
thnky       v.intr.      to collapse || to break down || to fall in || to come apart || to fall
thnky        to hit
thnky       v.intr.      to hop || to hop on one foot || to limp
thnky        to thicken
thnkykchy       to jump everywhere on one foot
thnrchy        to alleviate
thnry       v.intr.      to calm down || to heal || to be healed
thns        s.(bot)      bush || shrub
thnsk       p.p.p.       collapsed
thnsk       p.p.p.       healed
thnsy        to entwine || to entangle
thnt        adj.         old (things) || used || old || ragged || tattered
thnt        s.           rag || rag
thntchy        to wear out || to wear down
thnthn      s.(bot)      kind of wild flower
thntkht     s.           flea market
thntmy      s.           beggar (woman)
thntrchk    s.           clown
thntrchy        to tickle
thntrn      adj.         in rags
thntsk      p.p.p.       worn out
thnty       v.intr.      to become old and worn out
thnty       v.intr.      to giggle
thntychy        to use
thntyy      v.intr.      to wear out || to wear down
thny        to calm || to cease || to calm down || to subside || to cease || to clear up || to come to an end || to finish ||
thny       to collapse || to break down || to fall in
thny        to shatter || to destroy || to demolish
thnyy       v.intr.      to calm down || to heal || to be healed
thp         s.           nest
thpchk      s.           woolly or feathered feet || tramp || vagabond || vagrant
thpchky     v.intr.      to make a nest
thpn        s.           rasp || grater || rubber || eraser
thprnk      s.(zoo)      big moth (kind) || bum
thpsyy      s.(mat)      axiom
thpsyyp                  axiomatic
thpy        s.(bot)      nettle || plant | used to dye yellow and green
thpy        to rub || to rub out || to scrape off || to plane || to scrape
thpyyr      s.           cane (staff)
thr         adj.(reg) certainly
thr         s.           half-grinded corn
thr         interj.(esp) of course
thr         adj.         stiff || rigid || tight || fast (tight)
thrk        s.(bot)      jacaranda || kind of tree
thrkt       adj.         carrying a child on one's back
thrmy        give some blow of leg || to stand on the hind legs and kick with the forelegs (horse) || to trample down
thrmy       v.intr.      to stand on end (hairs)
thrs        s.(esp)      scissors || shears
thrschyy                 scissors fish || kind of fish of the Amazon
thry        to discover
thry       to move back || to withdraw || to stand back
thry to warp (weaving) || to warp a loom || to prepare the warp (weaving)
thrychy        to tighten || to fasten || to harden
thryy       v.intr.      to be tightened || to become tight
ths         s.           noiseless fart
thsnchy        to make someone extinguish fire
thsnkpy     v.intr.      to calm down
thsny        to extinguish || to put out a fire || to extinguish
thsthpy        to pull in
thsy        v.intr.      to fart without noise
thsykky     v.intr.      to fart without noise
tht         s.(zoo)      moth
tht         s.           smile
thtchy        to make overeat or overdrink
thtk                     metre
            s.(uni)(neo)(d1) || meter || step (unit of length)
thtk                     minute
thtk        adj.         smiler
thtk        s.           step
thtkchmpk   s.(neo)      measuring tape || tape measure
thtkchy        to teach a child walk
thtkktnch   s.(mat)      multiple of meter
thtkn       s.(med)      pulse
thtkrknch   s.(mat)      submultiple
thtky       v.intr.      to beat (heart)
thtky       to go step by step || to start || to walk quickly || to take big steps || to walk
thtpky        to grumble
thtsk       p.p.p.       infested by moths
thty        v.intr.      to grumble || to grouse || to niggle || to murmur || to protest || to mutter
thty        to infest by moths
thty        v.intr.      to overeat || to overdrink
thtyy       v.intr.      to be infested by moths
thy         s.(d1)       coal-pan || brazier || fireplace
thy         s.(d2)       outline || contour
thy to leave
thy to stop || to halt || to delay || to prevent || to hinder || to hold || to block || to be in the way
thychky     v.intr.      to have oneself shaken || to be shaken violently
thychy        to let the children relax
thykk       s.           decay
thykyyyy    s.           didactics
thymk       s.           execution
thymkk      adj.         executable
thymy        to execute
thyt        adj.         old || ancient
thyt        s.           saliva
thyt        s.(fig)      who tells stupidities
thyty       v.intr.(fig) to say some stupidity
thytykchy        to allege
thyy        v.intr.      to put on weight || to become fat || to stretch out || to shake off
thyy        v.intr.      to scrape the ground (hen)
thyy        v.intr.      to scratch off || to remove the surface || to dig
thyy        to shake || to play of an instrument
tk[Information question]
tk          interj.      [sound of a hammer blow]
tk     interj.     [toad's voice]
tk     s.(arc)     a brick baked in the sun || adobe
tk     adv.m.      also
tk     s.a.(med) anemic
tk     s.(bot)     atago (small plant with eatable leaves)
tk     s.(esp)     barrage || dam
tk || nevertheless || while || and || [contrast]
tk     s.          division || herd || fold || group || portion || type
tk     s.          economy
tk     s.(d2)      fist
tk     s.(bot)     flower || bloom
tk     s.(zoo)     fox
tk     s.(ast)     Fox (constellation) | a dark spot in the Milky Way (Mayu) | formed by dark interstellar space
tk     s.(d1)      hole || window || gap || recess || pit || big hole in the ground
tk     s.(zoo)     horsefly
Tk     s.(ast)     Humming-bird (constellation)
tk     s.(zoo)(d2) kind of eatable worm living in decaying stems of palm trees
tk     adj.        mad
tk     adj.        meditative || lunatic
tk     adj.(d3)    mixed || mixed up
tk     adj.        nice || pleasant || beautiful
tk     conj.       or
tk     s.(zoo)(d1) owl || type of owl
tk     adj.        pale black
tk     s.(tex)     pallay motif in weaving (flower - octagon with stem) || dyed wool tassel used to mark ears of animals for
tk     s.          paw
tk     s.          pinch || a bit of sugar or salt
Tk     s.(ast)     Pleiades (constellation)
tk     s.(d2)      pond || pool
tk     s.          pounded cereal to feed chickens
tk     s.(d1)      punch || blow || collision
tk     s.(min)     red soil || iron(III) oxide || an ochre-colored clay and iron oxide
tk     adj.(d2)    resistant against getting drunk
tk     adj.(d1)    rough
tk     s.(d1)      singing || song || song
tk     adj.        sluggish || underfed || rachitic
tk     adj.        sly || cunning || wily || foxy
tk     adj.        small
tk     s.(d2)      songs that establish a nexus of communication with nature (Kichwa of the Ecuadorian Amazon)
tk     s.(mik)     soup of vegetables and meat || bundle || sack
tk     s.(mit)     spirit of dead
tk     s.(bot.ana) stem || trunk
tk     s.          storage || deposit
tk     adj.        stuffed (pillow etc.) || full || filled with wool or hairs || swollen || plump || crowded || closely packed and ful
tk     s.          sweat || perspire
tk     s.(med)     swoon || faint || sincope || apoplexy
tk     s.          tumor
tk     s.          vice || depravity
tk     adj.        white
tk     s.a.        winner || victor || mighty
tkch   s.          flick
tkch   s.          fragment
tkch       adj.        ridiculous person with bristly hairs like a pig
tkch       s.(tex)     shed rod (bamboo preferred)
tkch       s.(mik)     typical meal made out of green | baked and mashed banana
tkchk      s.(mit)     a son of Paryaqaqa in the tales of Waruchiri || (Span.) Utcochuco
tkchk      s.(med)     whooping cough || pertussis
tkchky     v.intr.     to have oneself beaten
tkchn      s.(zoo)     female fox
tkchn      s.(p.esp)   radio || transistor
tkchsk     p.p.p.      ended || completed
tkchsk     p.p.p.      ended || completed
tkchsn     expr.       let's end
tkchy       to bore
tkchy       to change || to transform || to convert || to finish || to end || to stop || to consume
tkchy       to decorate
tkchy       to give a flick
tkchy       to hustle || to drive || to urge || to accelarate
tkchy   to make beat
tkchy       to make finish || to make end || to finish || to conclude
tkchy       to make flow out || to scatter seeds
tkchy       to make separate
tkchy   to make sit down
tkchy       to make someone fill something
tkchy       to make someone sing
tkchy       to mix || to mix in || to mix up
tkchy       to pound cereal to feed chickens
tkchy       to sink || to submerge
tkchy      interj.     What a pleasure! || How exciting!
tkh        s.(bot)     cotton
tkhpch     s.(tex)     cotton cloth
tkk        adj.        boxer || brawler || rowdy
tkk        adj.        capable (of) || able to || capable
tkk        s.a.        final || ending
tkk        s.a.        lost in thought || meditative || entranced
tkk        s.a.        singer || musician
tkk        s.a.        speedy
tkk        adj.        variable
tkkch      s.          block of salt
tkkchy     s.          balance
tkkk       s.a.        diver
tkkk       adj.        final || ultimate || limited || finite
tkkkn      s.          musicians
tkkky      s.          feasibility
tkkkysy    s.          temporal life
tkknhych   s.(tex)     loom bar || warp beam
tkky       s.          class || sort
tkky       s.          end || ending || purpose || objective || intention
tkky       adj.        feasible
tkky       v.intr.     to beat oneself
tkky       v.cop.      to become
tkky       to conclude || to finish || to end
tkky       v.intr.     to educate oneself
tkky       v.intr.     to fall || to sink || to perish || to finish || to terminate
tkky       v.intr.     to flow out
tkky       to knock at a door
tkky       v.intr.     to separate || to divorce
tkky       to sing devotedly
tkkynn       extreme
tkkyp      postpos. at the end of
tkm        s.          peak || tip
tkm        adj.        uncombed || badly combed || mixed-up hair || crispy hair
tkmksp     expr.       the loose dress is transparent
tkmntychykns.(neo)     musicology
tkmy       s.(neo)     industry
tkmy       v.intr.     to be idle || to have a soft life
tkmy       v.intr.     to burrow (pig)
tkmy      to come early
tkmy       to go to knock at a door
tkmy       to ramsack || to plunder
tkn        s.(tex)     an alternating (laced) joining or fishbone stitch used for seaming
tkn        s.          brickworks
tkn        s.          chair
tkn        s.          conversion
tkn        adj.        deep || profound
tkn        s.          hammer || mortar
tkn        s.(ana)     hip
tkn        s.(med)     pulse
tkn        s.          song
tkn        s.          stick || cane || cane || walking stick
tkn        s.          tool for making holes
tknch      s.          ornament || decoration
tknchsk    p.p.p.      decorated with flowers
tknchy     s.(ass)     conclusion
tknchy       to decorate || to make beautiful
tknk       adj.(ass) impossible
tknk       s.          medium-sized pitcher for carrying water
tknk       s.(bot)     the only tree of the puna
tknky      s.          collective delirium brought about by singing || in Inka history the Taki Onqoy refers to a national Inka mo
tknky      s.          ritual fight
tknky      s.          separation || disjunction
tknky      v.recip.    to bump each other qith one's chest and elbow
tknky      v.recip.    to get mixed up || to get confused
tknky      v.recip.    to separate || to divorce
tknry      s.(zoo)(amz)peackock bass || kind of fish
tknty      s.(ana)     ilium
tkny       adj.        hollow-eyed || cavernous eyes
tkny       s.          puzzle
tkny       v.intr.     to beat (heart) || to pulse (heart)
tkny       to demolish || to destroy || to break || to claw || to rip || to tear
tkp        s.          bothered || mentally disturbed || insane
tkp        s.(tex)(d2) dress of the Inka || precious women's dress
tkp        s.(tex)(d1) embroidery || geometric figures in tissue | marked within squares which can be either isolated or lined u
tkp        s.          group of people
tkp        adj.        place in disorder || all things in a muddle
tkp        s.(tex)     tenter
tkpky       v.intr.      to bother || to be bothered
tkpkyy      v.intr.      to beat (heart) || to pulse (heart)
tkpnyn      s.(tex)      owl eyes (diamond twill-based design of small concentric diamonds used on belts)
tkpppn      s.(bot)      fox potato (kind of wild plant)
tkpy        s.           breath
tkpy        v.intr.      to beat (heart) || to pulse (heart)
tkpy        to bother || to play where not wanted
tkpy        to change
tkpy        to end || to complete
tkpy        to peel || to husk corn
tkpy       to roll
tkpykn      s.(bot)      wild olluco (lit. fox olluco | Andean plant with eatable leaves and tuber - the leaves are used in soups | th
tkpynk      s.           counterpoint
tkpyy        to serenade || to provoke with songs
tkr         s.(bot)      bamboo
tkr         s.(med)      carious teeth
tkr         s.           chorus
tkr         s.           end
tkr         adj.         fade || faded || colourless
tkr         s.           kind of insect larva living in young corn cobs
tkr         s.           kind of pudding made out of maize and sugar
tkr         s.(bot)      kind of quebracho tree
tkr         adj.         last
tkr         s.(tex)      lower loom bar
tkr         adj.         mixed
tkr         adj.(neo)    official
tkr         s.           snot
tkrchnkpsn expr.         let's trade
tkrchny     s.(ass)      commerce
tkrchy        to give back || to return || to flip over | inside out || to change || to turn inside out || to turn over || to make
tkrchy        to make bloom
tkrk        s.(zoo)      male fox
tkrk        translator
tkrk        s.a.         what ends || finite
tkrkk       s.a.         convert
tkrkk       s.a.(his)    who has protection by the people (Inka society)
tkrksmk     s.(fon)      metathesis
tkrktktmn adv.m.         vice versa
tkrktktmnpchyknk         vice versa you dressed yourself
tkrktntchsk p.p.p.       finite set
tkrky       v.intr.      to convert (into)
tkrky       to turn
tkrkyk      s.(neo)      official document
tkrkymn     v.intr.      to convert (into)
tkrmy       to come back || to return || to return to the place of the speaker
tkrn        s.           end
tkrp        s.           stake || stakes (four) for ground loom
tkrpy        to turn against || to defend oneself against
tkrry       v.intr.      to turn around
tkrsk       p.p.p.       inverse
tkrsk       adv.m.       separately
tkrsm       s.           official language
tkrtky to institutionalize
tkrtrpy    s.(neo)     reforestation
tkry       s.          generalities || commonplaces
tkry       v.intr.     to become
tkry       v.intr.     to cheer up || to be amused || to bloom || to blossom || to blossom
tkry      to come back || to return
tkry       to dig up || to overturn || to turn over || to flip || to turn (a page) || to change || to translate
tkry       v.intr.     to end || to cease || to terminate || to die
tkry       to insult || to talk bad things about
tkry       to mix || to combine
tkryy      v.cop.      to be sitting || to sit
tkryy       to convert
tkryy      v.intr.     to fade
tks        s.(zoo)(d2) ant
tks        s.(bot)     common nasturtium || large Indian cress || plant | stems used to dye yellow
tks        s.(d2)      dirt || dregs || sediment
tks        s.(d1)      fundament || base || origin || foundation
tks        s.(mit)     illness-bearing wind or air || illness that travels in the air
tks        adj.        inclined || tilted
tks        s.(zoo)(d1) kind of fish of the Amazon
tks        adj.        small || medium
tks        s.          tall | thin man
tks        s.          thorn || spine
tks        adj.        universal || basic || fundamental
tks        adj.        with hard | spiny skin
tkschky    v.intr.     to have oneself pierced
tkschky    v.intr.     to have oneself washed
tkschnk    adj.        fundamental
tkschy       to incline
tkschy       to make small
tkschy       to make someone wash
tksh       s.          brain
tksh       s.(bot)     dandelion
tksk       p.p.p.      crowded || closely packed and full
tksk       s.          effect || consequence
tksk       p.p.p.      ended || finished || completed
tksk       s.a.        founder
tksk       s.(zoo)     kind of diving bird
tksk       p.p.p.      separated
tksk       p.p.p.      separated || divorced
tksk       p.p.p.      tired
tksk       s.a.        washer
tkskch     s.          rectangle
tksky      v.intr.     to wash one's hairs
tksm       adj.(ana) brachycephalous
tksm       adj.        ruffled || dishevelled || tousled
tksmy      s.(ast)     planet earth || earth || world
tksmy       to go to wash laundry
tksmyp                 gravitation
tksmypch   s.          whole roundness of earth
tksmysky   s.(neo)     geography
tksn       base
tksn      s.(med)     injection
tksn      s.(bot)     kind of shrub || holy thistle || plant | roots used in yellow dye
tksn      s.          prick || dagger
tksn      s.(tex)     terminal area of textile
tksn      s.          washing || laundry
tksnky    v.intr.     to be the beginning of a lineage or another founded thing
tksny     s.(bot)     pampas grass
tkspnk    s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
tkspy       to wash something for somebody
tksrkn    s.(ana)     forefinger || index finger
tksrm     s.          cornerstone
tksrnkh   s.          nature
tksrrchk  s.a.(ass) small enterprise
tksryy    v.intr.     to be inclined || to be tilted
tkssk     p.p.p.      washed
TksTky    s.(ast)     Southern Cross (constellation) || Little Plough
tkstp     s.(uni)     basic unit (measure)
tksy      s.          cheap home-distilled brandy
tksy      s.(bot)     common nasturtium || large Indian cress || plant | stems used to dye yellow
tksy      s.(zoo)     cuckoo
tksy      adj.        medium
tksy      s.          stab || stab wound
tksy       to begin || to initiate || to found || to drive into
tksy      v.intr.     to cough repeatedly
tksy       to found
tksy      v.intr.     to incline || to lean || to tilt
tksy       to prick || to sting || to pierce || to puncture || to burn (sting || wound) || to indicate || to mark || to point
tksy       to shake || to empty
tksy       to wash laundry || to wash clothes || to wash the hair
tksychy       to decrease || to diminish
tksychykn s.(ass)     basic knowledge
tksyk     s.p.        thorny || spiny
tksyn     s.(esp)     education
tksys     s.(bot)     fox cedar || kind of tree
tksysy       to help to wash
tksyy     v.intr.     to decrease || to diminish || to shrink || to become smaller
tksyymchykn           essential services
tksyyy    s.(fil)     fundamental grounding || fundamental foundation || justification
tkt       s.(zoo)     broody hen || dove
tkt       adj.        dirty (liquid)
tkt       s.          drink (made of fermented corn)
tkt       s.(bot.ana) flower || maize flower || corn flower || bud
tkt       s.          spot in the face that disappears
Tkt       s.(ast)     Toaster | Pistil or Basket (Andean constellation)
