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									                             The Bishop Kelly Foundation presents

                    A Knight’s Tale
                         Providing funds for Bishop Kelly High School
                                    Boise Centre On The Grove
                                   Saturday, November 7, 2009

                  Silent Auction and Balloon Sales               5:30 p.m.
                  Dinner                                         7:00 p.m.
                  Silent Auction Closes                          8:00 p.m.& 8:30 p.m.
                  Live Auction                                   8:30 p.m.
                  Winner’s Choice Car Drawing                    10:00 p.m.

                          Field Green Salad with White Balsamic Vinaigrette

Herb Crusted Rib-Eye with Roasted Garlic Demi-glace and Pecan Crusted Trout with Lemon Buerre Blanc,
        Roasted Garlic Mashers, Slow Roasted Tomato, Asparagus Spears, and Fingerling Carrots

                            German Chocolate Roulade with Crème Anglais
                                Cherry Roulade with Cherry Anglais

                                Woodriver Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon
    A Salute to the Bishop Kelly Foundation Board of Directors
    Founded in 1975, and incorporated in 1976, the Bishop Kelly Foundation was formed to stimulate the
    interests of students, alumni, faculty and friends of Bishop Kelly High School in the development of
    educational, public relations and financial programs. The following are the current members of the
    Board of the Bishop Kelly Foundation, and the Board of Governance of Bishop Kelly High School.

    BISHOP KELLY FOUNDATION             Alex Homaechevarrio, M.D.       BISHOP KELLY BOARD Dan Makley
                                        Tim Johans, M.D.                OF GOVERNANCE      Superintendent of
    PRESIDENT                           Brent Keeth                                                 Catholic Schools
    Debbie McDonald                                                     Deacon Michael Eisenbeiss
                                        Larry Koomler                                               Debbie McDonald
                                                                        Clergy Representative
    VICE PRESIDENT                      Tim LaMott                                                  Bishop Kelly Foundation
    Stephanie Westermeier               Debra Marria                    Betsy Chumich/Chair
                                        Lorie Nies Pettiette            Our Lady of the Rosary      Mark Resman
    SECRETARY                                                                                       Holy Apostles
                                        Kevin Scanlan
    Patty Fery                                                          Bishop Michael Driscoll
                                        Tom Siegert                                                 Robert Talboy
                                                                        Catholic Diocese of Boise
    TREASURER                           Tom Sorge                                                   St. John’s
    Mike Burke                          Kathryn Zimmerman               Mike Urquidi
                                                                        Sacred Heart                Roxanne Truax Cummings
    Mary Adcox                          EX-OFFICIO                                                  Risen Christ
    Jess Asla                           Patrick Crisler                 Bryan Smith
    Mike Bokan                                                          St.Mary’s                   Robert Wehde
                                        Dr. Davd Lachiondo
    Dave Bruce                                                                                      Bishop Kelly Principal
                                        Betsy Chumich                   Dan Long
    John Brunelle                       Robert Wehde                    St.Mark’s
    Mark Daly
    Lisa Derig                          EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR              Dr. David Lachiondo
    Terry Heffner                       Julie Lliteras                  Bishop Kelly President
    Morgan Hicks

                        AUCTIONEER                           He is a 1997 recipient of the Order of the Knight,
                                                             recognizing his outstanding service to Bishop
                       The Winner’s Choice Dinner            Kelly over the years.
                       and Auction is privileged to
                       once again have TOM HEN-              Tom and his wife Alice have three grown children,
                       NESSEY as tonight’s auction-          Tom, Jr., Shannon, and Sheila. Tom, Sr. enjoys golf,
                       eer. His experience, reputa-          hiking, gardening, and spending time with his
                       tion, and charitable efforts          grandchildren.
                       are well known in Idaho. He           As a twenty-three year veteran of Bishop Kelly
    has worked on auctions for the Beaux Arts                auctions, Tom has been instrumental in raising
    Society, the Epilepsy Foundation, Humane                 over $2,700,000 for the Bishop Kelly Foundation.
    Society, McCall Arts Council, Sawtooth Society,          We are most grateful for his dedication and we
    St. Mary’s, Sacred Heart, Our Lady of the                wish him success tonight and in the future.
    Rosary, Boise High School and countless others.

                    Dear Friends of Bishop Kelly,      who believe in the value of a Bishop Kelly educa-
                                                       tion, your dedication allowed us to provide this
                   It is my pleasure to once
                                                       wonderful gift to those families.
                   again welcome all of you to
                   the Bishop Kelly Foundation         If you have been to Bishop Kelly in the last few
                   Winner’s Choice Dinner and          months, you have seen the completion of our
                   Auction. Your presence here         new front parking area, the landscaping, and the
                   tonight is a true testament to      Michael Thometz Alumni Plaza. It is a beautiful
                   the fact that, collectively, we     and much-needed facelift to the front of the
can make a tremendous difference to the lives of       school, and we have many people to thank for
the young men and women who choose to                  that. Please take a moment to read the inside
attend Bishop Kelly High School.                       front cover of this program, which acknowledges
                                                       those friends of Bishop Kelly who made this reno-
This past year has been a difficult one for many,
                                                       vation possible. This is a part of the Capital
and those in our Bishop Kelly family were cer-
                                                       Campaign we began in 2006.
tainly not immune to sudden financial changes
in their lives. Thanks in large part to the generos-   On behalf of our students and our faculty and
ity of our donors, the impact on Bishop Kelly          staff, please accept my heartfelt gratitude for all
was minimized. Your support tonight, as well as        you do for Bishop Kelly High School.
your support of the Foundation both directly
and through the Capital Campaign, helped us in         Enjoy your evening, best of luck in your bidding,
two ways. First of all, the Foundation was able        and God bless you all.
to provide a $400,000 grant to general operating       Respectfully yours,
budget expenses. Second, the Foundation’s
additional grant of over $206,000 allowed us to
provide need-based financial aid to many more
students who might not have otherwise been
able to attend Bishop Kelly. That assistance           David Lachiondo
made the difference between what their families        Bishop Kelly President
could pay and our cost of tuition. For those of us

                    Dear Friends,                      Thank you for believing in our mission. More
                                                       importantly, thank you for believing in our stu-
                    Welcome to this evening’s
                                                       dents. Your involvement tonight and throughout
                    33rd Annual Winner’s
                                                       the year is a tribute to them and their accomplish-
                    Choice Dinner and Auction,
                                                       ments. Because of you, they will continue the fine
                    “A Knight’s Tale”. This event
                                                       traditions here at Bishop Kelly, and make our tale
                    is one of the finest traditions
                                                       worthy of the Knights of old!
                    here at Bishop Kelly and
                    part of our “tale”. It is an       Sincerely yours in Christ,
                    evening of incredible gen-
erosity, fellowship, fine dining, and fun. Enjoy
your evening!
Since its inception, this event has provided           Robert R. Wehde
much-needed support for Bishop Kelly High              Principal
School. It is critical, not only in assisting us in    Bishop Kelly High School
maintaining our facility and our educational offer-
ings, but in making the Bishop Kelly experience
financially possible for many of our students.
                      Dear Friends of Bishop Kelly,     from the start. We are blessed to have you
                                                        among us. I’d like to recognize one of those
                        Thank you all for your
                                                        individuals-A 1967 alumni, and a parent of
                        ongoing and loyal support
                                                        two sons who graduated from Bishop Kelly:
                        of Bishop Kelly High
                                                        Julie Lliteras. Julie also served as the Bishop
                        School. As you know, our
                                                        Kelly Foundation Executive Director from
                        theme this year is “A
                                                        1999 until her retirement this past July. She
                        Knight’s Tale”. A very real
                                                        conducted 10 very successful Winner’s Choice
                        and important part of that
                                                        Auctions, and was a vital part of the Capital
                        tale is about you: As the
                                                        Campaign that has grown our endowment and
    only remaining Catholic high school in Idaho,
                                                        protected it through difficult economic times.
    Bishop Kelly could not remain viable without
                                                        She understands as well as anyone that we
    your active participation and generosity here
                                                        must take an active role in protecting this
    this evening. The Winner’s Choice Auction
                                                        wonderful institution so that it can be here for
    proceeds represent forty percent of our annual
                                                        generations to come. Thank you, Julie.
    gift to the school, a gift that assists with nor-
    mal operating expenses as well as provides          This evening is about tradition and commit-
    much-needed financial aid to those families         ment to Bishop Kelly, but most of all it is about
    who would not otherwise be able to afford a         enjoying a night with friends and family in this
    Catholic education.                                 celebration of our incredible school and its
                                                        wonderful students, staff and faculty. I would
    Another part of our tale is about Bishop Kelly
                                                        like to thank everyone who made this night
    itself. We are proud of the accomplishments of
                                                        possible, and thank all of you again for your
    our students and faculty, and that we can pro-
                                                        continued support of Bishop Kelly High School.
    vide the unique experience of a superior aca-
    demic culture in a faith-based environment.         Sincerely,
    Finally, our tale is about family. Tonight,
    friends will come together who have watched
    their children and grandchildren graduate
    from Bishop Kelly as well as alumni and sup-        Debbie McDonald
    porters who have attended this event regularly      President, Bishop Kelly Foundation

    Please remember to support all our donors who graciously and generously support Bishop Kelly.

    Bishop Kelly students will be selling centerpieces during dinner for $15 each. Ech table has a bid form for you
    to fill out if you would like to buy the centerpiece at your table. The BK student volunteers will stop by your
    table to pick up the form. First come first served. Students are not allowed to accept payment.
The following individuals have contributed an invaluable amount of time and energy to the 2009
Winner’s Choice Dinner and Auction.

             Dr. Tim and Kathlyn Johans                              Tom and Lauri Siegert
                 Event Co-Chairmen                                    Event Co-Chairmen

Reservations & Seating                             Student Coordinators              Invitations
Julie Lliteras                                     Mary Crum                         Joan Melvin
Valerie Rudd                                       Kelly Shockey
Tricia Stingley                                                                      Knight’s Table
                                                   Lisa Gerke
                                                                                     Annette Charles
                                                   Cindy Schaffeld
Silent Auction Display
Deanna Schmidt                                                                       Decorations
                                                   Live Auction Student
                                                                                     Bishop Kelly
Balloons                                                                             Horticulture Class
                                                   Mary Bertelsen
Cindy Schaffeld
Lisa Gerke                                                                           Baskets
                                                                                     Joanie Elkington
                                                   Jeanie Badgley
Live Auction Display
                                                   Pat Oberholzer                    Auction Coordinator
Debbie Hopkins
                                                                                     Jeannie Kranz

SPECIAL THANKS                                               2009 ACQUISITIONS COMMITTEE
In addition, many thanks to the following businesses         Mary Adcox                  Jeannie Kranz
and individuals for their special contributions to the
                                                             Shelly Batman               Larry Kurpiewski
2009 Bishop Kelly Foundation Winner’s Choice
Dinner & Auction:                                            Anita Bokan                 Julie Lliteras
                                                             Bob Borgna                  Danielle Larson
Sweetheart Manor                                             Dave Bruce                  Lori Long
Student Tuxedos                                              John Brunelle               John Meyer
Dave Lachiondo                                               Vickie Daly                 Judy Nicola
Master of Ceremonies                                         Rita Franklin               Andrea Nist
Tom Hennessey                                                Mike Hagler                 Vickie Redinger
Auctioneer                                                   Joel Hickman                Amy Schaecher
The Johnson Company Northwest                                Morgan Hicks                Dean Schaecher
Cindee Johnson                                               Kathlyn Johans              Tom Siegert
Invitation & Program Design                                  Celeste Keller              Karen Tucker
Bishop Kelly Ambassadors                                     Larry Koomler               Rebecca Watkins
Merchants Moving & Storage, Inc
Woodriver Cellars
Dave & Karen Buich †
Cabernet Sauvignon & Knights Table Wine                                                                     5
    About the Auction
    REGISTRATION                                             PAYMENT
    All persons attending the auction and assigned a         Payment may be made at the cashiers’ station any
    bidder number are eligible to participate in the         time between 9:30 and 11:30 p.m. However, FULL
    Balloon purchase and Silent and Live Auctions. An        PAYMENT MUST BE MADE ON SATURDAY,
    assigned bidding number will be given upon regis-        NOVEMBER 7, 2009. Payment can be made by
    tration. There will be one bidding number per ticket     cash, check, Visa or MasterCard.
    per couple unless otherwise requested.
                                                             Each successful bidder will receive a receipt from the
    Beginning at 5:30 p.m., Bishop Kelly students will       cashier identifying his purchase. For your conven-
    circulate through the crowd selling balloons in the      ience, all gifts will be held in a receiving area at the
    following denominations: White-$25; Black-$50; and       back of the room. You will be able to claim your
    Gold-$100 each. Each balloon will be tagged with a       purchases upon presentation of your receipt to the
    slip of paper identifying the merchandise or service     volunteers in this area. All items must be removed
    you have purchased. Payment for the balloons may         from the Boise Centre on the Grove by the end of
    be made at the cashiers’ station. We ask that you wait   the evening. There will be limited pick-up time on
    until after dinner to pop all balloons at one time. To   Sunday, November 8, 2009, from 10:00 a.m. to
    claim your merchandise, take your paid receipt to        noon for larger merchandise. Use the Grove Street
    inventory control. The tag from the balloon is not       entrance. All unclaimed items will be taken to
    sufficient to claim your item(s).                        Bishop Kelly High School.
    SILENT AUCTION                                           GENERAL RULES
    Silent Auction bidding begins at 5:30 p.m. Only          All sales are final. No exchanges or refunds except
    your bidding number will be accepted. We ask that        where stated.
    you check your number carefully to avoid entering
    someone else’s number. A starting bid and minimum        ALL ITEMS ARE SOLD AS IS. ANY
    increases have been pre-printed on the bid sheets.       CHANGES OR ADDITIONS WILL BE
    To enter a bid, write your bid number next to any        AT THE BUYER’S EXPENSE.
    amount on the sheet that has not been taken by           Donors and/or purchasers of auction items or servic-
    another bidder. The winner will be the number next       es should consult their own tax advisors regarding
    to the highest bid amount at the conclusion of the       questions of tax deductibility.
    Silent Auction. You may also write your bid number
    next to the amount in the guaranteed winning bid         Winner’s Choice 2009 reserves the right to change,
    space which will guarantee that you are the winning      add or remove any auction item it deems inappro-
    bidder on that item. No additional bid sheets will be    priate, even if it has been previously advertised or
    placed. Tables will begin closing at 8:00 p.m. and       listed in the printed program or addendum, if appli-
    end at 8:30 p.m. sharp. Cashiers will tabulate the       cable. Auction items for goods or services must be
    results and you will be able to pay for and pick up      negotiated within 30 days of purchase unless other-
    your items beginning at 9:30 p.m.                        wise specified.

