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									      Holiday Reading List for Individuals with
                Hearing Impairment
This holiday season give the hearing impaired adults in your life a book that
will help them realize that they are not alone in their struggles with hearing
loss. You won’t have to anguish over what to buy for them. And who knows,
maybe next year, hearing aids will be on their wish list!

“Odyssey of Hearing Loss: Tales of Triumph” by author Michael A.
Harvey describes the difficulties 10 individuals with acquired hearing loss
faced and were able to rise above. In reading this book, readers will find
there are others who have faced similar struggles as their own. Loved ones
reading this book will discover ways to increase their awareness and develop
compassion for those suffering from the isolation and depression often
caused by untreated hearing loss.

                                       In the book, “Listening Closely: A
                                       Journey to Bilateral Hearing”, author
                                       Arlene Romoff describes losing her
                                       hearing over time until it reached a level
                                       that even power hearing aids were of no
                                       benefit. She further describes her
                                       decision to undergo surgery for Cochlear
                                       Implantation in one and then both ears.
                                       Arlene’s descriptions of this process is
                                       revealing and encouraging for anyone
facing similar challenges.

Barbara Stenross portrays personal accounts of people struggling with
hearing loss in her book, “Missed Connections”. The author dedicated
seven years to research hearing loss and interview real people. She
discusses the fatigue associated with straining to listen, the aggravation of
missing parts of conversations, and the pain experienced when one is
accused of selective hearing. She also outlines various technologies that can
improve communication skills and offers communication strategies for those
with hearing loss.
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