tkt       s.(phymed)toqto (disease of the potato causing hollow space in the tuber | sometimes filled with a soft substance li
tkt       s.(bot)     walnut || walnut tree
tkt       s.(med)     wart
tkt       s.(tex)     white | fatty feathers of birds
tkthkrk   s.a.        precentor || leader of a choir || who strikes up a tune || who intones || conductor of orchestra
tktk      s.          blow || punch || slap || hit
tktk      s.          description
tktk      s.a.        designer
tktk        s.           drawing
tktk        s.           estimate || weighing up
tktk        s.(zoo)(d2) kind of mole
tktk        s.(zoo)      kind of toad
tktk        s.(zoo)(d1) lampyris || firefly
tktk        s.(zoo)      scorpion
tktk        s.(zoo)(amz) wattled jacana || kind of bird
tktkkrkchyn s.           circumscription
tktky        to describe
tktkychy         to hit something with a hammer (repeatedly)
tktkyy      v.dic.       ta cackle || to gabble || to make the sound of a chicken
tktkyy      v.intr.      to beat (heart) || to pulse (heart)
tktkyy      v.dic.       to make noise (hammer)
tktnch      s.           delineation
                         time of
tktpyypch s.(mes)(agr)(ecu) collecting the corn flowers (March - April)
tktr        s.(esp)      doctor
tktsp       adv.m.       graphically
tktsp       s.p.         warty || full of warts
tktspkhchy         to undo
tktt        s.           description || design
tktty        to design
tkttymnhn adv.m.         graphically
tkttyp      adj.poses. graphic
tkttyyn     adv.m.       graphically
tkty        s.(ass)      aim || objective
tkty        s.           design || draft || sketch || scheme
tkty        v.dic.       ta cackle || to gabble || to make the sound of a chicken
tkty        to calculate || to estimate || to weigh up || to consider
tkty        to delineate || to draw
tkty        to earth up potatoes second time
tkty        v.intr.      to flower || to bloom || to blossom
tkty        to mischievously look at or pick up something
tkty        v.cop.       to squat
tktyk       s.           estimate || weighing up
tktyy       v.intr.      to become broody (hen)
tktyymnnnkkadj.          schematic
tktyyp      adj.poses. schematic
tktyyyy     s.           drawing
tky         adj.(d1)     all || every || each || any
tky         pron.indef. all || everyone || everybody || everything
tky         adj.         bald
tky         s.           bald head || skull
tky         s.(tex)      black and white tissue
tky         s.           blot (on clothes) || smudge || spot
tky         adj.(d2)     complete || fully developed
Tky         s.(ast)(ant) constellation of the plough (approximately the Scorpion)
tky         s.(neo)      document || evidence || record || statement
tky         s.(ana)      eye-lash
tky         adj.         fast || quick || light (not heavy)
tky         s.(d1)       foundation wall || basement
tky         s.           hurry
tky         adv.t.(d2) immediately || right away || suddenly
tky   v.intr.    indulge in a vice
tky   s.(neo)    industry
tky   s.(esp)    inheritance
tky   s.(zoo)    kind of diving bird
tky   s.         lasso || trap || trick
tky   s.(bot)    mushroom || fungus
tky   s.         new moon
tky   interj.    Ouch! || What a pain! || [exclamation of pain]
tky   s.         palm (of the hand)
tky              pauraque || kind of bird
tky   s.(agr)    plough || plow
tky   s.(d2)     punch || blow || collision
tky   s.         small | round hole made in the ground
tky   s.(bot)    small tree
tky   s.         song
tky   adv.t.(d1) soon || hurriedly
tky   s.(uni)    span || long measure from the thumb to the little finger
tky      to accumulate || to join forces | or join energy bubbles || to bring together in harmony
tky   v.mod.     to be able to
tky   v.intr.    to bloom || to flower || to blossom
tky      to bore a hole || to make hollow || to make a hole in the ground
tky  to box || to beat || to smash || to pound || to hit || to punch || to knock on || to hammer || to nail || to knock
tky      to close a bag sewing it
tky  to complete || to conclude || to stop || to end || to finish || to pretend
tky  to consume || to spend
tky  to dance || to jump
tky     to dive
tky      to economize
tky to educate
tky  to falter || to waver
tky      to fill a bag || to stuff || to fornicate || to stuff (like a pillow)
tky      to fix || to attach
tky   v.intr.    to happen || to end || to become
tky   v.intr.    to hurry || to rush || to run || to accelerate work
tky      to make bricks || to mold || to mould
tky   v.intr.    to meditate || to think deeply || to be astonished || to think (over | about)
tky      to mix || to combine || to confuse
tky to play an instrument
tky to recognize one's merits
tky   v.cop.     to rest
tky      to separate || to divide || to dish out small portions with the ladle || to separate || to set apart || to sow
tky  to sing || to play an instrument
tky   v.cop.     to sit || to stay || to remain || to sit down || to live (somewhere) || to reside || to be located || to exist || to b
tky      to sow || to drop || to scatter (like seeds) || to scatter || to separate
tky  to support branches of a tree using pales or sticks
tky   v.intr.    to sweat || to perspire
tky      to think || to admire
tky  to throw
tky   v.intr.    to tire || to become tired
tky   s.(tec)    tool used for the roof
tky   adj.       two-coloured (black and white)
tky   s.(ana)    velum
tkych       s.          settlement
tkychk      s.a.        final
tkychky     v.intr.     to have one's head shaved
tkychkyknk s.(his)      singers of fables and old chants
tkychsk     p.p.p.      hurried | rushed || in a hurry
tkychy       to affirm || to assure || to stabilize || to set || to support || to install || to found || to create || to establish || to
tkychy       to conclude || to finalize || to complete || to finish || to carry out
tkychy       to hustle || to drive || to urge || to accelarate
tkychy  to insure
tkychy       to pop || to make explode || to make burst an egg to help the chicken to hatch out
tkychy       to shoot
tkychynn          final || ending
tkyhmpk     s.(spi)     having the fully developed or complete healing power || refers to the fifth level of psycho-spiritual develo
tkyk        s.a.        explosive
tkyk        s.p.        person who frequently loses knowledge || epileptic
tkykch      s.(bot)     kind of cactus used for hedges against foxes
tkykk       pron.indef. all || everything
tkykk       s.a.        squanderer
tkykkchk    pron.indef. all the rest
tkykkymr s.(fam)        boy | 9 to 12 years old (meaning in Inka times) || boys who hunted little birds | was educated in working
tkyknpk     adj.        collective
tkyknpkchkykn           collective rights
tkykpy       to revise
tkykrsk     p.p.p.      satisfied || satiated
tkyksp      s.(bot)     kind of tree of the jungle (main use: hunting | medicinal)
tkykstyn                with
            adv.m.(p.esp) pleasure
tkyky       s.          spring month
tkyky       v.intr.     to clap || to applaud
tkyky       v.intr.     to make up oneself with flowers or feathers
tkyky       v.intr.     to settle
tkyky       to stuff
tkykysyp    adv.t.      always
            s.(geo)     loss of biodervisity
tkym        pron.indef. anything || any kind of things
tkymchrsktps xpr.       everything he (she) had
tkymmyktp adj.(ass) national
tkymnt      adv.m.      all together || in all
tkymnynyk s.(spi)(d2) complete realization of personal power
tkymnynyk s.(spi)(d1) having the fully developed power of the heart
tkymr       s.          majority
tkymtchrsktps           everything he (she) had
tkymymn expr.           all kinds of
tkyn        s.          cunning || shrewd
tkyn        s.          mixer
tkyn        s.          slap (in the face)
tkynk       adj.        unsafe || unsure
tkynkhn     s.(tex)     unkhu¤a divided vertically into two halves of contrasting color
tkynkp      adv.l.      everywhere inside
tkynn       pron.indef. all || everyone || everybody || everything
tkynn       s.(ass)     purpose
tkynnkk     adj.        total
tkynnp      s.          extreme || extremity
tkynntn     pron.indef.   all || everyone || everybody || everything || everyone
tkyp        adj.poses.    economist
tkyp        s.            heel
tkypch      adj.          continuous
tkypch      s.            spring
tkypchp     adv.t.        always
tkypchy         to confirm
tkypk       s.a.          thing of everyone
tkypkst     s.            common name
tkypkt      adj.          equivalent || of full value
tkypnchy adj.             the whole day
tkypnchytyk s.a.          daily
tkyprk|rrk adj.           fast || quick
tkypskky    v.intr.       to feel certain || to feel confident
tkypy       v.intr.       to coagulate
tkypyy      v.intr.       rebound
tkyrkk      s.a.          spy || supervisor
tkyrky      v.intr.       to applaud || to acclaim
tkyrnchmpn     parallel
tkyry         to examine
tkyry         to investigate
tkyryy      v.intr.       to be satiated || to be satisfied
tkys        s.            negligent woman || careless woman
tkysk       p.p.p.        safe || secure
tkyskpky    s.(neo)       industrial production
tkysnkyn    adv.t.        attentively
tkysytchrk s.a.           omnipotent || almighty || powerful
tkyt        adv.m.        hurried || quickly
tkyt        adv.m.        totally
tkythkyychk s.(ass)       globalization
tkytrrk     s.a.          almighty || omnipotent
tkytsk      p.p.p.        bouquet
tkytychk    s.a.          all-knowing || omniscient
tkytyyhtn   adj.(d2)      biggest || largest
tkytyyhtn   adj.(d1)      superior
tkytyyry    adj.          inferior || lowest
tkytyyyn    adj.          best
tkyy        s.            explosion
tkyy        s.            explosion || bursting of an egg | when the chicken hatches out
tkyy        adv.t.        immediately || at once
tkyy        s.            madness
tkyy        s.            slap || slap in the face
tkyy        s.            stoning
tkyy         to adorn with flowers or feathers
tkyy        v.intr.       to beat (heart) || to pulse (heart)
tkyy        v.intr.       to become beatiful
tkyy        v.intr.       to become hollow
tkyy         to bore (to be boring) || to weary || to tire || to disgust
tkyy        v.intr.       to burst || to explode || to burst (egg shell) | when the chicken hatches out || to hatch (an egg)
tkyy     to clap || to slap
tkyy        v.intr.       to feel uneasiness in the stomach
tkyy         to get mad
tkyy      to inspect || to investigate || to research
tkyy  to knead
tkyy      to lasso || to ambush || to lie in ambush against || to pry || to trap
tkyy      to mix || to mix up
tkyy      to mix || to submerge
tkyy      to peel || to husk corn || to shell
tkyy      to pelt with stones || to stone
tkyy      to pronounce
tkyy         v.intr.    to satiate || to appease one's hunger || to satisfy oneself || to be satisfied
tkyy      to shave a head
tkyy      to smudge clothes
tkyy      to solidify (grease)
tkyy         v.intr.    to stay on a place || to stop || to maintain
tkyy         v.inty.    to swoon away
tkyy      to wash clothes
tkyych       s.(ana)    body
tkyychynyk s.(mit)      having the fully developed power of the mind
tkyykn       s.         generalities
tkyymkynyk s.(spi)      having the fully developed power of the body
             adj.(neo) international
tkyypych     s.(mat)    real number
tkyyrrrsksky s.         design || draft || sketch
tkyyrry      s.(neo)    aerobics
tkyyskypy s.(mat)       integer
tkyytkrpk adj.          brief || short
tkyyy        expr.      all kinds of
tkyyy        adj.       explosive
tm           s.         knife
tm           s.         parasite
tm           s.(esp)    place for taking water
tmbr                    drum
tmbyr        s.(esp)    shiver || earthquake
tmchk        s.         the three stones of a fireplace
tmk          s.(bot)    kind of shrub
tmky         s.         foreigner
Tmn          s.(mit)    place in the province of Huarochiri (Department of Lima | Peru) || (Span.) Tumna
tmnk         s.(zoo)    humming bird
tmnk                    S
             s.(pun)(esp) unday
tmnt         adj.(esp) stupid || dumb || useless
tmnty      to demand || to sue
tmp          s.(bot)    almond-like fruit tree
Tmp          s.(top)    ancient people in the Department of Qosqo (Peru) || old name of Ollantaytambo || (Span.) Tambo
tmp                     b
             s.(bot)(amz) arbasco || kind of plant of the jungle (main use: fishing)
tmp                     cinereous tinamou || kind of bird
tmp          adj.       cooked
tmp          adj.       entangled
tmp          s.(d2)     holder under the band to tie the hat
tmp          adj.(d1)   little || a little bit || some
tmp          s.(d1)     lodging || hostel || storehouse || rest stop || storehouse along a road or trail
tmp          s.(mik)    popular meal of rice | dried potatoes | meat and white chillies || cabbage meal || a special Carnival food
tmp          s.(d1)     ruffled hair
tmp          adj.(d2)   something used up || something worn out || regular || somewhat
tmp         s.(d2)       thicket || scrub
tmp         s.(esp)      time
tmp         s.(tex)      weaving sword || batten (of a loom) || beater (for compacting weft) || board to press the tissue together |
tmpch       s.(mik)      broth of fresh fish || soup
tmpchky     v.intr.      to have oneself accused unjustifiedly
tmpchy        to boil
tmpchy        to entwine || to felt
tmpk        s.a.         boiling || bubbling
tmpkyk      s.           thermal spring
tmpm        adj.         ruffled
Tmpmchy     s.(top)      archeological site near Qosqo | known as the Inka Baths (Ba¤os del Inca) | considered to be a water cu
tmpmnttmp   adv.m.       gradually || step by step
Tmpmp       s.(top)      city in Ecuador || (Span.) Cuenca || (hist.) Tomebamba (<plain of stone knives)
tmpnky      s.           mutual accusation
tmpnyy      v.intr.      to be at the point of boiling
tmpp        s.           soup
Tmppmp      s.(top)      town in the Department of Apurimaq (Peru) || (Span.) Tambobamba
tmprn       adj.(esp) early
tmprn       s.(esp)      morning || dawn || morning hours
tmps        s.           gossip (talkative) || slanderer
tmpsh       s.(zoo)      kind of bumble bee
tmpsk       p.p.p.       blamed
tmpsk       p.p.p.       boiled
tmpt        expr.        a little
tmptmp      s.(bot)      tumpatumpa (flower of the puna with variaous colors | its small flower is similar to sunflower)
tmpy        adv.m.       apparently
tmpy        adj.         bent || ruffled || hairy || looking bad
tmpy        adj.         bent || ruffled || hairy || looking bad
tmpy        s.           blame
tmpy        s.(d1)       boiling
tmpy        s.           disorder
tmpy        s.(d2)       effervescence
tmpy        adj.         entwined || felted
tmpy        adj.         false || wrong
tmpy        pron.indef. just something
tmpy        to accuse || to blame || to attribute || to calumniate || to backbite || to suspect
tmpy       to be bent over by pressure
tmpy        v.intr.      to boil || to be angry
tmpy        to carry something in one's skirt
tmpy        to knock in || to drive in (a nail etc.)
tmpyky        to invade
tmpyy       v.intr.      to interwine || to felt
tmpyychy    s.           disordered knowledge
tmrnk       s.(bot)      tumaringa (Andean plant used to heal outflow or //white flower//)
tmrskky     v.intr.(esp) to be amazed
tmry        v.intr.(esp) to hesitate || to last || to take long || to slow down || to delay || to last
tms                      k
            s.(bot)(amz) ind of plant used for rope or string
tms                      n
            s.(bot)(amz) atural rope from the rainforest used to make diverse tissues
tms         s.(esp)      rascal || ruffian || knave || scoundrel
tmsh        s.(ana)      brain
tmsk        s.(bot)      kind of tree
tmsp                     toothless
tmsy      to crush || to smash
tmt                  tomato
          s.(bot)(esp<naw) (plant and fruit)
tmtkr     s.(zoo)    cloth worm (moth larva)
Tmtnmk    s.(mit)    male deity (wak'a) in the tales of Waruchiri | lord of Anchiqucha | father of Chawpi¤amqa || (Span.) Tam
tmy                  dessert
          s.(mik)(esp<naw) containing young corn || tamale
tmy       s.(met)    rain
tmy      to cut with a knife
tmy to drink
tmy     to turn || to rotate || to walk around
tmymy     s.(bot)    kind of tree of the jungle (main use: medicinal | ritual)
tmynpkkmspnchyykp three days before raining
tmypch    s.(met)    winter
tmypmpn s.(met)      flood
tmyprk    s.(mil)    wall || fence || fencing
tmyskmntkmspnchykhpthree days after raining
tmysp     adj.       rainy
tmyy                 to rain
tmyychn   s.         rainy season
tn        s.         border || limit
tn        s.(esp)    Don (Mr)
tn        adj.       entwined || felted || matted (hair)
tn        s.         health
tn        s.(geo)    ladera || inclinaci¢n
tn        adj.       paralyzed || paralysed
tn        s.         pillar || column
tn        s.(bot)    prickly pear || type of cactus and its fruit
tn        s.(esp)    song
tn        s.         thief
tn        adj.       very small || tiny || fine
tn        s.(esp)    witchcraft || wizardry || magic || sorcery
tnch      s.(bot)    small green pepper
tnch      s.(mit)    soul in pain whistling melancholically
tnchy to damage
tnchy      to destroy
tnh       s.         big earthen jar
tnk       s.(agr)    cloth for collecting and carrying potatoes at harvest
tnk       s.(zoo)    cock of the rocks || kind of bird
tnk       s.         cylinder
tnk       s.(d1)     feeling of anxiety
tnk       s.         fork || crossbar
tnk       s.(mat)    fraction || fractionation
tnk       adj.       fractionary
tnk       s.(d1)     gift || bonus given to workers (usually alcohol)
tnk       s.(bot)    indigo || plant used to dye blue
tnk       s.         meeting
tnk       adj.       poor || needy || indigent
tnk       s.(d2)     punch on the head
tnk       s.         push
tnk       adj.       small
tnk       s.(esp)    sorcerer || ritual specialist who performs sorcery
tnk       adj.       sufficient
tnk       s.         union || pair of equal things (like gloves)
tnk         adj.       united
tnk         s.(d2)     welcome party || initiation ceremony
tnkch       s.(ana)    esophagus
tnkchk      s.         concordance
tnkchk      adj.       knock-kneed
tnkchk      adj.(med) knock-kneed
tnkchkrrchk s.(gra)    copulative verb
tnkchky     s.         comparison
tnkchky      to have oneself pushed
tnkchn      s.         cohesion
tnkchr      s.(tex)    forked diagonal design - warp-faced
tnkchy to compare
tnkchy      to earth up (maize plant)
tnkchy      to integrate
tnkchy      to make push
tnkchy      to mix
tnkchy      to offer a present to ask for an advantage
tnkchy      to unify
tnkh        adj.       badly done
tnkk        s.         link
tnkkms      adj.       temporary opponent (game | sport)
tnkky      to flow together
tnkkynn      joint
tnkmy      to push something hither
tnknchy      to make people meet
tnknhk      s.(tex)    medium yarn || weave shawl
tnknky      v.recip.   to copulate || to fuck
tnknky      v.recip.   to meet || to gather
tnknky      v.recip.   to push each other
Tnknnchkkm  expr.      See you!