    The Live Auction will begin at 8:30 p.m. The auc-             IMPORTANT NOTICE
    tioneer will verbally auction every Live Auction item
    listed in the program and on the addendum, if                  ALL ITEMS PURCHASED
    applicable. Bidders may bid by raising their bidding        MUST BE USED WITHIN ONE (1)
    number. Upon the auctioneer’s determination of the         YEAR OF THE 2009 BISHOP KELLY
    highest acceptable bid, the bid award will be record-
    ed by bidder number and name. The auctioneer is
                                                                    AUCTION OR WILL BE
    the sole judge and the final authority for determin-          CONSIDERED FORFEITED.
    ing the highest acceptable bid.

Winner’s Choice

1977   Auction only               1988     Dave Pirnie                  1999   Jeff & Mary Lantz
1978   Auction only               1989     Pat & Patti Brady            2000   Tom & Linda Dixon
1979   Bart & Dorothy Brassey     1990     Mike & Rita Drysdale         2001   Howard & Rebecca Brown
1980   Dick & Lottie Dooley       1991     Don & Susan Curtis           2002   Joe & Jean Marie Baumann
1981   Sam & Helen Kaufman        1992     David & Patty Skinner        2003   Ken & Amy Davis
1982   Bob & Marge Crosby         1993     Richard & Jean Porter        2004   Brandon & Christina Williams
1983   Waldo & Gay Jordan         1994     Norman & Sandy Lodge         2005   James Steele, Jr.
1984   Dan & Jane Bilbao, Sr.     1995     Ron & Kathy Lauer            2006   Barry & Margie Zamzow
1985   R.B. & Hope Kading         1996     Marc & Pat Johnson           2007   Dr. Steven & Michelle Mings
1986   Richard & Jean Porter      1997     Allen & Marcia Hoyt          2008   Don & Susan Curtis
1987   Rod & Chris Higgins        1998     Dennis & Jodee McDowell      2009   Who will it be???

The Silent Auction begins at 5:30 p.m. All items have minimum bid and minimum raise amounts
pre-printed on the forms. There is also a guaranteed winning bid amount listed which can automati-
cally secure the item should you choose to bid that amount. No additional bid sheets will be placed.
Please follow the established format by filling in your bid number next to the amount you wish to
bid. The value listed is retail cost as determined by the donor(s).

This award honors those individuals who have gone above and beyond in furthering the interests of
the Bishop Kelly Foundation and Bishop Kelly High School.
1991                     1996                        2001                            2006
Rev. James R. Wilson     Gary Gunther                Dr. David Lachiondo             Juliana C. Lliteras
Marge Pigg               Joanne Gunther              Father Patrick Russell          Tim Brennan
1992                     1997                        2002                            2007
Ronald C. Yanke          Thomas Hennessey                     .
                                                     Bernard F Gratton               Larry Kurpiewski
Larry T. McEntee         Rev. Donald Riffle          Margaret Zamzow Priest          Robert Rebholtz. Jr.
1993                     1998                        2003                            2008
John Priest              Jane Slattery               Judith T. Kroos                 Charles Irvine
Hugh Brady               Catherine Stein             Tony Kurpiewski                 Carl Reynolds
1994                     1999                        2004                            2009
Jim Bruce                John B. Fery                Jack Craven                     Tom & Linda Dixon
Dave Connolly            John & Joan Carley          Larry Arguinchona                 Family
1995                     2000                        2005                            Kathy & Mike Hagler
J. Kirk Sullivan         Charter Members of the      Robert J. Borgna
Keith Stein              Bishop Kelly Foundation     Tim LaMott
    University of Notre Dame                   Two Rivers Salon and Spa      Idaho Botanical Garden
    Seattle University                         Flying Pie                    Starbucks
    Stinker Stations                           The Pantry                    Big O Tires
    Impact Imports                             YMCA                          Big City Coffee
    Metro Express †                            Carino’s Italian Restaurant   Boise Ranch Golf Club
    Mary Schmidt †                             Zoo Boise                     Mike and Jeanie Badgley †
    DaVinci’s                                  Macaroni Grill                Wahooz Family Fun Zone

    Bigelow Tea                                Boise Co-op                   Chuck-a-Rama
    Roaring Springs Water Park                 Grocery Outlet                Moon’s
    Big O Tire                                 Ballet Idaho                  Papa Joe’s
    Boise Hawks                                Chicago Connection            The Stuffed Olive
    Café Ole                                   Boise Art Museum              Discovery Center
    Joana Lee, Evergreen Chiropractic          YMCA                          Chicago Connection Gift
    Michelle Garland †                         Cazba                         Swire Coca Cola
    Kwal Howells Paint                         Idaho State University        Tri City Meats
    Cookies by Design                          Impact Imports                Nu Look Car Wash
                                               Cucina Di Paulo               Wellness Massage

    $100 BALLOONS - GOLD
    Inn America †                              Cobby’s                       PoJo’s
    Papa Joe’s                                 Bella Aquilla                 West Side Drive In †
    Smokey Mountain Pizza                      Shadow Valley Golf Club       Goodwood’s
    Opera Idaho                                Golden Corral                 Discovery Center
    RC Willey                                  Idaho Stampede

    SILVER - UP TO $249                       GOLD - $250 TO $499            PLATINUM - $500 TO $999
    Doug and Mary Crum †                      Rick and Michelle Atkinson †   Mr. & Mrs. Larry Hlobik †
    Melissa Janquart †                        Dr. Seana Daly †               Weight Watchers
    Mr. George Klein †                        Tom and Linda Dixon †
    Robert and Judith Kroos                   Richard Dooley                 DIAMOND
    Mark and Tami Masarik †                   Brent and Sandra Fery †        Wells Fargo Foundation
    Margot Nye †                              Eric and Allison Gilbreath †   James and Angie Harrison †
    Micron Foundation                         Andrew Harrington †            Larry and Barbara Kurpiewski *
    Jon Riche                                 Key Bank Foundation            Tony Kurpiewski †
    Ann Sadler †                              McAlvain Construction †        J.R. Simplot Foundation, Inc.
    Mr. & Mrs. Tom Schmalz †                  Post Insurance Services †
    Bill Tiffany and Barb Jekel †
                                              Greg and Toni Sweeney †

8   † Bishop Kelly Parent   * Bishop Kelly Alumni
Silent Auction

2000      PREMIER ITEM                               2005
Are you looking to finally upgrade to a HDTV?        Your Gonzaga graduate will appreciate framing
Get ready for the big games with this state-of-      their diploma in this high-end frame.
the-art television.
                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Art Berry †                       $100
Idaho Power Company                      $1000
2001                                                 This unique French Reproduction mini bar will
This whimsical bowl and two plates in Bishop         add an interesting touch to any home. Includes
Kelly colors will brighten up any room! Can be       premium wine from The Tavern at Bown
used, but not in the microwave. Dishwasher           Crossing and matching wine glasses.
safe. Hand painted by BK parent Nancy
                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Mark Daly † *                     $350
                                                     The Tavern at Bown Crossing †
Nancy Middleton †                           $55
2002                                                 Support the mighty Broncos with the custom
Use this $250 gift certificate to begin decorating   carved BSU stone.
you home with the timeless and elegant furni-
                                                     Rockitecture Stoneworks                      $200
ture from Ethan Allen
                                                     Chris & Mandi Hill *
Ethan Allen †                              $250
2003                                                 This brocade and gold set expresses the true
“Bursting Waves” by watercolor artist Mechtild       meaning of Christmas. Perfect for your
Calnin reminds one of the Oregon coast. A            home mantle.
lovely compliment to any home.
                                                     Michelle Garland †                            $45
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Sorge †                     $150
2004                                                 The majesty of the outdoors is depicted in this
This stained glass panel is the one and only of      masterpiece, This print is beautifully framed
its kind, an inspired work of art. If you wish       and will compliment your home or office.
you can trade it in for a custom stained glass
                                                     Sharon Job †                               $1500
panel from Christiana Glass Studio.
Christiana Glass Studio                    $150
Edie Martin †

                                                             † Bishop Kelly Parent   * Bishop Kelly Alumni   9
     2010       PREMIER ITEM                                2016
     Washington artist, Patricia Franklin has worked        This reproduction print of fly fishing and fish-
     under the direction of Mosaic Master, Enzo             ing goodie basket is the perfect gift for the
     Aiello from Rome, Italy. This whimsical piece,         angler in your family.
     “Just Visiting”, includes glass, beads and ceram-
                                                            Idaho Marine                                $300
     ic tiles and captures the play of light, move-
     ment, spirit, and color.                               2017
     Mosiacs by Patricia                             $995   Enjoy this photograph of Idaho wildflowers.
     Patricia Franklin                                      Nicely framed, it will go well in your home or
                                                            summer retreat.
                                                            Brian Losness †                             $125
     This framed print from Thomas Kinkade
     Gallery shows the play of light and will               2018
     enhance almost any decor.                              An elegant framed mirror will make a stylish
     Thomas Kinkade Galleries                        $106   addition to any home.
     Debbie Mason                                           Atkinson’s Mirror & Glass †                 $450
     2012                                                   2019
     This original is by Bishop Kelly parent Tracy          This stainless steel wine cooler is perfect for
     Bingham and will look great in your home or            entertaining. Includes eight bottles of assorted
     near your front door. The unique design defines        wines.
     Americana Art.
                                                            Karen Mahoney †                             $180
     Mr. & Mrs. Steve Bingham †                       $75   Summit Beverage
     2013                                                   2020      PREMIER ITEM
     This whimsical print is a mini version of the          Comfort and fashion abound in the LaZBoy
     original. A great addition to your home decor.         Furniture Gallery. Use this $1,000 gift certifi-
     Gallery 601                                     $50    cate to select that perfect piece of furniture for
                                                            your home.
                                                            LaZBoy Furniture Galleries                 $1000
     This hand made log pine deck chair will be the
                                                            Larry Kurpiewski *
     perfect addition to your patio or deck. The
     chair was hand made by Bishop Kelly teacher            2021
     Pat Connor’s father, Robert, of pine from the          Add this planter to your patio or deck for a
     Sawtooth National Forest.                              whimsical touch!
     Robert Conner †                                 $150   Impact Imports                                $45
     2015                                                   2022
     Famous Idaho artist, Will Nelson, has created          Your sweaters never looked so good hanging
     this piece of wonderful artwork.                       up! This stained glass coat rack will enhance
     Northwest Arts                                  $500   any decor.
     Mr. Will Nelson                                        Susanna Wendt †                               $75

10   † Bishop Kelly Parent   * Bishop Kelly Alumni
2023                                               2026
The perfect compliment to your home in the         Local artist and wood carver, Richard Flower, cre-
mountains. “Bell Mountains of Lemhi”, this         ated this one-of-a-kind chest from Idaho trees.
Idaho landscape original oil is breathtaking.
                                                   Richard Flower                                $450
Harriet Fease †                         $2100
2024                                               Get a good nights sleep with these two king size
Hand crafted by Bishop Kelly staff member,         “vitalize” memory foam pillows. Sweet dreams!
Kenny Mathews, this Plains Indian arrowhead
                                                   Douglas Bedroom Design                        $140
art will be the perfect compliment to your west-
ern decor.                                         2028
Kenny Matthews                           $100      Get something special for your home with this
                                                   $500 gift certificate.
                                                   Ennis Fine Furniture                          $500
This original watercolor will compliment your
home or office. Dwight Williams is an award
winning Idaho Artist known for his exquisite
attention to detail.
Integra Inc.                             $500
Roger and Bonnie Brazier

                                                            † Bishop Kelly Parent   * Bishop Kelly Alumni   11
      3000                                                  3006
     This gift certificate is good for any services or      Changing your engine oil and filter regularly as
     products from the Tune Tech shop at 1202               recommended by the vehicle manufacturer is the
     West State Street.                                     single most important activity you can perform
                                                            to help keep your vehicle healthy, ensure long,
     Tune Tech †                                     $500
                                                            trouble-free engine life, and help you avoid
     3001                                                   breakdowns or costly repairs down the road.
     Car looking a little dirty inside and out? Use         Hurless Brothers Foreign Car Service complete
     this complete detail at Like Nu Car Wash to get        oil service maintains your car and ensures that
     all the dust, dirt and french fries out of the         your vehicle is healthy, inside and out.
     cracks of your car.                                    Hurless Brothers Foreign Car Service      $100
     Like Nu Car Wash                                $175   Todd Hurless
     John Bleymaier †                                       3007
     3002                                                   Throw a party and don’t have enough room?
     See the world more clearly with this compli-           Use this Basque Museum rental to fit your needs.
     mentary eye exam.                                      Basque Museum & Cultural Center           $350
     EyeCare Associates                              $145   3008
     3003                                                   Don’t want to teach your student to drive your-
     This gift certificate will make your life so much      self? Try this year-round sessions for ages 14
     easier! $200 can be used for windows, tracks           1/2 and up. These certified instructors empha-
     and screen cleaning for your home. Other               size defensive driving methods and offer flexi-
     options are hard water stain removal, gutter           ble driving schedules. Must call in advance for
     cleaning and pressure washing the outside of           registration. Subject to availability.
     your home.                                             Hawkins Driver Education                  $375
     All Valley Window Cleaning †                    $200   3009
     3004                                                   The University of Portland provides an out-
     Adopt a new best friend with this pet adoption         standing education for its students. Use this
     from the Idaho Humane Society.                         $1,000 scholarship for an undergraduate stu-
                                                            dent enrolled in the regular 2010/2011 fall and
     Idaho Humane Society                             $75   spring semesters. Valid for payment of charges
                                                            related to tuition, fees, and campus dorm room
                                                            and board charges. Must be used at a rate of
     Look your best for the holidays! Botox® tem-           $500 per semester. Minimum bid of $750.
     porarily improves crow’s feet, frown line, and
     other facial wrinkles. This procedure is mini-         University of Portland                  $1,000
     mally invasive and non-surgical, requiring no          3010
     recovery or ’down time.' Results last approxi-
     mately three to four months. This is a gift from       A great college experience awaits at Gonzaga
     Gem State Dermatology who excels in deliver-           University. Use this $500 scholarship for the
     ing state of the art medical and cosmetic derma-       2010-11 school year at the rate of $250 per
     tological care for their clients.                      semester. This is for a new or continuing full-
                                                            time undergraduate student. Cannot be resold
     Gem State Dermatology                           $300   or redeemed for cash. CONTACT BISHOP
     Dr. Steven Mings †                                     KELLY FOUNDATION OFFICE @ 323-4789
                                                            TO RECEIVE ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE.
                                                            Gonzaga University                        $500

12   † Bishop Kelly Parent   * Bishop Kelly Alumni
3011                                                 3017
A complete spinal exam, evaluation, x-rays and       Car looking a little dirty inside and out? Use
consultation by Dr. Shaun Simmer.                    this complete detail at Like Nu Car Wash to get
                                                     all the dust, dirt and french fries out of the
Simmer Chiropractic                        $150
                                                     cracks of your car.
Dr. Shaun Simmer
                                                     Like Nu Car Wash                              $175
3012                                                 John Bleymaier †
Pamper yourself this holiday season with a one-
hour massage from PT 180.                            3018
                                                     Show off those pearly whites with this certifi-
PT 180                                      $50
                                                     cate for a teeth whitening.
Jill Thompson †
                                                     Smile Works                                   $593
3013       PREMIER ITEM                              Dr. Mark Smith *
Be the envy of your neighbors and have the
shiniest, leanest car in town for a year with        3019
these 52 Uptown car washes at Boise’s best           If you have a project you have been putting off
car wash.                                            because you need some muscle to do it—wait no
                                                     more. You can have the Bishop Kelly Football
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Martin †                   $520
                                                     Players for 2 hours. Hang Christmas lights, clean
3014       PREMIER ITEM                              your gutters, get your yard or garden ready for
Lawn care means more than just mowing your           winter...the possibilities are endless!
lawn once a week. The Next Degree Land               Bishop Kelly Football Team                Priceless
Maintenance Services will provide one season         Lee Leslie †
(March - October 2010) of basic lawn care for
up to 5,000 square feet of lawn area, including      3020
weekly professional edging, mowing and clean         Get a jump start on your holiday cleaning with
up of sidewalk and patio. Trimmings are              this $500 gift certificate from American
hauled off.                                          Cleaning Services.
Wally and Sherry Placido †                 $850      American Cleaning † *                         $500
3015                                                 3021
Don’t have the time or the nerves to teach them      A great college experience awaits at Gonzaga
yourself? Try this certified driver’s education      University. Use this $500 scholarship for the
course that provides classroom instruction,          2010-11 school year at the rate of $250 per
driving and observation of action. Must call in      semester. This is for a new or continuing full-
advance for registration. Subject to availability.   time undergraduate student. Cannot be resold
                                                     or redeemed for cash.
Eiguren Driving School                     $350
                                                     Gonzaga University                            $500
This toilet is a “Green Water Saver” product         3022
that has two handles for two uses. A-1               Enjoy the benefits of a Life Flight Membership
Plumbing will remove the old toilet and install      to protect your family. This gift basket includes
the new Kohler “Persuade” toilet.                    a one year Life Flight membership, a mug, a
                                                     license plate frame and a t-shirt.
A-1 Plumbing                               $695
                                                     Saint Alphonsus Life Flight Membership $100

                                                              † Bishop Kelly Parent   * Bishop Kelly Alumni   13
     3023                                                   3028
     From photographer Barb Bergeson Studio’s               What could be better than a freshly baked loaf
     Gallery–the answer to your senior picture              of artisan bread, hand-made and delivered to
     dilemma. The first five people who sign up to          your home once a month? Mary Schmidt makes
     pay $100 will receive a portrait session that          loaves like nobody’s business. Enjoy her baking
     includes sitting fee and one 8x10 portrait.            for a whole year. Yum!
     Barb Bergeson Studio Gallery                    $100   Mary Schmidt †                             $120
     Barbara Bergeson
     3024                                                   Coffee stains affecting your smile? This package
     From photographer Barb Bergeson Studio’s               includes a dental evaluation, custom whitening
     Gallery–the answer to your senior picture              trays, take home whitening kit, chair side
     dilemma. The first five people who sign up to          “turbo jump start” appointment and an electric
     pay $100 will receive a portrait session that          toothbrush.
     includes sitting fee and one 8x10 portrait.
                                                            Dr. Scott Wright, DDS                      $750
     Barb Bergeson Studio Gallery                    $100
     Barbara Bergeson
                                                            3030       PREMIER ITEM
                                                            You’ll see a big smile if you use this orthodontic
     3025                                                   treatment package. Includes diagnostics, $1000
     From photographer Barb Bergeson Studio’s               toward treatment and a fun basket of goodies.
     Gallery–the answer to your senior picture
                                                            Poulsen Orthodontics †                   $1350
     dilemma. The first five people who sign up to
     pay $100 will receive a portrait session that          3031
     includes sitting fee and one 8x10 portrait.            This one hour massage from Joanna Lee at
     Barb Bergeson Studio Gallery                    $100   Evergreen Chiropractic is just the ticket to
     Barbara Bergeson                                       relieve the holiday stress.

     3026                                                   Evergreen Chiropractic                         $80
                                                            Joanna Lee
     From photographer Barb Bergeson Studio’s
     Gallery–the answer to your senior picture              3032
     dilemma. The first five people who sign up to          Your family will create a memory of lifetime
     pay $100 will receive a portrait session that          with this portrait with sitting fee included.
     includes sitting fee and one 8x10 portrait.
                                                            Hollenbaugh Photography                        $95
     Barb Bergeson Studio Gallery                    $100
     Barbara Bergeson                                       3033       PREMIER ITEM
     3027                                                   Light Pulse Treatment is used to treat
                                                            sunspots, age spots, melasma, and freckles and
     From photographer Barb Bergeson Studio’s               superficial veins under the skin surface includ-
     Gallery–the answer to your senior picture              ing Rosacea and spider veins. A desirable side
     dilemma. The first five people who sign up to          effect noted after treatment is smaller pores
     pay $100 will receive a portrait session that          and smoother skin.
     includes sitting fee and one 8x10 portrait.
                                                            Vein and Skin Institute of Idaho         $1,800
     Barb Bergeson Studio Gallery                    $100   Dr. Melody Dwyer
     Barbara Bergeson

14   † Bishop Kelly Parent   * Bishop Kelly Alumni
3034                                               3040
Find your inner peace and balance with this        The College of Idaho, rated one of the best col-
Introduction for Beginners Yoga Class at either    lege values in the country, offers this $1000
the Rose Hill or Eagle location.                   scholarship for any new or continuing student.
                                                   Contingent upon enrollment. Good for the
Boise Yoga Center                           $96
                                                   2011-12 school years. Collector C of I
3035                                               blanket included.
Precision K-9 has a program that trains your dog   College of Idaho                            $1,050
positively and quickly, teaching you how to con-   Dr. Roger and Josette Stagg
trol your dog at all times. The training methods
are kind and effective and based on dog psychol-   3041
ogy and how dogs instinctually learn.              Two nights/three days stay in any Shilo Inn any-
                                                   where in the USA. A great buy for vacation plans.
Precision K-9 Training                    $100
                                                   Shilo Inns                                    $300
Car Running a little rough? Use this $150 gift     3042
certificate toward any vehicle repair.             Get your carpets cleaned before the holidays.
                                                   Use this $100 Gift Certificate from Certified
Rod’s Auto Repair, Inc. †                 $150
                                                   Carpet Cleaners, and be ready to shine!
3037                                               Certified, Inc.                               $100
Need to remove holiday stress? Sit back and
treat yourself to a relaxation basket from Chris   3043
Koomler.                                           This take-home teeth whitening system is a
                                                   spray on system and works like magic!
Chris Koomler †                           $100
                                                   Lynn R. Blaisdell, DDS, PA                    $180
You won’t need a get out of jail free card with    3044
this priceless package. Get a personalized         Sign up now for your senior portrait. This
behind the bars...er.. scene tour of Ada County    package includes the yearbook photo, and two
and then enjoy lunch with Ada County Sheriff       outdoor settings.
Gary Raney. The package is complete with a
                                                   Hollenbaugh Photography                       $115
striped Ada County Jail Bed and Breakfast shirt.
Ada County Sheriff Office              Priceless
                                                   Portrait study and framed wall print by Jordan
3039                                               Mardis will create a wonderful image that will
Capture the memories and smiling faces of the      touch your soul. Wild Vine Photography cele-
ones you love with this $150 gift Certificate to   brates life, love and family. This gift certificate
one of Boise’s most respected studios.             includes a portrait consultation, the photogra-
                                                   phy session and a framed portrait.
Burns Studio                              $150
                                                   Wild Vine Photography                       $1,020

                                                            † Bishop Kelly Parent   * Bishop Kelly Alumni   15
     4000                                                   4006
     This lovely set will dress up any outfit! Hand         Family and friends will think you have been bak-
     made in Bali by local artisans.                        ing for weeks when you bring home these two
                                                            dozen BK muffins and three dozen BK chocolate
     Mr. & Mrs. Tim Watkins †                        $110
                                                            chip cookies. Must be ordered by December 11th
     4001                                                   and picked up by December 18th.
     Brighten up your home every month for one              Bishop Kelly High School Cafeteria           $75
     year with this flower of the month club - and
     you get to take home a beautiful bouquet               4007
     tonight as well. Take this gift certificate to         Pamper yourself with this basket full of fabulous
     Georgia to arrange for monthly arrangements.           lotions and hair products from Paul Mitchell.
     Boise at Its Best                               $300   Susan’s Shoppe                             $200
     Georgia Wells                                          Susan Alexander †
     4002                                                   4008
     This lovely doll in mint condition sits in her         These beautiful topaz earrings and matching sil-
     rocking chair and charms everyone. A treasure          ver braided bracelet will compliment a variety
     for doll collectors everywhere.                        of outfits.
     Marge Hesse †                                   $265   Impact Imports                               $55
     4003                                                   4009
     This family pass will bring the fun of the             This wine picnic pack and two bottles of wine
     Bishop Kelly Theatre Arts Department to your           will enhance any picnic you can find!
     whole family. Good for any night of the play,
                                                            Erickson’s Fine Wine *                       $30
     April 22 through 25. Contact Rita Franklin to
     reserve your spot.                                     4010
     Bishop Kelly Theatre Arts                        $48   This vintage 2005 bottle of chianti promises to
                                                            be the perfect compliment to your Italian feast.
                                                            BRJ Distributing Co.                       $150
     Coffee lovers will enjoy this basket of Tully
     products. The stainless steel mug and gift cer-        4011
     tificate makes a great gift.                           Get a jump on your Christmas decorating
     Tully’s Coffee †                                 $50   and festivities with this great basket full of
                                                            holiday cheer.
                                                            Dr. & Mrs. John Eck †                      $150
     The funnest iPod ever! Millions of songs.
     Thousands of games. Countless hours of fun. The        4012
     new iPod touch is the perfect Christmas gift for       Imported from the Orient, this stunning neck-
     your teenager, or teenager at heart. The iPod          lace will thrill some lucky person.
     touch puts everything you want to play, watch, or
     browse on one sleek Multi-Touch device.                Impact Imports                               $65
     Boise Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery              $230   4013
                                                            Every child’s dream is to have all the toys - this
                                                            Mattel and Fisher-Price package is Christmas in
                                                            a box!
                                                            Jeff and Carolyn Russell †                 $300

16   † Bishop Kelly Parent   * Bishop Kelly Alumni
4014                                                 4020
This gift from beautiful new Salon Couture is        This is the handiest crock pot on the market!
just what you’re looking for! Use the $100 gift      You have three types of cooking capacity in one
certificate and then keep up the new “do” with       unit. Have the right size for every occasion
the included hair products.                          from party appetizers to large family dinners.
Salon Couture                              $200      Grocery Outlet                                $30
4015       PREMIER ITEM                              4021
The perfect Christmas gift! This lovely triangle     This unique pearl cross and cord is a perfect
cut, 1.35 carat imperial topaz ring with .15         Christmas gift!
carat total weight inlaid diamonds in two bands
                                                     Impact Imports                                $40
will thrill someone special. The whole setting is
14 carat gold and simply stunning!                   4022
Anonymous *                                $559      Everything you need for a wonderful Italian
                                                     meal. This lovely basket will thrill any cook.
4016       PREMIER ITEM                              There are three of the Lassere Family recipes
This set is compiled from Billboard’s charts, this   included and a $35 Fred Meyer Gift Certificate.
is more than 60 hours of music-1,041 songs by
                                                     Dr. & Mrs. John Lassere †                    $250
over 600 artists-completely cross referenced by
title, chronology, artist, and ranking in the        4023       PREMIER ITEM
accompanying reference book. This incredible         This Russian demantoid garnet ring with a
set will be a treasured part of any music-phile’s    white/yellow gold setting is inlaid with six .26
collection.                                          carat total weight princess cut diamonds. A spe-
Mr. & Mrs. Tony Oliveri †                $1,000      cial ring for a special occasion.