tnknrk      adj.(mat) cylindrical
tnkpry      to confront
tnkpy      to copulate || to fuck
tnkr        s.(ana)    esophagus
tnkr        s.(bot)    kind of barberry || bramble || kind of shrub which is in Qispillaqta the star plant of potato
tnkr        s.(ana)    larynx
tnkr        s.         soldier
tnkr        s.(zoo)    tangara || kind of bird
tnkr        s.(ana)    throat || pharynx
tnkr        s.(ana)    windpipe || trachea
tnkrchnsy s.(mat)      coordinate
tnkrk       s.         intersection
tnkrkchk    s.(bot)    kind of shrub
tnkrkky     s.(ana)    glottis
tnkrkyyy    s.(gra)    compound sentence || complex sentence
tnkrmk      s.(ana)    larynx
tnkrn                  k
            s.(bot)(amz) ind of tree of the jungle where the ants of the same name live | the pocochons' nest hang from their br
tnkrnky     s.(med)    laryngitis
Tnkrryr     s.(top)    volcano in Ecuador (and province of the same name) || (Span.) Tungurahua (<pharynx + burning)
Tnkry       s.(top)    volcano in Ecuador (and province of the same name) || (Span.) Tungurahua (<pharynx + burning)
tnks        s.         flick
tnks        adj.       patched || mended || darned || ragged
tnksh     adj.       yellow
tnkshyy   v.intr.    to turn yellow
tnksk     p.p.p.     two or more things together
tnkskpch s.(tex)     dress just fitting
tnktnkpch s.(tex)    whole piece of male or female clothing
tnky      s.         annual ceremonial fight held at Macha || encounter || meeting
tnky      s.         bow (to shoot arrows)
tnky      s.         jerk || blow || push
tnky      adj.       knock-kneed
tnky      to bind together || to put together in pairs || to unite || to join
tnky  to celebrate welcome
tnky      v.recip.   to combat
tnky      to doubt
tnky      to fit (clothing)
tnky  to give a gift || to give a bonus
tnky      to meet || to meet up with || to fight (two) || to come together || to meet
tnky      to pour || to pour out
tnky to promote
tnky      to punch one's head
tnky      to push
tnky      v.cop.     to sit
tnky      to sting
tnky      v.intr.    to trust
tnky  to understand || to get (in one's mind)
tnkykchy       to jostle || to hustle || to abuse
tnkynyk   s.p.       magician
Tnkypchchymn         What a coincidence!
tnkypr    s.         limit
tnkyy     adv.m.     by jerks
tnkyy     s.(zoo)    wasp
tnnnk     adj.       unhealthy || unhealthful
tnny      s.(ass)    capacity
tnp       s.(med)    heel ache
tnpp      s.(zoo)    very small potato
tnr       s.         dwarf
Tnr       s.(top)    maintain range in Cochabamba Department (Bolivia)
tnrm      s.(tex)    little stone (pallay design)
tnrn      s.         dwarf || small person
tnrnpnchy s.(p.esp) expiration date
tnry      s.(neo)    moral
tns                  dance
tnsk      adj.(esp) colored || coloured
tnsk      s.a.(esp) dancer
tnsrn                m
          s.(bot)(amz) andarine
tnsy to dance
tnsy      s.(esp)    virgin
tnt       s.(mik)    bread
tnt       s.(zoo)    grasshopper
tnt       s.         meeting || gathering
tnt       adv.m.     together || adjacent
tnt       adj.       weathered by the sun || crumbled
tnt       s.         white dried potato
tntchnnch s.(ipt)       grouping sign
tntchpkt    s.(mat)     associative law
tntchrn     s.          bread-basket
tntchsk     s.(mat)     set
tntchskknpktnchn        intersection of sets
tntchskknprkn           partition of sets
tntchskknpsms.(mat)     types of sets
tntchskknptkyychn       complementary set
tntchskmntnchch         difference of sets
tntchskpypynn           union of sets
tntchsktktnktnch        power set
tntchy      s.          grouping
tntchy       to assemble || to collect || to gather || to add || to gather (people) || to add on || to make gather
tntchy       to expose to the sun a long time until it is unusable
tntchychy s.(neo)       didactic unit
tntk        s.          union
tntkby      s.(zoo)     dragon fly
tntkhtn     s.          bread market
tntky       s.          meeting
tntky       v.intr.     to meet || to come together
tntm                    kind
            s.(bot)(amz)(d1)of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
tntm                    kind
            s.(bot)(amz)(d2)of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
tntmy       to go to gather
tntn        s.(bot)     granadilla
tntnk       s.(mus)     drum sound
tntnk       s.          union || meeting
tntnkr      s.(zoo)     red-necked woodpecker
tntnksp     expr.       gathered || united
tntnky      s.(ass)     association || organization
tntnky      s.          meeting || gathering
tntnky      v.recip.    to assemble || to gather || to congregate
tntrk       s.(mat)     subset
tntrkyk     s.(neo)     record of meeting || transactions
tntrnky     s.          assembly
tntrntkk    s.a.        bread seller
tntrrk      s.a.        baker
tntrychypypynn          number of didactic unit
tntrypnkn s.(ass)       agenda || order of the day
tnts        s.          leather band to fix the ploughshare || rope to fix a yoke
tntsk       p.p.p.      gathered || united
tntsk       s.(zoo)(amz)giant cowbird || kind of bird
tntsk       adj.        useless by weathering in the sun
tntsnkn     s.          crumb || crum
tnttmnn     expr.       I want bread!
tnty       to assemble || to collect || to gather || to pick up || to meet
tnty        v.intr.     to be in the sun a long time
tnty        v.intr.     to freeze || to coagulate
tnty to pay attention to
tntyk       s.p.        baker
tntyy to estimate || to value || to calculate || to weigh up || to consider || to think (over | about)
tntyyykchny v.intr.     to be badly dressed who was once well dressed
tntyyysy    s.(bio)(neo)kingdom (of plants | animals)
tny      s.(mus)    drum
tny      adj.       easy
tny      adj.       easy
tny      s.         grinder || rammer for mortar || pestle
tny                 kind of fish of the Amazon
tny      s.(bot)    opuntia
tny      s.         pestle
tny      adj.(esp) sluggish || useless || impaired || damaged
tny      adj.       sterile || infertile
tny to color || to colour || to stain || to dye || to tinge
tny      to crush into small pieces
tny      v.intr.    to make merry || to entertain oneself || to amuse oneself
tny to wound || to break down || to harm || to mistreat || to wound
tnychy      to paralyze || to paralyse
tnyky    s.         feasibility
tnynyy   s.         ringing of bells
tnynyy   v.intr.    to ring
tnypy    v.intr.    to become hard || to be hardened
tnysk    p.p.p.     tie-dyed
tnyy     v.intr.    to become numb || to become paralyzed
tp       s.(mat)    division
tp       s.(tex)    fastening pin for women's clothing || fastening pin || marker put on costal || hook || metal pin with large h
tp       s.(mik)    kind of fish sausage
tp       s.(bot)    kind of tree whose bark secretes a brown-reddish resin after being wounded
tp                  k
         s.(bot)(amz) ind of tree with soft and light fibres | its wood is used for rafts | its soft flowers are used for mattresses
tp       s.(d1)     leather bag used for honey
tp       s.(mit)    masculine spirit of one's place of birth | also known as the //guiding star// don benito spent hours scrying
tp       s.(uni)    measure || cereal measure (55.5 litres) || area measure (6460 square metres) || weight measure || lengt
tp       s.(d2)     measuring tape || cord used for measuring
tp       s.         mosquito
tp       s.(tex)    pin
tp       s.(tex)    second spinning given to yarn | leaving plain | regular threads
tp       s.(tex)    shed stick
tp       s.         shucking of corn
tp       adj.       something noble || something worthy || something of exceptional quality || name of honour
tp       adj.       very thin
tpchky      to have one's clothes buttoned up
tpchky   v.intr.    to have questions asked to oneself
tpchy      to make ask questions
tpchy      to make button up
tpchy      to make meet || to make clash || to accomodate
tpchy      to make win
tpchy      to separate
tpchy    s.(pun)    Tuesday
tpk      s.         challenge || as a title //one who challenges//
tpk      adj.       decorated || rich
tpk      s.a.       guardian
tpk      s.(tex)    instrument to prepare tissue similar to a rod
tpk      s.         measurement
tpk      s.a.       measurer || surveyor
tpk      s.a.       mighty || powerful || rich || attacker || opponent
tpk      s.(tex)    pin
tpk        s.(med)       pulse
Tpkch      s.(top)       a lake in the Department of Lima (Peru) || (Span.) Tupicocha
tpkchr     s.(his)       golden plate with enclosed precious stones to put the maskapaycha in | which all together formed the In
tpkchy         to cut short || to paralyze
tpkk       s.            coca of fine leaves || most fine and tasty coca for the king
tpkk       adj.          measurable
tpkk       s.a.          obstinate || stubborn
tpkky         to pin (cloth)
tpkmnktchskp.p.p.        answer
tpkmnyysk p.p.p.         answer
Tpkmr      s.(per)(d2)   Jos‚ Gabriel Kunturkanki (born in 1743) | organized an uprising against the Spaniards in 1780 | at whos
Tpkmr      s.(per)(d1)   the last Inka ruler of Willkapampa (1566-1572) | fought against the conquistadores | captured and exec
tpkmych    s.(neo)       system of measures
tpknk      s.            person with a thin and long neck
Tpknkypnk s.(per)        the tenth Inka ruler || Pachakutiq Inka's son and successor | governed approximately between 1471 and
Tpkr       s.(top)       river | canyon | and town on the East slope of the Bolivian Andes || (Span.) Tapacar¡
tpkstrnt   s.(gra)       interrogative pronoun
tpky         to cease || to cut short
tpky       v.recip.      to clash || to bang heads (like rams)
tpky         to clasp || to button up || to fasten
tpky         to inspect || to investigate || to research
tpky         to pin
tpky         to snap by itself (thread | etc.)
tpky       s.            violence
Tpkypnk    s.(per)       the tenth Inka ruler || Pachakutiq Inka's son and successor | governed approximately between 1471 and
tpkyyy     s.(gra)       interrogative sentence
tpmy         to go to ask
tpmy        to go to fall something in the skirt
tpmy         to go to win
tpn        s.            frame
tpn        s.            medida || measuring instrument
tpn        s.            meeting
tpn        s.            question
tpn        s.            staple || stitch || buttonhole || clasp || brooch
tpn        s.            victory || triumph
tpn        s.            whetstone || hone
Tpnchkkm expr.           See you!
tpnchmpk s.              measuring tape || tape measure
tpnk       s.(tex)       elegant shirt
tpnk       expr.         enemy of ... || who hates ...
tpnkkpch s.(tex)         worn dress
tpnky      s.            competition
tpnky      s.            competition
tpnky      v.recip.      to argue
tpnky      v.recip.      to compete
Tpnnchkkm expr.          See you!
tpnpk      adj.          measuring
tpntnkchn s.(mat)        parameter
tppch      s.(tex)       elegant men's dress
tppkkp     s.(his)       inspector
tppky      v.intr.       to wrangle
tppyy         to interrogate
tpr         adj.        doubled
tpr         s.          meeting
tpr         s.(mes)(esp)October
tprk        s.a.        one and the other time
tprky       seine Kleider aufkn”pfen
tprky       to nail
tprn       fold
tprnky      v.recip.    to ask each other
tprsn       expr.       we're going to meet again
tpry       to fold || to double || to double over
tpry       to inquire
tpry       to meet up with people
tpryky       to fold
tps         s.(zoo.ana)beak
tps         s.(zoo.ana)beak
tps         s.          point
tpsk        p.p.p.      defeated
tpsk        s.          measurement
tpsk        p.p.p.      pinned || affixed
tpsk        p.p.p.      separated
tpsk        p.p.p.      sharpened
tpsk        p.p.p.      shocked
tpskr       adj.        indiscreet
tpsn        s.(zoo.ana)beak
tpsnrkn     s.(ana)     forefinger || index finger
tpsntr      s.(p.esp) size of wasp
tpsprky     s.(med)     special care
tpsy       to peck
tpsy       to peck
tpsy       to peck || to sting
tpsy       to pinch
tpsy       to point at || to show
tpsy       to shake
tptp        s.(bot)(d1) goldenberry || peruvian gooseberry
tptp        s.(bot)(d2) red-stemmed filaree || kind of annual endemic plant of the high mountain region
tptpypchyky       to put on elegant clothes (man)
tpy         s.          bad sign || bad providence || bad luck || disaster || disgrace || misfortune
tpy         s.(mil)     conquest
tpy         s.(d1)      evaluation
tpy         s.          fight || encounter || meeting || conflict || spiritual sparring of two andean priests
tpy         s.(agr)     harvest || shucking of corn
tpy         s.(d2)      measure
tpy         s.a.        measurer || surveyor
tpy         s.          power || ability
tpy         s.          question
tpy         s.          small conical corn stack
tpy         v.dic.      to ask || to ask a question
tpy         v.mod.      to be able || to be powerful || to can
tpy   to blow up || to wring one's neck
tpy       to gossip || to slander
tpy to harvest || to harvest corn || to shuck corn
tpy       to hide || to cover || to put a top on
tpy       to measure || to compare || to measure || to delimit
tpy to meet || to meet up with || to find (people) || to clash || to meet
tpy       to pin clothes || to affix || to fasten clothing with a pin || to pin
tpy       to sharpen
tpy to stitch || to sew together || to crochet
tpy   to tear off || to rip off || to cut off || to pull apart || to pinch || to snap off || to snip off || to pluck || to wean ||
tpy       to win || to defeat || to abuse || to bear || to beat || to conquer || to attack || to contradict || to overcome || t
tpy        s.(tex)     very thin thread
tpy        s.(tex)     warp pattern stripe of q'epi¤a (lliclla) border zone
tpyk       s.p.        finite || limited || measurable
tpykchy       to start asking questions
tpykhyy    s.          measuring instrument
tpykn      s.          measurement
tpyktchy       to interview
tpyky       to put on clothes with a fastening pin
tpyn       s.(tex)     sheet used as nightdress || short aksu of one or two webs woven on the backstrap loom
tpyntym    s.(zoo)     pygmy anteater || kind of ant bear
tpynyk     s.p.        abusive
tpypk      adj.        measurable
tpyy       adj.        adequate || fitting one's nature || conforming to one's talent
tpyy       to be enveloped in fog (forest)
tpyy   to bump someone
tpyy       to compel || to force
tpyy       to jostle || to hustle
tpyy to regulate || to adjust || to adapt || to fit (on) || to arrange || to settle (something)
tpyy       to tear off || to rip off
tpyy   to try to do something forbidden
tpyykchy      to walk blindly (without paying attention)
tr         s.(fam)     a woman's brother || brother (to a sister) || brother (woman's)
tr         s.(bot.ana) bud
tr                     b
           s.(zoo)(esp) ull
tr         s.          cradle of a herding sling
tr         adv.m.(esp) deliberately || purposely || on purpose
tr         s.(d2)      dirt
tr         s.          dried blood
tr         s.(fam)     grand-grandchild
tr         adj.        ignorant || stupid
tr         s.(d1)      island
tr         s.(bot)     kind of leguminous tree || plant | fruits used in Bolivia to dye yellow | same plant used in Qosqo and in In
tr         s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
tr         s.(geo)     mud || clay || dirt
tr         s.(bot)     plant used to dye green or yellow
tr         s.(med)     scar
tr         s.(tex)     thick blanket sewn together out of many cloths
tr         s.          twin
tr         s.          two paired things
tr         s.          wooden bowl used to drink corn beer
tr         adj.        yellow
trbhs      adj.(esp) difficult
trch       adv.l.      right (hand side)
trch       adj.(esp) straight || direct || right
trchchy       to make someone make clay bricks
trchk    s.          bricklayer || mason
trchky   v.intr.     to soil oneself with mud
trchsk   s.          cicatriced
trchy       to balance || to equilibrate
trchy                to get the unborn child into the right position
trchy       to make find
trchy       to make someone uproot plants
trchy to put in order || to set in order || to clear || to clarify
trchy       to soil with mud || to make mud || to cover with clay || to make clay bricks
trchym   s.          big container of earth
trhy to lead || to direct
trhy       to win || to defeat || to beat || to conquer || to compete
trk      expr.       and your brother? (spoken to a woman)
trk      s.(zoo)     andean deer || red brocket deer || deer || taruca || type of deer
trk      s.(esp)     barter exchange || barter-exchange
trk      s.(mus)     clarinet of wood
trk      s.a.        discoverer || finder
trk      s.(bot)     kind of tree with blue-lilac flowers
trk      s.(esp)     liquor || booze
trk      s.          little brother
trkch    s.(zoo)     bird which eats eggs of others || type of bird
trkch    s.          puddle
trkchn   s.          scales
trkksp   s.(bot)     kind of jungle tree | 6-10 m high
trkpy       to regain something lost
trkr     s.(bot)     plant with rope-like bark
trkrnr   s.(bot)     kind of herb
trks     s.(ana)     windpipe || trachea
trksk    s.(aym)     ritual cure that transfers an illness from a human body into the body of a small animal | such as a guine
trktr    s.(esp)     tractor
trky     s.          balance || equilibrium || equality
trky     s.          inequality
trky     s.(zoo)     kind of aquatic turtle of the jungle
trky to barter || to change || to exchange || to trade
trky     v.cop.      to be (locally | there is etc.)
trky to devour || to eat greedily || to swallow
trky       to discover
trky       to find them
trky     v.intr.     to pull out one's own hairs
trky       to resist physically
trky     s.(aym)     to transfer an illness from a human body into the body of a small animal by rubbing or tying it onto the il
trm      s.          dust
trm      adj.        stubborn || obstinate
trmny    s.          rainbow
trmt     s.(esp)     activity
trmtrm               k
         s.(zoo)(esp) ind of bird
trmtrm   adj.(esp) sleepy
trn      s.          bracket || tool for tearing out
trn      s.          central | wide part of the sling
trn      s.          invention
trn      s.(med)     person with six fingers or toes
trn      s.(bot)     turuna (Andean tree with big spines and hard wood | its yellow | round | bitter fruits are eaten by bats an
trnchy     v.intr.(med)to heal (wound to scar)
trnchy       to soil with mud || to make mud || to cover with clay || to make clay bricks
trnk       s.(zoo)(d2) bear || spectacle bear
trnk       s.(zoo)(d1) jaguar || South American tiger
trnky to bolt || to lock
trnky      v.recip.    to meet || to meet up with
trntchy       to agitate || to annoy || to bother || to excite || to revolt
trntchy       to annoy
trntchy    v.intr.     to be agitated (through fright)
trp        s.          axis
trp        s.(esp)     herd || flock
trp        s.          point
trp        adj.        precise
trpchk     s.a.        who makes sow
trpchky    v.intr.     to let find oneself
trpchy       to make reach || to hit the bull's eye
trpchy       to make sow
trpk       s.a.        sower || farmer || seeder
trpkhpy       to discover
trpkk      s.          safety pin
trpkp      s.          judge
trpkpy       to return to sow || to sow again
trpky       to sow something in one's own advantage
trpkyy     s.          bullfight
trpmp      s.          swamp
trpn       s.          aim
trpn       tip
trpnky     s.          litigation || dispute
trpnt      adv.m.(esp) suddenly || all of asudden || maybe || possibly || perhaps
trppy       to replant
trpry       to examine
trpsk      p.p.p.      caught up || condemned || condemnation
trpsk      p.p.p.      sown
trpt       s.(bot)     kind of jungle palm tree | 11-16 m high
trpy       s.          bravery
trpy       s.(ass)     challenge
trpy       s.          judgement || justice || proof
trpy       s.(neo)     minute
trpy       s.(agr)     sowing || planting
trpy   to inquire || to investigate
trpy   to meet with || to meet up with || to come across || to catch up || to catch up with || to consult || to examin
trpy to plant || to sow || to sow seeds
trpy       to recover || to regain
trpy       to stab
trpykn     s.(agr)     grains to sow || seed to sow
trpyky     s.(mes)     September
                       time of
trpykyrpch s.(mes)(agr)(ecu) sowing (October)
trpymrry   s.(neo)     implementation
trpymt     s.(agr)     sowing season
trpynnkmnhnadv.m.      in accordance with their cultural norms
trpypch    s.(agr)     sowing season
Trpypch    s.(mit)     world or age of encounter || in andean prophecy this word refers to a new golden era in the human expe
trpyph      s.(spi)      agricultural paju applied to various crops (exists as palanda paju | lumu paju | papa paju | barbasco paju
Trpypnchy s.(cri)        Doomsday || Last Judgement
trrb        s.(tex)      pallay motif in weaving (Bolivia | meaning unclear)
trrk        expr.s.a. maker || doer || agent
trrkk       expr.s.a. agent of ... || occupied by ...