4017                                                 Anonymous                                    $579
This item is a real bang! Firing off this cannon     4024
is a great way to celebrate special occasions.       Celebrate in style with this Champagne and
Comes with two boxes of blank shells.                champagne flutes and unique holder.
Mr. Dick Porter †                          $750      Michelle Garland †                           $175
4018                                                 4025
Have the written word at your fingertips! With       Be ready for the game or any outdoor event
Kindle you can download from over 100,000            with this BK Survivor Pack. The kit includes a
titles, and have your favorite books at a            fleece blanket, 2 rally towels, 2 headbands, 2
moment’s notice.                                     scarves and 2 pair of gloves all tucked into a
Tom and Linda Dixon †                      $300      600 denier polyester duffel. For comfort add 2
                                                     stadium cushions. No matter the weather, you
4019                                                 are ready to go!
You’ll feel like you are back in the old country
                                                     Custom Clothing and Décor                     $75
when you sample the Basque wines in this bas-
                                                     Jan Williams †
ket. Also included is a $50 gift certificate for
Epi’s, A Basque Restaurant.                          4026
Epi’s a Basque Restaurant † *              $200      Treat your Bishop Kelly student (or your
                                                     favorite volunteer at Bishop Kelly) to his or her
                                                     own front row reserved parking spot in our
                                                     new front parking lot.
                                                     Bishop Kelly High School                 Priceless

                                                             † Bishop Kelly Parent   * Bishop Kelly Alumni   17
     4027                                                   4032
     The complete Thanksgiving Kit! Everything              Movie Lovers will want this gift basket. Includes
     you will need for your dinner, your table              a $15 Movie Gallery gift card; “Monsters vs
     and decor.                                             Aliens” DVD; Popcorn Cookbook with lots of
                                                            recipes & trivia on popcorn; Package of 20
     Mike and Jeanie Badgley †                       $200
                                                            white w/red stripe paper popcorn boxes; Large
     Dr. Jim and Jeannie Kranz †
                                                            red enamel popcorn bowl; Orville Redenbacher’s
     4028                                                   Movie Theater Butter microwave popcorn with
     Enjoy yourself with this wonderful basket of           Kettle Corn and White Cheddar popcorn season-
     books, a Barnes and Noble Gift certificate,            ing; 6-pack of Henry Weinhard’s Root Beer; and
     Starbucks gift certificate, a journal and lots of      lots of movie theatre candy - all presented on
     other goodies.                                         large rectangular red melamine serving tray w/
                                                            cutout handles.
     Bishop Kelly Teachers and Staff                 $190
                                                            Harris and Company                         $125
     Ring in a new look with this Silpada Collectors
     Piece! Hammered sterling silver rings jingle from      Flowers, flowers, flowers! This large handmade
     this lightweight sterling silver link necklace.        quilt is from the “chocolate” fabric line.
     Adjusts up to 17" long with a lobster clasp.           Beautifully made–you will treasure this forever.

     Jim & Stephanie Bennett †                       $144   Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Erickson †              $280

     4030                                                   4034
     This Mai Ling doll by Hildegard Gunzel is still        Everything you will need to make scrumptious
     in the original box and in perfect condition.          cookies–this gift basket has a Betty Crocker
     She has protective bubble wrap still tied to the       Cookbook and all the fixin’s for most any cook-
     hands and lets. This doll has not been removed         ie you could want.
     from the box ever! She is number 27 of a limit-        Pat and Keith Thomas †                      $60
     ed edition of 500, signed and numbered by the
     artist. 26 inches tall.                                4035
                                                            Every small fry wants his own tractor to ride
     Marge Hesse †                                   $175
                                                            the range! This is the Christmas perfect gift for
     4031        PREMIER ITEM                               your grandchild.
     This is a absolutely gorgeous .87 carat red            Campbell Tractor Company                   $150
     andesine ring in an 18 carat white/yellow gold
     setting. The band is inlaid with .45 carat total       4036
     weight diamonds.                                       Enjoy the rich treasures of Africa with this
                                                            unique basket from the Small Village
     Anonymous *                                     $499
                                                            Foundation. These hand crafted bowls and arti-
                                                            facts are the perfect example of the tapestry of
                                                            Africa. The two bottles of Shiraz complete
                                                            the package.
                                                            Small Village Foundation                   $100
                                                            Enhance your garden or entry way with this
                                                            handcrafted Basque Sandstone. This one-of-a-
                                                            kind stone will be a fabulous addition to any-
                                                            one’s yard.
                                                            Stone Creations †                          $250

18   † Bishop Kelly Parent   * Bishop Kelly Alumni
4038                                                4046
A duffel bag and all the rest that you need to      If you enjoy java, this is the perfect basket for
watch the University of Idaho big game.             you. Mugs, pitcher and towel set along with
                                                    Starbucks Gift Cards will make your day!
University of Idaho                       $125
                                                    Michelle Garland †                             $50
Christmas all wrapped up in one package! All        4047
you add is yourself and you are in the spirit of    The only thing better than pink is chocolate.
the season.                                         The buyer of this basket will enjoy chocolate in
                                                    a new way–and revel in the luxury of massage
Michelle Garland †                          $50
                                                    oil, tea, a lovely scarf and all the pink.
4040                                                Michelle Garland †                            $125
This delicate woman’s watch never needs wind-
ing or batteries.                                   4048
                                                    Who wouldn’t love these zandrite earrings?
Artsmith Jewelers                         $250
                                                    The gems color changes to match your outfit!
4041                                                Set in sterling silver.
This vintage 10 carat gold, 1carat weight dia-      Susan Busche                                   $95
mond ring is a treasure! Some lucky woman
will be surprised and impressed!                    4049
                                                    This heavy duty picnic blanket is hand made by
Greg and Chris Clovis †                   $250
                                                    BK parent Tracy Bingham. She uses recycled
4042                                                blue jeans and repurposed cotton upholstery
This nostalgic quilt is made from a vintage print   fabric to create a sturdy and beautiful blanket.
and includes a matching basket, book and toy.       Mr. & Mrs. Steve Bingham †                    $150
The perfect gift to welcome home your new lit-
tle one!                                            4050
                                                    The blazer by Austin Reed for the guy that
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Erickson †             $125
                                                    appreciates style. This famous brand portrays
4043                                                the executive look.
Your son or daughter have worked hard to earn       Alexander Davis                               $295
their letter. Why not surprise him or her this
Christmas with a letter jacket? Can be              4051
exchanged for the correct size.                     Keep your water crystal clear and tasty with this
                                                    water pitcher with a built in filter. The package
Idaho Sporting Goods † *                  $160
                                                    also includes a complete knife set.
4044                                                Jim’s Appliance and Furniture                  $50
This romantic “Star” pattern lap quilt would be
the perfect addition to your home. The quilt        4052
stand makes for a lovely display.                   Enjoy this fall harvest basket from the Eagle,
                                                    Idaho Albertsons store.
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Erickson †             $200
                                                    Albertsons Eagle Road                          $75
4045      PREMIER ITEM
This beautiful diamond and white gold cross
will make a great gift for the special woman in
your life.
Molenaar’s Jewelers *                     $595

                                                             † Bishop Kelly Parent   * Bishop Kelly Alumni   19
     4053                                                    4060
     Order your Christmas floral arrangement now             You will have an entertaining evening under the
     and have a lasting decoration for your                  stars with these two tickets to any weeknight
     Christmas table. Can be redeemed at the horti-          performance during the Idaho Shakespeare
     culture Christmas sale.                                 Festival’s 2009 season. Package includes the
                                                             book “With Our Good Will” and a magnum
     Bishop Kelly Horticulture Class                  $25
                                                             bottle of Le Grand Noir wine.
     Kim Meier
                                                             Bill and Celeste Keller †                  $350
     4054        PREMIER ITEM                                Idaho Shakespeare
     These white gold earrings are a custom design
     with a loop circle free form setting with dia-          4061
     monds pave set in circles. Absolutely stunning!         This purse, belt with unique buckle, bracelet
                                                             and earrings, and gift certificate to the Cutting
     Ameri-Star Jewelry                              $475
                                                             Cabin for a haircut and pedicure is the perfect
     4055                                                    combination for a great gift for the woman in
     Fill you home with Christmas cheer with this            your life.
     lovely Hallmark Basket.                                 JuJu                                       $260
     Jordan Hallmark                                  $50    The Cutting Cabin
     Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Johnson                              IdaGirl Wearable Art
                                                             Lisa’s Creations
     Your young child will have a ball creating from
     this art basket. Includes paints, markers, pen-         This lovely fall arrangement will look nice in
     cils, canvas, glue gun and sticks and chocolate         your home of office. Bring the colors of
     to reward great artists.                                autumn inside!

     Darlene and Bernie Gratton                        $50   John Carpenter Flowers                     $100

     4057                                                    4063       PREMIER ITEM
     Bronco fans will enjoy this BSU gear basket             These Robert Coin Gold Hoop Earrings are 18
     including a Fiesta Bowl DVD.                            carat yellow gold and have with diamonds
                                                             (total carat weight is 0.15. The color and clarity
     Boise State Alumni Association                   $70    is superior. A perfect Christmas gift!
     4058                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hiatt †                  $1,350
     Three beautiful northwest wines, plus the per-          4064
     fect wine carrier paired with Bishop Kelly
     embossed wine glasses make the perfect gift for         Take this BK blanket to the game and keep
     any wine lover. The basket includes a silk/rayon        toasty warm!
     blend blanket, a wine opener and a custom               Initial Response                             $32
     made candle holder.
                                                             4065       PREMIER ITEM
     Brent and Susie Keeth †                         $200
                                                             Create a memory quilt that is handcrafted from
     4059        PREMIER ITEM                                your student’s Bishop Kelly jerseys and shirts.
     Relax this winter, Sun Valley style, with this          A perfect graduation memory for your senior
     three day, three night stay at a Wildflower con-        student or a gift for your favorite coach. Hand
     dominium that sleeps six people. Winter only -          sewn to your specifications.
     no summer dates.                                        Stacy Carter †                         Priceless
     Bill and Connie Glynn†                          $1200

20   † Bishop Kelly Parent   * Bishop Kelly Alumni
4066                                                 4070
Your young child will have a ball creating from      Your holiday parties and family gatherings can
this art basket. Includes paints, brushes, canvas,   be made simple and elegant with this beautiful
easel, pens and drawing pad.                         chafing dish.
Bernie and Darlene Gratton                  $50      Bargreen - Ellingson †                       $375
4067                                                 4071
This granite is imported from Singapore and was      Feel the luxury and softness in this animal
used for the Mike Thometz Alumni Plaza at            hide throw.
Bishop Kelly. The perfect welcome to your home.
                                                     Southwest Hide Co.                           $300
Stone Creations †                          $250
4068       PREMIER ITEM                              A lovely garden basket plus $15 gift certificate
Lunch with Boise Mayor Dave Bieter (BK ’78) at       from the Florist at Edwards Greenhouse will
Bar Gernika compliments of the Bishop Kelly          brighten your home or office.
                                                     The Florest at Edwards Greenhouse             $60
Bishop Kelly Alumni Association        Priceless
The Alumknights
                                                     Family entertainment at its best! Get ready to
4069                                                 curl up and watch some TV that’s suitable for
Here’s a party in the making - a custom brewed       the whole family! You get an entire season of
keg of beer from Highlands Hollow. Choose            “Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman”, “I Love Lucy”,
your beer from the list of great option: Spoon       and “Little House on the Prairie”, “The Hardy
Tongue, Fiegwild, Lone Pine or Doolies.              Boys”, “Nancy Drew” and “The Waltons”.
                                                     There’s popcorn and M&M’s - or if you’re really
Highlands Hollow †                         $150
                                                     hungry, gift certificates to Angells, Goodwood
                                                     and Louie’s.
                                                     Morgan and Susan Hicks *                     $375