trrkypktchk s.(gra)      adverbial phrase
trsch       s.(zoo)(amz) black-tailed trogon || kind of bird
trsk        s.           dirty person
trsky       s.(esp)      a three-wheeled | pedal-powered vehicle used to transport cargo and people in southern Peru
trsp        adj.         full of mud
trst        s.(esp)      tourist
trt         s.(esp)      afternoon || evening
trt         s.(esp)      covenant
Trt         s.(ast)(esp)Little Bull or Rhinoceros Beetle (name of a star | provenience: Misminay)
trt         s.(esp)      tort
trtchy to make a covenant
trtnch      adj.(esp) stammerer
trtnchyy    v.dic.(esp) to stammer
trtnky                   t
            v.recip.(esp)o inveigh each other || to argue
trtr        s.(bot)      plant full of very thin leaves || kind of herb
trtr        s.           slough || morass || mud hole
trts        adj.         slimy
trty insult || insult || to argue
trty        s.           slime
trty        v.intr.(esp) to be late || to tarry
trty        to make a mud roof
trty        to secrete slime
trtyy                    to
            v.impers.(esp)get dark (evening) || to be evening
try         s.           balance
try         adj.         scar-faced woman
try         adj.         thin || bar-shaped
try         s.(esp)      thresh || harvest
try        to find || to meet with a person || to meet up with people || to discover
try         v.intr.(esp) to hurry
try        to mend
try to pull || to drag
try        to pull out || to uproot || to uproot
try        to take one thing from off another
try         s.(bot)(esp)wheat || corn
trychy        to amaze || to overwhelm || to overcome
tryh        adj.(esp) hard || difficult
tryh        s.(esp)      work || work (for wages) || job || wage labor || a category of work foreign to Andean peasant culture | refe
tryhk       s.(p.esp) wheat flour
tryhk       s.(esp)      worker
tryhy to work
trynmkrry s.             ceramic || ceramics || pottery
trynmkrrypchs.(his)      formative period
trynyysk    s.(bot)(esp)kind of medicinal plant of the jungle
trypk       adj.         what can be found
trys        s.           a house made of clay
trytntnk    s.(mus)      dancer's box
trytry      s.(esp)      wheat thresh || wheat harvest
tryy       s.(zoo)    frog
tryy       v.intr.    to be amazed || to be overwhelmed || to be overcome || to muse
tryy       v.intr.    to become dirty || to be soiled
tryy       v.intr.    to change in mud
ts         s.         basket
ts         s.         calf (of the leg)
ts         s.(med)    dropping of nose || dried mucous || snot || booger
ts         adv.m.(esp)fast || quickly
ts         s.         human excrement
ts         s.(bot)    kind of bindweed
ts         s.(tex)    small | unspinnable lumps of wool
ts         s.         small stick that holds the kite
tschk      s.a.       precentor || leader of a choir || who strikes up a tune || who intones || conductor of orchestra
tschy      to make dance || to lead a dance
tschy      to make someone comb wool
tsprs      s.(zoo)    tapeworm
tsh      to touch with something burning
tshny      p.p.p.     corn cob damaged by insect larvae
tsk        p.p.p.     defeated
tsk        s.         girl || virgin
tsk        s.         island
tsk        s.(bot)    kind of acacia (shrub or tree) with long pods
tsk        s.a.       to dance
tsk        s.a.       wool carder
tsk        s.(zoo)    cicada
tskr       s.(bot)    kind of cactus
tskr       v.intr.    to keep lying on the belly (animals)
tskrry     p.p.p.     frozen
tskrsk     s.(esp)    disgrace || misfortune
tskrsy to discuss
tskty     to hop || to skip || to jump || to leap
tsky     to lie down on the belly (animals)
tsky                  December
tsmr       s.         dance
tsn        s.(zoo)    nest
tsn        s.(bot)    species of grass
tsn        s.         tool to comb wool
tsn        s.         wedge
tsn        adj.       wedge-shaped || cuneiform
tsnrk      s.         dance
tsny      to dam
tsny       v.intr.    to have the desire to dance
tsnyy      s.(mik)    certain fish dish
tsp        s.         pinch
tsp        s.(esp)    traditional andean offering of thanks or supplication sent to the nature spirits | can contain up to 200 diff
tspch to perform || to settle || to transact || to do || to finish || to dispatch
tspchy     adv.m.     hardly || with difficulty
tspmntsp   s.(esp)    disguise
tsprt      s.(esp)    nonsense
tspy       adv.m.     powerfully
tspy       s.         sting || peck
tspy      to aim || to aim at
tspy       to pinch || to sting || to bite || to peck
tspy       to shake
tspy       to skin || to flay || to strip
tsr        s.          axis
tsr        expr.(esp) in any case || at any rate || by all means || at all events || anyway
tsr        s.          square
tsrchknpptmrsk         checked || checkered
tsrknpchn s.(mat)      sum / difference of squares
tsrknpypn s.(mat)      sum / difference of squares
tsrp       adj.poses. square
tsrthtk    s.(uni)(neo)square meter || square metre
tsrychk    s.(mat)     quadrature
tsrymnnnky       to draw squares on || to draw a grid on
tsrysk     p.p.p.      checked || checkered
tsryy       to draw squares on || to draw a grid on
tssk       p.p.p.      combed wool
tssp       adj.        who has strong calves
tst        s.          disorder
tst        adj.        in great disorder
tst        s.(bot)     kind of tree
tstpy to uncover || to remove the lid
tstryy to destroy
tsts       s.(zoo)     kind of bird
tstsk      p.p.p.      in disorder
tsty       to berate || to degrade || to trample
tsty       to flatten
tsty       to put in disorder || to stir up || to step on || to disrupt || to disorganize
tsy        s.          dance
tsy        adj.        plain || plane || flat
tsy       to comb wool || to card wool || to pull wool apart preparing it to be spun into yarn || to card
tsy   to congeal || to freeze || to coagulate
tsy       to dance || to jump
tsy       to harvest in abundance
tsy   to lead ox and plough
tsy to shear || to shave
tsy        v.intr.     to wear out (net)
tsykk      s.a.(esp) eager || avid || lascivious || greedy
tsyy to wish || to want
tt         s.          acrobatics
tt         s.(d1)      alms
tt         adv.t.(d1) at night
tt         s.(zoo)(amz)black-spotted barbet || kind of bird
tt         adj.        dark
tt         adj.        dark
tt         adj.        double
tt         adv.t.(d3) early || in the morning
tt         s.(esp)     finger
tt         s.          foreseen | lucky and decisive move
tt         s.(zoo)     kind of beetle
tt         s.(zoo)     kind of small lizard
tt         adv.t.(d2) late
tt         s.(min)(d1) lead
tt         s.(min)(d2) lead || tin
tt         adj.        lead-colored || lead
tt         s.          night || darkness
tt         s.(d2)      obscure and difficult words
tt         adj.        thick || fat || strong || fat (for animals and objects and people)
tt         s.(zoo)     turtle
tt         s.(zoo.ana)udder || tit
ttchk      s.a.        soldering iron
ttchsk     s.(min)     mineral
ttk        adj.        dwarfish || diminutive || dwarfed || stunted (animals | plants)
ttk        s.          satan || the devil
ttk        adj.        small
ttk        s.(zoo)     small fox
ttkk       s.(zoo)     leopard || puma
Ttkk       s.(top)     Titicaca || actually Sun Island in Lake Titicaca (<lead-colored cliffs or <(aym.) who is soldier)
ttkpytn    s.(bot)     dwarf banana || banana species with small | but very sweet fruits
ttkr       s.(zoo)     firefly || lampyrus
ttksy      s.(zoo)     night monkey || kind of monkey
Ttksyyp    s.(per)     the third Inka ruler of Willkapampa (1561-1566)
ttm        s.(bot)     tutuma (plant of the yunga region with big | round fruits | used as plate or container)
ttm        s.          water-bottle || gourd used to carry water
ttmkhy     s.          supper
ttmn       adv.t.      later (relate to the becoming of time | not an absolute relation as in objectified time)
ttmnt      adv.t.      in the morning || early
ttmnt      s.          morning || morning
ttmntky    adv.t.      tomorrow
ttmntntn   adv.t.      the whole morning
ttn        s.          problem
ttnchy       to tin
Ttnmk      s.(mit)     deity (wak'a) in the tales of Waruchiri || (Span.) Tuta¤amca
ttphy      adj.        cruel
ttphy      s.          sadness
ttpmky       to sup || to have supper
ttpnchy    s.          day and night || the 24 hours of the day
ttpsk      s.(zoo)     night bird || bat || common vampire
ttpskmnt   s.(bot)     kind of tuber plant
ttpyksk    adj.        nightly || nocturnal
ttpyy      v.impers. to darken
ttr        adj.        asymmetric
ttr        s.(bot)     kind of rush || reed || reed plant that grows near shore of lakes || reeds
ttrk       adv.t.      still night || dawn
ttrpy      v.impers. to get dark || to become night
ttskn      adv.t.      almost at night || late in the afternoon
ttsy       s.(geo)     West
tttt       s.          twilight
tttty      adv.t.      very early
tty        interj.     Disgusting! || How ugly! || How nauseating!
tty        adv.t.      last time
tty        interj.     Ouch! || What a pain! || [exclamation of pain]
tty        s.          refrain
tty        s.          theorem
tty        v.impers. to be night
tty       to breast-feed
tty       v.intr.     to interrupt (continuous action)
tty       to quiet || to suspend || to interrupt a continuous action
tty       to solder
Ttykr     s.(mit)     youngest son of Paryaqaqa in the tales of Waruchiri || (Span.) Tutayquire || (orig.) Tutayquiri
ttyky swear (oath)
ttymnt    adv.t.      in the early morning || before sunrise
ttyry     s.          beginning of dusk
ttysk     s.(ass)     gymnastics
ttysnt    s.(esp)     all saints
ttyy      interj.     How awful!
ttyy      v.impers. to get dark || to become night
ttyyrch   adv.t.      the whole night
ty        interj.     [exclamation for contact with something hot or burning]
ty        s.(bot)     achupaya || kind of ananas-like plant || plant similar to maguey of the upper suni
ty        s.(bot)     apple
ty        s.(esp)(d2) aunt
ty        s.(esp)(d1) aunt || lady
ty        s.(tex)     bag || sack
ty        s.(ana)     bone || skinny || thin
ty        s.(ass)     competition
ty        adj.        concrete (not abstract)
ty        s.(esp)     day || birthday
ty        adj.(d1)    disobedient
ty        adj.(d2)    elastic and consistent
ty        s.          firewood
ty        num.c.      four
ty        adj.        greatest
ty        s.(geo)     hill
ty        interj.     How unworthy!
ty        s.(esp)     idea
ty        s.(zoo)     kind of bird of the jungle
ty        s.(zoo)(amz)kind of cotinga bird
ty        s.(bot)     kind of thorny tree with hard wood and green-yellowish flowers
ty        s.(zoo)     lark
ty        adj.        lean || thin || skinny
ty        adj.        little || small || rare || scanty || frugal || short
ty        s.          luck || fortunate
ty        s.(neo)     minute
ty        s.          oar
ty        s.(bot)     plant used to dye yellow
ty        s.(bot)     plant with small fibery flowers || plant used to dye orangish-yellow (three varieties - nacatola | ghirutola |
ty        s.          power || ability || abilities || victory || triumph
ty        s.(zoo)     rooster
ty        s.          sand || sandy soil || sediment
ty        s.          spilling
ty        v.mod.      to be able || to be able to || to be able || to can
ty        v.pron.     to be really tired || to tire (get tired)
ty       to carry something heavy with both hands || to carry a pot from the oven to the table
ty       to defeat || to win || to escape
ty        s.(esp)     uncle || sir
ty        s.(tex)(esp)web || net
ty          adj.         wild || savage
ty          s.           woman
tyby        s.(esp)      devil
tybyyy      adj.(p.esp) untrue || untruthful
tych        s.           friend
tychk       s.(p.esp) birthday || anniversary || birthday
tychk       adj.         tetrapod
tychkmntthmykchy         to go with four legs
tychkr      s.           sandy field
tychktn     adj.         one fourth
tychky                   to
            v.intr.(p.esp) celebrate an anniversary || to celebrate a birthday
tychkypry         to crawl on all fours
tychmtntn adj.(ant) two equal things
tychnk      num.c.       forty
tychprntn adj.(ant) two equal things
tychrykrtkh s.(mat)      quadrangle
tychy        to quadruplicate
tychy        to set
tyhn        adj.(mat) quadruple
tyk         s.(esp)      bag (net)
tyk         s.           bow
tyk         s.(zoo)      certain kind of bird
tyk         adj.         existant
tyk         s.(d1)       habitable place
tyk         s.(ana)      heel
tyk         s.a.         inhabitant || inhabitant
tyk         s.(zoo)      kind of fruit-eating bird
tyk         s.(d2)       living together stage of marriage | when a couple lives in the man's natal home before a formal wedding
tyk         adj.         nightly || nocturnal
tyk         s.(mat)      object
tyk         s.           pile || heap || rampart
tyk         s.(zoo)(amz) rufus-capped antthrush || kind of bird
tyk         s.(zoo)      slug
tyk         s.           son-in-law
tyk         expr.        there is
tyk         s.           tightly spun yarn
tyk         s.(esp)      tobacco
tyk         s.(bot)      tobacco || kind of plant of the jungle (main use: ritual | medicinal)
tyk         adj.         various || several || many
tyk         adj.(tex) well-spun || tightly spun
tykch       s.           tetragon
tykchnkntpktchk          situational balance
tykchp      adj.poses. quadrangular
tykchy        to make put in order || to make arrange
tykchyk     s.p.         quadrangle
tykk        num.o.       fourth
tykk        s.           who piles up || acculmulator
tykkhrknynhchykyrm whore
tykkyknnchktnchchy       factorization
tykkysy     adj.         multicultural
Tykmrk      s.(top)      place and community in the Department of Qosqo (Province of Pawqartampu | Peru) | known because
tykms       s.           unmarried partners living together
tykn          s.(ana)     heel
tykn          s.          safety pin
tykn          s.          seat || saddle || bench
tyknch        s.          fish-pond
tyknky        v.recip.    to be piled up || to fall one on another
tykpnk        s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
tykpy       to superpose
tykr          s.(ana)     periosteum
tykrkchktrk   s.(mat)     common binomial factor
tykrm         s.(esp)     diagram
tykrn         s.(tri)     old people of the rainforest | ancestors of the Kichwa of Sarayaku || (Span.) Tayac
tyksmk        s.          tautologism
tykt          adv.t.      four times || quadruple
tykttmrchy       to quadruplicate
tyktyk        adj.        a few || some
tyktyk        s.          game where children throw oneselves on one another
tyktyk                    k
              s.(bot)(amz) ind of tree of the jungle with huge pods | when they dry the seeds jump inside making sounds of rumba
tyky          adj.        constant || permanent
tyky          adj.(esp) delicate
tyky          s.(ant)     fortune in war and honor | renovation of the Inka empire
tyky          s.          possibility
tyky       to pile up || to stack (adobes) || to stack
tyky       to remember || to think || to think
tyky          v.cop.      to reside
tyky       to shoot an arrow || to run rapidly
tyky      to sit down
tyky       to spin tightly
tyky       to strain
tykynk        s.(tmp)     four months
tykypy        s.(mat)     whole number
Tykyy                     Uncle Twisted Nose | ambiguously good and evil spirit who helps miners in Madre de Dios to find gold (
tykyy         adj.        various types
tym           s.(tex)     ornament of wool on the braids || woman's woven braid ornament || narrow | woven braid-tie worn by wo
tymch         s.          emaciated old man
tymkknnny     s.(med)     arthritis
tymn          adj.        greatest
tymnkyrnky    s.(med)     polio || poliomyelitis
tymntyksk     expr.(mat) quadruple
tymp          s.          earrings
Tymy          s.(top)     river (and street) in the city of Qosqo
tymy      to go and sit down || to come and sit down
tymy       to splint || to put into splints
Tymyk         s.(top)     big mountain near Betanzos (Bolivia)
tymykch       s.(bot)     type of potato
tyn           s.          bath
tyn                       h
              s.(ana)(esp) eel
tyn           s.(esp)     owner
tyn           s.          seat || chair || stool || bench
tyn           s.(met)     thunder
tyn           s.          walking-stick || stick || crutch || cane (staff)
tynchy      to quadruplicate
tynchynch expr.        is there or not?
tynk       s.(bot)     kind of shrub
tynkk      s.          stick
tynkn      num.o.      fourth
tynknychkn expr.       Lesson Four
tynkr      s.          small shack with a sleeping and a cooking level
tynky      s.(med)     rickets || rachitis
tynky      v.intr.     to lean on || to support
tynm       expr.       yes | there is
tynn       base
tynpch     after
tynptyy    v.intr.     take a seat
tyntn      adv.t.(esp) all the day
tyntn      s.          four parts belonging together | a principle of Andean thinking
tyntn      s.(ass)     precision
tyntn      s.(spi)     the relations of totality
Tyntnsy    s.(his)     Inka Empire || the four regions of the earth || country with four corners | or four regions || the ancient que
tyntr      adv.m.(esp) fast || quickly
tynty      s.          ghost
tyntyn     s.          cricket
tyny       s.          site || place
tyny       to lean on
tyny       v.intr.     to loan oneself against the walking-stick
tyny                   to thunder
tynyk      s.p.        capable (of)
typ        s.(tex)     blouse
typ        s.(zoo)     chicken || hen
typ        s.          cooking spot in the kitchen || stove
typ        s.          ink || color || colour || paint || dye || stain
typ        s.(mik)     kind of meal prepared with cornmeal diluted in water
typ        s.          misfortune
typchk     num.c.      four hundred
typchky       to dye and redye many times
typchry       to pocket || to put in || to stick in
typcht     adv.t.(neo) at four o'clock
typchy       to let the mud in the water lie down
typk       adj.        accessible
typk       s.(med)     fracture
typkn      s.          colours || colors
typkn      s.          colurs || colors
typknmntychykn         chromatics || theory of colours
typktchr   s.(mat)     square
typm       s.(zoo)     ocelot || kind of wild cat
typm       s.(zoo)     yagouaroundi || jaguarundi || kind of wild cat
typn       s.          ink || dye || dye-house
typn       s.(bot)     kind of herb
typnympkn s.           dye for cloth
typpyy       to dye and redye many times
typryy       to keep dying (colouring)
typsk      p.p.p.      dyed
typskt     s.(tex)     to twist threads two in two | three in three | four in four
typsp      s.(bot)      kind of tree
typtm      num.fract. quarter || fourth
typy        to color || to colour || to stain || to dye || to tinge || to paint
typy        to guard
typy       v.pron.      to have || to possess || to belong
typy        to place the kitchen utensils above the stove
typy       to sink
typykmyk s.             dyer
typynyk    adj.         wealthy
typyy      v.intr.      to remain || to keep staying with someone a long time
tyr        s.(zoo)(amz) ferret || tayra
tyr                     k
           s.(bot)(amz) ind of medicinal plant of the jungle
tyr        s.(bot)      lupin || edible lupine beans that are very popular in high zones
tyr        s.           mark || monument
tyrk       s.           mast
tyrkchy    s.(spi)      awaking of power of movement
tyrkchynyk adj.(mat) of four forms
tyrkry     s.(zoo)      kind of bird
tyrmy      v.intr.      to sit down
tyrn       s.           seat
tyrpy        to mark
tyrsk      p.p.p.       landed
tyrskynrsk s.           source
tyry       v.intr.(d1) to settle down || to sit || to squat || to be (somewhere)
tyry       v.intr.(d2) to sit down
tys        s.(cri)(esp) god
tys        expr.(esp) Good bye!
tys        s.(bot)      kind of granadilla
Tysk       s.(top)      main river port of Moyobamba (department of San Mart¡n | Peru) || (Span.) Tahuishco
tysk       p.p.p.       set || sitting
tysk       adj.         thin like a nail
tyskr      adj.         skinny
tysktrkchk s.(fin)      Saldenbilanz || Probebilanz
tysm<t>nsktyykk         prophet
tysmnktrk s.a.(cri)(p.esp)
tysmnktry s.(cri)(p.esp)returning to God || conversion
tysmnktry repent || to return to God
tysmnt     s.(bot)      kind of tuber plant
tysmntmnkys.(cri)(p.esp)prayer || (lit) asking of God
                        to pray
tysnnchk s.(cri)(p.esp) God
tysp       s.p.         mighty || powerful || rich
tyspkrsnk expr.(esp) Thank you! || Thanks! || (lit.) God will repay you!
tyspkrsnkchk xpr.(esp) Thank you | guys! || Thanks to you all! || (lit.) God will repay you all!
tyspkrsyn s.(cri)(esp) grace of God || mercy of God
tyspkry to thank
tyspkynkn s.(cri)(p.esp)nuns
tyspsmnkyk s.(cri)(p.esp)
tyspsyn    s.(cri)      confidence in God
tysptynn                priesthood || (lit) God's power
tysy                    c
           s.(geo)(neo) ardinal points || points of the compass
           expr.(p.esp) ou will know like God knows
tysychnsnytmychnk       y
tysyn      s.(mus)      flute
tysysn     s.           sieve
tyt        s.(esp)      debt
tyt        s.(fam)      father || sir || sir || priest || sir || priest
tyt        adj.         floating
tyt        s.(bot)      yeast
tytbyh     s.           grandfather
tytch      s.           father || lord || saint
TytchTmbyrs             Lord
           s.(mit)(p.esp) of the Earthquakes (an icon/statue of the Black Christ given to the city of Qosqo by Charles the Fif
tytchy        to make float || to make swim
tytk       expr.        Father (old man)
tytk       s.           grandfather
tytkr      s.(p.esp) catholic priest
tytky to owe
tytmm      s.           parents
tytmmky    s.(neo)      parenthood
tytn       s.(bot)      kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
tytnchkrnt s.(mit)      equivalent to God on Earth || this term refers to the powers and capacity of the seventh level initiate in th
tytnk      s.           harp
tytnpnk    s.(bot)      kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
tytr                    b
           s.(zoo)(esp) lue gum borer (kind of beetle infesting eucalyptus)
tytr       s.(esp)      drill
tytt       interj.      what a thing!
Tyttys                  God Father
tyty       s.           desert
tyty       adj.         long | narrow scone sold on the street
tyty       s.           my father
Tyty       interj.      My God!
tyty       s.(geo)      sandy area
Tyty       expr.        Sir!
tyty to cloud
tyty       to float || to swim
tyty       s.(bot)      tuyotuyo (plant with lanceolate | green | red or grey leaves growing on rocks. Its flower is called machitu
tytyy      s.(mit)      God
tyy        adj.         bony
tyy        s.           bowstring || wire
tyy        s.           grind stone
tyy        adv.t.       immediately
tyy        s.(uni)      millimetre || millimeter
tyy        adj.(mat) of four forms
tyy        s.(zoo)(amz) pauraque || kind of bird
tyy        s.(top)(<?) place and Kichwa community in the province of Imbabura (Ecuador) || (Span.) Otavalo
tyy        s.           position
tyy        s.(zoo)      small mosquito
tyy        s.           string
tyy        v.impers. to be (locally | there is etc.)
tyy        to combine || to mix
tyy        to empty || to pour out || to decant || to splash || to spill || to empty a bag or container || to copy
tyy to establish
tyy                     t
           v.mod.pron. o have to || must
tyy to owe
tyy to punish
tyy      to roll
tyy      to row
tyy        v.intr.     to sediment
tyy        v.cop.      to sit || to live (somewhere) || to reside || to be located || to exist || to be sitting || to live || to stay || to sit d
tyy      to swim
tyy        s.(esp)     towel
tyy        adj.        weak
tyychy       to make someone lose weight
tyychy       to shorten || to diminish || to make smaller || to lessen || to reduce
tyyk       s.(zoo)     invertebrate
tyyk       s.a.        with bones
tyykchy       to site || to locate || to place
tyyky      expr.       sit down!
tyyky      v.intr.     to sit down || to lie down
tyyn       s.(esp)     Italian
tyyn       s.(esp)     telephone
tyyn                   t
           v.mod.pron. o have to || must
Tyynk      s.          ancient civilization near Lake Titicaca
tyynky     s.(zoo)(amz)black-fronted nunbird || kind of bird
tyyp       s.          sand || sandy soil
tyyp       s.(per)     the thirteenth ruler of the Inka Empire (1532-1533) || son of Wayna Qapaq and his Ecuadorian Queen.
tyyp       s.(geo)     unfertile land || unfruitful land
tyys       s.(zoo)(amz)yellow-crowned parrot || kind of bird
tyysk      p.p.p.      emaciated
tyyskkyk   s.(mat)     quadrangular prism
tyysp      expr.       more than
tyysyn     s.(esp)     television
tyytnk     s.(tmp)     four years
tyyy       s.          emaciation
tyyy       s.(esp)     flood || deluge
tyyy       v.intr.     to become hard || to harden
tyyy       v.intr.     to belong to me
tyyy       to cohabit
tyyy       v.intr.     to decrease || to diminish || to shrink || to become smaller
tyyy       v.intr.     to lose weight
tyyyky     v.intr.     lose enormously
y          fon.        (consonant phoneme of the quechua language)
y          fon.        (consonant phoneme of the quechua language)
y          fon.        (semiconsonant phoneme of the quechua language)
y          fon.        (semiconsonant phoneme of the quechua language)
y     [emotion]
y          interj.     [expression of astonishment or surprise]
y [Gerundium] || (act of doing it) || -ing (noun)
y [Imperative Singular]
y [Infinitive]
y     [modesty]
y          s.          adultery
y          s.          barking
y          s.(mik)     broth
y          s.(bot)     cactus of a particular species || flower of cactus || type of cactus
y          s.(zoo)     caterpillar
y       s.          certificate
y       adj.(esp) cold
y       s.          corpse || dead || dead body || cadaver
y       s.(mit)(d3) devil
y       s.          fabric || cloth
y       s.(ana)     face || cheek
y       adj.        fond of nibbling
y       s.(med)     gonorrhoea
y       interj.     I see! || Oh!
y       s.(bot)     kind of herb of the jungle (main use: medicinal | ritual)
y       s.(bot)     kind of tree of the Ecuadorian jungle | up to 30 m tall | with light green | fragrant flowers | medicinal plan
y       s.(met)     lightning || ray || reflected or artificial light || precious stone || jewel || hidden treasure || tree or rock hit by
y       interj.     Listen!
y       s.(tex)(d2) loom || backstrap loom
y     me
y     my || mine
y       interj.     Oh!
y       expr.       okay! || i agree!
y     only || just
y       s.(neo)     page
y       s.(med)     parasitic worm of the intestine
y       s.          peasant || farmer
y       s.(ana)     penis
y       s.(bot)     plant || branch
y       adv.afirm. really || truly || that's it
y       s.(mit)(d1) soul (of dead) || spirit (of dead)
y       s.(agr)     star plant | a wild plant associated to a cultivated plant | helps to predict the development of the crop
y       adv.l.(esp) there
y       adj.        thin
y       s.(tex)(esp)thread || yarn
y       s.          thread || yarn
y to become
y       s.(mit)(d2) universal power or energy of Pachamama || vital spirit | present in every being
y       s.(tex)(d1) warp
y       s.(esp)     wing
y       adv.afirm. yes
yb                  w
        s.(zoo)(esp) olf (refers to several carnivorous animals)
ybchp               kind
        s.(bot)(p.esp) of medicinal plant of the jungle
ybkk    adj.(esp) boastful || boasting || bragging
ybss    s.(med)     very severe scabbers
ybt     s.(esp)     Alabado (christian chant sung when the corpse is taken out of the house)
ybtk    s.a.(esp) prayer (person) || singer of the Alabado
ybty to sing the Alabado
yby                 l
yby       to praise
ych     s.(d1)      arrow || spear || sting || prick
ych     s.          ascent || incline
ych     s.(esp)     bed
ych     s.(zoo)     bug which transmits Chagas fever
ych     s.          ceramic mug
ych     s.(zoo)(amz)cobalt-winged parakeet || kind of bird
ych     s.          facet
ych       s.         fiction
ych       s.(ana)    fuzz || soft hair
ych       s.(ana)    heel
ych       s.         hoe || mattock
ych       expr.(d2) Is it OK?
ych       s.         jug || wide mouthed container
ych       s.(bot)    kind of water plant
ych       s.         meat || body || flesh
ych       s.(esp)    milk
ych       adj.       naked || nude || very poor
ych       s.(l.esp)  old man
ych       s.(l.esp)  old woman
ych       s.(aym)    organ displacement caused by abrupt movements or vibrations
ych       expr.(d1) please
ych       s.(mat)    ray || vector
ych       s.         row || furrow || file || groove || stripe || lineage || row of earth dug to plant seeds || the waking spiritual see
ych       s.(d2)     sun rays
ych       s.(zoo.ana)tail
ych       adj.       thin
ych       s.         twins
ych       s.(zoo)    wachi (long and thin worm eating potatoes)
ych       adj.       wet
ych       s.(tex)    woolen cap
ychchk    adj.       barefoot
ychchk    s.a.       midwife
ychchk    s.a.       teacher
ychchkk   s.a.       learner || pupil || student
ychchkky s.          teachership || mastership
ychchky   s.         education || schooling || instruction || formation
ychchky      to train || to instruct || to qualify
ychchkyrm s.         midwife
ychchnky s.          lecture-hall
ychchnky v.recip.    to agree || to concur
ychchsk   p.p.p.     apprentice || student
ychchy    s.         principle || teaching || guidance
ychchy      to deliver (birth) || to make a pregnant woman give birth
ychchy      to hang up || to suspend
ychchy      to sow the seeds into the furrows
ychchy      to teach
ychchy    s.         verse
ychchykm s.          teachership || mastership
ychchyknynTrtknyn    Doctrine and Covenants
ychchyyyy s.         didactics
ychh      s.(aym)    grandson || grandchild
ychh      adj.       hanging down || limp || faint || lazy
ychk    [Imperative Plural]
ychk      s.(top)    a mountain in the Province of Huarochiri (Department of Lima | Peru) || (Span.) Huichoca || (orig.) Vicho
ychk      s.         adulterer || adulteress
ychk      s.a.       ascending
ychk      s.(tex)    belt || backstrap of backstrap loom
ychk      s.(zoo)    frog || toad
ychk      s.(zoo)    kind of eel
ychk        adj.        lewed || lascivious
ychk        s.(bot)     plant
ychk        s.(geo)     slippery ground || clay || mud
ychk        adj.        slippy || smooth
ychk        adj.(med)   squinter || cross-eyed
ychk        s.          studies
ychk        s.a.        wise man || healer || wise woman || witch || sorcerer || wizard || healer || shaman
ychkchk     s.(ipt)     bracket || parenthesis
ychkchk     s.          execution || architecture
ychkchkk    adj.        executable
ychkchy       to educate
ychkchy       to embalm
ychkchy       to execute
ychkchy     v.intr.     to heal
ychkchy   to lock up || to imprison
ychkchy   to make lock up
ychkchy       to make slip
ychkht      s.          meat sale
ychkk       s.(mil)     archer || bowman
ychkk       s.          belt || girdle || waist
ychkk       s.a.        learning
ychkk       s.a.        pupil || student
ychkk       s.          strap || belt
ychkkchp    s.(ipt)     quotation mark
ychkknkmy   s.          administration of justice
ychkky      v.intr.     to belt up || to put on a belt
ychkky      v.intr.     to slip oneself
ychkkyrm    s.(med)     woman giving birth
ychkmp      s.(ana)     malleolus
ychkmy      s.(neo)     flora
ychkmy       to go to lock up
ychkmy       to go to slip
ychkmyk     s.(mil)     arrow-maker
ychkn       s.          bolt || lock
ychkn       s.          lesson
ychkn       s.          slippy place
ychknk      s.          roasted dry meat
ychknkh     s.          jail || prison
ychknys     s.          school
ychkp       s.          studies
ychkpk      s.          judge
ychkpk      adj.        useful
ychkpkkn    s.          jury || judges
ychkpy      v.intr.     to be accustomed
ychkpy       to imprison someone
ychkpy       to study
ychkr       s.(ana)     gum
ychkr       s.          skin
ychkr       s.(ana)     skin
ychkrk      s.          body
ychkrky     v.intr.     to be imprisoned || to be prisoner
ychkrmy     s.          thought (of wise)
ychkrpry         to close
ychkryy   v.intr.       to lead a retired life
ychksk    p.p.p.        closed
ychkskknphynn           prisoner's rights
ychky     s.            childbirth
ychky     v.intr.       to be accustomed
ychky     v.intr.       to blink || to wink
ychky         to close || to shut
ychky         to give birth to || to be delivered (birth)
ychky         to learn
ychky         to learn || to study || to accustom || to become accustomed to
ychky         to make oneself dig
ychky     v.intr.(d1)   to prepare oneself || to do oneself up || to arrange || to arrange well || to arrange
ychky         to prick || to sting || to pierce
ychky     v.intr.(d2)   to recover || to get well
ychky     v.cop.        to remain || to stay
ychky        to slip || to slide || to glide || to slip
ychky     v.intr.       to split
ychky     v.intr.       to strip || to put off || to take off (clothes)
ychky         to tread down || to crush with one's foot
ychkykpy          to close again
ychkykypy s.            policy towards prisoners
ychkyn    s.(tex)       backstrap loom || small loom
ychkyyp   s.(zoo)       laying hen
ychkyys   s.            prison || jail
ychm      s.            bald head
ychm      s.(bot)       kind of wild plant
ychmkk    s.a.          carnivore || carnivorous
ychn      s.(tex)       batten (of a loom) || beater (for compacting weft) || instrument used to tighten the weave | usually a llam
ychn      s.(d2)        dwelling || dwelling place || residence
ychn      s.(ana)       femur
ychn      s.(d1)        lesson || class || school
ychn      s.(esp)       porkling || porket
ychn      s.            season || period
ychn      s.            stairs || ladder
ychn      s.            stripclothes || skin
ychnk     s.(neo)       analphabet
ychnk     s.(bot)       kind of shrub
ychnny    s.(med)       labour-pains
ychnpkkmspnyykp         three days before birth
ychns     s.(bot)       wild peanut || kind of plant of the jungle (main use: food)
ychnys    s.            school
ychnyy    v.intr.       to be ready to give birth
ychnyy    v.intr.       to learn
ychp      s.(tex)       clothing
ychp      s.            dress || clothes || clothing
ychp      s.            echo
ychp      s.(zoo)       kind of stork
ychp      s.            rag || cloth
ychp      adj.          ragged || in rags || bum
ychpkk    s.a.          apprentice || student
ychpknn         apprentice || student
ychpky          to give birth unmarriedly
ychpnchy s.(pun)          Saturday
ychpy          to close a bag tying ist opening
ychpy          to imitate
ychpynsrkychsk            mended || patched
ychpyy     s.(ass)        dramatization
ychpyy     s.             gesture
ychpyy          to imitate
ychr       s.(zoo)        kind of fruit-eating bird
ychr       s.(esp)        lucky
ychr       s.(esp)        milk cow
ychr       s.(fam)        stepson
ychrchmy            to go to ascend something
ychrchy          to make ascend
ychrk      s.a.(ass)      dependent          to paralyze
ychrntkk   s.             butcher
ychrphr    s.(med)        body temperature
ychrphy    s.             sunbeam || ray of sunshine
ychrskpnchys.             birthday
ychry      to adapt
ychry         to ascend || to go up || to climb
ychry      to be accustomed to || to discover
ychry      v.intr.        to be born
ychry      v.intr.(ass)   to depend (on) || to be dependent (on)
ychrymnt v.intr.(ass)     to depend (on) || to be dependent (on)
ychryy     v.intr.        to be imprisoned || to be prisoner
ychsk      p.p.p.         accustomed
ychsk      s.(ass)        costum || norm
ychsk      s.             custom || famous
ychsk      p.(esp)        small child
ychsk      p.p.p.         stung by insects
ychskmntkmspnykhp         three days after giving birth
ychskmnychskttrpy         exam
ychsktyyy           to declare
ychsky     adj.           imaginary
ychsky     s.(mat)        ray (line)
ychskyysy s.              publicly known thief
ychsn      adj.           high
ychsp      adv.m.         knowingly || deliberately
ychsp      adj.           well in flesh
ychsprrskyns.             imaginary
ycht       s.(ana)        cheek-bone
ychthkt    s.             fried meat
ychtmkhy expr.            eat meat
ychtmnmmkhnch             I don't eat meat!