                                                             † Bishop Kelly Parent   * Bishop Kelly Alumni   21
     5000                                                   5006
     You’ll have a great time with these four tickets       The perfect choice for your junior WBA mem-
     to see the Idaho Steelheads play. Join the fun         ber. Be a ball girl at the home game of your
     and invite three of your friends.                      choice for a night. Your grade school daughter
                                                            can be with the team for the pre-game in the
     Idaho Steelheads                                 $75
                                                            locker room and be in the gym as ball girl for
     5001                                                   the shoot out and entire game. She will sit on
     The perfect choice for your junior WBA mem-            the bench with the team. Includes a Bishop
     ber. Be a ball girl at the home game of your           Kelly t-shirt.
     choice for a night. Your grade school daughter         Bishop Kelly High School               Priceless
     can be with the team for the pre-game in the           Basketball Team
     locker room and be in the gym as ball girl for         Derek McCormick *
     the shoot out and entire game. She will sit on
     the bench with the team. Includes a Bishop             5007
     Kelly t-shirt.                                         Falcon Crest offers a challenge to golfers of all
                                                            skill levels. A golf oasis, Falcon Crest blends
     Derek McCormick *                         Priceless
                                                            natural terrain with sand, water and stone.
     5002                                                   With majestic views overlooking the Boise
     Your family can watch every Bishop Kelly               Valley and surrounding mountains, each hole
     home game for the 20010/2011 school year               makes for a memorable experience. Enjoy four
     with this all season sports pass. Contact Dean         rounds of golf with a cart.
     Satterfield, Athletic Director in August 2010          Falcon Crest Golf Club                     $100
     to arrange for pass.
     Bishop Kelly High School                        $250
                                                            This one Hour Fly Casting Lesson from Idaho
     5003                                                   Angler will give you the basic knowledge to
     Your grade school boy can be with the team for         start fly fishing.
     the pre-game in the locker room, sit on the            Idaho Angler                                $40
     bench with the team, and be in the gym as ball
     boy during warm up and throughout the game.            5009
     Good for any regular season home game.                 One month of one-on-one personal training
                                                            will get you on the right track! This trainer will
     Bishop Kelly High School                  Priceless
                                                            focus on fitness and/or sport enhancement,
     Larry Crump † *
                                                            body composition improvement, injury preven-
     5004        PREMIER ITEM                               tion and muscle tone enhancement.
     The Bishop Kelly Football Team had a banner            St. Clair Fitness                          $400
     year! Purchase this autographed gear to com-
     memorate the 2009 season and coach Leslie              5010
     Lee’s inaugural year.                                  One slot for the 3rd to 5th grade boy at the
                                                            Bishop Kelly Summer Basketball Camp in
     Bishop Kelly Football Team                Priceless
                                                            June 2010.
     Lee Leslie
                                                            Bishop Kelly Basketball Team                $90
     5005                                                   Larry Crump † *
     Whether you prefer shooting clays or skeet, Black
     Dog Clays is the place to be. Enjoy the outdoors
     and work on your aim at the same time!
     Black Dog Clays                                 $136
     Phil Jones †

22   † Bishop Kelly Parent   * Bishop Kelly Alumni
5011                                               5018
Hold on to your hats. You will be off on a wild    These Scott Synergy ski poles will last a life-
ride with this gift certificate for a half-day     time, and are almost unbreakable.
whitewater raft trip down the Main Fork of the
                                                   Greenwood’s Ski Haus                           $95
Payette. Good for the 2010 Season.
Cascade Raft & Kayak                       $45
                                                   Your family can watch every Bishop Kelly
5012                                               home game for the 2010/11 school year with
A great gift for the fisherman on your Christmas   this all season sports pass. Contact Dean
list, this float tube will be a hit.               Satterfield, Athletic Director in August 2010
                                                   to arrange for pass.
Outcast Sporting Gear                     $300
                                                   Bishop Kelly High School                      $250
5013                                               Dean Satterfield
Get a jump on your New Year’s resolution with
this 30 day membership to Boise Racquet and        5020
Swim Club.                                         One personal basketball lesson with B-Hoopin
                                                   will improve your child’s skills.
Boise Racquet & Swim Club                 $150
                                                   B-Hoopin                                       $50
Sharpen your tennis skills with this doubles       5021
clinic good for 4 people.                          Enjoy and afternoon on the links at one of the
                                                   newest valley golf courses, RiverBirch. Golf for
Hillcrest Country Club                     $90
                                                   four includes carts.
5015      PREMIER ITEM                             River Birch Golf Course                       $100
The Accel Training Program is for developing
athletes to peak performing professionals. The     5022
program is a systematic series of supervised       Five hours of motor coach transportation serv-
training protocols and sport-specific exercises    ice within a 300 mile radius of Boise. A perfect
designed to safely enhance the physical per-       package for prom transportation or purchase
formance of athletes of all ages, interests and    this and donate back to Bishop Kelly sports for
skill levels.                                      a team transportation.
Athletic Training Center                  $495     Caldwell Transportation Company, Inc. $350
5016                                               5023       PREMIER ITEM
During its almost seventy years of existence,      Two people will enjoy an all-inclusive day float
Hillcrest Country Club has developed a reputa-     trip on the famous South Fork of the Boise
tion as Boise’s premiere golf course. Three peo-   River with national fly fishing expert and for-
ple will enjoy a round of golf with a cart         mer fly fishing guide, Rick fielder. All equip-
and lunch.                                         ment, instruction, supplies and lunch are pro-
                                                   vided. Included are custom tied flies proven to
Bob and Claudia Borgna †                  $250
                                                   hook the South Fork’s trophy trout. Whether
5017                                               beginner or master, this will be an unforgettable
The hottest bike on campus is this Natty Light     experience, Mutually agreed upon date. Must
6 speed. Keep your backpack of warm Natty          use the trip by October 1, 2010.
Light ready for this cruiser.                      New York Life                                 $800
Stein Distributing †                      $250     Rick Fielder

                                                            † Bishop Kelly Parent   * Bishop Kelly Alumni   23
     5024                                                   5032       PREMIER ITEM
     Spend the day with the Boise Police Special            Watch the Humanitarian Bowl in the best seats
     Operations Group shooting SWAT weapons,                in the house! These Stueckle loge seats are for
     searching buildings and seeing demonstrations.         four people and include a sumptuous buffet in
     Participant must be 18 years old. Date to be           the Stueckle Sky Club.
     determined (Spring 2010)
                                                            Kevin and Debbie McDonald †                 $450
     Boise Police Department                   Priceless
     5025                                                   Head out on the highway with security when
     One slot for the 6th to 8th grade boy at the           you have a one year AAA membership. Carry
     Bishop Kelly Summer Basketball Camp in                 all those necessities with you in this Rick Steves
     June 2010.                                             convertible back pack/carry on.
     Bishop Kelly Basketball Team                     $90   AAA of Idaho †                              $195
     Larry Crump † *
                                                            5034       PREMIER ITEM
     5026                                                   The ultimate Wii experience - The Beatles
     Summer adventure is waiting for the purchaser          Rockband Limited Edition game with a replica
     of this package. The book tells you where to           Hofner Bass Guitar and Ludwig Drum Set–you
     hike and fish in the McCall area, and the              can be just like McCartney and Ringo–or you
     cocobolo wood handle of the net makes it easy          can let your kids play.
     to hold. Top it off with an Orvis hat and you
                                                            Concrete Placing Company † *                $500
     are ready for summer!
     Anglers                                         $125
                                                            Four people will enjoy a round of golf with a
     5027                                                   cart at this premier Idaho golf club.
     Hockey fans take note! This December 19,
                                                            Spurwing Country Club                       $300
     2009, game with the Steelheads vs. the Alaska
     Aces will mean a fun night for four. You can           5036
     enjoy a pre-game dinner next door at PF                A great experience during your Christmas vaca-
     Changs with a $150 gift certificate.                   tion. Attend the December 28th game Gonzaga
     Pioneer Title Company †                         $300   vs. Eastern Washington and cheer on the Zags!

     5030                                                   US Bank                                     $140
     Your daughter will have a blast at mini cheer          5037
     camp at BK. Girls 5-12 will learn basic cheers,        Surrounded by the quiet challenge of its canyon
     jumps, a dance, proper stretching techniques           ravines and sweeping vistas, Crane Creek’s physi-
     and simple stunts. Four days in June 2010.             cal setting epitomizes everything a private coun-
     Contact cheerleader advisor, Cari Kerkman, in          try club should be. Nestled in the golden
     May to reserve your spot.                              Highlands of Boise, Idaho, Crane Creek Country
     Bishop Kelly Cheerleaders                        $65   Club is home to the area’s finest golf. Four people
     Cari Kerkman                                           will enjoy a round of golf with a cart, and lunch.

     5031                                                   Crane Creek Country Club                    $450
                                                            Bill and Celeste Keller †
     One personal basketball lesson with B-Hoopin
     will improve your child’s skills.
     B-Hoopin                                         $50

24   † Bishop Kelly Parent   * Bishop Kelly Alumni
5038                                           5040
The 2009 Cross Country Team was a champi-      Everything you need to sit back and relax and
onship team. The photos were taken at the      watch the big game.
McCall camp and feature the student auto-
                                               Title One Corp.                               $40
graphs. This one-of-a kind framed art shows
Bishop Kelly top athletes well.                5041
Stan and Rebecca Leis †                 $540   Bring your friends or family and enjoy the
                                               national pastime up close and personal in box
5039                                           seats. Date to be negotiated with the donor.
Show your BK pride with this basket of great
                                               Lyle Pearson Company, Inc.                   $200
Knights gear. Sizes may be exchanged at the
Foundation office.
Bishop Kelly Booster Club               $300

                                                       † Bishop Kelly Parent   * Bishop Kelly Alumni   25
     6001                                                   6005
     If you have ever wanted to learn to fly, this is       Six lucky seniors will ride in style for their off-
     your chance. A certified flight instructor will        campus lunch when their transportation to
     take you on a one hour fligt in a Cessna 182           Lucky 13 Restaurant in Harris Ranch is a cool
     and introduce you to the wonderful world of            limousine ride.
     flying, Discuss flight training opportunities as
                                                            Lucky 13                                     $200
     well as try out a little hands-on piloting.
                                                            Limo Boise, LLC
     Breakfast at a favorite airport restaurant includ-
                                                            Dean and Amy Schaecher
     ed. Off we go!
     Mike Pape *                                     $150
                                                            You will think you are in a quaint french coun-
     6002        PREMIER ITEM                               try bistro when you walk in the door of Boise’s
     Enjoy a romantic weekend for two in the heart of       newest French café, Le Coq Rouge
     beautiful Sun Valley. Three nights at the premier
                                                            Bishop Kelly French Club                      $50
     Wildflower property. Lovely views of Baldy greet
     you from your deck, as a mountain stream flows         6007       PREMIER ITEM
     by. A short walk to the new Symphony Center            Give the cook a break from the kitchen. You
     and tennis courts. Enjoy the heated pools in the       can dine out at least once a month for a year
     Sun Valley Lodge or Inn. Must be used by early         with $100 gift certificates at each of the 12 of
     March 2010, subject to availability.                   our finest local restaurants. This also makes
     Pat and Lorie Nies Pettiette †              $1,100     great Christmas gifts for friends, employees
                                                            or clients.
                                                            Café Vicino                          $1200
     Talk about a party in basket! This is the ulti-
                                                            Cheesecake Factory
     mate margarita package. Enough tequila and
                                                            Tucano’s Brazilian Grill
     mixes for a crowd, and “Margarator” margarita
     machine to make a gallon of drinks at once.
     Your glasses, napkins, dips, salsas, recipe book
                                                            Gino’s Restaurante
     and even a $20 gift certificate to Baha Fresh are
                                                            Stage Coach Restaurant
     included. Just add people and the party is set.
                                                            Epi’s, a Basque Restaurant * †
     Bishop Kelly Hockey Team †                      $400   Cottonwood Grille
                                                            Falcon Tavern * †
     6004                                                   Angells
     Have appetizers at the Modern Hotel Bar before         PF Chang
     or after the Boise Philharmonic performance on         Gina Urquidi * †
     February 20, 2010. The evening will be special         Dr. Richard John and Donna Lassere †
     with Guest composer, Jennifer Higdon, featur-          Linda and Brian Shirley
     ing Dvorak and Higdon’s Concerto for the
     Orchestra, titled “New Worlds”.                        6008       PREMIER ITEM
                                                            Enjoy the delicious Hawaiian cuisine of Kanak
     James and Angie Harrison †                      $200
                                                            Attack for your next party! Order dinner for up
     Jim and Jeannie Kranz †
                                                            to 20 people from their catering menu items
                                                            #1-4. A case of home-brewed, Hawaiian
                                                            themed beer will add to the party atmosphere,
                                                            and optional Hawaiian decorations can be
                                                            Kanak Attack Catering                        $430
                                                            John and Margaret Kralovec †
                                                            Bob and Rita Franklin †

26   † Bishop Kelly Parent   * Bishop Kelly Alumni
6010                                                6012
One night stay in a spacious King suite includes    One night stay in the Modern Hotel is an
a complimentary “Suite Seasons” breakfast.          adventure in itself. Featuring specialty suites
                                                    with Japanese soaking tubs, a complete busi-
Spring Hill Suites - Park Center          $129
                                                    ness center, and continental breakfast and
6011                                                espresso, whether you are staying for business
This basket of 12 bottles of homebrewed             or pleasure your stay will be a joy. Add a bed-
Hefeweizen is personalized for your next BSU        time story provided by local Idaho writers and
event! The basket includes one 12-pack of           you’re set!
Hefeweizen, two BSU beer glasses, BSU Platter       Modern Hotel                                 $110
to hold tortilla chips, BSU “Butt Kickin” salsa,
orange and blue napkins and plates and assort-
ed other BSU tailgate party items. To top it off,
there is a $150 gift certificate for Double R
Ranch Variety Gift Pack (10 pounds of ham-
burger patties; 10 pounds of ranch frankfurters;
one prime rib roast).
John and Margaret Kralovec †              $260
Agri Beef * †

                                                            † Bishop Kelly Parent   * Bishop Kelly Alumni   27
     Motorcycle Rally!