ychtrntmy expr.           buy milk
ychty      s.(ana)        radius
ychy       adv.l.         above || up || north || high up || upwards || uphill
ychy       s.             ascent || incline
ychy       s.             attention
ychy       s.(zoo)        bee || wasp || black bee-like insect that carries honey || honey
ychy         s.         birth
ychy                    blue-headed parrot || kind of bird
ychy         s.(mik)    honey
ychy         adj.(d2)   inclined upwards
ychy         s.         knowledge || wisdom || science || skill || the power of the mind || experience || practical knowledge
ychy         s.(zoo)    lake duck
ychy         adj.       naked || nude
ychy         s.(mat)    proportion || proportionality
ychy         s.         sting || stab
ychy      to arrange || to put into order
ychy     to ascend || to go up || to climb
ychy      to cool down || to refresh
ychy      to correct || to repair
ychy      to cut potatoes when harvesting them
ychy         v.cop.     to dwell || to live
ychy     to fall || to sink || to perish
ychy      to give birth to || to give birth || to bring forth || to whelp || to lay eggs || to produce
ychy to harvest corn or beans cutting the stalk
ychy         v.dic.     to howl
ychy      to imaginate
ychy      to know || to learn || to realize || to find out
ychy      to make dig
ychy      to make furrows
ychy      to make weave
ychy      to move something to dilute it
ychy      to prepare || to arrange || to arrange well
ychy      to skin || to flay || to strip || to disrobe
ychy      to sting || to shoot with arrows || to sting (like a bee)
ychy      to strew || to scatter || to spoil
ychy      to train || to instruct || to qualify
ychy  to vandalize || to waste || to break utilities
ychy  to whore || to fornicate || to commit adultery
ychy         adj.(d1)   upper || northern || high up
ychych       s.(tex)    braided dance tassel
ychychsprk   s.(mat)    proportional distribution
ychychyn     adj.(his)  lined up in a row (peasants in Inka times)
ychyk        s.a.       thorny || spiny
ychykchy      to advise || to counsel || to counsel
ychykhyk     s.(mat)    inverse proportionality
ychykmchk    s.(neo)    education law
ychykmk      s.(mat)    harmonic proportion || inverse proportion
ychykn       s.(d1)     lesson || contents
ychykn       s.(d2)     wisdom || learning
ychyknch     s.(neo)    special field
ychyknksp    s.         ladder
ychyktnchk   s.(mat)    relative frequency
ychyky     to ascend || to go up || to climb
ychyky      to take a practice
ychykysy     s.         culture
ychymn       adv.l.     up
ychymy       v.intr.    to be certain
ychyn        s.(zoo)    bee || wasp || black bee-like insect that carries honey
ychyn      s.           beehive || honeycomb
ychynmsk s.(mik)        a type of honey
ychynn     s.(ass)      method || methodology
ychynn     s.           share || participation || interest
ychynyk    s.p.         wise || expert || with knowledge power
ychynykpyyrs.           Word of Wisdom
ychyphk    s.           imitator
ychypkkhyy s.(neo)      didactic material || didactic resources
ychypky    s.           knowledge || wisdom
ychypmp s.(neo)         special field
ychypt     adv.l.       above
ychyptkyy v.intr.       to be convinced
ychyrry    s.(ass)      exercise || practice
ychyry     adv.l.       above and below
ychys      s.           slaughter-house || butchery
ychysk     s.(bot)      kind of liana of the jungle (main use: ropes)
ychysnk    adj.         face up (nose up)
ychysnk    s.(neo)      philosopher
ychysnkky s.(neo)       philosophy
ychysntr   s.(neo)      university
ychysp     s.(ass)      science
ychyspyk s.(mat)        direct proportionality
ychyst     s.(ass)      title
ychysy     s.(geo)      South
ychysy        to spread soil in the furrow (using team and plough)
ychyttrpn s.(fil)       mastering of knowledge
ychytynchy s.(fil)      creation of knowledge
ychytyyn   s.(fil)      imparting of knowledge
ychyy      s.(spi)      silulo (carnival tree | //dressed// with presents and paper streamers | that are cut down slowly while peop
ychyy      s.(neo)      subject
ychyy       to ascend
ychyy      v.intr.      to disrobe || to faint
ychyy      v.intr.      to go up
ychyy      v.intr.      to twitter
ychyychy          to take up || to pick up || to lift up
ychyymy    s.(bot)      kind of fig || kind of jungle tree whose height exceeds 35 m
ychyynksp s.            ladder
ychyyp     adj.         slowly || gently
ychyys     s.           school || college || university
ychyysmnrk s.a.         pupil || student
ychyyt     s.(spi)      silulo (carnival tree | //dressed// with presents and paper streamers | that are cut down slowly while peop
ychyyynrry s.           craft (astuteness) || astuteness || cunning
ychyyynrry v.intr.      to be crafty
ychyyyy    s.(ass)      theory
ychyyyykk s.            philosopher
ychyyyyky s.            philosophy
yh         interj.      [challenge | joy | verry common among drunkards]
yh         s.           dense slime
yh                      s
           s.(zoo)(esp) heep || lamb
yhbr                    algebra
yhbrp                   algebraic
yhky       v.intr.(esp) to lodge (with someone)
yhmchkyy   s.(zoo)     red tree viper || kind of snake
yhn                    Awaj£n | native Aguaruna community | district of Rioja (province of Rioja | department of San Mart¡n | P
yhrrr      s.(esp)     spur
yhy        s.(zoo)     ant species
yhy       to shield || to fend
yhy        v.intr.     to shine
yhy       to spit slime
yk     [1st pers. plur. excl.] || we without you ...
yk         adj.pron. a part || some
yk         adj.        absent || empty
yk     against
yk         s.(bot)     agave
yk         adv.m.      almost || nearly
yk         s.(ana)     armpit
yk         adj.        asymmetric
yk         adj.(col)   brown
yk         s.(tex)     cap
yk         s.(ana)     cheek
yk         adj.        cold
yk         s.(geo)     cold place
yk         s.(zoo)     common potoo || kind of bird of the jungle
yk         s.          contents of the rumen and the intestine
yk         s.          copulation
yk         s.          corn oil that accumulates on the surface during chicha production
yk                     cow
yk         s.(bot)     cow's tongue || plant used to dye green
yk         adj.        crazy
yk         adj.        crazy || mad
yk         adj.(esp) crazy || mad || insane
yk         adj.        crooked || incorrect || wrong
yk         s.          dagger
yk         s.          deceive || swindle
yk         s.(mit)     devil || fiend
yk         s.a.        digger
yk         adj.        distinct || different || stranger || another || other
yk         s.(zoo)     dog
yk         s.          dwarf || sickly baby
yk         s.(met)     early morning | pre-breakfast work period | used especially during the broad bean harvest in May
yk         s.          enemy || rebel || rival || villain || warrior
yk         s.          error || failure || breaking off || stop || rupture || gap || breach || uncompleted work
yk         s.          excrement
yk         s.          eyetooth
yk         s.          furrow
yk         s.(fam)     grandfather || grandparent || old man
yk         s.(d1)      hat || cap || old hat that has lost ist form
yk         s.(agr)     herd
yk         s.(d2)      hollow || depression (of an area)
yk         adj.        hostile
yk         interj.     Hurrah! || Hooray!
yk     I ... you
yk         adv.t.      in the morning || early
yk         adj.        infinite
yk   s.(bot)     inga fruit
yk   adj.        insipid || dull | unseasoned food
yk     intensively || strongly
yk   s.          joke || swindle
yk   s.(bot)     kind of alga living in stagnant water
yk   s.          kind of chicken-like bird with tasty meat
yk   s.          kind of diarrhoea children suffer from during dentition
yk   s.(zoo)     kind of fish
yk   s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the rainforest
yk   s.(bot)     kind of tree
yk   adj.        left
yk   adv.l.      left || left (hand side)
yk   s.          left hand || left-hand side of the path || relates to the magical knowledge or application of spiritual knowle
yk   s.(tex)     left-spun yarn || left-spun (wool) yarn || yarn twisted in direction opposite to normal | imbued with magic
yk   s.(med)     llaga (a kind of severe | very red and purulent pimples)
yk   adj.        male || masculine
yk   s.(fam)     man || male || man (male adult)
yk               maniok
     s.(bot)(esp<taino) || kind of plant with edible root
yk   s.(mit)     minor spirit or deity || spirit
yk   s.          morning || dawn
yk   s.(ana)     mouth
yk   s.          net || net used with pack animals for carrying straw || fishing net || net to catch viscachas | guinea pigs o
yk   adj.        old (man) || old (male)
yk   adj.pron. other
yk     our || our || not your || ours || not yours
yk   adj.        particular
yk   s.          patch || rag
yk   s.          peace || security
yk   s.(d1)      plain
yk   s.(his)     prince || chief || leader || senior || elderman || authority
yk   adv.t.      recently || a moment ago
yk   s.(bot.ana) resin
yk   adv.l.      right || right (side) || right (hand side)
yk   s.(geo)     river
yk   adj.        rotten egg
yk   adj.        sacred
yk   s.(spi)     sacred rock or crevice || sanctuary || deity || holy and dangerous place inhabited by ghosts and daemon
yk   adj.        sad
yk   s.          slap || slap in the face
yk   s.(min)     slate
yk   s.(ass)     society || association || commonwealth
yk   s.(mil)     soldier || military
yk   s.          sorrow || grief || disgrace || problem || accident
yk   s.(uni)     span || long measure from the thumb to the little finger
yk   s.(ass)     system || structure
yk   s.          tear || cry
yk   pron.dem. that || other || another
yk   adv.t.      tomorrow
yk   s.a.        traveller
yk   s.(bot)     ulluku (kind of potato-like plant)
yk   adj.        under age
yk   s.          variety
yk          s.(d2)       verdure || greenery
yk          s.           water || waters || any liquid
yk          s.a.         weaver
yk          s.(tex)      web || net || cobweb || spider's web || fishing net || cloth (web-like transparent) || bag weaved with plant f
yk          adj.(col)    white and black || black and white || two-coloured || alternate
yk          s.(ana)      white of the eye
yk      with || posessing || having || having ... as property || permanent ownership
yk          postpos. without
yk          postpos. without || -less
yk          s.           wool from a ram attached to a staff for spinning
yk          s.(esp)      yoke
yk      your || yours
yk          num.c.       zero || nothing
ykby        s.(esp)      coward
ykbyky      s.(med)      stammerer || person who expresses badly
ykch        s.           celebration of baptism
ykch        s.           chip || splinter
ykch        s.(top)      departmental city in Peru | also Wamanqa || (Span.) Ayacucho (Huamanga)
ykch        s.(med)      diarrhoea || diarrhea
ykch        s.(zoo)      domesticated animal || domestic animal || animal (domesticated | tame) || tame beast || young animal ||
ykch        adj.         infinitesimal
ykch        adj.         landless || poor || orphaned || needy
ykch        s.           orphan || landless farmer || poor
ykch        adj.         orphaned
ykch        s.(bot)      podded fruit of the churki tree
ykch        adj.         poor
ykch        s.(zoo)      sea shell || mussel
ykch        s.           slap || slap in the face
ykch        adj.         very watery || containing much liquid (also refers to watery tuber plants | as natural property as well as d
ykch        s.(bot)      wild fodder plant || goose-foot
ykchch      s.           dryness of the skin
ykchchknk   adj.         hater of the poor
ykchhky        to touch || to feel (touch)
ykchk       s.(agr)      cultivated area of land not cleared for two to seven years | can be an area that was a chacra (field) befo
ykchk       s.           damage
ykchk      I ... you all
ykchk       s.(mil)      lance with feather tassels
ykchk       s.           settlement
ykchk      your (plural) || yours (plural)
ykchkhyk    adj.         merciful || compassionate || lover of the poor
ykchkk      s.           who prepares
ykchkkn     expr.v.aux. you (all) have (possess) ...
ykchkpy        to prepare something for oneself
ykchkrsk    p.p.p.       diluted
ykchkry     expr.        alms || charity
ykchky      s.(med)      change of teeth
ykchky      s.           poverty
ykchky        to abandon || to throw out
ykchky      v.intr.      to be poor
ykchky      v.intr.      to lose control over oneself
ykchky      v.intr.      to prepare oneself
ykchky to treat without respect || to abuse
ykchkyyprykn.          ways of exploitation
ykchmpy          to go to make someone cry for somebody
ykchms     s.          poor fellow || orphan
ykchn      s.(zoo)     female dog
ykchn      s.          violence
ykchn      adj.        worth to be thrown away
ykchnky    v.recip.    to treat each other without respect
ykchnys    s.          warehouse
ykchnyskh s.           warehouse
ykchnyy    s.(med)     nausea || sickness || faintness
ykchpch    s.(his)     colonial era
ykchpkrk s.a.          who are born poor
ykchptykk s.(his)      procurator for the poor in colonial times
ykchpy       to make someone cry for somebody
ykchr      s.          boogie man || the ripper
ykchr      s.          child (referring to the father) || son || also qhari wawa || son || son (of father)
ykchrktt   s.(tex)     flat polished piece of wood used to propel woof on horizontal loom
ykchrmpkk s.(his)      procurator for the poor in colonial times
ykchrn     s.          orphan without family
ykchrpry       to expel || to drive out
ykchry     v.intr.     to lie down
ykchryy    v.intr.     to lie on the side || to relax || to lie
ykchsk     p.p.p.      prepared
ykchsk     s.p.        thrown || thrown away
ykchy      s.(med)     change of teeth
ykchy      s.          cinderella
ykchy      s.          exploitation
ykchy      s.(zoo)     heron
ykchy      s.(bot)     kind of American carob tree
ykchy      adv.m.      poorly
ykchy      s.(neo)     programme || program
ykchy      adj.        smallest || least
ykchy       to bother || to touch
ykchy       to chase away
ykchy       to chop firewood || to divide || to part || to split || to crack || to break
ykchy       to compare
ykchy      v.dic.      to howl
ykchy   to keep
ykchy       to make clean the contents of the rumen and the intestine
ykchy       to make cry || to make sound || to play an instrument
ykchy       to make sad || to worry || to harm || to mistreat || to torture || to punish
ykchy   to mock at || to deride || to insult || to make a dog of || to treat someone like a dog
ykchy       to prefer || to like || to like (not want)
ykchy   to prepare || to contract (work)
ykchy       to raise || to lift || to raise up || to lift up
ykchy   to rape || to violate (sexual violence)
ykchy       to slap || to give slaps || to slap in the face
ykchy       to throw (without precise direction) || to throw || to throw away || to leave || to abandon || to throw out
ykchy       to touch || to feel (touch)
ykchy       to water || to give to drink
ykchykn       integral
ykchyy     s.          child born out of wedlock || illegitimate chld
ykchyy     interj.     Oh | poor boy! || Oh | poor girl!
ykchyy     v.intr.     to become impoverished || to become poor
ykchyy     v.intr.     to have a child after a long time (referring to a woman)
ykh        adj.        brittle
ykh        adj.        dark || shady || dark
ykh        s.(d1)      darkness
ykh        s.          hole || hole in cloth that is to be fixed
ykh        s.(d2)      hole || opening || darkness
ykh        s.(bot.ana) leaf
ykh        adj.        overcooked || rotten || having leprosy
ykh        adj.        transparent
ykh        adj.        useless || worthless
ykh        adj.        wide || broad || large || plane || extended || far
ykh        s.(zoo)(amz)yellow-crowned amazon || kind of bird
ykhmpkchyychkychchk chlorination of water
ykhn       adv.m.      in a different way
ykhn       s.(bot)     yacuma || certain tuber plant
ykhnky     s.          difference      to flow || to stream
ykhnrmn    expr.       it's time to leave
ykhnt      adj.        full
ykhnt      s.          full of tears
ykhpyy       to look ascance at with an obscure intention
ykhsk      s.          person with a flat buttock
ykhsmy     s.(top)     man-made reservoir near Mojotorillo (petroglyphs are found there) (Bolivia)
ykhtk      s.          well
ykhy       to eat like a dog
ykhy       v.intr.     to glance
ykhy       to skin || to flay || to strip
ykhy       to tear off leaves
ykhychy       to darken || to switch light off
ykhyk      s.          darkness
ykhypktpnchhkn         micron
ykhypy     v.intr.     to darken
ykhyy      s.          fury || wrath
ykhyy      v.impers. to darken || to get dark || to darken
ykhyy       to throw away (waste) || to throw out
ykhyykhyyy s.(ant)     unlucky fellow
ykk        interj.onom.[sound of slapping]
ykk        s.a.        climber
ykk        s.          dog shit
ykk        s.a.        fugitive || runaway || refugee
ykk        s.a.        guest student
ykk        s.          hoe
ykk        s.(esp)     logic
ykk        s.          problem
ykk        s.(mil)     soldier || warrior
ykk     we ... you
ykk        s.a.        weaver
ykkch      s.(ant)     big thief
ykkchk     s.(bot)     kind of tree of the jungle (main use: medicinal | food | animal food)
ykkk       s.a.        gloomy || dejected
ykkk       s.(ast)     planet Mars
ykkkn      pron.indef. almost the same
ykkkn      pron.indef. almost the same
ykkkn      s.(mil)     army || military || soldiers
ykkknhn    adj.        equal
ykkknppn s.(mil)       general (of an army) || field marshal
ykkmy      s.(neo)     hydrography
ykkmy      s.(neo)     sociology
ykkn       s.          breakfast
ykkn       s.          lineage || ancestors
ykkn       s.          sadness || afflixion || suffering || sorrow
ykkn       pron.dem. those
ykkn       expr.v.aux. we (without you) have (possess) ...
ykkn       expr.v.aux. you have (possess) ...
ykknntsychks.(mil)     sergeant
ykknsyysk s.(geo)      water pollution
ykkntpyy   v.intr.     to have breakfast
ykkpsrk    s.(mil)     captain
ykkr       s.(zoo)     dog worm
ykkr       s.(bot)     kind of tree
ykkr       s.(ana)     molar
ykkrr      s.          boat || ship
ykkrsk     p.p.p.      watered
ykkshyy    s.(med)     carbuncle
ykksk      s.(bot)     dog thornbush
ykksk      p.p.p.      sad || worried
ykkskkn    s.(spi)     holy places
ykksn      s.          steam
ykksnnk    s.(tex)     shirt with chessboard design on the shoulders
ykksy      s.(mil)     army
ykksy      adv.m.      sadly
ykktpkychkkp.(mil)     military instructor || general
ykktychchkps.(mil)     military instructor || general
ykky       s.          cheek
ykky       s.(bot)     kind of plantain
ykky       s.          melancholy || depression || sadness || depression (cause of illness and death)
ykky       v.intr.     to become sad || to worry || to feel bad
ykky      to escape
ykky       v.intr.     to fall to all one's length
ykky       expr.v.aux. to have || to posess
ykky       v.dic.      to laugh without control over oneself
ykkyb      s.(p.esp) bend with water
ykkychtchn expr.       the dog carries meat in its mouth
ykkykn     s.          brown guinea pigs
ykkymr     s.(fam)     child | 1 to 2 years old (meaning in Inka times) || child who crawls - his/her education is done exclusively
ykkyrmyy s.(fam)       girl | 1 to 2 years old (meaning in Inka times) || girl who crawls - her education is done exclusively by he
ykkysymntynkr          socio-cultural organization
ykkyy      s.(fam)     boy | 1 to 2 years old (meaning in Inka times) || boy who crawls - his education is done exclusively by hi
ykkyy      s.          sacrificed offered to any divinity
ykm        s.          thick soup
ykm        adj.        toothless
ykmk       s.(ana)     left hand
ykmk        s.(ana)     right hand
ykmky       s.          copy
ykmky       to miss || to shoot and miss || to throw and miss
ykmm        s.(zoo)     anaconda
ykmm        s.(mit)     deity of the river || mother of the river || spirit mother of the water in form of a mythical huge anaconda th
ykmm        s.(ast)     Snake (Andean constellation)
ykmn        adj.        afflicted || sorrowful
ykmn        adv.m.(tex)plied going left - produces coarse yarn for blankets | bayeta and bags (alforjas | costales) - off top of spi
ykmn        adv.l.      right || to the right
ykmn        adv.l.      to elsewhere || thither
ykmnksyy to spin left
ykmnpsrk    s.(mil)     captain
ykmnrkchk   adj.        fluid
ykmnt       adv.m.      again
ykmnt       adv.l.      from there
ykmnt       adv.m       suddenly || all of asudden || surprisingly
ykmny       s.          shore || beach
ykmr        s.(zoo)     kind of falcon
ykms        s.          weaving assistant
ykmy        s.(bot)     kind of fruit
ykmy        s.(zoo)     parrot || macaw || kind of parrot
ykmy        s.(top)     river that springs from Machu Pikchu
ykmynn      expr.       I almost die
ykn         s.(zoo)     calf
ykn         s.          flight help
ykn         s.(zoo)     giant armadillo
ykn         s.          high place where people climb
ykn         expr.v.aux. I have (possess) ...