     Are you a motorcycle enthusiast? Do you enjoy BK football? If you answered “yes” to either of those
     questions, then sign up for this wonderful event. Hosted by Shannon and Shelly Batman, Ray and
     Bonnie Kirby, and Larry and Tami Taylor, this is a tailgate party at BK that you are sure to enjoy!
     Guests are welcome to bring their motorcycles to the tailgate party before the Bishop Kelly football
     game (tentatively scheduled for the second home game, which will be in September 2010) in the BK
     parking lot. Food will be catered by Goodwood’s, so enjoy their tasty offerings and camaraderie
     before the game. At game time, you will all line your bikes up by the field so that the riders can start
     them up prior to the team running on the field, and the football players will run through the bikes.
     The bikes will then parade around the track, led by a rider with a flag and another with Knitro the
     Knight. The bikes will stop for the National Anthem, then start their engines together and ride out.
     The audience will enjoy this show as much as the riders! Go Knight Riders! Party Hosts are Shannon
     and Shelly Batman, Larry and Tami Taylor, and Ray and Bonnie Kirby. Sign up to attend at the
     Motorcycle Rally Table.
     Confirmation invitations will be sent out in the summer of 2010. This is also available through our
     on-line auction for your family and friends who are not here tonight.
     Shannon and Shelly Batman †                       $50 per person
     Ray and Bonnie Kirby †
     Larry and Tami Taylor †

28   † Bishop Kelly Parent   * Bishop Kelly Alumni
Margarita Party!

Bond with your friends over wonderful food, great camaraderie, good music and frosty Margaritas
on a beautiful June, 2010, Friday night. Join hostesses Kathryn Zimmerman, Debbie McDonald,
Angie Harrison, and Mary Adcox at the Zimmerman home for a Mom’s Margarita Party. And this is a
very inclusive event: you are welcome if you are a mom, have a mom, or are planning to be a mom
someday! This party is also available through our online auction, so if you have a friend who isn’t
here this evening, they can still sign up. Tentative date is June 18th, 2010, and invitations will be
sent out in May to guests who sign up. Must be 21 to attend, please. Olé!
Sign up to attend the Margarita Party at the Margarita Party Table.
Mary Adcox †                                     $50 per person
Angie Harrison †
Debbie McDonald †
Katherine Zimmerman *

                                                              † Bishop Kelly Parent   * Bishop Kelly Alumni   29
     Live Auction
     7000                                                  7003
     This spectacular 16"x22" carving of the Nativity      Bring your friends, family or clients (up to 10)
     of our Lord is from a single block of aged, dried     for an evening at the finest steakhouse in the
     Olivewood, famous for its hardness and com-           valley. This award winning restaurant owns the
     plex grains. It is carved by the Zacharia             titles, “Best Martini” and “Best Fine Dining” in
     Brothers, the premiere carving house in               the Treasure Valley. Everyone will enjoy this
     Bethlehem. It was purchased in the only               upscale dinner house specializing in prime corn
     Christian Co-op store in Bethlehem, where it          fed steaks and Kobe-Style Beef. After hosting
     was considered to be a prized piece in the store.     your party, you can spend the night in the
     With the incredible details from hand carving         Boutique Hotel 43 right on the same property.
     and wood grain, this is a unique one-of-a-kind
                                                           Chandlers                                $2,150
     heirloom impossible to find anywhere else,
                                                           Hotel 43
     from Boise to Bethlehem.
     Dr. Timothy and                           Priceless
     Kathlyn Johans †                                      Cannondale’s Recreation bikes are ready to go
                                                           anywhere: Rail trails, a stop at the local tavern,
     7001                                                  charity rides or a fully loaded tour to Tanzania.
     Four tickets for a Minnesota Twins Baseball           You name it, Cannondales have been there.
     Team in the summer of 2010. You will sit in the       From the grocery store in Boise to the open
     finest seats in the house and experience the          market in Botswana, Cannondale’s touring
     game from the closest view to the action. This        frames are ready to load up and roll out.
     exclusive club lounge offers complimentary fine       Performance and value meet heritage in this
     dining and the ultimate baseball experience.          bike’s design. His and hers bikes - the perfect
     The trip includes a $2,000 Vista Travel voucher       family gift.
     toward airfare and hotel near the stadium,
                                                           CM Company † *                           $1,000
     Round-trip transfers from the airport to the
                                                           George’s Cycles
     hotel are included.
     US Bank                                     $3,000
     Derrick and Patty O’Neill †                           A perfect place for a family vacation. Walk
     Dr. William and Jane Slattery                         along the sand to the nearby golf course or ten-
                                                           nis courts. Enjoy the beauty of the waves when
     7002                                                  you stay at this newly renovated beach house
     Outdoor chefs take note! This Char Broil              with a state-of-the-art kitchen in Salishan on
     13,000 BTU gas grill has all the bells and whis-      the Oregon Coast. Seven night stay for up to 8
     tles including a side burner. Equipped for your       people. Mutually agreed upon date.
     natural gas outlet, it can also be converted to
                                                           Keith and Catherine Stein †              $3,000
     propane. To ensure you will have plenty to
     cook, included is half a beef cut and wrapped         7006
     from Greenfield’s.                                    Concrete looking a little rough? This ten yards
     Intermountain Gas †                         $1,500    of concrete and flatwork labor will fit the bill.
     Tom and Diana Nicholson                               PRESOLD TO CM COMPANY.
                                                           C-B Contractors †                        $2,200

30   † Bishop Kelly Parent   * Bishop Kelly Alumni
7007                                                  7011
LASIK means you can enjoy outdoor life without        This item is good for one Air St.Luke’s family
worrying about losing a contact lens or breaking      lifetime membership. As the region’s most com-
your glasses. Life is made more satisfying by the     prehensive medical transport program, Air St,
LASIK procedure. This procedure, performed by         Luke’s covers southern and central Idaho from
Boise opthomalogist, Dr. Gregory Kent, a leader       our bases in Boise and Twin Falls. Our highly
in LASIK surgery, will correct nearsightedness,       trained flight nurses and paramedics specialize
farsightedness and astigmatism.                       in advanced medical care and rapid response,
                                                      with emergency helicopter, airplane and ground
Eye Associates                            $3,500
                                                      transport. Bid now to support your community
Dr. Gregory and Kimberly Kent †
                                                      and take an important step toward safety and
7008                                                  security for your entire family. Includes pur-
There will be no hurry or worry if you buy            chaser, spouse and dependent children under
these eight reserved front row seats for the          age 23.
Bishop Kelly 2009 Graduation at Boise Centre          St. Lukes Regional Medical Center          $1,000
on the Grove. Eight seats only.
Bishop Kelly High School                Priceless
                                                      There’s no better way to spend a night out in
7009                                                  Boise with family and friends than to see Boise’s
Calling all Knights’ Fans! Tailgate in style with     own Steelheads in a luxury suite at Qwest
BK tradition! Pick any home game (except the          Arena. Ten people can enjoy the fun with a
opener) and your favorite twenty tailgaters!          $500 food and beverage allowance. Date to be
Come enjoy the view from above while the              negotiated with suite owner.
team warms up. Enjoy pre-game cocktails and           Agri Beef † *                              $1,200
hors d’oeuvres. We’ll cook up a full blown tail-      Dick and Karen Reilly †
gate complete with ribs smoked on the BBQ,
potato salad and all the trimmings. We’ll toast       7013
the Knights and provide transportation to the         Brace yourself for a wet and wild three day
game in style along with your very own “spirit        adventure in Hells Canyon for two. A remote
pack.” At the game, cheer the Knights on to vic-      adventure like this is not offered anywhere else
tory in pre-paid reserved 50 yard line seats!         in the Pacific Northwest. You will travel
Finally, we’ll transport you back to enjoy a bon-     through Class I to Class IV rapids. Hells
fire and listen to Dave Skinner on the post-          Canyon has fantastic rapids no matter what the
game show. We’ll talk about the game and              water flow is. Subject to availability.
wind down with dessert and a night cap!
                                                      North Star River Expeditions               $2,000
Terry and Kirstin Heffner                 $1,500
Pat and Angie Shalz
Jim and Becky Poulson                                 Enjoy a special night out in Boise for ten peo-
                                                      ple. First be treated to a multi-course dinner
7010                                                  with wine from Life’s Kitchen and then view a
Wine tasting, a fabulous dinner catered by            performance from the most exclusive seats in
Grumpier Old Men and a chauffeured ride are           town. Use Velma Morrison’s personal box
the ingredients for a great night out for twelve      seats to take in a performance between
people. You will enjoy the evening at Woodriver       November 7, 2009 and November 7, 2010 at
Cellars. Guests will be transported by Boise          the Morrison Center.
Shuttle Service from a central location to the win-
                                                      Velma Morrison                             $1,500
ery and back after the evening’s festivities.
                                                      Dr. Jim and Jeannie Kranz †
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Buich †                   $2,000
Boise Shuttle Service

                                                              † Bishop Kelly Parent   * Bishop Kelly Alumni   31
     7015                                                  7018
     Get your 15 minutes of fame! This original sin-       Football Coach Hosted Barbecue Dinner at
     gle panel caricature/cartoon will appear in “In       Woodriver Cellars, football talk, world-class
     the Bleachers” a nationally syndicated cartoon        barbeque, homebrewed ales, all in a beautiful
     that appears in over 200 newspapers world-            outdoor Idaho setting-what more could you
     wide. You can choose your son or daughter’s           want? Up to eight couples will be hosted by
     name and jersey number for the cartoon. You           BK Football Coach Lee Leslie at Woodriver
     get to keep the original.                             Cellars for an evening of fun and delicious
                                                           food, cooked and served by the Bishop Kelly
     Steve Moore †                             Priceless
                                                           Board of Governance and chef/board member,
     7016                                                  Bryan Smith. Enjoy homebrewed Hefeweizen
     Your party of 8 will enjoy Shakespeare under          and Pale Ale handcrafted by John Kralovec.
     the stars in the summer of 2009 with these two        Mutually agreed-upon date, summer of 2010.
     adjoining box seats. Your pre-show dinner will        Lee and Jill Leslie †                    $1,100
     be catered by Lisa Peterson Catering at               Dave and Karen Buich †
     Shakespeare including wine. Date to be mutual-        Bishop Kelly Board of Governance
     ly agreed upon.                                       John and Margaret Kralovec †
     Tom and Linda Dixon†                        $1,000    7019
     McAlvain Construction
                                                           Experience the tastes of authentic Italian cusine
     Post Insurance Services †
                                                           in one of the most elegant settings in Boise.
     7017                                                  The menu selections are from a cookbook writ-
     Take me out to the ball game. Four people             ten by Tore S. Allegrezza who is the godson of
     will watch the Mariners from excellent seats          Robert Mondavi Sr. Tore S. Allegrezza spent his
     in the exclusive Club Level at Safeco Field           early childhood in Italy and his life was rich
     that come with a parking pass. Use the                with Italian culture and Italian food. He is the
     accompanying $2,000 travel voucher to                 father of Tom Allegrezza. Tom and Peggy
     secure airfare and hotel rooms. You will hit a        Allegrezza will host this experience at their hill-
     home run if you are the lucky bidder. Contact         top home which has fabulous panoramic views.
     the Bishop Kelly Foundation for ticket infor-         From the outside decks as well as inside win-
     mation and travel voucher.                            dows, there are views of Bogus Basin, the
                                                           Governor’s mansion, and the entire city of
     Gallatin Public Affairs †                   $2,400    Boise. Enjoy a memorable Italian experience in
     Jim Bruce †                                           their home and socialize with your friends. A
     Dave and Terri Bruce †                                five course dinner for 10 guests will include
     Dr. Steven Bruce † *                                  antipasto, white chicken cacciatore, cannelloni,
     Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Callanan †                        gnocchi, and red and white wines. Available
                                                           dates are March 1st through September 1st,
                                                           2010. Event support will be donated by
                                                           Knights at Your Castle, a group of BK students
                                                           that help with everything to put on a great
                                                           party! A portion of their profit supports the
                                                           Bishop Kelly Foundation.
                                                           Dr. & Mrs. Tom Allegrezza †             Priceless
                                                           Knights at Your Table