ykn         s.          image
ykn         s.(tex)     laze cord behind the lease stick
ykn         s.(med)     operation
ykn         pron.indef. part || rest || other || the others || some || someone
ykn         adj.(d2)    particular
ykn         s.          price
ykn         adj.(d1)    some || other
ykn         adv.t.      sometimes
ykn         s.(agr)     star plants | wild plants associated to cultivated plants | understood their spirits or souls | help to predict
ykn         s.(gra)     suffix || grammatical morpheme
ykn         adj.(col)   tobacco color (from vicu¤a)
ykn         s.(zoo)     vicu¤a
yknch       adj.        infinitivo
yknch       s.(zoo)     kind of bird
yknch       adj.        left-handed
yknchy       to modify
yknk        s.(bot)     kind of palm tree of the jungle
yknk        s.(tex)     shirt with chessboard design from the shoulders to the chest
yknkmn      adv.l.      to the left
yknkn       s.(mil)     offensive weapons
yknkn       pron.indef. some
yknkp       adv.l.      on the left side
yknkp       adv.l.      over there || elsewhere
yknkp       adv.t.      sometimes
yknky       s.(med)    rabies
yknky       v.recip.   to battle || to make war || to fight
yknky       v.recip.   to beat each other with a cap (children's game)
yknky       s.         war || battle || fight || hostility
yknkykmyk s.(mil)      experienced soldier
yknmnt      adj.       particularly
yknn        s.         canal || ditch
yknn        s.         incline || fall || gradient
yknnkp      adv.t.     sometimes
yknnn      comrades (of ...)
yknnn       adj.       the other
yknntychy        to canalize || to dig ditches
yknny      to unbalance
yknp        s.         phase
yknp        adv.t.     sometimes
yknpkptyky       to attack
ykntp       s.(mat)    module
yknty       s.(bot)    kind of epiphytic shrub used against rheuma
ykny        v.dic.     to bark
yknyk       s.a.       pitiful || sorrowful
yknyk       s.a.       thirsty
yknyknyp adv.t.        rarely || seldom
yknyknyrkrk adj.       rare || seldom
yknysk      p.p.p.     thirsty
yknyy       s.         thirst
yknyy       v.pron.    to be thirsty || to thirst
yknyy       v.intr.    to become sad || to worry || to feel bad
yknyy       v.dic.     to sob
yknyychknmexpr.        I am thirsty
ykp         s.(tex)    after-weaving || edge binding (of textile) || edging of textile put on after finishing
ykp         adj.       alien || foreign
ykp                    k
            s.(bot)(amz) ind of medicinal plant of the jungle || manwood
ykp         s.(tex)    laze cord behind the lease stick
ykp         adv.l.     over there || elsewhere
ykp         s.         piece of wood thrown to get fruits down from a tree
ykpch       s.         vale of tears
ykpchptyk s.(mil)      sentry || sentinel || guard
ykphkchy s.            waterfall
ykpk        s.a.       compassionate || sympathetic || pitying
ykpkk       s.a.       mourning || mourner
ykpky       s.         blockade
ykpky       v.intr.    to be in danger
ykpky       v.intr.    to despair || to groan || to moan || to sigh
ykpky       v.intr.    to mettle || to get in || to get into
ykpky       v.intr.    to stagger around || to reel around || to stumble repeatedly
ykpkysk     adj.       aquatic
ykpm        s.(zoo)    giant river otter || kind of otter
ykpnchy     s.(pun)    Monday
ykpnk       s.         big butt || (lit.) cow gate
ykpnk       s.(bot)    kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
ykpnk       s.(bot)    kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
ykpnk       s.(zoo)    very small hummingbird
ykpnyn    s.(tex)     cow eyes (pallay motif in weaving)
ykpp      s.(bot)     wet potato
ykppmpry       to sink || to submerge || to dive
ykppmpy        to sink || to submerge || to dive
ykpr      s.(zoo)     calf
ykprk     s.(mil)     warrior || soldier
ykprn     s.(bot)     huacapurana || kind of medicinal plant | main uses: shamanism | aphrodisiac | construction
ykpst     s.(zoo)     calf
ykpt      s.          bank (of a river) || shore
ykptyk    adj.        aquatic
ykpy      s.          beginning of crawling
ykpy      s.          compassion
ykpy       to have compassion (with)
ykpy       to mend || to weave the edging
ykpy       to take away || to substract
ykpy       to throw || to throw away || to throw out || to discard
ykpynk    adj.        aquatic
ykpynn    s.          base
ykpynsy   s.          pitcher || jar
ykpyntn   s.(bot)     plant with thin stalks and (when ripe) black eatable fruits
ykpyntn   s.(bot)     plant with thin stalks and small | (when ripe) black | eatable fruits
ykpyy       to pity

ykpyykspchnkry        to dive
ykr       s.(mik)     certain meal based on maize or wheat
ykr       adj.        chipped
ykr       adj.(esp) happy
ykr       s.(zoo)     heron || kind of white heron with a very long neck
ykr       adj.        hollow || empty
ykr       s.(zoo.ana)horn
ykr       adj.        lame || crooked || twisted
ykr       s.(zoo)(d1) livestock
ykr       s.          parrot
ykr       s.(esp)     place
ykr       s.(zoo)     shrimp || river shrimp
ykr       s.          size || waist
ykr       s.(zoo)(d2) tapir || Amazon tapir || Brazilian tapir
ykr       s.(esp)(reg)time
ykr       s.(top)     town in the Department of Qosqo | province of Qispiqanchi (Peru) || (Span.) Lucre
ykr       s.(bot)     waqoro (very small cactus of the jalca region with sweet fruits similar to the prickly pear | grows almost
ykr       s.          wing || feather || shoulder
ykr       s.(ana)     wisdom-tooth
ykrchn    s.(bot)     kind of nettle | considered male
ykrchnk   s.          crooked leg
ykrchy       to twist || to bend || to bow || to slant
ykrk      s.          deviation
ykrk      s.(tex)     vertical loom || vertical poles for weaving
ykrkchy   v.intr.     to howl
ykrkkmk   s.          thief who steals everything
ykrkmk    s.a.        cattle-breeder
ykrkpnchy s.(pun)     Tuesday
ykrn      s.(mit)     bad mythical man living in the rivers
ykrn      s.          distress
ykrn      s.           hostile person || enemy
ykrnky    v.recip.     to butt each other (with horns)
ykrnt     s.           rotten egg
ykrnyn    adj.         horned
ykrpk     s.(mus)      horn
ykrpmp    s.(top)      the plain of the waqoro
ykrpn     adj.         young white llama used as sacrifice
ykrpy     s.(top)      town in the Department of Qosqo (Peru) || (Span.) Huacarpay (<place of offerings?)
ykrr                   a
          s.(zoo)(esp) ni || smooth-billed ani || kind of cuckoo || kind of bird
ykrrk     s.           irrigation ditch
ykrrn     s.           sullen || surly || morose || grumpy || shy || unsociable
ykrs^yks  s.(zoo)      thrush || dappled bird
ykrsk     p.p.p.       cooled
ykrsm                  logarithm
          s            mantissa
ykrsp     s.           who has big horns
ykrt                   a
          s.(zoo)(esp) lligator || caiman
ykrt      adj.         horned
ykry      s.           flexibility
ykry      s.(bot)      kind of herb
ykry        to butt (with horns) || to butt with a horn (animal)
ykry        to get sad || to atone || to miss
ykry        to give (gift) || to offer (gift) || to give a gift
ykry        to gnaw
ykry       to limp
ykryk     s.p.         horned
ykryk     s.a.         winged || feathered
ykrykr    adj.(col)    dyed light yellow
ykrykr                 q
          s.(bot)(aym) uisca-quisca || plant giving purple dye purple dye from its fruits
ykrynn    s.(mat)      curvature || inclination
ykryy     s.(mit)      major spirit or deity living in the major mountains
ykryy     v.intr.(esp) to be happy
ykryy     v.intr.      to become unsociable || to turn bad
ykryy     v.intr.      to kneel down || to bend down || to be humble
ykryy     v.intr.      to twist || to bend || to bow || to slant
yks       adj.         bald
yks       s.(ana)      belly || stomach || womb
yks       s.           bronze || alloy
yks       conj.        but
yks       s.(zoo)      duck of the puna
yks       s.           eyetooth
yks       s.(ana)      fang || tusk
yks       s.           feeling
yks       s.(zoo)      lizard
yks       s.           mandat || departure || escape
yks       adj.(zoo) old (male animal)
yks       adj.         person with protruding teeth
yks       adj.         twisted || bended || bowed || slanted || crooked || not trustworthy
ykschrp   s.(mit)      a brother of Paryaqaqa in the tales of Waruchiri || (Span.) Llacsa Churapa
ykschy        to level
ykschy        to take out
ykschy        to twist || to bend || to bow || to slant || to incline
yksk       p.p.        open-mouthed
yksk       adj.        pot-bellied
yksk       p.p.p.      prepared
yksk       s.a.        rising || going out
yksk       p.p.p.      sad
yksk       p.p.p.      torn || broken
ykskr      s.(ana)     eyetooth
yksky      s.(med)     intestinal colic
ykskyy     s.(fam)     new-born child
yksm       adj.(k)     braggart
yksm       s.          dog shit
yksmy      to appear here
yksn       s.          exit
yksnk      s.(ana)     liver
yksnny     s.(med)     belly-ache || gripes || stomach-ache
yksp       s.          dog piss
yksp       s.p.        tearful || dissolved in tears
yksp       s.          urine
yksp       s.(tex)     warp beam || loom bar
ykspkn     s.(tex)     two roller bars holding warp taut on horizontal loom
ykspnky    s.(med)     aerophagia || flatulence
ykspsmn s.(ana)        epigastrium || cardia
ykspy      v.intr.     to leave || to exit
ykspy      v.intr.     to urinate
ykspy      s.          urine || piss
ykspychchn s.(med)     ceasarian section
yksrkn     s.(ana)     left lung
yksrysy    s.(p.esp)   task of a five-year-old girl to prepare food for dogs
ykssk      p.p.p.      inclined || oblique
ykssk      p.p.p.      sound || well-founded || proven
ykssksky s.            inclined line
ykssp      adj.(k)     pot-bellied || fat
ykst       s.(bot)     fruit like tumbo with black seeds || kind of bindweed
ykstk      s.a.        who brings water
ykstmykty s.(ana)      rib
ykstnnchnkchkm         you will have a stomach-ache
yksy       s.(mil)     enemy army
yksy       s.(bot)     kind of herbaceous plant used for the birth of calves
yksy       to alloy metals
yksy       v.intr.     to fail
yksy       to justify || to prove || to back up
yksy      to rise || to come out || to go out || to leave || to depart
yksy       v.intr.     to twist || to bend || to bow || to slant
yksy       to twist || to bend || to bow || to slant
yksyk      s.p.        pregnant (for people) || pregnant
yksyks     adj.        ignorant
yksyksk    p.p.p.      pregnant (for people)
yksyktky   v.intr.     to get pregnant
yksyky       to conceive || to be pregnant
yksymp     s.          blister
yksynn       product || result
yksysy     s.          decanting of water
yksyy      v.intr.     to become pregnant
yksyysk    p.p.p.      left-woven (tissue)
ykt        s.(geo)     ascent || incline
ykt        s.          ash of cactus or kinua chewed with coca
ykt        s.(ana)(d2) back
ykt        s.(med)     blurry eyes
ykt                    b
           s.(mik)(esp) raised food
ykt        s.          drink
ykt        adv.m.      enormously || without any exception
ykt        s.(zoo)     grub || maggot
ykt        adj.        hot
ykt        adj.        insane
ykt        adj.        insane
ykt        s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
ykt        s.(bot)     kind of shrub of the jungle (main use: roof | food)
ykt        s.(zoo)(d2) liver fluke
ykt        adv.l.      outside || after || behind
ykt        s.(zoo)(d2) plover || kind of bird
ykt        s.(ana)(d1) rib || side of the body
ykt        s.(zoo)(d1) small dog
ykt        s.(zoo)(d1) snail || slug
ykt        adj.        toothless
ykt        s.          town || city || village || country || place || people || community || community (build) || city || father land || na
ykt        s.          woman-like man || homosexual
yktchsk    p.p.p.      naturalized in a town or village
yktchy       to found a town
ykthk      s.(bot)     kind of thorny acacia tree
yktkhyk    s.a.        patriot
yktkmchyychexpr.       Don't command me too much
yktkmyk    s.(his)     second in command || executive || deputy
yktkt      s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
yktky      s.          disaster
yktky      s.          national traditions || folklore
yktky      v.intr.     to raise the skirt
yktkysy    s.          national traditions || folklore
yktmnt     adv.l.      from outside || from behind
yktmnt     adj.        rustic || belonging to a village or town
yktmntkrky       to banish || to exile || to expel
yktmntyksr s.(neo)     migration
yktms      s.          fellow citizen || compatriot || fellow-countryman
yktmy      s.(bot)     amancay (aromatic forest plant with yellow and white flowers)
yktn       s.(bot)     a type of cactus like qhewillu
yktn       s.          club || bludgeon || flail || hammer
yktn       s.(esp)     cotton
yktn       adj.        deaf
yktn       v.intr.(med)to beat (heart)
yktnkn     s.          fight
yktnky     s.(med)     leprosy
yktnky     v.recip.    to battle || to make war
yktnky     v.recip.    to beat each other
yktnkypyn s.           booty || plunder
yktnnkpnnkhmmntprk homeless || vagabond
yktnp      s.expr.     fellow citizen || compatriot || fellow-countryman
yktnp      adv.l.(d2) outside
yktnp      adv.l.(d1) outside || behind
yktntn     s.          people as a whole || union of peoples
yktntnrn   s.          people as a whole || union of peoples
yktny      v.intr.     to be right
yktnyy     s.          home-sickness
yktp       s.(mit)     a medium-sized tutelary mountain spirit related with the second level of the andean path
yktphpynn s.(pol)      department (departamento)
yktpkmynn s.(pol)      people's power || democracy
yktpkynn s.(pol)       public property
yktpmy     expr.       bring water
yktpy       to beat into pieces
yktpy      v.intr.     to lie on the side || to relax || to lie
yktrmy     s.          dialect
yktrmychy        to freeze
yktrn      s.          common people
yktrs      s.(k)       you dog!