32   † Bishop Kelly Parent   * Bishop Kelly Alumni
7020                                                  7024
Sit back and relax on beautiful furniture from        Imagine that one night every month for an
CHF This $2,000 gift certificate will fit the bill    entire year a delicious home-cooked meal and
whether you are looking for new bedroom fur-          desert is delivered to your home. Who wouldn’t
niture, a sofa or a new appliance.                    love that! Well, it’s yours for the winning bid.
                                                      Twelve of our Bishop Kelly families have joined
CHF                                      $2,000
                                                      together to provide meals just for you.
Larry Kurpiewski *
                                                      Someone will show up at your door each
7021                                                  month on a mutually-agreed upon date, and
You will enjoy Notre Dame football under the          dinner is served! Italian, French, American,
Golden Dome with this package which includes          German…you’ll receive a mouth-watering
two tickets to one Notre Dame home game in            assortment of cuisine throughout the year.
2010 and a $1400 travel voucher to be used            Each meal will serve up to six individuals.
toward hotel accommodations and airfare. Win          Mike and Mary Adcox †                       $1,200
or lose, the Notre Dame experience is a once in       Mike and Anita Bokan †
a lifetime event.                                     Frank and Janet Casabonne †
Saint Alphonsus Regional                 $2,100       Ernie and Lois Covelli †
Medical Center                                        John and Kelly Falkner †
                                                      Bob and Rita Franklin †
7022                                                  Tim and Kathlyn Johans †
Food cooked on a Traeger pellet grill tastes better   Larry and Chris Koomler †
than food cooked on gas or charcoal grills. A         Dan and Joan Melvin †
wood fire is a more natural, healthier way to         Tom and Lauri Siegert †
cook. The Traeger is absolutely the best smoker       Scott and Tricia Stingley † *
you can own, and is far safer than either gas or      Tim and Rebecca Watkins †
charcoal grills. The hardwood smoke penetrates        7025 ADVERTISING PACKAGE
the food, adding tremendous flavor. Add a quar-
ter of beef to this package and you have a great
combination! The Nature Company is including          Citadel Broadcasting                        $1,500
pellets and a Traeger spice kit. Yum-o!
                                                      Journal Broadcasting Group                  $3,000
The Nature Company                       $1,200
James and Nora Adams †                                KTVB News Group                             $3,000
Tom and Cookie Sorge †                                Lamar Outdoor Advertising                   $3,620
7023                                                  Peak Broadcasting                           $2,000
If you provide the appetizers and 10 friends,
you have the makings of a Paella Party. We pro-
vide the wine, salad, bread, paella and dessert.      7026
Sip some hearty red wine and watch master             Just like the Knights of old, you’ll be seated at
paella maker Dan Ansotegui prepare this mouth         the Round Table, front and center, for next
watering dish in the tradition of the old country     year’s auction. Ten people will sit at the presti-
at your home.                                         gious Knights’ Table and enjoy specially select-
Mr. Dan Ansotegui † *                   Priceless     ed gifts, premium wines, lots of pampering and
                                                      the best seats in the house.
                                                      Bishop Kelly Foundation                   Priceless

                                                               † Bishop Kelly Parent   * Bishop Kelly Alumni   33
     7027                                                  7031
     Imagine yourself on a mutually agreed upon            The lucky buyer of this package will be the US
     Sunday evening in August or early September,          Bank Co-Captain of the game and will accom-
     enjoying a Mediterranean feast for ten under          pany the Jazz and visiting team captain to the
     the hanging grapevine canopy at the home of           center court during the pre-game festivities.
     Mark and Monica Jaszkowski. Amazing chef              You will have your photo taken with the players
     Linda Dixon, assisted by her husband, Tom, the        and officials and also receive a replica Utah Jazz
     Jaszkowskis and Rita and Bob Franklin, will           jersey. Two Utah Jazz tickets are included. The
     present a fabulous meal with wine, followed by        package also includes a two night stay in an
     Mark’s homemade limoncello. Strolling violin-         executive suite at the Grand America Hotel, and
     ist, Stephen Friedrich (a Bishop Kelly student)       a voucher for $400 toward airfare for two and
     will entertain you during dinner. Ching! Ching!       car rental.
     Mark and Monica Jaszkowski †              Priceless   US Bank                          Priceless
     Tom and Linda Dixon †                                 James and Angie Harrison †
     Bob and Rita Franklin †                               Grand America Hotels and Resorts
     7028                                                  7032
     An epicurian delight! Be the first to know what       Imagine the ultimate Scottsdale golf / spa vaca-
     we are having for the 2009 Bishop Kelly               tion where preferred tee times are not a hope but
     Winner’s Choice Dinner and Auction. The lucky         a reality, and the spa is renowned as one of the
     bidder will have a private tasting with the Boise     best spas in North America. The Fairmont
     Centre chef and staff to choose the dinner for        Scottdale is a five diamond resort and a member
     2010. Four people will sample appetizers,             of the “Leading Hotels of the World”. The prop-
     entrees and desserts as well as wines at this         erty has two 18 Hole championship golf courses,
     exclusive tasting.                                    one of which is home to the Annual PGA Tour
                                                           FBR Open (formerly the Phoenix Open).
     Bishop Kelly Foundation                   Priceless
                                                           BK Foundation Board Members              $4,200
     Food, fun, and a spectacular view–what more           7033
     could you ask for? Join the Marrias, Rebholtz’        Get ready for your summer camping experience
     and Olivers for a cocktails and appetizers, fol-      in style! This 2009 Starcrest Folding Tent
     lowed by a fabulous beef dinner. A guaranteed         Trailer, model 1707, has a front storage box,
     good time will be had by all. The 2010 dates          and an awning, three-way refrigerator, 16 BTU
     available are: Feb. 5 or 6, March 12, and April       furnace, outside shower and a water heater.
     9 or 10                                               Happy Camper will include a battery and fill
                                                           the propane tank for you. They will give you a
     Deb and Craig Marria † *                  Priceless
                                                           complete class on how to use the camper.
     Beth and Robert Rebholz † *
                                                           Factory warranty included.
     Julie and Peter Oliver
                                                           John and Tami Kerensky †                 $9,000
     7030                                                  Happy Camper RV Sales
     This will definitely super size your french fry
     order. One load of premium Idaho potatoes.
     Bennett Creek Farms                         $4,500
     Randy, Steve and Dave Reynolds †

34   † Bishop Kelly Alumni   * Bishop Kelly Parent
7034                                               7036
Put your bibs on and name your plastic crus-       Strike the right balance between mobility, size,
tacean for the Great Lobster Race. Oh the fun      and visual performance with a HP Pavilion
you will have with this lobster dinner for ten.    Notebook PC. This 15.6" (diagonal) notebook is
You’ll be smacking your lips over succulent lob-   ready to rock your entertainment world. With an
ster, creamy coleslaw, blueberry cobbler and all   espresso black color, get everything you need in a
the trimmings with beer, wine and refreshing       stylish design that goes wherever you go. The
cocktails.                                         laptop features the latest Intel Centrino Dual
                                                   Processor for intense multimedia and fast per-
Michael and Jeanie Badgley †           $2,000
                                                   formance with powerful Nvidia GeForce graphic
Larry and Chris Koomler †
                                                   choices. This PC brings together everything you
Tim and Mary Beth LaMott † *
                                                   do online and on-the-go.
Chris and Keron Privon †
                                                   Rich and Georgiann Raimondi †                 $930
The Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn and Spa is
the ultimate elegant oasis, a Four-Diamond
resort blessed by natural mineral hot springs in
the Sonoma Valley. Today the resort is one of
the only luxury Spa resorts in the country with
its own source of thermal mineral water. You
will savor the fruits of the wine country on a
personalized five hour tour of the Sonoma
Valley in a chauffeured Mercedes S430 Sedan.
The informative winery tour will be customized
based on your individual wine preferences.
The trip includes round trip economy airfare
for two, 4 days/3 nights at the Fairmont
Sonoma Mission Inn and Spa, complimentary
daily breakfast for two, and a $25 gift card for
each night of your stay.
Key Bank Foundation                    $4,600
Dick and Linda Reilly †
S. Hatch Barrett

                                                            † Bishop Kelly Parent   * Bishop Kelly Alumni   35
     On-Line Auction
     Open until November 14, 2009. Go to bk.auctionfrogs.org/auction

     9000 - 9004                                            9010
     From photographer Barb Bergeson Studio’s               Enjoy lunch at Carino’s the best italian restau-
     Gallery–the answer to your senior picture              rant around!
     dilemma. The first five people who sign up to
                                                            Carino’s Italian                            $30
     pay $100 will receive a portrait session that
     includes sitting fee and one 8x10 portrait.            9011
     Barb Bergeson Studio Gallery                    $100   Two Passes to Raptor Reef Water Park,
                                                            Hayden, Idaho
                                                            Triple Play                                 $34
     Find your inner peace and balance with this
     Introduction for Beginners Yoga Class at either        9012
     the Rose Hill or Eagle location.                       Treat yourself to a brighter, whiter smile with
     Boise Yoga Center                               $96    ZOOM! professional Teeth Whitening System
                                                            from Dr. Michael Dolby of Cottonwood
     9006                                                   Creek Dental.
     Treat your Bishop Kelly student (or your
                                                            Cottonwood Creek Dental                   $200
     favorite volunteer at Bishop Kelly) to his or her
                                                            Dr. Michael Dolby †
     own front row reserved parking spot in our
     new front parking lot.                                 9013
     Bishop Kelly High School                  Priceless    World famous artist Hisashi Otsuka’s artwork
                                                            is in great demand by art enthusiasts. “The
     9007                                                   Kiss”, this numbered lithograph shows his art
     AVI Resort and Casino in Laughlin Nevada               deco work.
     offers the best rooms, food, gaming and 18-hole
                                                            Steve Love                                $500
     championship golf course in Laughlin. Good
     any Sunday through Thursday (excluding holi-           9014
     days and blackout dates) based on availability.        One night in a duluxe king room at Boise’s best
     Participants must be at least 21 years old. Offer      riverside hotel. And don’t forget they have the
     valid through May 7, 2010                              best chocolate chip cookies in town!
     AVI Resort and Casino                           $250   Double Tree Hotel Riverside               $110
     9008                                                   9015
     You will get four gift cards to exchange for one       This scholarship to one of the best small col-
     large carmel corn, two root beer floats, one           leges in the country, is for the 2010/11school
     banana split, and two single scoop sundaes             year and is contingent upon acceptance
     from Goody’s, the best ice cream store in the          into college.
                                                            Carroll College                           $550
     Goody’s                                         $33
                                                            This Patti Play Pal Reproduction is circa 1960.
     This gift certificate for Great italian food at        She is still new in the box and in perfect condi-
     DaVinci’s with a cozy atmosphere is for $25.           tion. This Ashton-Drake Gallery reproduction is
     Da Vinci’s Italian Restaurant                    $25   a hard to find collectible.
                                                            Marge Hesse †                             $169

36   † Bishop Kelly Alumni   * Bishop Kelly Parent
9017                                               9022
Family and friends will think you have been bak-   The perfect choice for your junior WBA mem-
ing for weeks when you bring home these two        ber. Be a ball girl at the home game of your
dozen BK muffins and three dozen BK chocolate      choice for a night. Your grade school daughter
chip cookies. Must be ordered by December 11th     can be with the team for the pre-game in the
and picked up by December 18th.                    locker room and be in the gym as ball girl for
                                                   the shoot out and entire game. She will sit on
Bishop Kelly Cafeteria                     $75
                                                   the bench with the team. Includes a Bishop
9018                                               Kelly t-shirt.
This beautifully designed warmer is safe, wick-    Bishop Kelly Basketball Team              Priceless
less candles. No flame, no smoke, no lead.         Derek McCormick *
More fragrance, less worries.
Amy and Mike Caldwell                      $80
                                                   This Roller Drome perfect party package
9019                                               includes skating session and admission plus
Show your Boise State true colors with this        rentals for 10. A 45 minute private party in the
Murano glass set done in BSU colors. The per-      party room with a personal hostess and pizza,
fect accent to your football wear!                 soda and ice cream, and cotton candy for each
                                                   guest. You get a special song request for your
Tim and Rebecca Watkins †                  $40     group while you skate and two for one admis-
                                                   sion passes for a return visit.
The perfect choice for your junior WBA mem-        Roller Drome                                  $150
ber. Be a ball girl at the home game of your       Josh and Molly Lenty
choice for a night. Your grade school daughter     9024
can be with the team for the pre-game in the
locker room and be in the gym as ball girl for     Your inner chef will appreciate this Basque
the shoot out and entire game. She will sit on     Market Cooking Class for Two.
the bench with the team. Includes a Bishop         Basque Market                                  $60
Kelly t-shirt.                                     Tony and Tara Eiguren
Bishop Kelly Basketball Team          Priceless    9025
Derek McCormick *
                                                   Six lucky seniors will ride in style for their off-
9021                                               campus lunch when their transportation to
Your daughter will have a blast at mini cheer      Lucky 13 Restaurant in Bown Crossing is a cool
camp at BK. Girls 5-12 will learn basic cheers,    limousine ride.
jumps, a dance, proper stretching techniques       Lucky 13                                      $200
and simple stunts. Four days in June 2010.         Limo Boise, LLC
Contact cheerleader advisor, Cari Kerkman, in      Dean and Amy Schaecher †
May to reserve your spot.
Bishop Kelly Cheerleaders                  $65
                                                   Rejuvenate with this relaxation massage.
Cari Kerkman †
                                                   Evergreen Chiropractic                         $80
                                                   Joanna Lee

                                                            † Bishop Kelly Parent   * Bishop Kelly Alumni   37
     9027                                                   9036
     Don’t have the time or the nerves to teach them        This hand crafted angel announces “Joy to the
     yourself? Try this certified driver’s education        World” with a colorful banner. A lovely piece
     course that provides classroom instruction,            for your Christmas display.
     driving and observation of action. Must call in
                                                            Reilly’s Church Supply                        $50
     advance for registration. Subject to availability.
     Eiguren Driving School                          $350
                                                            The perfect tailgate gift, this synthetic cutting
     9028                                                   board will last a lifetime.
     Get your son or daughter a super smile. This
                                                            DFS Technologies                              $25
     $500 toward Orthodontic Treatment from Dr.
     Sam Smith is for new patients only.                    9038
     Super Smiles                                    $500   The best Christmas tradition in the valley.
     Dr. Sam Smith † *                                      Enjoy Winter Garden Aglow beginning
                                                            Thanksgiving Day until January 10, 2010.
                                                            Idaho Botanical Garden                        $12
     A complete spinal exam and evaluation by Dr.
     Shaun Simmer, including x-rays.                        9039
     Simmer Chiropractic                             $150   This basket has everything you need to curl up
     Dr. Shaun Simmer                                       and watch your favorite at-home movie.