yktry      v.intr.     to be nationalized
yktry       to drum || to beat the drum
yktryp     s.(neo)     territory
ykts       adj.        bent down to the side
yktsk      p.p.p.      mistreated
yktsrt     s.(mat)     trapezoid
yktsy      s.(neo)     democracy
yktsy      s.          hoar-frost
yktt       adj.(p.esp) frozen to death || stiff
ykttky     v.intr.     to beat onto the ground
ykttnky       to pump
yktty      s.(ana)(d1) rib
yktty      s.(ana)(d2) vertebra
ykty       s.(ana)     lower jaw bone || lower maxillary bone
ykty       s.(bot)     marigold || type of composite plant
ykty                   p
           s.(neo)(ecu) eople
ykty       to beat || to beat with a pole/stick || to hit with an object || to hit
ykty       to give as present
ykty       v.intr.     to go to town
ykty       to smear onto || to plaster
yktyk                  p
           s.(neo)(ecu) opulation
yktyk      s.p.        resident || native || original inhabitant || indigenous || native citizen
yktykkn    s.          citizens || population
yktykkntmtsk           defender of the people
yktykrn    s.          common people
yktyksnpkyskhtnhtk     well
yktyky     v.intr.     to be populated || to increase (population)
yktys      s.          house in the city
yktysy     expr.       to draw water
yktyy      s.          district capital || town
yktyy      s.(top)     the town || local name for the District capital of Cuyo Cuyo (El pueblo in Spanish)
yktyykkypnks.a.        lazier than a dog
yky      acostarse de lado
yky   adj.(aym) adolescent || boy
yky   s.(esp)      alcohol
yky   adv.preadj. almost || nearly
yky   adj.         bent down to the side
yky   s.           call || telephone call || warning || notice
yky   s.(tex)      cloak || cape || cape for men || man's cloak || man's mantle || man's mantle worn in pre-columbian times
yky   s.           craft (astuteness) || astuteness || cunning (guile) || cunning
yky   s.(ass)      crisis
yky   s.           cry-baby
yky   s.           deceit
yky   s.(ana)      diaphragma || cape
yky   adj.         dirty
yky   s.           fight || combat
yky   s.           flight || escape
yky   s.(spi)(his) gifts or greetings to the wak'as and apachiqtas
yky   s.           grand-grandfather
yky   s.           grand-grandmother
yky   s.           house without a roof
yky   adj.         incorrect
yky   s.           inundation || flood
yky   s.(zoo)      kind of bird || pelican
yky   s.           landslide || alluvion || flood
yky   adj.         light (not heavy)
yky   s.(met)      lightning
yky   s.(ana)      molar
yky   s.           noise || din
yky   s.           piquant sauce || hot sauce
yky   adv.m.       quickly || fast
yky   adj.         rotten
yky   s.           rotten (egg) || rotten egg
yky   s.           rotten egg
yky   adj.         sad
yky   s.           sadness || afflixion || suffering || sorrow || affliction || sorrow
yky   adj.         simper || ludicrous || foolish || silly
yky   s.           tear || crying
yky   v.intr.      to be sad || to suffer
yky        to beat into parts || to destroy || to break || to claw || to rip || to tear || to tear (not break) || to fractionate
yky   v.intr.      to become angry (man | boy)
yky                to
      v.pron.(med) buzz (ringing in the ears)
yky        to carry something under the arm
yky        to catch viscachas | guinea pigs or rabbits with a net
yky        to clean the contents of the rumen and the intestine
yky       to climb || to go up || to ascend || to creep || to crawl || to mount || to ride || to copulate
yky        to compare || to negotiate || to trade
yky        to complain || to moan || to groan
yky        to copulate || to fuck
yky   v.dic.       to cry || to weep || to say (certain animals) || to sing (certain birds) || to sound
yky   v.intr.      to cut oneself with a hog || to sting oneself
yky        to deceive || to swindle || to cheat
yky    to distribute
yky        to dress
yky        to drink
yky        v.intr.      to fight || to combat
yky       to flee || to escape
yky    to hang || to attach || to tie
yky        to heap maize
yky       to leave || to go away || to start travelling
yky        to listen || to accept || to admit || to agree to || to admit
yky   to lodge || to give boarding
yky       to move
yky        to put into
yky        to slap || to give slaps || to slap in the face || to throw mud on the wall || to throw anything muddy on the
yky        to stop
yky        to take under the armpit || to bribe || to carry || to carry under one's arm || to carry under the armpit
yky        v.intr.      to vomit || to puke || to knit
yky        to wait || to wait for || to expect || to expect
yky        v.intr.      to water (eyes)
yky        v.intr.      to wear out (clothes) || to tear (flexible things)
yky        to weave with a loom || to weave for oneself
yky        s.(top)      town where the Puente del Diablo is located | close to Betanzos (Bolivia)
yky        adj.         twisted
yky        s.           type of pitcher
yky        adj.         ugly to make fear
yky        s.(zoo)      vicu¤a
yky        s.(top)      village in the Department of Qosqo | province of Urupampa (Peru) || (Span.) Yucay
yky        s.(ana)      waist || size
yky        s.           water place
yky        s.           watery cheese || whey
yky        s.(bot)      weqlla (plant with lanceolate leaves growing on the rocks | its leaves are cattle food | its flowers (machit
yky        s.(tex)      women's shoulder scarf || woven cape for women with elaborate border || shawl || a small rectangular cl
ykyb       s.(zoo)      giant river otter
ykych      s.           bladder
ykych      adj.         hard to cook (literal meaning)
ykychchky v.intr.       to have something guarded by someone for oneself
ykychchsk adj.          which is given into custody
ykychk     s.(ana)      armpit
ykychk     s.           deterioration || worsening || damage
ykychk     s.           solvent || dissolvent
ykychkp    s.(mil)      captain of sentry
ykychkrn s.(mil)        guard || man on guard || watchman
ykychky    v.intr.      to take care of oneself || to look after oneself || to survive || to be healthy
ykychn     s.           case || trunk || rack
ykychnys s.             warehouse
ykychnyskh s.           warehouse
ykychpch s.(his)        destructor of enemies
ykychpy        to guard someone to his or her advantage
ykychpy        to have someone called
ykychr     s.(k)        cry-baby
ykychsky s.             mummy
ykychy     s.           security
ykychy    to conserve
ykychy        to conspire with || to conspire
ykychy        to damage
ykychy        to economize
ykychy  to guard
ykychy      to guard || to spare || to save || to keep || to preserve || to conserve
ykychy      to make someone call
ykychy      to melt || to liquefy
ykychy  to preserve
ykychy      to rape || to violate
ykychy      to trickle into something (water)
ykychyyskn s.(neo)    educational network (Ecuador)
ykyhychy s.(his)      war-cry || war-whoop
ykyk       s.         ant-like insect with a colored back (yellow or red) that makes a crying noise and stings
ykyk       adj.       badly woven || loose (tissue) || thin (tissue)
ykyk       s.adj.     carpenter
ykyk       s.         discipline
ykyk       s.(tex)    dress mended many times
ykyk       s.(zoo)    kind of bird with greyish-white feathers
ykyk       adj.       lickspittle
ykyk       adj.       mottled || striped || speckled
ykyk       s.(top)    place located behind Mayu Tampu (Bolivia)
ykyk       s.(zoo)    type of beetle
ykyk       s.(mus)    violin
ykyk       s.(zoo)    woodpecker
ykykk      s.         carpenter's axe
ykyknch    s.(mil)    fort
ykykpch    s.(tex)    dress of very loose | thin cloth
ykykpch    s.         war time
ykykpchm expr.        the loose dress is transparent
ykykr      s.(geo)    gulf
ykyksm     s.(bot)    ullcuy cushma (small medical plant of the puna)
ykyksp     adj.       patched || ragged
ykyksprmy v.dic.      to curse || to blaspheme
ykyktyy      to weave loose or thin cloth
ykyky      v.intr.    to cover oneself with a cape || to put on one's cloak
ykyky      v.intr.    to put on one's scarf
ykyky      v.intr.    to rebel to miss || to throw and miss
ykykynt    adv.m.     slow
ykykysk    s.(tex)    loose | badly woven tissue || woven web
ykykyy     s.         horn sound || sound of waqra-puku
ykymk      s.         left hand
ykymr      s.         boy
ykyn       expr.      against
ykyn       s.         call
ykyn       adj.       just some
ykynchpy        to water || to mix with water
ykynchy      to proclaim
ykynk      adj.       crazy || mad || insane
ykynn      s.         hard and dangerous path
ykynyt     s.(tmp)    leap-year
ykyp                  a
           s.(zoo)(neo) mphibians
ykypkyy    s.(his)    skirmish
ykypnk     s.(per)    the third Inka ruler
ykypnky    s.(his)    fife (in the Inka's army)
ykypr        s.(met)      storm causing inundations
ykypt        s.(top)      main square of Qosqo (Plaza de Armas in Cuzco)
ykypy                     to
             v.intr.(p.esp) become insane
ykypy        to call someone
ykypychn     s.           place of worship
ykypyy       s.(his)      victory chant
ykyr         s.(ana)      protective body fat || peritoneum
ykyry        v.intr.      to be cautious || to be concerned || to worry || to be apprehensive
ykyry        to lodge || to accomodate
ykys         s.(mil)      barracks
ykys         s.(tri)      Quechuas Lamistas (lit. //lickers | tasters// | Quechua-speaking ethnic group in the department of San M
ykys         s.           yacuma || certain tuber plant
ykysk        s.(ana)      armpit
ykysk        p.p.p.       bad
ykysk        adj.         carved wood
ykysk        s.           cry-baby
ykysk        s.(bot)      kind of liana giving medicinal water against eruptions
ykysk        s.           liquid
ykysk        adj.         violent
ykysn        s.           bucket
ykysp        adj.         melancholic || depressed || sorrowful
ykyst                     eucalipto
ykysytchry        to assume a good lifestyle
ykyt         s.(bot)      kind of pumpkin
ykyt         s.(esp)      mayor
ykyt         s.           peninsula
ykyy         s.           dehydration || drought
ykyy         s.           din || noise
ykyy         s.(esp)      insanity || madness
ykyy         s.           licking
ykyy         s.           other side
ykyy         v.intr.      to age (man) || to become old (man)
ykyy        to allot sparingly || to be finished
ykyy         v.dic.       to bark
ykyy                      to be
             v.impers.(met) flash of lightnings || to flash
ykyy        to become enemy || to run wild
ykyy        to call
ykyy        to carve wood || to whittle || to sand down and shape || to carve
ykyy         v.intr.      to coagulate
ykyy        to cover with a cape
ykyy         v.impers. to dawn
ykyy        to decompose || to discolour || to bleach || to abort || to damage
ykyy        to drink something by licking it up
ykyy        to establish
ykyy       to fall to one side || to have more weight on one side than on the other
ykyy        to feel || to sense
ykyy        to fell || to mutilate
ykyy        to flood
ykyy         v.intr.      to go crazy
ykyy         v.intr.(esp) to go insame || to become mad
ykyy        to lick || to taste || to try (food)
ykyy        to make noise
ykyy        v.intr.      to melt || to liquefy
ykyy        to put on one's scarf
ykyy to rent
ykyy        to rinse || to clean up || to clear up || to sway
ykyy        v.dic.       to rumble (stomach)
ykyy        to slap || to give slaps || to slap in the face
ykyy       to wriggle || to zigzag
ykyy        s.           warrior || soldier
ykyy        adj.         which ends fast
ykyychy        to make someone put on a scarf
ykyyky        to lick
ykyyky        to put on one's scarf
ykyykyy     adv.m.       lamentably || deplorably || painfully
ykyymk      adj.         who has not supplied all
ykyynkr     s.(his)      war drum
ykyysty     s.(ana)      lumbar
ykyystykn   s.(ana)      lumbars
ym          s.(esp)      back || behind
ym          s.(bot)      bamboo
ym          s.(top)      capital of Peru (< rimaq //speaker | river in Lima//)
ym          s.(d1)       death's head || skull
ym          s.(d2)       devil's head
ym          s.(esp)      hill
ym          s.(bot)      kind of medicinal plant of the jungle || cannonball tree
ym          s.(ast)      Llama (constellation) | a dark spot in the Milky Way (Mayu) | formed by dark interstellar space
ym          s.(zoo)      llama || camel-like animal || sheep
ym          s.(spi)      person who has Pachamama's energy
ym          s.(bot)(esp)poplar || plant used to dye yellow
ym          s.           procession
ym          s.(tri)      Quechua-speaking ethnic group in the region of the rivers Pastaza and Tigre (department of Loreto/Per
ym          s.(ana)      semen || sperm
ym          adj.         small
ym          s.(zoo)      small ostrich egg
ym          s.(esp)      spirit || soul
ym          s.           taste sample
ym          s.           toothless
ym          s.           trap for fishing (made out of leaves of chincha panga)
ym          s.(zoo)      trumpeter bird || grey-winged trumpeter
ymb         s.(mit)(esp)the souls of unbaptized babies trapped on earth || usually referring to the souls of unwanted babies who
ymbrt       s.(esp)      rabbit in breadcrumbs
ymbs        s.(tri)(amz) Wambisa (indigeneous people of the Peruvian Amazon)
ymbschkrn   s.(bot)      kind of medicinal plant of the jungle
ymbyyr      s.           illness caused when a person's body is invaded by the soul or essence of a limbu (dead unbaptized bab
ymch        s.(zoo)      paca || kind of rodent
ymchk       s.(top)      old kingdom south of Cajamarca | spoke the Culle (Kulli) language | conquered in 1471 by the Inka Tup
ymchy       s.           daughter-in-law || sister-in-law || any female familiar adjunct || mother's daughter
ymchy        to have an orgasm (woman)
ymchy        to make someone tast something
ymchyk      adj.(col)    dyed light yellow
ymchyntk    s.(bot)      red angel's trumpet || angel's trumpet || kind of tree
ymhnknksp   adj.(k)      long-necked like a llama
ymk         adv.t.(d1) any time || rarely
ymk       adj.         blunt || dull || obtuse
ymk       s.           exchange
ymk       adj.(d2)     first || primary
ymk       adv.t.(d2)   first time || firstly || recently
ymk       adj.(neo)    modern
ymk       s.           priority
ymk       adj.(d1)     strange || foreign || unusual || rare
ymkchk    s.(che)      agent
ymkchpy          to make someone work for someone else
ymkchskkm expr.        they made them work
ymkchy    to make someone work || to make function
ymkchy    to use
ymkh      s.           touch
ymkhn     s.           tactile sense
ymkhy        to touch || to caress || to fondle
ymkhy     s.           touch || caress || fondling
ymkk      s.           permutation
ymkk      s.a.         worker
ymkkhyy   s.           equipment
ymkkk     s.a.         first || previous
ymkkkn    s.           working class || workers
ymkkmkt s.(fam)        boy | 14 to 16 years old (meaning today) (critical moment of change: handling of plough and oxen | beg
ymkkms    s.           worker
ymkkrnkn s.            personnel || staff || employees
ymkky        to change || to exchange
ymkky        to work for oneself
ymkky     s.(ass)      work
ymkmpy        to go to work something for someone
ymkn      s.           tool || work to be done || job
ymknch    s.(ast)      Llama corral (constellation of 56 stars | provenience: Misminay)
ymknchk s.(che)        modifying agent
ymknk     adj.         long-necked
ymknk     s.           work
ymknpkm expr.          for working
ymkntpryy        to lasso many llamas
ymkpch    s.(tex)      newly purchased dress
ymkpkk    s.a.         servant
ymkpky        to serve
ymkpy        to work at something || to handle
ymksnchk expr.         wir werden arbeiten
ymky      adv.t.       first || firstly || first of all
ymky        meter la mano en algo || desobedecer
ymky      s.           permutation || change
ymky      s.(zoo)      rabbit
ymky        to change || to exchange || to permute
ymky      v.intr.      to function || to work (engine)
ymky        to work || to work at || to handle || to cultivate
ymky      s.           work || labor || the power of the body || industriousness || the power of physical work || a category of wor
ymkykk    s.(mil)      novice soldier
ymkymnkyy s.           call for action
ymkynn    s.(neo)      planning
ymkypktch s.(neo)      function || role || part (played somewhere)
ymkysych s.           strike
ymkysychhyn.          right of strike
ymkyy     v.intr.     to become dull || to become blunt || to dull
ymkyyyy   s.(neo)     work report

ymkyyyypychchy        to train for a job || to do vocational training
ymm       s.(fam)     stepmother
ymmchk    s.          llama herder
ymn       s.(esp)     German
ymn       s.(bot)(esp)lemon
ymn                   m
          s.(top)(aym) ountain in Bolivia || (Span.) Illimani (<Aym. | golden eagle)
ymn       s.(his)     province with 10000 inhabitants
ymn       s.(esp)     pupil || student
ymn       s.(ana)     shoulder-blade || scapula
ymn       s.(zoo)     sparrow-hawk || falcon || hawk
ymn       s.          sternum
ymn       adj.        worth tasting
ymnch     adj.(col)   pink
ymnk      s.(top)     capital of the Department of Ayakuchu (Peru) || (Span.) Huamanga || (syn.) Ayacucho (Ayakuchu)
ymnk      s.(zoo)     ferret
ymnk      s.(his)     general || captain
ymnk      s.(zoo)     sheep
ymnkr     s.(bot)     kind of tree
ymnkskmntktknky       sexually transmitted disease | infection (STD | STI)
ymnky     v.recip.    to make sex || to make love || to copulate || to fuck
ymnmny    s.          desire for sexual relations
ymnpm     s.(per)     well-known Peruvian chronicler
ymnpnt    s.(bot)     plant | flowers used in red dye
ymnpyp    s.          sparrow-hawk
ymnr      s.          girl of 10 to 14 years
ymnrp     s.(top)     a mountain and apu in Q'ero
ymnrp     s.(bot)     medical plant of the Andes
ymns      adj.(col)   pink
ymnt      s.(esp)     food
ymnt      s.          llama fat sold by llama herders
ymnty     s.(ana)     front part of the shin
ymny      s.(ast)     alpha and beta Centauri || Eyes of the Llama (two stars in the Llama | which is a large Dark Cloud cons
ymny      s.(tex)     tiny diamonds common on little bands || twenty-four-strand braid with concentric diamonds
ymp       adj.        all || every || whole
ymp       s.(d1)      boat
ymp       s.(d2)      fool
ymp       adj.        full
ymp       s.          horn
ymp       s.(zoo)     kind of bird
ymp       s.(esp)     lamp
ymp       s.          raft || float
ymp       s.(agr)     shovel || hoe || mattock || shovel-faced hoe
ymp       adj.        soft || tender || smooth || flat || soft
ymp       s.          sweat || perspire
ymp       s.(top)     the highest mountain in Bolivia || (Span.) Illampu (<lightning | ray)
ymp       adv.m.      totally || completely
ymp       s.(fam)     virgin
ympchkykn s.          filling
ympchspkychy             to caress
ympchy         to smooth || to polish || to smoothen || to flatten
ympchy         to soften
ymph       adj.(l.esp) clean || very || too || enormously || totally || completely
ymph       s.            colour || color
ymph       s.            opening
ymph       s.            plain
ymph       adj.          wide || extended
ymphchy            to clean
ymphchy to clean || to make clean || to sanctify
ymphchy            to extend || to widen || to amplify
ymphk      s.            extension
ymphk      adj.          shining || brilliant
ymphkn     s.            painting
ymphky     v.intr.       to paint oneself || to paint one's face || to make up oneself
ymphky     s.            width || amplitude
ymphkyyn adj.            extensive
ymphsk     s.            painting
ymphskkr s.              cup (of wood) painted with all kinds of colours
ymphy         lick superficially
ymphy         to paint || to color || to colour
ymphy      v.intr.       to shine
ymphy         to unfold || to spread || to extend
ymphyy     v.intr.(l.esp)to become clean
ympk       adj.          clean || worthy || innocent || pure || hygienic || righteous || dignified
ympk       adj.          insipid || tasteless
ympk       s.            swimmer
ympk       s.            virgin
ympkhn     s.(bot)       plant | leaves used to dye yellow
ympkpch s.(tex)          clean dress
ympkpchyk s.p.           clean-dressed
ympkrktrknch.            harbour || harbor || sea port
ympnk      s.(bot)       kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
ympr       s.            table || ordinary table
ympr       s.(mat)       triangle
ymprn      adj.          emotional person || affable person || gentle
ymprnk     s.(tex)       shirt with triangle design
ymprtpykm s.(mat)        trigonometry
ymps       s.(bot)       kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
ympsnk     adj.          soft-hearted || humble
ympsnkky s.              humility
ympy       adj.          all || every || each || any
ympy       s.            bashfulness || shyness
ympy       s.            dignity || modesty || purity
ympy       s.            flood
ympy       adj.          insipid || tasteless
ympy       adj.          much || many
ympy       s.            swimming
ympy         to abound
ympy       v.intr.       to be clean || to shine || to be worthy
ympy       v.intr.       to flex || to bend
ympy         to flood
ympy to fly
ympy       to lick
ympy       to shovel
ympy       to soften
ympy to swim || to float || to sail || to navigate
ympy       to taste something for someone
ympy      v.intr.     to turn to fine dust
ympy      adv.m.      very || much
ympychy         to make soft || to soften || to straighten || to polish
ympychy         to purify
ympypsykkns.          pirates
ympyy     s.          honor
ympyy     v.intr.     to become soft
ympyyn    adv.m.      respectfully
ympyyr    s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
ymr       s.(tri)     Aymara people || people that live in the area surrounding Lake Titicaca || Aymara language
ymr       s.(fam)     child (ca. 5 years) || child || kid || adolescent || child | 4 to 6 years old (meaning today) (critical moment o
ymr       s.(esp)     sea || ocean
ymr       adj.        young || adolescent
ymrch     s.          child at school age
ymrk      s.          cemetery || graveyard
ymrky     s.(his)     Inkan ceremony in which the dead were carried (in november)
ymrkyky   s.(mes)     November || november (in the Inka era: Month of carrying the dead. The dead were taken out of their va
ymrn      s.          proof
ymrnksp   s.(bot)     kind of medicinal plant of the Ecuadorian jungle
ymry      s.(agr)     harvest || time of harvest
ymry      s.(fam)     little child
ymry to harvest || to harvest
ymryky                A
          s.(mes)(reg) pril
ymryky    s.(mes)     May || may (in the Inka era: Time of harvest. In this month there was abundance of food | the produce w
ymrymt    s.