     9030                                                   Michelle Garland †                          $125
     Teen pop idol Hannah Montana has all the cool          9040
     gear for you daughter. Create a scrapbook with         A great way to enjoy world class basketball. Four
     stickers and folder. Play the Hannah Montana           people can attend the Zag’s game December 9,
     DVD. Includes a water bottle and lots of other         2009, the Zags vs. Augustana Vikings.
     Hannah Montana items.
                                                            Washington Trust Bank                       $200
     Dr. Jim and Jeannie Kranz †                      $35
                                                            Experience the excitement of the game up close
     Complete your tool kit with this socket set. A         and personal with these sideline passes. Bring
     great Christmas gift for Dad.                          your son or daughter and watch the Knights
     General Auto Parts                               $35   play their hearts out.

     9032                                                   Bishop Kelly Football Team              Priceless
                                                            Lee Leslie
     Your son or daughter will love this letter jacket
     to show off the letter they worked so hard to          9042
     earn. Can be exchanged for the correct size.           Your 4th through 8th grade son can learn all
     Idaho Sporting Goods † *                        $160   the right moves at the BK Football Camp in
                                                            June 2010.
     9033 - 9035
                                                            Bishop Kelly Football Team                  $125
     Spiderman Activity Case
                                                            Lee Leslie
     Dr. Jim and Jeannie Kranz †                $8 each

38   † Bishop Kelly Alumni   * Bishop Kelly Parent
9043                                                9046
Enjoy the thrill of indoor Go Cart fun! They        The Tavern at Bown Crossing is the home of
provide the complete driving experience includ-     the best USDA prime grade steaks, sushi and
ing timed and printed results, wheel to wheel       seafood in the valley. The Tavern also has a
competition and a private party room.               complete wine selection to pair with your meal.
Fast Lane Go Cart Company                  $30      The Tavern at Bown Crossing *                $100
9044                                                9047
Enroll your student at Bobby Sutcliffe Baseball     This beautifully designed warmer is safe, wick-
Camp during spring break of 2010. This is a         less candles. No flame, no smoke, no lead.
three day camp with premier baseball coach          More fragrance, less worries.
Bobby Sutcliffe. This indoor camp is March
                                                    Amy and Mike Caldwell                         $40
22,23 and 24, 2010 at the BSU Football Facility
and is conducted by the Bishop Kelly SIC 4A         9048
Coach of the Year, Bobby Sutcliffe and his staff.   This beautifully designed warmer is safe, wick-
Bobby Sutcliffe                           $180      less candles. No flame, no smoke, no lead.
                                                    More fragrance, less worries.
                                                    Amy and Mike Caldwell                         $40
This weeklong Sutcliffe summer baseball camp
will be in June of 2010 with premier Bishop
Kelly Baseball coach and SIC 4A Coach of the
Year, Bobby Sutcliffe. Your child will receive a
full skill assessment and analysis, play at
umpired games at Hawks Stadium. Includes a
Hawks game ticket, photo and a fun camp out
night at Hawks Stadium. Ages 8 - 15.
Bobby Sutcliffe                           $290

                                                            † Bishop Kelly Parent   * Bishop Kelly Alumni   39
     Bishop Kelly School Year
     Accomplishments 2008-09
     Service                                            Academics
     In April, BK sponsored the “Pennies from           Jake Schmidt was selected by the Idaho Human
     Heaven” campaign. $7,700 was collected that        Rights Education Center to travel in June with a
     will go towards drilling a well and rebuilding a   delegation of students from Idaho to the coun-
     school in Rebonka, Sierra Leone, Africa.           try of Jordan. While in Jordan, Jake had the
                                                        opportunity to meet with students his age and
     Key Club won 1st Place in Single Service and       to participate in their classroom projects. In
     was named an Outstanding Club at the Utah-         October, Idaho will host a similar delegation of
     Idaho District Convention.                         students from Jordan and surrounding areas.
                                                        These opportunities are funded through the
     In February, BK participated in “Karnations for    “Project Citizen” program.
     Kids” to provide funds for the St. Luke’s
     Children’s Hospital. We sold 1,640                 The Science Olympiad team represented Bishop
     "Karnations" for a total contribution to St.       Kelly and Idaho well at the national tournament
     Luke’s of $3,291.30.                               in Augusta, Georgia. Jessica Zhu & Sam
                                                        Kosydar placed second in the trajectory event,
     Mr. Worrell and hundreds of Bishop Kelly vol-      and Alfredo Bravo-Iniguez & Jessica Zha placed
     unteers helped with the 2009 Special Olympics      twelfth in Chemistry lab.
     Competition in February 2009.
                                                        BK’s AP Physics students received the 2nd high-
     The Campus Ministry conducted a drive for          est score for second year physics students in
     coats, mittens, and hats for people living at      Divison 15 (9 states and provinces in U.S. and
     Corpus Christi House.                              Canada) at the National Physics Bowl
                                                        Competition. Alfredo Bravo-Iniguez was the
     Our Principal, Mr. Wehde, proposed a new pro-      2nd highest scoring student!
     gram for schools in the Treasure Valley designed
     to provide food to needy families throughout       Jimmy Bertelsen was awarded the United
     the entire school year, rather than just during    Dairyman’s Distinguished Student Award on
     the holidays. Bishop Kelly and Capital High        May 8, 2009.
     School teamed up to bring in as much food as
     possible during the month of September.            BK’s 2009 Rotary Century Scholars, who are a
     Bishop Kelly brought in a total of 17,374 items!   part of Boise’s top 100 graduating seniors, are:
                                                        Mariah Adcox, Alfredo Bravo-Iniguez, Allison
                                                        Burns, Matthew Cunningham, Codi Gifford,
                                                        Rachel Krause, Cory Miller, and Samantha

                                                        Alfredo Bravo-Iniguez, Pedro Rodriguez, and
                                                        Jessica Jiang qualified to take the National
                                                        American Chemical Society Chemistry
                                                        Olympiad Exam at BSU.

The Bishop Kelly Speech Team competed at the        The BK Engineering Design class won 2nd
State Championships. Semifinalists were Katie       Place and a $1,500 award for Outstanding
Husk - Radio Speaking; Lukas Baker -                Engineering Design in the national JETS-NEDC
Salesmanship; Lauren Currie - Panel. Taking         Ability One Competition in Washington, D.C.!
2nd Place overall in Duo Interpretation was the     Students winning this prestigious award are:
team of Allison Bryant and Eulalia Kafari.          Alfredo Bravo-Iniguez, Jessica Burlile, John
                                                    Feusi, Sam Kosydar, Josh Letsinger, Cory Miller,
Mike Kalange, a junior, was selected as the 1st     Lauren Naughton, Ryan Schmidt, Clint Taipale,
place, state-level winner in the National Peace     and Dan White. They are led by Dr. Larry
Essay Contest. He will receive a $1,000 schol-      Neznanski and Dr. Guy Hudson. Additional
arship and will represent Idaho at the Awards       awards were: Most Innovative Use of
Program in Washington, D.C. in June.                Technology and Best Use of Rehabilitation
                                                    Design Principles.
Trinda Taggart won 3rd place in the Boise Art
Museum’s high school exhibit.                       Joie Florence received the Distinguished
                                                    Student Award presented by the Idaho
Cole Kosydar wrote the 1st Place winning essay      Dairymen’s Association and Channel 7.
in the Idaho Human Rights Education Center’s
"International Issues and Perspectives" annual      The BK Speech and Debate team competed in
essay contest. Cole was presented with a cer-       the National Forensics League Qualifier. Two
tificate and $1,000.                                teams qualified for the national tournament in
                                                    Birmingham, Alabama, this summer--Eulalia
Individual winners at the State Academic            Kafari and Allison Bryant in Duo Interpretation;
Decathlon competition for overall performances      Nick Tunison and Tim Goldy in Policy Debate.
were Alfredo Bravo-Iniguez with the Gold Medal,
Chris Cunningham and Taylor Hawker with the         Dylan Jones was chosen as the 1st Place Winner
Silver, and Andi Scanlan with the Bronze.           in the national InterWrite Essay Contest.
                                                    Dylan’s essay was selected from over 740,000
Jessica Lipschultz, BK English teacher, was         essays submitted nationally. He will receive a
selected to travel to Germany to participate in a   new Apple computer and will visit NYC this
study tour sponsored by the Geothe-Institut         summer with his parents and Mrs. Watson, his
and the Idaho Human Rights Education Center.        Economics teacher.
The delegation focused on environmental jus-
tice issues.                                        Jessica Burlile was selected by the Idaho
                                                    Dairyman’s Association and Channel 7 as the
Dr. Larry Neznanski, BK Physics teacher, has        Distinguished Student of the Week.
been awarded the 2009 Siemans Foundation
Award for Advanced Placement Physics due to         Taylor Hawker, Joie Florence, Tony Rogers,
his dedication and exemplary teaching and the       Greg Housley, and Peter Murphy were selected
success rate of BK students on the AP exam.         for the Treasure Valley Honor Choir.

BK won 1st Place in the large school division at    Jordan Langfield received the Distinguished
the BSU Science Competition Day. Alfredo            Student Award presented by the Idaho
Bravo-Iniguez was the top student of all 270 stu-   Dairymen’s Association and Channel 7.
dents competing and was awarded an $18,000
scholarship. Mark Merkley took 5th Place. In
Physics, Sam Kosydar and Alfredo Bravo-Iniguez
took 1st and 2nd places respectively. In
Engineering, Pedro Rodriguez, Mark Merkley,
and Sam Kosydar took 1st through 3rd places.
Mark Merkley also took 3rd place in Biology.

     Athletics                                            Cassie Brunelle became the first Idaho high
                                                          school athlete (boy or girl) to ever sign an
     Maddie Shiels, a 2008 BK grad, has won the           NCAA Division I Lacrosse “National Letter of
     2009 IGA Women’s Amateur title. Maddie is a          Intent.” Cassie accepted an offer from St. Mary’s
     former 4A individual State Champion, a four-         College in Moraga, CA.
     time team champion with the BK Knights, and
     the 2007 Big I Junior Classic winner. She will       The Girls Volleyball Team won the State IHSAA
     be a sophomore at the University of Nebraska         4A Sportsmanship Award.
     this fall.
                                                          The Water Polo Team won 1st Place against
     Recent BK graduate, Cassie Brunelle, has been        Moscow.
     named to the first team of the U.S. Lacrosse
     National Girls’ High School All-American Team.
     Cassie is a midfielder who will play college         Did you know that:
     lacrosse at Saint Mary’s College this fall. She is
     BK’s all-time scoring leader with 129 goals and      Over 95% of our 2008 graduates enrolled in
     68 assists in three seasons on offense, after        colleges and universities in 21 different states
     starting on defense as a freshman.                   across the country, and the class of 2008 was
                                                          offered $8.4 million in scholarships?
     The Girl’s Lacrosse Team is the new Lacrosse
     State Champions with a win over Eagle High           Bishop Kelly received its second “4A School of
     School. They had a perfect 19-0 season!              Excellence Award” from the Idaho High
                                                          School Athletic Association, an award that is
     The Boy’s and Girl’s Golf Teams each brought         based on sportsmanship, athletic, and aca-
     home a 3rd Place State Trophy.                       demic performance.

     The Girls Soccer Team was awarded the IHSAA          Bishop Kelly students provide over 20,000
     State Academic Champions for the 4A Division.        hours of community service locally, nationally,
                                                          and in third-world countries.
     Senior Elise Talboy has accepted an offer to play
     lacrosse at Pacific University in Forest Grove,      Bishop Kelly senior class has one of the high-
     Oreon. Elise is a member of the undefeated           est ACT and SAT average scores in the State
     Girl’s Lacrosse Team at BK.                          of Idaho.

     Joseph Eck has accepted an offer to play             Each year, our students conduct warm-clothing
     lacrosse at NCAA Div. III Washington and             drives, food drives, and provide funds for the
     Jefferson University.                                St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital.

     The Girls Lacrosse Team won 1st Place at the         For more of our accomplishments,
     Beetdigger Tournament in Salt Lake City. This        go to www.bk.org!
     is the first time a non-Utah team has won the
     girls’ side of the tournament.

     Jeannie Bixby competed in the World Irish
     Dance Championships in Philadelphia on April
     8th. Jeannie is a two-time World qualifier and
     the first from Idaho to qualify for both the
     World and National Championships.

   The Bishop Kelly Foundation thanks you for your support of the Winner’s Choice Dinner and
          Auction. This event is critical to the financial health of Bishop Kelly High School.
Equally important is the health of our local parochial schools, whose students we hope will someday
      attend Bishop Kelly High School. Please support their annual fundraising events as well:

        St. Mary’s School ......................November 21, 2009......................Stuekle Sky Club
Ball & Auction “Luck Be a Lady”

         St. Paul’s School..........................January 30, 2010 ....................Nampa Civic Center
          Gala Auction

       St. Joseph’s School ..........................March 6, 2010..........................Stuekle Sky Club
 Crab Feed Dinner and Auction

       Sacred Heart School ........................April 17, 2010........................Sacred Heart School
“It Takes a Village” Gala Auction

         St. Mark’s School ..........................October, 2010 ....................................TBD
          Dinner Auction


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